Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota on September 19, 1914 · Page 5
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Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota · Page 5

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1914
Page 5
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feel ..I' EDITED BY Mft& GEORGE L. ILES. - INTRODUCTORY thv bedroom and thy dresis-dwer 1 will tell thee what ttu . tbv fine raiment, thy oostly olid 8iIver t-01 eXasa "- h t thou art. it ' 1 . ,, thou turnest back H .,1 abode; how thou tumest . nniiri i " how nTe "t P "hy raiment; deepest dresser drawers and per. belongings, thy attic and da, forntra. .,,- ,h,n ronllv nrt. Sl.'unted achievements maketb.of k . wbited sepulchre and a disgrace Ux art not an orderly to thy ex "CS" art not fit to be-: wife and Jtner" til thou art a good house-. wH waiteth upon the man who tak w . woman- fijdind the whole world holdeth in XPu cans, stand on thy feet, to thy preserve,, and pa up get thy thy face until thy house " . .... . . - ctndn rmim or' a. is in order, w v .......-- -- "Mtt- '. .i.... -.,. m.mhpr of thy ngs D""8?? , Ur T: nal belongi SJTrrn their proper pi cuiig . hm.sehold cease bi L bnr- THOU " :, thy mnint. .eitner uia Stars" and own thine own personal l"1 ..-ithmit " per- I'ntll inuu fu - forming the whole duty to thjse! or thv family. . Thv self-respect demandeth that This applictn to thyself, whether thou be mistress or simply a member Thus saith every self-respecting : and intelligent woman. THE TELEPHONE DIRECTORY. Bv Kerton Braley. 1. there seeming duller than this It iwn 1 tr y This stolid volume of prosaic prin loon , On wonderland and marvels without stint. . . B U a key which will unlock the gate . . .....1 r timA anil pirpiim. of distant e " ' . stance, ' ' A wand that makes the wires artlcu u-iih hum of trade and whisper of ; . romance! i- gomehow there is enchantment In each naL-e . The whirr of wheels, the murmurs of the mart, Th mvriad mighty voices of the age, The throbbing of the great' world's restless heart, guch are the sounds this volume seems to store . - . ' FocJiim who feels the magic of Its thrall, Who views the vistas it unrolls before Bis eyes that scarce can comprehend them all! .. , - Here is the guide to all the vast extent The wires have bound together; this will show The way to help "when need Is immU nenL , - When terror threatens or when life burns low; This brings the lover to his heart's de sire ' , That be may speak to her o'er hill and lea. This is the secret of the singing wire- To all the "world without this is the key! ; Mrs. u. a, Sean has gone to Colfax, , where she will spend some weeks. Mrs. J. J. Dalton has gone to Sioux City, la., to visit with relatives and wends. . .. Mrs. William Hoffman of Bristol la ta the city a guest at the A. U Wright Mrs. I. 1 Si.lnrl lft urh n th.' mr nitago where she will visit ' some time. Mrs. N" T. T.iu r. o iTh,..fl from Sioux City, la., where she mam vismng ner sister. Pk i j i numsier nas reiurneu to "iiadelphia where she will resume studies at the Ogonts school. Mrs. A Inn VlRltillir her DiDA &- t.. ni f n'ece, Mrs. J. D. Burghardt. M1r Parn!. .. ' . uuieue len on rues ay for vi. . . . ni. ri. i , , " wnere sne will tr Columbia college for the study Mrs. M r v.i. ... . . Cfimrin hub gone to wis- wth h 1 wiB vlsit for some weeks there. brothe and sisters living: Mia. u.i.. frem . onway nas returned "uiu thrill . . k4 Wis " Chica8 nl MiUvau- l"r h7. Tes1'no has-been visit-Pfoehle Lf, 'Km ter' Mrs- Herman b Winfrei " Tue8,la5' for her home rlvf 1 Andersn and daughter, (it P..V?V,one td Minneapolis and r wm vlslt wi,h . , - '"tUO. ' Siting h 'i .nor wh0 ha been western uT. ",luay her home "iern Massachusetts. . nlsfe fAr,,ur w- Tuthill left """ay for New. Vark j 'V"ere,hevwm- Mrs- A. Larson. !rhufMavmnMiU'8 Doris Adams, left St. C r"in fOT Minneapolta and and Twil , ,,f,; Wnt fay tno-r'alty for thf r the Tw,B tiea and RBhmore Minn Laron 01,1 hom pmCS h" UghtVr,-"MrT N. j! !y1ndm0", of Canov 1. m h "later "u"" Bome dy - ''"p'.v; "thf -G- G,rk 721 y'wslH"1'.0' thls elty. who f.ft, to, "!?u Wash and PorOajid. f" n?' Wed the goi: f Salem, CrJ "F" ,J "-Wbi, " at-I "'r on the ulYlh . r o -1 .... v . personal mention! tember. - Mr. and Mrs. Walters at one time lived In Brookings, S. D., but now are living In West Salem, Ore. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse W. Boyce reached home yesterday after a visit of two months with Mr. Boyce's mother at Brooklyn, Wis.. : - Mrs. Palmer of Lenox, South Dakota, wag a guest this week tn the home of Mrs. J. W, Parker, t)12 Ia-kota avenue, north. - Mrs. E. D. Stlcknev andj son Orlo of Bir Stone, S. P., and Mrs. W. H. Marr of Sioux City, la., are house guests of "Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Marr. .' Mrs. L. B. McCrossan of New York city reached Sioux Kails Monday last, and will spend some time here, visiting with her many friends. - Mtss Vera Chamberlain and Miss Stransky of Chamberlain visited a few days this week with Mrs. N. O. Marvin, 1716 Ninth street west. The Misses Helen Dwlght, ' Ethel ililler and Grace Peterson have gone to Vermillion where they will resume their studies at the state university. ; ' Mrs. Clifford T. Seaburn of St. Paul, Minn., formerly Miss Daveda Burtch. is in the city visiting her parents, JUr. and Mrs. Chancey Burtch, 122 Minnesota avenue south. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Gilbert left on Wednesday for Chicago and after spending a few days there will visit other places- in eastern Illinois and then go to Wisconsin for a visit Miss Maud Helmey left on Monday for Chicago, where she will spend the winter. Miss Helmey will this year complete the study of vocal music at the American conservatory of music. " - Miss Marie Conway has gone to Sioux City, la., for a short visit with friends and from there will go to Dubuque. Ia., where she will resume her studies at Sinsinawa Mound. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Harrison" received a telegram yesterday announcing the arrival of Ben "Tom Harrison junior, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tom Harrison at Dalas, Texas. Mr., and Mrs. 3. Howard Gates of Pierre are i in the city, -visiting with their many friends. Their daughter came with thtm and will spend the winter in Sioux Falls studying at All Saints school. Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Ohlman of Yankton spent Thursday with their daughter, Mrs. Charles Ross. , Mr. and Mrs. Ohlman were on their way home from Duluth, Mino, where they have,been spending the past few weeks. , Mr.' and Mrs. J. W. Fenn and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dennis left en Tuesday for Chicago where they will spend several days. From Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis who go to New Verk city and will visit there and in places near there for some time. ; Mrs. Mary Vhilllps of Houston; Tex., with her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs.- F.D. Cotton of Onita, Iowa, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Jars. F. E. Clemens. Mrs. Phillips and Mr. Cotton are cousins of Mrs. Clemens and the party made the trip from Onita by automobile. . . - ; - - Mrs. Watson Booth and daLjrhter, Miss Vera' of New Bedford, 111., who have been visiting Mrs. Booth's sister, Mrs.' A. H. Thaekaberry left on Thurs day for Sloan. Iowa, to visit at the E.- S. Thaekaberry home. They were ac-, companied by Mrs. A. It. Thaekaberry and grandson, - Wayne Donahue, who will make the visit in Iowa with them. The following clipping is taken from h. noilv Pnnital tntimfll ff Knlpm- Ore.. under date of September sev- entn. . "Mr. and Mrs. 3. F. Walters residing in U'uct vi;, lf'TTl vpfltpninv npl t' 1TH t - ed one of the happiest events of their life, when their sons ana aaugnters and a large number of relatives Joined in the happy occasion of celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. . "Mrs. Walters, who was Miss Ellen Lucretia Carnrike, of Ameliasburg, On- t..ln ( 'u r. li il u n ,i .1 .Tnhn ITrarikltn -Wal ters, of Camden, Indiana, were mar ried in Eyota, Minn., nrty years ago. eral places throughout Minnesota and South "Dakota later going to Colorado, filially locating in saiem. airs. alters was born April 8, 1S45, and Mr. Walters on July rs, isu. "Tn thnm urerA horn eight children. two of whom passed away, in childhood. The remaining children, three sons and three daughters, were all present. They were: Mrs.- W. H. f. Btmiic. Falls. S. D. WhO has "been visiting relatives in Seattle. Portland and Salem, - for 'several months; Mr. and Mrs. Willis Boone of Salem; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Walters tuti .in Ravmond. of Chicago. ill.; O. D. Walters of San Francisco; Mrs. J. K. Smltn ol Seattle; jir, aim m,-' s p waiters and three children. Gladwyn, William and Eugene. -"Mr.- Walters very wisely profited by the experience of other friends who first came to see the country, return-i u, rt u.ll hAfnrA movinir here li tp, W . ' ' ' ' w. . J - and disposed of his interests In Brook ings, 8. L; berore mailing n to the coast He Is well pleased with Oregon. -- ' '- - --' '-( ."Other relatives , present were axi. and Mrs. J. R. Shields;' Mr. D. K. Bran-? i Mr. still Mrs. F. Iiau lutu . t, Wood and two- children, Troy and Alice; Mr. and Mrs. C. W.-Moore, all of Salem; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Plank and daughter, Esther, of Woodburn, Ore. . . V 1 "Mrs. Barrows, an old time tnena from Chandler, S. D., who is visiting friends in Salem on her way to Califor- l - n on.vtitCil ff-UPSt. WhiCh. uin, . ....v. ... 0 . added to the enjoyment of the occa-J Sion. ,'".-: --- ' !-i'-''; , :-y "After a sumptuous weuaing amiier I,.. cAnt a verv nleasant after. noon and evening recalling old times." CLUB CALENDAR A. R. T. E. October t. t HnstesH Mrs. W. E. Martin. 917 Twelfth street, west. - v . , Sunshine-Septembcr 23. Un,t.i Mrs Peter Claussen, 60S Dakotaavenue south. . . . Royal September 25. . pnhv Rensnn at the humn of Mre. A. O. A lnKy.a09 Grange avenue south. , Housewives' league September 24. City Temple, 8:00 j. m. , . : v postes Mrs. Howard Kingsbury., O A SoeiairrSeDiember 23. . 1 Hostess -Mrs. A. li. Maine, 123 Main venue, north, assisted by Mrs. Wider. Mrs. Best, Mrs. Rains, Mrs. Flinn, Mrs. Sylvester and Mrs. Vaulieir. - Jasper Chapter No. a E. S. September 24. : Eight oclo-k; officers at seven-forty-flve o'clock. -Kmanon September 21. Hostess Mrs. W. z. Sharp, 127 Duluth avenue, south. Ltnwood Aid So-iety October 1. . -Hostess Mrs. Edward Davis., Congregational Missionary Society September 25. Hostesses Mrs. John Flvnn, Mrs. T. J. Martin Mrs. J. W. Parker, at the borne of Mrd. Andrew Beveridge, S23 Menlo avenue, O E 6 Kee Pee Pa Hi A Iji September 22. Hostess Mrs. J. J. Allen. v Priscilla September 24. Hostess Mrs. Dennis Donovan. , W. A. E. September 23. -Hostess Mrs. Frank Faragher. Lincoln Child Study September 21. Reception at three-thirty o'clock in the Lincoln school building. North Side Ladies' Union Aid September 30. Hostess Mrs. W. A. Weakly, 412 McClelland street, west. . ; Art Circle September 22. S Hostess Mrs. Herbert Dingman. Saint 'Cecelia Guild--September 24. "Hostess Mrs. Russell Bell, 805 Spring avenue south. Bring needles and thimbles. V; WEEK IN SOCIETY 1 i- ' ' - ' ' Miss Helen Kelley is-entertaining this afternoon sixteen of her little friends at a birthday party at her home, 71 Phillips avenue, south. The members of the W. A. TC. club gave Mrs. John Simons a pleasant surprise on last Friday afternoon when they went to her home to help celebrate her birthday anniversary. The afternoon was spent in visiting over fne fancy work, after which a delicious supper which the self-invited guests naa brought wltn them, was served. - Mrs. Eneboe, representing the club members gave Mrs. Sifons a lovely table cloth. Last Monday afternoon the members of the Crystal club gave Mrs. H. J. Rehmke a birthday surprise.- The afternoon-was spent in playing five hundred and the honors were won by Mrs. R. Klatt ajid Mrs. A. M. McXulty and they were given the favors. -After the card game the club members who planned the surprise served a delicious luncheon during which Mrs. Rehmke was given a beautiful silver meat fork from the members of the club. Little Miss Ruth Leona Bershon entertained ten of her close friends at a" box party at the Orpheum theater this afternoon, in celebration of her ninth birthday. It was a merry party and after the matinee, the little folk chaperoned by Mrs. Bershon went to Dickenson's tea room where a lovely two course luncheon was served at two tables beautifully decorated with pink and white carnations. The favors also were pink and white. On Thursday afternoon Mrs. B. B. Allen and Mrs. L. D. Miller entertained the ladies' aid society of the Baptist church In the church parlors. After the regular business session there was a- social hour and delicious refreshments were served. One of the members of the society, Mrs. Williams, is leaving Sioux Falls to make her home in New York and the ladies' aid gave her, as honor guest of the afternoon, a bouquet of lovely purple and white astors. . - The Ladies' Aid society of the Methodist church held their annual meeting for the election of officers on last Thursday afternoon in the church parlors and the following - officers were chosen for the general aid: Mrs. E. R. Buck, president; Mrs. George ilouthit, vice president; Mrs; W, V. King, secretary and Mrs. Wesley Styles, treasurer.- . -. - . - .. ... . Mrs. J.' Sheldon was made president of the north division of the aid society and Mrs. VV. H. Cole of the south division. , - - At the close of the business session. light refreshments-were served by the ho8teiees. Mrs. E. R. Buck and Mrs. .N. O. Winneth. ' . . Last Saturday evening the members of the faculty of the Lutheran Normal school gave a reception afHhe college tn all of the students of tha school. The guests numbering abouf two hundred. were greeted by the faculty and an hour of visiting was followed by a program which included addresses of welcome by the president, ' vv . J. Or-dahl; by Reverend S. M. Orwall and S. A. Aas; vocal solos by G. H. Dahl and Miss Martha Rushus and a piano solo by Miss Laura "Bimonson. After the program all enjoyed a social hour during which light refreshments were served. " c-'' The Saint Cecelia guild was enter tained on Thursday afternoon at -he home of Mrs. R. M. Lambert, 308 Duluth avenue north, with Mrs. Lambert and Mrs. Theodore Bailey as hostesses. It was the first meeting of the guild this autumn, and, as Is the custom, was a social meeting. During the afternoon there was a guessing contest In which Mrs, Russell Bell proved most successful.," After the contest Miss Aileen sessions, a bride of early. October and a faithful worker in the . guild was asked to hunt for a parcel which soon was found and opened. It was a lovely white leather prayer-book and hymnal the gift of the guild to Miss Sessions. . . ,v. :: The Christo Flower Circle of the Congregational church met at he, home of their teacher. Miss Mary Perkins,' 1607 Summit avenue south on Tuesday ., evening, for their annual : business meeting. Miss Mabel Helfert, presi-s dent, presided at the election of officers and the following were chosen for the coming year: President, ; Miss Louise P. Olson; vice president, : Miss Sarah Bell; secretary. Miss Edith Fra- nA rcnstirM. Mis- NitA Wrisrht. - "Miss Ora Scudder, treasurer for the;, past year, submitted her report, which.. r mw- , was . approveu..,. .lhc .tiooo uiw.uwku the plan of contributing towards the-support vt native girls In the Mission" training isctiools in China, but no vote'-was taken. At the'close of the session light refreshrnente were served iby the " - Ttoe Tegular annual reception to the faculty and' students." of Sioux Fails college by the Baptist Young Feoyi occurred Monday evening in the Phila-thea parlors of . the Baptist church. The large numbers In attendance were greeted by the officers of the Young People's society and members of the board of trustees, who were in the re-eeiving line. Attractive selections were rendered by the victrola furnished by the Williams Piano company.-: Conversation and games occupied the time before the following pleasing program was rendered:- Mrs. John Cressey, presidtt of the B.- Y. P. U. gave an address of welcome. Vocal solo Mr. Neal Dow. Piano solo Miss Ida Wangsness. Vocal solo Miss Dora Arends. At the close of the program light refreshments were served, Mrs. Adolpb Colvin presiding. r : f tMrs. P. I. Nelson invited the birthday club of which she is a member, to spend last Saturday afternoon with her and celebrate her birthday. The club invited some thirty old friends and neighbors to join them and o turned the function Into a surprise party. The afierniK n hours were Eprnt in visiting and playing cards and at six o'clock an eiatorate four course. : dinner was served. Mrs. Xelsm was given many lovely Pitts cmong them a birthday purse of silver. ! ' The out of town quests were Mr. and Mrs. lver Neisna of Renntr, Mr. and -Mrs. Uan Larwri of Moretield. Mrs. Peter Bunde f Duluth, Minn.. Mrs. B. McWolii and Mrs. M. O. McWold of lienner. - . tin Monday pvonlng Miss Maureen O'Neill, a bride i f early November was given a delightful surprise v,-hon thirty of her co-wi.ikers in the Northwestern Telephone Exchange, walked in to visit with her. There we're manv merry greetings followed by an evening of dancing and informal music after wnic-h a delirious buffet luncheon was served by the intruders. 1'efore saying good night. Miss itessie McMahon gave Miss O'Neill a lovely cut glass water pitcher and six tumblers, a gift from the self Invited guests. One of the prettiest parties of this autumn was the luncheon and card party given last Tuesday aft moon by the Mirees Vesta Van Hrunt and Lulu Howard at the home of Miss Van Brunt Prairie avenue, south. The house was beautifully decorated with ijuantities of American beauty roses and throughout all the rooms were the American Hag and nruional colors. The twenty-eight guests were divided into parties representing Germany andFrance and were seated at . small, tables having for ; center pieces, miniature wtr ships- flying the German and French Hags. . In the game of military five hundred which was played during the afternoon the score was kept with tiny German and French flags, and at the close of the game, France, with Mrs. G. Werner and Miss Evelyn Scanlon as leaders, was victorious. ; In the serving of the delicious four-course luncheon the hostesses were assisted by the Misses Harriet Van Brunt and Dorothy Dennis. The out of town guests were Mrs. G. Werner of Evansville, Illinois. Miss Margaret McDeimott of Canton, and Miss Sterling of Watertpwn. . - On last Saturday afternoon Mlsa Ruth Kennedy gave a Very pretty auction party at her home, 723 Eleventh street, west. In honor of Miss Carolyn Gillette, who left on Tuesday for New York City where she will spend the winter. Covers were laid for twenty guests at five small tables prettily decorated In red and white autumn flowers and favors. In the game of auction which followed the luncheon favors-were won by the Misses Lulu Howard and Lorraine Voorhees. and Miss Gillette was given a guest favor. The first dancing party of the season was given at the Elks' hall by the Junior Patriarchs on last Wednesday-evening. The hail was attractively decorated with autumn flowers and leaves and the Manhatten orchestra from Lake Okoboji furnished the music. It was a pretty party greatly enjoyed by all of the guests. Mrs. E. H. Hyde was hostess at two pretty auction parties given in her home 1105 Maine avenue, south, on Wednesday and .Thursday afternoons. I The house was beautifully decorated witn many pink astors ana wnite daisies pink and white being the colors chosen for both afternoons. Auction was played at Ave tables on each day and at the close of the game . a delicious four course luncheon was served in which the pink and white colors were everywhere in evidence. The tables had for center pieces baskets filled with pink and white roses. In the game of auction played on Wednesday the favors were won by Mrs. Herman Freese, Mrs. E. Wiser and Mrs. B. H. ReQua and the hostess was assisted by Mrs. J. C. Thompson and Mrs. P. E. Brandon. In the game played on Thursday the favors were won by Mrs. Will Graham, Mrs. Mark Seott and Mrs. Fred Palmer. Mrs. Hyde was assisted on Thursday by Mrs. A. B. Sessions and Mrs. Arthur Marsh. ..":. : : : - One of the most Interesting meetings the Kings Daughter has ever held, was the one on last Monday evening at the home of Mr. Kendall Cressey. Thirty members of the society were there to enjoy the delightful program. Miss ' Mary - Cressey, a missionary from China who is spending her year's furlough with her parents. Colonel and Mra E. T. Cressey, gave an account of the missionary work now being done in China and during the talk exhibited the curios brought with her from the foreign country.- The rest of the program included a Vocal solo by Miss May belle Helbert a piano solo by Mrs. Edwin Ott ! and a readinry Mrsa Ruby Rud. After the program a delicious bufTet luncheon waa served by the hostess. - On Friday afternoon Mr. C. H. Wilkin delightfully entertained fifteen of her neighbors. The hour were spent visiting and in listening to an impromptu musical . program which Included piano solos by Mrs. R. A. Moon. Mrs. F. Seidenburge, Mrs., R. Zarnes and Mrs. F. E. Beck and Vocal number by the same ladle. Little Miss Ethel Beck, six .years of age, charmed and surprised the afternoon guests by singing two lovely ong.' In. serving the dainty luncheon at the close of the afternoon Mr. Wilkins was assisted by Mrs. Seidenburge. ' Friday afternoon Mis Mary Haugh-ton gave a lovely auction tea at her home on Ninth street, west, in honor of Mis Eileen Session, a bride of early October. The house was attractively decorated with many autumn flowers. In the game of auction clayed by the twenty guests. Mis Louise Hollls-ter had the high schor and was given the favor. Miss Session and Miss Lor-rane Voorhees, also an October bride, were given guest favor. . . - It has been requested that the ar- tlcle regarding the Housewives' league, la the Argus-Leader on last Wednat- day night, should be copied on the Woman's page tonight. The same Is given below: In the following- statement of principles which govern the proposed organisation of Sioux Falls housewives In their plan to lower the high cost of living through concerted action, ' me committee of the league contribute an explanation of thetr attitude: The Housewives' league committee, feeling that the meeting Tuesday evening aroused the interest of all those present, wish to lay a few suggestions before the women of Sioux Falls, especially those not present at this meeting. Each organization has its own problem to solve and the following questions may be suggestive: Are you satisfied with the present market conditions? Are the marketing facilities such as to bring the producer in closer touch with the consumer? Are the sanitary conditions of your shops and grocery stores satisfactory? Have you a commission on weights and measures and are the laws regarding same enforced? Are the tradesmen dealing with you airly In regard to prices; as to weight; as to quality? Are you considering .that demands for several deliveries daily, increase prices? How many pounds of potatoes and apples should you get for a peck? How many do you get? How many housewives have kitchen scales and use them? The Housewives' league platform: To organize the housewives of America for educational, constructive and defensive work for the home. To de:-mand and obtain fair prices for all commodities. To bring together the producer and consumer with this object in view: To demand and obtain clean shops. To demand and obtain pure products of all kinds, products which shall be what they are represented to be. In short, to Work for honesty, quality, efficiency and a square deal for all. Now do the women of Sioux Falls want such an organization? It is only by concerted action we can get results. Every woman, in the city will be given a chance to ally herself with this work; the dues are very light, perhaps 15 or 20 cents a year. The league button has been registered as a trade mark and is worn by thousands of housewives all over the land. It is a sifa-niticant fact that in pluces where the league is organized, the housewives get a square deal, and why not? Every merchant realizes that the women spend t0 per cent of the money spent in our country. They have the power of the dollar back of them and why not use this power for the betterment of the homes in which are being reared the future citizens of the nation. Now is the time to act and how many women will rally to the support of this movement? Phone to Mrs. D. E. A. Lundquist, Mrs. M. Scott Mrs. M. H. Egan, or Mrs. Mabel Dockstader. - , The evening program on Thursday, given at 'All Saints school tn order to introduce Mr. 'IV Austin -Ball, the vocal teacher, was opened by Mr. Gray Tis-ale, who charmed the audience by his sympathetic playing of two solos. These were followed by a fine selection of songs rendered by Mr. Austin-Ball, who thus gave an opportunity' to Judge of his powers as a vocalist. Mr. Austin-Ball possesses a rich, flexible, powerful bass voice of unusual range and nerfect Duality, thoroughly under con trol. He has, a finished technique and held his audience spell-bound by his temperamental and musicianly Interpretation of the following: a. Pleisir d'Amour ......Martin b. Vitoria Vittoria. Carissimi c. Du Bist Wie Elne Blume. .Schumann The Pretty Creature. Wilson. a. Trotting to the Fair Stanford b. Passing By Purcell c. TheBee, the Lizard and the Man Apstin-HaH The Sea Road Word. Miss Isa Duncan who is well known and a favorite in Sioux Falls, received her usual meed of applause for her exquisite rendering of Sur le lac Godard Perpetual Motion Reiss Vteniawski Concerto, second movement (Accompaniments to voice and violin were played by Mr. Tlsdale.) Later in the evening Miss Elzabeth Nckel who has charge of the department of expresson read The AngeluB" by Eldridge Porter, in a pleasing and convincing manner, winning for herself a well-deserved encore, to which she responded with "When You are Down on Your Luck." The- large audience which completely filled Recreation hall was enthusiastic and instant In applause for each number. Mrs. B. C. Dow gave two very pretty auction parties at her home, 803 Phillips avenue south on Thursday and Friday afternoons. The decorations for both days were yellow and .white and the dainty color scheme was carried out with many autumn flowers and In the delicious luncheon served at the beginning of the afternoon. .- On Thursday, auction was played at four tables and the honors Were won by Mrs. E. W. Fiske and Mrs. C. H. Parshall. Mrs. Dow was assisted by Mrs. P. G Edmison. On Friday the game of auction w played at five tables. Mrs. C. M. Harrison won the progressive favor- and Mrs. Neil Graham was given the favor 'i for high score. On this afternoon the hostess was assisted by Mrs. C. M. Harrison anod Mrs. R. L, Gibbsv Mrs. P. F. Gill was hostess at a lovely autumn party given In her home on Fifth street west, on .Thursday afternoon. The guests found their places at six table by handpahtted autumn leaf place cards and a delicious luncheon with the autumn color scheme cleverly carried out, was served. After tbe luncheon the game of five hundred was played and the favors were won by Mrs. James McDermott and Mrs. John FitzGibbon. The guests of the afternoon, were Mesdames E. Hansman, J. , H. Bech-told, H. Kreiser, E. J. Mannix, R. R. Keck, John Bowlec M. Cogley, John Tuthill, P. G. Sherman, A. K. Pay, M. K. Marvin, T. J. Billion, George Talbot t. J. D. Conway, J. J. Manley, Ralph Johnson, John FitzGibbon, James Mc Dermott, T. W. Keavy, K. Lyons, M. Ryan, C. J. Morris, John Donahoe, T. Mahoney and P. J. Jaeger. The Llnwood ladle' aid society met at the home of Mr. J. W. Atkins, east of the city, on Thursday afternoon and organized a suffrage club. This club will work with the Minnenana f ran chise league, and was organized by Mr. Edwin D. Clark, president of the local - league;- Mrs. L. C. Campbell, chairman of the campaign work, and her assistant, Mrs. J. H. Sheldon. Mrs. Earl swartout - was cnosen ahairman of the Linood Suffrage elub with Mrs. W. F. Dawley, secretary. The club plans to meet every week and will soon hold a school house rally. At the vlose of the business meeting, the hostess, assisted by the Misss Alfa Zirzow, Dorothy Dawley, Myrtle Williams and Libby Savage, served a delicious luncheon. The out-of-town guests were, Mrs. Bertha Gary of Tomah, Wis.; Miss Sadie Stoner of Hawarden. Ia.; Mrs. S. M. Bindenagei of Frankfort and Miss Elizabeth Solly of Lockport, 111. Last Tuesday afternoon Mrs. R .F. Barnett entertained the members of the Catholic Ladlee' sewing circle No. 9. of which she in president. It was an extra meeting of this division that they might furnish some special work for the church bazaar which the ladies of St. Michael's pro-cathedral are planning to hold early in October. At the close of the afternoon delicious refreshments were served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Joe Paul. Mrs. Clara Haabe. Mrs. C. C Cowan and Mrs. Magg'e Wolfe who are officers of the society. Mrs. Horace Johnson of West Sioux Fulls . delightfully entertained the members of the A. R. 1. E. club on Fri-dayday afternoon at an elaborate one o'clock dinner. The table was prettily decorated with a large centerpiece of pink and white sweet peas. In the other rooms the Mowers were purple and white asters. After dinner a most enjoyable afternoon was spent with fancy work and visiting. Mrs. Palmer of Lennox wan an out-of-town guest. Mrs. C. S. McDonald was hostess to a theater party on Friday afternoon, given in honor of Mrs. Edward B, Mill of Kansas City, Mo., who is the guest of her sister, Mrs. B. Keith, Thirteenth street west. After the matinee the party went to the tea room at S-kougs' where tea was served at taldes prettily appointed in pink and white. McKinrTey & Allen Picnic. The second annual picnic of McKin-pey A Allen was held at Sherman park Friday afternoon. The day was one of the most ideal that September produces. trie breezes werelialmy, the sun bright and the autumnal colors beautiful. Street car .N. 12 "was again chartered for the occasion and an eighteen-foot banner attached to the side advised the public of the picnic. The company left the Cataract corner at 3 p. m. Arrived at the park, a favorable location was, pre-empted and headquarters established. The routine of business was forgotten ami in its place, the social side of life was given free play. The spirit of harvest time was emphasized in the sports. The corn-husking contest was entered into by five "sons of the farm," who by the terms of the contest, were to remove in record time the husks and silk of the several ears in their piles. Competition was keen and on'.y the judge, Mr. John A. Grose, could tell that "Major" Wues-ter had finished firBt. The winner received a corn-husking book as prize. The series of attempts to remove an apple from, a tub of water by head-work only was seriously Interfered with by genuine duckings administered by over-interested spectators. Finally little Jack Grose secured an apple in hiB teeth and was declared victor. The fat-slim race was next and "Major" Wuester was unsuccessful in defending hi title of last year. He lost to Richardson who received a motor fir engine as a reminder of his prowess. "Col." Al. Erskine won In quoits. A group picture was taken with the river and trees a the background, and a copy of this will be placed in the hands of all of those present and those particularly Interested in the picnic. The commissary van arrived at 5:45 p. m. and under the direction of Miss Pnrreault. the harvest board was spread. Individual pumpkin pies. t aked potatoes ami appie nc,c the special harvest dishes on the menu. "Excess lines," were taken by all those . j . .. ,h. IqIiI. ami mnnv se- cured "reinsurance" in order to car-. . i i!n." ai,n,trH4n'ientR I'y juiiiuu mi". were numerous but none ordered any reduction. -. .... . .. .., rainrriA t tbe ex- Al I mo ' ' ' ' - -- - ---- , acting duties of life and as the 'riends parted, each wisnea mm i "'"-able to arrange to be present at the picnic next year. Those in aiienaance i..'' follows: Mr. D. L. McKinney. Mr. J. J.-Allen; Miss A. A. rerreaun. i... clerk; Miss Bessie Haas, policy c.rin. Miss Anne Margulies, stenographer; Mr T. R- Richardson, bookkeeper; Mr. J. O. Berdahl, city solicitor: Col. Al. Erskine. farm solicitor, and Mr. Jay B. Allen real estate loans. The special .' ..-.., ..rA Mr John A. Grose Kuesis Jieifc ' of the Commercial Union Assurance Co.. citvT Mr. W. H. Rains of the M-dellty-Phenlx Fire Insurance Co city Mr. T. K. vvaisn oi ioe , I'rt nitv: Mr. r. lty r ire uiuntvr - - Cypreanson of the Providence "fn- ton insurance o., ;-- - ........ ,,iiv on,l Jack Grose. The JOr VY urn ii . v ' ' ' " . , ladies who were present but not al ready menuoneu --. -------- wainh Mrs Berdahl. Mrs! S.;Mnt'ir L.'WiUiams. Mrs. j McKinney and Mrs. "e". ENGAGEMENTS AND . . . , ix , v V u. it announce Mr. ana .ir. a. the engagement of their daughter Mau-. . , i.. ..!. uim Mo reen saran, w - Donald. The wedding will take place esrty m .luveni )-. Mr. Ann Beck- announces the en gagement of her daughter, uenora ?. " ,1 - m illion, H Stevens. lieorgia. iu -. - The wedding will take place in Sioux . . . . . v. . v.,Kap unrt City, ia., on ine eis-" they will be at home In Hull, Ia., after the first of November. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clay Sessions have Issued invitations to the marriage of their daughter, France Alleen to Mr. Waiter Edwin Tolles, Jr. The wedding will take place in Calvary Cathedral at eight o'clock on Saturday evening, the tenth of October. Mr. and Mrs. Tolles will be at home at The Spalding, Moline, Illinois, after the first of December. The Marriage of Mis Grace McKee and Mr. Clyde Kinsley was solemnized on Wednesday afternoon at four o'clock at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. McKee. 313 Prairie avenue sooth. The Reverend H. R. Best read the service. It was a yellow and white 'wedding nd. the color scheme was beautifully, carried out with a profusion of yellow and white roses and daisies. The arched bower under which the bridal party stood, was - woven of yellow daisies, ferns and smilax. The bride was attended by her little niece, Miss Freda Virginia Porter, who served a flower maid and carried the bridal bouquet of yellow roses. . The brids'ji sown vtt f white satin and marquisette with pearl trimming3 an if the little flower maid was all in white. After the ceremony and congratula. tions, a wedding dinner was served by the bride's sister, Mrs. Porter, assisted by the Misses Aimee Perreault, Harriet Staples and Bessie Haas. Mr. and Mrs. Kinsley left on th evening Milwaukee for Canton ami other places in the southern part of the state where they will visit Mr. Kinsley's relatives. After the first of October Mr. and Mrs. Kinsley will be at home at 18 Fairfax avenue. The out of town guests were Mrs. A. H. Kinsley and daughter Ethel, Mr. ami Mrs. Wilbur Kinsley and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Milage of Canton. "One of the interesting weddings of Tuesday. September 15, will be that of Miss Rose Epstein and Seymour Stone of Chicago, which will be solemnized at 7 p. m. at the home of the parents of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Epstein of 6021 Berlin avenue, in the presence of relatives and intimate friends-. "After receiving the congratulations of friends, the couple will depart for Chicago to visit Mr. and Mrs. H. Stone, parents of the bridegroom, before continuing nn to their future, home in South Dakota. "Last Wednesday Mrs. M. F. Gliding of 5006 McPherson avenue gave n hosiery shower in honor of Miss Kp-stein, and next Wednesday Mrs. S. R. Feist and Mrs. D. Marcus will give her a needlework shower at the home o the former." The above account was taken from a late issue of a St. 1-ouis. Miss., paper. .Mr. and Mrs. Stone will maie their home In Sioux Falls. Mr. Stone having acecpted the position of circulation manager for the Press. The wedding of Miss Harriet Yost and Mr. Henry Nelson took place at ten-thirty o'clock last Wednesday morning In St. Olaf's church. The service was read by the Reverend Proehl. The bride was attended by Mrs. Hel-ma Peicival as matron of honor and Miss Kathryn Yost was bridesmaid. The bride's wedding gown was silver blue ohainieuse ami she carried ;i shower bouquet of white roses. Her traveling suit was ot" dark blue witli all accessories to match. Mrs. l'ercival and Miss Yost wore tailored suits of blue with hats to match. After the ceremony about twenty relatives and friends went to the hom of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Yost, Summit avenue north, where a delicious wedding breakfast was served. Mr. and Mrs. Neisen left that afternoon for a trip through the Black Hills stopping u few days at Huron on their way. On their return they will be at home on the bridegroom' farm west oC the city. , Lust Tuesday evening at seven-tbir ty o'clock Miss Lottie Mabel Kirk ind Mr. Charles O. Sharp were married at the City Temple, the Reverend II. R, Best reading the wedding service. It" was a quiet wedding with relatives and close friends the only guests. The bride was unattended and wore her going away suit of blue broadcloth with, hat to match. After the ceremony the bridal party went to the Kaiserhof ho-,, tel where a five course dinner was served. Mr. and Mrs. Sharp left on Wednesday for a trip of two weeks and will visit several places in Iowa and Minnesota and after the first of October will be at home in Goodwin, S. D. FUTURE EVENTS & Miss Lulu Howard is giving a small dinner party at her home on Spring" avenue south, tomorrow evening, witli Miss Margaret McDermott jus guest oi honor. , The Housewives' league will meet lit the auditorium of the City Temple at eight o'clock next Thursday evening. This meeting el to complete the organization and to appoint committees. All are urged to be present. Tha l-e,illur niAAlinv r,f Tuunur Chan. ter No. 8 will be held on Monday eve-ninr lbe twentv. fourth nf Keorpmber at eight o'clock. There will be special music and refreshments All officers are reouested to be there nt seven- forty-tlv o'clock. The niissionr.ry society of the Con gregational church will meet Friday afternoon, , September twenty-fifth at the home of Mrs. Andrew Beveridge, 623 Menlo avenue, south. This is tha annual business meeting and thank of fering for foreign missions. The host esses will be Mrs. John Flynn, Mrs. T. J. Martin and Mrs. J. W. Parker. A splendid musical and literary pro gram is being planned for next Thursday evening at the William Koenig res idence, when Mrs. Koenig and Mrs. Kendall Cressey will entertain. This la in behalf of the ladies aid of the Congregational church and a free will offering will be received. All friends ara very cordially invited to enjoy the program and tha light refreshments which, will follow. TKe Child Study club of the Lincoln school district will hold a reception for, the teacher en next Monday afternoon, at three-thirty- o'clock in tha school building, to which every mother tn the district Is Invited. There -will b- a pleasing program followed by s social hour during which refreshment will be served. This will be an opportunity for mothers and teachers to become better acquainted and lt is-hoped every mother will accept tbe Invitation. Please bring cup, plate, fork: and spoon. The Junior Philatheas of the Methodist church have secured Miss Maud Scheerer of the Leland Powers school of Boston to read for them on Friday evening, the twenty-fifth of September. Miss Sheerer will read "The Helpmate." by Rachel Crother. The play is a humorous and sympathetic treatment of the "Woman's Sphere," problem and deals with three types of women a wife, who becomes absorbed in art; a wage earner from choice, and a wage earner from necessity. The strong plot, whimsical yet keen philosophy, and tbe reality of the problem make the drama Intensely Interesting. A Sock Social. Saint Catherine's guild wilt give a sock social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Morcom, 203 Duluth. avenue south, on next Thursday evening, the twenty-fourth of September. There will be a musical program after w;hlcl refreshments will be served. .Each guest Is asked to. bring an amount of money equal to twice tha size of the sock worn. The proceeds of the social will go towards an elect riM motor which is te be installed for the ersan in Calvary cathedral, '

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