The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1933
Page 5
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1 SATURDAY, OCTOBER_7, 1933 BLYTHEV1LLE. (A*K.) COURIER NEWS PAGE fWi CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecu- '.iie ' Insertion. 5 : (Five average words to a line) Or.o time per line 1C|C Tv.-o times per line per day .. 08c ; rsrcs limes per line per day .. OGc bis times i>er line per day — 05c Month rate pel 1 line -. GOc Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times nnd stopped before expira- l-.nn v.iil be chargec. (or the mi niter of times '.re ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. CHEAP—1031 Chevrolet Coach. Income at 105 a. jjioaa*ay. •ip W FOK SALE Ihe BUKK wise are drinking «u Wlii&UK, king of bottled l»"r. UOo klO-lW 1 1OR KALE—1932 Che'.i'Olci Sedan, nocd condition. X. Courier New.;. Vdii tl REAL ESTATE ConiK ir., list your real estate Sec what we have to sell E. M. Terry licensed llealer, Tcrry-Wortblnfiton Title Co. SLIDES <y SILL BKHUCHEK, heart. He took into tli« ring his last fight the same spirit that Won him the light-heavy crown from Mike Mc'llgue at Ihe ago ot l». He clowned. He laughed. He mi circles around his 'foe. And )ie had jiut an Rood a lime In the ring as he had out of It. bloom, lie deluded on Ills fe«t to get him oui of trouble rather than PII hit punch. it's tough to think that he went like he did, but ne went having a good tlw«—on that motorcycle. i^RA Chief Started „.... „ , .Things by Changing Park He didn't Ukc much, (or hi: was, BEQUOIA NATIONAL. PARK Like Max Rosen-1 Cal. (UP)—'Way back In 1913, Ills one Idea w»s Co win n fight ' without inking much nuntalunenl. | have vision _____ . __ me me or oi'hL e ^! OUR BOARDING HOUSE no matter what polish the; >-puins anny llcut«ui<ht staled 'clianglug things around" In So- quoin Notional Park, and began v career which 1«J him' lo one of ihc most imwerful positions In Ihc American government. The Lieutenant, Hugh Johnson, was In command of the park detail ot troops In 1913. According to Judge Walter Fry, first civilian head of Ihc i*rk. "He changed Ihe park around until we hardly The lieutenant now Is The Hiidsoii Valley »as ancient program. j Parted. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By Ahern U'.jlheville Phone 017 23C klO-23 WANT LAND -We have buyers (or All Classified Advertising copy,^. submitted by persons residing out-;-;?; Gid«: of the city must be aecom- 1 anicd by cash. Rale.s may be easily computed from above lable No rcsponsioiltiy will be laken for more than one incorrect in- scilion of anv classified ad. Advertising crdercd lor irregular insertions ta*c ihc one nine rate. v.i can buy a home in Blyll ville on n.onllily installments lesr thnn il is renting for. I'd be glad to tell you how. E. HI. TlilillV, Agent Phone un or 'US 8c klO-b VOU RENT DL i n one or New mill tied iiuuitur^ Boui;i!i and t->iii aioves rcpairen--Any nidke . :.,: : r:..h 0 .; A:vin Hardy 51! W. A>n| ...,,,<, „.,.,,. ; s Wy Kiu--v| :; _ re ijuNfi.n • „ : 1'U.Er.tie F. ::': "Happy flays are here again." | ,.;' ;1 ' :^ L'link BUMVEISKK, king of bot-; tied betr. uue klu-2.<, \YEtcr-Proof Tarpaulins I •oil $2.75; 8.SIU 33.20; 3x12 $4.35; 9x15 50.00; other tiK-s and weights m:'de to ordci. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. First SI. 18p klO-lo i TWO Buildings on W. Main acros 1 slrcci from Langc School suit able for residence or business. Wi I repair to suit renter. Also nc store building on S. Franklin. L. Fowler, call 450-J. -tcktf • furnished or un- "ts. newly dec- ..-..-• Co. Also • '.(I.U.: .... RO" l-.V \V. D.iv.. l-'USNISTIEB P.edrooin. Call aft<.i 4 o'clock. Mrs. Ed Hardin. lOl'i >ears added to •'Willie's" exterior. inside he still was a big kid, even hen he look that last ride- on his iciorcycle. You'd think that Pa would have ecu hardened lo Willie's antics (ler handling Ihe Georgia boy In j more than 350 fights. Bui Pop -ever failed to have • a mild case . of Hie jil'.ers when the boy start- | cd training. ' j The elder Stribling watched his | offspring like a hawk at all times. 1 . During training periods tie put his : feot do'A-n on three of "W. L.'s" i ijet hobbles—golf,, an airplane, anil i a motorcycle. But the kid in Slrib-' persisted, and every chance he got [ he'd sneak away from' the paternal scrutiny and indulge in one or the other. "Tnkc a Chance" Strlblhis I have a clear recollection of the lough time Pop had with Strlb when he met Max Schmeling in Cleveland. That probably was Pop's big'cst nightmare. Strib would Irain accordiiiE to o:ders, but after his workout he'd -reak away and the first thing I'-op would know his favorite son -ould be up In Ihe air culling • capers, or racing !h;it Infernal motorcycle over the counlryside. ^^ ////. W.ilnul. . ale klO-2j Aliractivc Bec'r<xjm, G18 W. Main '.'Irs McMullins Phone 02'1-W. 21c klO-2; EXPERT Typ-i'.vriting and Adding Machit.e Repairing. U. S. Blan- i-.enship, 116 E. Rose. Call 16D-J. WANTED TO RENT FURNISHED APARTMENT or house lor several months. Address Mrs. John | c .'t Courier News. McCarthy, 5pk9. Registered Spencer Corsetiere Mrs. .1. J. Davis Phone « . 20: klQ-201 gervan |, room within walking dis- lance of 1100 Chickasawba avenue. Mrs. Samuel F. Morris. Call arousing ihc ire of traffic cops who couldn't catch him. ' Once SLrib went up in a plane and clrded over Bchmeling's training quarters, coming tlo^'n-so low as to wave greetings to his foe: That's the nearest approach to apoplexy Pa ever had. Never Grew Up Young Stribling was a boy at GOING, W^OUND WITH *Vl VOUR NOSE"R^N6 Hl&rV'l A,N GIVING^ US THM S MOOSE SNORT C WHAT'S IT /M-L /XBOUT^ DID VOU / hAAKE A, SA.L£ OF A / GALLON OF \rv\PORTEtA <&OL - D'P\SW WATER,IN VOUK T'ET StAOPj'ANY j LITTLE THING GOES TO/ VOUPZ. L\KE 1- THE GUVS WHO GO AROUMO JAN6LIN& TWENTY KEVS OM A RlMcb, TO SOUND IMTOWTANT J C'MON? HAUL VOUR SNOOT TX>^ -•YOU'RE CONMN& LOW HtWF- AND ARt THE -BRIGHT LAT5S WHO I Q-pFERtt) TO SELLXOU fAY VET SHOP' THOUSAND FEET IN HBIGHT/ TOUD ABOUT THE ^ BOO. A .PORPOISE CAUGHT OFF THE ENGUSH COftST, \M«.e PLACED A A i>U6LK. POOL ON EXHIBITION, WEBB HE 6ESXVN AN BNOUfiANCE SWMM1N& MARATHON/ OURIN& ^~ ' THE REST OF HIS LIFE HE COVERED IQO MILES OA/LY/ OURiNS THE \WCttlO \VAR, 6t.ACKftlRO&, TWMSH6S, L*ftKS_ ANO OTH6R ft^DS, WBBKSOLD FOR IN LONDON. ^,—^^-r The iKOlnlftiiTa'ui me moon lire best arcii at th; (Ime of tlio quar- ler phase, when Ihcy are casting lone shadows. At the lime of tin; full moon Ihe stiu is shining more neuvly .straight down and the whole is loo brilliantly Illuminated lo show tile Irregularities. The lunar mountains resemble the craters of great volcanoes. NEXT: What bird, riw extinct, reached a ucljhl of 12 tttt? . M> HKR Bl'nniBS YOU MIGHT BE SORRY. WILLIE! N< FURMTL'KE New and Used H J. Dclison 301 E. Malr. 26c klO-20 306 or 374-J L. C. Moss Tilythoville'-. cut rate Undertaker lOp klO-10 CLEANERS, TAILORS MODERN RESIDENCE. 0 or more rooms, permanent, reliable — 01 wiil exchange cheap rental Bly- thoville. Reply to P. O. Box 231., E'vtheville. 27c For Qualily Clc-ininf Phone 180 Bsrnes NuWa Cleaners 12c klO-12 Half. Blocked Ijoo:; Like Ne\v Pi-one 171 Unique CK,nin 3 Ser ELEF.P1NG F.OOM, 2 men, 2 'KJS. ••ipply 118 Fouui rRallroad- St. 2p k8 WANTED TO BUY HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires. •;r>m-r lubes, iron, metals, maga- -ir,.'F, hide;, rnrs to wreck. Wo'f Arian, 1^8 E. Main, Phone 176. I DRESSMAKING i IT.L KINDS Men, Women anr | children's used clothing and I !-oes. Highest cash price. Leish- 1 «'^ 3M E. Main. 9e klO-9 <v.'i j.-.-v-.. "«-• • - - - . !-- 1 . Mist Lo'.iisc- Crane, Phone I ' WANTKO Sl'ORTING GOODS V.V are conliiiulns our Golf I'-'" Sale On'er—Come in and inquire about it. Hubbard Hardware Co. 12c 1:10-1- liATTElUES " | WANTED . . . Local a^ent to sell I Wonder Bread and Hostess Cake Blytheville. Must have truck. Liberal commissions, lifetime job lor right man. See H. H. Sims, Hotel Noble, between 2 and 5 p. m 3pk6. Drink tlie best for Hie same price. RUDWEISER king of bottled ticcr. 21>cklO-20 For Prompt Batlery Service Phone 8 Bcn Clunc 2ckll-2 New Ford Bnlleries 717 TOE & L'AITERY STATION 2oc klO-25 DOGS, PETS COLLECT!!! 36 , 10 WORW WASH Tl'KKS ANNOUNCEMENTS I have bought the Nicklc Lunch and have taken charge. I have the same coffee, come in and try it. GEO. WRIGHT. SpklO For Healthy DORS feed M-llcr's Ration & Quick I.unch IILT.BAIiT) HARDWARE CO. lie ~ iUJILUINd MATERIAL STRAYED STRAYED—Ii!ack maru mule. 000 I Lts.. '-.- mi'.e east of Sandy Ririge. RE\VARD. R. W. Bcvill, rtoute 2. Op klO I'OSITION WANTED jfWASH 15 RCTURHW& TO CAMP ONE IVA/ EV6NIKG WWEM \VASH MAKES A STRIKE! 'WELL. WOTTA VVWOWMOOT"THH)I LOOKS LIKE A \W£LL, ONL-V TMER£? NO WATER. IH IT. 'N SOHEB-^DV'S (JOKKO IT WITH OU> ROTTfeM By Cran r^--^N> S~ I'VE fOUMD IT» I'UE IH'COST GOLD MINE'.! WE'RE Single :-:om lots Sl-00 2.CCO rolls old iiatterns at Oc EXPERIENCED Socially Salesman witli car. good references. P. O nox 513. Gy kll HORTON. Kan. i UP'—A 1S)?4 MAYf LOWKR line lOe lo 20c | canning jar 15 years old still Is in E. C. ROBINHO-N LUMBER CO. i lu . e by'Mrs. A. Stumpf of this cily larg^ 29c klO-2S COAL & WOOD . is a jar still made ty ujs works. Sec Fi'lirr Coal Co. Before you buy Coal— You f.ive money. Phone 17D. C Kailrond aixl Ash Sis. AUTOSiOTIVE Galeivjy Garacc Onoil Mcchankc-Work Guaranteed i [\oosevclt Choice Prices BY BLOSSEl 10p klO-13 1..MIREST STOCK V.SK1) PARTS Be'wcen Memphis nnd S!. Louis Ai.-.o Aulo O!ni,s — Phone GS JACKSON AL'IO VAKTS CO. 2c kll-2 Aulu GlnbS All Kir<ls lml.illctl 'ilic Ark-,Mo Lumber Co. lOc kIO-10 I all 308—Bed's Plnrc U8K. Main Tor Auto VMnlhic: Hody wnrt Kcnilcr 8rrvk-c Vormcrly w «h Sliuuse-Litlle Co. 2(io k 10-26 Uav NiuliL Kervici; Station oiiiplele Line Shell Producls Hcpair \V->rk at Any Time Phone COS Milloi, Stcrnbcrg 13c klO-H «e>-p Heae- oooo. at POHKO? ' • AND HFS FRIENDS A NBW MEMBER! By. SMALL Newest mombor ot Washington's mlicial family is allracllvo Miss Uulh Lockelt (above), appointed . by President Iloosovelt as the new i Uecorder o( tbe Ccn'cval Land 1 OEke. I RUN OOT ANP ALL-HIE > STUFF, (SEE-.TUIS is - -" iL' BOV ^ OP V °° To __ C,0tm OtJ- I'LU • U I ~~^f-(.. SHOW -7&U FELLAS HOW THIS - OLE? SAME IS k0*^.i

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