The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1950
Page 15
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TOBBT>AY, MAT 16, 1980 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams (ARK.) COURIER X1CWS 1 Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGB OH, 1 CAM'T eeARTOTHlWK OP OLD STREAK PUUJM' AKJ ICE WAGON; EGAD, GEMTLG WfTH JASOfO BUT SO AHEAD BRUSH UP YOUR HOLDS/ieT'S SEE YOUR. YOU GOT TO (SET YOUR. M1WPOFFA THIS, DIMNV- COME IN AN' WE'LL FIGURE OUT ALL 7H 15OODAPS OM TM' MEW TRUCK GIT HIM IN SIDE GNJICKJ WE'RE HEROES AROUND HERE NOW, BUT DOMT EVER LET 'EM SEE A F1REMAM I \W\TMESS <i OME THAT LOOK KIEEM Kt4OWsl AS BRAtlL rlUT-CRACKER' eetU OUTA PRlrJT . SINCE ADAfA AN' evjE RP66(.eD Wrm THEIR COrJ6CIE)JCe,'^noW ABOUT A NEW OlOE LIK& THE BOA CONSTRICTOR TVJIST ^ SEEMS TO kMOV4 A Lrme SOM6- IWlMS A.ROUT TUl Television on Tuesday 1:30 p.m.—N'ews Roundup 1:45—Xe\vsrt't'l 2:00—MidSoilth News 2:15—Household Hints 2:30—Adventures in Sewing 3:00—Tec Vcc Dec Jay 3:30— Ilon-iiy Doocly 4:00—Cactus Jim 4:30—Spins it Needles 5:00—Kukla, Fran A- OIlie 5:30—Spinning linages 5:4n—Cartoon -.00—Milton licrle ';00—Firesiilc Theater 7:30—Slim Rhodes 8:00—Amateur Hour 9:00—Koxlng 10:00—Carnival Summary We offer complete Television sen-ice., supplying and installing General Electric, Motorola, and Capehart models. fORFREEISTIMATK lELEVISIDNSRADrO .r EtLVTHEVIlLE; ARK Rent A Car... Drive It Yourself ^ Fresh Crappie Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anywhere Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE' Phones .1318 - 937 KIDS Pony Ritlcs Are Fun! Open Daily 3-9 P.M. ^Shetland Ranch Just South of Slhrviic Drive-In South Hi way fil I'lIB STOftY, fatJInc I* CUV hud HOI tirrii Clrttirnrj \orluD- Kovrrnrjtt I D llnim. Hiitall dauirh ler or Si-tit null JUH A»ot>rrlr3 Itul llnlr Unit ?•».<•• brfor <;l(riurnr> rr*MzrM rknt nb<- b»« I»IM far* lip.-irl Irreva^nhij c* I'lrr In Eavc with IMrr» hrrxctl. hu • rnln Cnr mrh nl l'lrr». O nnd« thej h«vr 1'lr r(<le rernrvm. lemi>ern fl iRkej* ucly liiolnlci rln Hnitii Clemruo? In d i»ke« her !•!• XXIU THE thin erescenl o( the moon, - x newly risen. Looked through Che clouds overhead as Piers Amberley kissed Clemency's soft Hand. "Sweetheart, we must go in." he said. "Tomorrow we'll talk about what we're going to do. I want you to marry me as quickly a-s H can possibly be arranged." Once or twice before Clemency nad been on the brink or imagining herself In love. But the real thing had crept up on her quietly and unsuspected. "And like the panther's feet The feet of love—" Those lines slipped through her mind. This was no romantic moment. It was something that would last forever. And so how could anything else possibly matter! thought Clemency. The future was hers, and—Piers kived her. They Qad reached the porch as the lirst drops of rain fell, and ai- ready ( as Piers shut the door It had become a deluge with behind the bright long spear erf tt, (be mutter of thunder. There was no sign of anybody to the hall, or on the landing above. At the toot of the stairs he caught her in a flnal, swill em brace. "Good night, my own." She ran upstairs and turned to wave to him and throw him a last lass. As Piers crossed to his own sanctum and shut himself, in. Syne came out ol the salon. Recently uneartheci granite carvings portraying leather dressers indicate that the art of making leather goes back to 2,031) B.C. She had remained there ever since Piers had left her to go in search ol Clemency. She had heard llicin come in together, seen their good njght. 'When she climbed the stairs a few moments later, ncr teeth were pressed down so hard on her un- derhp that a spot of blood sprang. Piers had not seen her—but he would have been more at peace If lie could have forgotten her existence rlu himself of the consciousness of her, here in his house. Flinging himself into a chair he Illlcd a pipe, but it remained la bis hand unlit. What a fool he had been, he told himself. And now those two and the child were here. Why had he not found another way for Jon? Jon musi always have been his responsibility, but Syrit— He could have brought Jon alone, but he had been so determined that she should pay a little of what she owed. The result was that Jon Dialed him; and those two hated each other more than they would have done otherwise. And now he nad to think of Clemency, and keep her free of it all. Remembering the sweet, unafraid surrender of her In hiz arms, his heart leapt. His Love, to whom all his life belonged . . . TUST as Clemency and Baba were '> finishing breakfast the next morning Louitie came In to tell her that the Sidi Amoerley wished her to go down to him. "Come, tool" Daba started to scramble oft her chair, but LoulU, laid a restraining hand on her "No, my flower. Just Miss Norton." "I shan't be long, darling,' promised Clemency '"Then 1 wil take you to say good morning to Uncle Piers." "All wight," agreed Baba amicably. Clemency was aware of Louilte's curious eyes and, as she went out of the room, wondered now much missed the servant's quarters. She hod awakened quite sure that she must have dreamed last night: but the rtream seemed to be holding, and as she ran downstairs her heart was dancing. The rain had ceased, and the ;i(!ns were banished already under the sun's rays. As Clemency reached the hall a man came In hroujjh the door which stood ooen to the brilliant morning She oausrd Involuntarily with a sudden onne of dismay. "Good morning," laid Jon Aro- bcrley. So he was back from wherever • had been. Somehow In that moment when filled with hope and love she was i;olng to Piers, the sighi of Jon seemed like a black shadow. morning," she answered "Do you happen to know U my wife Is back?" he asked. "Vcs. She returned last night." "Ahl I am sure the will forgive a late welcome." There was something tn the tone of the remark which mnde Clemency feol that K dW not need « reply. way for Jon to go upstairs she turned towards the breakfast room which was situated towards the back of the square hall. She had almost reached it when Piere came out and seeing Clemency took a quick step in her direction. 'Hello, darling— 1 was Just coming to look for you," be said, "1 thought that we — " He broke od. catching sight at hfc brother who. inrtead of going straight upstairs, had followed Clemency. Their eyes met over her bead, and Joo's brows went up. "On, ;oVr« back, Jon," said Piers coolly. He had taken Clemency's hand and was holding it in his. now be put an ami about her shoulders. "Back to time lo congratulate me." he said. "Clemency and 1 are going to be married." "What?" The question came from above with the sharpness ot a revolver shot, and the three In the hall below looked up lo Syrie standing at the top ol the stairs. (T« Be Coattnaed) Vou'll Love Our Flowers! BLY'rilBVIIXE FLOWER MART Memphis Uiwa? Phonr 6WR RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. N1ES & MIES IA11 Typts Eicept C»nc«rl Clinic 514 Main BljthpTlllt. Ark. LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance Agency 1st A Alain KP.IT Citj DTOR BlylhcviJIe, Ark. THE TIME! Use MIXED FERTILIZERS To Get | More Cotton! 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A BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA Blytheville Fertilizer Corp, Highway 61 South Phone 4471 Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly StudebaJcer Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 FRECKLKS AND HIS FKIKNDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEi No, No—Not That , TOWED / wove INTO YOUR. GAS STATION / / YOU EVEC "~ MADE, JustA MINUTE/web COPft. 1910 BY NCA SERYICF. IMC. T. U. REG. U. S. PAT, 01 "Thirty-nine days until I have to retire! I've looked forward to this all these years—till now!" I'RISCIIXA'S POP On licing Prepared HY A I. VEKMEEfl CARLVLE! WHY AREN'T YOU PRACTICING EASE BALL? HEAR THAT, HA'iEL'f READ WHERE'A BOY OUT HE'S ONLY TrZN AND WE_ST SIGNED FOR S'lOO.OOO! THE BIG LEAGUES ARE AFTER HIM ALREADY! WE WON'T TAKE A PENNY ri I-J I'M SUPPOSED I A SCOUT WANTS TO Hunting Ayain? HY MICHAKL O'MAU.EY nnd RALPH LANB BEAUTIfUL AV3BAJING, VIC. &.AD YOU DON'T MIND TAGGING AlOMG WHILE I FINISH rtW NEW LANDSCAPE. SO you THINK JED BREWSIER'5 THE VILLAIM OF THE PIECE, EH ? WEU, I COULD BE PREJUDICED AFTER ME ALMOST MAOf A PIN- COSMIONOOrOF ME WITH THAT PITCHrOEk'.BUt HE'LL DO TILL A BEIIER 5U5PEC1 COMES A1OHS. YOU MAY KHP YOUB MOUTH FIBMW SHUT,J<UiES AND HO ONE NEED KNOW LEFT THE MOOSE WITH A GUN/ SCASOM I55TIIL CLOSED? CAPTAIN EASY HY LESLIE TUUNEH IF THE PUGH ST11L WWE SHEEP THEY KEEP 'EU SOME WHEKES ELSE. I HAVEN'T SEeM THEIH HERO IN THREE MB-S. COWPEEVi WHOSE LAND LIES-TO THE NORTH THEH..UPON TH& MOUNTAItJ? VES. V AMD IF TDM HEEDEK's THERE'S WO \ SUPPtlES WERE BROUGHT XOK-VIIKf, (TO HIMi HE MIGHT STAY UP IHERE FOR »Gf S.'trtldOIiat* IHH'B WHERE INUV* FltiO THS SHAGGV-HIHREO fEllA WHO HOtOS 1HE KEY TO THIS , (AVSTEdYl I AMP.. A FOREST RESERVE. BUT ft MJ.H CftM LEASE , IT FDR STOCK /-iaC ftZIH' — BUGS BUNNY H's On Now, Doc I LIKE THIS HAT, BUT IT WON'T STAY ON... IT SLIPS/ I C'N TAKe CARE O' THAT TROUBLE IN A ELMER. IT'S AMA-ZIN' WHAT A LITTLE GLUE C'N PO' The Oilier Man's iiurdcn BY V. T. HAMU1S LOOK IN THAT BIG / FLITTING FRCN AUTOMOBILE BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN Jjvvoow. J-P-;

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