The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1931
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH G, 1931 Rl.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACE THRKh "Ring" Leader Fnumlcr o{ Hole) at Bav- fielcl Nearly Thirty Years Afto Will Be Honored. An energetic little woman, '.VJ-.D iiearly 30 years agu estahUslit-:! a hotel on tho banks of (he Mi^-is- ;-!ppi river al Barneld and thiii b:- cainc the pioneer business woman of this community, will be honored l;y a gi'ou'p of "mod^in" buii.i 3 .,s women Sunday afternoon at o le.i at the Woman's club home. Ti'lbute to Mrs. Charles R. "Mcl 1 "- er" Wateis will be yaM hy tliu V;;i! Business and Professional Women'-i Club as the initial feature in co- servance of the K'aticnal Rujhi'.--^ Woman's Week. Mis. Waters will t: ono of Ilia speakers en Hit praurai:). giving her account »f the co:iii- ticns encountered by nt'ilett cr ovcrwcrk, apj>:ar In i'Xbruaiy lisue cf The w.hccl. :'d frern t!io lungs. Hint exactly how Ihe water Built For the Ages "Hi? jutoin:b;lc en-lne." Ihls, .,„ j., lu . ,, )0 , or „,,, |ubr ,. . ::i!i f a:istiii begins, -has the swoet--j cl - hl g sys . rln is thl , bloo<| lcm and ecn^ancy of:,..- !)lc t . n , 115 lh( , „ ' , u . L.-.I-Sc-havcd fok when it Is treat- ] •,„,,„. , h ,, oi , ,,,,(, ,, s a .\, tl ^ , ma .1-rat.on-likcxLse.. ,!,,, ,. lbl , jcnl)t ,,,. vlla i nuldi -. '.no ot'Lllnacy and pervei^liv ol a. i-.r-vcd person v/lien corlriln ele- , 'incuts louring on its proper up, ',-c;-p nn-.l deliberately disregarded '. r :: unconsciously overlooked. "I3ut 1 here's more thaU hiniian i about Hie automobile than Its RESOLUTIONS It you want to kiiov; why there's lots of "fisht" in the boxing team b.miv.-.r iat Louisiana State. University, it Manila. Arkansas. March 4th, 1931. Whereas: it has been the will of Divine Creator to call our is because lovely Elir.abcth Jones, above; has been named Ha honorary, captain. Miss Jones, a eopiionioro, is a natifc of Baton Rouge. woman early in the centuvv :;; compared with Ihe present day. Mother Waters maintains a link conneciiiif "the old days" with Ihe modern, as she is still actively engaged in the hotel business in Blylhovlll;. She has been at her present location since 1911. Itcealls Old Kiver Days Originally from Scott county. Mifsourl. tlie Waters family moved to Barfield in 1902. It was there that Mrs. Waters made her first business venture. She opened a held where she nccommodated guests who waited for the passenger boats to take them up or down'the river, and guests who landed al thas point. She recalls vividly the glory of the old river days when most of the travelers to Memphis and SI. Louis went by coat. Of tlie mails- boats that paddled Ihc stream she remembers dozens of them by name, the Grey Eagle, Stacker Lee. City of Sunshine, Hoslonia. City of Providence, City of Si. Louis. Robert E. Lee. and the old Kale Adams. One of sights she was the burning of the Buckeye State, which caught fire in its hold ton 13. Parker. New York jurisl, and .finally sank on Ihc Tennessee I the Democratic nominee for presi- side of the river. Tt happened one I dent of the United Elite.';. afternoon in 1903, Mrs. Waters slid. | Among th: most interesting and all persons aboard were safely planks in Judge f'aiker's platform landed at Barneld before the boat he advocated: Impartial la-.vs fo- went down. - capit:l! rxd , abor _ , 1Vcra j BDpropr |. "It brcatlX'E. Jcr instance, and I friend and Red Cross Executive; a'constant cupply of pure fresh nir I Secretary of Blyiheville, Mrs. Ethel j C | St. '•• essviilinl for IL to perform at. Rr Wihon, to t'" •' — -•--' with 11 core of squnred granite rocks, each weighing from live nnd oi'ij-hslf lo seven tons. Iliim- pipes and lutings In the cathedral are In.Mnllcd wllh tho belief Hint (hey will last fir ccntur- ts without a leak, It is the hope of cnvinm.s llr.u '20CO yours hence thi'lr v.o.ks will be tho marvel ol \ WF.ST ntANKl'OHT, I!l. (UP) — ;A $UO uold pii-re will IK sealed In a llOass c:i:^' nnd iw la the "last man" • o! a Work! Wur Veterans "Lsst I ^flln" club uryritilml here. United Press Executive , To Speak Over Radio\ —— • ^ v NEW YORK, (UP)—C. M. Mc-"« Cann, United Pjess Assocatlons ^ night news editor, will be on Bill Schudt's Going to Press over the WABC network of the Columbia Broadcasts System today al 0 P. M. EST. •/ . McCann will tell of his news-" paper experiences as a correspondent In Washington, London pnd other foreign Ftatbns. l!v NKA Service T!ic Rreal Episcopal Cathedral John the Divine In New vnst expanses Heights. The nave is f,— Hiiffvri'il Years lint Shu Suf- U furs No MIIre Since She Has Keen century in (lie plnnnlnc and i wlrilh I "The automobile feeds on aj :.!•••;. \v--lou nave her life for a • ii'iuitl diet of gasoline. If it over-1 arcal v.urk. and relieved tlw harcl-i t);il ' <lill 3- Aml u ls sl1 " t3r Ir<:i >' i. riir—opfratss en an over-rich mix- [ ships ami sufferings of countless completion. : t lire—it becomes sluggish in Its | pc»p!c. We are reminded of Scrip-1 -jlie church | performancn and Is feverish. Isn't! lure, John 15:13; "Greater !ovc County Herald, publis'reJ Uecsmu.n \ lhl>t :nost human? . | hatli no man than (his, that he lay 20, 1900. by H. 11. Vance, contains j "Sta:ve your motor—operate it. "own his life for his friend." news of progress being ina:le on; o-i a lean mixture—and it becomes construction of the Jonn^'coro. lake j '"ebb and faltering in its delivery City and Eastern railroad with the ', °' power, prediction the road v;ould b? com- * pleteil the following spring. " Tli = ir.o'.or has a highly clevel- Th" news' stoiv conlains an in- ' c ''" ? '' ncrvolra system. The ignition , .". . th o in "•' "^ r t!lbu!or Is the brain of the en- Blytticvilte. The followlnj answer U "" - the de " C! " e ti£SU ° S C ° mpOS ' wns given: "You might have had She saw that her fellowmen were Just as real as she. and looked beyond their faces into their hearts hungry for the joys and necessities of life. She paused and considered the needs and desires of the needy. in completed stage, will take rank as the Ihird largest plan? of worship in the work!. This classification Is based on tho total gromul surface covered by the slructure- Ihe world's largest church Is St. Peter's U:n:e, with an area of '221,- anil nothing ever before would' touch it," continued Mrs, Kraflt. Wmiry weather ccughs and colds" not only are dangerous but Indicate a depleted rundown condition'. '' Rid yourself of such troubles r.rii fortify and build up disease re-- sibtcnce with Lln-O-Nlne.-. It Is 'a'. pleasant, powerful, flax seed oil, Eucalyptus. Irish Nfoss, Ctlyccrlne .• and Tula preparation made by thi" hue o! piers Gftimlj hacklui; imtalinn kind ft luis no| nationally known and Ions eslab- 'WISH I HAD KNOWN AliOUT IT J-ONU AGO Motnlngskli! i v? crmvniiig ijlcryl ->i k nm jf s tibsolulcly fireat for It is 0(5 iecl in j winter roughs and (or the dry 9B fert high. Tills b vlr'.uiilly co:ni)leU!d. Nearly S7,OM.fK)0 h'.u been 5|>eiH rn the nave, the west front alone editing $4,000,000. Vast strides Imvo LVCH taken since 192.1 toward completion of the cathedral under the direction of TJbhcp \villlnm T. Mannlnt;. About $13.000.000 has lien collected since inuugiirnllon of u great dvivej Ucsulls 1 got were so won- 1 ilslied Ketr deiful v.ith Lln-O-Nlne that sev-iwood. Md. Chemical Co., Brinl- 1 .". Druggists sell it cr a the most spectacular remembers witnessing - •• the main line instead of Blylhev:!!: . had you seen fit to interest yo-^r-1 selves hi the matter. Railroads can-'; lie human brain are w '•'.j urbjd,; complete lapse of tlvity is the result. . , 11872 by Bishop Horatio Potter, who European cathedrals. It will hold o I m 1813 obtained a charter .for It 1 an audience of 40,000 persons. It ac- with the enghio's nervous y.'siem. Some serious derangement not b= buill. without money and, O f the distributor may a with a small company like ours" a -.bari' motor. Less serious inala- bomis eoes a long way." | rlic', such as dirty points, damp Mrs. Waters also has a copy or: -"hiiir;. connections, chafed an extra edition of'tii? Elythevill? insulation and like disorders cause Courier, of which Del Lonsgrear 1 'he engine to miss and lag; to act was editor,. published July 3. 1304.! much as a person beset with =ome; C0 p y O f their expressions of annre- announcing the choice of Judge Al-' nervous ailment. _,_.._._ in 1025. Bishop Manning thlnksi OO square feet. Next comes 6e- nt least S30.CCO.OOO will have been' Mrs. Wilson, as n Red rill ° Cathedral. Spain, wllh 128,-lspenl, on the cnU'edrr.l properly. Crcr,s \Vcrker, portrayed' that iove 1 ^" sr iuaro f,?ct. St. John's covers! j t | s ) )( v|uj; bum without Iron or is the strongest thing in the world, 'IB-OS'-! simnre feet. I steel framework. In much the jam; stroirger than hate, stronger lhan : St. John's was first proposed luj laborious manner as were llw rid death. Therefore we extend to the ^-, , , niavcd and friends tho sympathy I tlom (hf N " v York Legislature, and condolences of the member-i ' Tl!t ' nrst pnn °, f tnc cal!lclk " ! built ;!ii;> of Ihe lied Cross Chapter of ' Manila, Arkansas. At the news of the death of our- co-worker, we were in business meeting anil Rev. W. H Horn offered at special prayer with mcni- ; ucrs participaling. i Nov.- by resolution, the Manila Red Cross Chaplor orders that a' crul friends and members of thc|5Cc or $1 bottle may be obtr.lned family have used it also and they! by writing to Brentwood. It is cold ; found the same quick sure results,[on positive guarantee it will rrlleva 50 we praise II very highly." writes'your cough and cold or money Mrs. Auauslu KrafTt, (WC Florida; tack. Lin-O-Nliio contains no al- St.. San Antonio, Texas. "Jtisti cohol or dope of any kind. It may " think of II, Lln-0-Nine banished! be given freely to Infants us *cll os grownup*. Children: love its creiuuy wlntSrsreen taste. —AtiV. my cough and cold, nnd every winter for years I have bullcred with Is (101 feel long. The interior height of the nave, iloor to vault, was the crypt, just below the choir, is 125 feet mid (he central lover is: where cervices were first held In 400 fcct high, in '.lie fliml ilcsisu | 18DS. | The nuisslvL- biilldlnii L-, expected 1 The choir and crossing were', to prove as lasting as the 'pyra- coinplcl«l In 1911. For some timei raid's. The main piers, mcasurinj! the rnly part in evidence was a! li fret by 1C feet 3 inches. Imvc a Cicr.t arch thai stood oul over the heavy outer casing- of limestone ELOTE GROCERY and MARKET Phone 177 We Deliver 122 \V. Main "It is chemieal bDd'ci whi^h action tte, firs and burned from a stove ; Oklahoma and Indian msldc, Mrs. .Waters recalls. T h c | Arizona^nd Ncv,- MCMIC stora 'was one -of the -principal ..... biiildmss at" Baracld, there beinj in addition to the hole], a Hvery static and tu'o saloons. In 1906 Mrs. Waters moved to E!ythevi11e • where she continued in (ho hotel businsss. For many ye.irs, she said, the morning train 'from St. Louis to Memphis stopped here 30 minutes lo allow its crew and passengers to cat breakfast. The Waters hotel was located near the railroad and. the travelers anci trainmen always ale there. She says that even now some of the traveling salesmen who were her guests then stop in to see her and take their mcais. Gives Rules for Succeis Asked what business creed was responsible for bringing her guests back over a period of that many years. Mrs. Waters sakl. "Giv<? llism all they can eat for their money and they'll always come back." Her advice to the mortem busi:i;s>: woman Is to stick to the business she knows best. worU hard, and to not chase rainbows. Mrs. Waters has several interesting old newspapers in her possession. A copy of . the Mississippi ciatlcn of the beautiful life and •« • i unllrl "S services of Mrs. Wilson, within. Executive Secretary of the Red heat of iife and thf™^!^^^^ o^'JiUes anmiatrs our muscles. Food sup-i of , he . Mani[a Rc(] Cross ch \^ S JIIIPS the source of the chemical.^^ second, a copy be sent to relatives! • third, a copy be published in Man- corn- ii a s-:al\ns\, Blytheville Courier : "eat am j Commercial Appeal. S" in5 ' Si E ned: vita| -| Mrs. O. O. Stuart, Mrs. O. W. Sellers. Mrs. G. W. Roih. • • - • Committee., Territory, ] • "Chemical action gives rte- to • - , y. as ? c ftfptfucls.., .T! vvast:;;e' Dr.PaulF.ftUcCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 Nsw Books Placed on Local Library Shelves Two new boDks hnve been r.cldcd J to the library, a:corcing to an- ncunccment made by Mrs. H. A.. Smitri, librarian. "Grand Hotel,". by Viki Baum, which was the book ] of the month for February in the club of that name, and "Of Human ! Bondage," by Somerset Maujhm, '. are now on the shelves. , The first named was recently re-:, viewed by Rabbi Ettelson at the I Memphis University club In discus- 'I siiii; one of the forcrncst tocks of' I the season. . I Fresh Country. With Other Groceries. Dozen 20c Each Each Bunch 7ic I0c lOc AFRAID OP HANDICAP THOMPSON, Conn.. (UP)—Sentenced to 30 days in jail for throwing itcnes at an nmomchltc he believed carried his rival for the affections of Miss Ettel Kerr. Fred. Lachance asked the state police toi jail her for a similar period so he I would be under no disadvantage in the race for her favors when ho was reieased- i Manufacturer's Close Out Sale The King Haase Furniture Manufacturing Company of Memphis is going out of business and we were able to buy A CAR LOAD of MIXED FURNITURE at PRICES far below manufacturing cost 3 Consisting of: VANITY DRESSER FULL SIZE BED CHEST of Drawers Beautiful Walnut Finish MUSTARD GREENS Home Grown I'ounrj CARROTS Bunch 10c GREEN ONIONS Bunch 5c GRAPE FRUIT Each 5c COFFEE Maxwell House Pound Term Price Slightly Higher 31 c SOAP Grandma's White Naptha 10 Bars 29c TOMATOES No. 2 Can 3 for 22c CORN No. 2 Little Folks Can lOc D MATTRESSES Good all cotton BANNER M ATTRESSES rolled edges, at lowest price in years All better grade MATTRESSES at proportionate prices. Sea these bargains NOW Furniture Pure Hog MILK 6 Small or 3 Tall Cans 25 c POTATOES No. 1 Red I'cck 30c STEAK Swift's Select Round Pound T-Bone or Loin Pound 30c Churck or Clod Pound BUTTER Brookfield Pound 30c FULL DRESSED HENS Pound Cat Fish Fresh River ib. •> ; 25c 25c

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