The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1935
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Served by tRe United Presa THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUtUEA^MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO.'28! Courier BlytlievlllB Daily News Blythgynie Heralti Mississippi Valley Tender , ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1035 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS } II SLAIN IN Housp, of Representatives Invites Executive lo Outline' Program. MTTLE ROCK, Pel). (UP)— The house today "asked Gov. J. M. Fulrell "to submit, his plan for raising revenue If other sources are Insufliciont. The governor > intimated several days ago thai he"had such a plan Bui saw -T9 woSJ not divulge it until the fate: of other revenue measures was determined. : . Burning over of J/.ifsi '''. lands was made a misdemeanor today in a senate bill passed finally by the house. • •, • In another senate bill passed by the house residents of. Desna and Chicot counlies^ were given opportunity to redeem homes lost to improvement districts. Payment of county, state and school district taxes by-_January IS,. 193G, will entitle home owners hi the improvement districts to delay law of their proncrtv for five years. Salary Bill Opposed A bill selling new salaries for county assessors was. attacked in the house "when called for third reading, and. a vole.. Action was delayed unlil tomorrow. Huusc Votes for Race Belting Tlic house, by ti vote of 55 to 44, voted yesterday to legalize the pari-mulucl method of wagering on hoisc rnces. Tlie bill, by Hamp- ion of Lee, will be sent to the senate today for - first" and second reading, and it is considered probable that It brought no for final, rcadlntr arid passage the lat- tc-ri-p'aH ,of the -[Week. neV>. Tvy W. Ci ; awrori,; : pf jjMlssiRsipp'f v . .cptmlv volefl "for passage. ' .-" ; -- .-' Following, .passage, enousli additional votes \yere" oblalned to attach the enieteency clause.. Passaqc by the house .';horse racing hill."was followed 1 last' nlshl; by A step .toward .actlpn-'. senate on a . measuro'Vto /Ipgnlisio . sale of:liauor'as a means, of: providing iVpedeiJ revenue. ' : ! i . The. Senate .TeinDcranee - Com'- mlllee, meeting at '-the Hotel Marlon, voted' to. return .S. B. ICQ. Dillon's ;pfek:age';it6re' .liquor bill. with the'. recommendation that it, be passed, and;: to "send bock S. B. 145, Evans'/ stntc-bwhed Honor, store- prouosal ..(which has Governor "Putrpll's.i-'approvair'-v.'ithoHl. recommendation"': -,*•• ': '-; The committee apnroved Ihc Dillon bill after . niflfiftdments were fronted to prohibit . the sale of. lloiior In hotels.;; cafes and other public . olaces. where ', It. miaht 1>? consumed nt HID place of .purchase.. - .Futrfll; Answers HITS Blunt laiuzuaae \vos used yos- Icrdnv bv Governor Fiitrell to (ell n dcleoallon : of "15 rcoresentatives from temueronce pmanlzallons and churches that , he • believes a 'Honor control law "would; be sunlmnrove- - mciit over I he ''state's lircsenl pro- JilWHon law nnrt that 'lie will !\\fn a~iio"uor bill: If it 1 is passed l>y the legislature. ,- . ... "If It doesn't ; improve condl- liolis."^ he added; "I'll call the legislature back In session within nine n'lontbs nwl try lo linvc it, repealed." "The onlv wav you can imorove ronditlons under our present law." he said, "i.s to change nubile scn- limcnl. And you'll not do that by your Intolerant.- altitude, your assumption thai, cverybodv who disagrees win, you Is" wrong" and iai- inornl. "We now have the' most drastic. bone dry law hi Ihe Union But vou know and i know that Arkansas, is as wel ns the oceans. I.iquoi- is being sold onenlv In most of the. counties of the state anrt you all know that gambling and hell-holes are running wide own In tills (OH n." Proposes Investigation Of Commonwealth College r.lTTl.R ROCK. Feb. {•> (IIP) — Inveslisitllpn- , ,V<>I enminonwiMillh labor school at Menu, will ' ttts. Miller of Polk roiiniy, he suicl to'iloH Mlllsr 1ms jiivpaiTil a resolution asking for a Joiiii sen- ale ;ind house tnvpsUrjatlon for alie^c'd fostc-vini! of "communism and the. teaching of nn-Amerlciin doctrines." Lucian Kouli, director of the college, has figured In the recent Southern Tenant Farm union activities among share croppers in eastern Arkansas. . - Says NaUonalistic Policy Is Doomed io Be Failure. ATLANTA, Ga., .1 12 (UP) — The United States must change Its' commercial policy radically or dr-vasti'iii; consequences will result, for the cotton growing regions, Peter Molyncux, Dalla-s, Texas editor, warned today as he hit at the tariff system under the Ne~.v Deal. • .', Molyneux,- editor of the Texas Weekly and . trustee of the Car; neeie Endowment of International leaee, spoke at Emory Institute of citizenship. "The United States will never know normal employment In Its cotton fields or in Industry so long as it maintains its present coin-' mcrcial'uc-licv **f economic nationalism," .'he said, ; J S|¥S : ''I have reluctantly come to the' coiicliisioh the pollcy-of the present administration ls»'quite-fis :iavion:disltc as Ih/it of^any prev- oiis' : -atlminlstration4;- It^has'-'niade gestures in Ihn direction of iu:dif- fercul policy but I. am aftv.kl they are turning out lo be merely gc.i-,; ires'. •' ' ' ; ''.'.' :"' • , ;-, .' ' "America.hns never bsen grfat-. y concerned' nlioui expanding , Ihe sale ,of' American goods iibroad; it '" has • been : chi£rTy'- concerned about : limiting IhelSal o of foreign goods nt'home. 'The chief- mnnl- rcs(a'(ion ! of. this iwllcy has been the 'system Vpf high' tft'HH— the. so- calle':! "pr'p'tectlve Stiengthening of Hawaiian Fottifications nosed. Is Pro- WASHINGTON. Feb. 12 (UP) — Tlie administration submitted to pougress today a $38.000,000 navy consliuelion piogram ' of which $15.000,000 vyould be used to build up the Hawaiian Islands into a air atkl navy defense fort- The program also provided fcr an increase, of more than 12,000 In navy . psrsonn?!. -:',Tlie' navy 'program dovetailed In vyitli. jhe army program, already before", congress,; for expenditure of $20,OCH),OOP. chiefly for new air base facnillesv.hi< tlie- Pacific and antiaircraft 'coast defenses. ".;phief..item in the navy" construction.! "program t was 510,000,000 for". 'a... floating, drydock at Pearl Harbor. : base In.-.'Hawaii. '.;Mpre. iliiin Si.OOO'.'ooo was provtri- crt:-fpr.\biiIldInB;'iip the flejt. air base '(it '-Pearl Harbor". New radio facilities from Alaska to 'Panama and' submarine base construction also tvcra provided for. Douglas Fir Boasts Of Many Aliases WASHINGTON (UP) — The Douglas fir of Yoscmllc Notional Park bonsls more aliases (linn a hardened criminal. More than two dozen names have been applied to Ihe tree, one nf the most beautiful species or evergreens. The- Interior DeoarU mcnf believes "Christmas Tree" Is appropriate to the tree's symmetrical, fragrant branches. It Is believed, however, that "Pscudotsuga taxlfofia" best describes the evergreen. The hybrid phrase Is a comiwund of Greek Japanese and Latin words. It means, "false hemlocY with yew- like foliage." Counsel in AAA TOP OF Davis "Purge"-Brings Him M a s I e n i n g Back lo Washington. UV ItODNEV DUTGIIER WASHINGTON.-Dr. . Rex Tug well, while Hope of the liberals In . Washington, seems tb :; bi! on op of the 1 AAA heap, after "n brief period In which , his ' enemies :hoiighl, he had been .dropped in the ocean bottom with an anchor riromirt his neck. Tile upset came within 48 hours or a press conference held by Secretary Wallace and AAA Adminls- Irator Chester Davis, at which many giggled over Tugwell's fate The inside story of . Tugwcll's mnebacfc will remind you—if you were ever a Noriliem schoolbo'y— of Gen. Phil Sheridan's famous ride. Here 1 .! the' first connected, accurate account of cvnts surround- ne and Including tfie sensational ourifc of AAA liberals which ousted General Counsel Jerome Frank, tannled Consumers' Counsel Fred Howe, and booted out three or four of Uielr sufoordfnalr-s: Prom AAA's birth; Frank and Trm-e Jed Hie fleht to prevent AAA j-om belnE nrostitiiled bv food in- lustries which hoped for big prof- Is at exec-use of consumers,out of 11 program designed to relieve 'armer.s. They had Tiigiyoll's sup- lort. Fucs Co After Scalps "\ Pood industries declared-war on ill three, prowlslne In some caw,s o "get them." "These industries vere' -siipljortedO)y subsidized: lea<i - ei-s of farin oraaiilzallons and a strong AAA group.-" , Ever bat "canned • asparagus? Well, renewal of the conned j ns; ; :aereemenl was 'the ' big fl°lit Immediately before '-Clie 'nurse." . Howe's men -said AAA mist : have a stronsr '-book's''raid •words'- clause In Hie" agreement because, 'while. H appeared 'likely erowers were • being Iniured and consumers gypped oh that asparagus, AAA's crop section, had' no •c-al data on 1 It. ' Davis and • oilier AAA official 1 ; :hled '.'obstniclloriisls!" 'clamming for hahnonv at all costs. Howe VI hLs' men refused to recede. Wallace backed them UD when the agreement .reached " him for sig- .inlurc. -I.,-'.-' Meanwhile. Prank, also differing with Davis ns to cooks ,and records .clauses.and seeking a stronger license clause In the prouosed AAA amendments which would let ihn win AAA decisions In the courts, was having his (roubles with Davis. . * * '« Showdown Beats Frank He Insisted that when administrative policies gave rise to loeal uroblems that mleht react against AAA, administrators should be guided .by legal counsel.. The inai Frank-Davis blow-up caino over a relatively minor mat- r. • . -. ' •.-••.-. "''. ,. Davis told Wallace '-he must choose. He himself, must/have a free hand," which meant-, removal of Frank and'Howe.oii, he'd quit, Wallace consented reluctantly;'. Davis had most processors':',pf', food and many so-cal|ed ': farm/; Waters behind 'him and .Wallace;.,'couldn't, afford an administrative.'; explosion willi Congress here. : : :L'v^jy .;f. They said something to Roosevelt about a reorganization, and New AAA consumers' c in the. replacing of o ouated'ln Hie recent , Is Dr. Calvin B. Hoover, above, cconomtBt and member -of the department ot agriculture brain' trust.. • Hoover Is a farm-born' ftml farm-reared lowan, nutliOr of books on Germany.- "Ho Df. fniitie 0. Have'. • Heac] Group, to Direct - AVoi'k ProgYain. , .yVASHINGTON,. Fob. 12 (UP)— Tlie (irsl authentic iiifomiation on President'. RooseVelt's^'plaiis for nd- mlnlsteiiijg liis ; ;S;1.880,OfjO,OOil worK relief fund, "showing he Intemleii Ip.'.sBleclcd a co-ordliintor.'niid to operate It Ih'i-ouglj'a" board of five officials', .wan ' obtained' today by the. United Press. ">'•".".. -Mr." n'oosevell, ' It. 'was -reported, has .offered the liost of co-ordin- ator to, Qeoi-gL' L. Berry, iyho came up "froui". the ranks "of. organized labor [q assume "an 'in'iportaht pos- itich iii 'the New' Deal's 'recovery macbhiery. - - - . The woik'rultef .organization has been, worked put by'"trie president after coiislderable"". thftught • and close attention' to "all, Ilie "details Iiiyolvscl Iii his determination- lo get the governrnDiit out of "this business o'f relief." President R6osevelt plans to ad- minlsler the relief fund tlnxjugh a boar<l of which he himself Is to be chairman. 'The other members are to be "Se'crelary of Interior Harold Wee"?. Administrator Harry Hopkins of the PERA, Administrator James Moffett'of the FHA," Admlnislralor Arthur E Morgan of . tlie Tenries-see Valley Authority, and Director Robert Fcchner. of the CCC. P. D. acquiesced.-According to most explanations, tlie president dlcln'l jet the point. The job was done with nil the grace of an inept butcher whlli- Tugwell was resting blissfully- in Florida. Ever}' liberal In the Agriculture building fell, a sinkihp sensation and every conservative chortled with glee. + * « Tuywell lo Rescue, Then flabbergasted liberals be Four Burn to Death in Bunk House Fire BEAUMONT, Cal., Feb. 12 (UPi -F>Dur workers were burned lo death early- today when fire destroyed a bunk house of the M;t- ropolilanr Water District of Southern 'California near San Jaclntoj R °o s evelt. Harry Hopkins prolesU| Cat Kleptomaniac Brings Owner "Gifts" WASHINGTON (UP)-Jenny, cat. with a kleptomaniac complex, has been showering her mlslress with gifts ever since Mrs. Charles Edward Russell. rescued her from the "gu'tlpiv ; Just; to show -her appreciation, Jenny,first brought home an old rag.: a ,'• papsr bag and wranrilng paper;T.Then came socks, stockings, a large sponge,-a tin can, art apron, a dress and a pair of pants. „ Flustered, Mrs. Russell decided to investigate. After a lengthy search, she found that her neighbors' clotheslines were minus a few incidentals peculiar to the weekly wash. She restored thft garments to their owners. Senate Votes Money lor A. T. and T, Inquiry . WASHINGTON. rVI>. 12 <UP)~ Thi> Whi'i'liT iMolullon n|iproprlii- e $750,000 for the rrclmi) com- mimlvalloiis conuntsslun to Invesll- sato Hit- Ami-Hcait 'ivieplione nnrt Trlrernpli company ;ind nil other (plpphon? coinpanloK «ns iipprovcd lodiiy, Ijj' (lie. Miifite. II now, goes to the house where a simlliir iv.snlullou im.s Iseen fnv- ovably reported. Ultimatum lo Abyssinia Made Public as Mobilization Proceeds. ROME, Feb. 12 (UP)—Italy demanded of Uie Abyssinian government -today a formal salute of the Ilnllan Hag In apology lor attacks on native Iroops by Abyssinian tribesmen. Demands were announced ar. icmbm of the supreme defense commission, called only In einet- Bcnclps, gathered. for a inceMng under Premier Henllo Mussolini to consider political anil military phases of the crisis. The demands Included: ,, I.—Formal 1 salute lo the Itollan Has;. ... 5.—Formal dlploninllc apology. 3.—Indemnity for-the attacks. 4.—Appointment of a mixed commission to delimit the Abys- slnlan-Hallan Somalilancl frontier : 6.—A'guarantee that the frontier would l:e respected." As mobilization proceeded Italian outposts In Somalilanil reporter! . that ,10.000 . Ethiopians «-ere inarsed on UIR frentier Avhere prep" Roosevelt 'Not Satisfied \Vith.Boai-d Plan of Admin isii-at ion. : GraysoTi to Be Red Cross Head Charges "Gross- Irregulaiv ities" on lhc : Parl ol Postmaster General. WASHINGTON. Feb. . President Roosevelt was; revealed In authoriUitlvp qunrlere today as preparing to return MR A" to. one mail control.- .... .Functioning of the', 'seven-man administrative. board which took over Hie recovery unit'in October from Administrator:'Hugh- S. : Johnson has been beset with dlfTleul- tles. It has been virtually , Impossible to compose the widely varying viewpoints of members. Looking forward to extension of the recovery act by congress for a two-year period after next June 16 the president was reported planning to put administrative authority again In one man's hands as In the days of Johnson.. To support the administrator an advisory, board would be sel up with three-party representation—Industry,-labor and tlie consumer. A factor In this change of authority Is the Impending departure of several members of the present board. None ot them appeared In line for the administratorship. Condemned Crooner In N'Orleans Heard Music CINCINNATf (UP) - The last music heard by Louis Kenneth Neil, crooning murderer, who was hanged In New Orleans with n smile on his lips, was broadcast, WASHINGTON, Feb. \'i <UIM-^ Senator Huny I', lx>iig (Dem,, La.) bitterly attacked I'Ociliuaster' Oil- era! James A. ftirlcy In Ihe MII- ilG today, charging u,<; Democratic, party chief with pnriidpat- hig In "giws IrreKiilarllles." Lonsr, angry because Majority Leader Joseph T. Robinson asked the senate to .pprmlt (ho post- office committee ( 0 net..on his resolution to Investigate Parley's conduct, shouted; "1'nrley, Farley. Farley — bow town to this demon." Will- Quit If Wrnu B Long told the senate he renll?.cil 'he charges he was mnklng were se'rloi\s. ' "I flake 'tlyj chance." .is said, "of being written out of the scnale If Ihoy are proved unfounded." Long salil lie would not, offer his name for re-election If he fas .shown lo .be wrong. Long's proposal for the Investigation .was Inter referred lo the •enale postbfTJcc committee ofler he had sixikon two limit's. Building Concerns Implicated Long's resolution charged that concerns buying materials tram n tullding material business, 'will, which FJirlcy was connected, have received contracts with the government although other firms had been. lower bidders for the work. It was .charged that clmnges had been made In building speclflca- tloits.'"for. the 'purpose' of',allow- 'IngJ large '• pronts ancj avoiding "conipetlllon." .... ,..' -Long asserted • that Farley had communicated Wlfh-« ' West -Vir-i glnln railroad executive,- who had applied lite Reconstriicttoh Finance-Corporation for. S Moan; -and (old }ijiii,- : '.'lt'..'.-.was';lp his; Interc'jl to. take a.-, certain political positlou affecting. ; thc-.election of a .United States senator." -.:.'.:'. •' Accusations were that Farley was "Implicated in a .;wire service'lead- ing Into earhbllng houses In' the United -States-, from :• theV ra6s tracks."- ..'•,..", .. •.... •FLOCKS InDLflPLEIEB Southwest Threatened with" Shortage of Eggs and Chickens Now clmlnhau or the American Red'Cross, to take office March 1, la Hear Ailmlrnl Gary T, Oraysou. above, pliyslctiui to tho late Proaldont Wooclrow Wilson, Dr. Orhjson'3 appointment io succeed tbe late Judge Jolm Darlon Vayne was announced by President Roosevelt. request, by Barney Rapp!S r renl "*"" i lit. 11 imuuv uuuiina u^~ n • Ban to holler—at Wallace andirriSOner orchestra lender, from the Gibson Hotel here. Rapp dedicated the y.ogram "reverentially to a very dear friend in New Orleans." R.flpp said he and his orchestra members tecame acquainted with Neu while attending his trial a year ago when the orchestra was Playing in New Orleans. KANSAS OITY, Mo., Feb. II (UP) —Will the breakfast egg and the Sunday chicken dinner become luxuries beyond Hie means of the average family In Uie near future? •That question became a pertlnrat one In the Southwest today as produce men, hatchery operators and agricultural college Investigators look slock of a situation that may develop a serious shortage of eggs and poultry- Flocks In six states surveyed by the United Press have been reduced by drought and the high cost of grain during the past year. Estimates of nock reduction from last yesryange from 10 per cent In .Texas and-Oklahoma to nearly 50 per cent in Arkansas and Nebraska. Missouri, ruth slate in the nation in hatchery capacity, reported a 16 ', Kansas about Huffman Mpn--Iclentified by J, E: Shilling, iVictirii 01 Hoigv _- ; - -: : William H. Chandler and Hen rv Hatcher, residents of .Ihe Huffman community, have been- nr rested on 'charges of robbery Sh Ihe. hold-up of J.- E. Shilling," ,'pro prletor,. 1 of n rum! .store near Ashport Ferrv, on February 4. The.pair.have,been Identified a; the robbers by. Shilling,- accbrdlii! to: reports, reaching .here. Boll men, placed In . the .county jal here upon their arrest, have beci removed . to the Osceoln dlstrlc fall. While no charges' have 'bee! nrcfcrrcd as yet officers believe the pulr stole Spurtjcon Patter inn's car from the streets of Ely 'hevllle the dav" before the rob hery .occurred and used It in mak 'ng. their getaway after the hold 'io. Tlie car.-was found abandon Chandler, a United Stales nial -nrrlcr on the Tvler, \Io.-HIcknian \rk., rural roule. was taken into custody yesterday " bv offlcei working under Sheriff Clarence H Wilson. He was on his route a 'he time and service continued 'inlnterriipled, an officer finishing out. Chandler's route with him. Hatcher was found hldlne in ai-ge hav bam last- night after he 'iad reporlcdly lold" others tha s c was prepared and didn't In- end to be cnotured. Arch Lind- >ey, deputy sheriff, member of the "arclilng pa — .y, came upon Hat cher In a loft. He offered no re sistance and no weapons were found, tunnel. Boy Too Modest To Tell Parents He Rescued Pal TOLEDp .(UP,) — A 15-year-old high.' school ' boy who rescued a playmate from drowning in the Icy waters of. Hie Maumee River was |ed at the White House. A couple of senators wrote horrified letters, Tugwell. besieged by long distance calls, boarded a plane and reached Washington airport at 4 a, m. Jerome Frank was Ihere lo meet, him. They huddled and Tugwell made an early ('.".scent ml Ihn White House. To understand what happened there, you have to re- so modest about his Heroism alize that Tugweil. while kecplnc. e told neither hl s parents' nor hands off AAA. had been advlshiB friends. But Dale Pringle ,\vho made the rescue, was lionized to" his parents by Vcnion Jones, 14, whom-he saved and Elmer Prhigle, 12 Dale's brother, Roosevelt on everything else under the sun.-And thai . lie was blazing mart. . •'. -..He-lefl :Vvllh some definite pvom- iscs.'.and-.inslders know, lie Is com- (Csotlnued'on' Page Two) Sheriff Who Led Band MILLERSEURG, o. (UP)—Harry B. Weiss, orchestra leader turned sheriff. Is glad when musicians happen I o come the wnv of his cells. A visilor at the jail found Sheriff Weiss in a cell with two prisoners. Musicians, too; they wers accompanying the sheriff In a hillbilly song. "I haven't Anything to do and these fellows, aren't going any place," the sheiltt smiled. Before defeating n other candidates In the sheriff raco.'-Welte led a dahee orchestra; . Mayor Has Held Weekly Kiddie Party Two Years 25 per cent. Poultry experts found some reassurance in the acknowledged fact that the poultry Indmtry is more adjustable than most. Farmers hive cut down their flocks because of the drought-Induced scarcity of grain and the high costs of feed. But, it was indicated, if spring crop forecasts are favorable they may take steps to replenish their supplies. Except In Nebraska and Arkansas luxtcnery men believed they would ,oe able to gather adequate supplies _.,„„ ° f accredited eggs for incubation. PAULSBORO, N. J. <UP) — For H was conceded, however that eggs nearly two years Mayor James A. Wert lias observed a weekly gathering with the kiddles of the town when they crowd into his private office and receive candy sticks. Tlie original procedure BUS broken recently when a black and white mongrel dog took a place In the line. The following week the dog a?aIn appeared and after .walling In Ilu6, sat up on his haunches lo receive the tld-blt from the mayor's ha^id. for eating would become sufficiently scarce lo send Ihe market soaring before Iho middle of the year President c. s. Branson O t the Arkansas Poultry Improvement association said that !mtelie/y men of the state were In many. Instances unable to gel enough cgss to set Ihelr incubators. Arkansas poultry raisers, disappointed by poor markets in the.past and seeing skimpy profits because of tlie high pr | ce of grain, sold oft their flocks as ra&ld- iy as possible, he said, IILEITZ B Grear Pays Filing Fee to Get Name on Ballot O. H. Orear. East Main street srocer, was definitely a candidate for mayor at the April municipal election today with the payment nf the required one dollar filing fee to the city treasurer.- A petition with the requisite number of signers was filed with the county election commission in Mr. Great's behalf. A race for the mayor's office Is now assured, even If no further candidates cntef the lists. Cecil Shane is seeking the post for a ••econd term. : i Neither Mr. Shtino nor Mr. Grear has ns yet innrte public announcement of an>" platform or issues In his campaign. vile of Hfuipfmann May Nol Reach jtny Before jTorponow, 4 PM-MINO'ION, N,/J, Teh 12 UP)— .lusllre Tlmmn'j W Trcuch- rd told the United 1'icss lodav IP had not j'et decided vvhethei «> \\ould rhurRp" Ihe jiny latu otlnj nfioi completion of Ati-y Oen David 'I Wllcnt?' sumnia- , lon'or wait ulilllrtoniorrnw morn- j Wlleiit? this iiiornhiB t'emand- il Iho life of 'Bruno. ;Rlelrard., imiplmanu foi the niuidei of Chillies. A Lindbergh, Ji,, \xho ic deelaicrt was slain bcfoie his blclnnpei left Ihe Ilmlborgh mir- Hc icsumtd his talk to the Jury at 1:30, after the noon recess, and thcie'was nothing to Indicate thai ho would finish''. before ate in Ihe Afternoon, In which .tisc Ihr- charge to ihe jury plob'- nbly will not bo given befoid tomorrow. > ', Whips Self (o Freiiyy 'The proieculoi, vlbrnnt nltli :mollons Khipping himself to a frenry In hh demanct foi the' death pcmltj called Iho Bronr man "this nuutlei-ei In whose veins runs ice vvalei— Inls mnn v\hO Is so cold." And he demanded ta know whethei lie would thn\v ''nhen the:.switch" Is: turned." irauplmnnn the stolid defcnd- int, hh lace flushed to a deep crimson, looked at him uith rage and hate In his ojes but nevei slhrcd n intLscle ot his powerful frame, The Jury v\as fascinated by \Vll- entz' bojnborilment i:ver( the placid fVcma' ^nyderr/vslioie eves wamlei over,, the coin doom, and ill a Roslo ' Pill, who Is usually somnolent, teemed alert and qb- sorbing eve»i' ^ord > " s "Tlic attorney general not-only match"* >>!s wits against the famous 'Edward 'J 'Relllv, the ''bull of BiooMjii," but he matched his witnesses, one by one, agahrt the peculiai array of men and women who came fottli to testify In de- fensa of Ihe hollow-eyed, flat- cheeied ctiipentei Seeks Death Vcnllcl .The statement by Wilent? that UID Iilndbeigh baby was slain in the nursery by the UrtiiEDer apparently was an atlempt to keep .he way open for a first degree murdei ^erdlct and the deathlpen- altj Mcst of the prosecution testimony during the trial ^emed ,o suppoit the theory that^lhe Jilld vvos lllled when the-ladder bioke under the kidnaper as he left the nursery, but a legal question has been raised as to whether or not death'-under siich' circumstances could meet the def- .nltlon of (list degree murder. Rellly, In his talk to tiic- 'jury yesterday, ridiculed the contention lliat a stranger could have rnLer- cd the nursery and removed' the child without causing an outcry. Newport Man on Trial' for Murder of Recluse NEWPORT, Ark., Feb. 12 (UP)— Jackson Henry .went on trial today for murder In connection vvlfli the death of B.'.p. Mitchell, recluse farmer," here last fall. - < The trial of Ed Lloyd, charged with murder of Will HemJHcks at Swifton, .Dec'emfer 20, 1933, «as continued until tha, September term of court. Craighead Drainage ' District Given Loan WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 (UP)- LcoiVs (olallns $335,500 for refunding of drainage, levee and Irrigation district bonds brought lo a total of $81,311,353 today the amount loaned under authority of thb emergency "farm mortgage act. The loans included. $102,500 to the Cache River Drainage • District No. 2, Jonasboro, Ark. ' Bank Orders 10 Tons of Pennies To Meet Demand CLEVELAND (UP)-Those'' requests. "One cent, please," ever since n sales tax went into effect in Ohio recently have forced the Cleveland federal reserve ban}:"to rush In-lo tons of pennies. Ten tons' worth of pennies,'the bank explained,-Is about 3,000600 or $30,000 worth. The bank only find five tons on hand when demand throughout the state increased s{o rapidly that a ' rash order was sent for more '.'coppers," WEATHER 1 ':'ARKANSAS—Partis cUmd? to, cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Memphis and VIclnltj—Clouoy, to'loTCa by cccssionil rain late tonight or Wednesday. Tlie waxunum temperature here ycsterdaj u«S 42, minimum 29, partly cloudy, accordlti; to Samuel F. Norrts, ofllclal weather'ob- server.

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