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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 19, 1947
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VOL. XLIV—NO. 99 OF COURIER NEWS HrtbnUI* Coumr («* Blythevlile ARKAJ<BAB AND aOPTHKAOT iUBSOUlU American Envoy Warns Greeks to Iron Out Troubles Griswold Arrives in Athens as Chief of U.S. Aid Mission ATHENS. July Jfl, (UP)—Dwight Oriiwcld, chief of the American Aid Mission to Greece, warned the Greeks today to iron out their factional troubles .If they expected U. a assistance to come Into full effect. Grlswold lieM his first press conference with Greek and foreign correspondents. "Tlie sooner the Greeks become united and stop fighting, the more reconstruction work will be carried on." he said. Griswold expressed hope that hie mission's, 'reconstruction program wou'd "bring together the people of Greece." «e said the current hostilities were holding buck the country's reconstruction. A"ked if the program would be catfied.out regardlesVof the fight- In?. Griswold said it. would, with the emphasis in such" circumstances on the "safe" areas. • : 'Asked if the mission, would involve thc question of .recognition of any Communists government that might be formed In tlie. mountains 'of Greece, Griswold ."TlxVt is a question thar must be decided by the government-in Wpshineton, and not rf\e.!'' •- • '•', .' He added that .he considered It dcubtful that the Uhjted 'Natloni would recognize any such government, - - •; . ''He. said the mission's program Included the rehabt'Itatlon of railroads, building of . raids, port rCr storation, and reconstruction of the Corinth canal. ..-'.•.•- ..'....-: "Battles" Eiaeireraled • '' , ''We .will .start on a' Fmall .scale and increase gradually," he seid: "We )arc' here as .a .working 'aijd operating Imjssion, not,' a pfenning mission. We have jttie' advantage of research -hy : - the UNRRA. the British .Economic.M^ijrrj land-ptb> • er Inquiries. Thai' means we won't : r.eed to spend so inuch> trnifc.'lri studying and research.", v ;: . ; 'A'kKd if a year wou'd be .time enough to carry out such . a ,rjro^ gram, : he said, "we are here';Ior only one year!" ", .''".' '..' '. .He "said he hSd Sict Greek officials ,,ih the last" few davs. but'the • • ffjHjlin«s had beerf .brier •' :: mid strictly-, introductory. -':"•": 'i. ' "~ r '• 'The.Greek Army^reported rneBn-' time ;that it, had killed tlo, guerrillas | Slid captured 10 others Mnee Sunday. - - - •:." • .."'. •'•'•' : Additional casualties ,.were inflicted by -the Greek -Air Force, said » spokesman ifo'r the Greek general staff. ..','. ; , . : ' , ; iHc'set Greek ;Army. casualties i at nine killed arid'' 11 wounded. His figures on guerrilla losses were considerably lower than' those claimed r>v Rightist 'politic?!, sources ,and his account of UJeTight T ing varied from thaV'giveiv by 'Defense, Minister' .Napoleon Zervas. The Army spokesman! who. could nbt fee named,,said there '.jras no e\t?dence that an "intermtloria 1 brigade 1 ; Participated' in . the guerf nlla attack. He said the ..assault began from •AiDaniin, territory, "but was marie'by Greek guerrillas.who previously ht«l fled into Albania. <In Sofii', . authoritative Bulgarian sources charged' that 2011 regular Greek- Army soldiers entered one mile into Bulgaria, "incessantly firing.") BLYTHEVII.LK. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY 10, 1917 And Convict Him LITTLE ROCK, July 19. (UP) — Pulaski County Sheriff Tom Gulley's newest organization to combat Juvenile delinquency has paid early dividends In the apprehension of an adult criminal. Three, members of Gulley's recently-organized Junior Deputy Sherifl's Association were among the prosecution witnesses yesterday , whose testimony resulted in conviction , of Phillip Lee Fisher, 27, on charges of burglary and grand larceny. Thc Jury fhfed seven- year sentences on each charge and Judge Gus Fulk ordered them served consecutively. Fisher was charged with enter- Ing a Little Rock drive-in last April 3-and stealing a cigarette machine and 250 packages of cigarettes. Oulley said that the day after the burglary Jimmy Brain and Sidney Brain, twins, and Jerry Kennedy, all Junior deputies, were playing near the drive-In when they found an Army duffel bag filled with cigarettes hidden In tile weeds. Thc lads returned the loot and posted a watch near Ihe spot. * After a patient wait thc boys spotted Fisher approaching thc scene, searching the near-by weeds. When they shouted to him he ran but after a chase of more than <> mile, he fell exhausted. The boys summoned city detectives, who arrested the former criminal. Yesterday they testified at his trial. Soviets Wont UNtoHahdle Marshall Plan LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., July 19. (UP) — The East-West conflict over European reconstruction moved Into thc United Nations today with the opening of the fifth session of the United Nations Economic- and Social council. A major stage in Russia's diplomatic battle against the Marshall Plan was almost certain to engulf the 18-nalion ageqcy whtch Is supposed to case the world's economic and social Ills. Some circles predicted Russian delegates would open a campaign to force the United states and Ihe countries of Western Europe to come into the UN with the European reconstruction program they arc drafting without participation of the Soviets and the Russian- supported states of Eastern Europe Riissia was vastly outnumbered On the council, with only two states of the Soviet bloc _ c«ehoslo™kla and Byelorussia-as members. Czechoslovakia s Jan Papanek will hold thc chairmanship or the council for thc opening portions of *. four or five-week meeting. The United States, Great Britain and live others of the i« states participating in the Marshall Plin held seats at the council table. It was probable that Russia would demand they carry out the lo*t the UN rather than sldcsteppln* European recovery program through the world organization and Ils rnul- tlple specialized agencies. Weather (ARKANSAS—Fair tonight an8 Sunday. Not quite so warfn in South and portions today, ria Reports Border Incident UN Security Council :" : informed of Trespass ' By Greek Soldiers • PRAGUE. July 19. '(UP) -— The official Yugoslav news agency reported fnoni (Belgrade today" thlit Bulitaria had advised the 'United Nations security council she would not.- be .responsible for "possib'c eventualities': if alleged Greek border .provocation's were repeated ..The Tanju? A?ency circulated^ O.upiitch which said the Bulgarian Rbverninent had announced that it irrad sent the Security Counci * H'STningr regarding the situition on .tHe border fronting Greece. ,-The agency quotes til? tBulRarla . ~.*_-, nt . P3 re f err j ng t( j ac j, ar(!e Greek .troops ..crossed intt ,-..- , ta ? ^erntofy in_ pursuit o Orerfc rebels on July ,13. / •••. "For this ttirsh violation of th sovereignty of oun texritorj' and wf.tacks. on r the peaceful population, the ;Bulgirian government addressed the security ccnnci] of the ynited Nations .informing it that in case of a rrpHition or similar urovccations. it would not bear the :. resnonsibilit-y' for possible eventualities," <the statement was quoted. • .•;,iAuthoriativc Bulgarian sources in Sofia had ch'arped earlier that 2|)0 Greek troops thrurt about a mile into 'Bulgaria and indulged in .considerable ctmfire. 'V.T h .ei- saicl th e Greek soldier.? kidnaped a (Biilgarnn cirtlian »nd then fell hick into Greece. The •pirrjiorted • Incident. wa-s said to have : been reported to thc Allied Control Council and to the Russian. American and British legations. •'.The Bulgarians also charged that another group of 60 Greek so'diers and a third tend of 30 advanced against a Bulgarian border post. *tot , Veto is Sustained in Senate By 5-Vote Margin WASHINGTON, July 19. (U.P-)—President Truman's two vetoes of thc ,„ ™t ™,<,™,,i : tftxes 8l)ai)C(1 todny as . . 01 inc Republicans reluctantly put the bill back on (he shelf jiftor the Senute siisln!n<-,l Mr .Truman's second veto yesterday. But they promised to brhj i out Tain x « ,1 it the next session of Congress ami certainly in the election ca m p;u«n aMU11 - 1H>ssll)1 ' V effective date was changed from , passive or (he bill lns( UT..V vi,,,, July 1 iw. to Jan. i. 1945, for Its \ were ocor B e D Alke'n ? second swing through Congress. | VI, Mlllurri E Tydliie DM I had V otc<l for the' bill, 'but Ihcy were ap.nlnsl overriding Mr. Tin- Chairman Eugene D. Mllllkln, R ! olo., of the ScnaU Finance Com- nittec said he ivan "very happy" over the GOP record of twice get- ing the tax reduction bill through Confess, even though It was kayoed by a presidential veto. ' House S|>caker Joseph W. Martin, Jr., termed President Truman's action a "political veto" that would nakc the American people "realize that while the spending policies of :he present administration continue Jiere will be no chance tor relief from the strangling war taxes." Senate Democratic Leader Alben W. Barkley and Senate Democratic Whip Scott W. Lucas lauded the President for his "political courage." They said they believed a majority of voters would agree with him that the Republican bill represented the "wrong kind of tax reduction at the wrong time." Thc Senate backed up.Mr.Tru- man on his second veto, whereas thc It would have saved ill estimated $4,000.000,000 by culling personal income luxes by from 30 to 10.5 per cent. President Truman sent his second tax-cut veto lo capilol hill shortly after noon yesterday. And six hours later, it was all over. The House voted 28D to 108 to override —27 more lhan Ihe necessary tvl,- thlrds majority. But the veto wns sustained when thc .Senate vote fell Clve short of Ihr. necessary lwo-thlrd.% majority (n override. The vote was 57 (o 36. Bolh the Stn»te and Ilrm<re must override lo *n- acl a bill into law over a' vefo. Administration forces In the Senate mastered 33 Democrats' and three Republican votes to support . the President. Forty-seven Republi- House had sust«in«l the flr^t hist 'c^and 10 De mo^Ta t s vo d month without the Senate's ha'VIiig override to act upon it. The bill was thc I There same in each case'except that the switches were from only thc tlircb Senate voto on final man's vclo. Mllllklu unloosed n hitler aitaek on the veto, descrJblni; it as an Indecent" affront to CoiiRress, nnd an ..insult" to the consltlutlon He contended -that the conslllutlon Ktvc Congress conrol over the nations revenue*, and that hence a lii'CMilpiuini vuto ol a tux bill was an Improper use of Ihe veto po'v- , This aruutncnt found .support outslrlc Congress. Earl o. Slnev'e lu-cslilent of (he U, S, Chamber of Commerce, snid the "use of thc veto power is open to question" la thb instance. "Contlmiance of Ihc present hl?h l»x rates '*lll prolong the Infla- il 1 ' 5 ;. • s|> .' 1 " 1 l0f cosl5 ' IV »B«!S. and Slirovc " HlB " in • will block lh c way to enduring prosperity." Dutch to Attack Indonesians Cabinet Authorizes Governor General to Begin Hostilities AMSTERDAM, July 19. (UP) — The Dutch cabinet has authorized Butch troops to attack the Indonesian Republic, but the attack wjli not come before Tuesday, reliable Dutch sources reported today. The government summoned the lower chamber of Parliament into special session next Wednesday to hear a cabinet ftatemcnt on Indonesia, Parliament" was on Summer vacation. The cabinet, deciding that peaceful settlement of a Dutch-Indonesian dispute was impossible, authorized the. a«i|ig;;goVernor general of the Dutch East Indies to order the attack at will. ' ,,""•, The acting governor fteneraVDr J. :,Vat, Farm Bureau Officers To Get Special Training FAYBTTEVILLE. Ark.. July 19. (DPI - A training conference for county Farm Bureau officers will be held on thc campus of thc University of Arkansas from Aug. 12 to 14. Dean Lippcrt s. Ellis of the College today. of Agriculture announced Thc conference, arranged by officials of the Arkansas Farm Bureau, will begin at noon on Tuesday and last tmtil Thursday noon, Aug. H. Included on the program in addition to regular courses on Farm Bureau matters, will be a tour of the main experiment station farm a field trip or soil conscrva- work in Washington County, and tion to be followed by a barbecue. University President Lewis W. Jones will address thc group at a banquet Tuesday night. Five Burmese Ministers Are Reported Killed LONDON. July 19. (Up) The Burma office, announced today five Birrmcse ministers had Tieen reported killed in a "murderous" attack on members of thc Burma, government at a meeting of the executive council in Rar- goon. The IB'.irma office said It had no details of the reported kill- Ing, but was Investigating. Truman Takes Cruise WASHINGTON. JUK- 19. (up)_ President Truman panned today to spend the week-end aboard the U.8.S. \Viriamsbi:rg. the White House jttcht, on the Potomac Riv- Mr. rrruman left the White House, before noon with a rpw! memters of Itfs was understood; to have instructed Dutch troops not to fire before Tuesday. ... . This, in effect,'was an unofficial ultimatuhi to the young Indonesian Republic to acesp't. Dutch proposals which the -Indonesians prevl- Assessments In Pemiscot County Hiked CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., July 19 Pemiscot County real estate as-, scssments have been Increased about 15 per cent, accoHllnc to a statement from thc State Tax Commission lo County Court Clerk Harold U .., J ,.,. S. Jones. Thc increase over the —trance has delivered' tin i 1946 assessments is largest In farm lh S M°\v to Anglo-American'' lands and town lots, with « flat 15 *or liicrcnslnfj German Industrial per cent Increase. | production which threatens Ihe The 1947 total assessment figure Present American concent.-of the Is .$19,787,303.00. and of this $17.- "Marshall Plan," it WHS 'ic-uuecl 087.973.00 Is fnr f™,, | nn< 4. ...V.tnriiv > (C.UUOCI French Endanger Marshall's Plans Diplomat from Paris Bluntly Voices Fears From Strong Germany WASHINGTON, juiy in. (u.i>.> for farm lands and *°day. I Both Britain and France have 087,973.00 is town lot-s. M. R. Rowland, presiding Judeo' ; thrown monkey-wrenches 1 Inlr) the the county court, sBid today iU, S. plan lo proceed ri—'-"•• tn»t the County Board of Equall- j the rccvival or German •nd Si towns of the county tlyc representatives wi: the Board to make on town lota. , ,--—...... b juufau ---- — ....^J - WIUJLUIIL.S IlllO ''1C of the county court, SBid today <V. S. plan lo proceed rnnldly with th-t ihc County Board of Equall- j the rccvival or German Indif-ilrv— met this week to organize [under Allied controls—so that Gcr, ;et dates for the- .different .man production in the western Unification Bill For Army, Navy Bitterly Opposed Alabaman, Defending Mergers, Denies 'Dictatorship Move' WASHINGTON, July 10. (UP) — Holism debate on Army-Navy unification loday developed into a controversy over whether the measure would lead lo u military dictatorship. lieps. James W, Wadsworlh, n., N, Y., anil Carter Manas™, r>. Ala,, favoring I lie |,m, sought to hcad-iiff ai-Rinni'iits of Hep. dm. K. Hoffman. It., Mich., cluilniiau of the committee which drafted l\w bill thai C'onnrcss Is abdicating ils authority to a "super military O r- "Thc argumenl lhal Ihls will set up a military dictatorship Is the lowest (}•()[• of attack on this bill," Mnnnsco told the House. "As lonij as the elected icpiTEen- latlves of the people Imvo control of Ihe Imrse strings we'll not fiice any kind of illelalorshlp," Mtmnaco Mild. The House i.ict In an unusil:il Saturday session to act on the bill Thc Senate has- passed a similar measure. "This bill — despite assertions, to (he contrary — docs absolutely preserve civilian control in accordant, with our traditions and Ihe constitution," told (he House He said that "in Ihc '.vholc set up. from Ihc lop down, civilians prevail." Hays Civilian ID lie "Boss" "The secretary of defense, a civilian, Is tlio boss," he said, "am Ihe three civilian secretaries undo! him lor Army, Nuvy and Air, aiv tlie bosses of Ihrlr branches They have Ihe right to hire and fife, « to speak, In Ihcli- departments." llolfinnn .mid the constltulloi provided Hint .confirm must establish and maintain an Army and Na- "Now, because of the fear brou-jlu about by propaganda, UK; mllllary apparently will bo successful in Inducing congress to abdicate Us thorlly, to shirk Its -responsibility and to turn over lo the Joint chlult of staff, to a. super-military orgunl- -•"-•• Imposed upon our _ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Announces Plans to Dispose Of Air Base Here . The Little llock regional office of the War Assets' Ad- •nmw ration announced today that the Blythevilfe, A'rrny V, o i r S U ", <1CC '" ml M "" lus to th « need" of 3E tojcnU_(.ov_eriniient and in available for disposal under *l!ic Surplus Act of 1944. Royall Named Secretary of War forces, the duty of providing a >I Ulonal dcfciisc," Ilaffman said. " v»* MJWI^ ivjk-a- nuw|Tiy(^ill State Constitution, w'ti' , to effccl last July 1; Judge vBbw- land stated, had made certain chan- , ^,-^ lmHmu . ,.,., gcs In expenses In the county's' they are serious en^igh^ Onow operation which Increased the op- the Wme-sehedule off tali'™ TIP hrnfw K , """ to 8lvc Wuablc nmniutilllon The breakdown by classes of the to the Soviets, who arc still bom- 47 nccl»ccr*^nnt 'It. n,« r—1i __ i_ _ _ .. .^ »»««- uuni uuju 7.Htl011 can be used in the European "** recovery program. """is SJf,, T, Ul ° , " Unl ftaaiqn. i co n triitoMm;'i n if -- iT5 f H rt """ ha "" s ' of U "> mllllary aiitho, lfl h •'rlo'rs as tlic" i Ruf vl3n ''"' )Cf ' n '' >hi: ' 0<: "'' C """<J 0 ' i '' c i»"i-'« ° bcr won butch eonsen to Indepehd- ! «.™ m .l Bn ?' * n . 337 ."G; U ^ '? *™-- »™ "ndV !S^ n ,r^^^. doera in 1949, but the two sides . mules, $98,005; cattle. $93.635; hogs. •$60,- ~.u*,iu ... liner, l^ut bllU LWO SIQCS ocft 1 *.. . »"«, have been unable to agree on in- I ' S ' $114; P oultl 'yr 527,401; b n bees. $60; farm and other miichlu- lerlm arrangements. The Dutch government finally elc- £7, 1 , n *, 4 , 7 , 5>MD: , houscvho ' <1 Property, -•-••••—•-•-- ' $1,133,237; motor vehicles, $768,808. ««w n.ii^ii .LUC -Ajiuonesinns nrevi- *n4i — —-~-« w« L..^ ..v, v..c ««vicw> r . wiio arc SLLIl nom- ously rejected. The Indonesians, af-' 1 J"' flhssc ^ mc " t , ls , as Iol| o*s, asbardlng the European countries ter a 19-month revolt, last Novem- [' ?***. '!?, S 1.^ C J^x^mmlsslon: j with propaganda, against the "Mar- • - - ^™ r ; . s ' $ 1I .337,116; town'lots, shall plan." L. .••.The French difficulties became known after French Ambassador Henri Bbnnet delivered an hour- long "demarche" to Undersecretary of State Robert A. Lovctl. strlppul of diplomatic vcrblaRe, tlie French position Is that she cannot ,, o nlong with n "Marshall I'laii" which envisages a vastly increased German production without satisfying France's security needs against a strong Germany. Bonnet put it very .bluntly—for a dipIomaU-ln talking willi ic- porlers; "ir Franca Is faced wllh riecUIons which oho cannot approve, the Paris negotiations on thc Marshall plan will b c K really endangered " He saltl thc measure contain 1 tala-.ico "studied provisions," put into' tin - bill-by tho military, " W hcrd>< boards which'are nominally clvlll President Announces Selection on Day Patterson Resigns WASHINGTON, July 10. (UP) _ The d-pnrliirn of Secretary of Wiv llolwiv I> PaltcrKnn from the rab- Inrt «•:'» re-s-arded todny as f rthcr step In .Uic unlflca-tlon sniffle UM i s expected to pro- vlric flic iwUoir.i armed forces wllh an entirely lie* hl^h C o;u- iiiMnd -by Jan, i. Pall»non'H re«l nrroi'|lvu 'nuirsd Secretary of Wj.v was apimli cccd him, The re- signation hocomc.^ sday ,«nd untleL'i r 3-r KcimeU; •] yesterday to <:uc- sprculntlon that Hriynll. a M-year-old North ollna «awyrr. wou'-l rnmjln ns Ari"y swvelnry under Ihe unification plan. Tide nnw setup rills for n s iiRle Decretory of Na.tlonm Sccur- Hv w!l)i oalilnet rank,' find ithven "icrcturlcs for Army. , t N-wv inn Air who will not ho rtiljlnct members. The inoiw plan has hoen «l l» v Hi- R-nale. -.nd cnmcs up In tho House tcrlny. Pns~ii'e at .this s».ssl<n of - 'uldnrnd ccrlaln. , Informed snurces Inslct Hint Eccrctnry of Nnw ;'jlnnrs Porrrslnl 4 In iVno lo be the rhyt .wcrctarv ol Nillonnl Security. Forrcsljil !il|nsclf denies knowledge or such plnns. Is con- Undersecretary of Navy John I, Eul!U>in is nx|:e-:!ed 1x> step Into Pnrrcrinrs Job when .the new ar- Txngcnicnt i;oes • Inlo effect. W., ayminitton. now assistant rccrrilnry of wnr for f\lr elded to let Van Mook "fix the moment" for the slart of fighting, it was reported. . Soviets Protest Inaccuracies in Press Release WASHINGTON, July 19. (UP) — Thc Soviet embassy protested today that it was left out of the July II meeting when the State Department said It proposed a "preliminary" Japanese peace conference to all the member nations of the Far Eastern Commission. In a forma! statement, the embassy said it was necessary to "eliminate the inaccuracy" In the State Department's press release which had said that Assistant Secretary of State John H. Hilldrln? and Director John Carter Vincent of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs had met with the embassy representatives of the other 10 countries on the commission. member of FEC. but Russia Is thc representative did not attend thc conference, the embassy statement said. UMT Program Approved by Subcommittee N WASHINGTON, July 10. (UP>A House Armed Services Subcommittee- today approved legislation for President Truman's requested universal military training program. Although there is virtually no possibility of action by Congress this session, thc subcommitlec sent the bill to the full commlltce by a vote of seven to one. The measure would provide six months of basic training for tecn- ngc youths followed by six months in the National Guard. Reserve Officers Training Corps or OrganlMcl Reserves. -.( Thc bill will bc brought -before the full commltlcc ncxl weeli Committee Chairman Waller G Andrews. R.. N.-Y.. has been pressing for action despite statements by Republican House leaders that .-srh.rr .wr 1 press rc -' •»"""«" WMi •&£<& lease- had stated that a repi cscnta- scheduled to end ' live of the Soviet embassy was prc- day jcnl at the meeting. "Tlie Soviet embassy considers It necessary lo eliminate the inaccuracy contained In the above mentioned press release," thc statement said, "since a representative from the embassy of thc Union of a week from to- Soviet Socialist Republics uas not present among those summoned to the meeting held by General Hill- drlng." Commissioner Named For Mandated Islands WASHINGTON. July 19. (UP)— President Truman today appointed Adm. Louis E. Dcnfeld as United States high commisioner of Trust Territory in thc Pacific embracing the former Japanese mancr.ited islands. Oenfcld, commander of Ihe Pacific Fleet, will serve under a temporary plan pending .transfer of Ihe trusteeship dulics lo a ci- vJian department or agency of the government. The Pacific Islands were turned over to -the United States a.s trustee by thc United Nations. hip agreement. CIO to Boycott Butchers Because of High Prices CHICAGO. July in. (UP) ._ Miclncl Mann, secretary of line Chicago Industrial Union Council. said today ;the [group's Prosecutor and Sheriff Scire Pin-Ball Machines 'AnKADELFHIA. Ark, Ju'y 10. (UP)—A circuit court decision on the fate of eleven pin-ball machines is being awaited In Clark Couriy today followlm; their seizure by Sheriff Tern. Matlo^k yesterday. Mntlock took thc machines from six business ivlubllslimcnls on order of Prosecuting Ally. James H. Pilkint.on. It was understood that several hundred similar machines arn subject to confiscation, in ihc county if not removed by .their owners. Pfkinton filed a petition In circuit court asking that thc owners'i renled by.lWM«P terday "wllh polnliairt rVrel.'l' Tlie chief cxixnillve prnlscd tins SCCTV- Inrv's "mnvnlfiCLMit't -nnd "utterly selfless" devotion lo his country in character are required to rely f durlnjf his War ' ncparl.ineivt ilion sulxirdlnato bodies which arc mllllary In character." The bill would Kc l up a single secretary of nalUmal security. Un-' (inr him would bc Navy and Air (Icpnrttnonls. separate Army, Home Building Hits Peak for Two Decades WASHINGTON, .Inly 1!). (UI'> — Home building today was reported at tho highest level In 2C years. But housing still was so short a congressional Investigation was h peel. profi- HoushiK Expediter Frank Crcc- don »nld June construction—both in starts and completions—set a new record for the pasl two decades. Readied for House approval next week was a resolution to scl up a M-man House-Senate commlllcc to sec why homes arc so short. Crccdon'ti economic advisers said 2,235,000 families still arc classed as "unhoused." The resolution, Chairman Jcsso P sponsored Wnlcolt. Mich., of Ihe House Hanking Committee, was approved yesterday by the House Itules Committee. The Americans Veterans Committee asked Wolcoll lo investigate reports that some builders dclll>cr- ately delayed finishing houses In an be notified -to appear July 58- and effort to evade the new rent show cause why thc machines rhould not be destroyed. Mori, of the machinc-s t\rc owned by Wood snd Temple, doing business vs the Arkadclphia (Novelty Company. Bank Robber Suspects Arrested in Tcxarkana 200.COOJ «* .n an effort rece The council, which CIO works i,, the renresenls' 10t wcro area s'ld TpXaS ' — Two Negroes, arrcslcd by • Tcxarknna. *«"»«"*• LX.S An- Atlanta Will Bo Host fo National Cotton Council P-l ATLANTA WILL ItK 13 MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. July in. (UF>( v _ u ..u.n.l IlL LMU HlCi* .S Htl ' I ,,, that meat, packers "are movine in g cs °" lccrs wcr e reported today for thc kill an high miccs" I Preparing to return the pair lo the I coast for questioning. Congress Will Delay War Refugee Problem WASHINGTON, July 10. <UP>- I-egislatlon to admit to this country 4fOOOO European war refugees appeared lost toby in the congressional race toward adjournment. Hearings on the atlminlstratlon- i Smith Infant Dies Donald Smith, day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Smilh. died this morning, o o'clock, at thc fomlly home on South 2Ist Street. He was their only child. Funeral services will be held tomorrow, 3 p. m., at the home of thc grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. D. A Smith, with the Rev. L. C. backed measure ended yesterday Ramsey, pastor of the Assembly on an (acrimonious note, and Re-' of God Church, officiating. Burlnl —The National Cotton Council will hold its lOlh annual meeting In At- lanl.n. Ga., Jan. 21-23, council president Oscar Johnston announced today. Thc meeting will be tile first held in Ihe Atlanla area since 1941. when thc sessions were held at Augusta. Ga. Thc council will use ncxl January's meeting. Johnston said, to lav plans for 19J8 sales promotion, re- vlra which IJCCMII In Decerribsv, 1R40. ho h'.'d l:ccn sccrelary since Srnteir.bci 1 , 1945. IA fcmicr New York 'federal Judne, Patlcrson made no statement of his future nVuiis. But tlM-rc w".i ,N?k that he wou|d bc arpohued to Ihc first Virancv 1'lni.t. ocpurs on the Supremo Court bench. i There w'ns a slight possibility lhal Rojtill .might give up hl.s war department |»sl nrr-i. ycir t/J run lor governor of hjs nntlvn •North Carolina, flf he shoiild. sen"! for Donald M. Wfii 1 Production .urccctl him. >;^lln? of ndmln- was 'not confined to ci- iDwlttht, f). Eiscnliovver. Army chief of ulnff. already has accented thc presidency of Co- -'umnln. University and will Icavo the sevvicc aboi'ii the first, of year. The White Iloiis» has 'I ho City of Bljlhevijlc liolcia top priority for the purchase of the foriror lArmv Air Forces Installa- llon. and will r^e given 10 daje In which to exercise, it, cpllon the n-.jvj t.ftl.Hed. Mayor K. K. JT« r k»n »UUd Ills moniliiR that he had been Infi.rmed that Blvtfievllle woold be r.'vi-Ji (he runwayn and all ali;|-orl f;icllitlc.s. which In »'l will li.rlinlc an estimated. It?) 'iiriTs, as an out- right eranl and Inat (hi; clly would attempt U imrrlxiKo i).irt, If nnt ill, at, Ihe rcinnlnlnii properi) for an Indus'. trful drveiopmviU. Ho slalo-1 that he had ' been cc.inmiiijIrUliiB with I'he - olvll Aeronautics Administration nnd tl'-l a rcprcscntiitlve of Wle CAA will arrive In B Uhevlilc lilonda-y <T conferences with city offlciaja r»rl of the piopcity probably will BO buck to agrlciftuni Major- Jackson stated. •niylhcvllle now holds >\ leas» on the'pcrt and airport facilitic.i of Iho air field which e-c terns used as a municipal airport If Bruited to tlie city It > will W re- tah'ed ns n municipal field: The 2700 acre flod was us"d dinliiK ,the wni by tlie Army A)r I"orcrs as a twin-engine training hase it Was completed In 1042 «t u coit of JIO.COOOOO - - - , _ . I Army Men Fear .1 < Attack on Royall New Cabinet Member Related by Marriage To Leftist Supporter •' WASHINGTON, July 19 (UP!) —The War Department ' moved rulckly lodny in an Attempt" til Jlnfavornbls krscareury T hia been e«ret«f>' mtmtm Tlio 'department' cxpecU" a combined newspaper and radio attack on Royall. It would '«« bused orv the fact that ho Is tne broiher- In-Iaw Of Johannes 6teel, one of thc most flamboyant, (.upjxjrters of the communist party In 'he United States steel married 'Roy' - oujii-ters looked Nelson, former Hoard chief, to r f'he poKlwnr ji J. C 1 rators vllfms. Gen. all's half-sister some years Steel is a naturalized cltiinn German birth. of the no I named a successor, but it w'.is announced yesterday tl-at Gnn. Ornar "N. Brai'.llcy. now veterans .idmlnhlnUor, would nwikc a six\ r /cek Irnr of Euro^w soon to review troops at ilhc rcfjnnst of the A.n:y. ^I1ils was rcgsrdcd as tnn- Eamount. to an advance announcement of Hradlev's appointment to siicrcrd Eisenhower as dilcf of sl.-iff. Adm. Ohe.-ter W. Nlmit?, eom- ple.los his term ns ehicf of naval rpci'.-pMorli 3tx)i| Jan. 1. Navy scurccs say he will be succeeded by cither Adm. W. If. P. B!andy. Atlantic Fleet commander or Adm. Louis E. Dcnfield, Padfic fleet commander. Gen, Cain SuanlK. AAF conrnan- drr. Is reported ready to resipn rbout Jan. 1. I.I.. Gsn. Wm-t S. V.iiidnnbcrg. h'.s chief of staff, reportedly will succeed to thc lop air force job. search, production efficiency foreign Iradc programs. and publican lenders said there lilLlc clniiCf It would reach door M this session. Police Receive Report Concerning 'Mad' Dog Chief of police C:iarles Short i warned local clttons today to be MI the lookout for a llvor and white pointer bird dog which is bellvcd lo have rabies. The do? was last seen yesterday In Ihe Northeast section of Blythe- near Walker Park. However, Temperature Drops to 64 Degrees Following Shower The shower early yesterday had some effect on the temperatures In Filylhcvillc yesterday .with 90 degrees recorded as high and 64 degrees as last night's low. according lo Robert E. Blaylock. official weather observer. Several outlying communities a- ~:ievil)e Royall's nomination to succeed Patterson was sent to the 'Senate yesterday coincident with announcement that thc secretary of war was resigning effective July \ 24. Unless Royall Is .(jpqZjr'inc'd l>rior lo adjournment, which .Is expected one week from today, the nomination .will lapse and" Rrtsl- dcnt Trtnnan will have to appoint another man or leave the, position unfilled ... Royall could; however, serve as acting secretary. Failure of the Senate to. conhrm him as secretary would not disturb Royall's position as undersecretary of war. But it would prevent Mr. Truman making. »a recess . appointment .which" .woiiW promote Royall to lull taifnct rank. . ycstcrday afternoon, with thc heaviest repotted from thc State Line community. several calls thc jx have been that thc received final lo Senate Action Expected On Cashing Bonds for GIs WASHINGTON, Jil!y 19. . (u.P.) —The Senate was expected to give was will be In Memorial Park Crme- Ihe lory 'seen In other sections of the eil.v, cash some $2000COOOOO Holt Funeral Homo is In charge Chief Short staled. ' inal leave bonds I permitting veterans to term- British Seamen Kill American/ Arrest Captain HATFA, Pjlestlne, Jify IS. (UPI —Briliih mermen boarding the illegal immigrant ship Presidenf Warfield injured fatally one American and (irrcslcd .three'others,'it was disclosed tc'day..'.'. .;'.'". All the 'Americans were crew mcmbsrs on tha Warficld, which thc British ramir.'ed lapd seized! 5ri a 2 1-2 hour battle.' '-,..'• Thc dead'American was 'first mate WTIium Bernstein, 24, Los AriuelM. (who rucciunbed ' W a fractured skull after''he was're- moved to a H-iir.ii government hospital. -,: • • 'Americans arrested were the ship's captain. 'Bernard Marks of New York Citv and Ohio; and Srarran Cyril Wclnsteir. and 'Arthur Stanley Rter, both of Brooklyn. ' '. >: ;. ' ' 'Pollsh-bcrn Hirsoh .Tacubowitsch, 15. and -on unidentified German .vonth a'cont 20 yearn pfso were killed in tlie shipboard battle! . rrhcy had tried to run the War- ficfd, a former Chesapeake Biy ferry, thfcu-sh the British blockade .whi^i prevents more than ',a iimilcd ni'm'oer of Jews from ertr terlng Palestine. The vessel carried about *50> 11—' inJiilgranU Southern Pacific Faces Strike Deadline Monday SAN FRANCISCO. July -13. (UP) —A slrlke of the Soath*rn-p»eirie Railroad today appeared cerjLaln,td becin nl 9 ;xm Mond*f tfe^&ie trt- sldont* Truman's apMMaMt of «n cmergenoy bcnrd to mre&tate Uw /llennfa .' r *•" J *

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