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The Daily Tribune from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin • Page 4

The Daily Tribune from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin • Page 4

The Daily Tribunei
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
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Editorials Grounded? Leadership in Senate Makes Johnson Politically Potent WISCONSIN RAPIDS DAILY TRIBUNE Tuesday, September 10, 1957 Page 4 Washington Notebook Special U.N. Session Opening Today Faces Three Riddles About Hungary ed to join in presenting these resolutions. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge head of the U. S. delegation at the U. will make the formal presentation of the American position at the special session. Whether Secretary of State John Foster Dulles will attend this special session, or wait for the regular session, has not been decided. The Russian delegation will presumably be headed again by Arkady Sobolev. There has been no indication whether Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, an old hand at U. N. battles and a U. N. charter will be from the five-member special committee, although their report was unanimous. The unresolved point is how best to make the Russians pay some attention to requests that the large-scale arrests and persecution of Hungarians be halted. Lodge Speaks for U. S. Drafts of resolutions to be presented to the special General Assembly have been drawn up by non-Communist countries during the summer. Minister-Counselor James W. Barco of the U. S. staff at U. N. has been American representative in these negotiations. More than 20 countries are expect- VKIJf lit' '-O Dr. Crane's Column Writer Analyzes Professional Charges Lodged Against Him did that, unquestionably he would be a figure to be reckoned with at convention time. But he understands better than many that it is a long way from that point to the nomination. The experts consider it axiomatic in the Democratic party that a winning candidate must be acceptable to both the North and the South and must be able to draw delegate strength from both areas. Whether Johnson could achieve that objective is the issue. Mis popularity in the Senate might be of some help in certain western states represented now by Democratic senators. Often, however, experience shows that It is the governors, not the senators, who call the turn at conventions. And some of the biggest and mast powerful states have no Democratic senators. Broadly sneaking, there are r.o clear signs at this time that Johnson would be acceptable to the North. Civil rights and other issues make it extremely difficult for him to gain a wide base in that sector. If, under all the expected handicaps, Johnson were to achieve countrywide support in his party in the next three years, he would have to be hailed as master politician, as ho is now called master lawmaker. one neighborhood but instead was spread around the country. Altogether some 445 persons lost their lives in highway accidents. If each four individuals were a family unit, living in a home, then 110 such places would today be standing empty, ready for the wreckers. This is a harsh way to visualize the horror that took place on the recent holiday. But perhaps if it could be truly imagined in these terms, then there might bo less fatalities to count the next time a holiday rolls around. Quite a few knowing politicians in Washington believe Sen. Lyndon Johnson of Texas, the Senate majority leader, intends to make a seit-ous bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. In lawmaking circles. Johnson's Stock is very high right now. Veterans of both parties have nothing but praise for his management of affairs in the 1957 session of Congress. He Is viewed as a master legislative technician, shrewd in maneuver, superb at piloting a proposal to passage. But members of Congress do not nominate candidates for president The important questions are whether Johnson really does want the nod, and what effective strength he might muster toward getting it. Effective strength means delegate votes in the national convention. That is the only testing ground that matters. No one, of course, can be sure exactly what is in Johnson's mind. But his behavior in Congress, particularly his increasing efforts to advance imaginative policy proposals, strongly suggests to his colleagues and to most observers that he wants the 1960 nomination. Though it is early to Bay, the chances are good that he could put together a big block ol southern dele-Bates, possibly 300 or more. If he Wise Way to View Holiday Toll Take a long walk around tpwn, counting houses as you go. When you get to about 110, stop counting. Then close your eyes and imagine that all the houses you counted were suddenly wiped off the neighborhood map. In effect, that is exactly what happened in America over the Labor Day weekend. Only the damage wasn't concentrated in one city in Tom's charssi ara so llloalcal that any high school dabattr would push thsm aslds as Irrslsvant and unsound. Can you Imaalna tha typa of tralnlna which your collsgs youth obtain undar such unsciantific Ph.D'tr Thsy wars motivated primarily by Isalousy and trtad, but that still d6s not axcusa their luvenlla fallaclat In logic. By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Case V-336: Tom is the young Mental Hygiene employe whom I quoted yesterday as using Marc Antony's technique In trying to belittle me before my newspaper fans in Burlington, Iowa. "Although Dr. Crane did bril- The Great Missile Hassle: II No Defense Against Missile Attack Known; Best Minds Seeking Solution By PETER EDSON WASHINGTON The United Na-tions' General Assembly's special session convening in New York today should give the pitch for the 12th regular session, which opens week later. If, after a week's debate, the special session passes a strong resolution condemning the Soviet for not complying with General Assembly requests that Russian troops be withdrawn from Hungary, it will be an indication that the United Nations are ready to back up findings of their five-nation Special Committee on the Problem of Hungary. If, on the other hand, the General Assembly special session merely refers the Hungarian question to the regular session for further debate and action, then the tempo will be revealed as more buck passing. Where Do Reds Stand? Three riddles becloud this Hungarian issue. Will the Russian attitude present a new line? Up to now, Communist propaganda has been that the United States incited Hungarian fascists to riot. Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Central Intelligence Agency Director Allen Dulles are named as having encouraged the underground plotters. But the U. N. social committee's findings that the Hungarian uprising was spontaneous, caused by the people's discontent, and suppressed by Russian terror is gradually gaining circulation behind the Iron Curtain. This might cause the Soviet to change its attitude, in the face of a U. N. resolution of direct censure. Will the Hungarian delegation return to New York? It walked out of the General Assembly last December when the itungarian question was being debated. Hungarian Foreign Minister Imre Hoc-vath can resume his seat at the U. N. any time he shows up. Radio Budapest has hinted that the Hungarian delegates will be back to debate the charges against their government. Will U. N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold or some new representative of the General Assembly go to Hungary for a firsthand inspection? Last year Hammarskjold said he would go to Hungary if he was invited. But he hasn't been invited. Second-Hand Data The original special committee of delegates from Ceylon, Tunisia, Australia, Denmark and Uruguay was denied admission to Hungary. It had to get its Information by visiting Hungarian rebels in Austrian, Yugoslav and other refugee camps. The question now Is whether to continue this special committee, enlarging its terms of reference and setting it to work on a further report to be ready before General Assembly adjournment in December. An alternative would be to name a single representative who might be given permission to enter Hungary and observe whether U. N. recommendations had been met. The name of Prince Wan of Thailand, last year's General Assembly president, has been suggested. Ceylon and Tunisia have been under some pressure to withdraw tried to make me "guilty by association." Here is one of their major charges: "Your publishers intimate that you are still teaching at Northwestern University because a picture in one of their advertising brochures bears the label 'Dr. Crane teaching one of his classes at Northwestern' and you aren't teaching there now." By the same illogic, we must insist that George Washington is still surrounded by the ice floes on the Delaware River because the caption for that famous picture also reads, "Washington crossing the Delaware." Apparently, our "white rat" psychologists need a course in grammar so they can learn that a present participle doesn't continue into the indefinite future! Their second major accusation again named me but was actually levelled at my publishers. Those "white rat" psychologists said my publishers claimed that Dr. Louttit "is using Dr. Crane's because of his endorsement below. "I would unhesitatingly recommend it (Dr. Crane's textbook) for applied courses and especially where the students have had only a limited previous amounts of psychology." Can you readers see any evidence in that quotation that even remotely implies Dr, Louttit "is using" Dr. Crane's textbook now? Yet this juvenile type of reasoning formed the basis of all the charges accusing me of "unethical It is to laugh! Don't let your college youth study under such biased psychologists for they don't even understand the rudiments of logic or science. (Always writs ta Dr. Crana In cara of this nawapapsr, sneloiina a long J-cant stampsd, addrasiad snvslopa and JO cants to eoysr typing snd printing costs whan you sand for ana of his booklats.) lid The World Today A Challenge-Then What? (tt'l ti in By DOUGLAS LARSEN like trying to design a bullet Hint will hit another bullet in flight." That's how missile scientists describe the problem of developing the anti-missile missile that will kill either the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, which Russia claims to have tested, or the In-termediate Range Ballistic Missile. The ICBM presents a dismayingly difficult target. Until recently, many qualified scientists believed defense against it was impossible. Now they are optimistic. The ICBM will travel about 25 times the speed of sound about 15,000 miles an hour almost 30 times faster than the manned bomber aircraft operational today. This speed would take it from Siberia to Seattle in about 10 minutes, from New York to Washington in about one minute. Can't Be 'Jammed' Once launched, it will be Immune to radar "jamming" and similar counter-measures, it will reach heights of perhaps 1,000 miles, and spend most of its brief flight-time in the icy vacuum of outer space. As It re-enters the atmosphere, it will crash down on its target like a shooting star. The intermediate Range Missile will present much the same problems as a target except that its speed will be only about 10,000 miles an hour, and its peak alli-tude only several hundred miles. But since its flight time is even shorter than the ICBM's, there is less warning time to deal with it. Both ICBM and 1RBM are dlffi-cult objects for radar to recognize because of their low reflectance of radio waves. In addition, a way must be found for radar to distinguish between man-made missiles and the larger of the natural meteorites which plunge Into our atmosphere by the thousands every 24 hours. Too Fast For Human Mind An anti-missile missile must be lit awaia jawtbta PRECIOUS SECONDS of defense against unmanned missiles depend on radar and human Intelligence. Br JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON Ufc-Fedcrnl Judge Ronald N. Davies, representing the power of the federal government in dealing with stales, has met the challenge of Gov. Orval Fuubus ot Arkansas by moving toward a showdown. Although Davies in accordance with the Supreme Court's ban on public school segregationhad ordered Little Hock's Central High School integrated, Faubus used tha National Guard to keep Negro children out of the school. Faubus said he wasn't defying the judge but just trying to prevent disorder and bloodshed. He said a majority of the people of Little Rock opposed integration. Twice asain last week, arter the troops kept the Negroes out, Davics ordered integration to proceed. But Faubus held the Guard around the school. range of 100 nautical miles In its surface-to-air missile defense systems. Until now, this has been considered to apply only to defense against planes. Whether new Secretary of Defense Neil McElroy will apply it also to defense against missiles is still not known. liant work as a younger man," Tom is reported to have stated, "he threw over his Ideals and professional ethics to turn a fast buck. "He's been read out of the professional societies for unethical conduct." Cherches la Femme The French police use the motto "Cherchez la femme," which means broadly, "Seek the underlying Tom apparently gave no evidence at all to show where I threw over my Ideals, unless it was to intimate that any scientist who writes for a newspaper is unethical. That Is patently false, since newspapers are the greatest educational agents In the land for most of our people after the age of 18. Many famous scientists write daily newspaper columns, although they are usually subjected to similar backbiting and "sour grapes" attacks. But consider Tom's final charge. It Is false: yet he parrots it as do many other unscientific psychologists. I belong to Sigma Xi, the highest scientific body in the land. And 1 am also a member of the American Medical Illinois Medical Society, etc. What Tom is trying to indicate is the fact that last year I was called on the carpet by some jealous "white rat" psychologists, who have been charging that I use 2-syllable words instead of 5-syllables and thus let you readers understand the psychology which they hide from you. One of their unvoiced but major gripes, moreover, is the fact that I can outbid them in college degrees. If you ever played poker, you know that two pairs beat one pair. Well, my critics are usually laboratory psychologists of meager contact with the general public's practical dilemmas. They also hold only one doctor's degree, namely, the Ph. D. So they feel jealous because I have two doctor's degrees, namely, the Ph. D. and the M.D. Psychologists often are envious of So they trumped up some vague accusations against the publishers of my college textbook and then Next: How far should the Army fire its missiles? to argue against both the temporary and permanent injunctions. 5. The Judge, hearing both sides then de-cldes whether to issue a permanent Injunction. But this Is where the story becomes complex and unpredictable: Take it step by step. Davies can Issue a temporary injunction, ordering Faubus not to use the troops to keep the Negroes out of school. If Faubus he is next served with the show-cause order by a U.S. marshal. If he should use troops around his mansion to keep the marshal out, and refuse to present his side of the case, the judge still could issue the permanent injunction without him. But suppose Faubus doesn't want to obey the temporary Injunction. He can go over Davies' head to the U.S. Court of Appeals, asking to stay Davies' temporary Injunction. If he wins, the situation is back where it started before Davies Issued the temporary injunction, But suppose he tries the appellate court and loses-or just doesn't bother going there -and, disobeying Davies' temporary injunction, still holds troops around the school to keep the Negroes out. What then? Davies could cite him for contempt for Ignoring or disobeying the temporary Injunction. Then he could try Faubus for civil contempt snd clap him in jail until he obeyed or try him for criminal contempt and give him a flat Jail sentence for disobedience. But that raises a question: Suppose Faubus ignored the temporary injunction by keeping troops around the school and then refused to go or let himself be taken to court to face trial on contempt charges. The judge could try and sentence him in absentia. But how could the sentence be carried out If Faubus kept himself surrounded by Guardsmen? The Eisenhower administration would have to worry about that one. The judge has no force, except for U.S. marshals, to bring anyone to court. But Eisenhower has said he would uphold the Constitution, which Includes doing what is necessary to carry out the Supreme Court's ban on public school segregation. The Doctor Says Addition of Iodine to Salt Is Goiter Prevention Move By Robert L. Dieffenbacher, D.D. The weather pattern seems to change periodically. Sometimes it varies in strange ways. The last few months have shown a great deal of fluctuation. Last fall there were no hurri-canes in New England. This past spring many of the drought areas were flooded. In the early summer tornadoes ravaged many locations. Even our scientific prediction of weather has not been as reliable as we think it should be. God alone knows what the weather will be. He alone is able to predict man's actions and reactions. Man is as unpredictable as the weather yet man can become more consistent if he turns to God for help, forgiveness and example. Men do have freedom of will and freedom to sin. But man is made after God's image and he can follow a predictable pattern with God's higher companionship. FIRST CANNERY New England was the site of the first canning operation in the United States, an export canning business opening in 1820 at Boston. able to detonate harmlessly In empty space the thermonuclear warhead of an ICBM or 1RBM or to neutralize the warhead so that it won't explode at all. All these requirements will push to the limit the scientific imagination and engineering genius of the anti-missile missile designers. The best way to understand their problem is to assume an actual combat situation. An ICBM leaps from its lair near Leningrad target: Chicago. In about 20 minutes, the Loop wll be vaporized, and the area for miles around will be flattened unless the ICBM is stopped. There will be less than 20 minutes to confirm that an ICBM is on the way over the top of the world, to plot its course and to launch an anti-missile missile. Every second the ICB.M races four miles closer. There is no time to waste on slow and inexact human reactions. The entire defense system will be a marvel of automation, with the human supervisors exercising only veto power power to ilt the launching. In 20 minutes, or less, the dud is over. Either the ICBM is destroyedor Chicago is. Radar Defenses The three "radar fences" protecting the polar approaches to America against aircraft can be adapted to gear Into such an antimissile missile system. These, the Pinetree line, Mid-Canada line and Dew Line (Distant Early Warning Line), can save precious minutes in launching the antimissile missile. Army missile scientists who have been working on the problem for several years are confident they can build an effective anti-missile missile by the time the Russians can get their ICBM into production and operational use some time In the early 1960's. They feel that their missile will be simply an extension and development of their existing Nike system. A recent unclassified Army di-recti ve included a name for a new and not further identified member of the Nike family Nike Zeus which may be the anti-missile missile developing out of Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules, the present anti-aircraft missiles. There is only one element of the anti-missile missile problem that worries Army missilemen and that is the "Roles and Missions" directive issued by Defense Secretary Wilson on Nov, 26, 1956. It limits Hie Army to a horizontal By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. A correspondent says her daughter has a small goiter. She wishes to know what can be done to keep it from growing bigger. This probably is what is known as a simple or adolescent goiter. It is quite common in those parts of the world where there is little natural iodine in food or drinking water. Among such areas are the Swiss Alps, mountainous regions of New Zealand and areas surrounding our Great Lakes. Sometimes the gradual enlargement of the thyroid results in pressure symptoms. Occasionally it develops into a toxic goiter. Carefully watched treatment with small doses of iodine or iodized preparations Is usually advisable. Occasionally surgical removal is indicated. Prevention is best. The story behind our knowledge of prevention goes back to studies carried out in Michigan many years ago. They showed that school children in counties where the iodine was practically absent from the water had a high proportion of thyroid enlargement. It was decided to urge the use of salt to which iodine had been added for residents of those counties where the iodine content of the water was low or absent. The No matter what Faubus' stated purpose was, the net effect of his use of the troops was to interfere with the court's order to integrate the school. If Faubus could do this with impunity, all other Southern governors could do likewise. And, if they did, the Supreme Court's ban on segregation would have no meaning. But that court's decision has the force of federal law. If state governors could nullify federal laws there would be a crisis in government. Monday Davies directed the U.S. attorney general and the U.S. attorney at Little Rock to prepare injunction proceedings against Faubus and commanding officers of the Guard to stop their interference with school integration. Ordinarily, this is the procedure: 1. The aUorney general, acting In the public interest as the judge sees it. lays down reasons why a temporary injunction or restraining order should be issued. The judge can, if he chooses, grant the injunction or order without a hearing. They are similar, but sometimes both the restraining order and the temporary injunction are used as separate steps. 2. Then-usually within 10 days-he issues an order to the one against whom the temporary injunction has been granted to show cause why a permanent injunction shouldn't be issued against him. 3. This show-cause order is delivered by a U.S. marshal. 4. Then the person given the show-cause order can appear before the judge to present bis side of the case, fully and in open court, Msconsm Rapids Daily Tribune WISCONSIN RAPIDS TRIBUNE PabUahar Enttred Mcond class matter March J. IBM, it ths pottoffica tt WtweniUi Rapid, WUconttn. under the acl Uuvh Srd, 1878. Published every afternoon aicwst Sunday at tke Tribune building. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AUDIT BUREAU OK CIRCULATIONS AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION WISCONSIN DAILY NEWSPAPER LEAOUI NORTHWEST DAILY PRESS ASSOCIATION INLAND DAILY PRESS ASSOCLATION GRAPHIC ARTS INDUSTRY, INCT The Associated Prese to entitled exclusively to the uae for publication of ail the local newe print. ed la thie newspaper, sveU as AP dispatches. Subscription rate Br earner an afternooa of publication In Wisconsin Rapida. Biron. Nekoosa. Port Edwards, Rudolph. 35c per week or 118 JO per year. By mail within a SO-mile reditu of Wia-conain Rapids. S8 00 per year, S3 00 for 6 oiontha. 3.00 for months. Outside of 50-mile radius of Wisconsin Rapids, 115.00 per rear. WOO for months, S5.00 for nun tha. Foreign countries 20.00 per year. Inquire at office (or special rate to servicemen and students. AI) mail prices ta advance. Carrier subscribers, whe have not received papers, should telephone the carrier or No. 10 by 6 45 p.m. Mondays through Fridays or by it pja, Saturday for immediate delivery. Office closes 6 Paa. Mondays throngs) Fridays,, Saturdays. I. I I I I xV 3 So They Say result was an enormous drop in the frequency of goiter among the children. Some thought that adding iodine to the salt might be dangerous. But careful studies proved this procedure safe. For example, one survey of over 50,000 children four years after beginning the use showed no child developed an ill effect. Iodine can be added to refined salt or supplied by natural unrefined salt. The latter also has been done with good results. The prejudice against "medicated" salt is not justified. One of the pioneers In the development of this preventive measure, Dr. David Marine, has again reviewed the status of this method of attempting to prevent goiter Among his conclusions were that the supplementary use of iodine in natural form or artificially iodized salt has not produced any serious damage. However, large doses can cause some undesirable effects. "In only one country (Switzerland)," he says, "Is goiter prophylaxis (prevention) carried out in a manner that shows every promise of its ultimata eradication." Family Only Audience For Budding Announcer APPLETON, Wis. Rick Priebe, 12, who wants to be a radio announcer when he grows up, is off to a fine start. He has his own radio station complete with audience his family. From the basement of his home, Rick operates the little station he calls WAPY. It's a homemade affair with only one outlet, the family radio upstairs. So they say ed page If (racketeer Johnny) Dio had one failing, It was the inability to say no to anybody. Anthony Dorla, former officer of United Auto Workers Union. I earnestly believe that Communist infiltration into the Middle East Is highly dangerous to the very existence of the Middle East as Sovereign Camille Cha-moun of Lebanon. nsmHHrsE3 Thought for Today For every tree is known by his own fruit. Lnke 1:44. I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree. Joyce Kilmer. Barbs and Banter A veterinarian says too many people are unkind to dumb animals. Sort of puts a person ta the same class. It's always fine if yon can get la on the (round floor, as long as there is an elevator. "But why such an old-fashioned one with a CLUTCH A family tree ic 0 device used to trace yourself bock too lot better people than you are. CKU NIKE-HERCULES blasU away. Its Job: to find and kill the nemy in the air. aft II pedal aa 7" WWW

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