The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1952 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1952
Page 16
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SIXTEEN RIATHEVII.l-K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1991 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dilljr rile p«r line for ccms*culive imsertion: Minimum charge ...... 1 lime ret Une 2 times prr HUP per day 3 times ppr line per iUr 6 limes per I'm* i>fr d.ty 12 Hmcs per linr pnr diy Month per lint Ccunt five average words lo I Ad ordered for threr <>i *i* "" slopped ric-lore oxriLraUnn will HP charged for the niimbor of limes MI* an apprirrd and adjustment of hill n^dt-, Alt Hasiiffrd artverliifne *W sl1 "- mitted by persons roslcTlnc nuisinr «-r the rLtymnsi he armim'™' 1 "' by Rat«-s may easily l»p ""* the aheivr lahtt. •IdTfrtlft'nc ordered for in- fititfnnf tat-r ihf one »'mr labl*. No rfsponitMHlv will ti" «^»»n r< more ihnn ono Inrnm-i an« r)s«.sif'rd art- AH ads an* romtrlrd In Ibcl . rlasrtttniUin «T>> and Un*. TJiP Courier XIMV rrrcrvej Ih* 1 ris' 1 ' lo (L(1i1 or reject any ad. . 50o . 911 r. • line. and computed from LnsrrlEnn pff>n Fainting or carpenter Klnney. rh. S327. work. C D 4 23 pk 5,23 Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Day Rrrvlrp on Jewelry—3 dnys on mchrs nn<l clocks Gimramcrd -*ork one b$- expert, repairmen- Lowest PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME for rarrful. thorough niR r]*>nn1nK irrvlcr. rnll on Rlylhpvlllr Laundry's 17 years of fxprrlence In Oils pppflal- l?i rt ItoM. Free pickup fttifl delivery sen-Ire—Just rail -1418 BJ-YTIIKVIUJC LAUNDRY CLEAXKITS 4 16 rk 5!« Apartment tor Rent r repair any mnkr nr mo^n) w: mrbiiip 2 hl'orfcs wr-M nf ni\r«> E Uh HT. by new Rcliool Herbert inrn Ph 6738 37 shirr- n. Alloy — Air -rntlon Servlrp. 3 room I stov*, pvt. N. 2nd, St. nlshM n th J35 mnnth 32fl 4,29 pk 5 2 4 rm. unf. upstairs apt. pr bath, hot rand cold water turn. \V. Ash. Ph. 6325, O9 P M78. 102 4 3ft pk for Safe, Misc. 3 roomunfurn 26-50 before 6pm. GOSLINGS FOR SAI.K Orilw ynnr own rolYon rhojipi'r - 5 ** [ 51.50 pach 1n lots n| 50 or mnrt 1 . S) h. Its* ihnn SO IMMEDIATE OEUVEHT HUGH W. .ALLKN 3 room furnlshrd ap «]ec. Xltchen. Ph. 3665. . . 4 29 pk 32 5 room iinfnrnisbcrl apt., P^t. bnth, hot water. I'h. 4684. 4 2R pk S5 3 rm. unf. apt B2S S, Lilly. Ph. 6790 4 25 p'tc 5,2 Ph . . A: 471 1 rm. unrur, Bpl Ph. 2350 3 room &i 4 room BS12. C. AbiRhfiin. >r 60R6. 4:3 ck tf rent Call 6 <* tt 4 row John Deere Plnnlri ere: A row John Dccre rot John Dccro <llFr harrow. arms, /iiifcietlf. Ph. 4102. 15.M1 Nash Ramhlpr con ound ii.PO'J inHpR. In tltiji. $1,000. Dr. J. A y., ph, 253*;, Modern a room fur. apt Ph- 2505 2:14 cV MoJern apt.. 3 rooms nnrt bath ly dccornted. good Inrnmire. •icnt. Ph. S313. F. Simon. new- n^ pqnlfi- 9:21 cH tt Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single, 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck Lf ^ rm, furnished apt-, ]>h. 8676, ' pk R unfurn. downstnlrs rtwrns. Inside let. Ughta atid water furnished. S« week. 1916 \V. VlnP. 5;i pk 8 3 room fur phlek&snwbn. nlshed npt. for rent. 4|17 cX Auto Supplies and Services Aen't cnrfnnger your family with ultf tires—BUY LEE TIRES, CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Mate Bnd Division Phone 2.SB3 12:13 ck tf Perfect qualifcv WHITE BIDEWAIX TIRES — low Size 800x15 ami . We also have bargain passenger and tractor tires of •11 sizes and brands. FIRESTONE STORE, ph. 2102. 4J24 ck 5|7 Services LAWNMOWERS We aliarp^n nnrt repair nil tyy •lowers, Also neu- A: used poorer mov «r». All kinds mower parts. Also po? er mowers lor rent. • Wcslbrook Machine Sliop Armas fTom Kroecr Store 44 ck 20 MINTJTS THOTOSTATIC SKRV ICE. O'STEEN'S STUDIO. 115 W. M. 134 ck t 42 pk A 2 with niFirk- irv hnp i\ml l!nlr SrrrJ ^7 rk If ery nootl ron- Srtllha. 124 K. SPECIAL PRICES THIS WEEK! Car & Truck Buys in Blytheville 1050 KOHI) I.Ike a I'.ill.srule Orrrn cart This {'mlcim Tudor looks A; runs like new. Riiilio, liealer, new llres, covers. Sale —SI 295! i!)IO I'ONTIAC . . $205 A Komi, rcallj- GOOD olilcr model. A Tuflor Six ullh ra- ilio, heater, grind llros, nlee- riinnlng ensinc. Sale I'lire (his week— $;aj! 1017 KOKI) $645 t "o m p^ re this VI - 'J'» n For rt J'irlmp with any '17 model you've seen! It's a beauty! J[rater, nrw scat covers. Sal* -615! ]<)ifl CHKV $195 I'riu ran nlm'isi Meal thlx Irurb. A !5-Ton Pickup u-|(h goot] mnlnr and goncl tiros unil a wond'-Tful Inw price lltEs week—$195! lflf>0 FOR I) SI 2(15 19111 FOltf) $875 A brillhml C:irn:ill«n l!r<l etil- nr. tills {'u.stniM Forrtor ha.s while tiros. rrdrivo, so:U — S1293! r:nlio. hoj covers. S [ir]i-e \S'ltll (ho powerful V-S fnRint, liiis Fnnl ii-Tnn I'irkup Is a lilir Ijuy. (Inilin. !ii':ili'r light Erej- Imlsh. Sale price—$875! 300 Broadway oinpany IfZJUV Phone 4453 ROTARY HOE - Lift Type or Pull Type Jack Robinson Implement Co. Hlytheville, Arkinsa* — Phone Insurance Call 4553 For Complete rnsuraiice Protection \V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 12-1 W. Ash St. GLENCOK HOTKL BUILDING 4 3 cV. it Lost and found recycle fonntl niny have nami ni{ for Hi1s Save Money \Vhcn You Huy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNMTURE CO. 17 \\VAsh Ph. 2r,52 8-2 ck II B.i by hfrt nn s!<1f>, Color, vvl $25. Cull 3230, brrn usrcl. 51 P K 53 Wfilniit meinl bc'J ,sprln«s mid maL- rc<>-; 3 mfltnl lawn clinirs: 1 hrdroam ockrr. Rp;\l cheap. I'h. "J671, or nfter TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. Wnlmit Phone 33S2 Plenty of Parking Space Tf H's cnl/tsh you nre looking Tn omf to Bctls Fish Mi^rkpt. I h^T ilffnty ftt nil times. Can nil nnr f\-/ rdcr 2010 Rosp St, hftlf hlocX prt*l o Gateway Curve, Ph. flfrlR 4 19 pk 5'1 DIRT, Ph. G3G3. <!2J nit 59 Good Soybenn Betrt. runk> [[ybrlrt Seed Corn. Soybean IiioctilnCLon. jd F^rtlll7cr NEW nnt! Usptl Bagfi TAn\tER3 SOYBEAN CORP H RroRrtwHy. BlythcvlUp. rh fllfll 3 20 p^c 5 30 D & P I. No. 15 Second year ticm brpoftrr. B5 r p TJiiirmtlon. (Lcllntc<I and trcatL-t!. SI2S |ier Ion U. S. ttlankt'nshlp. Dell, 4 30 pk 5,30 - Ilorlch No. 2 07 r >, HushoL U. S. tllnnk- 4; 10 px 5 an For Safe, Real Estate Own tiKKD HKANS Kermltmtlon. *4 nlnrvtlon, *.T.7.S hlp. Dell, I'll. nr moving from city otfors 7- rooni. 2-bath hou. s ,e for Quick sale inrrlflce. Call 273-1- *.I P> Rrlrk tlnplrx on ChlckasRwha, Inr^c roojtis, 2 bailis. utility nnd laundry rooms, cftipori, Air conditioned Nice yard, S13.0G4 KHA loan, balance $M,936, One Rparimfnt tents for $00 ppr month, owner lives hi oilier. 2 bedroom 1m rue In 200 Ijlock 01 KfiKl Kentucky. Srrfcnirl ]Kircl». Till hoiiFe Iti fiond condition. I In* nl«n frncfi! tmck ytird. 1'ilre 4G.OOO, LEWIS REA1.TV CO., 4 30 near my home. Owner 1 by Identifying and ad. U l,. Gainos jih. 5 I ]ik 4 Help Wanted Oin.sIdA Bnl rurniture, ATJ commission. BOX C-6. man for ajipUances ACA 21 to 15. Salary mid Write c o courier NPWS. ' 4 29 clt 5,6 TRUCKS-TRUCKS Family to make share crop. Ph. 6801. 23 ck tf and Shoot Metal Salesman. Jlust )je able to make estimates — attractive proposition to right party. Phone O.sccola 81fi d ay — 8<)<) night. Delta Sheet Mela!. reward for . finding! Roofing Co.> Osccota. 1 my diamond ring. P. G. Gip-1 5't ok '1 | son. Call 3262, 3423 or -MM, I Hotel. 11 ck tf jWo/ves Shot horn Plane By U.S. Wildlife Agents FAIRBANKS. Alaska W1 — Two U. S. Pish and Wildlife Service agents refurned here with a report of having killed 110 wolves ] in three weeks of hunting: in j\ j light, two-man plane. Four other j Agents reported ~a kill of 61. | Three airplanes have been used; in the biggest scale campaign ever j waged In the Far North against j wolves which cause damage among ; the caribou herds, For Rent . 2580 or 9731, 4 room mi/Lirnlslinr] hnl 535 Pkwy. SPP . «li:hwRir 6!. of innrt. Call nr pnrtlv turn- Pant Wtn-lham. 51 pk .J rm. house A: hath, Efoc hot viator heater. R25 a mo.. Cornrr Howard A: rgaret. Mrs. ZRiiJLne Powell 429 pk 7 ,1 tied room house, hardwood floors, Venetian hUnds. Moor furnn«*p. Sew nddltlon. 165 a month. Ph, 3527. 4 30 cX 6 Bpdroonv private hath Close In. Ph. 4432. 3 rooms. 325 TRUCKS-TRUCKS !950»CHKVR01-KT Vj-T. Pickup Trk. Here's $1A7E a perfect trk at Sullivan-Nelson's low price lUI w 19 IS CUKVROl.KT *,i-Ton I'iekup Trk. Save ?7QS money on a good Irk now at the Chevrolet place • w<J in FOKI) V-S '/i-T Pickup Trk. Here's a real ?OQ!C 695 5 room modern home with carafe on Holly. Cnmpletolj' furnished. Cnll 1465. 4 ?8 tf 2 room unfurnished home. Ph. 6213. 425 pk S-l Prlro of lumber reduced to clear ynrd fr>r summer sawing. 2x4. 2<fi. 2xS—J45 ier thousand- DpcklnR nncl boxing. S-SO O. S. RolllsOD, S, 2Ut St., Phone 3309. 4 22 pk 5'8 Lucian Gaines Furnitvire Co. Trade your old furniture for new. 1 \vil] also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms f/2 down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Ph. 6357- : - Gaincs. :|!17 ck tf Modern 4-ronm hou'.ie and bath In 110") block, on Hrarn. Kirn sl^e nhop and outdoor storngR. |1.30fJ cash, total monthly pflyments 3^3-16. Owner he- r nnd bath. Jarvre RUtl storeroom. East Kentucky. Seed soybeans, Dortclisoy S'o. 2. Only 1 year from Rreerler's stock. Subject tc certification. Only R limited supply. Ph. 21'12. 61 Implement Co. 3'3l' ck tf D. &P.L. No. 15 10 ions, drllnlrd. trrntert. sarVpfl. Germ I nut Inn Si in S3 per cent Snvpcl I from (50 nrr^ji proclurltiki D7 bites. Price I IlfiO ton. J R. GATHINC1S. Hixorn. Ark. -l : 2l jilt 5 5 SPRCIA1. PAINT SALK 4no pnllons, nssnrtrd Rprlna colors, (House A- Gnrdrn Colors for 1051) water thlnnrd. Interior flal pnlnt, 38 colors. 5Dc per quart. 12 per RAlton As long RR prp&rnt s\ipply lustR. MARTIN TRKNKLE. Inc.. Air Hasp, telephone 3833. niythoTllr. Ark. 45 ck 5,5 GuaranUed PIANO Tuning ,V Re pair. Call 2071 days, 20.™ nights. n , f 4.2G pit 523 St. C. C. Need your mriio repaired? Cull Rod Walton. Ulsnblrrl veteran icp^lrs radio at home, Reasonable prices, chicfca- la^- Courts. Apt. 23A Ph. R:IIS. 5 1 pk G 1 MI N NOWS — Roaches. Fishing canes lOc up. Ph. nitc 328 E. Main ;s. -111? pk 5J17 room snll. ivftlnut Ooneral Motors Trlctdnlrc and h^hv hed with or without msutrrss. i!2 E Syenniorn. 429 pk 35 Fryers, live or 418 E. Ash, Nichol Tomato plants. 3 o/. rh 8}27. varieties. 15c per 4 29 pV 5|1S -d. Bat. rnl5 4 23 pk 5,6 GOOD QUALITY WALL- TONE WATER PA INT—Assorted colors, a t bargain prices. Regular $1,0!) per qt., now r>0c. Regular ?3.08 pet- gallon, now .$1.95. F1 UK- STONE STORK, ph. 2102. 4|2'1 ck 5.7 Mmlrrn 5-roorri hou.s front porch, gamse Nice hacksMrd, 326 Price JH.50Q. Mrnk-rn 5-room house and b.-uh In rouiury Club Drive ndrtUlon. noorny rloscts nnd storage attic. All Inside Irlm nnd china closets of pollrt wnlnin.. IT you watil a neat and roomy lioin-j, should see this one, It'a vacant fl.750 citsh. total monthly |>nyin-:nEs Sec or enII JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone 250B Room nnd bc)i\rd, Rlso meals to the public. Served dally 11 ;D[r to 1:30. Rrackln BonrdlnK Ho\isc. 126 F AM].. ph. 4382. 4;ia pk s'ta Concrete niork Building, siiltfvhle. for enrage or store nnd nd]olnlns 5 room house with bath. Located In curve on Highway 61. south ilde of Holland, Mo. C0.ll 440A or write Paul By rum Implement Co. 1'22-ck tf Rpnt n Shetlnnd pony for your child oy the day. we pie or mnnth John McDowell, ph 3706. 4!3 pk 5;3 1 room house, electric kitchen, pood IqrMion. Ph. 293B or-9071. 4',\3 ck 5|l Olfice space rormsrly occ\ipled by the Veterans Administration. Avail- Eihle at once. Glencoc Hotel. 5;1 pk 9 Guaranteed Watch Repair Thompson Credit Jeweler Wanted to Buy Wanted—One or two small sets of boo'is lo keep. Mabel HogAn. 120 \V MMn. fh. GDfil or 2754 4 29 ck 5'G Want to buy spven Onll 2071. NlGlus 2059. fspt! plan 4 28 ck 5,2fl WANTED: \Ve pay top prices for soybeans, soybean spills, shclletl corn, oat*, wheflt and barley Get our prlca before roil sell FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP N. BlOBdway. Blylhcvllle Ph R191. 3,20 ck 520 tt> will pay CASH (or yoiir olrt Ko- dfl>-.B. cameras and lenses for parts OSTEENs STUDIO. 115 West Main. 12.4 ck tt Friime iilant.s I5 \V I' Sharp. I .on Ml-.v.iy Wrst . 3 varieties. Onlil do/... Sl.iH) hunilrrd. Oak Road, "i nil 1» 4 4 pk 5 I CAR VALt K me-Tii* a rar Ui;it'5 been fnmplrtrly rrcon<Ht)nnrrl. . . . dial's sure to give <lr>priul.ililr M-rvirc. Ilial protrrlion Is alway.s yours at CHAMBI.IN'd: 'SI Slude. Ch. 5-P.iss loi)5 '•I!) Studc. Cli. l-rtr. . 11<!5 '50 Plymoulh l-dr. . . 12!)i '19 Ford V-S 2-dr. ... 1195 'IS Chevrolet 2-dr. . . . OO.S '-19 Chevrolet 2-dr. . . 1215 '51 Studc. Com. l-dr. ISfl.i '•19 Ford (6) 2-dr. . . 1M5 '50 SI udo. i/i-T. 1'kp .. MH Sfurio. !'j-T. Pkp. . 'Hi Cliev. IV-T. Pkp. . . 'in Studo. '(-Ton ____ 'AS (IMC 2-T. 1,\YH . . '17 Chcv. 2-T. Slk. . . '17 Dod^-c 2-T. 1AVK . '•]« Dodge 1!,-T. Stk. 7!)5 615 795 Gttn 715 795 515 Authorized (^p Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. •k Your Friendly Studebakcr Dealer * Railroad & Ash Call 6SSS N !•; \Vf) U T BO .\R1) MOTORS — Slij?lHJ.v danmECd in shipinnit. In perfect coiuti- lion. 90-day warranty. Bargain prices. FIRKSTONK STORE, ph. 2102. •r.2-1 ck 57 .ive 15-, on n new FrlcHlalre Re- ^erator 6 oiortels to ehrxise ttnni namA Appliance Co. 208 W Main \ 4 26 t-k 5 NBW 2 -bedroom home, HIGHEST PRICES hardwood floors, attic tan, floor furnace, plenty of stor- space. Small down payment, per month. Move in today. Call 218(3. David Heal Kslalc, Sam Godwin, 2-ric-rtroom ho; picture wlndo 425 ck 52 tUrd- xi-hiinoie J1I6I1 rqulty (nr i;<vul '1'otnl prlcp: $7, .160 T^wlf. Rp^ky ,111 K Dnvls. Ph. flfififK 4 22 ck 5 22 PAID For tin, wire and nil kinds of scrap metal. , Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Hihvny & Moiillric Drive ['hone 89fi2 4:15 ck tf A Lesson In Saving Salesman Wanted torrl. Pli O5C , »:iir.r . Klltiy Sal 4 12 Real ESTATE Farms—Cily Property LOANS tt liUcrrsled In BxiylnR or ^pllLnx «PB |Nobie Gill Agencyi-^ INSURANCE Bids. Ph. G368 HflLTCRS junuiTY SHOE SHOP nzi w. M«IN ST. for your dollar in a lute model 1917 CHEVROLET '/ z -Tnn Pickup Truck. With ihe motor overhauled, this one offers dependable service 1JI16 INTERNATIONAL '/ 2 -T. Pkp. Trk. Another Irk with an overhauled mlr, il's ii hnrgain ]fl4(i FORD 1/2-T. Pickup Trk. In excellent con- !? dilion, this one has miles of service left 19-16 DODGE 1-T. Stake Body Trk. A good one. S4AC Come to the Big Used Car Lot on Walnut St. . . fcvU 1941 CMC !/i-T. Pickup. An oJder model pickup, this CMC is a real buy at this price lillS CHEVROLET long whcelbase Cab & sis Truck. Take a drive in it this week HII7 CHEVROLET long wheelbasc Cab & S70K Chassis Trk. Make a -; ( >o<l trade now on this one I v W 19I!> CHEVROLET 1-Ton Pickup Truck. Only ..S' SS05! Save money now on this late model tvk. 1950 CHEVROLET lon<( wheelhase Cab & Chassis Truck with 2-speed axle. Hiis 825x20 front tires and 900x2(1 tires on (he rear. All look as good as new! Sec this truck today at Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. — we'll save you money! These Trucks Are All In First Class Condition Many More lo Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN' Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Rijy Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 Yemen Currency Planned \ Maria Theresa "dollars" which have been the lognl currency. Tlie new silver coinage will bear tha image of King Ahmed of Yemen, ADEN W — The kingdom of Iho Yemen plans to issue its first currency in the near future, the newspaper Pat till Gazira reports. The new currency will be minted j The Bnco fish of Venezuela and in Germany from inelted-rfown I Brazil cnn live in either air or water. "»ild like lo hear from man -A'Hh i *-ho is Intrrr.^trd In hnv<ny n tiusl- | of his own supplylnp drjtian;! Tor i loish Products In i^oi'.th M!.-sl*,- | I Coimtr No cnpllnl n«";dnt Oth-T I .littrs tivallnble. Fred Rntl^dBr*. I .n5a«;. rln.^pirylnc about Sl.'O -.vrrk- \Vrltc R,^wl rich's Dppt. AKD-2H X , MrmphK Tcnn. 4 j-l c:< 22 FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Motor Co. Phone J42Z Ifllfl CMC W-T<m Pickup in first class condition. Come to East Main 11117 nODGE 1-Ton Stake Body, good tires ... a very good truck. $745 $395 l!)5n CHEVROLET Vt- Ton I'ickup. A fine littlt truck a( a nice price. 1!)IS CHBVROLET IVi- T»n with new bed. Practically new tires. Guaranteed. $945 $895 Corn \ I, Whisllo. I'h. Dell, 26M. | S i 4 2fi pk 5 26 b.«-ft BARGAINS 17; Motnl Ice Boxos j ;;>j;.'i Good Condition The U. F. G(KK)KU'H STOKK -117 \V. Main -ISO ck 5H Notice or I>r Price .rnnnsn 51600. nn sninU Inf. office on \V-v=-t t cash, halan -o FUI.I.ER RlirSTl For service at your ctoor. call M?{i .IAMKS MGHTY, DKALKK 1.22 p* S JJ •d prop«-rT>---N' i, Ph. ?30'?. Private Rooms 4 room bnu«r, trrni?. O S 4 2f- pk 5 10 DPL 75 ARKANSAS BLUE TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED First Vrnr Frnin Brorclfrs SO-H5-91 r e Kcrniin^linn, dfliiilcil null trcnlcd c:orroN BAGS ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS SO-RS'v (jermlnallr»n COTTON BAGS EARL MAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark. Nice fUTiilKlirrt hpdrooni, ronvfn - Irnt l.K-nUon rh J.1H 421 pk s 2S MMn. PH. 3325. 4.10 ck.10 2020 51 P FORrKI) SA1-K KOK 50', oi' KKAI, VAUUK Pronorlv on corner or fl.-^l fh.-rrv nnrt MIIv Sltrrls, M'ist hr *oTd 1m- frli.Mflv -for husinrM rr;-.r.;Mi^ mMU'r Is Inrtt-ti tn scil liy May U. ^ ni.'c i.e V«n'[t on Chprr>' niul I Ml tt I'M r 1IU )n-t u v ,> hlorkA oft M;»tn Slrrct <',iiiti Woom hollar \vith ftU^rl,«-<l j,\r=iL;c V;\soiiiv storr butMUlir 30x12.1 . prA,ti«-r.;iv tww. wllU fOlKtrlc UOCT, ItAUi. i\',*.-»• nhowu-wui 30x50 tt , IAC- c 1 .illv HliTCt. This store 1 biiLldhiw nl^tio xvini'cj i'i>st SI5.000 to replac-c lial !i»r whc'Lof-ftlc est^lill^titnrnl. ' (rtuniDlnc '-lioii. arorrry stoii", K^r^c' 1 or ifhn:^p Prcaxif'P of limited tlmr kfl In -.\filrh to sell, tin* properly IK 'itiL oifrrfd for JIO.SOO—50 r , or Its ir^l vftlnp. Hist llrnp Is Important 1» i= r.i,-r Can von hftiirllr with Jfi.,S(W rasli. Von'»] belter Icx^X Into this rtoul ion don't wfu»t lo tnlsjs n batcxln KEMP WHISKNIIUNT, Pli. 3109 1,1 ck 4 FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se// That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land ALL KINDS OF USED TRUCKS 1350 CHEVROLET 2- Tnn S\VB with new lied, air hrakes, air horns. Save! insi CMC 2-Ton SW1? Truck with 2-specd axJe. k Tires HS new as new can be. $1295 $1695 1951 STUDK BAKER U'j-Ton IAVB Truck with exceptionally low mileage! insi RMC '/j-Ton Pickup. deluxe cab. 7,000 miles. White sidewall tires. $1195 $1195 Buy on Horner-Wilson'i Easy Terms HORNER-WlLSON EAST —: MAIN Rocket Oldsmobile — GMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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