The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX —1 BT,YTIT]SVrLi;R (AHK.)' COimiER NEWS Pirates Threaten Giants 5 Rule Koewing Fans 13 Baiters; Pilots Win In - Ninlh Inning'' '. 1 CARnTHEnSVlLLE,' Mo., Mfl'y in. — The cantlhersvlllp rilols stneed a tlirilllii!; .nlnt •rally to defeat the Blvthnvlllo Giants 5-4 In tlic opening day • pnine Iwe RuiKlnv afternoon, before, a ciovd of 1,200. :Fi-ec < !ding Uic «\nie, tlic Jimioi 1 Olinmbei nf Commerce stnuccl ope'nlH 0 rhx rercmonlcs. n ixii'Adc, fins raWne. prcsmtn- tioi) ,of pool lurk wreath to nijei Ilnn-Non Wlcknl of the Pilots, and' oppninT of the Riimc h> mayors of three cHles, Jos. licrtlt; IcannA' president, mnrchcd lu the parade Mayor D. D. Pinion, CnrallK-rs- ville, K;illt:thc middle of llio irtuli <v!0i i.lio first pitch. Mayor Murloi Williams of lilythcvlllc! mlssliiR the stiikc. wlilch was cnughl hj Mayor , Alvin Stephens of Slci'lr Mayor John Wilts of Haytl.hnc' teen Invited to i>ni-(lcl|M>te. tin Wiis unable to attend. TDo Giants got off to a torn nni lead in the fcconri, slnules b> Miller. TJvrkett. and doubles b; Bobo hud' nine ami triple bj Pnvich, coupled with an outflelc error, a )>ass«d ball and a wilt pllnh accounting for four. runs. The Pilots picked up lone run: fn the wcoiirt, third, fifth aix sl v lh. to tic the score. In the lajt or the ninth, Wilsoi Knowing, on, the inounrt for tin PiloK oo?nnJ v.'!!!i a tlnublp, • wi: sacrificed to third by Heath. Ar orltt issuMl two intentional passes Jllllixr the bases, then pitched t< I.eonhardt, Pilots' first sticker, win lined out n slnple. scoring Hren parcl. who ran for Koewing frou third, to end (he gaine. Koewing was credited with 1 strikeouts. Homnhill lind four, -Ar quilt nnc. With four for four, oiv n double. George Kurowskl. Pilots tlihxl sacker, hiul a perfect battiu day. Ptivlch and B.vikett hit thrc for four, to lead the Giants' bat tine. The two teams meet again to night at 8 o'clock, lilyllicvll'c Pavich ss Stewart. 2b Pratt If Miller ib Drykctt cf Bobo 3b 'Hine rf MancuEo c Heninbill p Arquilt p. . Totals ParutlKTsvillc Heath 2b Myers cf Knrmvsl;! 3b Leonbardt Ib Alexander If Wickel ss Howison rf Turner c Koewing p xBrengard Totals AH It . 4 0 . 4 n : -i o II O 3 3 0 0 0 3 1 li 3 3 2 2 1 2- n s o a a a By Kren/ GIVEN 320,000 WITH PITTSBURGH Indians Win First Victory Via Shutout Route At Osccola WAS &-ADTO GET - PHILLIES' BAUD BOX BALLPARK MERE POP FUES WENT FO3 HOMERS.. Soft Ball Will Open On Tuesday The soft ball season will 0[>?n tomorrow nUjht. at Haley Field with the champion Tom Little Chevrolet company team of the hoys' league meeting Ihe llubbard Hardware company team (formerly Jo;? A[>- lilcbaum'.s Famous Store iipi't'ca- tion) in the .second yumc on the night's eard. The gamo will find the Cnca Cola,IJottling company learn o[ the girls' league clashing with Jack A|i- i,iibaum\s team. H will; mark the first time that Baseball Standings Ihe two leagues have played regularly scheduled games on tho .same nlyht. 'This season the l\vo leagues have agreed to play two nights a svei'k with one boys' game and one girls' j;ame lo b^ pSaycd each night. ' The number of teams in the hoys' league has buen reduced from eight to four this year while the girls' leriaui 1 continues with Us original four teams. Tho leagues will play on Tuesday and Thursday nights of each week. Thursday night of this week the Nu-Wa Clrnncrs and Laundry will lake on the Dlytheville steam Liumrtry, renewing (heir intense rivalry of hist year: They are girls' teams. ' In the boys' uame the Missouri Power company will meet the Phillips Motor Company's V-tls. ,15 4 10 24 11 All It II O A 0 1 1 1 4 1 3 C 0 0 1 2 1 1 1 14 2 1 0 0 34 5 13 27 13 Harrington Or Rodman Will Hurl For Giants Northeast Arkansas Hlythcvine Newport Canilhcrsvilic —. Oseeola Jonesboro Southern W. 13. 13 xRan for Kocwhiz In ninth. Blylhevlllc . .. 041) 000 090—4 | Oiruth"rsUl!e ...Oil Oil 001—5 Summary: Errors—Bobo, Howl- son. Runs baited In—Byrkeit, Bobo. Hlnc. Pavich. Alexander, Koewing 2. Lcnnhardt 2. Two bnse hits— Bobo, Kurowski, Leonhardt, Koewing. Three base lilts—Pavich 2. Sacrifice 'lilt—Heath. Double plays —Pavich' to Miller to Bobo. Left on .bases—Pilots 11, Giants C. Innings pitched—By Hemphill 4 1-3 with 3 nins 8 hits; by ArquUt 3 2-3 with 2 runs 5 lilts. Winning pitcher— Koewing. Losing pitcher—Arquttt, Passed balls^Mancuso, Turner 2. Wild pitch—Koewinj. Base on balls —Off Koewing 1, ofl Hemphill 1. off Arquitt 4. Struck out—By Koewing 13. by Hemphill 4. by Arquitt 1. Umpires—McDonald and Pritchard. Time—2:10. Little Rock 1 Memphis Birmingham .......... 13 10 Nashville ............. 10 D Atlanta ............... n 11 Chattanooga ...... -y... !) 10 Nc\v Orleans .......... 10 13 Knoxville .............. 0 17 ret, .Gin .33:1 .333 I'd, .050 .Gin .565 .52(1 .500 .414 .•135 .2C1 National W. I.. Pittsburgh 11 3 St. Louis 10 5 New York D 1 Boston 7 3 Chicago 7 B Brooklyn 7 10 Philadelphia G 10 Cincinnati r> 9 American League W. [.. Cleveland H r> Philadelphia Detroit Boston 7 Men- York 8 Washington ,. G Chicago 5 St. Louis 4 I'et. .WJ .007 .553 .437 .437 .41 .375 357 t'el. .G15 .015 .600 .583 .533 .403 .357 .303 Harrington, righthander, ' w li o .tailed the first game of tho scn- lilylhevillc and pitched night. Hut don't count too much on nilcy besting the skillful veteran from the late llucy Lonu's son for air ball until b-jlng relieved for i pinch hitter, or Jerry Rodman, icwly acquired fast bull liurler from Greenwood of the Cotton •states league, will be on the miund for the Giants against the Pilots u( CavulhcrsvilJe tonight, Manager Hercchrl Bnbo. has indicated. Storti, leflhandcd outfielder and brother of Lyn Storti, formerly of the SI. Louis Brawns, may also join tho Glnnls In time lo nppciir hi tonight's line-up. Ye I c ran Claimant Of Mat Title To Take On Youngsta .CUis Kalllo. (lie Louisiana grappler master who' lets his opponent exhibit his ability nncl thci goes ahead to win his match, returns lo Ulytlicvillo after nn extended absence tonlyhl to nice Tex Diley, Ihe promising youn;, Texan w]so hus rapidly become one of the most popular of thf •wrestling fraternity appearins; < the local gninl and groan curds. Kallio, claimant of one of Ihe | n many dlspuled titles of lhe|f wresllini! world, that of middleweight champion, so far ns known will have his belt emblematic ,of the championship .claims, a.t stake for yoimu Illley (o shoot-nt tonight. Bo fni' ns known there will lie no over-weight or exhibition handicap for young Rilcy to surmount to beym some claiming himself if he InriiH the trick to- MONDAY, MAY 10, 1037 ORCKOI.A, May 10.—The Osce- D!;L Indians .scored their (Ir-st vic- torv of tly current campaign by defeating Ihe Jonesboro Giants, <J-(|, here yesterday, behind the fli.dlvc Ditching of Big Jiiji Miller. Miller was in almost perfect form. He allowed the Crnlghrad County Giants but two singles— both by lievo Beavers—anil had Iliein hiindciiffed almost all the •itt'-rnnon. He had plenty of zip <m his fast, ball and had them nibbling helplessly at his curve. Hi- fanned eiyht and issued but 'wo bases on balls. Ills mates gave him excellent support, especially Manager Klrchoff. The chieftain handled ten chances perfectly, and lost of 'cm were ihc tough type. Willie Miller was mowing the', .;i;mls down with regularity the mlians were bunching their seven ills—all one Imsers—off "Lefty" >!dwin Hughes, combining them vitli four visitor errors io Ihrce rorlng innings. Hughes made ten ndiniis bile the dust for the third ;lrikc and hurled a fair game, jut materially aided Ills downfall ,','ilh two errors nt crucial mo- nenls. But the way this boy Miter was foxing them in there he .vas hard to beat. The Indians really sewed np the janii" in the first inning by scor- ni; thf-ir first run, thanks to two bobbles. Grady Mills, first up, singled to right and went to second when Burnett momentariVj fumbled Ihc ball. He went to IhirJ when Hughes threw wildly t'i second utlcinptin!; to pick him off. Bill James ami John Scollnos went out but Hal Bernasek sent him In with a drive, to left. I?ob- i-rl:> let the ball get through him but recovered in time to get Bernasek trying to get an extra sack. They added three more in the Eifth with an error playing a leading part. With one away George Carson walked. Gene William? singled to left. Continni let the from the outfield get awas vom him and Carson went to htrd and Gene pulled up at see- ind. While poked one through list and second, scoring Carsoi ml Sending Williams to third Ji""" viiiffcd but Mills came through with another drive center driving In Williams and White. Two more In the sixth ran the total to six. Scolinos was plunked in the back. Hcrnasek forced him. Klrchoff hit to Hughes and with double play in sight heaved wide to Albright and both were safe. Carson again walked, filling the bases. Williams cracked one to left, Bernasck and Kirchoff denting 'the rubber. The first hit off Miller came lathe first Inning following a '"ise on balls to Albright. It was the only time thai a Giant reached third. On lils^ .second time at bal, in Ihe foinih, Beavers singled sharply through (he box. Mills snapped out of his hitting slump with three rousing singles to lead the Indian offense. Williams got his usual pair of hits. Secretary D. Fred Tray lor. Jr.. has announced that the St. Louis Browns, parent club, have sent William Livingston, right hand pitcher, and Edward Drone, catcher, both of St. Louis, and Carrel! Willoughby, lefthander, of Dcnni- son, Texas. Ui look over. They will be observed for five days and if (hey measure i:p will be signed to contracts. Roycc Williams, who managed the: locals last year, will bring his Paragould Rebels for two games, Tuesday and Wednesday. The. Giants'and Indians' cdiichide their two game set this afternoon. All week games will start at 3:30. The box score: AR U 11 O A Jom?sboru Lo'lj'tl ss A'ight 2b ... Roberts, If . Beavers, rf .. Burnett rf .. Continni, 3b . Grimes, Ib .. Hunter, e .. Htislies, p ... Totals OEC( ola Mills cf .... James If Scolinos ib . Bernasek rf Ktrchofl 3b Carson 2b Williams ss . Whits c Miller p .... Totals 29 C 7 27 12 Jonesboro 000 000 000—01 Oseeola 103 032 OOx—G j Summary: Errors—Bin-Kelt, Con- tinni, Hughes 2. Scollnos, Williams. Runs batted in—Mills 2. Bernasek. Williams 2. White. Stolen base— Kircholl. Left on bases—Jonesboro 7, Oseeola 4. Earned runs—Hughes 3. Passed ball—Hunter. Base on . ,.. . , Millet 2 r <jfT,-;Hughes .4 . Struck out— By Mller*8Mjy llugl(t's 10. Hit by pitcher—Scolinos ibv Hughes), umpires—Armour ancl liarron. Time—2:01.!(, Yesterday's Results Northeast AVKansas League Oseeola 0, Jonesboro 0. Carutlieisyllle 5, Blytseville 4. Newport' 7, Paragcmld 4. stale. In n preliminary Dutch Anil- man meets Joe Dorselle, . Kalian and n newcomer lo the local arena. They are slated to battle it out In a two out of three falls affair that will probably produce more slugging than grappling. Mike Mcroney is due to be the third man in the ring. Rend Conner News Wa,U Ads All-Sun- Card GUS KALLIO \VnrliVs middleweight Champion VS. 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Also Major Howe's >Vlll:UKurs ilt Comedy—"Captain Bll|pbluod" —Admission— iUulinee—10 & 2Gp Niglll—1C * 3Bc —COMING SOON— "Cafe Melrouote'' "Wr.tiutn -J I.ove 1 ' "Ilcrcen and Juliet" "Doctor Bull" "They {Save, Him a Oun" "Way Oul West" Adniis-sinti—Always 10 tt 2Gc Malincrs Friday, Saturday, SiHXlny Shnw Kvery NiRM. Friday and Sunday Ma(inec s Slarl :H 2:l:i Saturday Malincc at 1:15 Last Time Today Wjlh Sally Blane and Thomas Heck Also Fox Movietone News anil Comedy ,-Thur, 2 /Vlulls Admitted fnr Trier nt 1 2 Children AiTmittrti for Trice of I YOUR NEW THIUllER! A b!cs! of action, drama and *• < **3M| ma< J !ove...thar N | will give you a > grand hour of entertainment!

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