The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1935
Page 3
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teSOAY, FEWttJAfcY. 1?.. 1S85 P^GETHBEg • Build Yonr Home Inexpensively Now 4g~g.-^--^-'y-T-TT 'MI r • '^i'-trv...jiju -i. y • ;.........-. New Fixtures and New Outlets Arc Almost Always Desirable. IMIglilliig Is n necessity of practically nil liarne modcrnlzhii;. There are two prime reasons for this. First; lighting fixtures ' installed Lwmty years or more aj;o arc I hopelessly• luillqnalcd; second, tlio| llEhtliig .of ol'cl houses was almost invariably inadequate". A further consideration i.s the desirability of having . the fixtures and Jshtiiij. scheme in .keeping with other decoration , and fiirnlshlns of ilic imxtorrrfeed. home. .;'... , Comfort, utility, and beauty are' (lie ends to bo attained in modern .lighting. Comfort means, of course, freedom from eycstrain. It mf-au.5 pjfjity of tvcll diffused light—not glare from unshaded fixture.? but even, restful light throughout the room. Utility demand. 1 ; that the lights be arranged or placed so that each will serve tjesl iLs Intended purpose. Beauty jncatis that the fixtures in form and color must be in harmony with the rest of the room nnd that the JjgJiL must lie so diffused as to brine ' out most effectively the "aUrJicUvcncss or HID room. First, impressions are often'last- ing, hence the importance of the reception hall in your lighting plans. Tho hall must not be dark nnd Bloomy, as so many halls were hi the old days. The fixtures should lie dignified and hospitable Perhaps the lantern type is in Keeping with the style of the home and beautiful .stained glass lanterns of ancient and modern design-are everywhere obtainable You may- have space for a pair The subject of home ownership Is one that never gets out of date. Springtime, however, seems to me to he the Ideal time to pore over pictures and plans of houses, All (he world loves a June bride, but it does seem too-bad if she doesn't have her very own home to move a . ~ — | »,«i. 1 , n,| ,| Utlll of wall brackets; which are effective on either side of a mirror, or you may prefer your secondary lighting in the form of tall tor- cnicres for the console tanle. An object d'art, of alabas- n>- J. HAROLD HAWKINS (there good through highways near into upon honeymoon it hand? How far is it. to schools, stores, churches and other places of necewiary call? If the cost • of transportallon makes up the difference in lot values* little or nothing is gained. In addition lo the location of the proposed lot, the character of the commercial enterprise. If the proixKccl lot is in a new subdivision, there should be bnlld- reslrictions written into your deed nnd into everybody else's deed a? returning from her 'neighborhood is Important. Unless er o s There is a feeling of the lot is in a ...... _ ., .. .„„..„ ,„ stability, of being somebody, to be experienced when moving into your own home. The world is your . new subdivision; much can be learned nbouiTii neighborhood by merely looking at the conditions of the surrounding well. . r , , ,, After carefully selecting location to build, many USC No ' Wilh Proper hanning You Ciu. "Mak<! i| lc Whole Home Liveable" i iiKiilrrnl/allon .slognj) Ijpliii; •"(slit lo Hie attenllon of home owners Is, "Make Hit Whole Home .lvalue," with ,111 ii u . spue,, nun,,. Analysis nf n lypical homo by In- Fr-iU-rnl Housing Adinlnlslrn- Hoii rcvonls a siirpilslnc amount, )i unused spare for whleh tile wncr paid good money In Hie ordinal Investment and upon which he Is slill pxpeiidlnK money In form of laxes, Insurance, upkeep imcl similar items. With expenditure of n comiiura- Uvely small additional .sum, the analysts shows, the home owner tan iilillw; these wnste spaces and justify the original investment as well us ttic cost of modernization. IVIosI Homes Air ^ Under KM. A. Loan Plan Puiiy nn out «f t mv mo owner- viipleU honies in Hie lull's I'oini' wllhlh' the ""''i' 1 II - of the Podf-rnl llonsVni; Admlnlxlralioii for insured inort- •iiil'.i' loans, according In the Deal IVojwrly Invnniory conducted |,y he Department of coinwow. Under Federal Housiiip, riHjula- Ions for Inslnx'd mortKiigo loans he maximum loan allowable nn my one! residential |iro)>f>rt,y is >1G,000. or 110 per rent, on the up. iritlmt viilini of $'2i),(Mo. The Inlile of values for ownor.oecupleii homes shows that only 1.4ij |wr cent of lh(! homes stitdli'd In t) l( . Inventory wore valued lit $M,ooo nnd over, while th «v«liio of (1.4!) |ier cent of the homes was linl repartee!. This table further, reveals l ,, (ll the average value of ownor-occii- pli'd homes it> $4,000, with 23 por cent fnllltin within this clnssiricn- llon. Nearly ill per cent avenge Where the owner has no ready cash available for such work, he can apply to n litiiik 01- other lending Institution for a modernization linn Insured by the Federal Housing Administration, ttnesfffx ^A»jwa2.a«£-S!=S B5v ™ « ..ucn ii bnsis i.s to realize OHO'K hns more or p&c nlnnim* .,nri ; T1 n. n i,-,n n^ ^- f .- _ _ . , ' ..*.'. : tt pnniuon.H full measure of hapjjincss. Perhaps the first"' consideration should be the location of the building lot. Much of your future home .happiness depends upon location. Is there adequate trans- . " ~ •• ••""••"- , ~"j"»-« "j w**iu i UIHII, ijjifll UUAwlS l>[QVl(l?(t illC-ll SI f('U f tVirhiinin: S^sr n^viir ss« W£$sj£ £•.-MS £SSr ««s &TSWS; a?—- - - - - issc-ssi jcri M^citics and towns now have 33^^ a^oZmalT ^ S^tt "-cc'SoT oTV zoning law.? which protect certain ».._. w ..111^^1 LI.LIL; vnilio- tuiiUJfi jn iv.> H'lJHjll JJII/HJCl. Ci.TiltlJI portation fron) the ])ro|X)fed lot to districts from encroachment upon places you may want lo go? Are I (heir residential qualifications by so that the food and table service show up most attractively Wall brackcls of the bowl type which direct, the light to the ceil- 'v come to match this fixture. Any modernizing program that • -V""M ,/,/jt-i.i. uiui,, ui uiaoas- Jvl 'y tinxiermzing program tha tcr of of colored glass on (he tn-|'l"l not include relighting the kit- me also win lend charm to thelehcn would be a failure/The decoration of the linn. , • WWnj must Be Adequate Itefore planning the living room llgiilltiB or. that for the rest of the house-it: is taken for granted that, the foundations have been [lid by adequate wiring. !n rc- •liiflmng lire liviug room,'most dcc- flratprs recommend .the ' center eeihnR .fi.xl.ure,, saying that.regard- ess, of the- '.number of 'portable jainlyi the center tight is needed for general illumination, especially, for card playing. ; The celiinr; nxiure may be of the shoivf'r. type chmidelfer nioimtcd close to tlic.ccilinB. Emiippcd with powerful taiuixs this fixlme will provide adequate illumihallon and Hood the room with shatlbwless light. The shades-may be-of sllk- pnrclimcnt.--.6r preferably of glass' fi'fKttJ, engraved, etched, or press-' f(l in the modern manner Such chandelievs can -he had In a va- ern style. '. *>'• you . . «...« in t , ¥ j|_ of dwtgDs Iti period or mod- Ihe living room Is mny prefer (he . >• .,.,,_, i/ititi i jui MIIJVC stately candelabra._Attractive wan brackets which are always decorative and useful when softer lighting is desired, can lie obtained in the pattern of the ceiling fixture with shades corresponding in <le-_ .....,„„„„ of the portable lamp; in Eovorr.c.ri by the group"'" of' davenport, chairs, nnd oc- ' , If there is 'a desk sinn. The selection ainn: In. casional tabled. iii (he room, .. ,„,„,, UI simple design is indicated. Hepro- ductioas of old Colonial (able Innips in.Glass, or. Ihe quaint pewter whale-oil lamps make "attractive desk-lamps If they harmonize with the decorative scheme. Nom- ine comfortable lounging or reading chairs you will want a Junior or bndse lamp of period or mod- kitchen has been called the heart of the home; it Is. where ihe av- fnigc' hbmcmaker spends n thirct of her time at work thai demands the utmost cleanliness and stionld have the maximum of comfort. lliiw lo Avoid Shadows This makes adequate . Illiuninn- llon indlspens/ible. First of all. Ihe lights should be so placed that the shadow of the. worker will not fall on . her .work. This calls' for two ceiling fixtures at diagonal, corners of the. room, instead of the center coilinc fixture.: Tf the center light is used, there should be, side ' lights over range, sink. and table. . Of equal importance ivilh the lighting. is the providing of plenty of outlets for hobkih" up various electric contraptions that are abundant in 'the' modern' home— and this applies to the entire house as well as to the kitchen: . For Hie bathroom, which was usually sadly neglected In the matter of lights h\, houses built a generation or Uco ago, (here should be a celling light and, by all means.- two wall brackets, one on cither side of the mirror over Ihe lavatory. Modern .bedrooms call for Ihrec types of .'lighting, if the maximum of comfort and service is to be provided. First, there is ihe center ceiling light for general il- Con tributes , :; tp .Comfort and Economy, in New or Modernized Dwelling.,' Unless a, house is insulated, Mid fvenlhcvstripncd ns well, a ' large portion of the efficiency of a heating plant, is .wasted. An Insulated ''' , . ts'.'^'ealthfer, (oo. -insnlatihg materials are available in .many, different forms. All kinds arc good if properly . used, lumination; second, provi- -----_ .„ ., ,, VJ/i *.,»nmnt,vil, OIA.UIHI, AI/L%;lLlI IJIUVI- S ™ J lamp of sio " for tllc 'Domination of dressing table and dresser; nnd, third, n reading lamp by the bedside. And in-tlic end it is not lo be forgolteri thai the truly modernized home i . will have abundant lighting in'tiie basement, laundry, in the furnace .room, in the attic, and in the larger closets.' Let Ihore be light! ern design with perhaps a parch- cisift, w0 ) r:mlca S}Vldc ' Fov tllc <K: - Pa: " 1 win «< ) "' Kdgcs S ,f ''« dm f. tM<1 ' m may Painting the edges of slorm an nllraclive table lamp windows and doors .as well as ihe Class, decorated and ie to irert W! " ls .ire nenred, or vice versa As In n r«m lbC l' °! fl0rtnb!e '^ <» n room, ,i should be borne ,•„ mind thai too many bad as too few; ¥• (5, ™ r<: I.Whtins the Hnj For the dining tao .ht for the dining table K of r r ,t im HOHnnce. This should bo nhce^ so that the rays of light win S 1 .strike the eyes of those sea c , n ° (he (able and it must not he « low that It will impede vision ir you have teen accustomed lo'the old-fashioned dome, or to the V, ver<ed liowl. which was a hel e," ny-CAlcher than ilU.min.iire y . may welcome ihe shower lyrw IV fixture or the candelabra Tlm« must have shades, of course prcf erably of glass. Most of these n"- Hirfs have wall brackets to in.itch wlitch you will want, especially ir the walls arc plain. Jf you prefer the'overhead pendant fixlurc, instead of the show er or candelabra, yon may choose (he new type of dome which holds the table within a circle of light and used in the (liiantit-y. There are probably forty or mores dillcrent .kinds of insuUilum nm- lerial. Air these various kinds .divide themselves in'. four general classes. These classjs are: Rigid,' Semi-Rigid, Flexible,' and Fill. ' RiS»I insulation is usually 'in (he form of panels, .varying in dimensions lo suit, 'different uses. This rigid type usually includes 'truclurn.1 value ns well. The panels may be sawed and nailed like brick,, stucco mid clapboards for (Iron's playroom. the exterior. Cut stone frames the front entrance. .semi-flexible types are made, in varying sizes to meet different construction requirements. Flexible insulation Is more, loosely felted ami is generally contained tictwren two layer.? of strong paper or fabric. .Flexible' insulation Js used only for ils i.nsiiliit- Int! value. fil\ insulation is, a shredded, sniniilntcd or noivtlcrcd substance thill is available in bulk form. It Is spread bettsten 'joists or studding or rafters'. : It is blown into spaces^ iii'.walls iin'd iluuiii of Mli-iio- lures, '..... ^ ... . • • Redecorating Underway . at Hotel and Coffee Shop Tiic Coit ilolel is brine: rctlecor- aled r on.nn; oulslde and interior and. innior miprovcmcnls are beinii Inade; to the RIIOSI roonts. ; Tlic coffee, -shop is being re- tlrcorafcd in 'brfelit. shades under the siipcrvisiqn of llie new manager, lifts. Grace Senton. ivlio coinj hero: rcccnlly from ' SI. Louis . Living quarters of many hames arc often anlimiated in design and arrangement of space, c.s|KcinIIy when viewed In the llghl of modern plumbing, lighting, heating and built-in .cquln'menl. The old-fashioned parlor, used only for company nnd funerals, no longer Is considered either necessary or de- Eiraljtc. Likewise, Halls, irahtrlcs, kitchens, dining and other rooms are often of inefficient .sl?.o and "iliapc. Chnngitig of partitions of- leii .. makes In Eliminate- Drafts rooms where- drjifts - < constant menace to lieallh ; , check frequently finds Hint open ; and nrches are Hie o'use --• -n many cases n- j . |-'v^^h doors or similar types can vl?'". 1 .?,." .1? Ilnn P'? Dv bmi ' ds !. cli «'In'ite drafts dangerous (o ire used an Ihe outside of Hie house-framing in the place of wood sheathing, or the panels are ised on (he insicie inking the place of plaster, or ns a plasicr base This type of insulation, when used m' the place of plaster, is some- limes left unfinished, or It can be painted or papered. Semi-rigid insulation is oft™ called the felt'type. It t, usunlly wmewhat flexible so that it cnn bo tucked between studding jousts or roof rafters. This type O f insula- .ion is used, structurally. It is for nsuhling and nothing else, as a rule. There are some kinds of semi-rigid materials that have metal lath fastened to one "ide "'"- type as well as the regular health. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSITKANCI DIPT. back In monthly installments, often dark and pay a uood nnd parllally used, can usunlly be families modernized Into livable, useful ..i, , ."".."~~~ — -"• '''"fly f|imrtcra. Heatlnj! nnd oilier scr- Millcd to their needs. It, Is of the vice units can be relocated lo rc- Harden-home type, having Us liv- leaw the injuclimun amount of ing i-ooin and dining'room .shield- space, noors nnd walls can be reed from street noises by the kit- paired, ceilings Installed, and the chcn, hall and stairway. -Upstairs walls made damp- $2.:iOo and 2-1 per cent less than $2,1)00. Less ilmn » third of were above the $4,(KIO home.s murk, n per cent nvcniKliiK . and la per cent $7,500 or more. It was further shown that 54 per cent of these homes were iiiovtcaBcd, (he ranp.e bcliiR from Hi per cent In I-Yrderh*, Mil. to V(i per cent In Wiilfibury, Conn. Remodeling Started at J. F. Lent! Home Work was .stalled yesterday nr Hie J. R Lena home on Houtl Second street, whleh is lo )» remodeled. The- Improvcinenls \vll Incliidn enlaiulns; tin- llvini: am Irani bsd iwrns by usinii « pai 'of Ihe Iront poreh. A new en trance will be added and ficvera other changes made lo the llvi loom house. II. will he. redecorated : both 01 Ihe Interior and. oiiUldn in color ig lu s; work, lo obtnin' betlei light nnd ventilation; and provides space needed for n larger room, or an additional bedroom, closet, loi)x-t,,' Imliiroori). or biilli.-ln ccmln- nent. ,'.'••/' .The .nttic is nnolher' portion of he home which, at. little expense, c'.in be' made into two or more liv- ible rooms, with, a bathroom, by finishing the floor, installing n few partitions and covering u lc ijnder- sltlc of the rafters with Insulating board, plywood or plaster. Replace broken or wm-ped male :>ars'in the boiler. Defective grate .„ m.-,,,u,i, ul , , ul( , „ bars cause a loss of fuel nnd make the home. Soiled scraicned o, acciiratc con.rol of con,b,«t io ,, dif- cn.el.Td floors.may be improved'In _ '. 1 'his manner at small cost. to blend trance. I he colonial en E Jnvdwai'o Company •Soon Occupy Completely Remodeled Building. Work .Is /(oliin forwiird rapidly on the new homo of the- llnbbaril lardwni-ft comjiany. whh-h Is Jifst Innr to the pri'.scni, locution. 'i'lie bnlUllntj, which Is owned liy the hiirdwiiri' comjiiihv, is lieliijj ciuodcled In a modem wily ID euro lor ihe Inriio stock. Tin; :|0 by ir>0-fral. biiildlnif will also Imve on«-lmlf of (hat sl«« In the sec- oml story which Is lo Iw used for All of Din front h out for the front and dows which arc . ........... *- L v i-ni 1 1 LI their kind In. lllythevllle. A.liim liiinn Blii-ss frames and blnck isliiss trim will be used. New fixtures nic lo l« IjiBlnlled. with tho book- Keeping department (n t hc rw u-. The stock will ho 'moved us soon ns ,ihn work is completed, which Is estimated nt nboiil Miireh. 16. laite Hiibbarii aiid Cuvrol niakc- moro founded the hardware company in mm mid it h, ls Its prc.setllr location fo Scv«r«f l,oc«l Homes Arc Gelling New Roofs '| Rfveral' new roofs nie betiis ' nltl met old roofs nnd oilier re- .mlrs are iielng mnde to local' ivsWoiiws, Dr. N. I, PK«ell h hiving n nf-w composition rnof laid ain!' other rrpnlis imdc nt lili homo on Hccoiid street. llnrry Kli|)j\ hoime on Chlrkn,- iwljii iiveinii', ivhlclt recently had' MI-W co:\L of whit <pnln, now hns u new f>rron conipailUon 1 I'oh! Inlil over n ;,lilnxled ioof Jfe llji nintlc his yaid laigei by inshiK. si vi ml feel, of mound from the adjoining piopcitj ottiiwl by Die Ml.v-,K,ipp| County Ihilld- liu; nnd Loan nKociutlon. Two hoiL'.e , of whleh Thomas Jjind cojii/iiny im', thf iBiitdiB, have new roofs and Improvements Id Ihe Intcrloi »d dlsi.lay S.-!, 1 ,'?',^ 1 .. 1 ™ 1110 . V? 'W*. bo' the Ih-st. or ' ™ r •' fi ' wtK< n »" "l"^ »"«l= i.nuin,. AI on ltl( -'- sldi.s of r la • liwlull Useful Shelves ... Ihe home Mr uiitl Mrs. K A Phhn H\(> theie Repair Porch Steps ~""~ ', With Insured Loan • Hun down sleps nnd porches, often of nnllqunlcd design, mm > Iho nllrnctlvrncs.s of » home and; reduce Its resile \nhlc. ' Instnllntlon of new poiches nnd steps or reiTOlilng of old ones may " r Mnny kitchens Imve n burc rn- <lc S 1 wn " KI ' nce ""' ll col| ! : l '"'-' >'se- "' iin<l attractively Irnnsformed recessed shelves, painted In conlrnsllng colon; conforming to the kitchen sehemc, and used for cook (mots, recipe flics and other items of kitchen business. The dratl of a furnace Is oflcn retarded by ciiltiiif; Die smoke plpa loo long, so Unit when II Is Inserted In the chimney, it extends "cross the niic. The plnc . S ] 101|UI only be of sufnclent length lo ex- [be done with 1111 Inwicd loan uit- ' - -•- ...-.>,..« "-njjUl IU f A.'- 'eiKl Just Inside the chimney flue. - " -." ....i. v'l.ijntv it should be sealed In light, Closet for Broom is Easily Installed The broom would appear Important lo the menage only when it Is needed, bul It must, lie admitted Hint use of It Is often nnd urgent. Why -not, .therefore, n place where It cini be kept in condition and found when needed? The same applies'to Hie mn|i. vacuum :'cleaner,. . dustpan, ; anil duster.., ...... .- .",.';, -• This -calls foi- a special clipboard in the kitchen, Inilj, or on, the back porch—somewhere " handy,. A few boards, hooks, n smnll 'door, mid a litlle paint, and'n envpenler can put it In nt little cost. (.'over Floors . Covering old floors .with any of ihe new lloor covcrlhes/now on the market makes for -cleanliness, better insulation and bcaulincatlon .of flat surfaces, besides adding to their attractiveness nnd beauty, protect them from deterioration" by retarding (he absorption of moisture which ; may cause them lo swell and stick, Molsturc-rc- sislnnt I'xiinls are usually preferred for ihis purpose. LET US GIVE YOU AN ESTIMATE ON A HOUSE CHEAPER THAN BRICK Beautiful - Kvcrlnslinc- H.C.HALSELL M06 W. Ash for More Even Use Temperature Genuine 'MULE HIDE' ROOFING Celotex Insulation Terms Can Re Arranged ARKMO LUMBER CO. \Vntch this space each week: for other inlrjr-cslinjf and unusual facts. : . ;! - Modembatlon Ciedlt Plan I'cdcu.l HonshiK Admluls- - Iralion. Mnny home ownr-i;, ,„,taking advantage of IhK fact, to preserve the Inveilincnl nmdo in ' ihelr homes, lo lncira<ie tlie beauty, attractlvenei', nnd usefulness of their poiches mid ' to ellmiil- iilo.lhc dangei of Injnilous ifalls which mny be due to defective steps.. . As n finishing (ouch, owiieis me also planting atlrncllvc shi iibbcrj'^ around the poiehei, which nddi la IJi-lvncy nnd gives » cVmrmlns-^ Iniidscniie selling Read Courier --News Want WATCH THIS PAGE For Next Tuesday's Ad Jesse Webb Lumber Co. v ' , i ? AmfaergrLs found oivly in. -whales is worth. Double its Gold/ neither is it " isuot' tree.' ilvrubnor Phone 40 IT'S WBI.L WORTH YOUR \VIH],E . 1 . 1 ;,; lo <)Ml'.wlioro you can depend . . . where your tlri I f ?i' '".euarantccd. That's why so many pnr- liuila • folks always conic here for Furniture. We're YOHP iJmipv K u. r ',,- ' '- WHY lVOT RKMODI«; lUUR HOMK.' Uell assist yon all d S imn!v von jvjth Quality I'rctltK'ls. Come in. CHARLES S. LEMONS \%mkold f WNITURE ty FIXTURES KITCHEN SINKS Itnll rim with back as illustra.fcd, c o mptetc w;i(h liftings (o wall. $18.25 -,.....$12.45 ; T lat rim, without back, .IjKinds extra. ;)flxl8 LAVATORIES U illuMralcd, cnniplele with ntlinss lo wait. 19x17 . 110.75 Vc can supply yniir cn- Iro. plumbing nrols al cft prices. I ' Hubbard Hardware Co.

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