The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JULY 18, 1947 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS h PAGE NINB Atom Bomb Tests Surveyed Anew Scientists Recheck Blasts at Bikini;' Divers Gather Data WASHINGTON, July 18. (UP) — IIP gallant old aircraft mrricr Sar- atosa /ip-iu to the bo;loin off Bikini in the ntom l>cmb tests u year a^o. 'had visitors yesterday. Dispatches- from the group of fcientists resurvoyiiig the scene of P ft Summer's niC2i* alornis Ic.sU reported tcday that two Navy divers had explored the sunken wreckage. They ssaid that the old "Sara" was rtstinp on a nearly even kcol wilder the w:uc waters of the H- Roon, her ample flight deck already covered with coral "dust." The two divers spent 45 minutes exploring the carrier. They brought up several objsots found on tlerk which registered as radioactive. Other divers Htor will examine the Bt».tt«'c.shiT> Najjato. tlm ?6.COO-ton 'Baltlcshin Arkfingns ami, 1he Submarine Apagon—all victims of the b^nihs. Tlic dlveis plan to nnkc a thorough examination oi the Shraloga's hull as well. The !*x>p of the Saratoga's must can bu seen a few leet below the surfacp oi t he lagoon. E-irlier dispatches renorted that the first scientists ashore found evidence that |i ttng has been thriving on wha.t they thought was a '"eserted atoll, -When they first \vcn'- o.'-horf; Tuesdnv. tho scientists discovered fresit itracks inp dc by a. dog and lomul mtmcrou'5 insects cm the •atoll. While no trace of th" dop U* self Ivs beo nscon ,thc Navy considers 'it possible that one was left behind \vhen ithe island was rctrvbeci for the icn^vai of every living creature in 1945. It 'jwis re rolled IhnL a inas?ot with tho otit^ina. 1 .test proun had piven birl in \T V( litter just before the [bomb b' One of her pim- Tfif^s mnv have teen inadvertently left behind. The group landed with GcUer rouriter.s to test radioactivHv find wearinc hoaw protective clothing Tn their first look over the itiny ntolll it hey found sojne ridioac- tivitv en the bcjich. and .stronger nmounts on life raft-5 and other ^snins' rrear tossed uo on the beach. '"Rmldinps remained in good condition, and .several snecies of in-a- rino i*ifo wove seen in t.'ic waters .surrounding 'the ntolK First rtis- TK».*rtifs frnm -the landinc rfM-tv indicated t.haf, .the vegetation bnd changed little from last year. Fx- cePent crops of panya and roco- irn'.s wore moorl.ed bv the technician! who pVn to exnmino closely cverv fort of the island to discover t.'ic '^is^'nsc effects of the atcmic tomb blast. On the Nose Disloyalty Probe Bears Much Fruit '_ WASHINGTON. July 111. IUI>) -Civil ScrvlcT cmnmis.sUmi'r Arllnir 8. FIcinltiK disclosed toilny (lint a.a frdi'Ml omployt's Imvi- Ijccn fired fnr disloyally ilurlnij I lie nine nioiillis ciuli'il lust Mim'h 31. Ho .said IH Dllici- fi><li>rnl employes found lo ]j 0 disloyal rescued InToiv tlH-y could In; (llscliiiiucxl. l-'li'mliij- reported tlmi the lohil inmiljiT of fciiernl employes Iln-d (or disloynlly <lurli>K (lie nliio-monllis pi-rlod inii'v T:IC!I Oil. ,T1ic Inforiniitlnn Wi ,,, lurltidiHl In I letter in,,,, pi,.,!,!,,;, tCl c,i\n\r- niui icdwnni n nrps of U H , llonso Civil ServU'i- Cotnnilllpc. Hee.s r,.. cnii-iitort tin- InroniiiUlon diirlitc rojiiniltUv lio^iiiiBs on Ills bill lo set up u i.vdiTiil Ixjyully Coining ijlou. when JO 1 ) ple'itcl/i orrlvcti at the buiMIni; lo Jc.ln 15 others * p l"i arrived earlier. j None wns Injured, Minister to Sweden Named Lv President C.iOM, Ju;y 18, 1're'iUk'ut. 'i'nunni today ccl II. Matfcev/s," . eraii Slate Department official, to be .Die row minUt^r to e^eden. M'llt.'icwa Is now director of the Ofllca .of f.urspcan Allots 'n the •Klala Drparim^nl. H> vsab one 0( the cor.sulS n's < lp Mr. Truirfin (lining .IJic Potsdarii Conlercnce In 1015 Ilcail Courier News Want Ads. lid'b njloi, the circle nnd lip lo llic Anmiiil Niilional Soiirlng slick in .1 S!>ol liindlni; 'contest Meet. (NCA Tclcpholo.) held Bank Employes Strike; Police Battle Pickets ;NKW ^VOJIIC. .Inly |«. (Ul'l clashed imHy when an flini WIS III 111- |o ,,-1,1, j, 11|aS!j .],| c line nraitid Ilio <llrocklyn Tr Happy Lad •Read CdufIcr' Nc^'3 rr Want Ads. P On Her Toes iiiu "LIU irom Texns." Th say her brilliant red hair h v something lo do with it. July Clearance lo/ miling as he is IniBBctl by his mother, Mrs. Hurry T. NclsoAJ. right, ul liis sister, Niincy Tyje. 9, left. Franklin Dec Nelson, 2. \v.v> happy ii after being found ^y police wnlklng clown a railroad track, rnnklln wandered from his i:\iu-h homo near Nilcs, Calif., Tnd was ist for 15 hours. (NBA Tclopliolo.) Carmen cavallern, whose ulrl vocalist Leslie 1-onn, » Inll limnetic picked llic stub lo Ihe ticket held by Jones. When Jones was Idcnllflcd us n Negro she wns lold to put thc stub back in Ihe box nnd .she pulled out tho number held by Townes. Both Townes nnd Jones apparently will pay ineoinc taxes on thoh 1 winnings. Gambling gains are regarded as ine-omc and taxable. Rupert Masscy, president or the Ahosklc Klwanis ch'ib pltinncd to confer with other officers on means or raising (mills for tlic second car. Mnsscy said Hint lie did not. know where the club would get the cm-' lor Jones, how they would pay for it, or when It would be presented. "We haven't worked that out." lie said. The New York . newspnper >PM had started n "Cndillac-for-JoneK" fund nnd contributions were pour- inK In 'when the. local club passed llic previous rullnij apparently nl tlic of Dr. Charles \V. Ann- stronK who asked thc Alioskto club to reverse Us nclioii or Hint, Klwn- nis Inlernallonal would nay for the new car.- Presldcnl Jiuucs Case of an Enst Hoslon Ki\vanis Club hail wired interniilionnl licnd<iu»rlcrs In Chicago lo ask Mini the AhQskic club be expelled. In Atlanta.- c.a.. George S. Mitchell of tho Southern He.qlo Council, formed lo promote 'bel.lcr race relations, sent a contribution to for which he suggested tile name. former Lieut. Gov. Francis E. Kelly of Massnchusetl. also was an early contributor. The Raleigh (N.C.) News and observer, edited by lornicr secretary of the Navy Joscplnis Daniels, called the incident "Inexciwnblc." Jones, a lanky nnd lighl-complcx- ioned Negro, lives with his-wife nni baby nnd elderly fulher on „ P ,,|. loti-peannl.s-rorn fariu seven miles from here. n,. served 111 months as a Navy steward's mate'. Mojic.'i, ono of the iniul lil:minrous Mexiran oiu'ni imct niiu'iL' .sttns, wliurt! ini^Umulu lovi; ;,ei'ni.'s llu'ilk'd lliousands nf 1,:ilin Anu'i'lciin WOIIKSI, WHS ur- cliiincil l'';il)ii'i- .lose Ki-iitu.-iu'ii tlo lin;nlalu|>u in l.imii. I'ern, Uvor- Tuwils, nirluiliii); in:ih.v nil \VOIIVMI, Mirjouil.ii',I lliednil ot St. l''uineis of i minni! liiu eciciuony. ' 7,"D (•'I'lVoyus hnM i Uu- liif.t wtll:i:K1 a^.ii li'ink In llic Unlled Mtii pidkols vyi'iv arni.ti'd .scullle, wliU-h broke out (tic C Vegro Tenant jCleans Out Barn To Get Room for New Cadillac AIIOSKIE. N. C.. July 13- (UPI — Negro war velcran Harvey Jorf:, learcd out n barn on his tcnnnl arm ycslcrday to inako I'ooin tor ils new S3.200 Cadillac won in a ^iwanis lottery. Jones almost didn't Ret 1:1? bi^ ar. Local Kiwanians had I'elurnc't! iis dollar for the lottery ticket n;l- ng that Negi'ocs were noi clif;ibl3 attend the dance where llic Irawinp; was held. Bui. protesls throughout the Naion Jorccd a chani;e of heart. A bc- aled announcement said that Jonw viil get bis car even though ii se- ond drawini! awarded the big prize o Dr. Charles Townes, wealthy Waverly, Vn., physician. Townes said that he wouldn't surrender tile car, "I don't see \vhy I should give it back and they haven't nsked me lo" he said. Jones WHS fishing in a nearby IJonci when reporlcrs besieged his farmhouse to tell him lhat he'll have lo return th c dollar no* that he'll get the big car. Jones said he'd prefer a smaller car because the "Cadillac is too big." "Then again I'll take thc cash if it's possible," he said. The big prize v;as awarded during n dance featuring the orchestra of For Electric Work Coll 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation 500 N. Fifth St. Hlythevillc, Ark. Discount On All Lamps THE GIFT SHOP 103 East Main Street WILL MOVE TO NEW QUARTERS ON SOUTH HIGHWAY 61 Saturday, July 20th Visit Us 1n Our Hew Location! HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BKAftDS v . .> ' te6 W.MAIN ST< PHONE 315 It Won't Be Long, HOW! Salesman Wanted Oulsiilc <>" Inuk 1 . Apply <o f»ll niirt fin-in FIRESTONE STORE 207 \V. Main Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 313 E. Main Fkon« 24V7 Pride St Usrey GENERAL CONTRACTORS Phone517 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition ' i 1 TIRES THAT OUTWEAR get improved quality and reduced prices wlicn you buy Il.I : .(ioni[rit:h Silvcr- Cowns — thc tire outwc;irs prewar (ires — for less than ftreti'ar ftrica. Jtfj; price reductions have been nnruiunc'i'iL AM popular sizes now cost less [linn before (he wnr. Former PrTco Prcv/ur Prlco IESS A I.IBERAF. TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE: FO/l YOUn OLD TffiPS 6.00-14 •PLUS TAX 4SO.H--17.45 1 12 Inch Oscillating Fans Attic Fans — Complete Both rooms 30, 52, 66 & 86 Gallon Hotpoint Water Heaters Hotpoint Home Freezers USE OUR BUDGET IHAN BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 315-1 FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. \Vc Deliver I'lmne «9I Wrist, potuot afiii fob walclios iire restored to boiiuly imd iiscrulness v/ith our i'inc repair service, 'me replacciuont parts used, and reasonable prices cliiir^cd for depon- iible workiuansliip. You «nt tlio finished product wlicu we promise it—no dclaj's. 7 DAY SERVICE Pat O'Bryant JEWELER Main nt Second Phone 323L a small down payment will buy tiny item our store! in Day Phone 337] Night Phone 2527 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second SI. 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