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Tallahassee Democrat from Tallahassee, Florida • Page 7
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Tallahassee Democrat from Tallahassee, Florida • Page 7

Tallahassee, Florida
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'I I I I Sunday, October 7, 1962 Little Known, World Parliament Group Pushes Along As Our Readers See Things International By EDITH K. ROOSEVELT While the United Nations may get the headlines, another world government group, the Interpar-f Lamentary Un- i ion. has been a verm; quietly- behind the scenes for decades to cre- groups whose voting rights are weighted according to population. The IPU Conference adopts resolutions on problems referred to it by the 11-member IPU Council. Council members are elected by the IPU Conference with the IPU president an officio member. According to by laws adopted by the IPU's American group on Feb. 24, 1932, "every senator and representative In the Congress of the United States of America Is ipso factor a member of the Group." The United States is assessed $21,000 a year of the IPU's annual budget of $140,000. Many of the American delegates and officers who have served in IPU groups have been consistent n. i "i ate a "world 'i i i ill supporters of world government schemes. These include Sen. Alexander Wiley, who attended the 1957 Bilderberg conference, Sens. Paul Douglas and John Sparkman who endorsed Senate Concurrent Resolution 56 in 1949 "to seek development of the United Nations into a World Federation," and Sens. Kefauver and J. W. Ful-bright who supported Senate Concurrent Resolution 57 in 1949 which invited the "democracies" which sponsored the North Atlantic Pact to name "delegates to a federal convention for a fed1 eral union." -p f' a 1 1 a meiw. through its-jcorps tal opportunity is a very big factor in developing the basic and innate intelligence of all people, has been a conclusion that is increasingly being held by many experts. Certainly Southern white men and women have made every effort to improve their educational and cultural opportunities. The least we can do is to give the Negro every bit of aid and encouragement that we can in the same endeavor. I have been told that the highest IQ ever recorded was that of Negro girl. I have often wondered what the educational world ever did to utilize her talents, or whether they let her pass into oblivion because of lack of support and interest. I have often felt that the greatest crime that the white man has committed against the Negro is to withhold from him the support and interest he genuinely needs, because he is human, if he is to really make progress in becoming a more valued and useful citizen. In conclusion, I should strongly urge that we stop trying to compare one group of people with another, to decide who is better or worse. To begin with, we are all different. Let us cultivate a spirit of neighborliness, and helpfulness. Let us correct our faults when we find them (and not be afraid to look for them.) Let us appreciate and share our assests when we can. Let us help the Negro be proud of the fact that the is a Negro. Any other attitude on our part, as white people, can only make me ashamed of the white man SUSANNA PEIRCE BUIE with UN's Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). It has close relations with the Council of Europe, the Organization of Ameis ican States, Atlantic Council (Congress), American Peace Society, the European Parliamentary Assembly, NATO Parliamentarians Conference, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, East-West Roundtable Conference of Parliamentarians, United Nations Association. United World Federalists, World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government (WAPWG) and similar groups. APPOINTED POTENTATES The master plan envisaged by the key international financiers and Marxists who work together in these world government groups may coinside with the plan and appended map adopted by WAPWG in London in 1952: The ruling body or World Parliament would consist of appointed members. It would reflect population strength so Asia would dominate it. There would be a World Director, 8 Zone Directors and 51 Regional Directors. These potentates would reign over any lands but their own. with the help of the equally alien World Army units. For example, the Southern and Southwestern part of the United States would be occupied by Soviet Russian troops. Such a scheme may not seem farfetched to anyone who considers that world parliamentary government has had 73 years of steady growth from something very small to its advanced state of realization. Like other international organizations, the IPU conferences have become what the Yugoslav journalist Mladen Ivekovic calls "a forum, for constructive east-west diaUgues on the problems dividing the world. These "east-west dialogues" serve to implement Lenin's proposal for "a United States of the World" published in No. 40 of the Russian organ, the Socialist Democrat, in 1915. IPU resolutions include: Resolution calling for "limits to state sovereignty" (51st IPU Conference, Bern. 1952). Establishment of a "permanent International Police force" under the UN aegis to "insure collective security" (47th IPU Conference, Rio de Janeiro, 1958). Resolution calling for adoption of Sen. Mike Monroney's plan for "the removal of obstacles to world trade," known as the International Development Association recently organized under the Bank for Reconstruction and Development or World Bank (48th IPU Conference, Warsaw, 1959). Recommendation that "the question of Chinese (communist) representation in the United Nations be resolved without delay" (50th IPU Conference, Brussels, 1961). The impact of the IPU on U. S. policy is seen by press reports of the "long discussion" held between IPU president G. Codacci-Pisanelli with President Kennedy on "the implication of the resolutions adopted by the Brussels Conference." The. IPU interlocks with a number of other international organizations. It is one of 10 groups with Gass A consultative status IFif ts Years Ago tunity of seeing the wireless instrument at work. of trained world tt government leg-Roosevelt islators. The IPU, whose announced goal is to unite members of "all parliaments" to promote peace and cooperation "particularly by means of a universal organization" will hold its 51st conference In Brasilia, Brazil, Oct 24-Nov. 1. This organization, whose headquarters are in Geneva, is the oldest world government organization in existence. It is an outgrowth of the league for peace developed by British trade union leader Sir William Randal Cremer and the French political economist Frederic Passy, assisted by millionaire steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. The first IPU conference was held in Paris in 1889 and attended by representatives from nine legislative bodies. Today, the IPU is composed of 64 nations, including Soviet Russia, six com-: munist satellite countries and Mongolia. U. S. influence in this world body can be judged from the fact that our country has 21 votes one vote less than Soviet Russia in the Interparliamentary Conference composed of national FRON THE DEMOCRAT Oct. 1-4, 1912 William C. Hodges of Tallahassee, Progressive party candidate for governor, opening his campaign in Jefferson county. He spoke at Wacissa and talked for over an hour. About 50 farmers or more came in ox wagons, one mule back and in buggies over a water-flooded flat country to hear him, The keynote of his speech was the abolishment of state ajid county taxation. It is very probable that a wireless station will be installed at the fairgrounds in Pensacola next month so that the visitors to the fair will have an oppor The extra session has come and gone. It was only three days long after all. And Jacksonville easily got through her bill authorizing an issue of $1,500,000 of bonds for municipal terminals. The expected effort to prolong the session was knocked into smitherens when the message was read showing that 80 members of the two houses had pledged themselves, before the calling of the session, not to consider extraneous Protests Bank Sales Of Tickets For Party 0 EDITOR THE DEMOCRAT Following is a copy of a letter I mailed to the United States Treasury Department The advertisement I refer to appeared on Page 8 of Sunday's Democrat, which listed, numerous savings and loan banks, banks and businesses that were allowing space to be used on their premises for the sale of tickets to a political fund raising affair. On making a phone call to one of the banks that handles our accounts, I was told that an officer of that bank was in charge of sales. According to law, both "space and an officer's time" represent a contribution. I do not hestitate to tell you that I am a registered Republican, belonging to no club cr organization, and write only as an individual citizen. In the last national election when furniture from the Capitol was used to furnish the Democratic headquarters here (furniture paid for by all the citizens) my understanding is that protests over this came to naught: U.S. TREASURY DEPT. WASHINGTON Gentlemen, It is my understanding that federal law prohibits corporations from making political contributions of any kind. I sincerely hope you will be interested in the attached advertisement that appeared In the Sept. 30, 1962, edition of The Democrat, and will take appropriate action. Certainly, selling political fund raising tickets on the premises of the corporations named constitutes a political contribution by said corporations. Your acknowledgement of this letter and your prompt attention to the situation will be appreciated. VIRGINIA KRAUSE Is Monroe Doctrine Still Law Of Land? EDITOR THE DEMOCRAT I wish to congratulate the Kennedy Administration upon its fine show of military strategy during the Mississippi "crisis." Now why isn't some of this strength used to stop the Red infiltration of Cuba? The "law of the land," as dictated by the Supreme Court, has been forced down the throats of Mississippians by military threats, whereas the Monroe Doctrine has been quietly shelved and forgotten. Maybe it is because the Cuban Reds might not be es easy to push around as the citizens of Mississippi. R.F.GIBSON They Called FBI Chief 'Official Spy-Swatter' EDITOR THE DEMOCRAT A post script should be added to my "Russian Spies on UN Staff" letter in the Sept. 24 edition of this paper. Two more Russian United Nations officials Evgeni M. Prokhorov and Ivan Y. Vyrodov should be added to the list of spies that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has caught in espionage activities under the cover of the United Nations. This week, these two officials were caught buying classified defense secrets from a Newport, R.I., Navy man. Once again, the FBI was on its never-ending job of protecting America. Unfortunately, as usual in these UN-shielded espionage cases, the two Russians were protected by diplomatic immunity and "were released by the FBI in the custody of the Soviet mission." We Americans owe a great deal of gratitude to the FBI and Mr. J. Edgar Hoover. Most Americans know to some extent what Mr. Hoover is doing for this country. Occasionally though, there are a few vicious attacks on Mr. Hoover and the FBI. The latest one was at the August 6 Western States Democratic Conference where one speaker called Mr. Hoover "our official Spy-Swatter." It was also said that Mr. Hoover voiced "sententious poppycock" about communist espionage activities in this country. For some reason, the Democratic National Committee has not yet fit to censure or repudiate this speech. I'm sure that most Americans do not share the views of the speaker who made the attack on Mr. Hoover at the conference. Mr. Hoover and the FBI deserve a personal thanks from each of us for doing a difficult job diligently under adverse conditions. THOMAS V. BROWN Doubts Validity Of Race Test Report EDITOR THE DEMOCRT On Thursday, Oct. 4. you published an article reporting on a study made by a Professor W. C. George of Montgomery, commissioned by the State of Alabama, which he claims backs up his contention that Negroes are inferior to whites. To read the report of this study is enough to doubt the validity or scientific nature of cither the study or its conclusions. Unfortunately, there are many people to whom such newspaper articles lend strength to their own wilful or Ignorant prejudices, inflaming their actions or words, in a world already too tense for comfort. To correct the picture a little, it should be stated that the first large scale intelligence testing In his nation was the Alpha tests given to all draftees during World War I. In these tests, the average test score Northern white men was significantly higher than the average score for Northern Negroes. The same difference showed up between the Southern white men and the Southern Negro. But-and it is a very Important but-the average score for the Northern Negro was higher than the average score for the Southern while man. The obvious conclusion that the environmen Asks Citation Of Law That Barnett Violated EDITOR THE DEMOCRAT As a public service, would you please be so kind as to print on the front page of The Democrat the law or laws passed by Congress, and which it is alleged that Governor Barnett has violated. Many people think he has not violated any laws. Some people think that the Governor has not been afforded due process as required by the Constitution. SIDNEY T.H. CARLSON (Sorry. We don't know what acts of Congress, if any, the Governor was accused of violating, nor by what authority of law federal troops were sent into Mississippi to arrest citizens and even order football games not to be held, and federal marshals to attend classes in which they are not enrolled and occupy State-owned dormitory space for which they do not pay rent. editor. Would Prefer To Get Electricity From RE A EDITOR THE DEMOCRAT In sympathy with the newcomer who lives five miles from Tallahassee and must pay for City electricity, and being in almost the same position, I would appreciate it if The Democrat would explain why the City of Tallahassee has the right to prevent county residents from buying rural electricity. When we applied to Talquin Electric to furnish electricity before our house was built they said they would like to but could not cross the City's lines. Houses a few feet away are furnished by Talquin Electric and none of the other utilities services are furnished by the City of Tallahassee. A. L. SAWYER (City Atty. James Messer explains that State law provides that rural electric cooperatives may not serve customers who can be or are being served by adequate sources of power from private or municipal systems. Both the City of Tallahassee and the Talquin REA Cooperative have policies of not taking customers from the other. editor). It Should Have Been Labeled As Comment EDITOR THE DEMOCRAT It was my belief that our paper had an editorial page for the expression of views and comments on the news. The Associated Press release. "Barnett Seen Boxed in By Action of U. Oct. 1, 12. was far from a news item. It's bad enough to get one-sided news releases, but. too much when we have to also read their hollow opinions. Please keep up the good work of the past on the editorial page and in the future keep the front page for news, such as it is. R. S. JETT JR. (The item was not offered by The Associated Press as news, but as the commentary and analysis of James Marlow, and AP columnist who is allowed extraordinary leeway in expression of personal opinions. It should have been labeled as such, but the lines of type carrying his name and Its classification as analysis wrre Inadvertently dropped during the printing procees. cd.) Wonders About SRD Handling Of Machines EDITOR THE DEMOCRAT On Page 15 of Wednesday's Democrat appears an article captioned -'SRD viewed as poor risk on insurance." Safety Director A. P. Revels is quoted as saying, "some companies have refused to bid on policies because they consider us bad risks." In view of this startling disclosure, this old ignorant taxpayer is impelled to wonder: if SRD entrusts it's motorized equipment to employees so mechanically inept they are considered poor insurance risks, what in the world must be happening to the complicated and expensive electronic equipment such as computers, date processing, and duplicating machines in which as a taxpayer, have a vested interest? Just thought I'd ask. JOHN W. TREADAWAY 15 mrw LfU Anyone with the money can build a bank building, but only a philosophy of being human can build a bank! OSES TPAMiAlHI ASSISE 4 IS 1 1 1 mi i and Trust Company MEMBER F.D.I.C. CALHOUN AT JEFFERSON

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