The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1933
Page 6
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RICIIT Scientist Unfolds Vision r of Prolonging Human Life ^ Not*:—The folloninr reoori (if nnd of sex. The eland Li situated •R fjdress by Dr. J. Bertram Cot-; nt ihe base of the brain in the lit of MeCiij university, Montreal, ( center of the hend and can 1» fed, dtUvwfd at a medlol meeting in nourished or Infliicnrod only liy JJsnsas City attrniled by l>r. M.j Injections Into Ihe blood Mrenm. O L'srey of tills city, is taken from , rins alMl 0 , !lo| . noftnlm .. ultrn the Kansas Clij Journal-l'oit. ... j nil . olieh lhp moml , ,„ nffcct thc "A ii , T. , , , !P- l »lt!"'y 5'^nd. Dr. Collit brands ,, A vision of a Hi ure in which | as "o'.nekery." In (he experiments human life would be prolonged.' a . McOill univeisilv the work ho.s bwiily Impc-rfectiotvs, to perfect a serum from the ™n ^""i ly *^. keci ' ""foWr-'l 't-: r it,,i,r,,-y •.•l-.mila ol oxen nnd oilier f»lf Tuesday Ix-hind Ihe camions, r.taupliter hoiisc animals Of tliU ^xact words of a scientist spoken > f mm,. Dr. Colin Mieufc? with caii- ,111 a room fn the Holel President, tion anrl reserve, poin'.lng oul, th.1l " The spenker was Dr. J. Herlram all his H-.-eniTh is still in the ex- ;Cilti(. professor of biochc-mif.ry of, perimrntal s'.tige. lie admits, how- -><cOili university. Monlrenl. fellow.c-ver. thai It has been uied on r,f [he Society of Ix)iulon. some human beings with ".slatl- r-d one of the four medical men, 1m;; succc"/:." ,; v ho shared In the award of the UM. 2,000 Hals 'in'Hi'n P «f r/?L n "'!! !^'"°.". ° f | ''y° »""'saml rnh hay,, lit en ""•|iised in the exwrimenis at ^fcCiill NSWERS TK. :aiKss jf* ' ^N «W«M 1 1B (if ,T-,«K.t'.; 3'tC';: fJKTKfOKS; j-,\ ( j; Cu x cv-'o' (o.vit.« l*r«jL''Ci >' Howell Baby Dies ^ eh sucu Hl*c „ ' ..rrmRiRK NKWS Nfr. and Mrs. Charlie Peters iWt- ed Mr. hint Mrs. Frank Peters near l,iixorn Sunday. Ed Cooper returned .'Sunday from • FH!I)AY, OCTOhKR (i, Wllllr.m JpnnintB Hr>an wa* nil uiisiKciJsiul caiidldjto for Iir0i!*-icnl on Utc' DenioiTatlc tU-kr.-l TltllKh: TIMES. UclsillK- toj-B IK llio iu|>liiil o( FINLAND. Dartmouth CcllOKC la 111 HANOVER. N H fifteen now cnvryinc on a fern experiment at McGilt univer- it may day (ram bov- lies of MTIIIM lo IVed mill nourish (lie nUuUiiiy iihmds tif hiimniu, correcting sonic of Ihr trittiic mis- Sjty in an effort lo determine to what extent man cun Inllucncc or centre! the pituitary gland, arbiter reeling some of the tragic mls- o.f crowlh. size., sex. dceuv nnd per- uikes of nature and i-ven proloni'- hfcps of life Itself. Of thLs experi- Ins human life. lliely and cautiously. Hut in liLijn n ,,,.n n .i ',i,.'..". fo^er, restless eyes shone the cn- , , ihuslosm of the medical explorer, 'tlic Imairinattve sclentlsi who pushes untiringly on In pursuit of his vision. • « Trlls About (Hand " A small man of ruddy complexion, reddish hnir and keen analytical eyes. Dr. Collii looks the part of n practical rather than a ro- Cilllt. "v.mild be to restore lo a nijimnl stale persons who ore on Die borderline, persons who an- handicapped by being a lltllt- off here or there. All of this resr-arch. of course, is in. tlio experimental stni;c. hut at least we enn reiiort that it Is iwinR forward vapidly." Senility. Dr. Collli point.s ouv Is fomr-;h!ne Dial we do nol uu- hiantic scientist. Bui as he talked [deislnnd further than that it dc- cf his experiment, and Ihe poss!-; vekm as the fnully fuiicllonliiK bililies it held for mankind, he or Ihe pituitary Kliiiid. II is not. to be holding In kash the that Ihe sex ulanus themselves (nthiLSiasm of a dreamer. | break down 01 (IclerionUe but. that The pituilnry (Marc! he oils the'Ihe "man in the driver's seat"— "man in the driver's seal." If mod- the pituitary uland—falls down on Seal science on en control of It. the job. man will take a very long stride M.iy Correct \Veatiness Wward bodily mastery. 'Die fo;ir It may be iwssible in the fii- ninctions of the (ilainl are the ture. Dr. Collii admits, for u mc-d- control of growth, of the thyroid Ir-lne or serum lo be developed glnnd, of the Mipenirtnal t'lnnd IhiH wovild coircc; this weukrie.'.s ,0! llie pltuliary gland. If this were done noi only intKhi .senility IK| rln eked bin human life prolonK: ed. After all. s!ie. doctor admil*. ! It is not ih' human body but ! rather tin- plinllnry eland that 'weakens li 1 iL could be nursed jpnipcily. nu n-llini; how Uloplim the resiilis. I In the i-r-a;in of iji'owlh mraiy : ix'rsons ml^ln Le relieved of phys! ieal iKunlieaps I! the finictlnninij ol the pimiLiiy Khuid could he inlluenced. It j. ; this (jlund that is i ies|Kjnsible fin- dv,aifs and fiiants, ] for |>ers(j]ts uho lire abnormal In ;siw i in various ways. If the piliif- tary glam! tould be 1 controlled IH'tsons who stiller from excess of Ilesh mlnlit \x relieved and the abnoima! fiinclionini; of the thy- io!d iflmul iiilshi. br- prevented. i P.inta.stic |Kis.?ibililies offer Ihtm- selve.s as a result <>f pituitary gland control, liclnc a conscientious scientist. Dr. Collii only smiles and says. 'Ye:;, it mlrfit be" when the most vl.sloiiitry of {hva nre sug- Kested. Hut. in his eyes, nevertheless. Is the enthusiasm of a scientist who dreams dreams. Il'-.'id Cmirlc: 1 ,svws \Vanl Ads. G. G. Insur.uii-c I0i; N. tlrcuilnuy I'lioni- ~Ti CASH GROCERY PHONE = CO3 -, Free Delivcru Contim/Loitslfi From 8 a. m. to 6' j). m. SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY and MONDAY Anchor Brand Vaccum Parked Ib. 23c BANANAS • himbos ,, 7° POTATOES Rri i J.r& 35 U CABBAGE New <;rc T,,. 3f Salad Dressing Or Sandwich Spread Dainty Maid Quarts 23c RAISINS s " nmilid - 1 ^ ( S 12' GATS Qu " k ' r Green Cornlield !,(,. Lettuce Ijirj?c Head 6c 1>urit} ' Nut Lb . 10 C NEW SORGHUM o a ,.6f TOMATO J UI€Klie ?a25 c PICKLES ? CORN FLAKES K f S. 15 C Apples To Cook pound 3c LARD Pure GAR ?ji t: Ballon LI\) FRANKS or BOLOGNA, Pound BACON Wrapped In (he Piece Mi. (PIGTAILS Pure Lard 5-lb. Limit Ib. 6ic SAUSAGE 100% Pure Pork ork IftC Lb. 1U CHEESE No - ] Fl1 " (:rca g 15 C MIXED SAUSAGE ,,„ 5 l Salt Meat PORK ROAST """,.>. 10 C PIG LIVER 7 1C Lb. ( 2 GROUND BEEF ""V W ••^^••^H^mgB^BHU^HBIMHHMB Best Bellies IL ^i Light Average ID. 126 parents, four biothi-rs ,,nd ter. ' I'™"! 0 Mp '"P>"s liospltnl will, 1,1s M. hol ," B «"'• AIvln . *ho -suffered a broke,, iiionla. Funeral senlces were held ! Mobile Kitchen Solved Problem for Detroiters Moss Morticians were in if lurieral aiTaiigcinenw. The df-tenw-d Is survived by Ills a sls- Mich. .„ bile kitchen, [ 0 lour the heart <il | Detroit during the noon ho.n-. [proved the proper rwr.edy for ', hefty appetites of Judge ju-*ph WC I \t' • ' ''^' ^'"' s ' n " ia " "f sinipli 1 :'iilli. Wilt Is Victim -and his M0-j>ound sccrctsiry. V.iic- of Sudden Heart Attack ; l ' l Thty N disiikcd > '!jtieinptli !t ' w sai- . ! I'.ly their iipjx-tilc.s in ••••" •••""• Mrs. lionlc Blevins, 20. wife, of I so Ihe Judge bought Jdhn nil vins, - died at [he fnnvlly : s.-qulpjx'd for cooking.. Imnie four miles erwi of Blytlie- Wlilli: Mlofcmski drivr* Hie /ilk- nt n o'clock hut night. Her I kitchen up and down the- avcnm-s. sudden d«ilh was -said -to. have, f !li( - iudse prepare-, noun inial.s. rt-MilInd from heart failure. i «ts the tnble. and call.s lib aliic 1 . Tin: Itcv. Mr. Staiillold billclnied''1 lu- ear and trailer then are ai fimnnl services held (his al- t Paikeil and the meal culi'ii. U-rnnon ra Maple Drove cemetery.! The futii-inl anangc-ments were In' T The decnised Is .survived bv her SNYDI ' :R . '''°X- 'UPl — .loe \Vi-l-•• • • son j r lio " !I " 11 ' f;lr " 1Cl ''. f<i»»d a tsn- 1 ' ' licadid red HIII on his pel-mis'^ nnd bc-nioancri the fact the insect, j was loo .small for sale to a circus 1 or show, 'me two heads moved: «.,v,, t freely its tlie iiiswt crawled. ville filii-cl li!s ap|K>lnimcnt here Saturday nii;hl and.Sunday. KiiiR Ciuol 11 of ll'.imMiici de- Mr, ind Mrs. Waller Jolm.s arCi rives a laiec i)Jrl of hLs income tin; piirenls (i fa baby nlrl, bom i from his vineyards; icvenuu Iron: Salurdiiy nlt;ht. j the royal domains approximales: Mr. and Mrs. Everett Petty and $125.000 a yfnr. i School at Burdette | Will Open Monday The Burdette school win open Monday, according in annriiiiice- nicnt made by 1,. n. Amry. sujic-r- i Intcndenl. Thk sclioo! did not; ouc-n September 1 .so thai pupils! desiring to pick cotton might not: lose so much Ume. • • There are lo !*• 450 students en- ; rolled In school;; of UiLs district '.villi 100 ot these at llie lliirdetle junior -high school. "TO'IJGHS" I IV.n't let thc-iii I;,-; it Mirnnjlc luild. I-ighi eeinis igiiK-kly. C/eii- : i.uiMrj: con:biue.s th- 7 l^'.t )u>l|is' f.'Ko'An to modern ::(•;.-n'( Po-.vrr- fiil but hurrnkss. Ple.i-.aru in take.: No narcotics. Your O'.ui (iri^j;i^l ::; auihonxed to relmut ytuir n;uney 'in the >|Xjl II' your coijtjii tj! e«i!it is not n-1-jjved 'jy Creoniiilslou. Adv. rail 1 t : eet; Craeks 3 Ribs ' The eliy of London had Its origin WASIillJCTON tupj-Thomas as ,, r[ , s! i, n pinee for :.a!e traders. <\ It. c."i:urr. n. lias discovered thrill - - ~ • fciu !e.H :-', :i loll" \v.iy (« full, jk While plnyin", in his home's front h _~ M - m ~ ya:d he slipped and fell off a 9 1J •" f~ lenuco of ihnl hei;iht. rcxainlnii- ,p mj ~~ Uo!i siinwod ihree fiaetiired libs r.nd olhe;- in'.i-rital injuries. Head Ci T \Vani Ads. 5f - lOe - 15c BORUM'S Hif/htower News W. I,. Sttifford of Blytlie Grey! For liouml Lines K-iles anil Tinu- SehediiU-s Tninsrimlinoiilal and Western Air, Inf. 1'ostat Tt'k^r.-ipli I'asl I'aekaift! Ks[iri-s^ Servic-p Paving and Sewer Taxes FOR 1933 are now due and payable G. G. CA UBllL, Collector Office 106 N. Broadway Next to New Post Office Less than % of one cent difference in cost you should see the diff erence in the biscuits OMEGA ANGEL FOOD CAKE V.'hiiei of 12 fc,;i \\', icaipoon Clfitn 1 cup Otr.fKJ l!our of[j|[ic [ Juit y A of a cenr more ndcie,! 'i to lliis rcci|>c adds Omtj.i's I "c.ikcflour"i|ii:iliivtothccnVr. j *- OMEGA SPONGE CAKE <up tiftf,! On-.eBJ 5r« yclli. K-.^ "«"« , ' thxl- i:*. '«•!•«>" "It l«inonf.-Ua M.,,. „,-•;. What does ali this so-called saving on "cheap" flour amount to? You pay less, to be sure— but you get less. What is taken off the price is taken out of quality. No woman knowingly wishes to cheapen the quality of the food she serves on her home table. But that is exactly what "cheap" flour does to everything that is baked with it. It lowers its goodness, deliciousness and even possibly its wholesomencss. And how much does it really save? On a batch of biscuits the "lower" cost amounts to less than Yi of one cent. And on everything else you bake there is only this same small difference — a fraction of a cent in a recipe. Yet that small difference will bring into your kitchen the guaranteed "cake In 5-1K, 6-lh., IO-1K, 12-lb. or24-lb. PLAIN or SELF.RISING. flour" quality of the South's finest flour- Omega. To those who really know flour, Omega and high quality mean the same thing. Made of the choicest pure soft\vheat,milled ' to superlative fineness and sifted through silk, Omega's "cake flour" quality brings you flour at its purest and finest. A better flour cannot be made. The added lightness, deliciousness and goodness that Omega brings to everything that comes from your oven, will make you realize easily that "cheap" flour is really a false economy. You can prove it yourself in your biscuits tomorrow by usingOmega. OMEGA FLOUR MILLS ' CHESTER,ILL. MEGA OMEGA POPOVERS PUREST SOffff SOFT WHEAT I 0:1,1 h-.-lt 2 W , t it takes only </, a com more to^ iiivo these Topovcrs the liglit. I n«s and tasilnesi of Omcsa I qiiality. J WHY NOT BUY THE BEST WHEN THE £/DIFFERENCE IN COST IS SO I.ITTLE

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