The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1949
Page 6
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snt A : Bomb Inhuman, But So is Warfare (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS' I Top Military j Meri Discuss \ Future Policy '. * By Kllon C. Fay 5 AVASiriNGTON', Oct. 27. W—Is ' atomic'bombing inhuman, Immoral ' ntid<hf)llltarlly IneHtclent? 1 Top level Navy men have tossed t those.questions into the row among | the'armed services over how the ( next war—If it comes—should be I fought!-'Some, speaking only for .} themselves, have 1 answered each ( with a firm "yes." \ The Air Force and_ Gen. Omar j Bradleyy chairman ol the joint j chiefs of staff, disputed those an, swers at hearings .by the House ! Armed Services Committee. * They said. In short, that all kill• Ing Is Immoral but It must be done i If-the. other fellow Is out to kill [ you and destroy your homeland. If | you must kill, they said, It Is no I more'Immoral to do it .with .an Aj bomb than with any other- weapon, i Actually, the same questions confronted the highest officials in the nation a few days before August 6. ; 194s:r . • ( . . , . President Truman, willi tlic ad- t Tlce~6f his cabinet inducting llic j then Secretary of War Henrj I,. I Sllmson, decided then that an i atomic bomb.should he dropped ! on a Japanese'ell? In hasten siir- J render of the cncmj. And so A-, i bombs blasted Hiroshima and j then Nagasaki. Their vle.iv was J that ending the war quickly i would save both American ami ( Japihese Hies.: •:. ' | . By;coincidence, the man who set [ the fuze of the A-bomb while a j B-29 was winging toward Hiro- I shfma.was a Navy man, \ViHlam S. [ Parsons, ;now a rear admiral, i Today .Parsons Is a member of j the weapons system .evaluation f group of the defense establishment. | That body decides whether stra- f tegic, bombing, B-36s. and other J weapons of mass destruction are ' j useful t-rols of war j Among the navy men at., the re- I cent congressional hearings, was • Rear Admiral Ralph A ofstie ; ; member of the Militarv Liaison • ;Committee which,keeps contact be{ tween the Atomic Energy Com > mission and the Defense Depart- t ment. He was also a member of the \ former 'United States' Slratepic i Bomoing Survey which assessed .' the results of wartime attacks on • ..enemy Industry bj both conventlon- | kl and atomic- explosives ^ ; Ofstle had wrnie^sharp criticism ; -for. what he called* the ' proposed • fatomtc blitz" Noting "that atomic f .bombs Is a part of the so-called • strategic bombing theorj, he de! clared that "strategic bombing as ; now accepted unavoidablj includes ] random slaughter of men, women J ,and children in the ? enemy coun- :• .try." it is, he said, "ruthless and ;: barbaric ' » T * > Bllti Alone Not Enough . | ; - Admiral Arthur W Radford com( cander of the Pacific Fleet and the i Navy's No. 1 airman, said war of I that kind is "morally reprehensi- i ble." " | \Vrien General Bradley—a mtlrt- j mannered fellow who has seen a i lot of battleffeld.l—came along bei fore the committee he had these ;' observations: f "As.far as I am concerned, war • itself is immoral. And in carrying J'out any of.'our missions from'the j squad on the battlefield to the T bomber deep in enemy territory, we i Americans will seek to achieve j rnaximum effectiveness against the i enemy's .armed forces, v.ith minl- | mum harm to the non-participating ; civilian populace. I am reminded. i however, that I don't believe a f communist" Ideology .and the dic- 1 tutorship It fosters has any such ; humanitarian outlook about war" ! : Brsdiey also said: j "I might suggest that If our at- j tacks are only in retaliation for i an attack made upon us, the Ameri' cap people' may feel that strategic J bombing .Is both militarily and , morally justified." . j; Admiral Radford told the Conj gress members that "we must rral- , ize that we cannot gamble that the i atom biilz ol annihilation will even • win a wai." j De/ense Secretary Louis Johnson I advised the members that: ' . "A strawman was built for you , bythose who would have you be- I lieve that we expect to win a war f by .rush-button tactics and atomic ^ blitz. To the extent that an at- i tempt was made by some witnesses | to have your committee believe that , our. war plans contemplate such a , sudden victory, I submit that your GUN USED BV flMZEU FARMER—Under'Sheriff Donald Menzies (left) holds shotgun which Joe Riniyon, 57. a farmer, used to terrorize patrons of two taverns In Waterford, Mich. Ken Pricsner (right,, 30, bartender at the Waterford Hotel, was one of ten persons Bounded by Runypn, who fired a fatal charge through his own chest Pour persons were wounded at the hotel bar and six were snot in a tavern across the street. Hiinj-on apparently b-xame despondent because things had gone wrong on his small farm which he was Bald to have bought a year ago <AP Wirephoto). New Liberty News Mr. and Mrs. Sigmore Hurt, Hill Drndshnw and Miss Florence Heard of Elbiidgc rcnn., were the Sunday guest,, of Air. and Mrs. Hilton Stephcnson. Mi and Mrs. Pnrker Cassidy of Catron Mo were the Sunday guests of Mr, aiid Mrs. P. B. jarrett. Mr ami Mrs. J. o. Williains were the week end guests of relatives In Humbolt and Treution, Tenn. Mrs Ruby Storey and daughters na\e returned to their home nt Cave Citj Ark., after visiting Mrs M Wilson parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Melon reslirtjr Veteran DES MOINES,.itt.._4P,_ if nny n>an could tell **gaoa "melon- by- thumpmg an v cj looking'; at it that man should be.Hal Wolforci."For nii years, Wollord has been in ' the melon business at Conesville which claims the title of "Melon Capita] of the Middlewest." Woltord can recall back at the turn or the century when as many as 800 railroad cars of melons were shipped from the town. They sold then for $30 a carload. The season this year was near perfect. More than 1 150 acres of watermelons were grown along with 80 acres of cantaloupes In the sandy flat between the Iowa and melons now arc Two Persons Rescued From Fires in Camdcn CAMDEN, Ark., Oct .27—W)— Two persons were saved from pos- ' sible death in separate fires here yesterday. ' j T«-6-yenr-o!d Donnie Randall was carried from a burning house j by a neighbor, Mrs. Burl Bane, who was attracted by the child's | screams and saw flames gutting the home. At the time, the child's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ran-^ dall were away from the home which was destroyed. ' ) A Marine on furlough dragged Mrs. Florence Irene Arterburn, El Dorado, From her burning auto- 1 luobiie after ft ' crashed Into a , bridge abutment near here. Sgt < James' F. Kyzer. Camp Pendleloh I Calif., used a car tool to force ' open a jammed door and make tile rescue. Unemployment Pay Asked for Ball Players UTTLE ROCK, Oct. 27-(/P)— Are professional baseball players entitled to unemployment compensation In the game's off-season? The Arkansas labor Department plans to decide at a hearing here Nov. 4 If baseball Is found officially to be a seasonal Industry, players would he ellglbaie for unemployment checks only if they are out of a job during the playing sea- A seasonal industry is defined by taw as one "in which, because of the seasonal nature thereof, It Is customary to lay off w per cent or more of the workers for as many as 16 consecutive weeks during a regularly recurring period each year." A hearing of the matter was asked, said a labor department attorney, by an Arkansas baseball club. The attorney said tlic compensation tax paid by baseball clubs would be reduced if the ( ;amc is found to be a seasonal Industry. Judge in Hot Springs May Get Appointment To State Supreme Court HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Oct 27 (Vp, —The Hot Springs Sentinel Record today speculated that Judge ft if « F"™" migllt hc "Wauled to the Arkansas Supreme Court The paper said Brown and Gov crnor McMath, Hot Springs political associates, had discussed the ••'«ancy to be created next Monday ^ "'C resignation of Associate Justice Prank G. Smith THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1949 the i —me TIKI ol me ureeK civil War and rumors that Communist guerrillas are infiltrating Yugoslavia from Greece, this year's Yugoslav "war games" got even more serious attention than usual. Here a detachment of mechanized artillery, apparently of World War II vintage, rolls along a road under watchful eyes of Yugoslav officers, at left- Pledges Refrain From Price Cutting to Gain Market for Exports TOKYO, Oct. pledged today not 27— (m— Japan cut prices drastically on exports or dump them on the world m,.rket. The assurance cmne from the minister of international trade, Teitaro Inagnki. He replied with an emphatic "not at all" when asked if Japan might return to preivar price cutting and , other trade practices. General Mat-Arthur's elimination this week of floor prices on Japanese products has caused some concern in foreign trade centers that Japanese might slash ,n-iccs -li an effort to increase sule.s. Floor prices jcl b.v Allied (read- quarters were tile lowest at which Japanese could c.x;ort their goods. Inagaki satd prices on s o nr c Japanese products would fall but declined to estimate how much Some observers think they may go down 15 per cent. Many years ago, Hawaii, Puerto Itico and the, Virgin Islands were overrun with the mongoose, introduced in the belief It would exterminate rats. The mongoose, however, proved more destructive than the rat. . . Why Are You Weak, Rundown, Nervous or Always Tired? How to feet Peppy, Younger Kp.&'X&.'irtt£&;%xA'f tt nljilnMYiat 10 be ebeeflu). hive k««a«j~ Vpp *eau»« DIOOU IcvlsorateO, 111* [uLLr. tii At aJJ dm* stores everywher Blylherllle. at Kirby'A Woods Cc<laV Rtvers, Mast of the shipped by truck. They have been sent this year as far as Kentucky and Georgia. ' • . Livestock ; NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Til Oct. 27. (API —(USDA)—Hogs 11.500; 180 Ibs up opened 10 to 25 cents lower; later 25 to 40 cent.s lower than average Wednesday; lighter wclghta ami sows steady to 25 lower; mostly steady; bulk good and choice 170-270 Ibs 17:85-18.00; moderate numbers early 18.10-25. top lfl.25; few later 17.75; odd lots 280300 lbS'15,25-n.75: bulk 140-160 Ibs 16.50-17.75:,tew 18.00; 100-130 Ib pi«s H/15-1G.73; good and choice sows -100 Ibs down lfi.25-n.50; heavier sows I5.2a-lB.50; few 15.00' stags 12.00-14.50. Cattle 2750; calves UCO: medium ami low good, steers at 2-1.50-27.00; average good nt 28.00; mostly common and medium available" from 17.00-22.00; few medium to good Scientifically, the domestic cat is ' 23.00-25.00; medium and good bulls — ... . t(?nn 1 o Art. A..i« nu > ... known as Fells-catus or Fclis domes tica. committee was misinformed by these witnesses. 1 do not know of any competent military man who thinks that we could win n quick and easy victory." 16.00-18.00; cutter and common 13.- ! 00-15.60; vealcr.s steady to 1.00 high- '; er; good and clioich 28.00-34.00; odd ' heads choice quotable to 30.00; common and medium 17.00-27.00. CATARRH SUFFERERS SINUS FIND CURB FOR MISERY DUE TO NASAL CONGESTION. SUPPLY RUSHED HEREI Helief dt liutt from torture of sinus. catarrh, and hay fever due to nasal conrr.-- lion U ;««n today 111 rei'ocU of t»cc»i with » (orrmiU which bus the power to ralucr nnral ^cona*Btion. Men a net wnmcn with NrTonmnp sinim htaJ aches, cloRKeit nostril?, Mr«fhe. hairJcinp *n<] jui<-«ifip mi'erv le.ll of liTc?-ea relief «ll*r Usins iu KI.OUON'OI. ro^ti- 11.00, but consfdtrmft restills, thii U not expcn«irp, nmniiTil* to orily pennies per <Ion«. Kl.rtHONOL (caution, U?e onlj »» directed) »otd with money-bark R u»r*nU* hy \Voorts Store — ail Orders Tilled. D A N C E Saturday, Oct. 29 LEGION HUT Ted Fisher and His Orchestra DANC/NG 9 'TIL? Community Chesf Benefit Dance Couples $1.00 Stag 75c Sponsored hy Carpenters Local Union No. SSI Phone the Load Off Your Back! It's as easy as IhaU Pick up your phone— call us— and see your wash-day load disappear like ma<nc! Yes— we'll call tor your laundry iun| do all O r the work "•iiilcyou spend your wash-day in carefree relaxalion! In a short time we'll relurn your wash lo you— sparkling clean and in perfect condilion. Don't posl- - pone ridding yourself of wash-day blues. Call us lo- Blyfheville Laundry & Cleaners Phone 4418 Mr t W built-in, fuH-width Fluorescent Lamp lighlt entire cooking top. higher back-panel on one-piece acid-r<tiiting porcelain top. /ft Wf smarter-looking styling by world-famous Raymond Loewy. I1C W switch knobs are out in front, easier to read. There's no need to stoop, bend or reach. Radianlub« Cooking Units have been designed for speedier, more economical cooking. They're flatter and wider—so more heating surface comes in 'contact with utensils. Tip up for easy cleaning. NEW 6-60 Time-Signol has two speeds —one < for sfop- walchoceurac'y for measuring up lo 6 minutes, another speed for measuring accurately up to 60 minutes. NEW* lorage "drawees move smoothly, quietly on new-type, long-life triple Nylon rollers. Model RM-75 — double oven. Only 534.75 down — cash price 53-19.75. S models of Frigidaire Electric Ranges starting from $154.75. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. INC. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr 20G-20S West Main Phone 2071 ' I'ep up with Dr. Pepper! It's delicious! It's wholesome! You'l! love it! So will all your folks. Get a carton of Dr. 1'cppcr today. Enjoy the STOP that gives you GO three times ereiy day! f A :TW^^HII 4££fH KEEP A CARTON OR CASE AT HOME! r

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