The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1952
Page 14
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TAQK FOURTEEN BLYTHKVII.LE (AUK.) COURIER NBW8 FOR LISS 'Health Day' Is Basis For Small Fry Party By CECILY niUWN'SJ'ONK [partmcnt of (he refriKerator. uith Associated Press Fond Rtlitor I the conirol wi lor fast freezing. Celebrate Child Health Day May Thi.s way there'll he no Inst-rnluutc 3 by having a party for the Finall .spooning- necessary. Return the 5 r* 1 fry in your family. A party doesn't fnsjomtor control to normal after have to be anything elaborate when [ the drsscrl has frozpn firm so ft the finests are toddlers. A fc-A su--jvunn' be- too harrl to inntinpc 'or prises, such ns paper hats ntid hal-Mhe yonn^tnr.s 'JTiry'll like loons, riJnic store favors and fuj.ul .soHfr texture better, "too. but simple fond, will do tho trick Paper mats, plates and cups will mean less rleanoj> for mother afterward, and you n ps tors Inve them when they're paily decorated. A cluster of balloons suspended above the parly table Mil foe rnmigh nf ..,.i,,»,n r( a centerpiece an A Moh fhitd can JrtHnt Orrnt take one along when it's time to Salad go home. This wholesome party menu, feat urine; strninod nnd junior food.?, will suit you RET npppdie.s. These food?, prepared especially for babies and tncJriJei's, ore gr.itifymyly uniform in texture, color, flavor, and nutritional values. The snnrtwlrhes on the menu may be made ahead; Just wrap them in aluminum foil or tt'flxed pfiper and store them in the refrigerator. The Jellied Carrot Salad and Party Fruit Sherbet can alFO be prepared well ahead. Spoon the sherbet into paper cups and put the cups into the freezing coin- this Anfrnal ami arrowroot, crackers ;iie n pond rhoice to serve with the dr.s-scrt, But if yon do \vniit !o tin some home bafcintr, make a simple sponge cake. Rich cakes nrc taboo for todrilers SMAU- FKV 1'ARTV MJA'Il Shn-drfrd LrUiire Milk ]»;, r ty rriitt .ShrrbH* Animal and Arrouroot C'r;irkrrs or Spoticc f'akp .IKI,Mi:i> CA1UIOT SAI.AII i: 2 tablespoons unfh- Sauted Veal Delicate Dish Steak from Chuck, Leg or Shoulder Makes Pint Eating Veal steak from the let; or shouMer or chuck, cut. nbont ',i- Inch thick, is delicate men I. Tor best Havor. the veal should be seasoned, dipped In (lour, browned In fat and t- v ien cooked slowly in li- ipild or sauce, until tender. Remember, vcnl Is bland and therefore calls for jnterostlng seasoning. Soaking the mcnt In French dressing for a few hours is one cooking kick. Be sure there ts garlic In the dr««tng. A clove of gar- lie in the cooking liquid Is recommended, loo. Make vcnl birds from small rectangular pieces of thin vcnl steak rolled • around a well-seasoned bread, rice, fruit or vegetable stuffing. Cook like veal steak. Cubes of Tent steak with strips at bacon or •ubcs of Irish pork, with or with•Ht mushrooms, mny be pushed onto .skewers nnri floured, browned, and cooked slowly in a thin or thickened sauce to make a quite different veal dish. Veal Steak in Onion and Olive Sauce (5 fo 6 servinjfs) Two round tone veal steaks, n- bout IK pounds OA-lnch. thick), 1 cup French dressing, salt and pepper, /Jour. 2 tablespooas fat, i Inrge onion, sliced, IS 10',4-ounce can condenser! cream of chicken soup, *,t cup milk or water. 1 tablcsiraon vinepar, »? cup sliced ripe olives. Soak steaks In French dressing at least 3 hours. Drain, nip in sea- vntfd peiatln. 2 tnhlcspnons told: from th water, "i cup water, 1 chicken; bouillon cube, '•! cup^r Jtjice, ' 1 tahlfspoon lemon juice, 1 call strained or junior rarrol.s. Mcltind: Sprinkle celalln over colrt water lo soften. water and bouillon cube, stlrrlnc to dissolve cnhp; when very hot ndd softened gelatin and .stir until trel- atlti Is thorou^hlv dissolved, stir In oranitc jiiico, lemon Juice, anrt strained or chopped carrots. Pour Into molds and chill until firm Un- mold before serving. Makes 3 servings Note: For a more substantial dish mold mixture In rings and plic BASKET FKUIT FIM.S »re » *on«erful hot br«d Idf. which «'IIJ be pTea.fJnff for breakfast or an iftemcon trs. Try Fruit Fills for Breakfast l!.v rJAV.VOH MAI)JK)X , bles coarse crumbs. Add buttermilk '' 17 , '" , , M -' rl "' ts Kll ' lor . n " nt onces UrrinR liRhlly only un- Hot breads for breakfnsl! OJ: tiJ InprwIlDnts .ire dampened ( Add course, and especially dolitlrms a little more buttermilk It neccs- ones. lirre they are brand-new. snry lo make a nofl doujilij. .*",'''"'.'.'' ! T "''" ""I on li|r))tly rioured board 1 ""' '''"* i!>tirl knoad Rpiitly snvi-rnl linvs. I'illinp;: One-half rooked, dried prunes. cd. dried apricots, '•, tablespoon butler. '- I ! Divide dough in ' half, noil each c:ii|) puled, port ion of douch to a rectanclc 3 '. cup conk- ; x 20 inches; cut in 4-Inch squares cup suiiar. 1 I Put a tablespoon of filling In cen- ctl|i water., ter of each square of dough. Fold "'rommnr"!,',!™ 1 "T , , j l '" mm * lllc «"'"• lh ™ K«n Combine all miri- -nts and slm- i each corner back slightly to chow mer g t , lt! y llnU | ,),ic } ;em,l, « bm , t i filling. Hake on ,, ne rea'od bakln* 10 minutes, stir occasionally. Co,,!. ; sheet in hot oven ( 42S decrees P, «nr^ t ?r^ r ,z, ss'ss io ^^^^ (lour, »i teaspoon salt. 2 teaspoons bakinp poivrier, ' v tertrponti Podn, "i cup sugar. '-; cup shortening! 2'3 cup butlermilk. Sift toget.her dry inrrre<lients. Cut i'Zippy' Sauce | Dresses Up ™ r |Meaf Loaves creamed cotlaRe. cheese In center:!" shortening until mixture rc?cm- just before, serving. i I'AHTV I'HVIT SHKHnr.V IiiBredJcnts: 2 ciins strainer! plums with tnpioca, 2 tablespoons lemon Juice, V t cup sugar, 2 egg whites. Mrlhod: Add lemon Juice sugar to slraliral plums Find well, neat ecc whiles until stiff but | not dry and fnlrf In. Pour Into re- j Hern's a iilppy sauce fo serve over riserntor freezer tray and partially ! thick slices of vour lavnrile meat freew. Remove to chilled bowl, nnri j loaf, siiecrt. stuffed olives five It a pleasing flavor. Tancy Saurp for Meal I.naf 1 clove Rarlie, minced 2 tablespoons chopped onion 3 tablespoons fat 2 tablespoons flour 1 8-oz. cnn tomnlo jjuice 'i cup water 8 stuffed green olives, sliced Snule garlic and onion In fat: stir In flour. Add tomato saurp and "•nter. Simmer slowly 20 minutes Add olives: reheat and serve. Tills sauce also can be wrved with broiled or pan-broiled ground beef patties. . , beat until smooth. Spoon Into Individual paper cups, set in freezer tray lined with waxed paper anrl freeze until firm. Makes 6 scrviivs. Fried Oysters Good Anytime Seafood Is in Season Throughout- Nation Me. I'm an oyster fan. On tile half shell. In stews, rich nnd creamy, or frlrd. sl/illnft hot ftud bursting with flavor, bring on mv I oysters. " j Today, oysters turn up wherever' oyster enthusiast live. Far from i the sea roast, oysters travel over I plains and mountains in perfect! condition thanks to modern methods of rcfriceration, freezing and' rapid trnsportation. For an unusual litiiclienii try an ' oyster sandwich. It's really a knockout. Tried Oyslers i Three down oysters. 1 cup fine: bread crumbs, cracker crumbs nr corn meal, •:. teaspoon salt, pepper 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon water. ; Brain oysters and dry between j towels. Dip I,, seasoned (Slakes 8-IB muffins) One cup sifted enriched flour. ", cup sugar, 2 teaspoons baking powder, '-i teaspoon soda, ',2 teaspoon salt, 3 tablespoons shortening, 1 cup! quick rolled oa!.s. uncooked, I egg ! beaten, 1 cup buttermilk. 'i Sift together flour, susar, baking! powder, soda and salt. Cut in shortening until mixture resembles corn I meal. Add rolled oats, blending j thoroughly. Arid beaten egg and! milk, stirrlne llplitly. Fill greased i muffin pans 2/3 full. Rake In n hot oven (425 degrees F.i 15 to 25 mln- ntes. depending on si?« of muffins. A SUISTITUTE fO* MEAT How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Ffrmly in Place Do your fnlse Icelh annoy and pm- irrn.v; hy slipping, dropping or x-ob,,,. »'">R »'lien you jai. inunh or talk? When you want attractive rounds Jusl -ip'inkie a ittiie FASTEETH on of orange for salads he sure to I {S"'drJ'"ho?ti»™V* a11 '* 11 "' ln ° n - a ' lrt ' |icel of( all (lie white membrane j nm] more comfo'JtBbl'v 11 "o^gumm 1 / with Ihe skin oefore slicing. fpooey. pasty tnste or rceliiiR Does not • \ four. ChrcTcs •'platn oritir" (dpntMre hi. r,« FASTSETH todny a! jny store. Read Courier Nen'3 Classified Arts. , ~ —• — "f ••' ••••'• "•"• .*nj 111 .-L'iiMi»[iro crumbs soneii flour. Melt fat in large henvy eggs diluted with water and thcii ! skillet. Brown ten steaks cm both [ in crumbs acaiu. Fry in deep tat ' sides in /at. Add cuion. sonp and | 2S 5 decrees F. until polden brown. ! milk. Cover and cook slnwly on Mir- 1 Drain on soft paper and serve ' face heat or in a moderate oven 1350 degrees F.) -15 minutes. Add vincaar and olives. Cover and cook 10 minutes more. Serve with peach halves and tart rert Jelly. lut this fclenlltk wo/ tnay ovoid Jhowlng monthly "nerv«l" Drain with tartare sauce. Tartrtro Sauce One-half cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon minced pickles. 1 tablespoon mluced olives. 1 tablespoon mtnred parsley, I teaspoon minced onions. Mix all ingredients thoroughly Oyster riuh Sandwich One pint oysters, flour, pepper 2 tablespoons butter, 12 lettuce leaves, (i slices bacon, cooked. 6 slices tomalocs, >s tnblespoon horseradish 12 slirps (oast. Drain oysters and diy betivern lowrls Roll in flo\:r seasoned with pepjier. Ooofe quickly In melted j butter alynit i.. minute until goV.r-,, "•TfS';',£r,n.", S""','^'^ r^i, i l) "" f ' r "'"'"' '= minute until goV.r-n !J5'u*WT*"LoSir'ii'"rVi w "-,nii' c '» r ? v "'i7 i "'"' Arrn ' lc< " Iftture, oysters, ha- i» r«'.t it'iin r n ; <-ud.n (SwV-<iiVrf-?5"«io: r<1 " tom; t fnes am! niavoniiaisc mix- I MONTHLY j CHiti'Cl 01 llll rf with horseradish between slier, of tnast. Garnifh with siired lemon di; s -ped in chopped parsley. it's MEALTIME MAGfC! So quid to fix—$0 good » 0 SIfcedfresh daHy f or finer, freshen FINA FOAM .the \i-wly- Buhtilr. VBatli for Fine fl'abrics, Kufs anrt ' docs a ARKANSAS PAINT k CLASS CO. 105 E. Main Phone W7Z FOR SALE Onrrrtr. cmlTcrts. 12 inch la 4« Inch, ruin nr recnfnrrrd. *!«• Concrete RaltrtinR Hlnck! clitap- rr Ihnn lumber tor h:\rns, clilckrn h»Bie«, pum? hnusru. tenant h-.n.e s . too i shMti „.„ de | Lvcr tall m for Irca estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 FREE! FREE! S3.|.!)5 UCA . RECOIJD PLAYER Now . . . during the inniilli nf May ""'.'' • • . Ail.ims A|ipliance In- chr.lrs Iliis S3I.SS KCA 15 r|:m auto- nniUp record player with Hie pur- clunp of any Trigidalrc room air romliltouer! Room Air Conditioners Now at new LOW PRICES NOW 55 Quickly Installed In Ho r Offic Nowyoucon enjoy cool com for I — In Til ter ed, dehumidified air at {uit the right temnera- hjte for yOJ. Tnii big, beautiful window condilioner hoi plenty of capacity for Jhe hollcit doyi - or can be let for economical duty cm cooler day*. New styling by Roy. moid Loswy hairnoniles with any furnivh- tngi. Powered by twfn Meter-Mnat rnech- oniviTx — with 5-Year NVarranty. ^\\Vll gladly .survey any rooms in your home or office for air conditioning—FRKK! .Tvjsl call 2071. Adams Appliance Co.. Inc. :?0'i-20S \\>s( Main J. W. Artanrs. M k , r . T > h r,nc 2(171 THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1955 None Finer MINUTE MAID Frozen ORANGE JUICE onw NEW . 5a 27< 72< MM mill Grand Prize All Brands BISCUITS — — • — M ^-M_ mm m^^—m OLEO NAPKINS Bollard'; Miss Liberty 2 lb$. 3 5 Charmin i 80 Count bOX P Diamond _ _ 4 /*± NO. 30 ° Can I O 1 COFFEE lE,' Ib bag79 DOG FOOD LS ± RADISHES - 2 b*. 5c FRESH GREEN ONIONS - - bunch 5C NEW CROP TEXAS CARROTS - bunch 5c FLORIDA JUICY ORANGES - - ib. 5c GOLDEN BANTAM CORN - ear 5c FRESH DRESSED HENS - - - - ib 39c PORK CHOPS LEAN END CUTS , ,.,.. Ub 39c CENTER CUTS Lfa. 59c SLICED BACON--Bibs 1.00 CHICKEN Gizzards or Backs, Lb. 39c FISH WHITING--ib 19c

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