The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1949
Page 5
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 19« THl NAT/ON TODAY— New Minimum Wage-Hour Law To Bring Many Problems for Nation's High Courts to Solve By Jamm Mario w WASHINGTON, Oct. 27. (if)— You're »n employer. There's * new minimum wage-hour law. You want to know right now precisely what each Hem in It means and how It .ffects you, your business your employes. . At this moment no one can glre an answer saying what the law means In every possible case. Generally, this much Is true- Most employes, employers and Businesses covered by the old law which was passed In 1938, are covered by the new law. But the new law has removed some people (rom coverage and has made some other changes as well. It will go Into force late in January. The outstanding change: Every*— - : ____ ._ covered by the law now cents an hour. Under the old" law tne minimum was 40. But there were other changes, some of them slated in such clear language by Congress that no one can misunderstand them. Tor example: Ploye Is really covered by the law. For example: Under the old law an employe was covered if he was considered necessary for production of goods in a firm engaged In interstate commerce. . for examnlp 'thot. John _BEH-HCVILLE-(AltE.y- COURIER -NEWS -"'"'-• "**• lur example, 'thot. John A public telephone exchange, and Jon . es WM » window jher in such its operators, are exempt from the I ? /"'"'• If tn <> Wage-Hour Admin- minimum wnge and overtime pro- lstratlo n ruled that Jones' window- Vision*: r\f rVio Ion. tf n,„* «v WflSnini? was A "ncr>ect-., ,.*, tf «.>.». " _* visions of the law if—that ex- visions of the law if— that ex- :y""""g was a "necessary" part "o changcserves less than 750 stations. " e ' lr ' n ' s business, then he was A MinviKnr nf r.n,^.. i, ..,:,,„„,-„,- covered under A number of other businesses a»tl their employes are also exempted, clearly, under the new la-'. But the law's effect on other businesses and their employes is ' far less clear, it's so unclear, in fact, that It probably will take years, before court decisions say precisely what the effect, is in dif- fferent cases. Courts May B* Very Busy That's why—because of lack of clarity In the law—the wage-hour administration experts, who Interpret the law and l»y down the rules, can't at this time give opinions covering every possible case. , So, If you have any doubts as to how this new law affects you, your business or your workersi do one of two things: 1. Ask the wase-ho;:r Administration for & ruling in your case. 2. Ask your lawyer. If you do No. 1 and rinn't like ^the decision the Wage-Hour Ad- Jfsinfstration gives yon and then decide to ignore it, you'd better be ready for a court fight. It's the Job of the Wage-Hour Administration to sec that the law, and its interpretation of the law. are lived up to. Hecause no one ^ at this time give an explanation that will fit all possible cases, it's clear the final answers wo:i't be in for years- Because various employers and their lawyers will decide that rulings 'handed down under the now law by the Wage-Hour Administration arc contrary to what Congress intended when it wrote the law. So they'll take it court. Judges— Including the justices of the Supreme court—M the end will have lo clear up a number of question* able points under the new law. .In a general way the law applies to all employes of businesses that have interstate comnr?re or produce for interstate commerce. But this is only general. The law makes some exceptions. Cilcs Difficult Example And in some cases it's the work done, by the individual employe— in a business covered by the law '•" whether that em- LINE DRIVE-IN THEATER Box Office Opens Hi 6:JK Show Staffs 7:M Z Miles North of Thursday & Friday Saturday , covered under ill 6 olH law But the new Ian knocks out the ford "necessary" and says the aw applies only to people con'- . essential" to the Ion of goods in interstate :ommerce. Now, then, under tne u- .v law Is , , . w s Jones covered? Can he be considered "directly essential" to tile firm's mismess? The same question might nse in the case or, elevator oper- itors. scrubwomen, and so on. H the Wage-Hour Administration now rules that washing windows is "directly essential" to the Iirms work, the employer may >'gue: "He's not essential. I can itlll run my business without clean wmdotvs." Then he calls In liis lawyer and tne figlit starts in c onrt> to have a judge [inally decides whether Jones Is covered by the law. Police Arrest Negro With Counterfeit Bills PINE BLUFF, Ark., Oct. 27—</Fj —A.young Chicago Negro and 100 counterfeit $10 bills were turned over lo Secret Service agents by. Pine Bluff police yesterday. Police Chief Met Galligher said Lee Reed, 24, Chicago, was arrested after he attempted to pass a counterfeit bill at a local garage. Galligher said he .had ?1,000 worth of bogus money In possession. A Secret Service agegt described the bills as purporting to be "federal reserve notes drawn on the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis."' Galligher said his men Brid Sc< ,_ ret Service agenls are seeking two other men believer to have been with Reed.- Stationed on Cruiser Oils L. White, aprentice seaman USN. of Carnthersville, Mo. is currently stationed aboard the heavy cruiser USS Rochester which is fating part In joint Navy-Marine cold weather exercises off the coast of Labrador. A syrup produced from corn cobs resermbles maple syrup: PROSPECTORS ARRIVC-A group of prospectors, their equipment and land from nearby Fairbanks, Alaska, io jo'u the «earcn for fiold Tl Earl Hirst, Jim,Magoffin, pilot and Sam Gambling. (AP WIrephoto). m Ldcuiinn, Fire Loss Drop Seen for 1949 Wf \\t vnotr I-HTI^A-V r«n-. . NEW YORK —(NBA)— The nu-fr- tion's fire loss, which has soared more than 130 per ,cent In seven years is expected ' to drop this year for the first time since 1942. As officials all over the country observed Fire Prevention. Week this month, a preliminary estimate by the. National Fire Protection Association figures the probable 1949 loss at $660.000,000, as against last year's record peak of $125,000,000. Tiie deer-ease, however, gave of- ficals no cause to relax their (ire prevention efforts. The 1949 loss will still lie more than double the $315,000,000 worth of property destroyed by flames seven years ago. Percy Bugbee, general manager of NFPA. which sponsors Fire Prevention Week, views the decline, as an indication more people are "becoming fire-conscious and are following standard recommendations for eliminating fire hazards. As proof that fire prevention measures will work, Bugbee cites the experience of Dos Moines, la., which set out to see if the high record of roof fires, fifth-ranking fire hazard, could tie curbed. In 1935. ,Des Moines put into effect a city building code prohibiting future application of flammable roofing and requiring that asplhalt 'shingles or other fire- resistant, roofing be used. When the. new code was passed, city records showed that 52 per cent ol all building fires in the preceding five years had been attributed to chimney sparks falling on flammable roofs. Today, by steady enforcement of the code, the record of fires from the same origin has dropiKd to 11 per cent. "All major hazards would be as easy to eliminate as flammable roofs," says Bugbee, "but unfortunately not all hazards- can be fought successfully by legislation." Carelessness among smokers (or instance, is one of the nation's top fire causes." "'Mast fires are due to human I Have you turned your husband mio a "silent partner" when It comes lo family life? You have—if: You accept Invitations for Hie two ol you without first consulting him. You don't ask him to go along when ;-ou select a new piece of furniture for the house. You make up the guest list lor your parties w"hout eve-- showing it to him or asking him if there Is anybody he'd especially like to have. You decide Important matters concerning the children all on your own instead of telling them. "Your f-lhcr and 1 will tpiv- it over." You'd be furious if he ever invited somebody to diner on the spur of the moment, telling you what lie has done instead of asking If it would be all right. Do You Fore* Friends an Him? • Your 'mutual" frier-Is are actually "your" friends and vour husband is supposed lo like them for the simole reason that yon like them or think they are "worthwhile." You do -ill the family budgeting —because you feel you are a better manager. You help the children "get around" tiieir father—helping them keep things (rom him they don't want him lo know ab—l,. and helping them io ge* their oivii wny. You feel free lo veto any plan of your husband's that doesn't suit * WE, THE WOMEN * Bj Klith MtlJrtt. NEA Slafl IVrlle, Your Husband Shouldn't Be 'Silent Partner' in Marriage your convenience. It's fairly c: ,sy ( o lur- an easy- OIIIB husband into a "silent part- er"—because so many men nrc lad to be relieved of any responsibility around home. The trick is lo get a marriage on the basis of a partnership In which hot)- husband and wife have nn qual say—and lo keep It there. Records show that the Arctic :crn, whose Ings were banded in Maine and Labrador in July, migrated to southern France and western Africa in the fall. One bird flew more In,™ 8,000 miles when less than four months old. Woman is Victim Of Cafe Hold-up Foiled by Owner Real Estate and Loan Firm Plans Expansion Ort'anlwition of Hie A. T. Earls Heal Estate and Loan Company which will maintain four otdces In TUI.SA. Okla., Oct. 27. </P>—Mnr- '"""Ihcasl Missouri towns, was an- 'ha Quinlin, 10, of Chicago, brooded """"ced today by A. T. Earls Jail tortny—[he victim of n hold- ""'""" i|> thai (lopped. She pleaded innocent yesterday before Pleas Judge Stanley 0. Ed- nister to a cluuge of attempted obbory and Is being held for fall- 110 to make $5.000 bond. PrelimI- iy hearing was set for Nov. 5. Martlm was held at eiliipolnl for »lloe Monday night by West Tulsu •afc operator A. n. Russell. Her •our companions were returned today lo face iMfrglnry charges in Knnsns city. Commission Seeks Name For New Memphis Bridge MEMl'llIS. Oct. 27—Ol'i—The Memphis u nd Arkansas brldue commission will meet Tuesday to HBUIC out n name for Hie $15000000 four-bnc highway spun'cross- ing the Mississippi River hero The meeting was culled ycs'ter- «y by Commission Chairman E. II. Crmi.., who says Iw personally prefers "Memphis and Arkansas Free Urlrigc." The oilier 14 members' of (he commission, in a recent action voted lo nnrne the structure the "EH. Crump Brldgx," Hut Crump declined the honor. Veterans groups In .»lh Arkansas and Tennessee hnve asked Hint the span—scheduled to open io traffic nlx>nt .Tan. 1—be limned "Memorial Bridge." nounced owner. The (Inn was organised lo buy sell and Irado farm lands in Si?ulh- eiist Missouri and Northeast Arkansas. Associated wllh Mr. Earls In Ihc now firm are G. E. Oolladay of Sikcston, Lewis W. Stone of Lil- "«irn and Norvel W. Duncan of RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. PAGE FIVE ••••^^•M Ktnnett. The firm will maintain ottle« to Lllbourn, Slkeston, Kennett anil Uakervllle. Mr. Earls said he has been a real f.tiaie agent for the last 1« jean prior to organizing this firm. NEW Box Op«D« Week Uajn 1:N »«., Madnee Saturday & Smndays Mat-San. 1 p.m. Cant. Showing Manila, Ark. Show* EVER! NIGHT I.iisi Time Tocliiy "SKY LINER" wllli RiciiKrd Travis and I'xniela Bhke Ncivs & Short I'Yiilny * Saturday "BEYOND THE PECOS' wltli Hod Ciimci'cn Curliion i Serial Last Time Today 'YELLOW SKY" with Ortiory Ftttt and Anne Baxter Also Short* Friday "Oh, MY DARLING CLEMENTINE" Abo Shurli Saturday "SOUTH OF DEATH VALLEY" witli Charles Starred Also Shorls carelessness of one kind or another." Bugbcc points out. ":md there's no way to write a law a- salnst that." YOU'RE WARM and LOVELY in o coot by COATS AC* SUITS The pretty Ricemor model illustrated features smart mink tails which trim the winter coat of all-wool broadcloth, in an attractive modified box silhouette. 59 95 Choose your winter coat from our complete selection of smart styles and colors . . ivith new low prices heginiiing at 516.05. Your size is here. Use Our Lay Away Plan FEINBERG'S First Showing in Ittylhcville Open G:30 • Adiills 50c Rendezvous for Stolen Romance! Also Cartoon • News • Pool ball Fri. Sat.^^rr 2 Big Hits Also Sonny Tufts in "Swell Guy" BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE I.asl Day • Open 6:;iO Also Also Two Sporl Kcjls Kri.-Sat. = —DOtJBI.K FEATURE— Jackie Cooper in "French f.eave" Also. "TTnnVr Arhona Skies" PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET 1044 West Chickasawba i™W\l\E I Phone 2043 Tender Chuck Tender, Baby Beef ££L Show fall ApP etlt€s ' BEEF ROAST -- ib. 49c LOIN or CLUB STEAK - ib.69c liroflkficltl BREAKFAST LINKS ... Lb .55' Kcclfwil's SLICED BACON Lb .55' TEKDER PIG LIVER „; 29' High (Jnirie, f ( 'irm FRESH PURE.LARD •:,..8-.u.p.ul" Del Monte SPICED PEACHES No. 25/2 Jar American Lady Turnip, Mustard, or Kale GREENS 3 I £T 29* tbs. (ioclcliiiux Pure CAKE SUGAR 10 While Dough FLOUR ,.. )0 ,i, 79 ,25 , h , T Jack Sprat WHITE confirm 10 „. .59- Maker's I'l-cmiuni BAKING CHOCOLATE ,„ ,„.40' K.\lra Qiuilily Long Grain LONGFELLOW RICE ni 27' 1 I.b. 3-07.. Can Chicken CHOW MEIN , CHOP SUEY 69 I'Vec Cup & Saucer with FRESH PURE LARD 8 „ „„ T 5 Scott TOWEL ROLLS 125 Ft. Roll, Diamond WAX PAPER 21* Diamond, 80 Count PAPER NAPKINS 2pkgs. 23c

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