The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1935
Page 6
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P.* OR SLi. (AKK ) .COURIER KEn' Former Boxing Champion To Referee C li a n e y Welch Rclum Malt;)) Willi iho eusiomm hoping tii:U llic occasion will nito. fov him w do some socking, Jew Wilhrcl, former champion of Hie world's lienvy- weighl hovers nml ono ot the l>k-- IK'.st ciownv, carers in the history of pugilism, win dim)) into the nrm- ury ring tonight- lo .SCD tl);u l« "mcanles" of the wrestllne ctrcu that includes !' niylhovlllo, Ur Welch and Lou Chancy, .slny .sr>m< \UISTC iH.u the few futei niul rciji Jations Oiat exist. . Welch ana Chancy In n iiHolin tore i! week HSO ionium showed disposition to use everything bi the ring posts, which | lnve 1,,^ wci'rely fastened down, and UV c the posts made good sountlln boirrts to crnck each other arnln; once in awhile. The boys didn't confine Hie' to themselves. Frequently UK. mmmeeii io gel Promoter-Refcro Leon Pedietty between thr-m an give him a i>oin'< over and occa sionnlly one mftlnian would forge that the oilier was In tlie rlinj an linn to Pcdrclly as a foil for hi efforts Welch, who wo lutL \\fek and Clinncy. who let. 20 count shn by while clamljcrin hack into the rim;, will net wit Willaid in (he Hue Is a mutter <> conjecture. There is considerable, reason |i bctac Unit the bays mav slid pretty close to Inch- knitting o gripping (1., it i S , vvillnrd sh'owci On Tli6 Outside Looking In By "DUKE" iii Jik appstiritnce . here fa I that he had ths strength lo holt down the job of.referee but clidn 1 Fhpw any inclination lo lie rou«l on the gnmfers. Ills presence 01 th c cn«! brought out n f,,i] house before. He will meet n real lest'to- nli!hl fince his second apper Mill determine whether the fans icnlly JUe his'officiating or simph tinned out (he first, time because of his 'big nnino"iitlrnctlon In n piellminary match tonight EclrJlo Bakei, W ]; 0 hnsn'l shown much here beyond a disposition to be rough, mcels All iijsscn. nn alleged Turk who is nn unknown amount locally. Boys Defeat Deei'int', High School in Game HOLLAND, Mo.—Holiund high school hoys basketball lenm won the championship of .r-tmjsroj, -county 28 to 23/ II,was Holland's'in'inlh victory out of l-wolvo games ' Holland led throughout, the ramie but, peering wlljeri-m the'final Wo inlmjtcs to score 10 points on ion'" snojs The lineups: Hollnncl-Kenlev 13 rowler 2, Taylor 2, Samford 5 "sia- ten 6 Dccrtng-Garrelt 7. stover 4 O^'iolos' 6 -' S1 " Tnn ! I i cl! 0- " Pfth-taB Tpe Hollahd girls dereiUod ne'rjr- ' K n * sa ,"! c nlBU ' w '" 2G - Tl « Holland ghls. however, llrc not championship contenders, hnvlnn lost n number of B am» oarlv the season. Brakes Buckskin Shops Speed of Shortorr Mountain", d" llberately thtmibjd his nose at, tin depression and started nmkln? buckskin shoas Now his unique Indus try has Brown, to.'such siz? that h: is unable to (urn out all Ihe order that he receives. Slccplcjark Falls 85 Feel CINCINNATI (UP)-An 85-foo Jail from a smokestack here crlt Ically Injured Michael O'Hara 50 R steeplejack. A rope broke drop Ping OHara from a scaffold fro which he was making repairs. Annual Ca K o Totir.-.ry Planner! KALE1GH. N. C. lUP)-The an »ual Southern Conference tasJc ball tournament will lie held Raleigh, Feb. 28 through March Jilyllicvllle Kills niytlieville was Iho MrnnKCSl liicl- t](-r out.slde of 'i'nj/nann for Ihf (llsli-lct toui-uoy at the mectliifr of hcx Iti Mfirkd 'free Sutiir'dny when (lie imiiiinini'iil wns llnully ai'dcil. niythcvlltc wns host, lo the tourney lust yr-iir and liad a fnlr for Uic |j|j{ mod (Ills year, Tin mann olTuml an exec-c:)lnBly iwntiiBn for Die nii-ca. Tiumann olfoixd 1)2 IK-I- cent nf the unto «•- nlpls to the district with 5 jvr cent lo be deducted rcpoited. Hlyth dbclrxscd. After all lht> hlds hud }wn received the district board went Into sccrcl so-sslwi :uul came out with the announmnnit or the fiwaril t/i for expenses, II wris thevllle's hid wns not Hiirrlt'aiw Pleawil .lonmliom, unable to enter a hid because of Ihe conillctln« slnte junior loiirney nt Jone.sboro on the mine week-end, was pulling, hard for Trumann and the fiui-rlcnnc was very well pleased with the decision . 'Die Jonesliom Sun says: "Tfiimnmi got the district tonr- inmcnt—and this is sure just what lie schools of this section wanted. .._ALLBV.OOP '' HE'LL THING OF fiOAiETHINfi! on YEAH, i HECE'£> TH 1 Lirn.e MU& I WAS CHA.5IW •^[COLPER'N A UIZAKP'S, HEARr/ 6RIM& 'IM TO/ HE MUSTAGor A NAWFULHARO BUMP.' lo Weinor, has advanced rapidly lo r n r »i Mie r forc,Jiavinif knocked off Pine uermans rerfect New Machine to Test Oarsmen Since Joncsboro could not sponsor Ihe tournament hnciuiwi O f fhu con- Ilict with the Junior high stnte ' event. t!!cy with the other schools of tlie western part of Ihe district withered tnnclhcr to pull forTrii- inann." • • S'cliwnrtx Official Herbert Schwartz of i.nxora. In this county, and Justice of Forrest pity, have- been named officials of the district tournament. Holland Boys Winners In Pemiscot League TfOLLAND, Alo.-Thc Holland "Bh school hoys team Ijccame hnmpions of the Pemiscot county KIBUC last «-cck when they Ironnc- ed Deerlng m „ rnst game oh the lolland court. 28 to 2.1 Kenley, Holland forward, was il^h pWnl man; with- six ncld goals intl a free Ihron'' for' n lotal "of 13 lolnis.- Tivojof Ills lentil tnnto.s, •owler an<l Snnford, played a fine oor gainc, Holland won the league clmm- ionshlp with a record of fi >.[(.•- oiics and 3 losses. Holland has ccn rsiaullshed as » fnvorllo lo •in the toys division of ("he county ournament [o te ,hclcl>>nt 'coolci' Feu. 2i, 2?, 23. ' " " .' Lliic-iii>s-ifolland, Kch'ley, l.lj owler. 3; Taylor. 2; Sanford, B; mien; u. Dccring, Oarrett, 7; Slo- -I; Hilehell, 5; Slmrnmnrk: li.w. c. . The local girls defeated the Depr- ig girls, 30: lo 20. ' '" I.E65Er; -MM, I V/AS SrONMA OO ft TO MAKE FELLER'S MA«~A~f Til 1 UPMIAW& _ I'LL JUS SHAKE THIS MUG BACK TO ,TCU. 'IM I'M- 'IM A&OOD KIC.KIN AROUND AN 1 TUFM - HO HIS CHIEF-AN'THEM :TueyiL SVART BEARIM' POWN OM 6u TUWK AN' HIS BUNCH OP TWU&S THIS CURIOUS WORLD ¥ Bluff. 1034 Mate champions, in two A]ipi'osiiimLc-ly 40 per cent of all Dislncl Four Boys' Tourney Awarded'By Coaches Salucday ^ QVPTIAMS ONCE PAlb TAXES ACCOR.DING TO THE. RISE OF THE NILE IF THE RISE WAS GRIEAT, CROPS WOULD BE PLENTIFUL,., AND THE PEOPLE The District Four high school I'jys 1 hasketball tournament will be tii-lri at Trumann on March'i and Februaryiij - r-^^\_l inc. >-CJ-^KL_C. P COULD PV\V HIGHER. TAXES./ -' it was decided Saturday at inoHiiii; «1 coaches of teams in Hi" district, including schools In CrHtenden. Clay, Green'and ippi counties. • ; ; -•A nnullier of schools'olfercit l.ids |for the;, tournament, including Joncsuor,!! Craighcad county county. V/elner, ifm, champions, and .loncsljoro have...ulrrady been es tablislicd us lourney favoi'iics or htis swept everything ]/e- lore it this' season included dc; drubbings given the niyihc- villc Clncknsaws. 1934 runner-ups, ami Joncslioro. On the other liand Jone.sboro with the iiddition of men (ieclin-ed eligible slum FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE. Public Auction 1.1, -ISSo ,4,,.«i-'.'ft/W>,«J >.o,.,;*A&x«. /,. © 1 »35 BV NEA SER»ICE: «E \%$?f;<fi?' J \^ T.M.BEC.'liiS.FAT.OFF.'^"^':-^. 'Popnlnlion- of Uic-Unlted-King- om has increased -1 per cent in lie last 10 years. The "nllomeler" show nbove was .situated near Ciiho. If consisted ol n snunre well, inlo which the wnler was admitted'as It, rose, while In lhc center wns a marble column, marked aL frcqijient. intervals. NKXT: (Tow do olives j-ct Ilir-li' final rninr? Pennsy.. Places Axlr Order i AN'TONf,-; Q. (UP)-An order for 1 bearings; and -faoxcss-for all axlcv including :'drlying' axles "in a?j strenmllned'-.higli --speed-.plectrlc! .'. -,, PlncKi^.wlllij.llve , Tlmkca i nofler: company here, bvj the Pennsylvania Rntlroad Co'mpany. The streamlintjd-englnca.'iire tp;be used between New.Vovit and Wa.i'n- Ington. ',. •' "' • ' '. Re"' 1 . Courltr News Want Ads SO—Rogistci-od Bretl Hnmpshire Gilts-^-50 ' and a Few' Boars' riuii-sdiiy, Folx 21, 1035. 'l2:30 P Iftr Ihos. Deem, irampshii-c Auctipnocr. Cnrnei-hn" AIn l-iincli Will He Served Gayoso Farms •....• '•; Horn Lake, Miss , ^°" "• S- Highway 5j. Fonvlccn Mile South ot Mnmphuj Now 'Lncntcd at 101 .North .Secofid ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU \ ' ,;»OV EDWARDS »1! mnkcs at rthillt Typewriters, R e pair! n c— Pa f Proprietor ' ' Machii«s»nd.C»bnIat<ini ' LONDON. (UP)-An invcnllon for rowing coaches come.s from Mannheim, Germany. • ' Tlie--claim Is made that by its : usc cvcrnhlng required, to be known about the relative efflclency of oarsmen can be ascertained. Pupils arc tested by beln» mW to row in a continuous clfcleVoumi a-pole in single-seated boats bnc oar only is used, aiul'ths boats are curved Inwards at cither ;end. : The men start, .one. at tlio three o'clock' position, from the pole; und one at.nine o'clock, The boats are held firm by long stays, of which the pole cnd'ls-s'wlvelcd, so lhat the fastcr-movins oarsmnh must eventually overtake-the slower,'; -.Whether hir altains this object RO3CY LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & '-N1TE—l.Oc -,25c ROGER PRYOR; ' .: JIJNE CLAYWORTHJ ; ESTHER-RALSTON ; ' • '-'•• i in •(- : '•-•' '..' .... . 'STRANGE - ; WIVES' Rnlh Etting Musical No\eH\ Reel l>eroi-c giddiness overtake:; him must be regarded as a test of his endurance. . . ^inan who wishes to Vow on the stroke-side- will row clockwise, but by .reversing Mat uiid slrct'c-hcr "simj a bow-side oar, and sitting back to front,, he ran row anticlockwise. I'ivc Footed Frof Found j SALT 'LAKE CITY, than (up> —A five fooled frog was discovered by Lawrence McMay. Tlie extra limb is attached lo the right front leg and brandies from the middle joint. Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. suit's of All Three! ScrTice , FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. POTT. ... more room in- sidt. . . more luxury in finish nilj filling... nil et mi increase in priori New Plymouth Called "Smartest, Most Luxurious of 'All Three' Low-priced Cars" B EAUTY SPEAKS for itself! Just one look at this year's low-priced cars tells you Plymouth is the bcsl-lookinc of "All Three." . ,. It's liiggcr. its streamlined hody is smarter. Wide-vision windshield airplane-type fenders . . . deep, wide doors . . . all suggest its speed and power. Safety is also beyond argument. T5e- ncath Plymouth's streamlined beamy is t he strength of an All-Stecl Body I And llymouth is still the lowest-priced car with genuine Hydraulic Brakes. As for riding comfort . . . the same engineers who perfected scientific dis- tribution of weight in the famous "Airflow" cars now give Plymouth the same 'Floating Ride." New-type springs, shock absorbers and sway eliminator end bumps, jolts and lurches. In your own way, by your own standards, compare Plymouth with tlie other low-priced cars before you buy. On display at all Dodge, DcSoto and Chrysler dealers. Ask about the Official Chrysler Motors Commercial Credit Plan. SHU i»it oft/it teicttt-triuicantailll Only Plymouth gives ' you All Four; 1. GENUINE HYDRAULIC BRAKES 2. SAFETY-STEEL BODY 3. DISTRIBUTION OF WEIGHT 4. 12% TO 20% LESS CAS & OIL NEW PLYMOUTH tf last Time Tndav MAT—2:00 - l() c & 25c N1TE—G:4f. - lOc & 35c WARNER BAXTER and MYRNA I,OY in 'BROADWAY BILL' , Paramount ''News Melody f?hort— "A ami P fiYPSIES" With Ham Hot-Ink N(v\elh Reel Tuesday - Weds. RED HOT TIRES LYLE TALBOT MARY ASTOR A beoutiful worran and aproteclmg Seeing Eye Dog "devoted lo a fl er grounded by laiej MYRNALOY CARYORANT WINGS IN THE DARK A Potatnoitnl PTctur* wilS Roscoe Karns HobartCavanaugh Dean Jogger THEATRE Fox News Comcdv I'nramounl News Chic Chandler Comedy I ASSESSOR'S NOTICE I will he in my olTicc at the courthouse in niytheville each Monday and Saturday duriiiB the month of February for the pin-pose cf assessing town lob and personal property located in the Cluckasnwha District. AH persons having property are required by law to have an assessment. R. L. Gaines County Assessor.

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