The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1933
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Served by the United Press EOTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HIMEPmON VOL. XXX—NO. 17'1 Blytne»Ule" Dally, Neva. Blytbe*1U« OoorMr. ... v Vmir<\;n i i.< *i«i' IMOIQ u \n-inm\v fM«pr>in> Uj!*l»lppl VtllfV Lf.d«. BivtbertU" Herald. lU^TME.VIl.U'., ARKANSAS, SA I UUD.-U , PC IQliKi i, SINGLE COPIES FIVfc CENTS GIANTS TAKE SERIES WITH 4 TO 3 Proud? Hugely! Gives New York Fourth! Viclory Over American | League Champions. | j GRIFFITH I'AKK. WnshillBlon.j Oct. 1.—A home run >)y Mel Ott| In the hull of the Itnih in-! ning of today's game gave Ihe New York Giants a 4 lo 3 victor}- over Washington and llic world's baseball championship. After Nev: York had taken an early lead a home run by Schulle in the sixth inning, scoring Man- iish and Cronin abend ot him. lied Ihe score. The Senators threatened in ih"ir half of llie extra inning but with men on first and second and Iwo out Luque struck out Kuhel, retiring the side. First Inning Giants — Moore .singled to left. CriU flied tO'Gobliii. Terry Four Vrschel Kidnapers Get Life Urschel Kidnapers So Submit Plan. Sho'll snare (he lionors and the worries that go svilli !ho oPkc* of national commander of tlie American Lotion for tlie next through the piiL-her'.s box, Moore yc!lr _ Ilcrn ia Mfs E( i w:lrd A . i,c!ng lo third. On fanned. Davis I jiayns. wife of ilie new l<? K ion f< reed Terry. No runs. tv:o lilt.s. (.0 trroi'.s. Senators — Myer filed out '.G Mocre. Ooslin singled past Kyan. Mumish lined into a double play, Jatkson lo Terry. No runs, one nit, no errors. Secord Innlnir nianis--Jackson singled lo lefl, r.lancuso wi:lkcd. Ryan sacrificed !:i;th nmiiers. Schumacher singled to center. Jackson and Mancuso scoring. Moore filed to Ooslin. Critz flled to Ooslin. Two runs, ;v,"0 hits, no errors. Senators—Cronhi riie-d lo Ott, Kchulie v;en; oul, Crilz In Terry. Kuhel flled out to Moore. No runs, no hits, no errors. Third Innlnc Giant.-—Terry singled to right.! Of. fanned. Davis, popped to Cronin. Jackson fanned. No runs, rjo hits, no errors. • ..... Senators-"-Bluege was oul, 'pyan' i-i ferry. Sewell out. Ryan to Terry. Crowdf'r out, Ryan to Terry. No runt, no hits, no errors. Fourth Innlnjr Giants- -Mancuso fouled oul io Kuhel. Ryan walked Schumache.- lanned. Moore grounded oul to Ciowder.-No runs, no hits, no er- . tors.. Senalors--Myer grounded out- lo Terry. Goslin walked.' Manush forced Ooslin. Cronin popped.lo Mancuso.'. No runs, no lilts, no error;. Fifth Innir^ Giants--Crilz flied out to Goslin Terry lined out to Bluege. Otl Hied out to Manush. No runs, no tiifs, no errors. Senators—Schulte beat out a hit to . Jackson.- Kuhel singled to left and Schulte advanced to second. Bluegc attempted to bunt on :hird striks but was out when it went foul. Sewell lined oul lo Moore. Ryan, threw Crowder out ur first. No runs, two.hlls, no errors chfef. tf Dcratur. 111., she. attended th? Chicago 1:011 rentier 1 .. . CAHUTHERSVIU.E. Mo.- l.-.lle ! nvmers Union anc! Holi-1 Tlll " Mllu ' lillt >' Midlil '- vvl ' n 1: »°.*"' . . . . ' collon farnH-r. Dinner and pealer flav Association Leadei'S! of Cooler, was placed iinclor in--' ! rest by Carl Dickson. U. S. secrei | MTviee agent out of Si. Louis, and • ' laken Ijeforc U. S. CommlssloiiiT WASHINGTON. Ocl. 7. 'UP>—i Houston H. ISncklcy of Hnyil !on A code for America's G.C01.0001 a chingc- of defrauding Ihc vjov- faimeis was scheduled to be laid j ti-umenL by ihe forging of an ap- j !:efoi(' President Roosevelt by rep- piirailon for a government crop - Hjemalives of larm organizations i olin j n ( ) le season of 1932. along i today. | with Ihe forging of the endorse- i Tlie plan, U.s sponsors claim.'mom 011 U ie check which was 'would assure (arnurs the benefits uter received from the crop loan i yiven industry by NRA codes. organization. He was place;) un- j : E. E. Kennedy, rvecrelarj' f-f ' np | der bond In Ihe sum of J25CO for I N'alional Fanners Union, and John] 1,1., appearance al a preliminary! ' Eosch. vlce-prcsideni. of Ihe Na- hrarlng before Mr. Buckley • ^n', I tional Farmers Holiday associa- Friday of next week, which 'bond • lio'i. have dlsciLWjd the proposal j wus made for him by Messrs.'. 1 J. j 'with NRA offcials. S<:cretaiY of'H. Smith of Stcele. W.. B. Mlchle Agriculture Wallace. AgricuUnral ] of Micola and A. B. Rushing 1 of j Adminislr.-U.or Peek, and other-cooler. ••/'. fr.rm authorities. Evervwhere. they; n, j., alleged that Michlc made! i said, they met with favorable IT- , an application for a crop loan : nclion and the opinion lhai their | n C |,e amount of $151.92 In thc | i plan was feasible and in accord name ol Will Harper and that- in i with the programs ol NRA and L \ a( . time he received n check'-vin sum which • ho subsequently U-re are the six mi'ii and it:: •oir.aii tonvicled in Hie Ui-st-hi'l id)i-.i)]|inj u\K)ii whom M-nlfiicc -us In frdeml mint a! . Okhlhntiia City 'today. llnrv;yl y and Albert Biles. ^;n.-', and Mivimd Mis. 11. ti. Sluimion, at whose farm home Ur.M-lu'l was held, ivri-lvcil llf.- u't'.s; ihelr .von, Aimun. \siii a lu-ymr sus|H')ulecl M-II- I'lii-i-, am! CHflord Skclly und •;™nrd liei'miiii. St. I'liui men convicted of piissin^ .101111- i:f Hi- iun.-,oui money, were M-n- t'lift'<i lo live years earl) In 1 ) r'son. Roosevelt Says Industrial Strife Must Not Interfere With Recovery. • Will Organize Farmers : endorsed In that name. ! After visiting -the White House. i Hie code sponsors planned to leave I for the middle west to organize I al least 00 per cent of .the Indus-i I try, which AAA officials said must! i be represented be-fore llie code Is; set. for hearing. Kennedy said thc National. Grange would be invited 10 join' the movement but that thc Amer-: lean f'-.irm Federalion would not. j He claimed the nresent backers represented 2,000.000 fanners. "V,'c want only the organi/a-i fiumc-r." Kennedy declared. "Our iwn «roup.i are bona fide and es- WA8HINOTON, O«t. 7. (UP)- tablished" by the farmers ihem- <- r m a n y s Threaten Whole Program of Limitations. .'. Presldent Roosevelt today .warned .selves. 10-Hour capltaV- and labor alike that Indus- ' ^^^ l "-" our .'"V-,. trial troubles must be thrust In- The. code provides adminlslra- to. thfe backETnuid until,the war, "on »>y a common councjl pf .^ne kgroiuid agairist depression is van. members, seven to be chosen by Speaking at the dedication of parltapalns organizations, two the Samuel Oompers . memorial represemlngnon- farmers, closely monument, Mr. Roosevelt 'said this allied with the industry was no time lo .seek special' privi- Labor provisions include a 10- lege. undue advantage, or person- hour, dav lor farm labor, with a al gain "because of the fact of a maximum of 238 hours In am crisis." The majority of workers month. Code sponsors red and employers realize this, he said, - . willingness- for Ihe In Ihey cut divisions, in the lotall mpoyers r , , n broad terms the president Federation nf Labor to ftork out dealt - wilh "recalcitrants on bolh wsgc^ scalw bnwd on geoeraphl- sides." He declared ..... "very small figure" ...... ^ ----- , of those coopeialing wllh the ad- 1 Senator r orter Dale of Vermont Is Dead ISLAND POND. Vu. Oct. 1 . who Ihink results can be oblained; (Tjp)_u. S. Senator Porter Hin- by noise and violence," and to em-| man rj a ie of Vermont died late mlnl.stnillon's recovery tli-ive. bin warned that the few would "have lo be lassoed." He made reference lo "hot heads SUtli Inninc Giants--Davis doubled to left. Jackson sacrificed. Mancuso doubled lo left, scoring Davis. Crowd- fr was removed and Russell bee?me the Washington pitcher. Ryan Mruck out. Schumacher struck out One run, two hits, no errors. Senators—Myor pop|)Cd out lo Jackson, Critz llircw Goslin out al fircl. Manush singled to right. Cronin singled lo short lefl, Man- plovers ''who think in terms of i as t n jghl alier an illness of sev- dollars and cents instead of in cra i mon ths. He was 66 years old Death came in his home here. terms of human lives." Soviet Engineer Perfects Gramophone Records MOSCOW. (UP)—Production of gramophone records made of iron wilh a c'.rorned, or nickled surface, has been announced by the I ll "jj' e ?ovcmment here, en the basis of I. T. and T. Head Dies PARIS. Oct. 7. (UP)— Hernant Bchn. president and co-founder o the Inte national Telephone and died here nth going to third. Schulto hit. :i home run into tlie left field wllsh. the soimtl stands, scoring Manush and Cronni ahead of him and lying Ihe ;:ccre. Kuhel singled through Critz. Bluege beat out a hit off Jack:or.'s glove. Kuhel going lo second, and when Jackson Ihrew wild to firsl Kuhel went lo third. Man- user Terry then called on Luquc lo pitch for the Giants. Critz ;fciew Sev.'ell out at first. Three runs, five hits, one error. Seventh Inning Giants—Moore out. Russell lo Kuhel. Crilz was thrown out by Cronin at first. Terry filed out to Sclmlte. No runs, no hits, no er- an invention by a sound engineer. V. D. Okholnikofl. j The new records will have ihe j advantage of dtirabilily over the I ordinary wax record. In fact, it! is claimed that the lones will be-1 come sharper alter extensive u.^e.! thc gramophone needle serving ID] day. htid four weeks. been critically He was 53. LONDON, Ott. 7. (UP)—Post- xmement of the world disarnia-, ment conference was considered oday while European tl&tesmerl jnsidere^. £ irisis .brought, abo^t. .y the OtMiimrtBi'uiana for tutnf nent equality, i So 'Mrlcui was th? situation hat some statesmen specultted on possibility ol th« conference ad- oumlng In failure with in armament race and the ttaeal of war In the background. In view of the new emergency t was thought Premier Mussolini of'Italy might invite the premiers of Great Britain, Prance and Germany to a conference In northern Italy. The British cabinet will meet Monday to consider, its pol- cy. . Nine dnvs remain before. .lisannauienl conference is scheil- .iled to reconvene at' Geneva. Take. Depositions in Suit Over City Payroll Places I Litigation in Ihe action brought | ast spring by ex-city employes io fcrce the Blytheville city council In wril of mandamus to create WILSON—H. C. "Shorty" Myers, 35, who was injured when he come ! Swallows Poison In Hotel Room Mo.—A \voiiian IdtHili- jiiu ii>, Mumh! Mtiloni', uhusr mu- il-.rr Li v.ilcl lo live Dei-rills, Irol; a ruum -.u thi' Diirns lujli'l ',.nv at iiuoul IKJOU tuiluy and was i '.'*' an ununnscLuu-* i-oiullllon a shoitj en)'.- ii.ler. apparently us the ro- :-.:ll of >:sva!liiv'hi« poison lablcl> :,. :in attempt al suU'USe. lefl :i nole wilh Inslnir-- IliLit a L'.irullierhvllli- under- Uikrr b? csllrP. An ellort T.-as lA 1 - miuk- lo iiiiangi- for I'HT atl- lo lios- A lucul who Idenlllled Ihe v.oimm said tlin! he Wle-ved sh: bucn niariifil >oiuc tlmi L a^o :i lilyllii'Vlllf man mimed Alcx- , Mho;; llr-l inline he did . ul know. dlie Is believetl to inivc come lu-re -from Carulhers- vi'.lf. (Mrs. Thurman Alkins Succumbs at Memphis; Funeral Here Tomorrow. IR[ StNTENCED "Machine Gun" Kelly and His Wife Enter Pleas of Not Guilty. OKLAHOMA CITY. Oct. 7 (UP) —Ufe ImuribO'.untnl, Ihe extreme iji-Milly under the new Lindbergh Itirliiaplng law, was Imposed loday en Harvey Dalley. Alb:rl L. Bales, -T. G. "Boss" Shannon and Mis. m Shannon. They were convicted In the $200.000 ransom kidnaping of Charles Ur.schel, oil millionaire, from r home here. Annan Shannon. 21-year-old son f Ihe Shannons, was sentenced r} 10 years in prison but the cmence was suspended. Clltfoul Shelly ami Edward ller- ian, SI. Paul, oonvicled of handi- parl of the marked ransom luncy. were scmcnccil to serve ive years each for their part n Ihe crime. Uolh George; "Machine Gun" telly and his wife, KiUherin?, (.-lined pleas of not guilly, contrary iinnouncemciiT of Prosecutbr ierberl K. HyJc thai they would ilratl guilly. a' civil service commission, and al- high voltage near Tyronzn, hursdny, died al the Memphis 1' i Eaptlst hospilal at 9:30 o'clock this Memphis Flyers Coming ~ C eased o ,,,d here bei fore yoiiuj to Marked Tiee when ! lie manager for Ihe Arkansas Three Mid-South Airways fivers! Tower «nd "gh( company. Is sur- : V 'aithful Dog P.eceives ! Trust Fund of $600 BUFFALO. N. Y. (UPl—Because' er do;;. Busier, had been ai faithful friend in life" his mis- ress made him the object of a 600 trust fund in her will. The will which was probaled In A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Sleel Chrysler — Cities Service . -. Coca Cola General Electric 119 3-8 . 15 7-8 . 34 S-S 44 1-4 .. 23-8 92 3-8 . 19 3-4 to Blytheville. EC lo secure reinstatement on | the city payroll, dormant sina-j ..._ — J June, has been renewed. cf Memphis, headed by Cant. Ver-i v <ved by his wife. Mrs. Lorene Depositions ol a number of Kit- • 1,011 Omlle. will put ou an ah- ctr- | Myers, n daughler. Ruin, lib par nesses have heen laken in thelr'ir, nnd stunt program Sunday' cnts. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Myers, '•ast few days and the case will I afternoon al Ihe field al the north of Orecnway. Ark. and a brother, probably be submitted lo Circuit j end of Second nnd Franklin! Joe Myers, of Greemi.iy. Judge N'eill Killough some time I streets. Funeral services will be held loin the near future. ; Captain Omlie will be here In j ">ono» at Greenvay. Judge Killough Indicated injrhe Monocoupc made famous by 1 nun-nil services will be held a fr' Baptist church Simfla Ellernoou Ht 2:30 o'clock for Mrs. Muyme Harnlsh Atkins, wife Thurman Atkins, lopal • police q' fleer, who succumbed at 10:1 o'clock la^\t nlghL.i!\—>? i phis Baptist • liosplhtl. Mrs: fi Kins died after a six miefct 11 ] !!C-. C S. The rtcv. Alfn-il s. Harwell, pas- ter of the Kirst Baptist church, bfllclnte 'it the services, as- by the Rev. J. L. Newsom, ot Ihe Second Baptist Interment will l>c made at Elmwood cemetery. Thc Cobo laking company Is lu charge of funeral aiTiiiigeiiienUs. The fol- I'lll act an pallbearers; Raymond Boniar, Clarence H. Wll- Ed Rice, John 'foster, Eddie B. Diivld.'Floyd Simpson. U. W. LouLs Lendennle. Arch Undsey. Bill .Wunderlich, Scolt Harris and Charley Grey. . Mrs. Alkins was well known here v here she had made her home for many years, She was a daughler ot • Mr. and Mrs J. C. Harnlsh. l:y u-hom she Is sunived. She is also survived by three sons. Gregory Hale. Hugh Funnan and John Daniels, a daughter, Bettle Lou, t sister. Miss Marie Harnlsh, nnd brother. Frank Ilarnish. Kriilfiiffd for Ilrlplni tiailey DALLAS, Texas. Oct. 7 lUI') — Tom Manlon, illscliargeu ^.^allas coumy deputy Jailer, convicted -of ing Harvey Bailey to escape" liolu [ail, was sentenced today: by' Federal Judge Atwell lo two years- in tlie penltentiur> r <"'d fined $10,'' pleaded guilty lo the charge, -nitenceci 10 U inonths- imprison- ii-.i-nl. ' . An-Mt Two! Prison- Breakers" ' TUCUMCARI. N.- M.. Oct. 7.; (UP)— T*o ,6f. the eleven convicts who broke from the Kansas stale prison last Memorial day were un-'. dcr arrest here todny, one o[ them. probably fatally wounded by a straight shooting New Mexico sheriff as he sought to escape. In Tucmncarl hospital, near death but still closely guarded, lav Robeit "Big Boy" Brady. In a Jail cell, manacled, lay Jim Clark. Tex^ as and Oklahoma tad man. known as a killer and bank bandll. ; Clark at first was . believed to be Wilbur Underbill, fugitive kill-; er sought in eight slayings and also a participant in the Memorial day break, but finger print impressions finally proved his true identity. Mrs. Vick Buddy Dies at Home at Number Nine General Molors 30 1-2 International Harvester 38 3-4 Middlewest Utilities Montgomery Ward New YorJ: Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds 1-4 M 7-8 W 1-8 . 4 ie -; 3.4 21 3-4 Surrogate Court recenlly provlded'i St. Louis-San Francisco 3 1- hat after her 'funeral expenses! tid been paid $600 was to be plac-l ••d in trust and the income used I f or the maintenance of Buster. i Standard of N. J 42 7-8 Texas Co n U. S. Steel 47 3-8 Find 3,000,000 Men Have Returned to Work WASHINGTON. Oct. 7. IUP1— Qct More than 3.000,000 men went back | Dec :o work up to the end of S«ptcm- j j an ' her, and "emplojinent li still increasing." the American Federation of Labor said today In Its October survey of business. Senators—Russell fanned. Myer struck out. Qoslin struck out. No runs, no hits, no errors. Eifhth Inrjnir Giants— Ott flicd out to Manush Duvls singled to left center Jack son hit into a double play. Ni runs, no hit.«. no errors. Senators— Jackson threw ou Manush. Crontn lined a single t left center. Schulte filed out Davis. Cronin held first. Kuhe was out, Jackson to Terry N runs, or.e hit, no errors. Ninth Inning OianU—Mancuso popped oul fa Myer. Ryan hit to right for a, sin gle but was thrown oul trying I strelch il inlo a double, l singled to right center. Moon struck oul. No runs, two hits, r errors. Senators—Bluege was called ou on strikes. Sewell was thrown out i threw Myer out at first. No runs, it first. Ru-wll walker], Crlti no errors. New York Cotton June that success or failure he action may depend on wheth-1 .is wife. Phoebe Omllc. in win- , . . the tians-conlinenla! air race Atlanta Company LOW 105 of the 372 signers of a I for women. Lt. Peter Anderson will . etilion for referendum on the'fly n new Wnco cabin plane, which dvil service commission were qual-: will be available to Ihe public for. fisd el clcrs. short rides. 3ig Smith, slum moil: and parachute juniper, will help Bidder on Levee Work Mrs. Vick Buddy, sister of the I!cv. J. i,. Newsom. pastor of the Second Baptist church, and the Rev. E. Z. Newsom of Paragould. ' former local pastor, died at her home near Number Nine at 11 [o'clock last night. Her death was attributed to an attack of co- Distillers Authorized to Increase Production' WASHINGTON. Oct. 7. lUPV— Dr. James Doran, head ot the bureau of industrial alcohol, today issued o'rders permitting- American distilleries to step up their yearly whisky production by 7,- OOO.COO gallons. The heavy demand for medicinal whisky since liberalization of tlie prescription laws, and probable-repeal of the 18th amendment, lecl to Doran's decision. . The Brooks-Galloway Company.. Jhe 1'^and of the deceased. Birdshot Halts Convict ; provide thrills. of Atlanta, Ga., will probably be awarded a contrnct for $547,380 , arrangements, said that the Mid- W0 rth of levee conslruction work the late Vick Buddy, died about a vear ago. Mrs. Buddy Is survived by a son, Fleeing County Farm South" flyers hoped to return_for iictween" Caruthe V rsvmV.'"Mo, "and"! Bnrnc >; Budd y- v wllom she ihe formal opening of Hie coun- \viison. Ark • club airport, which win be held ' wilh T 116 Atlanta made her home, a daughler. Maud, six brothers and one sister, low! Funeral services will be held at' NEW YORK, Oct. 7. (UP)-Cotton closed barely steady. open high low clo?e May July 946 MO 97S 992 1007 1017 955 976 981 &£ 1015 1028 925 941 950 965 980 925 942 9S1 966 932 997 ,.-.... P ....t. .„ ,— 'until H«>-V- ' •*'' -.. mer. ne cemetery. The name of the prisoner could "mil narx. ioway Company receives Ihe con- cobb Undertaking company i s in not be learned bin he was sprink- ] Mr. Smith will make lv:o oara- i tract work must be ttarled before | charge of funeral arrangements. l?d thoroughly, It was staled, and [ t .j 1utc jumps, in one of which MI November 10. | alter running a short dfstnncc «-iii attemol lo close his para-; gave himself up. A doctor treated his wounds. Several days before chute on • i, This work, it Is understood here, the any down. Permitting | wm prftctlcBl iy complete the re- himself to fall several hundred, bulld|ng ot the levcc between Ca- another, f cM OC fore rocpenlnf! It. HO will: mthersville and Wilson to bring It prisoner ran off and escaped dcs- -.Iso hang from a plane In flight. up to tnc starl( | ar j O f grade and pile shots fired In his direction.|by an automobile tube. .section adopted under Ihe flood Spots closed at 950. unchanged. Fire Damage Slight \New Orleans Cotton A flu« fire did slight damage at a house at 119 Vine street tbout noon today. Thc firo was out before city firemen, responding lo an alaiin. leached the scone 1 . NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 7. IUP) —Colton closed steady. open high low close 946 946 931 933 95S M9 937 9.17 945 863 978 MS Oct. Dec. Jan. I Mar. May 967 980 1001 1015 917 993 1009 1022 945 978 995 Spots closed al 922, up 3. Ft was later learned lhat he ill by a number of blrdshot bat continued to run and make soot! nis escape. Any Blytheville gill Mho wants, control act. a loste of air stunl work Chicago Wheat f nn opporlunliy of hanging 1 „. — . nr-n jby a oalr of silk stockings from ( bin Evangelist Will ! a moving plain 1 . If there are no i j volunteers this will be part of thcj 1 day's work for Smith. j George Daniels Injured as Truck and Auto Meet George Daniels, farmer livin? p.ear Blytheville, sustained a hv injury when a car in which . he was riding and a Iruck, owned by Wolf Arian mid driven by his con. collided at Ash and Division slrcel lasl nignt aobut 10 o'clock. Daniels was rushed to the Bly- I'r-evillc hospital in a Cobb ambulance where hi? condition was nol IWicved to be serious. Osceola Committee for NRA Appointed OSCEOLA. Ark. — Congressman; W. J. Driver addressed the Osc'e-| ola Civic club at its luncb meeting Thursday, discussing Find Girl's Body on Tennessee Roadside Preach Here Tomorrow 19 n on'the open high low close Dec. 85 3-4 87 3-8 83 1-2 88 1-21 May Miss Kitty Ue Simpson, evange- I list in the Church of the Nazarone. July Dec. May July 90 91 3-8 87 1-1 90 3-8 88 1-2 89 7-8 86 1-4 E9 1-4 Chicarjo Corn open high low close 42 42 3-4 39 1-4 41 7-8 48 49 3-8 46 1-4 48 5-8 50 1-4 51 5-8 48 1-2 50 34 ,^. ___ ,_. •• jiatini*n.vii»uitn"Lk'*^- •!•••«-"• — > Charged With Theft j will preach al the church hers Sunday morning and evening. The ! Rov. Miss Simpson, who Is from Q. C. Mason of the Number Bunn to promote observance of' '"day. A quickly assembled cor the »RA program in _O«eola. A. oners Jury said the death « Nine community wns arrested byiE.ipulpa. okla - nas ^^ ln Kw ^ ^~ ^ .^w., a..- . police lust night while he was nl- l.!»tc Rock for the slate assembly | Hunt to repreHnt tnc S. Rogers and S. M. Hodges were appointed to represent business interests, W. A. Butler and J. C. Schurlock to represent the interests of labor, and Mrs. W. legedly In thc act of removing a coll box from a parked cur. ol this church. The Rev. R. 3. Rushing.- until He was released on a $10 cash this week pastor of the local eon- boud after being chained with pregalion. will also attend thc scr- pelit larceny, _ i,vices lomorrow. The annual Red Cross roll call was discussed and Ben P. Butler caused by "acid WEATHER ARKANSAS—Portly cloudy today. Sunday generally fair. The maximum temperature here was named local chairman. Sev- -yesterday . wos 73, minimum 44, enteen members attended the cltir, accorfing to Samuel P. Norme «tlng i jrls, official Trwther obttrver,

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