The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1935
Page 2
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(AUK.) QOURIER NEWS • rn ' ™ .KX Social WEONFSDAY S E' Mrs X » Mlnjarcj .... ing; tvemiesaay iinasc cluu. "Mrs, H. H. Jloucniiis entertaining 'he-p L o f)i a nincncon Wednesday ni ihc home 01 Mrs. Harry Kirov illUUbUAY S fcVBNlS TnurMiu) tillage cluo hiwtllll! wuu mib L n Moore u ,, . M,,HVVVM. Mrs B ucc having ,. J" "**' 5' McKlNM.. I'liureuay uiiicncbn ciub'. ' ^ n 1 "^,' ^ lwl «.»n » T . "Airo i) A ~ ucicft cnccitnliilne O ltcr t"™)"^ the \Vcil |iui](t you Air, a K IjS " c ", uucu "! mns might boliocthntlt vould be prel- Makf9 Fine Odd Despite Six Quick Tricfo Against Him Solution to Previous Contract Problem ' club .Mrs. 'e having Mrs Joe Kaipro missi.ojta.ry sqcietj meeting sum Mrs u M Hooo, j pm Lake Street Women Lake ary buciei.y Methodist Ml£Eio» e^ at tne home pt Mrs t|ivrge bnants 'for prusrom nay fcn^ A M vamvmue was in cnaiBO of the following pio gram: l-royer, Mrs. \V. ine Wells our rumen, vug, oj (vjines y b Cji OLO \dnwnisie, i Morris, bnamnii, 1' U Jarret; Mlldrld Tucker, • and W. L. Green. •Business I.ollqw'c-a, \Vlin Mrs. W ij unui in charge A grocery 4i w »« was given to llllf JdJWOl, Uein-oniiK-nts of saiau, cum. iina coilee were .by. tne nosiuss, Mrs. Oeo. Simnics. Tnere wire iwcntj memfters piesenl Mr? rtsa I'mumKt had a fnm- lly amnu buuttay in honoi ol l;er Jatircr, jjft *I«M;I, ««o iio Jim biithday A cast, na,ujaud with 51 tan C|S, was ipo c«n.[erp]cce of ihq table. • * > Mis It A. Lynch Leads tirst W M S Mrs u A bjnch was lender of the ing,ion) m the n\ectmg 01 the "Woman.' 5 JM,lsslo.nqrj society ~of tp.&. '^i?st file^nodist church , nlternoon^ at" Ihc church, bl attended s —.She usen '-"I'lic Wells Our ra- "ther Du«' us hpr llicine Mr*, |> ,;b Coojuy ottered pimer qntl Mre *$inma Burney and nin,q hlg^i Jc^ool gjrte gOAe. a play §jth thelc partlclpaiing Misses Patty Sl\ane, -Martha Ann Ljnch, Marjoric Barren, Jane Branson, Fqulliic Fowler, Vligiiila Martin, Mildrccj Lou iiuboaif], Y jr t'" 1 l' 1 "l'(i Franui tittle ~,The hostesses, Mmes purney, K G qoodftin, B A Lsnch, D\vlght •Bowen Haivey Morris Salljo Hub- Jei and ft M Burns, s,civeO cuke, candy and (.offci, ' * * 5 ;iIiU-Carl« - Mi and Mrs H C Carter have announced die- marriage of thch "daughtei, Gladss, \t> Mr Clwiles M Hill ol Oafulhersv illc, Mo The marriage was solennilzi4 (I tiie ijome of the !}o\ {,Ir Carllon, pastor of the First Bapl\sl church' * rhe bride wore a blue crepe tunic trimmert^m white satin wllh \i03 liiiiid of a heavy loss nt duptfcalc Miss honof and best man Mr Hill and his budc Ross, LanSerj make then home In CaintlicRitllle where the brjdegroom i£ cmnici-lcd with the Davit Packing haute • Mrs pill was complimented with a bridge party given by Miss Lci- Ja. Smith in \\hlch Mrs Hill won the ppze, ilhijj- l!i\p supper lasl genius at xiie" country club. ; W A Aftliok presided ut tli supper meeting which was con ly'liaid ti distribute" "the reman- uig carets so lh,ii five odd toutti h? modi, bj South hini-4 is one ol Ihose . MP in a recent dAlp|icalo the Chalfonfc BI|<|KC club New York Fred Kaplan u bill, lant wunir New Y°rtt itUoincy, m a repntsllon a;, u psycWt bW- dei His <,on(q\Uon is ttjat anyone can learn (o p|aj t|ie e«rds well In a short lime with t-ufflclcni practice, byl, thai, Iho frlr^ttgy of I hat |n N. llant has i Today's CoriUact Problem ... ,-., Is {>|ayliig ||ie eon- trapl at HOYCII no trump. Tho ttaiul ea.ll tio matloati It slamls, or wllh' ilie Hast and Wpst liai)dti reversei], and without Uklng Iho lieiirt Jliiesso. The oiionliiB card lii a diamond. ¥ A K J 8 1 » K 10 + Q J K 3 , bridge U In the bidding-bid, ding >6ursclf Into the rlgh,!, con- tiact and keeping the oppo|ienls (rom getlhig Inlo the right declaration (or tp,«ir tld.c rf apian sajs, 'I'm ready to Ukc 643 8 6 3 4> N° no South aui) \v Wi'.st Novlh Uo\il)lo J (ft Double fat,s load— ^ K viil. Kusi 10 8 5 io 702 # 10 s 7 va » A Q 9 8 4 4 A K I Solution lu ucxl issue. K J 7 3 2 (Vlostly Personal , FEBHUAHY J 8 , 1W6 After Purge TOPf! (Upnthiued From Pni-o One) missioned with <»i- more power In AAA than cycr befprc. Kcv in Saddle will jil In the Mrs. Mary Phillips Robinson will 55] ««ft.TC to " on ' ow tor *>' T , tlc M le ^ «»i». f °^"y -. -- —^M.,jro, ^elf—became the ones in -....- returned home._ ,bergasl«L Mrs. J. W. Atmms7 fornicrly of . here olid npw of ^Vilson, In (he of "Dr. and Mrs. S. V. Marid family. and son n l- "» . ., nst Knpliui. j Sunday after a visit with Mrs. douuictl the four Lnufcincf's jwi-enls, Dr. and Mrs. d tne king of cttiua s - ''• Martlti, onc( Mr. Litzfclncr's e, you can sec that P 31 " 0 "' 5 at Cariithersvillc. They <uiy, so tliat my opponents fet'lhe u V '>r " ' 7 Of und his opening; bid of one spade was normal. Now Ihe problem Is u Whnt to do wllh Ihe West hand. ! A1 " > - """ iM-faiiwyer ami son I've shown you thu bidding us It, returned to .Wasiiiiiglon," D. C., occurred against Kaplan. j Sunday after a visit with Mrs. Alter Wesi .•ones, he k<l live-odd Is a Inyilown. ' ,"' elH l>y pinnc, Dr.' niia Mrs. Mar- Howcvpr, one linsl-West pair did' u " l« fc ing them to Memphis. bill li|)c hand pvoiKiiy to arrive at' Jolln Duchnnaii is 111 from a six clubs. South bill one spade mid - ni ' ORt infection. \vcs(, n(d tW'O siiddes, which['snowcil Mlss Manila Clininbei'B, who is a tre.niendqjis' hand 'iind nsijcd employed In Mciiiphis, Is 111 ut P'ffe e | to'keep'tiie blAcime open ner homo on the 'south 'highway. until guino wiis vcnclicti." North tnii Ml '- ixll<1 Mrs - Wade Quinn have itiree sjmdt-s, limt passed, and '""V 0 ' 1 'o Osccola. Before licr Soiilli bid four spa lies. I marriage Mrs, Quinn wns Miss HI- inis HOIIH west b|d four no A1 ™ Jeun V^ei: Inwip, hnodicr demand bid lie ^ r - Pfll1 ' V- Won, who Is 111 was offijirt lo cloiwio the four ^ l Ulc Mcnipljls Methodist hofiii; 'es, becaiise he felt his part- [nl where he underwent' an omer- „. inlght allow It lo stand as n iBcnoy oiJcrollon for app'cnrJlcUls ,,' <louble. Iciunday, is resting very well to- " •E OF HELENfl Mrs. T. H. Jordan Will Conduct Class at B. Y. ?• U,, Mrs. T. H. Jordan, wife of Hev. - ac " join the B-pt t e, ' " the luiir no tramp Eust tluy ' W"s sitting In thcbouUiils nnotlie Achievement a«id . jProgress of Bubinesg Vi/oiiiea Outlined >Jiib was oisaniz«d in , , Louis tb JCMS ngo was told by Mis Miuy Tuinci of Pningould, \li.<5 picudcnt of the Mate group, !p n meeting of the Bljtfie\iUe Uub i!>t ovcping Mib II b Hcjnolds >taic Intcrnalional Kelauont hahmnn, was hostess lo 25 mem uers and gnisls when sin, pic- cnlca an inlcnmllonai pelatioiu, program during Hie c|Iiuict mcct- •)B Mn> Tiu-nei s talk on Pioyicti of Women In the Work'- Included iccojnplishmenls of Business and , woinin hi (he Umt- 1 titles a)id Ihc 17 foaik.ii coim rlcs where Ilicfe arc simllai 01 gnulzations Cited as oiitbtan.dliig n women s woik wer caclhlllcs n leeishtlon ctlinijlloii ot ones Hold Services Today for William Kijnke Lvillc, during 24-March 2, ., Jd by J. P. Friend, county director. Mrs. Jordan will hare charge of Uie Intermediate group und will conduct the class "in 'the "Intcr- WC (o -»« e "rtdue to press-' who, died ut hta lerday following ^ g mn ss t Mr. Klinkc, who was one of the ?.' "' qlUest ,c vicinity of ' vmblem "activities. The president, 01 ;no 1'nragaulcl club, Mrs. Louise Enrle. siioke ol (he inlornutlpntil program's activities for pence, fn concludhiE 'her talS she' said 'ill the countries ivoiild draft the wealth of file people instead of the men some People would pot be so cnscv to, have war." ' I The Imporlancc of peace work was tol<( by Mrs. J. q. Barnes president of the ' Bly'fhevillc ' club, i E GrceliiiBs were brqught. froni ail Iho countries where there arc ejulis, wllh ' llipso' ' parliclpaling: Miideson '{'(] , Mr. antl Mrs. Bennett resided • iii' ' the city for several years. He was Vice president of Ihe Klinke Bros, Dairy ami Ice Cream company. Tenn., ing Pconlc's Activities :fu Baptist Conven- assooiatc editor of the B. T. 'U. MugOBine, 1 -'; ch'njch here; and Mrs. J. L. New.som, wife of Rev. J. L. Newsoin, former pastor of' the Second Baptist "church, Bly- thqvillc. fi'lr's. Jordan is well known in this seclion' of the .stale because of her ( outstanding church work. Pqr many years she has speciaf- ised in the work of the Intermediate IS. Y. P. u. and is regarded as an authority In mell'iods 4 P tittle Rock ' thc r?'r ^ fieurp of mi8ht to the '* ™ da ~ ~ ° «- ' ^ • "ncearin-h to unseat him m from the. scene of battle in tho recent AAA voleait o erlu , J f rsccrela '- y of ««•"»»«»», *»m here In a diking Maigaret Bourke-Whilc poitrat to WMun.Ua oy P.oue Plungjng urto the »^. he emerged again a, a powei inl, L Liixora Society — Persona} . • " • ' ••• ••• • ." SW-l'iRas, utue Rock, executive E. R, Bognn, deputy grand mas- Sunday School and B. Y. 'p" 'if. :r of Dislrict Number 10, F. a'nd secretary, highly recommends "her! Lake Erie Fishers 'Build Huts, 'Angle' Though Ice SA^DUSKY o [UP)-More than 250 shanties of through-the-ice fishermen dot thc frozen wastes of Lait Erie oil Sanduskj this winter in \vhdt lake men saj is the most profit able season of thc spoit yet. : ' .... ...-- -.,-iber 500 (o BOO dailv. They ci t small holes in the ice drop through lines fish bj sitting on cracker boxes outside their Eh antics One hole fishei caught Ib7 fish, ni two hours of ou<> aflei- noon. Buyers gobblp up Hie catches olllcial vi lodges {liiri] Awards To I!c Given . individiial and group wi|l be made durhi! and othp cities •Ici'paHoha'l nrcsldoiit Miss ^rnnJl"? - February: Carson ^kc awards win be made during the Lce'.Colcmnn Aus'tria MrT o M ' ^, "L 85 ' Wil50 "' ^ eb ' 5; qavdi ' Wc< ? - CaBh prl ^ ° l b "' c " dolK MorsihV Piilriiirt M^ l£'im£'; wl ,' otl P °? 7 ' Welncr ' Fcb - 7 = ??lcl1 W1U bc Eivtn for the best ,.-••-- - •••— - -— Matthews; n-iince Mis Coin Leo .^ nc ' lvill ° locl S c ™. Fe »>. H: Hern.; slogan and poster used In adver- celf m|U ullnii. a studs of tin Unldrldgc : arcat Bdlnh?" Ml« tl ° U '""^ 22; Bono,'Feb. UJMUo- HsiiiB thc course. Each' clmrc'u inces and ihc lc ( i ^cal objcaiv J Min-gu ct Mob'rc- hoiH I M? ncUc Iodgc 6 ^ 8 ' ^' la - ^V' m ^° a " A U "? individual unions wll of the phib Hhid, MS pimply lead IMauiic Louis Ed'svur Is- I V M« 667 ' Feb ' BI: m ? rkctl T ''^ 0 V^ «Jnd«?l their own campaigns for ushlp uv b.oadenlng'joiWlf In' Clarence: Holder- Ncrwiv M« w MS ' Fcb - '" >8 ' ^>°^S the school. 6tilcV ? awaHs otiojects atlccllug sou and thc T ni,,,r..i. T,ii'..j ,. 5l i . ": ' » » will be clve nto thn n v D TIV uojcc^s woild UxUij work of group was, (ll jou (Hid, _. _.„ iMoignii; vi nutriiauonal \VrlBht; \, briefly by Mrs.' Merrill; Sufpcr. , <>•?•»• "?B vj^.4?i>«l, gricny ~j .„.„..— « r Fmplmes'oT the E B Gee Sales f c >' nol(ls flat lold of tjic orguni'-. Wtllinsham; comoany and their wives had a Mtl " n ln s ' l<1 ™' 1 -"- 1 '•- '" H " «tloii |p Sw,ilzcrl9iia Iii 1930, amr Samuel F. Norrk. U J " w ? c ">rr»l of all cludeg with a shoeing of trains *-^a!,ing [ilctures concerning the JTioWaire rfrac1 "" . There were So present • > • « business W omen's Circle flas Meeting , Only the BnMn-v WoinCns cr- cle of thft Woman 5 Auxiliary in the t First Presbyterian church had a meeting this Trcct; as the aflcr- poon'circles did not msel because of the fuiteral of Leslie Hooper Mrs JL. D Chamblln cntertaliRd the eienlng group when Icn members a.nd one *|sltor, the Hcv BtifaH H Sa|mon attended ' Mrs Salmon led the Bible study • . Mttses Marfcfel ke'ciT'an4 Jcu me^ren Dtllahun^y apd Milclicll JchriJ hwe tei^ Adopted by Uiis c-Jcli; "while, they are wty at sihool It ««5 \olcd to send {hem boxes of "eats' this wegk other EresBjferlan 'atui)eftk a yay have Cten atjoptecj by other circles iThe hostess served a plale lunch i of/ftear', salad, sandwiches aid candies, with, coffe", HI vhtch the , , Jf»J*ntlne motif urns emphasized . jilr in v-fiflicncc IToitlcri Norwsiv Airs w • '-li' u "• " ' •^ v '»^* nnmu4 " 1C '" ™^^^i^ ,-">» »* '-' ti -clhodist SS.W inr^t 111 ^^ S 1 ' ' -K.™™! cn " ch "«™ organized a Bible .rolled; the class with the largest ;iass for |nen "" Their aim>is wunper; and the largest grotm to enroll men who' have not in 'tiie (aking ' Ihe" examination. Special past irtenlldcrt themselves wllii the recognition also will be given to Suitday schools conducted fii "yio - ll ! c ' B- Y. p.. u. (ravelin" the churches of the town. The class Inr ??st aggregate number of°milcs tneew in (he basement of '.'tiie "W "isht, Prescillations 'will be church with,Mr. R»nd_bll NlchOfe' m ? (I< ! Hie final'cfass period the teacher. The ai-frmri™™ o',-.^ : - • •:—^ : -' • • Female Rajs Too Wily For Pied Piper J3HARON Pi CUP)_E L Straw- This in-1 , Miss Margaret Men ill was - --.- ^,, .,..„ |.. Yct u4i inu, ui-f , 4mi^ nitir^Hrci. Merrill was n elude* promoifon pf U'tctCMs of charge of the .singing of niimer, .lie busnipsj, apd profeisional «o ous songs Una Miss Marie Win„ m (burn san: coun- numbers. ig Scotch -nnd Spanish , .- r Y of depcrjscd qoi'i<JillO|is A four course menu wns served m all cQunlrits througn rc|icf nlid ,111 several tables which hatl ecu- other tcmpomrs mcisurcs. de^cl- .terplcccs of red, whlto and Wuc opmcm of local exchange cpptcrs carnaUons llnnkcd with red, white lor tne dlsplaj of producU, ol and blue tapers hi crystal can- pminiir art al)c| hundl,cratl Ice Irtelabra. The place cards were lures ami tuiictrt lours for'artlsllcmblcinalli; ot llio organlaation memocrs and lnteH|at.lona). na-j ' research, study r arirt perton,dl con (acts, and safeguarding of wo men from cxploitallon and unlali (ilscrlnilnallon ItiQludhig Am discharging ol marrjcd wpmcn fron- slfltc a,nd prlvkle cmplojmcnl ^Mrs Npiia, Dlxpn of Pqrasoilld, of Hjc ajblrftts hi On. rcf'the W- M ipttet church met :ir * h ' ? - 0 - £ ^ -™ ,- is"~^« p«« entertained Mro Louis , WUsou. ' '-Its 3 "A. Cassldy conducted th - d<noltoii»l< Ui".circle 1 al v>\\k business sescion cqa- ___ ^iature Horns Trace ' ^crman Wnlpole In circle '4 who used 'A,bldel,h (he Vine 1 for her ll. gcripturp J 'vse ,, v.)»i the gcrpturp from John is Mrs W J 'flvset!. 1M She business sesiion for the U , (upj— Evolution of the home, from 12,CKKI B.C. to 1935 r is tra.Kd iti ft i\ovcl cxhibi- or iujnijtture. .h^scs" at the oj of. Arctiftccturo''^ Massachusetts InstUulb.ot Tcchiiolo»\ - Tte';ii\oo;el !l«*nln'gj," built to r'-^l c ? r * iwartcr : ?nch . (9 the L 09 i,,F??'' V ; v|th a h .Qino :* s t . in a Npo!|ti,b:;lqkc.' vjllagq a,ut end v' a, »)Q(J6rnii,lic .suburban rest'.-: :'.". ": " ' ( ,cw member, Mrs Hofman The first lesson uf lh.c 13lble hiitory, "Ihe pieijUoii to Abjaluip,'' Sub ghcn 05 Mn> W M Crow In f|rcle 3 Mrs J H Ibmart gave the devotional for the u mepilJErs Uft<4 onp visitor, Mrs Theodore Losjan Oils Shepherd U 4 cd the flr;,l chapter of Acts, (or the Bib[e letsoirsjjd Mis B F Hairibon '04 t^e^mslncM, !,??• sloil Mrs t jj Woodion conducted Ihe business session i la cliole 4 cu}hl members and one vi5ltor. ».wu M ^wuuua Kueiuu une Ywtor, MISS CO dorotlonal was gfven by Mr; 'lee! the 'Bible study, Cordelia WUhlle New York he. Ifolbrook TurKey Growers v soolation, with lieadduartcrl q ' Hospital ;A<hntllcd to the Hlylhcvillc hosPilal: .'Hits .June fiollipctcr, city Dismissed: Mis Gall Nave To- nmto. - a Sunday Babies In Demand; Women To PERIODIC CONSTIPATION End. Without Worry l'een-».rairi[, jj;c dtliaoua.lastine cht^jng 5, UT ^. .H*' 1 ^!^ *nds ^[ic ducomfou' of 'iipj<[, too^^i dorjj'not form a K»bit, ititi lequitei ?.°^'""^C 3 ,**•'*'• . **"" ' F f f!•»»!"'! u Acf,A the Imtwe ,s mi»id fill, uh'vjf-/ juices ,nd cairn ihc >^ua scieiHUuillr a>; inundid \'ou ih'ui avwd .hicking yout^U w.iK.t bnh U»iiv> miiV Th.'rtS •vlt u i itiontijh, full'jclicii* but one "i. Ktnllr; thjt drKtot) protnbe the Uutire iii It en-j.rn,nr (or tverr rnemb(r of the' 'familf irubdmg ch,ld[<rt. Dtltr ii'Ja'niuoils. To. burg Ifagerstown Md rit killer by profession says it is difflcultjto catch female iatt. because they arc too smart 'Male" rats,",- sold Qtrawburg, will fall for anj kind of trap But a female rat is too wily and clever and can only be reached by poison -S$r<iwbmg conducting a three week campaigp to destroy Ilie rals of Aharon said a particulai lype of jwisoj) should be used Ihe kind thai allowed a rat lo live at least 24 hours after eating Gored by Bull Despite Aid WEST LAFAYETTE O (UP) — Though h 5 daughter in law had druen off with a pltchforit a larg- bull which ^tt9cked him rraiik Plecoat 10 died of injuries suf fercd alien goicd and trimplcd by thc animal. A new industrj unking aidfl ciil leather from wool has spuuig up in England. Read Courier News Want Ad & [Take Theiford's Black- Draught To Avoid Constipation —i -". >« HERE'S THE AID TO' FEWER GOLDS.;. VICKS VA-TRO-NPL « A f EW PHOPSUP EACH NOSTRIL' HERE'S THE AID TO SHORTER COLDS . .VICKS VAPORUB rjUSTRUBOH T.HROSTAND CHEST' Cplor.ido Town Turkey (Jen V\ JUflTA. Col. (Ul') _^ become .Follow VICKS PUN for better CONTROL OF COLtfS ^QNNBAUT, O. (UP)-Morc wo- lo atio W taWei'ln Con- !M "' 1CC are b f bics " J , of dressed Read. Courier \-iews Wani A(js. Positive Relief " Far Itchy Skin • CooVing.anr! soolhins Blue Sln Oiiilmcnt ineHs on llic skin, sendin n, s mfdnincs . cepl.v inlo mfdnincs . cepl.v It dulclily i 11s i itch, utter. c, er r»}h. cc^craa, fopt ilcli, rinimrm etc: Money tack U first Jjr !Ius - Nose Dr °P • FEVER First p»y, Headaches In 30 r Proo// [run UMails in «cch Vlcks pockagej .SERVANTS to all the People As servants to the .people of Blylheville, \ V e Ijcur definite obligations to nulustry, commerce and thc individuals we are CmJlegctj to serve. 'I'otjay, more llian ever hefore, modern civilization depends upon a central source of pure water supply. Modern business'and modern homes, alike, depend upon 9U C U;a iVlU'l. Mij^sjl-y, al an : ccouomical nile t'or such service. Th ? privilege 'of .serving; ydji; carries an obligation, not only Of meeting yqu^r.reqiiirenieuU, but of actually" iiiiticipaling i 1- n . tl 9/"P^mental,pohcies of our organixation 'aVc build«1 o •, • BOTHEVILLE WATER GO. :!::: : '' •l!3 l .,S,Br()adu)qy l! i personal Ajlcntion to Evew Customer ' '-;..-'• ' .'"'.•'•. • • v ' ' • • J • • . •• • . : -

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