The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1933
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER BLYTnEVnj,E. (AM.) COUR1E1'. NEWS PAGE THREE Learn to Work With Hands foiled German Jews Arc i Building Farm Colony I in France. BV MORRIS OI1.HKKT S'RA Srrvife Start Corfrspjintlciit PAHIS.—Halt an hour on; -Jt this city a little TSW.M community ot youthful Jewish icl r .;iu---s fro:)'. Germany is rising. Il may—'.r '.'may noi—>;olvo the dilhc'.iH uvah- 1cm of v:hat. to do with Germany'.; JBVCS K»IO have flrd to Prance from li:c Hitler persecution. Whal<vor it. succeeds in doing, it is attempting <o lum so-called "ink-!- j lectuals" Into farmeis. I Tl!C work K being undertaken , Ijy a distinguished tr.ii'.der — the man who made the suburb; ol Berlin such garden-spots as to b - thc envy of the world. It is beins done quite apart from the "refugee committees" and charitable organizations, which lYem-h Je'.vs and Gentiles have fouuled 10 help ths thousands who have fli-d lu rtimce from the Hitler projram. NOTED BUIU1EK GUIDES PROJECT Funds are being raised, land lias | been bought, work has been start- i ed. by German Jews themselves.' led by Hugo somincrfeUl, the great Berlin builder. He is jus.1 the man to start this work, since he had long experience in Greece in constructing the seltleii'.env.; where throngs of Armenian aid Greek refugees fleeing from Turkish atrocities are now living in place, security, and happiness. But the experiment- of trying to liini younx IVain-wnrkers into manual workers'— college [>:ofes- sor$, doctors, lawyers end other professional men inlo farmers—^ \vhat. Is most fase'.niimg about the new venture. In that way it resembles, In a ar.a!! way. iho lie-1 NEXT WEEK at Blythevilles Theatres rut Prisoners Line Up After Surrender In Havana Donald Column in the iamous Heather Angel, JUUIIB ttigllsh dual roles of "The Mflsquerader" newcomer lu i):e American screen comes lo the Itiu Theatre Sunday |- ihe younr lover who, In subse- Miil Monday. ic.uent year.-., 1-, the means thiouiih In iis orlflivil play I'oun, one oMuhlch iho mother rlTectc h?r own the most suejcss-Iiil melodramas i u-lorin, Otlms in the east are line world Ims i VIT seen was made 1 Maurice Muipli}. lledda HUOJUT. 'out ol the strung human story | Viands Foul. Jay Ward and ol two men who so closely re-, 1 ranees filch. A number of screen M-mbled t-iicli uthi-i Uuit neither .-tur* ot the ptist have Important iwlfi nor iiiLslii'.*, eoutd b.< .sure, <io!r-s. Among are Lucille La lili.-sa l.:uidl, v.-hu brought, sol \Yrtic, Cluirli-y tirnpevrln, Robert iiiili'li warmth and vitality lo "The j Wai wick. Iflulw Carter mill Hetty j Rliiii of Ibe Cra;s." and Jilliiite H'.vthe. ' I'oinplon huve the leminine leails \ —— v.'iih C'oliiinn's dual roles. David] Dramatic M^ry uf picM'iil-day Toirence. Il.tllr.vell llobbcs, Crelgh- turbuli'iit eondillmis In this na:ion lla!e and Helen Jerome Eddy i are in the ca-.t. Siiimii'l Cloldwyn has given his g,ru<iiii-iliin of the English melodrama a blight bai/kgK'Ui'd | iiriiinti is Ihe l.ilxir tipiisiiiRS and ' : '!I:LI! crisis thai are Ihe of 1.-.union today. How- lien's v, hem i-uiinlry interwoven with two iimiiiiii'Cs, "C'o!di-n llar- ii-M." I'&i.iniO'.iiif.s latest Churli-s H. Rogers production, L; modern seutnp;. | pluylnf in llir- Hit/. Theatre Thurs- tor its human ' day and Frlir.iy. I/.'i»llns roles are taken by lUch- aid Allen. Chester Morris, Oi'iie- l .'kvc Tobin, [U->fo Aate.s iind Julie i d lu lM«l>rook adapted Ihe play; Huydon. It Ls the first of ten pic- i; M-reeii; it Ls based on John [lures which Mr. Rogers Ls to |iro- ! Hunter Month's dniiuiitluiliun ofjcuc;' for IMrumoiuil this year, i tin- novel by Kuthcrine Cecil j The story tells of the hlruyiilc 1 Thurston. i oi the moilern American farmer ! In las direction of "The Mas-1 to combat the ruinous influence of querad^r." Richard Wallace has [the trading pit. It It pictured | made It a successor to lib. impre.s- • through tin- eyes o[ two brother.-;, 1 Ulh born on the liirni. Tne elder bicoine.s a wlu-al speculator, \vith hotel il ottlcers of thu Cuban army, loicnl to sur rentier after a ilcsiurnle deftn™ of the Notional In Iliiuma. vihi'iv tlwy hail uairiciulvil Ihi-m rflvcs. are shown here tin v.htle suits) us they were llnod ii[s under ijiiurd of solillcrs niter their tapHisiitllon. roster llmt Includes such not: megaphone achievements as "Sev.-n Days' Leave," "Tomorrow Cuban Wounded Helped From Battle Scene his eye on r. fortune, who drives AUOVE-Masier Builder Hugo Sommerfold Instructs a velopmt-nt. of the great Jewish com-i y omi^ Jewish "tefugees whom" he hopes to make Inlo peasants in- rauntly of Tel-Aviv in Palestine, steai f o[ doctors, lawyers or merchants. haven' of Jews from ail over I-.'/ world, and no'.v a thriving Mediterranean meuop'/.is. Here is how Heir Soinmurfc-ltl defines the duties, p'j-poses, :n\l luture o£ his new. model commun- '!•.•: of BELOW-Abandoning theiv intellectual pursuits, Jewish refugees from Germany lay Ihe foundation of a building i>t "La Tour." Montesson. a new community wnich they are starling uear Pans as an independent effort to solve their problem. ' nil Tomorrow," "Shopworn Angel" i nown the price o[ wheat, unthlnk snil "The Right to Love." -h'B of Its ellect. upoi; tin; i'urmi-r. . • The picture reaehes il.s clinuix "iMigrimagi'." the new Fox drama, j wlu-n the brci'.iu-rs finally combine itmes to Ihe Hill Theulre on j in i iltspentte elforL to saw the Tue.sday to remain for an en-! larmiers, uslnj- the .strike as a mminent of tv.o day.;. It. is'ihrpnt 10 tcilsttr prices. The hu- jhertililtd us onr of the oulslatiii-i man i-o,uftlion Lsuises llii'ir tinroi- iii-j motion pLlure productions olliial fiiihiri. 1 tr:L resull.s in their the ciirn-nt se:von. jiv:-mual luippi:ie.-«. The story ot the- lilm is re-1 . i t:orted as one 01 the most- unus- j "Charlie Chan's Grualcs'. Cas?," I ual ever io he presc-nted on the; llir nev l-'ox |>ri'tiuctiun clrplillni; ! ^cieen. It revolves ftround thej'.'i 1 li\iE;,t iidventuK-s uf Ihut fu- 'iovs ol a mother for her son | IMIIIS llxwailiai detictive. come.-i which become-: so tense that it! t 1 ; the lilt?. Tiitatre Saturday, turn;; into a burning hatred. It is | The., picture leunlu-s -the three the story of a mother who sends] I'erscn'ali'.ies thut hnvi- nuried the her son io war ?nd death in or-; inlmltabli- Chrxrlin Chtm to the dei to keep him from marrying | heights ol .screen popuUrlly. "Oar m'-tho'Ji Chanve profession. "Our slrcnglh: T.-.e v.-il! of a race. "pur objecti Independence through communiuii ivith the soil." IV RICH FARM REGION The ns-v; Tel-Aviv in France is .vitiiatetl \vithin half an hour ui Paris, in the little villige of Mont- i-ison. You readi it by way of the Seine, passing' through the ancient town of St. Cicrmain-er.-Laye. H is in the center ol rich agricultural country in the very hcnrl of the beautiful region called the "He de France." These days, the sound of liam- mers and saws resounds in the sirenble acreage which Herr Som- merfcld. aided by other refugees, managed to buy. Enthusiasm makes up for skill, even though many a sore liiumb more accustomed to turning Ihe leaves of a UOOK man lo handling a stone-chisel has been nice!}- mauled. There are i-cms three-score young and vigorous German ••intellectuals" who ar: building Ihe Montesson property in- lo its essential shape under Herr botnmerfcld's guidance. A house o; two on the estate was taken over, revamped, cleaned and made habitable by the building force v:hile they went ahead with the woik Women refugees—one of t.'.cin being the sister of a world-famous Berlin banker—do the scrubbing tl:e cooking, the other menial work The job is progre.s-.iiHi. In a short time now the community svil be in working order and ready for expansion. Then Hen- Snmmcrfeld' experiment will have it3 op.-i chance of SIICCK-.-. DIRECTOR A FRENCHMAN "The large pnrl of lhc German emigration." Herr Scmmcrield d.; dared, laying aside his rolls o plans and his mcasiiriny-tape to an instant, "consists of intelltctu als. doctors, lawyers, journalist writers, Inventors, without forget tins a good number of merchant. It's clear enough that at som point, in all U'.ese branches of ac tivily. the supply exceeds Ihr d? mand. If these iwople, driven 01 ol Germany, are lo have s chance of gaining a the must first o: all quit ;h?se ovc crowded professions and take ui> calling which iKKnis""s niankin namely agriculture or other phys cal labor." Herr Sommerfcld and his aid A Banner Climb P.T.A.NCWS ihe girl he loves. She is philosophically coiutii!' with the fact tlm the girl will not, have her icn, even if it does nifan that, he must remain only a memory in T own heart. ii5h him from Sudbury Parent-Teacher Group Hears Brief Talks The Sudbury P. T. A. mel Wednesday afternoon and heard an interesting program which included several two minute talks. Ntrs. Ivcr.ior, Morris discussed- "School In My Day" and Mr. Charles A. Stubbs' subject was "Exhibits ol Old Uooks and Hapir.s". "Modern School Equipment" was Ihe topic discussed by Mrs. Webster, and Mr.<=. Spami lalki-tl on "Modern gchcol Books". ' . An interesting address was given by Mr. L, E. Tnll on "What IE Educaiion?". Mrs. L. C. Posey gave the president's message. Mrs. O. ' J. Hod- B ers is the new president of the group. Mrs. Wtbstev and Miss Hublei lied for haviiii; the most mother.-; present. Each won $1 prizes. Langc school will have a ' clay Saturday. The first aid kit at Centra Ward school has just been hlled by the child welfare chairman I.irs. R. E. Blaylock. Beginning next Monday calls wil bi- made to check up on the summer round-up v.ork that was done I in the spring by the Central i' T. A. ! The project this month for th: j ji-nior and senior high schools wa ro have the entire tootball tetn i given physical examinations. ta$ City P. T- A. Council ! Cleared $80 With Poo j The cit-y council of the Blythe i ville Parent Teacher Assocbtio I met Tuesday morning at the hlg 1 school auditorium with the idcnt. Mrs. C. W. Arllick. presl Mrs. A. O. Hudson is sccretar oi the group. There were 40 men i beis present representing Ihe pa i ti)l-leacher associations of the five I local schools. i The treasurer's rei>orl showed that the council cleared 584.80 on It is an nil-new story u \uslly dillerent situation... .and an t-n- trussing atmosphere In which Char- iie Chfin solves • hLs greatest, and most inlrlciile c-jse. Warner Slie Iries loinpaln poiliiiys this bland dciecllve ht-r (.<uiM.-ience. | v,liu.w quaint and human phlloso ic is strong in her determination I pby have dcli.Uu.ed audiences foi drive him from her life. But! UT.IS. Karl I>:rr !i!5gc« whosi laler years, she ssei jus'.- such romance as xux her son's beiJis nattered by a selfish mother, and ic devotes herself to Ihe saving tvvo strange lovers. Henrietta Crosriian.. who will be :mc-inbe]':d for her splendid chnr- MHorous pen created this plctur ctque character, has here placei him In a situation unpreccdentei in detective literature. Hamllum Macl^dltn did ihe directing.. Heather Angel has' the Ic-adini leminine role hi this Him, anil cu-r portrayals on both Ihe static ! ir her blgfesl screen part to. dale nd the screen, plays ihe leading Other.-i In the c.iil are .Roacr Im olo of Ihe mother who knows It • hotl, John Warbm ton. Walter By nol tco lal.- to eorrecl her life's! ion. l\nn Simpson, Virginia Cher reaiesl error. Normtin Foster; I 111, Francis Ford. Koljert Warwick lays the pan ot Ihe son she sends! Cl&ude King. Willium Stnck, Glor his death; and Marirm Nixon is I Roy. and Cornelius Keefe. Leslc Pt-n .as ills sv.'ce'.hcail. Ihs Inno-ICole and Marion Ortli adcptcd th em viclim of the mother's wrath.! stoi-y for (he screen. Victims I of woiimLi in the oriiccrs' revolt In lltt\-nna v nre .iho-.vh here being helped, tram 'the of battle at ilii> National hotel, alter tlicy hud siirrjndervd. They are being transferred una-r military guanl. ' ' scent THE ;\S don't v.orld will • end ' if I, bed and mush and'.!. Imijprtam. roles in' ihe picture filled by trunk Morgan, May every nl<;hl HI nine o'clock! I liobion, Una Mtrkel. Bodil Rosing. n't want to bo a national] N«lla Wall:er mid Herbert Evans. Mlitutio::; 1 wuni Io bo like oilier;' and' the cast aL=o includes four /Iris. 1 want a btau!" That is the bitter cry ol Glory ; Eden, the Purity Girl of the Air. portrayed by Ginser Rojeis in; •Professional Sweetheart," RKO-' Hadio lectures' burlesque of n dio ircaucaslini. at the Rosy Theatre, Fluidity and Monday. Glory juis fame insteiid of love, im?!! i:!?teud of caviar, and JuHk :>stead ol champiiyiiij. She is well • Ihe lupsic-Wippsiv Wash Cloth 'iiur mid must, remain as pure and •iitotichcd as UK- Ipswich uafh •loth .slie exploits. Dt-fyiirg her ponsors, she tc.irs up lic-r contract, dcstroyinir her morality u'.embfis of original Theatre Gi.itd production. Henry Travers, Edimrdo Cianiiflll. mill Morris Bela Loblov Wilson Society — Personal The Woman's Missionary'soclety i-f the Methodist church -held n buEiiiets and social mecthis Tucs- t,ay ' uflcmoon ut iho hotne ol Mrs. fc'.. W. FevgiL-oii. ^fr!. Herbert bulllvan presided. Mrs. Carl Bird gave a report of the district :s Visiting her grandson,' N. lljuarrell took her son" to. a clinic Jr., uml John during Ihe ^absence there for on exaininatlpn.. : . Ol Dr and Mrs. N. B. Ellis. . I Mr. and Mrs. Buster Wells;and • Mrs. Anna Davidson returned lo Mesdames Ernest- Johnson .and St. Loals Thmsdny after visiting Hush Lewis and. children,'an? three weeks with her son, II. C.;Miss • Haltlo Pern -Lutes motored Davidson and Mrs. Davidson. I to Memphis. Tlnirsday .on. a busi- liev. H. M. U'tMs left Thursday!"^ ««1 -pteasuro -Wp. : - , . for RussclMlle lo ntlend the Ar- ns3s MeihodUt Student conter- I dice. He wus to return. Saturday. meeting at Shawnee. presented The hilarious adventures of a couple - of riveters who liked lo climb high in the world so that their range ot vlMon for Ihc Indies would be increased provide a busis for "Fast Workers," which Iriiiisa John Gilbeit lo Ihe Ho?y s-reen Friday and Saturday in a lole thiil has all the punch and romance bravado ol his unforget- ! table part in "The Ills I'arade." Robert Arniitiong is seen tract, dcstroyniir her morams : G|Ibc| . t . s comp ^ nju ,, throughout a clause, and flatly refuses to rc-! £Srlcs of thrm3 on , op 0( sl:y . =l;n unless she is iwrnuttcd 10 FcrBpers and all)0rous encounters irink. smoke, net. ::«. rich foiJs., m Ul( . ounil (ha , lcjcl lo a May on! rill nijht. dance, lllri nr.d tlnnt i ]ul ,, £ij lnax ^Nci'm^'' 1 5 Fo''t"r" C '\s co featured rttK 1''°'' c ' L ' nls wiih the activitie- v,-ith Mto RogVro in'-Hro'fessional^ 1 ° wmfr and Buckcr 0!1 mgl) fav.'eelhenrf as the Dream Man.! « lraers Gregory Rtuofl portrays Ipswich,; and Zusu Pills. Allen J Frank McHugh :LIKI Lucien eld nre ii: other prominent roll.-. I Mrs. K. M. intcrestiny collection of hand-mnde nrticlcs, iin'ios, and photographs, made by ihe natives 01 Brazil. China and Africa. The display is Ihe prop- .rly of N'trs. D. W. Thomas, con- lerence superintendent ol children's v.erfc. rayt-tleville. who nssembled the collection. t C * The Wednesday bridge club re- Us incrtinjis this week with BAKERSFIELD, '.Cal., • (UP) — Sandwich stands aiid/.'the' l ' Hayti Society —. Personal 'Hie Woman's Missionary Union of the Baptist church met at the home of Mrs. M. Fry with 10 members and one visitor present. At this meeting Mrs. L. L. Seller; Joined the union. • Charles Trainor and Wendell j Hall visited with friends In Ben-1 . .. be conspiclous prlnc'ipalfy . because of their absence. 'along-.- ihe, new Ooldeh SUte Highway In 'Kern County. The- Board .'of Sup»ryl$ors tecentiy passed an' ordlrisnce'. forbidding construction of -such buildings along the road. ''•'."• G. G. Caudill General Insurance IDS N. Broadway Phone 191 .Mrs. H. C. Drnndon as hostess | ton Thursday, -nd Mrs. S. A. Regenold as a. Mendel SlmlnbcrK attended to I ues! Mr.-. J. li Crnin held high [ business in Melnpbis Thursday. I ..mi-,,. Mrs. E. !I. Unrrell Jr., and son, i small! accompanied by Mesdames Ada' Nichols and O. M. Kelley and Misses Gladys and Viola Nichols, motored lo Memphis Monday. Mrs. 1 the Indies who pro! vide romantic inlcro.'.t lor them on link sateen banner bearing In *-hile tellers (be words: "HANDS 3FF CUBA." The cilmb, whlctt .vould have meaut deatb or Krave have divided up the aspirant farm- |- n| , lrv (r hc na rt slipped, look two er s into groups of ten each. Age , 01 ,,- 5 Bm he lin -lere's tlio nerll-fraugbt cpctiinial rip that I'ollceinnii William En- . .. . _.__ selbart had to make up a slippery, ! the svimming pool project under- lo-foot Oaspole atop New York't | inken during the summer. The 'itj Hull—all because Comnmn- jiegnbr routine business of the Bts hart hoisted there a eat m on- [council was transacted and dis- i tusstorts held for co-ordinating i 'he various activities ol the local ' .-ssociations. I Reports were made by the fol- V of admission to this community sixteen years and trie course is twelve montlis. The groups are supervised by experts in various branches of agriculture and rural economy. The director L; — properly enough—a Frenchman, a na- llve of Die region, and <m authority in tigricullural tcchnimic. Tlic organization of th? community, however. 13 entirely Jewish, and there arc social courses outside t)-,e agricultural and building side. There are conferences, films, excursions. There are goit- fral discussions of procedure tor the group, which is a small and l-.omogemcus democracy. Theoretic instruction mingles with practical experience. Herr Sommcrleld points out. "Tile young people," he de dared, "must nol only assimilate the essential notions of their new Iwnner otto Kqchltlzfcy, program: Mrs Hunter Sims, publicity: Mrs. H. A irofcssion of farming but must at- i smith standards of excellence so accustom themselves to man-! M j SS Ann i c .vuude McCorvey, ual work In the field which they have chosen to live in." For that reason, it was pointed out on a visit to the Monlesson farm, there are no servants, all the work of l-.ousc and field bcingr done by the pupils themselves. Canada's Fish Week Sfl MONTREAL. (UP) — Canada's "fish week" will be hold from Oct. .10 to Nov. 4. it was decided at the 18th annual meeting of tl-.e Canadian Fisheries Association here. During the week the association will launch a Dominion-wide publicity campaign to make Canadian.-, "eat more fish," P«rent- education; Mrs. Byron Morse publicity; Mrs. Monte Isaacs, pro ject: Mrs. J. E. Critz, safety; Mrs N B. Menard, summer round-up Mrs. Russell Farr, fine nrls. One of the chief projects of in- city council this school year wa Ihe participation In the NRA driv I to sign up Individual citizens. Miss Luna Wilhelm, of the hlg school faculty, who will be 1 cl argc of the study course for th council ihis uinler. made lhc In itial assignment of the course i parliamentary vludled." 'law which R«»d Courier News Want Ails Jenkins ' tlle ground. Th, y have an agree- Tuesday. L ;.,],.." inent that when one begins to tak< Mrs. tkldl?. Rcgi-noid and 0:1, John Ed, find Mrs. Warner •ic'dison of Vicloila were guests 1 Mrs. George Herror. Tuesday. Mrs. Wiillcr Wallace and daughter, Mitxine. visited friends i.i Memphis Tuesday. Mrs. H. C. Davidson and small daughter. Alic; Ann. were guests o! Mrs. R. i!. Rr.blnr.on at Kelscr • BEER 5c - IOC • loc BORUM'S :. girl seriously, the other can imve William Seller dirci t-.'d from llaur-: ^ Watkin's screen-play. chance at her. If he succeeds i in compromising her the marriage ' ip off. Bucker meets a xirl with ^.^ U ^^£± ^^yr sr.f-^ ^Oberl E. rth r n,<viis st:i*.- ina S -|i™P hs ° r n » n - w " - 1:<I Jlb « lrl erpiece, "Reimio: 1 hich supplied A ii ,ynn Fcmlanne v.-i'li iosl f.uccessful vehicles. The I" : Airs. Halph Hobiiison Mrs. Vienna" '"' ! * 11 "' a mieslionnble resort. . jp'j I Buckrr's anger is deadly. He of liu-ir I l-' lsl| i-« Gunner from a girder, inak '" 8 lhc acci ~ _ j cent. Gunner's fall Ls broken a fev. itorles down and his life Is saved. Bucker discovers lhat Ihe girl Is not worthy of hLs love and they Ihe week-end will! iclallves her olkiiK-p'clnr.. 1 ver.-.ion of the not d play will be shown starting Tuesday at Iho Roxy Thentiv with John UfiiTvinot 1 . 1 starred »nd .,...,. , Diana WynysiM. of "Cavalcade" P-' 01 " '"vile Jier ^Jeave. .?.me. in the leading feminine role. | In Ihe original stage version of I •Reunion in Vienna," the story! =pen?d In tilt; Knip household with 1 the faded i;lory of Vienna talked mi, bit not .seen. In Ihe curnml film version, however, ihe jalattal 'plendor of Iho royal court and the magnificence of the W court so- -ial life are depicted. Barrymore is said to be ideally mited lo the role of the mad Hapsburj archduke, Rudolf, who retmns lo Vlennn to rekindle the .omance of the royal court d(S,vs. Mi?.s Wynyard is his leading woman for the second time, ha\1ng recently :iorcd with him In "Ras- putin and the Empress." Eddie Rcgenold k-It Wednesday lor u two v,;-eks vlsil ivilh thflr p»r- cntf, Mr. and Mrs. John Moore, [ at Grenada. MLsv ' Mrs. John Enoch* Grain ;,i>eiit I Wednesday in O.-ci-oln. the guest I of her patents. Mr. ;md Mrs. L). I. Filer. Mr. nnd Mr.;. L. L. T.Uum and daughter. Lou Lime, of Allai'.ta. Oa.. Mr. and Mrs. Myall McGscM and daughter. Mlldied Ann. of Washington. D. C.. are Ihe guests I 01 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lane. j| 1 Mrs. Robert Clayton is seriously -ill at the Bnptlst hospital in Mem- I phis. 1 Ed Williams of Nashville, Tenn., '••as Ihe, guest cf MLvs Maxlne Wal- Round Lake News Norman Johnson of Helena spenl I' ac ^ rrua ^ l< f as ,; lr5 N „ K1 , (s i p , t [ HEADS UP ...-'. IT'S COMING YOUR WAY! Catch from Tapl. Tliur:-day night for Chic.iso where I ,_ . ._ -«»\T Utrtl-,- * llUI.'lltl^ illfelll. IUI V1.H..-JW Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Hicks. .. > n A , dnj . 3 al M. G. Hicks and Miss Mary Fran- |}£ J f *' r " ^ cet Burchell spent last Friday m! .„ St)nu SjlHbil of H lytheville Memphis where Mrs. Hicks re- j --- - celvcd treatment at Ihe Baptisli i vlflled Miss ! resday. : Mrs. T. T. Alice George Wed- Branch of Memphis hospllal. TcUoinshrdlu.ciufwyvshrdhicmfwyp Mrs. Hesler Wnunon has be^nj 111 for a week with chills and have iiiitaPeC- a store tonsllltls. 1'Cmc at tne double bridges. Henry Stanford of Oklahoma is xtalUng his parents here in their ^^^. and Mrs. Howard Bowen Byrs Wagnon, who Is employed at Luxora. spent the week-end line o' the miniiilure paracliutes dropped the spiicdini' n'une of 1'ilot Sisf Smith at Vcrnon Omilie's AIR CIRCUS On North 2nd St.. Sunday Afternoon Ten 'chutes will be liropuert. nntl each one will cunlaiu a t'nnl which entillcs Hie bcarev lo Free wort; al the l>est shop in Hlytheville. Broadway Barber Shop Edwin Jones, Prop. Ncxl I)onr to Farmers' Bank . . at h'ome.

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