The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1940
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1940 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Teen-Agers Prefer Gifts That Give Sense Of Sophistication fiY NfARIAN YOL'S'G NFA- Service Siaff Correspondent NEW YORK.—Gifts that will give them that "grown-up" feeling —and even a little .sense of "sophistication"— are what 'teen-age boys and girls want for Christmas. Girls from 13 to 19 want lovely underwear, lightly .scented cologne in beautifuJ containers, luxurious cake; of bath soap and other bath and beauty preparations, dress-up clothes, sweaters and other things 1.0 as her mother and older sisters do. Beys in their 'teens, like their fathers and older brothers, want equipment, and clothes to further interest in hobbies nncl ndulv Barnes. NEW GAMES 1 OR YOUNGSTERS For girls, silk crepe pajamas with a separate, pocketed apron that ties in the back in a bow are new. So are white suede mittens, piped with ^olcl kklskin. for evening parties. •' Daughter would love a pair of evening or afternoon' 'parly .sandals or slippers ' in a new transparent plastic. There are matching bags with inserts of the transparent material. She'll be pleased to find -in her Christmas stocking a box containing a long rope of pearls and two or three equally long strands of Gifts For -Teen-Affers PAGE, SEVEN Quite a "grown-up" project for any young boy is building u realistic, workable lilt-bridge like trial pictured above. This construction se' makes a great Christmas present for young engineers. Among other things it will build is a parachute jump, complete with little 'chute* that float down from the tower Nothing gives a 'teen-age .girl' ihnl -growing, up" "feeling UK well an having tilings just like those, the big folks use. A good example is this miniature, but, highly efficient, sewing machine. This one ruir by electricity, as well hs by ".hand, and is .so practical that mother will borrow it occasionally. hobby favorites for'father and son play. Teen-age daughters will like, electric woadburnlng sots or ouot .of the new bead looms'that makns charm jewelry and 'coasters. Glass painting, metal tapping kits and tapestry looms arc- hundcraft hobbies that are both fun and practical. . The junior sewing machines with real electric motors are news. With one of these,'the •13-year-old can make clothes for the members of her younger .sister's doll-family «.\s well as clothes for herself. Give an> young. gul-this-hobbj horse of-shiny, red Christmas , foil' with , complete assurance that she'll love -it. The body is a transparent cylinder which holds two bottles of light, delicate perfume land combinations of wood and jjount on their enthusiasm for parlor sports that call for action. Folding bowling alleys, varying A sure-to-be-appreciated gift for young girls is this reasonably priced, sterling silver bracelet with, five silver hearts dangling from it. Charlotte, famous designer of jewelry, made it especially lor Christinas. colored glass beads. These she'll twist together and wear in various ways with both sweaters and dresses. Also in the jewelry cate- „. „. ._. ,„„ ^,, owluu ». u« gory are interesting clips of wood'their now sophistication,, you can metal For youngsters of both sexes there are new. parlor games that every member of the family, including parents, will enjoy. Circle gammon is quicker and easier than backgammon, and because the circular board makes the gams equal fun for t\vo. three or four, it's a good investment for family fun. Hi-ro is another en$v- tr >'earn newcomer chat's played with individual trays of mimoticu blocks. Treasure hunt is a best- selling, fastrmoving- game which any number of people, from; two to sixteen, may play. • . Although the "teen-age contingent, may feel very conscious of Any 'teen-age youngster, boy dr irirl would love to find this concertina under the Christmas tree, it would be a nice idea to include with a concertina a gift order for «short course of lessons. favorites. Some of these .have,'a device for setting up the pins.-' 'A new set of ski ball folds away neatly in a suitcase. • ..Dart boards are using card' faces, big game animals, golf courses, baseball, ducks and - airplanes as. the basis of marksmanship competition. Guns that shoot rub- bei;" bands and suction cap darts ard used with many of these. : ^u HOBBY FAVORITES -'" "^ FOR FATHER AND SON For boys with hobbies, . consider the de luxe airplane building sets Every type of plane in the United States has been used for an airplane construction kit. Boat building and model train construction . o «•»« n>uiti-i 1.1 HM1 UUll^ljl Ll^tlUll from six feet to two feet, are 1940 kits and carpentry tools are basic Toper's Nose' Traced Often to Acne Rosacea OMAHA, Neb. (UP)—Acne rosa- cea, and not liquor, often can be blamed for "toper's nose," Dr. Samuel Ay res, Jr., of the University of Southern California dermatology department told the Omaha Midwest Clinical-'Society... "Toper's nose in middle age isn't necessarily clue to liquor because many persons afflicted have never touched ; a^clrop," he said: "Acne rcsapeg.^requently >v cause&. extreme flushing 'of the' face in "mO^'l'jfe "I have seen Christian missionaries with "toper's noses'." Dr. Ay res said women who use no soap and water, but instead substitute cleansing creams, often suffer from acne rosacea. Read Courier News.want An honored name for over 10O years, Gibson's is a smooth, gentle whiskey that goes down easily. Next time say, "Give me Gibson's". STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY "GREAT FROM THE fsr SIP" Gibson's Straight Bourbon WJ/tskey-90 proof. This whiskey is 4 years old. The Gibson Distilling Co., New York, N.Y. O2VLY ONE KIND OF DRIVE eliminates the clutch/. . . . O2VLYOMB KIND OF DRIVE eliminates gear-shifting! . . ONLY ONE KfTVn OF DRIVE has a completely automatic transmission/ OtfLYONEJKmp OF DRIVE gives fall accelerating power without manual shifting. . . HYDRA-MATICDRIVER built and backed by GENERAL MOTORS Offered in OLDSMOBILE! *v™«> W >:.>>v-VW^ WHY OLDS' HYDKA-MATIC DRIVE * IS SO DIFFERENT AND IN A CLASS BY ITSELF! s are based on the principle of fluid coupling. . J exclusive Hydra-Matic Drive is a combination of fluid coupimgandcomplctelyautomntictransmission.ItcHminatesclutch and clutch pedal. It does away with the gear shifter. It provides a special fourth speed for cruising. It gives you a special pick-up gear for passing other cars and climbing steep hills- The "no clutch, no shift" Hydra-Matic Drive is optional at extra cost on all Olds models for 1941. "" 'it... there's nothing else like it in the world! THE CAR & * Optional »t extra com on all model* Sedan prices start at f898, ' delivered at Lanting, Mich. Slate tax, optional equip' mcnt and accessories—extra. Prices subject to change without notice. . A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE « First Effect Of Defense Building Boom Are Felt In-WPA- MY H1UJCK CATTON WASUlNOTON.~.Tho lirst faint elleets of the national dei'enso boom nro boglnnlnji (a be fell by WPA. ftolls aren't coming down appreciably, but apparently thoy Jnivo stopped going up, The gain so fails purely neunllve—WPA isn't making tiny blunkot incronse in Us ciuottus, us it usually does at this time—but it's .significant. Last, spring, when ho outlined WPA's .schedules for Urn year, before u congmsslomil committee, lha Into Cokmd l-livrrlnetou i-sUmutoU tlu\(. WPA would imvi. 1 1,700,000 people on its rolls by September and that It \vo\Ud imve to step this up by at least 100,0000 for October, another 100,000 for November. October figures now show tlml, WPA came- ubout M.OOO shy ol lining its scln-duloii' For November, it Is sticking to the October schedule, with the proviso that adjustments can bo made? for .special areas where the defense boom hnsn't. vet taken hold. But if there is encouragement In the fact that the'rolls now are nbout 130,000 under the level they were expected to ,hil. WPA 'Oft\- clals aren't letting' optimism run tuvay with them. They point out that only about 13 per cent of their workers are skilled. The huge, unskilled rank and Hie would normally be the last to get rehircd in the'defense Industrie!;. Tlie skilled man on WPA is finding it easier to get back into industry. The government Is trying to speed the process by offering "refresher" courses In technical training schools to polish up old skills that got rusty through idleness. Right now 28,000 WPA workers ure taking these courses. The 5000-odd, who have already completed them presumably got jobs; anyhow, they haven't come back on WPA. What really keeps the WPA authorities from being too hopeful is their big "back-log" of Idle men who arc on the waiting list for WPA jobs. This waiting list still "'contains between 800,000 and 1,000,000 names. , f ; The selective service. ; law has won npproval from Jots of people who never wired much for.the idea ol compulsory training before, but Jt doesn't .satisfy one organization which ims been beating the drum lor years to get a draft act passed. This is the Civilian Military Education Fund, a foundation es-' (abJlshod in 1928 with funds pro-1 vktod by RiUph Meivshon, wealthy! Ohio engineer. Col. Ralph Bishop,' who is iu charge/ of the fund's Washington office, explains that the ideal thing' would be a year's compulsory training for all young men—lads probably act or around the age of l>l-~\vlih the time split, 50-50 between regular military! training and vocational Jnslruc-' iion. Present law doesn't resemble that > in tK(-' least,. so Colonel Bishop and his 1 nidcs*nre going, to go on campaigning; just us they have been doing. White House .secretarial' staff thought someone was joking when, day ttftur election; Jt was announced l.hnt GOP Congressman Hum Fish had sent a message ol' congratulation u> .FDR. pish has been ' coming to Congress- from Roosevelt's home district for 20 years, but he never did that before. Fnct is, Pish is plenty sons because too many prominent Republicans tried to bent him this your reason ,01 course, being that he's an extreme • Isolationist. He ' won, but he had few votes to-spare. Tiie wire to FDR was just a symp-'' torn of an irritation' that'll take plenty of 'soothing. LOOK! ONLY FOR A AND YOUR 010 TIRE SIZt 6.00 x 16 STANDARD TIRE / HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Repai?inK,_ Welding /terms from Ked xop Gin BUY NOWI MY lATttl BUDGET PLAN Wll PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th A Walnut Phone 810 WASHED •DUST-TREATED • WAXOLIZED Guaranteed for Furnace, Stove or Stoker Try Our "Warm-Morning'* gentry Coal. For the New Warm Morning Stoves GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. PHONE 7G 852 FOR SPECIAL SIX IWSINESS COUPE LDSMOBILE Ice-cold Coca-Cola,—pure, wholesome and delicious,—has made the pause that refreshes America's favorite moment. Everybody welcomes the refreshed feeling,—the happy after-sense of complete refreshment Coca-Cola always brings. TH E PA U S E THAT RE F BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA CO. BY Phone 366 COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY iUe, Ark.

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