The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1952
Page 13
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THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1952 Zai~m IrtE-SS Paris Chicken Recipe Is a Dinner Deluxe -. »v .1 ..^ ui i & imi!.ru iu , MILX- J ti . In Paris, one of the world's | and h,n« restanrnpits i alm "'O». ".." .,,v»i., i_jm-n-(i opp ;PJI SlUeJ Pour combined wine and soy sauce "j OL&P. .^^iv ttjc ipps instructions :n M • —.—• • a language every American bo,,," 1 IV:;CC lmllc:llor * c '8 ht °» ™' 1 !>»!« cook can understand. ! nnt * t-orjk 3!) lo 45 jninute.s, depencl- ues, epen- ing uvon age of chicken, with stem CMcken Maxim uilli Ve.*elable.s xm w eettablcs One <3 to 4 pound) plump chick > , em COOK position. Cool cooler at . oo cooer a ""<*. Place chicken under broiler to p cc en, >4 lemon, 1 teaspoon dry singer «-••! .-£ itiuuii, i i^iisjjunii <iry ^itjsor -••-•-- • ••••.•>. »-i.«^i.-. 1 1 unm i uiunci iu 2 tnWespoons flour, 1 teaspoon salt! or ' S)) ' tll »' in B " s acccsfary, '* teaspoon pepper, 'i cup butter \ Place vegetables In stock remain(or other shortening), 1 cup dryl in B '» cooker and following atoi'e white wine (or 1 cup water v.ithj procedure, cook one minute at Br.miEvru.R (AUK.) COURIER NEWS SWEET AND PIJN'n.'N'T shrimp, served with Duffy rice. Is a treat that the whole family will ask.for igaiii. Shrimp With Rice Is a Treat <tAthletes Heed Good Breakfast Bj OAYNOR MADDOX NRA Stiff Writer The pay-ofl for good eating habits Is stronger bodies. Teen-agers need a lot of body building protein and calories, particularly If they hop* to achieve success In their studies and athletic activities. A d»r'i plan for good eating atarte at a breakfast that provides - fratn 14 to H of the day's total food needs. Athletes use up lots o[ energy and draw on their store of nutrients «t a fast rate, and need to get about. U ot the day's total at breakfast. Their breakfast should include Iruit or > fruit Juice, cereal topped with milk and sugar, an egg or breakrast meat, bread, butter jam and milk to rtrink. For a budget i breakfast, a double portion or cer- . eal may be used in place of an ego or meat. 3 A nationwide survey shows that • bout 10 per cent of the older boys ^interviewed, is compared with only ' ~ , « P cr cen t of the older girls be~- lieve In good breakfasts. About one out of four older boys did not eat »n adequate breakfast. About half of th« older girls had either breakfast or an Inadequate well and cook 10 minutes longer Pour into loaf pin. Chill until firm Unmold, slice thinly. Pan fry In a greased skillet, turning to brown; or slices may be brushed with butter and browned lightly in broiler for 10 to 12 minutes, turning once; or brown tn hot oven <450 degrees P.) for 15 'minutes. Dust with powdered su?ar and serve with syrup and additional apricots, if desired. Broiling Pork Bad Business You can broil beef steaks and lamb chops, but whatever vou do don't, broil those pork chops! Furthermore, keep other fresh ponfc cuts, such as pork shoulder steaks away from the broiler. Fresh pork never should broiled because this method be one. Skipping breakfast can bring on weakness and Irritability and "dulls energy. Here »re three balanced break- farts for the active teen-age boy: 1. Sliced bananas In orange Juice. wheat flakes, molasses milk, baked egg, upside-down put muffins, butter, honey, hot chocolate. 1. Spiced apple juice, farina sunshine slices, syrup, grilled Canadian bacon, rye toast, butter blackberry Jelly, milk. 3. Baked pear with lemon garnish. corn flakes, honey, milk, scrambled eggs, fruited bran muffins, butter, jam. cocoa. Farina Sunshine Slices (6 servings) Tour cups milk, \ teaspoon salt I 3 cup farina, uncooked, 1 cup chopped, dried apricots. To milk in top of double boiler • dd salt: scald. Adrt farina slowly ook 10 minutes. Add apricots, stir cooking tends to dry it out before it is thoroughly cooked. Braising pork chops and steaks (cooking them slowly In a covered skillet with n little added moisture) develops their fine, flavor and makes them lulcv and tender. sh^jT ' arBiM ; C " U Ot polk ' these l cuts, such as : ^^^^S^^l^^A^^ By GAVXOU MADDOX MCA Kiod and Markets Kdilor • Here's an-exotic meatless main As everybody enjoys shirmp this will be a bi s family success! To prepare shrimp ror Sweet and PiHKfont Shrimp or any other shrimp dish, follow these instructions: To Shell Shrimp: R a w shrimp < fresh or quick fro/en i may be peeled either before or niter'boil- ing. To clean s h r I in p, remove small legs, then carerullv lift off shell. Try (o slip shell from tail so that tall meat remains. ' With a knife, cut alon;,' outside curvature and lift out black vein. Vein is harmless and needn't be removed unless desired. To Cook in C'ourl Houlllcm: To one quart water add 1 small cucumber (sliced. 1 carrot (sliced), 1 small white onion (sliced p. juice of hall a lemon. 1 teairjoon salt and 'I. teaspoon pepper. Bring water to boil. Add 1 pound shrimp Cabbage Makes Good Crisp Salads and It's Plentiful The crisp freshness of salads Is a necessary part of every spring dinner. Now, with cnbuaee so plentiful, use It to mtike flavorful s:ilnds of many kinds. Here ate a few suggestions: Apple slaw: Moisten, equal amounts of chopped apples and finely rliKdded cabbage with sour cream • dressing. To vary this, you can seastui the dressing with a little horseradish, or add coaiselv ground peanut butler. And noie Ilie.-e snkid sueeestloiis from the Massachusetts Extension Service: ('•Jbbafte. relrrr. anpl lnrnl»: l cup shredded cabbacc, 1 cup diced celery (use leaves and coarse stalks- 1 cm> ground raw turnip. Cahtapjr. earrol. and peanut: 2 cups shredded cabbage, l CU]) xrounrl or grntcil carrot, '.; cii|) chopped peanuts. You r.\n m ., •. le:is lwim , n( Rrnl( ,d OHPIKB rind or '. cii|> rhopiied paisley In place of ti"' pennms. f '"l'l>anc. apple ami raisin t •> eups and if necessary enough more shifdtlrd cabbap<c. 1 cu|> diced red water to cover. Turn heat down .so "I'l'lp. impeded, 'i cut)'seeded nl- water simmers. Cover sauce- sins cllt I" halves, pan and let shrimp cook only five I To simplifv your minutes, never IOIIBCI-. Drain and I 1'lnmHii", l-^e a dnn cool. ' ' . Sweet and Pungent Shrimp (1 servings) and margarine, frosted rtoni-hnnls coifcc. milk. Noodle omelet with Spanish ham .*au<e. green beans and eclcrv, grapefruit, and apple salad. French bread, butter or fort I Red margarine, elicwy nut squares, coltce milk. Leg of Lamb Leftovers Economical PAGE THIRTEEN P-epare t pound shrimp Ptresb or quick frozen P, following above Mix in saucepan. v< cvip brown sugar, 2 tablespoons cornstiirch !>• teaspoon salt, '., cup vinegar', I tablespoon soy sauce and Juice drained from 1 No. 2 can pineapple chunks. Cook unlil slightly thick, stirring constantly. Add 1 green pepper cut into strips, 2 small onions, cut into rings, and drained pineapple chunks. Cook 2 or 3 minutes. Remove from heat, add stand about 10 minutes. Just be fore scrvini?, bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Serve with hot rice. b»'-> ,, r .,,| hud'-I R'.'l-d shoulder of |a-.l> AlVi" wilh it serve backed surfed ptpuuo.^ mill preen pepper, steillnctl rale I flnvorrd with horseradish rnw i-u- ! rot. .stick'*, biv.icl. bllltr... ,„• forte 1 ,,,1 ! margarine, molasses nut pie. colfee. i Cold leftover shoulder ( ,f | llnm with hot gravy, accompanied by potato pancakes, .steamed spinach sliced tomators on lettuce wilh *al-' ad rircwinjf. bread, hutler or fm- urind margarine, apricot rice ens- laid, coffee, milk. Tomato juice, chipped beef „„ cheese toast, baked potatoes "reel, .,^.. ulc ». « B1I , 0 vcjL'" S - |grai> f rult Knl; " 1 with French shrimp and let'I^, ^ L '" ocolale la ver cake, ,hu- minutes. Just be- „" s ; ul , t -' e ; c " ffec ' m ' lk Deviled kidney slices, scalloped mt.-,!«..s. K! j Xc d vegetable salad. Vinaigrette dressine, Italian bread Kidney Bean and Ham Pie Makes Special Kind of Spring Tonic They used to say molasses Is a sood spring tonic. Now that spring is here, let's, try this "tonic" iu two special meat dishes. Kidney lican am) Ham I'ie (6 servJnRS) Two No. 300 cans red kidney beans (4 cups), Hi cups cooked ham, cut in small pieces. 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon dry mustard, Vi teaspoon black pepper, V'a teaspoon chili powder, 3 tablespoons unsuinhtircd molasses, pastry, using 2 cups flour. Heat oven lo 400 degrees F. (hot). Combine beans, ham, seasonings and molasses; pour into 10-inch pie pan, lined with unbaked pastry. Roll remaining pastry into a circle, ig-iuch thick Jrom which cut 6 pie-shaped wedges. Arrange pastry wedges over bean and ham mixture; seal edges to bottom crust and flute. Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until crust is brown. Beefsteak Roll-lips In l>e T.uxe Tomalu Sauce (6 servings) One 6-ounce can tomato paste 1 cup water. 3 tablespoons unsul- phured molasses, 2 tablespoons ider vinegar. X, cup chopped onion, >/., cup chopped green pep- Pcrs, IMi .teaspoons salt, '•:, teaspoon black pepper, 1 teaspoon oreg.ino. 1 pound round steak, cut in thin slices, ' Cheddar cheese. Mix tomato paste, water, molasses, vinegar, onions, green peppers nnd seasonings in a sauce- Pan; cook slowly until thick. Pound each slice of steak until it. in about '.h-inch thick; cut into 12 pieces. 3 to 4 inches .square and sprinkle lightly with salt. Place a 3 x 'J x ;j.-inch piece o( cheese in center or each meat square; roll up and hold In place with toothpick. Brown on all sides in a little hot fat: simmer 10 minutes in tomato sauce. Serve with rice, noodles or spaghetti. Hamburger Hill-Dps 15 servings] Replace beefsteak, In (he above recipe, with 1 pound ground beef seasoned with l\; teaspoons salt. \'i teaspoon mustard and \\ teaspoon black pepper. Pnt Into ten 4 x 4• x li-inch squares. Proceed as in above recipe. Mayo Doctor Is 96, Practices 2 Hobbies ROCHESTER. Minn. Vr> Chirstopher Graham, only . Hvinj , member of the original Mayo Clinic staff, is 96. but still maintains an active interest, in two hobbies— FIol- stcin cattle gardening. Dr. Graham breeding and flower was the first intern II's Hie smnrl homrmaker who tiiiys « larne roast with leftovers in mind. Tor instance, the leg of lamb purchased for Easter dinner may be wisely used (or t\vo additional Cury or lamb is one leftover sui' geslion made by Heba Htaees honlc economist. This, of course. Is llsuiil- V made wli), f,,. s |, ] alnb c ,, bl , s . houcver, if may be prepared wltli the leftover lumb for an eciuallv Interesting dish. On Ihe 1.-. [ s of '•> cups leltnver cubed lamb, cook '." ct"i -H.'^d onion and p, cups i>f sir—1 i-i'l ujiiile in a lilile ivater until lender. Then add them to I 1 -- cups of medium white sauce "I"' K uitli the cubed lamb and sea- TO!!lni!.s of ]ii tablespoon ciirrv pouder. P, tciispoon each elniia- inoii. Kvound cloves, nutmeg and allr.|]ice. Tlioronqhly heal and serve over hot rice in the traditional m'unier. I.ainb Joined wilh mushrooms Is still another way for IISI'IK the !•-• over meat. Cube lamb, then heat m a write sauce alone wilh canned and imislnonins, slicr-l and heated in butter or margarine Chilled slices of lamb roasl are aiand for a biiffel supper or tor siKirk lime sandwiches. Leftover 1'iiib. may be cubed and loss- ed with ve.cclables nr fnill.t in M combinations. Rhubarb Brings Swing's Color To Your Table with desserts of rosy-red rhubarb Always a top favorite is rhu- oarb pie, boasting a tender flaky crust. According to nebii stares rood authority, for this finest of h',! LSt % rc ' n!>ml * r f c"t the lard Into the dry Ingredients until the crumbs are about the sire of peas - ' The,, wiucr <a little at a time . . — >i.,c (ii, tt nme and just as small amount as pos- sibtei uniii the dougll Jast h ' oWs in a ball. Shorlcakes and cobblers with RII abundance of rich sauce, are two other desserts to delight your family. Sugar nnd spices add new touch to these desserts. In the spice line I ndd nutmeg or cinnamon. To sweeten use brown sugar. Orange or lemon rind and juice liven rhubarb servings, too. EDSON Continued from jiage 6 Istialion. the government's houte- Keepini; fluency. Tlie big idea is to let private industry put up buildiiiKs for government use, instead or having the government to build them. The government would pay rent, but the rent payments would be applied to the purchase price In mi! c!i the same manner ns n private citizen buys his own home on the Installment plan. Under some clrcmnslnnccs, era! hospitals which operate closely with the ramed clinic. Dr. Graham and his wife, 89, have CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Slles up In 38 In. Cornjgaled MeliJ CulvcrU , Klfr_s up to 8-t In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gate* Concrete * M,U| Septic Tilnh , SfWtr Ttle Best Prlcrj Wt l)rll, f r llljhwaj t! »( s lMe [. fn( . Phone 7M , poXnd st'roni; a 325 degree F. oven, while chunkier cuts, such as shoulder butt and a M-50 m jj,_ TREAT WITH MEAT TRY TEMPTING, TERRIFIC HtypQWERJVMBO T AM ALES' YOUR SUPER SAVING ^>O\^X\ • |k|»^ '/'" ' — —^^^^i^^^^^mmmmt For delicious barbecue. Fresh meaty SPARE RIBS ***^*^^*^* — '^^'^••••^••••••••.••••••••••••.••i^^M^^i^^^^^ Fuily dressed, ready for your oven •RESHHENS -- - - Ib. 45* in bacon QUARES ift's Pure Pork SAUSAGE Ib.roll39< Lean shoulders Domino Jiand-nackcrf IPI I V JELLY ,,,,, .. "BBS-,: Sl/:e (0 I'l'nnni while G'FRUIT 4 ,,,,190 i> i- ,. ---- . ....... * " llshs I!esl - Nl) - ' <'•"> PORKS BEAKS 2.170 Diner /T, Q(* CATSUP 11 p , , ,, , ,, SALAD DRESSING Pl 290 PJNTO BEANS „, 110 "It Pays To Shop at Mays' " r I i n r n SUPER ' MARKET MAYS' 421 South 21 it .son figures (lie government's payments on a new building would be less than It now pays In rents. Also, tlie government would save in tint It would not have to make anv big capital Investment. Buildings would foe bulk t o Pov . eminent specifications, investors would liuve guaranteed tenants and proposed dealt would yield about a! Her cent on investment during lease-purchase periods of up lo 25' years. There arc now about two and a quarter billion dollars worth of KOV ernment buildings authorized, for ''* 0 "'""" 5 ha SCREENS though there was considerable public works construction of government buildings In the depression, for the past 14 years Hie freeze has been on due to war and deleme reriulrmeiiK The new plan ii offered In an elfort to gel new federal buildings in places like Denver and Tacoma. which have structure! put up back In the 1880's. IMP1PWP1 All Aluminum SCREENS 30 MATS DCMVKRV • Itusl I'roof—Slain Proof— Lifetime • Slllrdy durable frames-Rt. Hslil. will n<pt flan, sir or r.illle. • Custom made | 0 Bt ..nj. win _ plow In lialf or fj,|j j p ,, e ,|, • .Measured, assembled ami Installed by |<>eal man—all rp, a . lerlats and workmanship guarantee<i, KKAJI' Wm.SKNHUNT I'houc 3109 I'hnne 2603 • Large s>z« Burgess Cellulose Sponge (7' long' 4'A wide, 2" thick)-32.6X more absorbent than hnest natural sponge! Better, easier, faster clean- mgr-streak-free and lint-free! A $1.00 value for 50c and the end of any Red Cross Macaroni product wrapper. Very limited offer-mail coupon below today without fail. ONIY MAIl ONIY i WRAPPER ENOM WITH *A, r WITH MAIL COUPON TODAY! , «JO C«05J **CA«ONI PREMtUMI r. O. 10X 5169, Chlr=,.. l|||^ 0 u 55 I J , Macaroni pioducl (macaroni, spa^heni or^uT" ' ., * HeJ HOMEMAKING Can Be Made EASIER... There's no need f, )r you 1" sjicnd l)c:iuliful Summer (Uys indoors, scrubbing and ironing heaps of soiled laundry. Let us (.'ike nver your laundry chores ;i( n stirprisinRfy tow \Ve lake mefic- ulons fare. BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4413

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