The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE tWO BLYTSEVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY. OCTOBER 7, 1933 Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Circles of Auxiliary of First r-resbyterlan' church Morduy after- r.oon, 2:30 P. M.: I. Mrs. nill Dolan chairman, Mrs. C. n. Willis '• licslws:' ?.. Mr.-. W. A. Dtibyiii; chairman. Mrs. w. H. Fxsloy. lu;-| lobs: 'i. Mrs. S. E. Vail, chaunuiii,! Mrs. Jcc P. Pride, hojuss: <.' fct 7:30 P. M.. Miss Lo'ilsc Crane chairman, Mrs. J. Meal Geicil. hostess. Woman's council, Fiist Christian! church, 2:30 P. M.. Mrs. I'oUer |«i of Armorei; hostess. t'i Missionary society Fi™( Methods! church, 2:30 P. M.. al chinch. St. Stephen Episcopal Guild. Mrs. Ctto Kochtilzky. hostess. TUESDAY'S K VENTS Bingo parly, Catholic hall, 8 P, M. Young Matrons Bridge club, Mrs,. W. c.• KigJliiEon, hostess. THURSDAY S EVENTS Thursday Con'.ract club, Mrs. K B. Joyner, hostess. Thursday Luncheon club. Mrs Event! B. fie*, haste's. U. D. C. will meet with Mrs. S. P. Martin. BrideVKoiujiiel Makes Ideal Qitt Bits oj NC Mostly Personal -WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSOM- Saul In Damascus Text: Acts 9:1-12, 17-lSa The Inttrnalioiul Uniform Sunday School Lesson for October 8. blijOlry and his persecuting Mai': religion is keeping him on the ugainsl, all who diilsrcd from him ' right tvack or Is properly dln?ct- in religion. Tills new sect of Chris- : ins 111 1 ", as pai11 was forced to BV WM. K. GH.KOi', 1). ». Editor of The tians, especially, In his judgment; micslion 1'ls course in his jcurney were seeking i« pervert ond over- j to Damascus, throw the religion in which ho ro : Chrisllanity as Jesus lived it anil Our l«won presents the ci-eat. intensely believed. ; taught it is a. religion of | QV r ;nict story of the conversion of Paul I- ' * ' ' 0[ msiianmiily. of largeness of The common interpretation of con-' Wc see him !:<rc in his c:im-, mind and heart. 01 p-iuencc and l version applies the word and trc: J )ai £" of pcrKuuion goins 10 ii ; :: forbrarana-. of a confidence ,n the =i*;cxix:rlcncc to thc.ettantiu irotn Mit; 1 ' 1 !!" l>"i<-'t ! '' v letters to l':c syu-.i- Iru'.li that 'iois nst lead oin: to Mis W A Grimtmul and Mrs. j to righteousness, 'it Is a turning ' B°3 I!<15 '» O-imascsis (livin; him I serve tile nuih by roachmsj out la A V Hard"' wereM nimhi'i vis- J r( W failure and loss to accept sal! Credentials of authority in |,a war- sf.'ady the Ark of God with cruel ' ... ' :,„.. ' ' vatlon through faith in Christ and ' ::irc against the Christians. Th:- und ruthless hands. bis redeeming power i description ol 'rim K as -breath- When our religion feeds u;j:n Paul's conversion, however. i'.- '"= ollt '» rcaU: ' u '>S 5 and slaugh-! and encourages emotions of vlo- luslratcs anolher aspccl that client I 1 ". Hardy were Mi'iuphih llors yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. lid Stanley have ken the. Har.vcy Haley home on Walnut street and Mis. C. J. Little and Miss Nell Williams have moved to the house on Sixth iirccl lormerly occupied by Mr. end. Mrs, Stanley. Miss Mary Fiance; to have strong emphasis, for It is. tcr." That unfortunately, by . , lence. whether In thought or In act. no j It Is a gosd lime to stop and con- a o * pilaw- 01 that nsa tnac .as nl means an isolated case of in'.en-;; • sidcr whether our religicu to of been needed and that is bad-; ~! bin mistaken zeal. 'All t!noii.~i Gc<l and whether it- ly needed in the world today. history there have been individuate 1 ing the best and noblest tint is ; arid leaders in whom religion was i in us. Much Interest Shown In Lcjfon Au.v'y. Drive. Much enthusiasm !s being mmii- ieslcd in tho annual membership drive of the American Legion Auxiliary under the chairmanship of Mrs. W. J. Pollard. A special effort Is being made lo enroll the members before Tuesday when Mrs. Howard Proctor, president ol me unit, goes to Litlle Rock for the autumn conference. At this time a national defense plate will be awarded the imh president bringing the largest number of members for tlie nev. year, according to miles traveled. The quoin will be announced al this gathering. Lasl year, with a quota of 100, the local group obtained 91 members and it is believed tiiat tiic quota will be prac- lirally th? same for the 1933-jl year. Of the $1.50 annual dues 50 cents k kept at home while (he remainder goes to support [he state hcspital for veterans of the worlc var. Wives, mothers, daughters «nd misters of world war veterans aic eligible for membership if thc American Legion Auxiliary. Assisting Mrs. Pollard arc Mines A M. Waslibiirn. Proctor, Paul Greenwcl). J. r. Lent!,- Floyd White. Welch. Edsar Bonuu The bouquet the briile thruns away aCIrr the ccrc, tl(m y may be rfturncd lo her u a (itt — beuitllully Sy NEA Senior Are von puzzled over encasing j"' \veddlne sift for Die October'" dcccralcd In A 'rav, as shown here. of which Attorn in the tray the frame 1st weight of books. How to Press Flowrrf rwVTw mt co iW t hr lliat Is n ono pictured here Is ahbut 20 .by i, ™° »«t lew flays ,nc removed ^rlc-e? \Mrnt could ll be that ls "J l ., 4 .' h .,. nr . rt th( . f rn m c - \, ma de i lhc riam P tHotllng. paper and pat incc tilcnEli^, useful nnd __bcmitl- " '"...-f. 1 . "„ '^,, .1^ 'I^iSS I'drv -sheets In 1U Slice, each morn- ill? Something thai Is different i - - , -,,.,, ind that will be prized In years'™ny be used just as effectively. | come? An answer to these: ' rlie P crsM wno c ?" le ln .'° P 08 : mahoganv. Dull gold molding i'dry-sheets In Its place, each morn- 'ing and evening. It took not le' o come? An answer to Ihese; »£ i^^ uestionsIs lo decorate a tray wit n sessloi i o. this bouquet -prepared ^ ^ tr ^ ^ ^.^ ^ Havers from the brides boucmcl! ! U "S follows. ! d> [md covered lh( , |nsl( j c w , lu Yen may res; assured (hat Ihe : She look from tne bouquet \ peacock blue velvet On this brllht- . • couple receiving Mils gift while II was still fresh four or iixc i( gl . olm( i lnc flo i. crs . )e jves aml vill treasure it among their most i five roses, a few sprays of maiden- f crn wcrc arra ngcd In 'a -sort of cherished possessions. : hair fern and llly-of-thc-valley.' 6 , lr;n . cieslon, she dabbed a tiny •.Cidlmirily wlicn thc bride throws - She snipped off a knol of thc rib-j s))c( , k of g i ue nel .c and there on ter bouquet Inlo Ihe caner hands | ton. HI Is advisable to press more | u, e lm( ] c ,. s \^ a 0 { 50,110 O f tin, of n bridesmaid, she lecls thai o( each kl »d then are needed to | i c(lvpa an( ] s t ems aiu i glued he flows, have served their pur-1 dnconilt 1 the tray, as some of thc to lnc vc)vct so tnat •• Memphis (or them Thursday. I Hk"^'"" \ , , "J """ su }»> orlca tl ~ r -V llumil « '""»» of tits ,rower of tie aospe Mra Marcus Evrnrd and <on ' 3 wo! ' c ' lc s!lls D! an-°f a sort t.:at has often been inr-, lo lurn a man front narrowneis and Joe Mrs' Tom little and Mrs'j ear " esl lnan "' !los - "' c!l Sicn hart row, cruel, and ruthless. ', bigotry as it is to transform a grass noyle Henderson arc spending lo- i '™ wp " re< ; c ' ] j* hc ^ . fro . !n '™-'' . • - • : a,,d filthy sinr.or into a decently day In Memphis ' [ronness and bigotry, but whose In-. When any man his reli-, living saint. •Mrs 'clarence Vollmcr went lo! tens " s ' of dcvotio " on| y made' gion inclining him to n;ich a cours?.| Ti:e one sort of conversion is as NJflnphls today lo spend the dayl " ger i "" i morc ruthless his he may well question whether els 1 much needed as the other. with lier father, M. C. Coolie, of Luxora, .who Is 111 at the Baptist airs ; .Murray Smart; al the organ, i Science textbook, "Science and hospital. His condition is very good following an operation performed a week ago. Mrs. • Molt Monaghan. Jr., and Mrs. Murray Smart: al the organ,; Science textbook, "Science and -"Q,,- n;c^v;<.^ Ml-o^n We invite you to all services, i Health v.'it'i Key lo the Scrip-. v -" t - UlSErsci ITlloSlOn cose well and that -she will never I specimens may net broken .in [hem again. She will have only j handling.) >-: memory of Ihrir bcr\uly; but If As the roses were too thick to vou press a few ol the flowers and i He flat, she slipped them with a nut them under glass in a tray, it will hold for her the sentiment ond romance of her wedding day. Tray Willi Glass Bollom sharp knife and hollowed out the under side of both rose and calyx. She then put them to press in old magazines, first carefully placing Another favorable phnse of the i Bench flower und leaf on blotting idea is ;.hnt one docs not need lo! puney and then covering w|th an- be cither an nrllst or a mechanic , Mher piece of blotting paper be- would always slay In place. A bit p (the ribbon and a tru,e-lover's ' knot compleled the decoration. The glass was replaced, the' frame fastened as It was before, and then a piece of green felt was glued on the 1 bottom of Ihe tray. On each corner there was a little rubber bumper, so that it could not mar lhc table even when heavily load cd. i.p attain lie-anilfu.1 results. The I for; closing the magazine. She »!-. When the bride returned from tiny may be bought ready made I lowed only a few flowers or fern the honeymoon, there was the tray cr made to order. The size and to each magazine, and then plac-, nil rcsdv to do its part in making thape may be varied; also on the heavy:her 'happy ever after.". B. Y. P. U.'s To Have .t Special ScVvicfc""-' 1 ' ' There will be a special service lor lhc young people of thc D. V V, V-'s in the First Baptist church at the church Sunday evening, 7:4; o'clock, complementary lo (he nine iv young people reaching thc efficiency standard in church work for young |«?0]ile. ' Thc various unions will meet ii IheSr rcsp:clivc rooms at 0:3( o'clock for llvj. regular program; and in the general assembly rcoir al 7:!5 o'clock for a special as toir.bly unifying program. I The honor union Is thc "Just Friends" group which holds first l:lace for efficiency In thc Mis Elssippi County B. Y. P. u. as s delation. Cliristle-lUdins. A marriage has been issued to Mis-. Pcsrli. 1 Eddins and Walter Clirislb, both of Manila. Ncknd-Kinsr. Announcement, has been niiidr ol (he marriage of Mlffi Slella KhJg. cf Armors!, and Gecrg? R. Noland ol Dlythevillc. Thc Rev. J. Blu- icrcl Caldwell performed'the cere- iiony. Sleaard-Sipes. Miss Lorena Siiws and Jolir Slen-ard. both ol Steelr. M 0 .. »er< united in marriage Monday by thc Kev. A. J. Hill. J • •• LT News ot Blytlieville Schools turcs." by Marv Baker Eddy, one OSCEOLA rRESBVTEllIAN : of which reads. -Suflcring, sin- CHURCH ning. dyiii2 beliefs arc unreal. Marsh M. Ciillaway, Minisli-r 'When divine Science is univer- Sabbalh tchool, 9:45 a.m. Joe sally understood, they will have Cramer, superintendent. , ;a |:0 - lVC r over man, lor man is . M A. Isaacs. W. D. Cham-'; Morning worship. 11 a.m. Scr- immorw! and lives by divine au- subject. "The Cross of Je- iliority" (page 75). daughter, naruara. go to I Memphis tonioirow for a few days visit. Llln. Jr., H. Hlghflll and Frank j 1 Hlghfill, Hill Chamblin 111. and: s Be(ty Isaacs went to Memphis to-1 These '/lisa Elizabeth Burbank ! Speaks at High School! to her Uomu in Bni - Workman, . James Whittle, Albert Winters. Chirles Bi-ieht, ^PajU Sanford, Louis Dark',- Walter' Coi- Jlcr. J, T. Victory. John, Whit*. Olifton forsythe. Jerome Daniels. Billy Chapman, Aldeii; Smith, Donald Kstes. Raymond Ssx£, Harvey Morris. Captain Charles .„ Maxwell, Aaron Byrd, Billy Don- nvogram bixmsored by Miss ham FrcA Boyetl ' c . Nowc ll Oood- - .""^ holll « roonl1 "» x will, Lloyd Crcccllus. James Max- c Reu | SDOl(1 , oll "pi By j n tii c ..' ,, ' ^.w,,-,, TJV. Rirh- Echool .-. K, r . Rold con / rasl ? d the Junior High day "for lhc week-end. I Sunday Spurgcon Patterson, who trav- « cordially invited. els over southeast United States, arrived today for a brief visit with Mrs. • Patterson and daughter, Vivian. Charles A. Stubbs, principal -of the Sudbury school, attended thc meeting of thc curriculum supervision program committee, and thc Jonesboro-Blytheville junior high school football team al Joncsboro icsterday. . Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee. of Piggott, Ark., were in the city last night for the football game. They formerly resided here. Thc Rev. R. S. Rushing, who went. to North Little Kock this week h lo accept lhc pastorate of thc C/hurch of thc Nazarene, • ar- r.ved today t* v.llh his there Ihc fiist of thc week. services arc held morning and the public Christian Science lieadini; roo::i every is open Tuesday ond Friday from to 5 p.m. at room 108 Hotel No- . . nller bemi; dircc or of n |nv of the oldrr Kenernlion with .i..i „.,.„-. " -... ,„ ------ I" 11 ' ol ltlc O '" cr genermion »un Hecd- _.. James Long, Billy Long, Uoug- thai ol the younger generation. las Wo)f Rol)[ , rt Goodwin, John Miss Marlha Jean Winburu, ac- Halnplon Jamcs Williams, Billy _ , , <n*l\-iliin.-l IMF \flt-r, T nvst-T ."nil"-" ^ ^ r ^ ._, •)U1 (hi: trades the girls at the 'ndii'.trlal school had to choose 'rom: dressinakin?,' millinery, ca- 'crlni;, printing, hair dressing, mid •ctail work. She explained how ^ch pirl worked in each of these ^'"clt't. * b^MHted" ^! 1IS K Cpa ^ IO L C ° IU " lbuS ^ L^tyV^alph fflUe^rSiie oii- ^"ihal ***** •"£,&£?"'• i te». H«m../ Pcsey, Bryant Slew- bank, Cal., 'he Industrial School in Worcester. Mass.. siwkc lo the ichaol girls 'lliesday morning. She /-rmivVnirrf i«- MI« qrimn Toni7 r "" , .,,_ , n ...LI n'. ._..,„ ,,... .. : ..,- !!. ,i... comp.imect D.\ MISS bclma Lcntr. Plcrcp T D Rhodes, Albert Sa- siitiB Moyes "Uancl Song' and ub D B „ captain Clias. ••(.itllc Orphan Annie.' Keltic Lou Bassett Theodore Baxter. Tom Kramer played a piano solo. : Clifton,' Billy Woolen; Malcolm Two assembly programs arc prc- McDermott, Wllbourn Clouse. Lii- sented each week at lhc Junior dus LJ.UI,,,,,,,^ William Murdaugli. high school. Special programs arc L]ovd r\onmm, Clint Wheat, Billy y impend ^he week-end family. They will niove blc. All are cordially invited. FIRST CHRISTIAN- CHUKCII . E. K. Lallmrr, .Minister Church school. 9:45 a.m. ominunion and sermon, 11 a.m. "Vesper services, S p.m. ; All are cordially invited. <' FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH' Sunday school, S:-15 a.m. Church, II a.m. Prof. Haycicn. • Leuchvilk 1 Society — Personal Mrs. Cora Moore oi Halls. Tciui., of the Saulhwcstcrii University ""«' sou, Albert, will be the guests t hurch Talks faculty at Memphis, will preach. of 1{cv - ar -d Mrs. J. W. -Moore tor Meeting Held at Kayti 51AVT!. Mo.—Tlic pre-conlerc:icc :.i(etii:i; o! the Woman's Musb'.i- ?;•> ^oeicut 1 . 1 , of the Cap? Givar- c!:-:iii dblrici of the Methodist c-lnnch wa:. held here Thursday, iirs. Jcptlia Kiijgs of Calx- Gir- ;i(itau. tlic district serrslary, pre- tided. Olhfj- ofliccr:i prcscnL wore Mrs. A. R. Walker of the St. l^uis conference, president; Mrs. J. ri. Ro;s ot Sikeston. confc:o:ico vice-president, and Ifrs. J. W. Gol- cen, of Hayli, who is auxiliary president. The (Heine ot the convenlion w&t "Whatsoever My Hand Find- I -th to Do. Do It With Thy Might." Tlvj cpeninv; inorniii' v.orship, •.va sur.df:!' lhi> direction of Rev. li. Builington of the local were giv:n 0:1 Young people's meeting, 6:45 p. IM:s? Buibaiik (old (he Girls National Educational Week and . . , . , , - nnikuiiui j rie cirls with whom she worked Hallowe'en •lir-coverert that working girls can - ' ?et alons tetter with their cm-: over 40 per cent of the slu- .loyi'is-if they will rtp jusl us the ricnls in Jlmlor Wgh Kclloo , rtid -c> :-«s and m>l EIVI- him any llot lnlss ., dnv Dr rmnrt llllp rillr . utk til " ! - | ing (he first monlU of tchool. 'ntevcsting Program by Girls art. Jack Taylor. David Boone. Raymond Beard, Jack McCuislion, ' Junior Bujarski. Pandoni \Vliitworlh and Harold 13urgeson gave a brief demonstration of reading In IB grade for the P. T. A. Wednesday after' rllc J " nl01 ' nl E» « h(Xl1 "Tary noon ' T cii mothers were' present, h;>s nd<lccl IO . lu -.. tht:lvM " ccnl ' y Mrs. Ed McGrcEor Is sponsor fov „ nev - encyclopedia, presented by thc 1irst sradc Ulis term . the I'. T. A., and iomc twenty new very interesting program was books of fiction, biography, and ladics Bible Ciaji- Ha? Mcrtinc. The Ladies Bible uf Hie First Methodic church held Us usual monthly b;;siness mcctini? Friday evening at thc hoir.e ol Mrs. Frank Webb. Tn addition to the 12 member* present Ihere a guest. Mrs. W. M. Cro-.v. I ^frs. Wyatt Henley led thc devotional, from the 12lh chapter 1 of Roir.ans, with prayer bv Mrs T. J. CrowVicr. Mrs. L;c Armstrong, new president of the class, presided. She appointed these committees: Vis- Hing, Jtfrs. Henley. Mrs. W. A. Etiefcmoa and Mrs. Charles F. Wood. Membership. Mines. C. :;. Ncal. E. A Goodrich and Alice Ix:c. II was voted lo play lhc capsule ga:nc riurln? Ociober. A talk on "Fellowship" was Riven by Mrs. Crow. In the .'octal hour Mrs. Nenl - - - , In the 3B grade thc following liven durini! assembly hour Wed- reference. Among the new titles pllplls recc i vc( | certificates for pcr- nefdny morning when the Girls' are books by Will James, Hugh fcct atieiidancc the first monlh rhib met. Margate! Shaver. PIT- W:ilpo'.c. Barbour. Church, and ji mm j(, ,\uen, Jarrell Boonc. Wll- sidiny. '\~\w ir.cmbers decided in London. Till 1 school plans lo add. |j aln Caviuiher. J. C. Coir. Anroi have fifteen cent dues por semes- other books of fiction lo the pics-1 Byrd. Leonard Do/Ier. Upyt ler. Thc secretary. Mildred Jar- cm list. Beginning this month new j 0 n e s ^ g y McCarty, Donald Hick rett. renrt thc minutes cf thc bsl magazines will be received by thc m[m ' w c ny] cc .. Paul Slither 'f.ertinsr. aficv which fcllrabclh library. Among them arc The : \ Rn ^ a\\\ Tom 'stewart. HBJ VcLcan. chairman of the program American Boy. Time. HI. Nicho-' sp r(ld |(,v, Billy Sclimuck ret :oininitliT. introduced the pnrtii-- las. Popular Science. Minnts on '.lie program. Wanda F.shcr ar.rt Mary Babcock «avo a Junior liisjh nthlelics Taylor, Herman Tinker. Dorl Aiialr. Dorothy Foster. France, directed. ,j ctl) |g an< Mary Alice McDcrmol •mi dance, followed by a talk by by Jamcs A. Puckclt. have laken Virginia Stiles. - Mifs Marsha Chambots who used on nr.v since the arrival of , H , ColI[ '^. Girl - - SI ™H1 ""• pby B round equipment, includ-i Thc 4A p , lpil , ha(1 „ , t '' l ' n subecl - Sh ' : 1OD ' ; "" " roottalil " ba * fn tla " a " d tendance for Hie first month. 'Hi day fol]ou . ln , madc I)crfecl altcilctanee frnir, the play. "Hamlet." jfcascballs. Two periods each espeare, and interrupted air given over to physical c ' program 'lion, aud morc than half of the g. by, Shak II very Interestingly. Th ccncliid«i by Mus singins. "Calm as thc Nigh;." ac- Itoinc form ot physical activity. companies at the piano by Mis:, cduca- w, "ll: : Boiiannln'pV Jorome'bauieis ' Landon. Billie Long. Toi FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Main and Seventh Streets r. Q. Rorie, Pastor Worship and sermon, 11 a.m. ond 45 ji.m. -"Foui 1 Kinds of Soil" ubject at the morning hour. "This 'ear Thou Shalt Die," subject at he evening hour. Church school 9:45 a.m. Board of stewards Monday, 7:30 i.b. Prayer meeting Wednesday. 7:30 i.m. Choir rehearsal Thursday. 7:30 >.m. Only three more Sundays until ,hc meeting of thc annual con- :ercncc. PILGRIM 1.UTIIERAK CHURCH H. J. Klcindlenst, Pastor Sunday school teachers' meeting. 8:30 a.m. Sunday school session, n a.m. Morning worship, 10 a.m. Sermon theme: 'The Unity of m. There will be no evening service. Members and friends arc cordially invited tu alt tervicss. Mrs. Roy C!i3ldrc?s and Mrs. E. . M. Howard lire In Chicago attcnd- LAKE STRKKT METHODIST : , i»g the fair. ,• ' • ; . - , CHUItCII ' . W. J. I.eKoy, 1'astnr Sunday school. H:45 A. M. Church, 10:50 A. M. Subject: "Faith and Courage". We am putting the Sunday school on lhc plan of the new nrogram of work, with each division meeting separately for the: worthip period. In thc youti!; y.a- ple'r, division Gltis Ron 1 ;:-: will speak five minutes on "A World Without Friends" and Miss Angle Hco'J "Win "Children." by Mrs. W. T. Holley if Hclcomb. conference suaerin- . . , ... , u-i!de:il cl children's work; •Tnti- Louis spaut Ihe week ns guerls of ,.. ate G!impsos Inlo Fjn:>llce .,;. by days. Mr. and Mrs. S. L-.'Culler of St. :,;r5. R. H. Ballard, Chaffee, co:i-' \ire srohin n,,»i-,,. -,,.Sj i . ,; fc-rence mission superintendent. A ten'Mi^^^n^c^a^e^^^^ "^ *** «' **' Glen Eddie Smith, spent TueEday! aon b ' lldlei - m15 ^ iid \Vcdnebday in Joaesboi'o. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Bycrlcy and -rhc Chaffee delcsntion. Rev. R. H. Daughter)-, past :r »•»». uiiu I'lic. j_i. vj. jj vuiiui aiiu i*i *-> t son, Leon Jr.. Bruce, Steed, Ge- c ' ";. e C5ntenar y Methodist chtir-h neva and Eugene Tabev attended cl Cap - Gnardeau, delivered a the Ehow at Joncsboro Tuesday, "rmon on "Life Services." Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Robinson, s , . ,~ daughter, Miss Dorothy, and Miss wrjRlC'f?aJ Str«i-p lor Dr. an<l Mrs. A. E. Robinson, o f<!ii,'. visited in Jonesboro Ttro^day. \ The Civic League helri an inter- daughter, Miss Dorothy, and Miss f?rjnidpel StOl'C for Needy Shows , SCUTHINGTOiN, Ccim. •liulcci CIiniSTIAX SCIENCE SOCIETY Real?' Ls Eon-Sermon lo be road in lhc <t-inri-iv * .Mrs. Ji-ss Rose of Horm-sville The tov:n purchased supplies at Jisitod rc'laliv« and fricnrts !:cn: r-iail. Tolles pointed cul. >'im-- werlnesdiiy. CV( , r _ (hal t! ,, , m i n |(.jp;,i s t olt . di,| * Ptlulllle Baker, who suf- not have thc overhead and many " ™'* '^' "** leBit T^ CM *'- 1SC ?l ° f Tl r '" '' im f whtch noimnally would - ha vi 1 to be figured into the co',t ul Waul Mf - '^ ra '- i0 "- ,, , " cait Thc Goltten Text is. "The Kins- J= dom of Heaven Is at Hand. Heal | thc sick, the lepers, rail-" J the dead, cast out devils: freely j ye have receivd freely ',;ivc" (Mul- j tliew 10:7. 8). a An;ong tile citations fro:n fh* 1 Bible is thc follou-m>;. "Ann he that nas dead came forth. Iraimii hand and fool 'M!h grave tloll and his nap !;i,,. ">vas bound v.iili J CM ,S .":iilli unto Hum. Winbiirn pupils In Junior high engage in Rc cdcr... Wallace ' Smith, Claude •'••" — 'tome form of physical activity. I gicwart; Richard Sweat. Jack Tay— 'lor, 'James Williams. Virgil Win- Thc Boy Scouts have provided tcns Claudia Bennett. Nets Bry- the school will! a nag and a pole rnn!; Frances Carlcw. Mary Jo which have been impended over Fisher. Rachel Forsylhr. Eftolccn entrance of lhc Junior high • Freeman and Ernestine Smith Moore litilriH-lo: D! ' il \\ork. has .-cmc r.rv: C( whitii includes four ?ss lypexritcrs and two if.chool building. Uldinc Klitsey l>ccn vr-ty ill Tlie pupils of Mi-s-- Adcdck's locni presented an uilcresling cx- productt lust week. i with, malaria for tin- two cral games and Mrs. Webb. cd by her daughters, served punch and i wafers. Tiic ncxl meeting will be hol'l with. Mrs. Lcc Armstrong first Friday In November. Lcpanto 4-H Club Names Officers, Plans Work LEPANTO. Ark.—Miss Arlim Ford, student in the Lcpanto hteb fchool. was chosen president of lhc i-H club al a ii'.cclliiE ttiday, presided over by Mist Mabel Bussell, -couitly hoinc demonslralion agenl. Other officers chosen were: vlce-presldenl. Eva Mac Hall; scc- reury-repqner. Marguerile Story. ..... __ Ptaii for thc year's Work 'were ably Monday in lil-jh hciioof outlined by Miss Bus&ell', • ' continue llu'ougli the week. piled and collon products manufactured in niythcvillc were dis- playcd on .a table. aro trying out a boo!:. J. J. U,n sen was oi:t of ;-chnol tlie fin-t trail of the week on account ot illucs:-. Mr. Moore sp"in t'.ic weekend in Forrest City and Memphis. Mis., Vircinla Martin !s bjck in , school after bfim; out for four i On Wednesday. Oclobi-r •». the The 5U group had twenty-three wiih i>erfccl attendance records for the month, of September. Ihe Christian Church." Regular qirarlerly congregalional mccling direclly after morning service. Evening service, 7:30 p.m. Sermon theme: "God's Omnipotence."I Loose him" aiid let him go" 'Joln'i Question box re-introduced. I ll:-!4i. You are invited lo worship with I f] 1c Lesson-Sermon will also iri- us if you have no church of your, cll]clc pass jg cs from thc Cliriv::m own. ! -.-Beginning Sunday evcninu' lii-1 ••••HHIBH grim Liilhcian church will holdf _ evening services every second and' A 4- I fi A fourth Sunday tn the month.; i\\- .ilf.v These services. w-Jiich arc !o begin i at 7:30 p.m. arc of a lonnal lype than the morning services. Besides congrrgatlonal shigins and' a short .-crmon by the .pastor there: i=;orl'.e,s(<;r. Minn.' til" hcallli "f-• will be: a "question-box" period j ;i-c r. Or. D. C. Loi-khrail. rn-ctiily ' during which any questions of a ' " ' religious nature thai have been submitted, will be answered by tlic pastor. Tins feature has always) (' been popular and serves lo clear i ,,| !c '"i,osi "food'ouluinab!' up many questions that ngUatc; la bcc u col ,= jm cd in cn-.U isuan-! thc human minri. All arc invited [-, ;r , . 1|i( j ix-c.-usc u! lhc luisMbil-] to these services. ,;... ' o! ' ,' ts ;., )rc ariin!; ctiscat 1 .'. MC win 1 to kr.ow that o'.ir Icual oitp- FIRST BArTIST CHL'ttCII : tlv LK pro , lllcp ,, 1llldcr a]| the re- Walnut and L'lfhl Street* • ' ' - i\i,o;lu Out of the Air! :| The 511 ' lied wllh Miss School weeks on account of illnc^. 'boys ot grades 4,5 and C met and iv,, Sarah Richards has been absent elected Elllnl Sallba. Charles Mas-, . ' ' • Hnbler'f, room In having ihr most mothers al p. T. A. mcciins on Wednesday. October x June Workman. I'cgsy Burks and Rose Enoch arc on the Uon or roll for the moiillt of scpirnt b: cause of I'ublic Spcakln; cUw, I well and Charles Basselt. as *oc- t T; f • isicnr Irani captains. They then J, t, Lntz Acquires fonniu;; a ' I/vsl and Found" ric- chose teams and will play a lour- na:lmcnl in Mis.s Hardy's olllcc. 1 namcnl tchcdulc. Thr firel fame 1", will be npprccialrd \ny nuich occurred Thursday. October 5, Ixv 11 UK- lw.?r or In-.tlcr will tec ihi-'tween the teams ot Captain 5a- ciass about ik lost or tlclc. •Six weeks tests next week. Tests will beam pron- 'These teams ar- Ninlh Street Property K. Crll*. counly iigrlculiuriil liba and Capliiin Maxwell. Thc|iip«nt. hus piirchnM'cl Ihc.ronncr _tcorc was 9 to 1 in favor of llic'E. E. Alexander liomc on NurtH be Kiy.fnlSaliba team. Thc iwrsonucl of, Ninth street. Captain Elliott The two slory residence is be- Sitlibj, Joe Buarden. Robert lid- in<; rcd:cornlctl before Ihr- Crltz The Mayo Clink slalrincnt throiijli tin "We Ir. the health cieparl- 1 ave mnceriicd about nullt| " ,,,, two \\c Alfred S. Harwell. Pabtor Sunday school. 9:15 a.m. Alvin. Holley, sur-eriiilcudcnt. rrcaching al II a.m. an.d 7:-lo : p.m. Morning subject: "ChriM's Compliment lo His Church." Kvr- nltif subject: "The Conquest ot Fear." B. Y. P. U. 6:.W p.m. Mls.s Lima • Wllliclm, director. W. M. S. meets Monday. 2:30 ;> m. for Bible studj as follows: Circle No. I with Mrs. Ivy Crau- 1 ford. Ml Missouri. Cli-clc No. a with Mr.s. I). K. Jilaylock. KJO Wcbl Ailt. Circles 3 tV; 4 .al lhc church. •'• Sunday school otTtcciii n n d leachers Wednesday 1:15 p.m. Pntyer service Wednesday, 7:-ti p.m. | Choir rehearsal Wednesday 8:30- of prixluctimi counni'i- c'.iliv possible ar.rt that il be p:i '•.:n'if<\ bo thai nc cat: ^Lv-irant il safe." Telephone Nu. 71 Itcnnclt's milk is ^afc — it's properly paslcurizcil. Bennett's Dairy zler, Buddy Boycttc, Ednard. Innilly \\w\e In aboul Octubcr 10. 'p.m. Mrs. Paul L. Tiplon.' leader.. HEMORRHOIDS (Piles) iur- •d without (he krifc. bkin cancer, varicoied veins, lun- sils removed npn-sur^ically. DKS. NIKS and NIES OfTicc 514 Main Tlionc 9S FREE COSMETICS Al C;ipt;!in ()niilk-\ on Xorlli :iih will pi.'ini 1 , .-!:; ijuy t -;>v«duitcs from i-'i:u;iiiii;i.L' :i ;;outi for M.OO v.ovlh or' Jean Noel Cosmetics When. I'ri'seiiteil al MARGARET DEEfN BEAUTY SHOPPK

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