The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1947
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY 18, 1947 BLYTHEVtLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Meat Handlers Given Warning State HcaUh Officer Says Frauds on Buyer Not to.Be Tolerated IITILFI ROCK, Ark., July 18 ... Aelu'leraUon cf lijmiburser 'in Av- ki'.nra.s irast s'.cp, according to Dr. T. T. Ross, state health olfi-jcr. "Ham'cur;:er." lie .said, "is defin- «1 as ground fre--h beef. Ult it. has loni; been ii practice of many mint baiidlini! fstablishuier.ts to fraudulf,i-,iiy c-.cltl iirany other sub-1 .stances." Tim F;cd and Drug Di- vis'on rq-orls fiiulim; till kinds of o-called food preservatives, as well as cerw.'s .flour, walev, catch-! »j>. i i'.d rc'oring powder in barnburner Kstnp'cri over Uie State. 'rii!< \r.s of any of tluse in- fa'cdients in •ham'surecr is conlra- I'V li the Stnle Hnlth Laws and He;'ii!?.tloj!s. If a person cr firm is !ou>>.d mint.-: of Midi a viola- 'li'-n. he Is subject to ir fine not to exceed SBD3 cr cue year's imprisonment or both. Fur "each subsequent oriens? PP<I convicltai thereof lie m«y l:i> fined not loss than ?im or sp!>!<>n<:Ptl >o our: veur'.i ini|-v;-pr,]r':it or both. su;U fine iiiitl nmri-inmiient in the dis- crr.'ion of I bo 'Court. Tlio me of -all of the B'e:-:d . c .iibsl:>i:cr-s. exr-pnl the chemical orcsenviive, is to incrrasff I IIP untie mid Ma's >i"iV:e a lai-Rer profit, or lo enter the m""t a more attractive -olcr to KfM to its sites npoenl. The ire of these bulk In- ercnsinp Hems and colorin:: •nwiii.s, while lhav r-c-nrlihi'r; fraud, are tiTi'l'v hovir..'.OK;. T!it> inn of a chemical iM'cservn.tlvc is a different I hint; er.tirely. •E\ usinr? such a snbslane,?, a mo:*t r;;lr))'i.';hi!iert ran n':e menl that is nt -hvii-l ivHy deco;r::ov ccl, cr incpls lie.' fit for hvunn c-cnsiiTisticn. nncl conceal such bainifu! prorer.t.ics of the meat. from tho puMic. Tli« so-cni'ctl scn-iv ives flr.orcloriz-; tlie de- rrsed n-?". 1 pud <rivi> it i> nroi- IV red cr.lor. The harmful b.iclcria in mo't ensos continue lo jrrow In flic meat nncl can cans? sei-ims rases of font! poisoning when cairn. .R"C,T,', clio"i-<; made in sevci-il | cities in the s:aif> Ins led to the condemnation pud. clesh-nction of ?TVCT»I hundred pounds of the choiric.v preservatives arcd over a i -'honsanil pounds of nd ill tern-led Ivrtbiirqer ir-at. Tn one citv alone. PHie of 13 snimjlcs of hatrbUTPcr were found to Us adulterated. The p-eu^od vi-.^i^rs in Ibis ip-tan:c f.ll nc'miltcd ithcir «nii't to the in- yper.'ors and were called before the m-r-secuftns Mterney, who warned them I'.lTt a rnciirronpo Vrc'iRhl to hi.s attention wc'.ild lead to prosecution. The prosecuting altor- Robust Red Mcritrrl Master of Sport ,T Scvryukovn juils thn shot in tho Cup of Moscow track anti field meet in Moscow. .She is the European champion. J • Thc"Jccp" pulls plows, sccdcrj I and other larm implements- to-ws I 5,500 MM., hauls 800 Ibs Von can I cross town or pasture in the k Jeep." A power take-off to run I yqiir equipment. Conic... sec Kow I •Widclytlic"jccp"sprcads its cost. SEE IT NOW AT POOLE MOTOR CO. Here's one dog that loves lo be a bird doff. I.nssle, ownc;'. by Mrs. Leslie-Zenlgraf of Milwaukee, Wis., has made friends wilh llie«e fonr-week-old bnby Iliekcrs. The birds, found by the younKslurs ^ylicnJielplcss^nedBliiigs, live wilh Lassie in a box in Zcntgriif yard. Comestology Board to Rule Beauty Salons In Arkansas I!y l!Oli Bit OWN .it was for their own tirotmio'i " United I'rtss Kluft Corresiiourlral She .said Hint iiiHl-r t-rms of LITTLE HOCK, Ark., July 18. tlie law. a beauty shop- can. be —Arc you a manipulator of the fined $503 if it refuses to pun-ha--e skin or a remover o; supr-ril-jus l a license, and the license can lo hair from the human body? Da, revolted if the shop does uol. yon operate a shop engaged in thu measure up to certain standard-i business of dressing. curli-iK, wnv- rf wurkmanship and sanitation ing. demising, cutting, singeing. !T!IC board has four full-Urn" in- blenching or coloring hair? i spwHors in the field civecki.ig If so then you are in tile busi-, beauty shops at the present time. A.F. of L. Delivers Ultimatum to CIO Notice is Served Thot Quick Action Needed on Mergers WASHINGTON. July 18. (UP) — Al'L President William Green served notice on Hie rlvnl CIO tntluy Unit there will tin no untiled political action by labor in 1(M8 unless tlie two bis unions inrriic within the next 75 duys, Informed Inuor sources said this wns "next to Impossible." In 11 letter lo CIO President Philip Murray. Green said the Ah'I/s lop ex-.'culive board had rejected n Murray bid for joint Brotherhood political action dc- slBiii'cl to repeal the Taft-Ilurtley labor law and swecu labor's "enemies" out of Congress. The APL chlefliiin said his executive board "decided It would be impossible lo formulate a common laid unified policy of action . . without llrsl ending division within the ranks of labor through (he establishment o f organisational unity." He said the AFL, stands ready to moot the CIO lo discuss an AKL, unity plan which Murray turned down at conferences earlier this yi'ur. The plan would have merged the two organl/iillons at the APL convention opening in Sun Francisco next Oct. U. Flying Phillie Lady Makes Good— Titled British Visitor Settles With Dress Shop WASHINGTON, July 18. The district n'.toni«v» olflce la day dtopiwd chi.-ins annlcu L'jdy Irli) Moimtbatten. third coushi ol Brltuln's KtiiK Gcoruc VI. who hnd been accused of pusilnx $188.05 In worthless checks ul n Washlngtou dress shop. Charges wore dropiMd at request of the ownur of the dress shop utter l.udy Iris' utloruey made gnnd the checks). Carriers hero tonlKhl Hi«*Ulk will follow bnslnois sessions and lalkn by Tom J. Crooks, regional repfC- jjcnlnllvo of the Highway users Conference, and W.'L. Nonh, i office insiwctor of St. 1-ouls. earlier In the <lny. ' i. Yiutorilny tho mall-men heard County JmlRC Q. Uynim Hurst of Ciailnmt county say tlmt UID pen l)le of Arkansas may nei u scooiil opportunity to vote on u coii-sll- ll.tlonal amendment IKjrnilttlnj; ;in i'oasu In county taxes for roads A slinllur mcHSUre wns clcfentcil in IIHO, Six Americans " Held by Soviet BOSTON, July 18 <UP) — Act- Ing Gov.»lhur w. Codldge charged today, tliat n Mawschusetts Bother and her five children are being kept prisoner by the Russians In Siberia despite efforts of t!ie .State Department to obtain their release. in n speech prepared for the 2itH annual American Legion state corii volition, coolldjfe a l«o scld that the husband of the woman — who wai not Identified — had .'ce'en sent oy the Russians "to another'concen- trAtton cnrnp." v Ho said the woman's friends had raised »C,000 far her repatriation! nnU that Sovk-r authorities liad an- [horl/cd tho U. 8. Embassy to Issue an American passport but thrtt thoy stcadliistly hail refused to grant the family permission to leave the Soviet UUion. Del. Iticr ini;.si>s (lie Ixill 113 Johnny Wycoslok Inlies n flyini! Iciip !'i "i', , l :; l " ll " lllti ' ciilchev and, scorini; as tho I'hillirs heat the lied Ihrds, -1-a, in the Ursl ('.ami- ol a doiibk-liciidvr at Philadelphia's Shihc 1'nrli. Null- Uie ball belwoun the baelislup's li'ijs. bl. Lulus tvciieil tlie scoie in n lU-iuuii-.,' hiijhk'ap, 3-2. River Yields Boy's Body NEWPORT. Ark., July 18. <UP1 -Puiicral services are being planned today for clsht year old Fiir- icll S. McGehce of Grand CUatzi' I coiiiniunily, who drowned In the While River 10 miles from New- Gehee A 2-i-hour search for the bodv ended yestcuiiy, when a neighbor ol the child's parents found Ilia MinK tody some SCO yards down .•.treinn Irom the ^(nt, where he !•; telievcd to have fallen in. Rural Mail Carriers Hear Prosecutor Me Math HOT fil'lilN'.'.S, Arb, July III (UP) — Sidney S. McMnlli, Our. laud County prosecuting liltomoj ness of cosmetology or beauty culture and are wholeheartedly under control of the new State Board of Cosmetology set, up U y the 1947 Arkansas Legislature The board replaced the ' eld Board or Cosmetic Therapy -and right now is up to its wc-11-inu.i- sngcd neck in tlie job of collccl- inu license fees from the beauty shops in Arkansas. The boy Is .survived by his par- j wl " '"' lhD l»' l wlpal .speaker at a cuts, Mr. ami r.j rK . M. \y. M L ._ bunnuct ullnmxlnn Hie '12nd annual Gfhrf* ' I cimi'oul In.. <*r A.-I.IIII,'IIL' u ,i ^jt^i tion of Arkansas Unrnl Mnl Read Courier News Want A<!s. REVIVAL MEETING Armorel Baptist Church Beginning Sunday, July 20th Rev. R. F. Jones, Arkadelphia, Preaching H. J. Adkins, Pastor The board's office in the capitol lias found H necessary to return n lar^e number of license applications to operators becau^L' of their failure lo enclose a SI registration fee. The new board, made Arkansas persons who 1 ''00 i wcrc a l'l lointei ' by the ! will ccmtinno 'P of ^ix recently ffovcj-nor, the $i!.r»'J says KxecutiVQ Ma.vey raires, lias collected of the license And to date Secretary Hazel "the department only about half fees." "Some ,of the operators kicked a bit at having to pav." Mrs. Faires said, "but they" agreed readily when it was explained Hint Itcc.le, Mo. Fbone SUele 43 ney a!so informed those brought before-him 'that lie considered this \vsrk of assisting the Health Department in correcting such violations, p-^ one of his most, important duties mid 'would in.ii.=.t that thnt, health officials continue the \vork started. This work will be, continued all o.ver tiie .star to collect a year annual license ree from each cf ll-.c 5,000 beauty operators in Uie state. The board meets once- each quarter with its next<j sot for Oct. (i at which lime U will give beauty examinations and review and make necessary churiY:. 1 ; in regulations. Written examinations were fjivon to 23'^ prospective co.stnctolouists tlie first of this month with 12 failinj; to pass. In addition lo passing a test, the applicant have completed 1.200 hours or 21) weeks in otie of the 27 accreriitod beauty schools in Arkansas. Among hundreds of objects found in stomachs of fish, .captains of and officials of meat handling es- The Atlantic Coast 'Fisheries Co. tab!is)uno:its. who persist in the adulteration of •haniburgcr Hint is to ^ be sold -to the public, will -bn prosecuted. " • ' . licet of trawlers report, bottle nipples arc most 'common to cod. Read Courier News Want Ads. REGION HUT Wednesday Evening, July 23 All Proceeds Go to Temple Israel Temple Israel Sisterhood Kiclily Gold I'ln Knimcs Modern Plnsltc Ear IMcccs $ 12 50 TERMS No Interest or Carrying Charge There's beauty as well ar protection in these glamorous, newest fashioned sun glasses.. Optically correct, comfortable, smart, they guard your eyes from the brilliant glare of the summer sun. An outstanding value. J Send me the Sim Olass- i es nt $12.50 (plus Sales • •Tax).' ' | j ( ) r am enclosing i I money. J J ( ) Send C.O.D. i' I ( ) Charge to my ac- [ j count. | i < ) I want lo open an i i account. J I Name I • Address J JCIty ' A product of American Optical Co., one of America's oldest and largest sun glass manufacturers. Ti In ih i T» u r 1 UntlFUS llrml'ns lib-WEST .MAIN*$T- In Joe Isaacs Gigantic PRICE SALE STARTS SATURDAY-9 A.M. DRESSES PLAYSUITS Good Selection to Choose From SUN SUITS SUMMER BAGS ALL PIECE GOODS COST Your Chance to Buy Branded Merchandise At Big Reductions -Hurry! JOE ISAACS STORE Buford Martin Lonnie Boydston

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