The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 11, 1937 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NE\VS PROFIT BILL Feminine Writer 'Continued Prom Paao Onel discarding the 95 per cent provision and providing that the treasury shall, within 30 days after declaration of war, work out a "system of taxation which, without preventing a fair normal return to tabor, management and Invested capital, such return to he fixed by congress, shall absorb all surplus profits above .such return." This appears to mean congressional fixing of wases. The question of -war nrofits Is left to cxrai- Mve discretion. The house cominittcc also voted to exempt newspapers and uiava- /ines from the licensing 'jirovi- sions. Control over the press, however, could be exerted through tlie government's power to control all supplies. Domestic) Dictatorship ., Whether or not the Shcppard- IliU hill [insscK, expert;; agree that American participation in ;i general war will mean a domestic dictatorship and that large war profits can't be eliminated. The present Issue Is as to whether it's wise to pass such a law now and whether the law should be permitted to go under its title as "a bill to prevent profiteering in time of M-ar and to equalize tlic liui'dcns of War and thus provide for the national defense, and promote peace." HORIZONTAL 1 Widow of an English statesman. 12 Tiny skin • opening. 13 French soldier 14 To smear. 1C To play boisterously. 17 Weird. 18 Pitcher. 19 Conjunction. 20 X. 22 Bishops' headdresses. . tl To narrate. 10 Cast of language. M3.141G. ?2 Feather scaif. 13 Cloth measures, 34 Pronoun. 35 Prophet. 30 To soak flax. 37 Bench. 33 Japanese monetary unil 39 Series of epical events. 41 Pattern. Answer to Previous Puzzle )5Slie is a 43 You. 44 Stream obstruction. 47 Dye. 48 To possess again. 53 Grief. 54 Lair. 50 Carpel. 5V Form of "be." 58 To devour. 59 She is famous foi'>toritiiig ' her . VERTICAL 1 Cow's call. 2 Branch. 3 Corded cloth. 4 Uncloses. 5 Reached with the toes. fi Melody. 7 To cut lengthwise. 8 Odd. 9 Fish. 10 Child's marble 50 To sink. 11 Color. 51 To sin. 19 Upper human limb. 21 Northeast. 23 Unoccupied. 24 Tipped. 25 Aurora. 26 She described intimately people in stale - . 28 Minded. 29 Part in a drama. •Jl Writing tool. 34 Possesses. 37 Short sleeveless coat. 40 By. 41 Insane. 42 Olive shruU. 43 Ascetic. 45 Aside. 40 Wilticism. 49,1'avcrn. PAGE THBEB 12 Her husband ' was of his country. 52 Ocean. 55 Chaos. 58 Exclamation. Farm Debt Adjustment Supervisor Is Coming O. P. Lncey, district farm debt adjustment supervisor (or the Resettlement Administration, will he in Bi.vtlie.vlHe Tuesday, May la, for the monthly meeting of the Mississippi County Farm Debt Adjustment committee, of which J. II. Smart is chairman. Tile meeting will be held at 2 p. m. at the courthouse. Huffman News Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Webb are In Cooler, Mo., at the home of A. S. Miller sr., grandfather ot Mrs Webb. .Mrs. Ear.sliai Hooson and son, Sonny. left Friday for Berry, Ala., to be with Mrs. Benson's father, George Lollar, who Is ill. Mr. and Mrs. George Adams, Mr. and -Mrs. Taylor Adams and children and Miss June Whilcliurst of St. Louis arrived here Saturday morning for. a Week-end visit with Relatives and [friends., .All except : Mrs. Taylor Adams and children returned Sunday afternoon. She will remain a week. Wooclie Sims left Sunday afier- noon for St. Louis,'Mo. Mrs. Taylor Adams and children Hattic Fern and Shirley Hay, were Sunday night guests of Mrs. Adams' sister, Mrs. Orier Moore. Oran. son of Mr. and Mrs W A. Pnrham, entered the Blytheville hospital Monday mornina for treatment. His condition is° reported serious. Mrs. Ruby Adkisson visited her sister, Miss Marguerite Perry of Memphis Saturday. Miss Perry is a student nurse in the Baptist hospital. A new type of brick retort makes smokeless fuel, gasoline, and heavy oils from any suitable kind of coal Guess we all have to watcli our pennies! Here's one way to save money yet have the tastiest meals ever, says Aunt Jenny. Do rill your baking and frying with Spry the newAu^vcgetnnle shortening.You'll Ret the (frandest-tastlng cakes pies nnd fried foods and so digestible. To save still more money, buy tho 3-lu. can of Spry! It never spoils. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WB MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 640 ttEIILTH EXH BIT 15 Public Invited to Tuberculosis and Social Hy- ( giene Displays A tuberculosis and social hygiene exhibit, sponsored locally by the Mississippi county Tuberculosis Association, will be open to the public Thursday and Friday at the social hall of tbe First Christian Church, Sixth and Main streets. The tuberculosis exhibit has been arranged through the joint activities of the United States Public Health Service, the National Tuberculosis Association and J.he Rosenwald Fund and comes t oArkan- sas from the Texas Ccnlennial, where it has been seen by thousands. Emphasis has been placed on tuberculosis among negroes for the special enlightenment of the southern states whose major problem it is. The social hygiene exhibit has been sent down by tile American Social Hygiene Association and the Arkansas Tuberculosis Association has routed it in connection with the tuberculosis exhibit as a part of the cooperative program of ail th healtii agencies with the surgeon general's public health campaign. Tbc state S|x>nsors of the entire project are the State Health Department and the Department of Education. Parent-Teacher Associations, junior and senior high school students and ail those interested in promotion' of better health are cordially invited to sec this display by O. W. Durham, president of the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association. He says:" "Tiic words 'tuberculosis' and 'so- cial hygiene' need not frighten the public into thinking of somethini gruesome. There is nothing of th' kind to be seen. The exhibits ar a very live scientific presentatioi of facts which every citizen shouli know. Every person will have clearer idea ot what tubcrailosi means when he .sees tlie illuminate* lungs, one sick and one healths and then is able to trace in othe >arts of tlie exhibit methods of cur and prevention. Young peopl should be particularly -interestcc They will see plainly visualized th relationship of tuberculosis to the! own uirticular group." Ralph Thurman of Little fio: is in charge of tbe exhibit. Holland Teachers Will Receive Pay Increas HOLLAND, Mo.—A general in crease • in tlie salaries of teacher in the Holland district for ne.\ year has been announced by th school board. All members of th high school faculty Tiave been re elected for another term and ther will be few if any changes in th grammar school teachers. •An additional school bus wi Eerve the area west of Hollan making possible elimination of on teacher at the Samford school. The high school faculty: W. Meyers, reelectcd superintendei for his eleventh term; O. J. Deed principal; Ancel Webb, social sc cnce; Mrs. Charles Cohoon, L.. t lish; Nova Thompson, commercia i^arry Wimp, mathematics; Mar Sowell, music; Iru Zahne junior high school principal. Grade school teachers: Joe Les tcr, principal; Mrs. W. A. Oati jr., fifth grade; Goldia Slayto second grade; Mrs. Lorcne Pierc first grade; Jewel Samford, Chai nel school; clarence Utley, San ford school; Clarence Utley, San ford school; Claude Heathcoc Hermondale school. No deckio has been made on instructors fo the third and fourth grades. "I »0i WHiT TOP.RUN MI4N! This diagram shoics the curre of quality. It pictures hftw Hie peak of uhiskpj gooflntzj is sr- niTcd &]/ culling tiff the rate "hfuils" and the hrary "tail*" — and lak- KNOW WHAT TOP-RUN MEANS TO BOURBON FLAVOR ? J.lic answer to that is Crab Orchard — for this genial liourbon is made like tlic costliest whiskies. It's all TOP-KUN-warming as sunshine, gentle ns a southern hrcczc, rent Kentucky all llic way through. It has llic extra brilliance, extra bend ijualily, extra flavor, extra strength because it's full 93 proof. Taste it —and ils thrifiy price will lie doubly welcome. National Dlttlllert Products Corporation, Hew York Gtctb KINniCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKIf VOUS GUIDE TO $!SC» 0000 UQUORS hey Provide Strength nnd Keep Out Dusl and Cold When It comes to deciding what i do about wood Iloors in a nc'V ousc, there are several things that ust be considered; first, shall they e single or double floors? Second, hat, kil'id of wood shall be used or the finish floor? And, third, ow .shall they be finlshod? In deciding the ilrst miosllon, the act that double floors have a three- old purpose must be borne In lind. Put tin diagonally they act s a structural brace to the whole •lime. They add sound-deadening nd they keep down dust pcnclra- ion. So If llic budget permits, ouble Iloors should be included all hrougli. If economies must lie 1 node, omit the sublloor on the scc- iid floor, for If the bouse has a ellar, considerable dust will pene- raTe to the first floor if only a ingle floor Is Installed; and if here fs no cellar, then the snb- loor is needed as insulation. In "act, in tills case an Insulation board may be used as a sublloor. If the floors arc to be covered with linoleum or carpet- or some tther covering, a lint-grained soft- voort floor may be used. If not, t is better to use either an edge- grained wood or one of the hardwoods, as the flat grain may raise nut splinter. These come In varying degrees of cost, and the'tel- ler grades are well woitli the difference If the budget allows the expenditure. As for finish, a waxed surface is wanted in most cases. Just what sort of base should be laid for Lhc wax is a matter of opinion. Except with fiat-grained wood a filler -hould be used first, witli this filler there should be a des-ree of stain to darken tile floors. The amount of the darkening is a matter of taste, but floors should not be left entirely unstained, as dark ones set off tbc rugs and give greater depth to the room and arc altogether preferable. Over tliis may be spread a coat or two of shellac, with the wax as a final coat. Tlie objection to this is thai If the wax wears off and is not renewed before the shellac coat has been damaged It is difficult to reflnlsh nnd not have it look patchy. On the other hand, a hlsh gloss can be obtained more quickly tiEing the shellac. The other method is to nlacc the wax directly on the wood. This require: several coats and rubbing to bring ip a gloss finish, but it has the advantage of being easy to patch without the spots showing. Paint may be used with many delightful effects, but It must be borne in mind that paint will not stand hard wear a.s well as the other finishes. For a floor that must stand hard abuse, a good fioor or spar varnish may be used. CAPE COD TYPE Tilts .simple little four room house, of the Cape Cod lyp£, represents the maximum in comfort, convenience and beauty for a minimum .•ost. It will especially appeal to :he home-builder who Is looking for something unobtrusive yet giving the Impression of real value and worth. U. S. Whitewash Formula Gives Excellent Results i Whitewash on liHrk, f:to;io, or I'oiUTete walls Is comlns; more anil mo::' into favor, /\ uojd mixture H«c:l by His UnllO'l states i-ovsrn- mt'iit on' its ll'ililhoiisri follows: Klul;i> -in uounil-i of (|iilokl1m'> with nv, wnU'r, krrpliH'. it eoveral. Strain, and add a mck of stilt dl«- (••!vc>[| in warm waliT. throe pounds (if RUiniul rl'-'i' boll"d Inn ihln pnsl". r>lll'-ll"lf |l:il!inl Of pow'cll'IVcl -Splll- i'h u'l'Hinu. olio piiuinl of drir '.'luc divscilvd In warm v»te\: Mix "•••11 iui;l I'.'l striuil for sci'cral duy.:. us lull as pnffilblc. l-'ifty-lvfif iHiiinds of hydrntiid lime can \>t, ii::i'd In ]ilm:c ot <|iih:k-liiiv\ Provide Good Lighting for Reading in Bed Tho (Ini-lorii say that readln« In bed |:i bad lur I he i'yc:i, but it will take inori! than Unit to bleak nuKt t sto be done In bed, It ml-jlH a; «Tli be made as convenient as po!- sHile," where possible, a sH-of built-in book shelves should be placed near the bed. This can fiwiiiciHly be done by recesslns the lied ami putllii" th'j shelves on ei- th"r sl'lo of the recess. Trtn proper Iliht shotild b? provided, if ibf reatilnpr is done merely as :i sedative to iir.lncc sluinl>?v. have a smnll consentratcil light thiit will shin-.' on tlis printi'd liaw lint !.-ave Ihc rest of the room In dinkness, If Ilir reading Is to l>» railly ftrjous, then somo general Illumination will help to keep (hr> eye-lids open. Balloon liarrueo Itelirarsod G'AHI'MNGTON, Kiisf. (Ui'<—ThB Imlloiin barrage which will defend 1/jiidon In the event of air raids l'i uiul[>rj!i)ii!|T rehearsals here. Five ' .«uisa!!C-.sliaped balloons, each moored to tnicks mnnned by crews of H.A.I-'. auxiliaries, were placet! Into similar ixisitlous to those Diey will Inki' u pover lyindon .when sjlimt nets will hang from them to ix-opte of th,. Imbli. j;u If reiidtns ensnare enemy aircraft. I'unction Is First Consideration In Present Day Home Design Modern architecture is a design for living, with the house planned functionally, from the inside oul. In constructing today's home, builders and architect are placing the main emphasis on rooms whleii are well planned in relation to one another to suit the family's needs. In si'ler-ilng homes that, are to be financed under its insured mortgage system, the Federal Housing .Administration considers the suitability of llic house to the needs of Die owner. Its size and price In relation to the family's Income Is us important In appraisal as the soundness of construction and desirability of location. Mortgages are .'insured for up lo 80 par cent of the appraised value of the house and land. Repayment is'made In monthly rent-like payments, over as long a term as 20 years If necessary, and include beside amor- tisation of tbe principal, interest, insurance, taxes, and other fixed charges. Some of the rules that guide the builder of modern homes include: (1) A plan lliat makes It possible Insulating Materials Offered in Wide Variety There are many excellent' insulating materials on the market; and dealers are in a position to advise on their proper use according lo each particular need. In selecting insulation material three important things are to be remembered: H should be Drcproof or at least firc-resislant. It should resist attack by insects and rodents or be well prelected against such attack. It- should be proof against or resistant to moisture absorption When intended for use in a house equipped with air-conditionm* devices the method of 'Installation assumes considerable importance, and it Is best to secure the advice of an architect or an engineer in this connection. WIJ;re humidified air Is present, special precaution must be taken to protect any insulation against moisture resulting from condensation durin» cold weather. Modern Plumbing Choice for Home In building the modern home a preference for plumbing fixtures of superior quality, distinctive appearance, matched design, and improved performance is shown The prospective home owner who builds his house under the terms of the Federal Housing Administration program will rum ft wide choice of excellent plumbing equipment on the market. to go from room lo room will) the ]H>s.sll)le steps and the least j disturbance of occupants of other rooms. ! 12) Wall spsce arranged for maximum nllllly. 13) Practical use of ijlnss or window area. (•I) Simplicity of design. 15) A dinliij; room that. Is usable 1C hours a day and other multiple uses of spiico. lu) Provision for seasonal onl- of-door living. (7) Equipment nnd planning of the kitchen for lime, step, and labor saving. (8) An easy-lo-gct-al garage with no lot space wasted. ' <9> Ademmle wlrhij!, with out- 3eU> provided for Hit. 1 convenient use of all electric appliances. (101 Arrangements for a laborsaving lamulry room. Ill) An absolute minimum ol waste space. (12) The orientation uf the house ami location. U'J) Provision for privacy, uolh in relationship of rooms in lh(t house and in the relationship of neighboring houses; FHA IS 1'KRMANIiNT Tiie -National Housing Act is permanent legislation, ami the Federal Housing Administration Is a irennaneni. governmental agency. Treasury guarantee of Housing Administration insurance fuml debentures continues until July 1039, but insurance of home mortgages continues with a fund tlial now totals $15,000.000. This fund Is Increasing at. the rate of JSOO.OCO each month. The worst rotter in town Furniture Placing Important in Plan When the layout of a new house is made, the bedrooms should be arranged with special consideration as to privacy. They should open j directly on a common hall, without passing through other rooms: Open- Ings should be planned so as lo 1 provide for proper placing of Ixds I and other furniture. Adequale ven-' illation Is essential, and sunlight should be afforded at tonic time (luring the day, CERTAINTEED Fire Resisting Shingles Will Guard Your Home Against FIRE, WINDS and DRIVING.RAINS. A small monthly payment covers both labor and material. No Down Payment Required IUMBER - I'OO " LUMBER CO. BUILD - THIS : SUMMER Now is tliti ideal Unit; of tlic year to Iniild . . . tlie weather- is I'iivnniblc, building co.sls iii'c slill rpHsoiuiljlo mid loans arc eiisy for tlui iivorngn person who is rojriihrly ein- jiloynd. \\'K WILL IIICM> YOU NRGOTIATB KOR A ' I'MIA LOAN . . . I.OW INTUHKST HATKS AND I.ONO 'I'UKMM'AYftlBN'l'S ' r\ VkW. \U»tEB MOQi— IOO ARKANSAS ' I 10 WARRANTY 9 Everything about the new Nprge is "AS YOU I.IKE IT." Its flexible interior arrangement is the most convenient and accessible ever offered in aRollator Refrigerator. Come in. Let us show you the finest refrigerator you ever saw—and tell you how easily you can Afford to own it. DOWN PAYMENT AS LOW AS UP TO 3 YEARS TO PAY THE BAUNCE J. W. Adams, Mtrr,

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