The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SI'S Big Srtir-s Longer Convince; Te Siill Unsigned, TH' llAliliV CilUYSON Spnls Killlru, N't! A Sfrvire Dl»,y Dran didn't, got his S'25.- (,CO, bill the skyrocketing of his tiilary from $7.500 lo soniethlnu hi ihs neighborhood -ul £l!l,000 tlioulil contribute Inward ending Ihe fit. I/in Is Cardinals' peon pay policy. " • •:• Allhouiili ilifi Hcd iflrds have .Won five r.ohiiniit.s In (tui lust nine y(.n\ Breadon, Ilk-key .V c;n: are for the ( lime experiencing Koini' of she heuduches lh:tt itievitubly come with llnish- ini; in front. . The club's payroll Will not l» Increased by 10 or r>0 per cent as Is that of lh^ ordinary championship array, bin. It Is certain to be larger limn in any past season. The Cardinals got a bargain, as usual, In signing for $2!),000 a pnir - of pitcher,:* who between llieui won 49 games during Ihe regular campaign and the four contexts thai nave Ihe club Ihe big shaic of .the world series '.wag. , They're getting Dto.y Dean, th' finest pitcher nnd the siiccc.ssoi I.Q Babe Rulh ns-the most prom- inelit nnnje in' the,, din cheap nt. SIO.OOO. Baseball should fay Diray thai much for keeping It in prinl during Hit winter months alone. Paul Dean is wild to'have liacl his stipend Increased from $3,000 16 • $4,500 last, .summer when the former cotion pickers singed tine 1 cf tho few baseball .strikes on record ' ' : _. BT^VTHBVU.LE,"' '(ARE,) COURIER .NEWS Stars Fall On St.; Louis By Krenz _\V(iild Series Promises Now [hat Dlw.y Dean has demonstrated that a .member of the St. Louis Nationals can obtain Ihe. mote ini|>ortanl money, Sam- ,'iicl 1 Bn-adon and Brunch Hickey undoubtedly Aylll find it mora dlf: ficult to satisfy other stars with world scries promises, however. Thai has been Ihcir theme son? one of (he most successful e^er enjoyed by a league 'oulfll. Cil_y Cac/n Loop Two-Tliirtls • Ma of »y J. r. PitiKNn Two-llitfct:i of the wlirdulr- of ilie City XMimigprcJiil fiusMbrill iftiii- will be completed nl ih« armory tonight. ,j nff Roland's iMinim l)oo|f-ry five will torn Jimmy 'IVrry and his ri-vamped Service Slnllon crew. whlli> Ihe elas- ,|:y K«al Artimsns Builders must I battle n determined P^illme nil- (UiiNl Iflitn. 1'lay 'will pel, under jwiiy :il 1 p.m. lied for Die Ic-nguo leadership with ' ' «"'« n'm .'i Kliiglc loss. Oihl- lv enough, each one administered the defeat The Builders downed ibe Commissioners in the season's opener hul, the next time they met tlie tables wore turned i n ,i the shoe entry cngers cnmc 'mil, •'"end in ;nt overtime gninc. f'naeh liij| ailberl's charges went l but LlV ?" rs Ollsser ' s Iast forfeited by .league oiriciak"'for v?^,.., re .T""" B violations. Four ALLEY OOP TUESDAY, .FEBRUARY I2 ; 1935 Willard Just a When Welch and Chancy Meet Jess Willard, fonncr hcnvy 1 - "dght boxing • chnmplon of Iho vorld, hoisted his bull: Into the armory ring last night lo referee a return wrestling match between ,on Chancy and Roy Welch, two >f Ihe best performers nn Iho ilid-Sonth Hooking ngency's clr- nlt. , Big Jess niight just as well have cen sipping cider under tbe shade f the old npple. tree as far f.s his match,- EiWiij Bute winning iwo straight falls : from a Turk Wiiiied. All llnsscn, who' look«l like a. coinblimtlou of ScbtiBiale Duhinte ur.H Mnlmtmn Onndlil, the venerable safely pin mnn. . You might i;e able to get a l.llllc : more . elsewhere, but. with icllvlUcs were concerned. About major the most, he roused himself to do. was ,lo clve chinicy a backhand . . , what 'other club would be sure of collecting several Ihon- , slap a couple of times nnd once chose Mi: Bud Man (who looked like n mldRct beside Willard) hi)H- across the ring one time. . . fouled oiil on the fall aflei' Welch had . niinc.vnt (lie o|x>ncr and Clmncy Ihe second tumble. Tf the .writer look his wre.slllnK seriomly he'd probably si art oil Jlkj^thls; __ ___ _. __._ "Deforc a thrill-crazed,"' howling of hundreds, yelling 'and tlollais more hi the world I .,Biit,,,baeii to ihc match proper ••eilcs'" lliey asl: Ihjlr'recalcltii'inl Mi-. Welch'won-when Mr Chancy' athletes: f-...-.. -.-.. ... The sy.slem • hits worked very loll loo for Iho Cardinals hnve fnhlj, loaicd : along, - without glv- 1'iS moio lhaiiitwo players : hcnvy sugfil j-lhe iiiimorlal • Rogers- He-rnsc by, and Prniikie.'Frlsch. And both Ihe Rajah and. the old Fovdhnm I"t5h ueie made manager to reduce tn,c overhead.; ...E 'abllchcd Blurs' coining io Ihe Rid Blids usually '• nn; dealt n jol| like, Ihe .one just r x xperlcncsrt b\'PU Miilcifie. Ihci-burly : 'rlghl- inndei traded lo St. Louis by the nfT,li[enl CliiCKiio Cubs, who rc- liitnc^ his parchment, lo lilckey \viirf Ihe mtestion: , .1 1 Didtu sou make a mistake ni:d rend me Ihe bat toy':! contract! 1 " Rickey's reply l s typical: "Malone can hold out, nil season if the likes, in fart. 1 wish lit would I believe n season's rest, would enable Jilm , lo, slarl the 1930 season In heller condition, than he lids bej-n for years." Malcne won n coiilesls nnd las!. 1 for ihe Bruins in 193-1. but it inV-es a Dean, a Hcrnsby. or a Pi-Inch to gel anywhere near wltal he is ncnlh from, ihe frugal St. Louis club—nnd (hey sire if, e.illl it H'Hll lil'rnLy I.ialone will lake- what lie id, 01 I'-H! Th': fo'-iiKT cavalry iitRii tsn't ciraliii;-, wilb Philip k Wilgley -now. Wlio Itr.vldrs for blood, .noy Welch, the Canadian wildcat (nnd as shifty as nny wildcat that ever lived) was awarded a victory over I.on Cha- icy, the meanest hombre to ever ,)tlt fool in- the nrmnry ring, here iiisl .night ivhen Cli.incy flnnnlcfl one of (he only two rules of com- Ijat. by squirting soda pop in Welch's eyes, making Welch ns helpless as a baby. '•; >c.< > '. .' "Porsakhig the gentle nrt' of WTcstling, (he Wildcat rind wild- mnn ; fought ns (hey would hnve foiighl with life at slake nnd no ramiler nsked imilfli- the shadow •>f Mount Wllliud. Finally, when II, seemed (hat human nosh nnd bone could .slniid the' sl'raln no isior. Welch, rising grogglly from tbe canvass, heaved his opponent bodily oft his led. nnd slammed 'iim down once, twice,' Ihree limes mill!.: Chancy lay inert 1 and lifc- npon lie foe iinlll rapoclnl cr a t-> -.par" |C ' F - S - nl bi<;\feei, vvlicmi ii offer- <i l"' iU1 tv «l»n' his fullen f . Bill Dean has driven the o|»ii»:is ' v/sdgc, and ambitions yomv luminaries like Joe Medivick have to be sntlsficd. The Jersey' outfielder demands and Is entitled to SIO.OOO. Outside of the talkative" Deans thcic K no way cf telling wlin'. the rctnarknble Cardinab: drc\v moved and palled By Harry Gray son —George Nelson, of. Washington, jite of the grcalcst plnyers the exacting game of handball ever produced, •nnnoVihccs that' he. will i'etlrc from major loiiriiamcnls fol j lowlni! the National Y. M. C. A. championship at Memphis, Feb. lil-25...Nclspii beat Sam Atcheson, of 'Memphis,- 1 .Ihree-tliue • winner, for Oie.lliie n 'yenr..ago...Uc is special 1 session, Imwcver ' Local Five Treks Into Missouri; Hurricane Seeking Date .Change. ' In a Ihe leaf; •-le-n to use 'two' payers',' Rnrls"nnd Burrows, conch "Ace" I'ncketl manngcr of the Postlmn n«yre°n lion, was nllowcd to use Mni-vln ^^ Sanderson, former Aikanim: nt, nell. ' "•' ' - <o:)( h- I'asllme Sl(;ii<; riavere A dldereiil lineup k expected Io t. .e the floor tonight for the cue arils!.", m „„ p/io,,!; ,„ , Jlra|( . t . , lhr u ' hl rabitnn. .Travis Ellis, who was named on ll,e city all-star' team tii 10.12, i, ils ] lccn si(;nwi ' *j 5en-ilh play center. Efforts have innde ' '•ecin-o Von ivfullln, who slaVreii •in,i A p knll1siu Slnl °- CBrl C!""«ke and Sanderson will be n(, for- •ds with Ernest Barnes and il f.'lf.^ 11 ' . nl ""> wnllifcl THE INSULT! OH.HO.'WHATA UUCKV BR£A^! A WHOLE 6AN& ALOMCvWITHME-irjOTTA WAKE THESE urri.E FEUERS , MAP AT Til' 1.EMIANB SOMEHOW- ' • "S-iTv/ \ . (PfC*i tf\ "l^M, TBBBIEI PUKED, Blythcville liigh will Jour slate high . the Builders will stand S °^"- """^H-Hon of Clar- . -it Slke.slon.lson, suard .., ,, 'Hie Chicks registered n 21 Io 1 Conch Jimmic Lee arev ra llci r (he Missouri _ . _._ ...,,^ the -season and should jcd Gnsscrs and in all iirababmlv X.^A i" : ." u ' oritcs in tonighl.'s lill.lwlll slart bis smooth work in,'/'mV, wS would™™'' 1 ' ^• c " 1113fe " ces chlnc ' »*lch has rolled p 1 " om. Which would seem to ulve ()«.. con OTCI .iiv B wins-. U is co,,,no.?ed of Glenn Harris, Max Christian Chnrlcs Rrogdon, Bernard McAfee —•' Marshall Blncknrd. .3,. , " ....... ' ^'" LW [jJVf Bikcston niilnl, at least, an chance or beller (o nnis . TI' CC li nhcad. s -were. | niss in "from . ' - •" '-tj"->"o -\n.-|\;. |IIL^I] Sikcslon's line-up when the T -= .peak:;.-. - .— Art - Lnsky's. " . , T ........i. ,. H (yiiull LUC (.J1IICKS >J2.«l'nul. wUlc.STOi-cd nt.! will 'for three mmvlcrs •/, ; ^-.- - ;;! before casln B up in Ihe n.ial per- . physicians dc ' up n e n.ial per.— - . r ioc) Jiv Ihe game with Slkeslon c)nrc;tba[..Uie Mlnneapolis-'lieavy- ; hcrc. At lensl. -that is the reiiort welaht will .be In no condition to that drifted down from Cnpc Gl- return. to Ihe. wars until .late sum- -rnHlcaii am] other Missouri- points '" : ' mci 1 -r-Oog-racliii;-is finding, ihe .... board : bare in [he Miami''district ,v, .,,.... ......L.MI lul[ | uu ,(jj- iMissoiiri: iioinU; In irosslhle explanation f after (ho le clip-•B 1 "np was over. ' ! ; •.Another faelor is .\.-TIie.arrest of Joe Adniiis. man-.Chicks are not exnclly in lltepenk agcr of Ihc. lilsciiyne Kennel Club of rondllion and cerlninly not nt didn't,, help..; AdaiiKwas charged top stride. Injuries with'harboring an outlaw. ' 1 -'-— ' • • illness Steele led at the end of the first quarter biit was held lo only two additional points. While the Hoi'iiersville-Portnge- villc game wns close Ihe bimklln county tram led nl) Die tray. s?n- nih had an easy (hue with Deer- IIIR. .. The" line-iip.';: v Hoinersvllle (23) Drawer, Wilson . ,; Ciilllns. nawls 10. Wllklns, I Yotiii" .1, MelJonald 2, Giinlcr, r~ ,| .., ! Roach 4. Portageville U9) Crock- L a riltherSVlllc, or 3, AMU 3, Thornton 1C, BOW- rrs-2, Mcfiaveii l, Westmo«Jand. Senath (41) Harris 11, Urownlng 3. Norman 8. fforner .Vi, f4lorny 11, Harris, Woods, Wilson. Deerinc 127) Ciarrell 4, Stover, Mitcli3l) 10, Paii-Iess 11, Kolosyck, Baker fihipmack 2, Speer. • Caruthersville (19) D. Nickens" ! .). Aicfccns 10, Robinson i, K Asher, Creech 4, Medling 3. Steele (S) l-'iiink Alexander I, Patterson 1. Burns, Fui-derbui'k 1, Fred Alexander c, Brcdei-lck, Goggins. . Braggadocio <n.) Holmes 5, \Vebb I, N. Orowe 4, B. Crowe 4, Pfeffar 1. Green 2. Warden (13) Shcpard 12, • Crabtrce. Stoffliv Burllson. Mnihis 1, Barger. Clark. If. B. Scliwartx, Luxpra .". is ref- ciwing nil the tniiriiament gnmes. Hornersville and Braggadocio Winners. CArumiEnSVILLE, Mo. —Sen- nth, Hornersville, Caruthersville and Braggadocio emerged viclcriotis from Ihe. first round of Ihc Tri- Coimly High School Boys Basket- tall tournament, played here Monday nfternoon and night. Senath will meet Ho... nnd Carnthersvllle will' play 1 ,,, l|i - gadocio in the semi-finals tonight and Ihe dopesters arc picking Sen- nlh and Canilhersvllle lo meet in the finals Wednesday night. ' Scores in .yesterday's games were: meet lloincreville .In addition-to Ih'o'-newcomers Jlminy Terry is-cxpeclcd'lo use i Tom .Northern. B. .p. Brog'don and j meilt himself. In his opening five. With wins over Pastime and'Ihe HulW- Void'-and scored ns losses instead on prolesl.s, Terry now has no. wins and five losses Hnrneisvllie, 23; S?rmth. 41; Deoring. "27. •' Cai'iilhersville, -10; Sleele, !). Braggadocio, ; 17; Wardril. IS. While Iho Cniiilhersville victor i furnished the it wns 1 ° r toiinia- Ihe Brncoadocio- War Vet Hdps Man He "Captured" to Citizenship . —Willis Shnrjie Kilmer .was keenly, "disnppolnlcd. when for .some lime. Lnslic's j, »imj>ijun(ii.-u. \viu:ii ptcui- i^uncii uiirticy Laslic's rarsitv crew in helmlf ^r ™ ,., n ,, i -•-•••—a :;r,f ^^*«™'^ ^J>'*!^ W f«"^ namc;pris«!ef dnr4''Z ^ "° ^ rVliiln pear crew, In LIMA, o. <UPi _ A won,, ' citizenship hearing beaten in her prst slnrt at 5lia- ititnct, some of the''boys : • ,_.---,-., .._ _. ,..^,^, .ttjjui, W | |.[ L Ul. VN tUC llQL MriV R r'ni'ie ,,rl sie.iren Is the new In nny too good si,ape or ' ill °-' former c,.,™" roltlr.iel rlftoi' t f \r (h,. 1 ^I-^H ,11 rl rt n^ -*, 1.. • • .' " " L1 *-'-'mat) feron <» dong st wle . pLi« , , , |.nvln» 'In , , Vc llllllmra J'lo brinsr ro^ch the a'XVK"^ "T , "} in f> "- ' *' Fcllrlllir 5 14 . instead of and ' .., e-s it . -Nat llolman, renowned coach. •r dnrini; the Max R. Chrislochowil/, .13, lllughainton. lowest ™ of . <'ilv/.'iishii> papers. «, of New , llremcn O .^ r" 1 ^ """ ^ " ls f '' icl " i: help him become nn American ' '"" ( ™ lnel herc ^* l , . riills Hie LOIIK fslfilld University ,.[ C1 • mrney In lime lids wilh n county nesboro. The llnr- Benson, but you rest that I hey were not over- vporti:cl Ten uill iimi-ned nnd if Ripper Collins, Bill ncLnncey, Pepper Mar- tu. Jack Rotlnwk and (he southpaw Bills. Hullaban and Walker" nre onnng tlieit., Bre.idon and anticipate further the his shoulder. "Chnney's comeback could be compared only with such startling happenings as occur nt wreslllng matches. Dragging his sorely bDnt- ;n Ixxly back Into Ihe ring, Chancy became (lie aggressor. He 'ockcd Welch wilh blows' nnd fejcks and even shook his fist nt .he Mountain, once swinging at .he nig one so close Hint he could have reached Willard's chin with a fishing pole. But (he fight •a?,cd on, in and cut of Lhe ring while Iho Mountain looked, on, so :xbausled from watching, ilmt he Inalty gave up his efforts in disgust and let Welch and Chancy chase ench olher back into the. j ibe best sel-sliol lenm in b:\skclball. —Barney Ross' next slart will be against Henry Woods in Sc- nlllc on . Feb. 20...The Chlcngo- an ngain will defend His claim to the Iricl; junior woller wi'ealh. llb.toric Kriiilworlh I'olils . — kenlUvorih, nt Windsor, made ane menlor hns asked for n ' In Ihe clash to some other may complaints Baseball men rail DeLancev, the splendid , lalchcr vho wa; fcrtunaie if he pulled down $4,OOC in his Ijrs'^ year with the Cardinals. a $10,1X1(1 ball player. Close observers declare that II the nggrcr.slve Martin's 1931 in> lilt. ,vas diviilecd. . the baseball _ ftorld would bo a:r.azed at Us mls- historic by the widely publicized b '"', match in which.Mith d'-Wnr trim- __1 Whclher Thursday will be acceptable lo .lonesboro. coming ns It does oh lite eve of the Cralshend county event, is not known, mil It Is believed the Hun-Irani 1 will accept since Ihe Craifilirad • affair should be n brce7.e for Hnl/lip's Irish Acfonis Here as Heavyweight Wiwdell- BBhicrthal.-fiiynlflictl -th" most thrills.. In the latter game 'the score was tied, 2-2. nt (lie end of the first ciuarler, nnd U-B at the end of Ihe hair. Braggadocio look a lend in' the ihj r <| tpmiler but Wnrrtell rallied in the last', period nnd threatened until the last minings of play. Hteelc had been expected lo beat Cnr- udiersville .because. of two pre- tourney victories :ind Ihe fnct that Creech, CarulhersvlUc gunrcl, was handicnpped by nn injured linger .. _ . liaskelball's Iron Man : - • NEW, pntHANS ^-'Ohe- of Ihe .-Inre of., : .flie : pl(l •-prii;iiia| vdellfc pro taskelbnir-. lenm : ap|iarerif)y CODS, on .forever.- HR. Is Pete Barry,' \vho• .recently -completed' his -2dfh sesison \vllli i.lib deities ' hi • a: grime ngninsl. a nu'intet led liy Zcke Bo" ' Rf« : -hrstV |,aseninn Girl Puts Teeth in Own law'" CLEVELAND: (UPJ'^'A robber/ with . teetli marks ;. on " his. right hand was soughl, . here, following his cncpunfer'Vwllh--Mljis' Mildred Wetael, ni;iiosi>Ual niir^. Miv VWfzei ims ae'cosied -fry (lie " nihber ns she • 'was Vldnvliiif'-ilie- -hospital, held on and -bit him before he jerk' ed away lier' purse; conlriining .$ft Courier men Sir Barton In 1921, is'to be abandoned after 18 years. ..lengthy 'meetings at the 'Detroit Fair Grounds is the rea«m. r ..Kintlworlh stowed n deficit of $30,000 aflrr me moelini!; inst summer. —Mercer Heaslcy became America's foremost leachei- of tennis by developing Ellsworth vines, Wll- mor Allison. I'Yanklc Parker. Clllf Back to normal. Willard's nian- nscr explained before the show ipencd—1 0 ( | lc writer—that Big •Jess was running n temperature ind wa$ nol In very good shape '.o give his best, And th'ere was a preliminary Sutler, oilier.?. «O.COO paid at Spona- RtisthEs Poor Dc^pite Stirrew Dlz?y Dc,in , would get $25,000 from any one of seuir>l majw .Ic.ngue organizations as easily i,s Jic tbro»j a ball. / il simply Is his misfortune and • thai, of olher Cordmtl standouts io/lmve landed in St. Louis, whore Ilie customers arc satiated with Kafional League glory. i After nil,-there me two sides i to the Cardinal sloiy. Breadon and Rlcltey are nnt rich. Their nggregalKm- pinycd lo less ilmn Park In 1931, or less than balf of what Mverol other big- 'ime oulfits performed before nl honr. Up until the Snlurdav and Sunday Ihat brought what per baps \vas the inc.M phenomenal diive in baseball history lo a close, attendance in St. Louh was skimpy. -It took the world scries io yank the St. Louis club out of the red. But still ball players are eu- IIIled to be paid commcnsuralcly vllh . Ihelr talent. And. in closing, It might tc said that it Is just as well for the National' League l hat Rickey, the smartest niBn In baseball, Isn't op- n'.itliiK In New Vtirk or Chicago. Carolin Ittbcock, —Joe Sullivan, caplalu-clect ol Ibe 1935 Notre Dame football '-quad, is reported definitely out of danger after undergoing a'mastolrt operation necessitated us Ihc afler- malh of an nt'lack of pneumonia. -Charles W. Bldwell. prominent on the Chicago turf, and owner of that clt.v's Cardinal professional football team. Ls on the wnv to recovery after being gravely ill with pneumonia. —Maureen Orcntt Is Ihc only top flight feminine golfer holding a political office...She Is an assembly-woman in New Jersey. —Fred Perry was a poor youngster who became the world's No. 1 mnaleur tennis player under diffl- ciillles.. .The bounding Brllon now faces a future which probably \vill Include n $100,000 motion picture contract. other pickings — -. .».., i/uii.1 yn-rvnig; fboiild lie bo forced lo turn- professional in order to appear in flickers. -All Noble Klzer has "KTrto al Purdue Is replace nuanc Piirvi: and Jim Carter. Ihe touchdown twins, Voting Stajitr lo Coach --Amos Alonra -Slaeg visited Kent stale School, of Keni, o.. to pud In a plug tor Amos Alonzo. Jr., while Uie-lallcr was convalcsclhg In Chicago following nn nppcmlcc- tcniy...P. Ef.—Amos Alon/o. Jr.. is e.\peel(xl lo get .lha job as head football coach. i —AUrod E. Green, the motion picture director, has established a breedins fann In southern Call- forniit. | —Gar Wood. Jr., does, well in any kind of a torU..,lip broke Miami Beach Rod and n,rel club records by yanking in a l2- )X )uiid King with a 3-G tackle and a 57- . ., ,„ ..., pound marltn on the same weight !sl>r °l s « s champion of ilto pugl- line. I Il3tlc playboys, for liere': Jack -- Poyls, Trclsud's beavywelght iltle- holrter, now in Ke w y or k nnd Head .Courier. News'.Wniii .Urts. RpxY Tues.-Wei-fhnrs: MAT. & NlTE—in c . bad belter look io hfs !sl>r< >l s « s champion of ilio pugl ' -Mnx Baer classes his .- crs. If any, in IbLs nixler— Steve Hamas, Prlmo Camera and Max Schmcling... Hamas and Schmcl- ine co'iitle In a secoml edition In Hanititrc on March io n«cv whites Camera would do som"thiii B toward rebuilding hlm^-lt as an nttraclion. —"I don't, know mere cptlmislic Hum of anvihlng football conch biiyittj a bouse" ' ouse i:on FatU'Ot (old a man who jrle'd lo sell him a hoin?...Fnuroi po"s to Ihc Colmiibljt liistlluilon as Iho 22nd gridiron guide in ^^ Vft , rs , nn looking for n fight O r a frolic. Besides being n fistiCHffer, Iho dasliluR Doyle b a crooner and ntovlo nnor. For Our BIG USEDCAR SALE t Save Money • Shouse- Little Chevrolet Co. N'ow I.ocalrd al 101 North Stcon4 ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, -Proprietor III makes of rebuilt Typewriters, Mdhi* Michlnts and Calcnlaton Repxtrlng—F»:t»— Ribbon* RED HOT TIRE; LYLE TALBOT MARY ASTOR Lincoln born. Charles Darn/in born- cultural afc L 1912-Chiria announces abdication of the tJironc fn (a- vorof the republic. -.MAT.—2:00.;:'.i.oc!'&. ; 25c ; JOc &-35c -Weds. Fox News Comed.v A.beautiful woman and o protecting Seeing Eye Doq devoted to o flier grounded by fole! Arfolph Zvlzrpreii'tfi MYRNALOY CARVGBANT WINGS IN THE DARK » Paronounl Pkl u ,« wllh Rotcot Karnt HobarlCavanaugh Deo n J a g g « r THEATRE Paramount News •• Chic Chandler Comedy

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