The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1933
Page 5
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FKIDAV, OCTOBER BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE MVL CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecu- liic insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line 10 Tv.-o times per line per day .. 08c •'. m-ea times per Unc per day .. Me fais times per line per day 05c Month rate per line 00 c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expira- l.oii will be charged for the iium- tcr of times Ire ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy si'.hmiUc-d by persons residing out- uid f : of the city must be accom- l anted by caih. Hates may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect in- ECition of auv classified ad. Advertising crd?rcd for irreiju- lav inseruons iai:o the one time i-atc. Phone 306 or 307 KOK SALIC 'Ihc lll-KK w-Ue arc drinking Btl>- i kli-s of Lollled llei-r.' 20c k.0-2ii! HEAL KSTATK tome iu list iour real til. He M'e wnal we Iiave 10 s-.'.l 1.. Jl. 'ie.-ry Mii-usul ut-alor, 'lYivy-\Aorllii!V,iEm 'iitlc Co. UKUitvulc 1'Uune till 2JC KlO-Jo WANT LAND -We liavc buyers foil's, iju's unc. t.irser uaas. unn '.ell UiJ Irani, --ee jno.M/»a AJ/UIL; CunithersviUc Sociely — Personal i':m can Buy a home in Ulythe- villc on K.omnly iiiitaiiiui'ivu itss than it is rciuini; lur. i'a be glan to tin sou lio.v. t. .M. -JL.IUU, .-iscm KiOllL Oil 01" JlO He FOR SALE •It) Acres I !„»!•. ul io»n. on ban roan, nice ii^ut-nce, elecu-jiiui.: ;UUd. 1-nce iro.uu acre, umu> 'UiU.Mtl;> i.-AMJ CU.Ul'A.Vi BUS1NESS DIRECTOKY New and Used Furniture Bouijlit and Sold Stoves repaired—Any make Alvin Hardy 517 \V. <! 20p KlU "Happy days arc here asai imnk BUIJM'EISEK, king of tlrrl Leer. ZOc kl i'OU KKAT TWO Buildings on W. Main acros street from Langc School s;nt able for residence or business. Wil repair to suit renter. Also no 1 store building on S. Franklin. L Fowler, call 450-J. -ickt M',dern 3 roo-:i furnished or an luinished apMtmems, newly doc 'iiated, over K'ruy Duij Co. Als .More buildinp adjoining KON 'ii-.catre. F. Simon, 120 W. Uav. •Jail 1G4. 27c k!U-~ Water-Proof Tarpaulins i>'.l S2.75; 8xlU ia.20; 9x12 SJ-35; 0x15 $6.00; other siacs and weights nu'de to ordei. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. First St. 18p klO-lu EXPERT Typsurllins and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blon- i-.enship, 116 E. Rose. Call 1G5-J. Registered Spencer Cnrsctbre Mrs. J. J. Davis Phnnc lil MJRNISHED Hcdroom. Call after 4 o'clock. Mrs. Ed llardin. 10H Walnut. 21c klO-21 Ailractivc Becroom, 618 W. Main. '.'Irs McMulllns Phone U27-W. 21c klO-Si WANTKt) TO RENT FURNISHED APARTMENT or small house for several montte. Address Mrs. John McCarthy, c .'c Courier News. 5pM. ' Mis. C. i'-. liia'Jj is visuinu mis I week in CitiiL- Giv.irder.n, Mo., with helativti. Her fislcr M.-s. Gils Poll. I who lias been vl'ltlnii her bcvc. accompanied her to tin; Cape. Capl. llexford Shores, wliu fur Ihc past few months has been slatianed at one ol Ihc C. O. C. camps near Pine Bluff. Ark., re-1 turned home the first of Ihe week.' . Mr.s. Mo:rcll Ueilcittn is .spi-iul-: ing this week in Branson. Mo., whose she is uUeiulinR the slate conveininn of the P. T. A., belli]', swie officer us well as chaiiman^ Ihb -Jislvlct. ; Mrs. Nina Pale drove lo Dexter /idneadtiy. accompanied by her daughter. Mis. Jack Erin-aids of Dexter, who was reluming borne liter a fev day.i visit licic with KT mother and other relatives. Mrs. J. 3. Wahl, Ally, and Mis. Sharon J. Pate and -Mrs. Jack Ed- vnvds .spent Tuesday in Jom-sbavo, k., on business. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Burrow moved tlu first of Ihe week from Ihc- residence cf Mrs. W. P. P.ob- i-rtsun to Ihe home ol Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Shade. | Doss Stiles left n few days aso • for Paris. Teim.. where he will, again make his home. j Mrs. C. C. Morrison relumed a , few days ago from Memphis, vhcrc ' she has been visiting her dauyh- tcr an'd husband. Mr. and Mrs. \V.' M. Smith, and other lolativcs. Mrs. Frances LaFont is s|iend- ing this week in BljilicvilK-. where- she is a euesl of Mr. and Mrs. . A. M. Bui', and olher friends. ! Misses Sallic and Honduma , Hamra, accompanied by K. A. I Hamra. are spending this week in . Chicago, where they arc attending j Ihc World's Fair. | Mrs. Mary Oliver of SI. Louis is . visiting here in Ihe home o[ Mr.: and Mrs. Howard Cunniusliam :'.iid -, with other relatives and ftimiis. i Mrs. Gertrude McElvain return- . ed the firs', of Ihe week from St. Louis, wlicre slie had been visiting few day.-, mi account of Illness, Mr. ami Mrs. Ollie daily mid launxl from a nervous disorder. Mr. and Mrs. John Delivoivs. ' Ml'.s Viola NichoLs. one of the i Mrs. Enrl Pali- ul Sikeslon is Mr. and Mis. Wallor \VVster- vlslling heic iu Hie home of Mi*, man mill xn\ DU-kii-'left (In 1 llrsl I Hoy I Cain. Mr. I'.Ue Is cngusjcd i" til ilu; »rok for Kriiur-U. wlii'ie i r.overnmenl work near this city. ihcy will :n;:k<> llu-lr liijsne. ; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Poplmm uacliers in tlu- Payola school. Is moved the first of the week from spending the 10:1011 picking \-aca- to mi itp.irtm,isl ol Mr.s. Li ,-i\ h.-.o \ 1 \\lili mv innllur. F. 'Callilian on East EiBlitli slrci'l M rs . Ada Nichols, and wlih oilier lit Ibis, cil)'. ;v!niln'.s. Mrs. Uay Blackford has liveii Mr. mid Mrs l-Vaiirk lhu!s]ietli ccnllncd W lUT bed for UK- pas', arc iTlolcinj uvc'r llu- binh of n baby ihiiiKhlc-r wliu wus Iwin oil Jaw. Mr, and Mrs. Dick KatHHbiy Septembiv SOth. and who to dial cily. lias bcrn glivn (lie nau;« ul Hhcrry . Anne. . Mrs. W. D. liynl, Mrs. Karl l.oni:. mid .xlI--- s Nellie I.ce llor.-oh left •riii'-sdiiy fur Kansas Cily. Mo., xvbi-vc Ihcy will ^l)end Ihc week iUlnidiiijS i\ H'.ule I', t:.' O. • Coii- vi'n'.ion. Mrs.; al») will visit u .sister who lives there. . Mrs. liosii Powell Is spending ihib v-,-. . :u .iU-iiip.iis, uiivinii IU-I-UKI- ULUUi'd In-r dau>;liiiT and .sou-ln- rticlmiUs,! A life. Insurancp policy based on . I .Ihc life .of a male resident of Ihe Utate of-Delaware Is regarded as A city ordinance of Oijdi-ii, Utah,' the largest In Die world; he is prohibits picnics In coinclcries. ' insured for $5,000,000. OUK BUAKiMiNG 11UUSL I 1 V ^V 1 1 4 OF COP YA^NDEta YOU^JE.OO,\OIJ WENT COMPLETELY OUT , Uk£ LAST WONDA.VS WASmNKb ^ I W/VC, TELUMG Trf 'TiRU&&\ST ATiOLlT TH WWD OF NftONtV \OU 60T,Wvl' HE TOOK AN INHA-LE. CP TH' () S / -r a 1|W f\.fi iVi. i — 1 WUfXY '•:!• 5OO TALKING ^BOUT'S E.6A1 HURRY;! VOU KNOW YX/E. W^-t EXPECTING THE. VICEVIO'-/ OV- IN'uJlAxj A,K)D t . \VMvlT OVJR L^Vi&ESV GlRKVPt HITCHED UV TO THE. CA.NOE. J 1 - /^KSD TELL JEtrA-3 TO 'RtJH ME A TUB OF V^^HL\_^ KND LAV OUV A PA,\R OF rAV ^. TORMAvL l ' & •£&••' - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - rrrm~ c - FURNITURE New and Used «. J. D dsan 301 E. Mair 2Cc klfl-20 L. G. Moss TilytheviUe'i. cut rate Wndcrlak-' ;OP k'.o- CLEANERS, TAILORS" Servant room within walking dis- iance ol 1100 Cr-.ickasawlm avc- nue. Mrs. Samuel F. NorrLi. Call 306 or 274-J 5x;f. ViE f\AA.JOR K ST1LU 'RCSSV ROM> THE SHOCK ? /a-B P«A«OS OF ALEXANDR/A, CONSIDERED ' OF LIGHTHOUSES, WAS BUILT AT ALEXANDRIA, t-GYPT, SEVERAL .(CENTURIES BEFORE TKE 6IRTH OF CHRIST. IT WAS SEVERAL HUNDPEO FEET IN HEIGHT AND THE BLA21N& FrRE AT ITS SVtfMST V.'AS VISIBLE- 27M ; L£$ATS£A. IN ANCIENT 7IMES, PERSONS SUFFERING FROM RHEUMATISM WERE .WADE TO STAND BAREFOOTED ON THE 600Y OF A TORPEDO RAX A FISH WHICH IS , CAPA6UE OF PRODUCIN6 ELECTRICAL PFiW^- it Wnliuul the constant boring and L-unllrss numbern uf woims Hint IF THERE. VVERB NO ^MJRMS TO KEEP THE SOIL OF THB BWiTH LOOSENED, THE. FOOD PROBLEM OF T>;E WORLD WOULD BE SREATiy INCREASED/ ^ im n nt* ttitvK*. nq peiforatliig of the. soil, by the infcsl the upper crust uf llic suiih. llic gromid would soon become hard and lifeless, and unable lo produce crops. Worms are constantly fertilizing the sail by carrying plant mutter below, the surface, NK.VI': Mow high ale llic niiMirs mountains? in nmi.v For Quality Cle-ining Phone 180 Barnes NnWa Cta-wa RESIDENCE. 0 or more rooms, iijnr.ancnl, reliable — or •v.H exchange cheap rental Bly- ..-vil'.e. Reply to P. O. Box 231, -. -.-.neville. ' 27c k5 ipUJ.EF'iNC'i r.OOM, 2 men, 2 beds. \pyly 112 tui 1 ..! Railroad" St. 2p k8 Half. Blocked Loo 1 : Like New Prone 171 Onitiue Clenning Service 20c kl DRESSMAKING WANTED TO BUY COOD SECOXD HAN'D Chevrolet I or Ford C' or Sedan. Ad i dv;ss "S" Courier News. 30ck5| SOWING, _ _, Alwnations, Very Rea- ^onable. Miss Louise Crane. Phune 86. 22C S10-2. Sl'ORTING GOODS HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires. inner tub!S, iron, metals, magn- ~ine5, hides, ours to wreck. Wolf Arian, 173 E. >fain, Phone 176. 9c klO-9 ALL KINDS Men, Women anil Children's used clothing and 'hoes. Highesl cash price. Leigh- DP'S, 320 E. Main. 9c klO-U V.'e are conlinuine our Golf J.'- 11 Sale Offer—Come in and inquire about it Hubbard Hardware Co. 12c klO-li BATTERIES For Prompt BatUry Scnicc Fhonc 8 »«" Clune 2ckll-2 New Ford Batteries Kcntal-Rcchargire-Bcpairms 7 TlHt. it b'A'lTEKY STATION 25C klO--0 DOGS, PETS NW-.-l, WWTS '.ftfO Wt GO M-iV vu ftftt ^<OU O'.V - • UP _/(H-LY O..K .TtxW'j ?.vv OXJtH , WOW '. "\WVT \"b , W=.V\ \KtV\-— r.i\Vvr. OOtR TO ALL llv Mnrlir *•»?,<;. .ij.^oyt;^T " «cLJ:'3St?;| no.WO -\ MT_M^ ^ ' Art A VJ.C fc.V\ —^-l V.'/ TCHUS By Ci-an WANTKD WANTED . . . Local :i«ent lose!! Wonder Bread and Hostess Cake m Blvtheville. Must have truck. I-iberal commissions, lifclime job for right man. See H. H. aims. Hotel Noble, between 2 and 5 p. in. 3pkG. Tlrink tl'f bcsi for flip sami- nrire. nUDWElSEl! king of bnlllcd beer. ::»ckio-zn For Hcallhy DORS feed M-ller's Katicn i Huick Lunch HTJBBARI) HARDWARE CO. lie klO-ll ""BUILDING MATKUIAI, WALL 1' A P E U Single vLOin lots 51.00 2 CCO rolls old patterns at 6c 19H MAYFLOWER line lOc to 20. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 29c fclO-^'J COAL & WOOD ail with vehicle lo unload coal Apply Fisher C-'al Co. 3;)'r:" ! have l>:>ueM l!'C Xicklf l.nnr'- and have taken cb:ir;e. I havr !hp me t-ifT' 1 ^. come in and Irv il GEO. -\VRIGIIT. Siikl" STRAYBD f:THAYED—Biiick mare mule. fll)0 T-t-s.. '• mi'c cast ol Sandy Il!d7C. REWARD. R. W. Ileviil f.'OUtc 2. Gl> klO LOST GLAKPF^. IcsSl at .scene c! accificnl en Hkhtt-nv 61 Sunday uiglit Mease call 85i)-J. fc k' Sec Fi-hcr Coal Co. i'OSt'l ION V/AM'EI) Before you buy Coal—You can . f.-ive money. Phone 179, Corner j EXPERIENCED Sppcialtv Silt -P.: Kailroad Blid Ash Stb. ! «'il!i car. S ocd rcfcicncc.s. I>. 29c klO-29 °-f\ 5-53. (ip 'f3i\ U (7\AYS PKS, *Wt3 NOT EMOU&H tOCD IS FOUMD L/IW SKELETON CREEK TO [=1LL A THIM3LE. THREM OF W \;]^' J \C3 Vv" •UV i COUQ. THE LPiiiE AVJD IU PLftCCS THE PEET DE£P. >TKE FASTEST TOWM iu ^ME IS ALMOST •J OESEETED. OOZEUS OF DISCOURAGED PP.OSPECTOCS ARE LEWWG EVER"/ DAV. lAI.KSM \N .^ — UMKR MOW ' BY RLOSSEl 7\L'otOTIVE Oatcnay Garage ! Ciuod SI«hjnlrc-\Vork Guaranteed Trices His'it i 19p klO-lD l.AB(S:ST r S10CK USED PA HIS Bc'ween Memphis nnd St. Louis •Mso Auto Cl!ns.s — Phone C5 JACKSON AtTO PARTS Cf). Youthful Evnlorer Foresakes Trails HCCO ' CV.OP s Too 1 ' civ-''- I i'.v<ee.Go '- OOLL&e.l ^ K ^•/•f^-il&s' Ml Kinds The Ark-Mo InsUlktl Lumber Co. lOc klO-10 I all 308—IJtrt's Place 118E. Main For Aulo Paindn; Bcdy and Fender Service J'ormerly with .Sliouic-I.llllc 26c klO-26 Day & Nwht Service Slalion Co.nplele Line Shell Products W"rk at Any Time Phone 605 Mulct. Slcrnlicrg klO-13|l'.lt5. | ,, .UPi — noberij Dick Dou^-ln? of Norm Carolina.! o coined fame- by hunting lions! h Mr. nml Mr«. M"-i:n .lohn-j sen v hen lie was oni> 15. and who' n^nt a good part of his life mice Mien iu exploring Ihc world.! has forsaken llic trail of romance' and entered U'-o:sclown Law^ Sclinol. j Douglas, who i-^ tl'.e giandron of; Flcnlien A. Dousias. Ihr -Little Giant of Democracy." made hi.-.' decision this summer while lie; was exploring the craters of Alaska's- greatest, volcanoes with Father: Bernard Hublwid. the 'Glacier i'" i The fx-fxplosvr atlcncicn Colli-go as an ui»:cr- Krnduntc. He expects to return lo Ills North Carolina home 0:1 com- ; plot ton of liis law and ll.-.iv practice law and enter \rn\~ m FKRCKl.l-.S ANT) HIS FRIENDS TKLLS Hv SMALL Ar;p ASS suzc ' SO.V.E 1J!CE FORWARD PASS VEAM...I PULLED - EW A-\AY I-KO.V. THE SQUAD AND TOLD 'EM TO STIC; To THAT—THEY'VE 6£L : M AT IT F=2. AM HoUE...BETTER TELL 'EM To CALL IT QUITS. MOV/ 1 .'. 7HCOVJ •e,V...-80T you NOTICE wow FRECKLES HAS BSEN PICklM"EWO AIR,OFF MIG SHOE TOPS. BUT,REMEMBER THIS... IT'S A LOT DIFF'EPEMT v.'HSrJ TME OPFOS1S15' PLAYERS A5>£ GUSHING YoU....EV6Ry SECOUP -—^ TC ' A LOT A\ORE OF THE PRACTICE; EITHER. OWE A BIT

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