The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1935
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY; FEBRUARY i& f BLYTHBVILLR (ABE,)' COURIER HEWS Dyess Acts As a Result of Strike Ap.ainst Reduced I FERA Wages LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 13 (UP)- Pederal relief was withdrawn from Sebastian county today after Gov. J. M. Futrell had advised the leuJ.slaltno it might. Ix necessary 10 send national guardsmen to Ihe slrike lorn nren. The governor sent his message after Mayor John It. Jordan of Port Smilh telephoned that conditions might gel out of. civil control. Relief was ordered withdrawn from iliu, enmity at noon by W. R. Dyess, state administrator' of. the PERA m a telegram to Floyd Sliaip, executive secretary of Ihe 1 1 ERA, soul to Port Smilh last night. Dyers said: Three Arrested "Existing conditions In Sebastian county make 11 Imperative Hint Jill aid be withdrawn from (tint county al Ihis time. Yon arc aii- thcrlxed to advise relief olficmls lo suspend all relief activities except necessary watchmen to protect properly belonging to sia'.c relief administration In that cinity. Advls» cills^ns of Dial county that relief may he resumed at such lime as we can be assured on orderly distribution of relief to destitute people can be made." One man wns charged with anarchy and two others held foi questioning In connection with strikes of relief workers yesterday Trouble began w hen pay scales weie reduced io conform with the prevalent wagss paid by private enterprises. A climax was rcach- e.l jeslordny when police broke ii'i i;w?l MIJJS of workers. CVllc S c Aeilalurs Illamcd Agitators . from Commonwealth £au v college, Mono, were tlninsd for inciting ilu: -.voriirrs. One ol i lose held *„., l^mond K 0r . h .m ructor at Commonwealth and brother to Ihe colleen director The other held for questioning is V C. Haley, relief worker. Horace Bryan, lormer Commrav.-ealth student, is charged with anarchv Minimum hourly wag es "w-r- dropped in Sebastian county February 1 from 30 cm , s „„ houl . to 20 cents for rural and to r> cents an horn for city worker's Weekly budgets of life worker: r^7 l "' affscled . Dyess explained tcday_ihc people on relief only having to work i n ,,,,. Charles Wood Chosen Mayor for Day In Election Yesterday The 72 Hoy Scouts In the three Dlythevlllc troops will be in charge cf civic allnirs of the city tomorrow in observance of the annual Boy Seoyt week. In nn plec- tiou held yesterday diaries Wood was elected mayor. Other officers elected were: Albert Ridings, police judge; Leon Smith, city attorney; Ira Gray, Jr., city clcik-Os- cil Hranson, treasurer; Tom Tinker, Jiinmlc Foreythc, noben JoHli.' Harold N. nosenthal, Jo« V Mc- Hancy. and noland Bishop, aid- "rmen. Hilt Turner was appointed chief cf police and J. B. Husband will serve as firs chief. Mar ... May ... July ... Oct Dec Jan Markets New York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. 13 ( rjp,_ Cotton clased .steady. open high low close 1231 1230 1223 1232 I23C VM2 1236 1239 1236 1245" 123G 1242 1220 1235 1220 1230 1234 1241 1234 1238 .... 1234 1241 1234 J239 spots closen at; 1255, unciianged. New Orleans Cotton NE WORLEANS,- Feb. 13 : (ijp) --Cotton closed steady. open high -low close • 1232 1236 1231 1235 . 1237 1242 1237 1241 . 1239 12-15 ; 1239 1244 . 1227 1235. ; 1227 1233 • 1234 1242 1234 1238 ^ _ 1239 Spots closed at 1255, up 3. ' Mar May July Oct Dec Jan Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T. Anaconda Bethlehem Steel Chrysler [_'_ 3j Cities Service i Coca Cola ........ Gen. Am. Tank' ".'. _" General Electric •>•, General Motors ....' 3 , Inl, Harvester ..... 39 McKesson-Robbins ,. 7 Montgomery W nrd .'.'.'.'.'. 2B Packard "'"' ls Phillips PCI'. * Radio Corp 5 St. Louis S. p 5 Simmons Bed Standard of N"J' Texns Co '. U. S. Smelting U. S. steel ... Zon.'j . . 8 . 40 IS .113 : 35 4 3-4 7-8 3-4 1-8 3-8 5-8 Chicago Wheat open high low c , ow DO 1-8 07 1-8 05 7-8 97 88 7-S 00 88 7-8 89 7.3 Corn open hl»h low close May 33 3-4 85 1-8 83 3-4 85 .Itll 78 7-8 79 3-4 78 3-4 79 |_ 2 Water Whell Capacity Un WASHINGTON (UP)-Total capacity of water wheels at \vatcr- pomr plants In the United Slates increased 161,856 horsepower or over 1 per cent, in 1934. the o.eo- loslcal Survey reports. • . Court will to -hold all day and icrc will be a meeting of the Jimcll, at which the mayor will when ordinances will be Iscaiscd and voted upon. In addition to these activities He scout policemen plan to direct traffic, arrrsling all law violators, ihvrall»alc fire hrutanls, take aver the m-i depuitmcnt, investi- Baie game devices operating in the city and , ra (rol the s'.rceis for law breakers. In the election, yesterday • Charles Wood defeated Oneil Oral" and Colin Douelns In ihe mayor's raep Howard Moore and Todd Harrison lost to Albert Riding lor jutige. Carl Lay and nick' JJuiiB were defeated, for city attorney in Ihe treasurers race Murvin Niinn and i.loyd Wise were the losing candidates. Aldermen defeated were: Mansfield WiisWnirn Steven Johns. Charles Bright Lloyd Plorman. Sammy Osburne. Vlreil Boyd. Jimmie Crook, Jerrv Cohen. 1, c. nosey. Morris Fein- lierg and Bill Harrison Negro Woman Held For Receiving Stolen Goods Carrie Martin, negrcss, was bound over to await action of the grand jury yesterday by Muniei ?»> Judge C. A. Cunningham K e propttj' 60 *' lth reCdVi " S St ° 10n The ncgrCM is allesetl f o have been involved in the robbery of , while man in a )lcg v c sccti the city scvera! days ago. A rln« identified as (he property of the lirosecuting witness, was found buried by the side of the defendants house. , Charlie Rhodes waived prcliin- jniny Bearing on a cluirge of grant! His Is the Mightiest Pen in Pension Seldom has n single person risen a, (|1 ,| c Wy to to urcac an'influence over Confess n, the nnn n!o- ured above in three charade, Isllc pases. He is Ot . Knncls - B. Townsnul, ih, Calfrn pi,,, "ho* "revolving old a B e pension plan" of pay),* «» montnly , 0 nll el <„,/ ,1,7 , o i n ^ .ch wide s,m,,or t . Active),- toeing Ms bill hi Con K re £s , writing continually I, I s fwo, nd k • continual round of organization meetings and speeches. Dr. Towasend enjoys nope 7,1* bespeaks for other elderly people. New Bridge at Steele STEELE, Mo.-The.olcl bridge on Main street, near. the postofficc has been removed and a new one is being erected In its P i ac( , The old bridge, furnishing the only route to the school houses lias been in dangerous condition' for some. time. .School students have to detour to the outskirts of the city while the new bridge is being" built. Falls While Sliding Down I'ole CLEVELAND. (UP)-Louu Hillenbrand. 34, city fireman, broke his back sliding flown a pole at his in answering an alarm He,was too seriously injured to talk but fellow firemen believed he had either lost his grip or fainted while descending. He was hospitalized. Read Courier News Want Ads. SavedHerMorni She was about to postpone the washing thai morning, due to a bad headache. But after taklii"- Capudimj she felt fine and finished the work before noon. When todaclio is duo to Innc- Uoml disturbances. CcpudincMorks wonders. H contains s,ev»ral Ingredients ivhlch net tojethcr to give quieter relief. Also for pains due to colds, neuralgln. nnd for muscular nnd joint aches. Ask for Copudine Liquid or the modified formula. Capudlne TaUeis. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE PEPT. sssssBaeaaasmfcaataHt Alntanlic: Maurfce and- FVaich of Ibrth Carolina. oened' t$99--Snow falls in Oregon-it l.lquoc Sa!f« SAI.EM, ure. (UP) — first year In the retail liquor business grossed $3,570,447, reported Hie lltiuor control commission. The slate liquor stores turneil over "Pliroxlnmlely $l,lt)o,tX)0 : to un- relief. SHORTE COLDS PROVED BY 2 GtNEHATIONi Two Coll*(M B N k Coach BEREA, O. (UP) -Rny Walls, football and hnskctbnll coaclt at MdivJii-WnHnre Co)lfgi> licrj. for lH years, prolrably will i hn named head conch nl Kent Stnlr! Col|p|ji>. Kenl, O., or nl llm uni- versily of Toledo, within a fuw weeks, It Is expected, , • STREEi'SVILLE, Qill. (UP) — Ever since 1830 Robert I3o)i<!/work- dlliiiOiiUy nl carving his own PAGE IHRBS ' tombstone. He died recently and • other hnnris' niled In the final two ''^ mirnbcrs "35" In roiuid out his Itch Is Contagious If any member of your family lias the ITCH, slop It before all the fnmlly It effected. BROWN'S tXD- TION Is sold in UOc and 51 00 bottles for this (impose. pji s t bottle fold wltl\ MONEY HACK GUARANTEE. Thousands,. of bottles linvc been sold for the relief of ITCH,, TETTER, IMPETIGO, RINGWORM, ATHLETE'S FOOT. POISON IVY, and ECZEMA. Stops BAD FOOT ODORS 111 three ip- plleatlons. Don't use messy salves and Jjandtiftc.s. Tor sale by Klrby Drug Stores. NOTICE Any atlMe bought of BURKE HARDWARE CO., not M Ufactory In every way we will rp/una >our monry wtthoul vwsllon, proved „, r,Urn II !„ Ih. »m? •ondlllon • as rmlvrd. and n, a n-a M ,i a |,|,, , fn , th of •i#^r^ Burke Hardware GO. ' JJIytheville, Ark. \V. 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