Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas on November 7, 1968 · Page 24
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Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas · Page 24

Denton, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1968
Page 24
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PAGE TAVO -- srrnox rot R T H E D E X T O N R E C O R D . C H R O N I C L E Tinndaj, November 7. 1KI The World Of Vladimir Horowitz Is Expanding Rapidly NEW YORK (AP - The m-orld c.f Viaisur HorcmiU eipandirj rapidly. During November and December the 64 year-old pianist is playirg tit most ambitwuj eon- ctrl Kiedule he's uadertalea i x« he came out of a 12ear retirement, three years ago. He'i even forcing himself to take airplanes to scoe ot his engagements, in a deliberate tffort to lessen a fear of Eying. He and bis wife Wanda, mho is Artoro Tocanini'i daughter, hare bought a house and V acres in Connecticut after living in Manhattan for 25 jeari. They win move in Jan. 1. Horowitz has "retired" U'lce.'?''}'^? before the public igain. from 13X to "3J. after an Eness. ! H» says, for on thing, that he ,and from 1953 to "65. The latter jmuca prefers p'aying "live" to concert, for a one-:time, no reason was given; recording, because whe his m- 'hour television special this fall. Horowiti fust dida't play in pub- terpretation of a piece changes, the fa-it Lme he ever was Be. But he did resume making he caa play it the new w:y is a ! fliaed, will be rebroidcast on recordings and then came thejconccrt, while a recorded ver- Christmas Day. ["return ' concert--eiciting and sion is permanently fixed. | And Horowitz gave a few in- delighting a rrrarfe public which I Three years ago, h* says. "I teniews. despite the f»ct that had feared that this retirement though I could play tw«, or he doesn't Lie doing them, to f stress to people who seldom at roold be permanent. three concerts a year, but that No reason was jircn for the · is impossible. You have to play :tend concerts but might hear ^return, either. It is thought by'a certain amount of concerts to 'the TV CM. that classica tausic some that another man was;be trained. Now I do II or 15 a isn't difficult or unpleasant to being talked about as the best'year. That is fine." listen to. I pianist in the world asd that I For his "retarn'' concert. Hor- Horowi'z came back to the con- cwitz usrd a more neltowtoned iano han he had played be- DENTON CENTER FAMILY W BUCKET 10 IARCE PIECES (Ord»r«cf AH WhiU Pi«c«i 50e Extra) SUPER BUCKET$360 II IAKGE PIECES (Orders ef oil white Pieces 7Se Eitro) REGULAR ORDER . . . SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN cm stage to prove that that dis- tinctjon ttiS beteujs to Horo- ».tz the TV concert. ' I used to play Or perhaps he just felt lie a more brassy piano. Miybe I fore. Ke used the same oen for Agent Cites Time To Start Gardens was a more brassy person, and I'm more mellow ocw," he says with a smile. There are only a few ether differences from his career previously. "I practice lesi, but more orderly. I never rnlss one day cow, never, but practice not more than one or r»o hours. After four or five hours, you are tired. You are against yourself. It's all right for a youngster, but after a certain age it is not good to work too muds. The head goes tired. "I play modern music less and less, because I think it is a little a may from musk itself. I an still in m-isi?. "A!so. I don't lie to play evenings any moct. I play on Sunday or Saturday afternoon. My miid is the best, and the main thirj-I think the public feels There are always )*- for the h"me gardener and rljrht ro» is the time ti pive vrgftaM* and flower gardens a head start next spring. The job that win do it. points out four.ty Agent A! TWy. is the destruction of the wir.tfr homes of disease- causing organisms. Many gardeners, although familiar with plant diseases in the proMTig season, are rot always aware that the pests rassirtg the trouble remain alive during the winter. Xfurh lie the plants they attack. thr.=e organisms, such as fungi, bacteria, a-.d ircmatodes. become dormant during the winter. By knowing the places where these petfs spend the winter. 'I)cillOH*S F F \ they can be redoced in num-1 bers or even destroyed, thus I ICKS Pl'OJCrt flinvnating much of their dam- ·* ige rcxt spring and summer. The Denton Future Farmer of Favonte overwintering homes America will again be selling 'or the trouble makers are dead i grapefruit and oranges as a c.r diseased plant parts. The I fund-raising project. "nngas causing black spot of ros- j Anyone wishing to purchase a cs cvrra-inters on dead, infect- bo* may contact any FFA e-i leaves. Nematodes, though I member. the best. For aa eveair.j concert, there's not time between the office and the concert. The wife is saying. 'Hurry, we have only one hour.' And an afternoon concert is not a social event; you don't see too many diamonds, and at my concert they would wear them. Bjt I 'dcn't lie that. ''When I announce a concert n New York. lann ounc wiee ]in New York. I announce t*o alie. cot because I don't have [anything else to play but so more people can come than the ones who come just so they caa u:k about it" | la October and November. Horowitz is playing t»ire in New York and in Rochester. , NY.. New Haven. Com. Wash- lington, DC. and Philadelphia. During a flight to Washington for a concert last season, the plane circled for aa hour and someone taid to him. "You see. | you can stand it. You caa fly to ' Chicago." Horowitz. wh» believes that everyone shares his fear of flying but won't admit it. thinks indeed he could fly to Chicago and later this season, he may. Asked whether he has been back t» his native Russia in recent years, he says no. "1 would !like first to reach California; | it's 17 years lince I've beea .there. Fear of Eying is the problem, not p'.ayir.g the piano. But maybe if I start to fly one more hour, then one more, tie fear will p away. It is just in the making ncnr." Horowitz is eidled about his ] new home in the country. "I am tired from the b;j cities, the tension, air pollution, clai». I don't nave any office here; I caa play the piano anywhere. I lean come here to make records and play concerts." One problem in music that Horowitz taled about is that of intellect vs. emotioa. "There's too much thinking, too little feeling. "Among yourg pUnisfs. there's a trend to the cerebral approach- There are exceptions. We call those exceptions talent "The bra ia is the control of emotion; there has to be something to be controlled. The heart is the guide, the brain Is the control; what comes out has t have both." He's nervous before a coacert. Horowitz aiy$, but cot in a paa- ic. capable cf surviving in the soil. caa mtrwinler ia much larger numbers in the roots of infected plants nit destr.iyed la the fall. Bacteria causing diseases such as soft r^t of potatoes spend the winter in cull piles or other plant refuse. The county azent suzse that fallen leaves and branches be raked and burned. The stubble and roots of plant; removed from the garden should also be destroyed. A £0od cleanup job done now will not only put yon ahead rr\t spring but ran also reduce next spring and summer's disease problems, concludes Ffttv. « * O'Keefe Merxitt from TRITT'S November mcr!«» the b^Fnning cf ihe social »easen in Denton. We've a level/ collection of formal* end after-five dreites . . . by leading fosnion designers. See Our Formals Priced From $25 fo $120. 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