The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1950
Page 12
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PACE TWELVE BLYTHEVn.LE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 16, 19M Value of House Is Set by Varied Considerations Structural Solidness, Equipment, Location, Livibifity Are Criteria Real esUte brokers and mortgage lenders generally advise the purchaser to choose n house which promises lo have the greatest resale value, commensurate with his means of course, says the Construction Research Bureau, national clearing house for building information. Resale value Is determined principally by structural soundness: resistance to the elements; mechanical equipment; character of flip neighborhood; and livabiljty. Real astafe appraisers rank livabillty ta of almost equal Importance as the other factors. r.lvabllifj-. Comfort Included in "llvability" is the comfort the house provides in summer and winter. According lo the Federal Housing Administration, which Insures a large percentage of all home mortgages now being written, this "livability" Is influenced by the presence or absence of thermal Insulation. Scientific tests prove that a house properly insulated with mineral wool Is cooler in summer than an insulated one. the difference in temperature being as much as !5 degrees., In addition to the summer comfort provided by insulation, extensive tests conducted by the Univcr- PRE-KUT Ornamental Iron Typical it*ir installation uiing Scroll 2422S. Thli typ« of arrangement it limple but very linking. Arfdt • 9raetfuE nol« to any decor, Now you can afford the everlasting distinctive beauty of Ornamental Iron with Winter protection loo for slippery steps and porches. Modern production methods give you low cost, high quality, and immediate delivery. Call today for free estimates. Austin &, Wicker Red • Spot Paint — Glass — Wallpaper 112 So. 1st. Phone (5207 Real Estate Transfers fCliickassn-ha Dis(rict) Jack Finlcy and Ellcne Robinson to Jcrf and Frankie Spencer, part of Lot 9 of the replnt of J. p. p r |tje and Gateway Subdivision of Ihe SE'4 o[ Section 17-15N-11E, 51,500. J. n. and Mnnciy Leaner Fnley lo Willie Beaslcy, plot 300 by 15 [eel In Section 10-I5N-11E, S100 R. E. L. Wilson III, trustee for the Lee Wilson and Company, lo Ihc Blylhcvillf Development Company. 1:4 acre In Section 16-15N-11E, Jl and other consideration. Leonard Taylor and Bessie Taylor to John Chew. I/jt 1 of Block 6 o( the W. W. Hollipelcr Second Addition, $517. Irn Oiler and Bessie Oiler lo C J Speck, 37 112 tcct of the West ISO (eel ol Lot 3 of Ihe roplnt, of the Pride nnd Gateway Subdivision S1.500. Florence Hushes to Ruth H. Calri- well. T2 acre in Section 36-16N-13E. SI and other consideration. Euijdie H. Hall and Bernice Hall lo Norris and Myrtle Green. South Id feet of North 41 feel of Lot 5 in Block "B" of Nelson's First Addition of the town of Leachville, $1 and other consideration. Betty Mick Council aiuj Elmo Connell (o F. O. and Lcslcr F. Gipson. Lots 10 and 11 in Block 20 of the Blyllie Addition. S1S.500. O.srn:rne-McKtnnon Company, a corporatinn. to Billy Franklin and Lavniin Kcsler. cast 75 feet of the west 150 feet of Lot 1 in Block "D" of the Osbiirne-McKmnon Addition to (he town of Manila, $0.500. OsburiiG-McKuinon Company, a corporation, to Talmadj;e Wayne .inri Mnry .Veil Holt, west 100 feet of Lot 3 ill "Block "C" of the Os- btirne-McKinnon Addition to the town of Manila. $8.300. Holly Development Company lo Norman G. and Tenipa S. Slavcns. Lot No. 18 of Block 7 of Ihe David Acres Subdivision. {6.700. E. O. and Mary E. Adams to Harry A. and Nancy S. Haincs. Lot 4 o! Block 1 of the E. O. Adams Subdivision. 51.000. The Farallon Islands. 26 miles Rl sea. are officially part of the city of San Francisco. Sanitation Is more Important to young turkeys tlwin to any other common domestic, poultry. Mly of Illinois show that between 30 and 60"^ of the winter's fuel bill can be saved In a house fully win- lerii-ed and instilntcri with mineral wool. Mnjnr Improvements In fisuiing the resale, value of his house, the owner lakes Into ac- i count all major structural Improvements he has made, such 35 new roof, exterior paint oc siding: basement finished as recreation room: addition lo house, such as closel extra bath: attic finished as living quarters: partition removed between living- and diniiiR-room to achieve modern open layout: substitution of small windows by "picture window; adding garage. Minor structural improvement^ include re-arrangement of kitchen for greater efficiency: butlt-lns such an cabinet*, shelves: Installation of screen nnd storm-sash; new automatic heating unit or olher ctiuip- mcnt. Exterior improvements: terrace: bi-ccMway; fence or wall: walks or driveway; shrubbery, lree.5, lawn. Also to be considered is the owner's equity in unused portions of such prepaid items as taxes, insurance and heating fuel, the owner being entitled (o reimbursement, on the unused amount of these expenditures. Price levels for new housc.s in the neighborhood help fix the house's resale value. Top prices can be had if the neighborhood Is desirable, has houses of cmial quality: adcmiatc municipal services and street Improvements; is convenient to schools, shopping and transportation. £ BAIN? UP ^^mf'Y^B^, molT 0°°' °' painl »''» ( be°ulihl° W h ° me m0fe \ First.. , we will help you select your color schemes, outside and in. Second, we will assure you that qualify is in every drop. Third, WB will give exact estimates and see that only skilled painters are employed. Use VAiVK-CALVKKTS U'liifcsl While For Lasting Hcanty ^-.^g, E. C, Robinson Lbr. Co. OP .MODKHN mcsiGN-fol!owm E . modern architectural design | s the home of Mr. and Mrs Lvnn Hughes on North Highway 01. One of the first six homos built in the Country Club Aroa after it wa . first platted early last year, the Hughes home embodies a number of modern 'construction features Salt conlatninit only 1110,000 Iodine will usually prevent iodine deficiencies In the diet. Of brick and hollow tile construction with concrete floors, this six- room house is designed to take advantage of solar heat,. It is situated on the north side of tile Jot ami IMS large window areas with overhanging eaves. All the windows are of thcrmn- pane glass, which consists of two panes of "lass with a dead air space beU-ecn them. None of the windows can be opened. AU heating and ventilating is done by an air conditioning imit which provides year-round control of temperature and humidity. In «-iiiter. ilie unit is used a s a hot-air furnnce and is oil burning. Air entering the house Is passed through tillers which prevent entrance of dust. Other features include flush in- terior doors and metal door frames. Closets are equipped with sliding doors. The concrete floors are covered with carpeting except In kitchen and bath, where inlaid linoleum is used. Asphalt, shingles arc used on the roof. Interior walls are of plaster, applied to the building tile surface. Did You Know That— 0"r of new houses are being bought by families with incomes ol $2.000 to S'l.OOO? Women prefer pastel bathrooms, men prefer white or ivory? A million houses will be built in 1050? White exterior paint, was S'l.Oli a gal. in 10'I8. S3.76 ill 104DV Lattice work and other tlccora- tivc metal trim is increasingly popular, not only In Southern'homes but In all sections? Over V-J Day. savings associations have advanced over $15.000.000 in home credit. In 10-17-40. about. 2.740.00 privately financed dwelling unit's were built—more than in the entire decade 1330-39? There are still 2.200,000 couples dmihlcri-up in homes throughout | the nation, although "undoubling" contributed 700.000 new households to the country's hotel ill 1947-1Q4SJ? To meet the needs o! growing population, the biiiliiinj Industry should do more than S'20,000,000.- 000 in new- construction annually j for the next several years? Privately linnnccd dwelling units built In 1810 totaled 033,700; 937.000 in 1925. previous high? $MOO,OOO.MO worth ol home furnishings will Ire bought in 1050? We spent D'i bililon for new autos in 1049. 8 billion for new homes? When a ivninan blly.s a home, ! it's "liltle things" hat count, like flower-boxes, book niches, porches. Are Termites Ruining Your Property? Government slatislics say Dial Termite damage was .second only to fire in (lie United Slates. We will make an inspection ami P jvc vnu ;in estimate, if needed, without cost. Our work is licensed by Ihe Arkansas Slide Plant Hoard—we have 12 years of experience lo guarantee you satisfaction. • FREE INSPFCTION • SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. U. P>laiikct\shi|i L. .1. 7/cller 3()!l liasl Kentucky Plume 2:!50 or 357!) ^VITA-LUX * INAMEl GtOSS • SEMI.GtOSS . flAT May be TinW Eaiity. Exclusive VIH-IIK UY-OUIH6* Piodsi Meant: • id whiter than tv,r~H'i non-Yttlowiaq • fior o jmoolfi porce/om finwh • ren'ili ilnmi—wajJxi •mity DELTA LUMBER CO. 204 No. 2nd Phone 4497 closets, pleasing colors? 80.000 neu 1 homes were started in January. 1950—30.000 more than ill January. 1043? Enough uood was destroyed by fire in U. S. A. in 1910 to build 200.000 o-room houses? Ohio n-a.s separated Irom Northwest Territory in J800. DECORATE YOUR HOME WITH and 'TlexaSum" Venetian Blinds Austin & Wicker Red • Spot I'iiinl — Glass — Wallimper 112 So 1st. Plume (1207 I Don't t>&f ; tnhenyoubuyjfaij X ', _ ' „ Cf " * "Jfsj SAerw/n-W/f/itfffls SWP House Paint is WEATHElATED* for your prcfettlon against: 1. txeeisive Lost of Glost 4. Cheeking oin) Crotldof 2. High Dirt Colleclion 5> Ra P id Erotion 3. Uncontrolled Chalking * A continuous laboratory testing procedure Ihot dictates and controls the brass knuckle abilities of SWP House Paint lo fight off deterioration, decay and early repainting. t Speciol SWP for certain areas. 6. Cclor Fading 7, Industrial Fumeif GALIN 5'§ SWP HOUSE PAINT JS YOUfTlfsT BUY BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. J. Wilson Henry ^ &' \V. H. Pease Soulli Hiway (il Phone .. Behind fe Jwo "Afysfery CJrilfes" in tkw Individual Room Heat-Circulation..,Makes Floors Warm As Ceilings...Gets More Usable Heat From The Furnace!...Yet So Simple... So Easy To install! Th«s» Two Grilles Are All You Se« in the room . . . yet between them in the wall takes place a most amazing heating action that gives you a bet-ter heated home. lt'» Called o BUND-AIR, There is nothing else like it — only Coleman has it! BLEND-AIR Is More Than A Warm Air Duct SyjtemI It's a totally new way of using and distributing the heated air from the furnace. It provides individual heat-control for each room. It Ren«wi The Warmth in the room in a matter of seconds. It keeps temperature from floor to ceiling within a variation of just a few degrees day or night. It Stops Waste o( Heat at the ceiling-it makes use of this heat to keep the floors warni. You Get More Even Heat, more useful heat, and more comfort than was ever possible before, because BLEND- AIR blends and distributes heat better. Actually SAVES on Installation! Yet-you may find BLEND-AIR actually cuts installation cost, compared with old-fashioned systems. What Is Trie Magic Power Hidden in The Wall Between These Two Grilles? Let Us Show You! See Us And Find Out I Come in-let us demonstrate the new Coleman Automatic Furnace with BLEND-AIR today. Learn the difference in comfort—learn how better heating may cost you less! Have B 2-BEDROQM HOME COMPLETELY INSTALLED For As Low as $650 FRANK 117 South Broadway Phone 2651

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