Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 29, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1891
Page 8
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MUSLIN DAY RAILKOAD RUMBLINGS. Itcitif* I'rom tlie Note-Boolf .of Our Hallway Reporter—Point* rer- KOIial und Otlierwi*e. =SPECIAL T O DAY 7.i> pieces Lonsdale Bleached Muslin $ 7j • 50 pieces Barker Bleached Muslin . . - • ?i 50 pieces Hill Bleached Muslin f.t 3 Bales Lawence L. L.. .>. , -, " " ° E (jard wide and extra heavy unbleached) Extra weight Unbleached Muslin 6f > . . ;• ' (this is usually sold for* Si cents.) u_ It will pay you to visit us to-day. Respectfully isCHMITT & HEFFLE Y J A C OB H E R Z • : - The Liberal Tailor is willing to to i v i d e h i s P r o fi t s fc ' ' ^ : H"«' t With his patrons in the following manner: i wiii |pen a new measure book the 1st of Feb. and on every feth suit measure, suit not to be less than $30.00, the nistomer is presented with "an .00 Pair of Pants Gratis, Providing he is a cash customer. Same offer to stan J for 3 months. Daily Journal. THURSDAY MORNING. JAN. 20. The \vages of telegraph operators on the Nickel-plate road between Chicago and Cleveland have been advanced $5 per mpnth in response to the petition presented recently to General Manager Williams. , In the early spring the Va.ndalia management will begin a system of g-etreral improvements to the track. Three steam shovels are to be put at work on different divisions, and a propei- a umber of construction trains, and the track on the entire system, most of which is DOW laid with heavy rails, is to be reballasted and. leveled up in a shape second-to no road in the country. The newspapers have made a mix of things in attempting to give the cause of the discharge of Train-dispatcher Scott, of the Chicago & Erie road. Some cail it a "lop order," others a "tap order. The correct term is "lap order," which means an order to move two trains in opposite directions on the same track without naming-a point at which one shall stop to let the other pass.' ; President Norton, whose headquarters is in New York, states that there is not the least ground for the report G E N U I N E: Red Letter Sale. It will eclipse all are former efforts. Our entire Stock of Scarlet Shirts and Drawers and fancy striped Underwear, r x CALL AND SEE ME :-: > [Harry G. Tucker, Tne Pearl Street Tailor. lEN FISHER, The Druggist. eeps a full line of Trusses. .:-: 311 Fourth Street. :-.18, O O O . betters goto the Dead Letter Office Every day and iost of them are destroyed by the government. NATIONAL LETTER RETURN STAMPS, -. ,SCiCI«j CHICAGO aCHICAGOg Jgl^CjWgTJi NSURING THE SAFE RETURN " '" Of all Non-Delivered Letters, adopted to every class of people under all stances at any place and at any time. Endorsed by the Post Office |pials and by all who are using the stamps. For sale by llson, Humphreys & Co., '^ Slippers and Shoes. CHILDREN'S Warm House Slippers. ALKER&RAUGH, 42O Broadway. Use J. B. L. Blood and Liver Tonic. eod&w Miss Hannah Beard, went to Cincinnati last night. Charles Connoroe is visiting Dr. C. N. Ballard at Chicago v S. E. Mulholland went to ladianap- olis last night on business. Miss Mollie G-raul of Peru is the guest of friends in the city. Teachers examination- at the West Side building next Saturday. John C. Clyder of Anderson is visiting friends on the West Side. Jesse the young son of Silas Morgan, is seriously ill with typhoid fever. Mrs. B. A. McGorray, of Decatur 111., is visiting her uncle Mr. A. ' Schlademan. The Cass County Medical Society will meet at Dr. BeU's office this afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Miss lannie Pinsey, of the West Side, went to Ft. Wayne yesterday to attend the funeral of her cousin Frank Pinsey. . • ..... Rheumatism is like sand in the bearings of machinery. Hood's Sarsaparilla is-the great lubricator which cures the disease. 11 Mr. Louis Wandrey and Miss Henrietta Link will be married at the Germon Lutheran church,at 3:30 p. m. to-day, Rev. J. H. Jox officiating. Francis Murphy has recovered from a temporary indisposition, and as a result of four nights' work at Morristown, five hundred persons are reported to have donned the blue ribbon. The ice men have lost all heart and hope no longer for weather favorable to their business. It looks now as if consumers will have to pay a cent a pound-for their ice again next summer. It takes nerve to bring to this ^city a car load of Chinamattmg,. yet Henry Wiler & Co, have done this, and are exhibiting the newest and prettiest designs in all colors of this delightful matting. The wall paper, houses this year have eclipsed all previous efforts in getting up unique designs. Messrs. H. Wiler & Co. have just, received their spring stock and the selection is beautiful. There has been nothing to equal the exquisite • styles produced this season. Call in and see the beautiful effects. A young lady of Brazil, while visiting friends in Illinois, wad wounded in the. foot by the careless discharge of a gun and amputation followed. The limb did not heal as anticipated, and William Wagner, of Brazil, volunteered to furnish flecks of skin necessary for grafting. Several pieces, were taken from, his arm, and the experiment is likely to be successful. Idaville Observer: Logansport has finally pumped wind enough to get a move towards the erection of a park. The Journal has a picture of it as it is to be orrthe south bank of Eel river, parallel with High street, which is being lined, with, aristocratic resi- deaces. Those who live long enough, and retain their eyesight will see Assembly Park in all its beauty and enjoy it as one of the most : delightful spots on this side of the globe. The Social club of Delphi will give a grand ball next Wednesday evening which promises to be a very rtcherche affair. A number of the Logansport contingent which attended the opening banquet and ball at the Clifton house in that place recently have received invitations to attend the afr fair. It is also understood, sorrowful to relate, that, in. the grand distribution of prizes, some of that same contingent drew blanks. Oh, Delphi, is this retaliatioa or what? ONE-THIRD 1-3 From Original Price. ^ Ladies and Gentlemen! In order to reduce the whole line of Underwear/ we make the most gigantic reduction ever quoted here, ; .....,_ (SELLING FEICES) Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers ..... ...... '.- --fl '50'' . Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers ............... 1 25 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers ............... 1 00 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers ............... 75 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers ............... 50 _ Fine all wool fancy shirt and drawers ............... 1 00 Heavy white and mixed shirt and drawers! ..... . . ..... . '50 ; NQW. *ris i oo 75 57 38 75 • 25 that--the Louisville & Nashville is negotiating for the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago road. Among railroad men well informed in such matters the report was disbelieved from the first, as it has been the policy of the Louisville & Nashville people not to come north of the Ohio river. Frank Darlington, superintendent of the first and fifth divisions of the Pennsylvania lines, reached home yesterday from New York, where he had been in attendance at the annual meeting of the American Society of Engineers. There were 250 members in attendance, and the meeting- was one of unusual interest. The Pennsylvania lines west .of Pittsburg had seven representatives at the meeting-. A New Trial Asked In Ui'c Wood. Cane. The attorneys for James A. Wood, convicted of the murder' of patient Blount, in the eastern Indiana asylum, have filed a motion foi;a new trial, alleging- the usual legal defects, and also asserting that the court erred in refusing to permit Eben L. Patterson to testify relative to a conversation with James Hannan, a witness for. the State, and claiming that Abram C. Stanley, one of the jurors, was related to the man. killed by-Wood. The latter allegation was backed by affidavit of John F. Robbins, stating that Stanley's grandfather's brother's wife was a sister to Blount's paternal grandfather. It was further alleged that..the jury was not kept together by the bailiff, as was requested by the defendant; that some of the instructions were erroneous, and that the court erred in not permitting instructions moved by defendant. The State filed court affidavits that the jury was properly separated, and that all proceedings of the trial were in conformity "with the law. Relative to the alleged relationship of one of the jurors to the murdered man, that while the deceased and Mr. Stanley had second cousins, in common, they themselves were not connected,by consanguinity or affinity, and had no common ancestor. *• The court took the matter under advisement. "- "lfncleTom"To-nl8;lit. Of. the company presenting the above • at Dolan's to-night the Scheneetady (N. Y.) Union says: . A large audience, which contained many children and three times as many ladies as men, laughed and cried at the performance of Uncle Tom's Cabin at Union Hall last night. The play was well rendered. Uncle Tom was acted very effectively. A little girl,, who looks to have seen not more than, five summers, did finely as Eva, "the angel child." The dogs and trained donkey did all that could be required of them, The colored vocalists were repeatedly encored. The two Topsys made the audience merry, and the two eccentric lawyers, as Marks, sr., and Marks, .jr., furnished plenty of comedy. All the parts were well taken. The whipping of Uncle- Tom by Simon Lagree and the death scenes of Eva and St. Glair were rendered wifh realistic effect. And all other lines in proportion This is less than Manufacturers prices and less than you .can buy : them at Auction for its done to make room for Spring purchases. Buy now, for never will you buy as cheap again, This is a Cash Sale by the enterprising One Price Clothier . .-,.,,.; Harry Frank, 'Our grand distribution of Presents takes- place, next month, all are entitled to it, coine and see us. . City Orders bought and sold. : For the Next Four Weeks I will sell you an elegant suit for .OO CASH. I do this to make room for the fmestline ofSpriBgrGoods ever brought to this city ., ,. P. J. HOOLEY, 323 Pearl Street. legislative Xotett. -.. Indianapolis News:. • Mr. Magee, by request, introdudced two bills. One was prepared by the State Fish Commissioner, and it contains: provisions calculated:to cause wailing and gnashing of Leeth in some quarters. Che bill prohibits the taking of fish with spear or gig at any time or under any circumstances, and it absolutely forbids the taking of fish of any species, by any means, between April 15, and June 17, of each year. The other bill, which. Mr. Magee introduced by request, was one to regulate the operations of itenerant' venders. ,-!»!.' .; ii •••..-. .s^L^fet^A'^&AM QUEENSWEAR * Costs you 20 per cent more elsewhere than McCaffrey ask you. Is not. this statement worth the proving? One dollar out of every five you spend for Queenswear it will pay you, and investigation may give you pointers on other of McCaffrey's prices, Our Queensware embraces every, grade and style, and 'tis honestly-repre] sented. TINWARE Is more plentiful at McCaffrey's, and cheaper than anywhere else within your reach. Plenty means much for it is certain to give you just what will please you ^best. Price means more tor everything that is made of tin embraces a large share of household expense. This statement is worth investigating, too. WO 6 DEN WARE At McCaffrey's offers all in it's line that a housekeeper needs from a washboard to a churn. The best and largest, the cheapest and smallest, and all at just the lowest prices that can be made on them. There's many another lines of ours we'll mention later, but what is true of one is true of all, and bottom price is one thing true about them. M. McCaflrey & Co. iwiSu

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