The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1952
Page 12
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FAGE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COOTIER NEWS Deck Officer May Help Solve Hobson Mystery By KI/TON C. KAY WASHINGTON 1,-D — A deck Officer who escaped may ticl[» solve the mystery of the mint's\veppor Hobson'fi disastrous crash U'jlh the Carrier Wasp. ' A radioed dispatch from the dsmnpod Wasp, stcamine slowly for New York wilh 61 survivnrs o( the Hobscm aboard, disclosnd thai LI. tj.p.) B,E. Cumminf-s, one of those rescued,, was junior officer of the deck nt the time of the collision. Tho Hobson'* skipper, I,t, Conidr. W.J. Tierncy, ninnn%e<l (o col r)f»ac of the wrcckiiKP hofore it sank S:U- urday in mid-Atlantic, but Itn was not found. One hundred imd seventy-five of the ship's company went down with her. Of major importance to ihn naval court of itKiuiry, wiieii it convenes nt New York next \veek. will be <v:mt orriers \\rff Riven aboard ihe Hobson in thf monicnfs before Ihe collision nnri what signnK were exchanged ho!wren ihe minr5\vrpp- er and the. currier. From them, the. court may learn why the sweeper laid a course which brought her under the knife-like prow of the carrier. Cummings may be the officer who can lei) that story. The conn of Inquiry iippoimed by Adm. Lynde McConnick, rotn- monder-in-chief of the Atlantic Fleet, is a fact-finding agency nnd not n court In Ihe leqixl sense. The three rear admirals who comprise the court will -seek to find out these things: 1. Was the collision caused by human error or mechanical /n)l- u re? 2. Did either ship fail to sipnnl a change of course whnn the rnrrier turned into the wind In take on 10 of per plnnes which were »]n(t in the night maneuver? 3. Was there mfsjudfiinent of the closing rate of speed and the course? 4. What was the precise visibility? Capt. B.C. McCnffree of the Wasp has said the night be^nii "clear but very dark with overcast ill 8,000 (eel, seas calm and winds light." George the Monkey Outdoes Proyerb/o/ | Bull in China Shop LOS ANGELAS MV-Cirnrtjc. a Java monkey In a loc,'<f prt shnp S"t out of his capo yesterday and singed »ii uprisinc patterned In part on last week's prison riots He freer! a horned owl, five Guinea pips, ate $25 worth of Irnpiral fish, kicked over five cnee.s nf cnnnrles nnri two of par- row, mattered flower pot*, toxn and pet supplies in nil dJrrrilons. Gporce was Rwln« a parrot an airpbne spin when oivners Ralph Flelfrr and li vin Freeman cot him iJi tow. -SurvoyiuK Hie rl^ni- nee, 'hey sak) they were rhanfcfu] (he monkey rtlriti't free Ol<>o, nn ll-lnnt bpn constrictor, So lx Oeorijo. Missouri GOP Favors 'Ike' ST. I.OUIS UTi -Missouri Ropub- i Means may put Gen. Dwiqht D Els-! enhnwor abend of Sen. Robert Tart | in nnllonnl Republican delneatp An Associated Press tabulation of j the TOG dcle'-lntes nireaiiy cliasrn' gave. Tnft 271 cleleKatos to the Chi-1 cni^o nomlnatinE con\ r eilli()i] next ! .July, and Eiscnliovcv 270. Tlir ntti-1 er tf>2 are favorable to other cnn-! fHrijites. uncommitied. In dispute.! or their views unknown. H wilt | take fi04 to nominate. Jngrid Expecting Twins - HOME MV—X-rays have fll.trlo.sed that tnprUI Bergmnn Is rxnectinp; twins In June, Rear] Courier News Classified Ads Many Americans May Tangle Feet In Travel Tape Bo* Uncle Sam Is Seeking Smoother Path* for Tourisfs By SAM IMIVNO.V N?;w YORK tfv-A iTrnri number of Americans ac*» pxrxvfrd to travel to foreign lands this summer. And a majority llkrlv u p i]l find their Jrpt Innclorl in rnd tnpp. A drive is tindct w;iy today to smooth their path, Thf rlrivp jirtu- Blly is little more Minn a squawk yet. Rut CoriRreA* is hoiiifj nr tic-d lo simplify customs rules, mid j 1 cvwntrjrs nn? forin^ askprt to cut nwny the costly and irrllnllnx •rl tapr* in InlernMional (i.idp and travel. UncSe Sam. Jnrirlmtnllv. is said Lo be one of '.he wnrsl offenders. First-lime inlrrnniumal t envoi- ers will bn more numerous Ihnn ever — and tlie moM likely (o IIP confused and harassed — Sir William P. Hlldrerl. director «cn- ernJ nf (he ItifetTinliaunl Ad" Transport As.snctatinn. [enr*. He predicts Hie new Jow-fjij-p foinlst service ncrn&s the A'lrmUr svhinli the airlines stnil tomorrow will hvinp Trans-Atlantic passr.ncers this yonr to GOD,000 AK against 340.000 last yenr, A Imsitie.s.smen'.s yroup — the United States Council of the International Chamber nt Commerce— agfopfi. u appeals today tr> Rovorn- mont officials. leeinlalors, businpB^men, farmers, •.I'oj'kpr.s ;inrJ the tienerat public to pressure pov- ormne.nts every where to remove umicops n i-y red tape. Th. council has idens about what should be donr. A pnssport should be all the Identification riended, \\ sal's. Entry visas should Ur> abolished wherever they are still used. Police . cnrtiffraU-s nt Rood con- duel nre. just m ermine less paper work, the i-cnuu'i! nrlds. Nor should THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1952 IIKADS STIIDKNT OHIH'I'-- David Morris of O.srnolii has been Hr-ctff] prc.sifirnl of iht> Student Oowmrneiii Association at Ar- kniiKlK Stntc Crdlrpp n 11 (i will lake office .July !. Hi: is n junior. Oihm officer* <if llir asvx-iaiinn inclurlp Don Smith of Uvarhville, first virf [irrsirlrnt. 'Crazy Jack' Moved JACKSON, Mich. r,iv niol lr:u|. T, Eiirl Ward aj)ri Jnrlt Hysf.l ami Finothrr rmitiiHTi- 'i-*>i-e> ivmnvpri in on of Somhrj-n Miclncnn ycstcrdly as a "prmiminnary measure." Rnutl Conner Nnns Cl.i.ssiderl Social Workers Oppose Opening Welfare Rolls 'It Will Generate Pressure/ Group Says in Resolution I.ITTLK RO.CK W — A resolution opposing slntc legislation to open relief roHs to piibUc inspection has boon approved by the Arkansas Co/iference on Social Work. "Opening of r prom's of payments! will tfonernJe pressure on ronfMcn- J tijility of all ret-ovdR," the resolu-! tion said. j Federal restrictions against open- i ins the mils were repealed Inst year, but lh? .state legislature still i nuiPt, pays enabling legislation lie- { foi r> the public 1 may view welfni'c I If,sis. ' . I TJip. conference passed a resolution recommending wanes of beginning social uvirkrrs he foiled on ediicflUon nnrt training, not nn n limited Milruy SL-n!e for a particular position. R. P. Sirox.jpr of FL .Smiih, Kebastirni CouiUv Judge. '\ - ar, elt?ct- erl preMflent of the conference nt Admiral Seeks Court Martial For Rich, Critical Sailor HONOLULU (/!>) — Rnr Mm. Francis C. Denebrink announced today he has recommended court martini lor Bruce S. Hopping, millionaire seaman who publicly cnti- oi7.ed the way he was ted and treated in the Navy. Dene-brink said Hopping "should he bravight to trial by court martial" for "violation of N'avy regulations and conduct lo the'prejudice ol eood order and discipline." Dene- nrink is commander ol Service Forces, Pacific. Hopping recently figured prominently in an investigation of crew complaints against discipline the food at the Balnbridge. Md., Naval Training Center "wasn't (it to eat." aboard the salvage ship USS Re- claimer. He retained a civilian at- lorncy to represent the crew. The captain and executive officer of the Reclaimer u'ere exonerated in a naval hen ring of .charges of "iiclty tyranny." Hupping, a reservist will] a thrce- million-dollar-luinber business In New Jersey, is a seaman second class. He first tangled with the Navy when he chareed pviWirly that | Museum Gels Private Support in St. Louis ST. Lours w>/—The newly formed contributing membership society of the City Art Museum has made an initial donation of $10.000 to help build up the museum's are collection. Ten persons each gave 11.000 for life memberships. Up to this tlm« the liutltuUon had been the only major art museum In the country which operated without Ihe support of private membership. Mrs. Dorothy Robertson, Little Rock. Mrs. Joe Einerson of Mena, was cloned vice president and H. P, Harsis. Pine Bluff, secretary- ireasurer. t;ovcinniruK rontidiip ihr common practice of insisting on surrender of passports to government officials. Tile pi-i intl of vrkri'imnio))--;, in* ri<H-ulaUoiis and ceilifiratcs of! health shuiilcl lie siancinrclized.! Koine po\'ernnienls wrtn'l at;rt-pt a' sinallpox vaccination ns valid aflrrj one year, and some will up to three years. Some of the complexifies of tor- ciqn travel and iiarie are bein(r •iltacked Jn a customs simplifica-' lion bill which (he t). -S. House! has passed and sent lo fhe Senate. its closiME: session. He was chosen a year njro as pi-osidont-clcct and succeeds .Mrs, Ora P. N'ix of Litllc Rock. Mrs. Bern'icp R.itcliffe. child we!faro, director for the State Welfare Department, was named president-elect and will take office nexl year. Other officers elected were: i Mrs. Pat Poinde.Tler, Pine BUifl. vice president : Mr~. I:]vc!yn : Canada, Little Rock, secretary; ; Miss Aanc Lcuiiz. Little Rock, • treasmer: and Miss Dura Dnan of- PayettevLlIc, Mrs. C a t h e r i n o ; Cunningham. Little Rock and Mrs. Lillian McDcrmott. Little Rock, | executive committee members. I At an associate meeting, the • Arkansas Probation Officers Association elected Mrs. Frank Lothery, Ft. Smilh, president to succeed i Free Picture Of Your Calch Just hriiiE your siring of lisli lr> our .store ;inrl we'll (.ike a picture for you any (irnc tif rlay »r ni=ht, No charge al aM. Ooori luck to you on yuur ftshitig. Barney's Drug CAMIvUA IinADQliARTl'liS \V. Main I'linne M KENTUCKY'S FAVORITE STRAIGHT BOURBON because iff Every ouhce 3 Msn's whisky! F »™ EARLV TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY • tou,W(. I, Kt»t<itky WANT A HOM AUNDR THIS BIG COMBINATION OFFER STARTS TODAY! HURRY AND GET YOURS! THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER TO BE HAD AT THIS PRICE GET THIS GREAT WASHDAY COMBINATION IT INCLUDES: * G. E. WRINGCR WASHER Valued of $109.95 * 30 BOXES OF DUZ Valued af $4.50 * ELECTRIC IRON Valued at $9.95 * METAL IRONING BOARD Valued at $10.95 2 DOUBLE RIHSE TUBS Valued at 15.95 TOTAL VALUE OF $151.30 YOURS AT TREMENDOUS SAVINGS SAVE TIME-SAVE MONEY New Wringer Washer • G-E Acflvator* Washing -Aclion • Adjustable, Balloon-Roll Wringer • Dependable G-E Permadrive .Mechanism • Full S-lb Capacity • Gleaming White-Porcelain Knamcl • Full-length Protective Skirt • One-Year Written Warranty Model .\\V051 General lit Electric YOU PAY ONLY $ 129 95 FOR ALL FIVE $20.00 DOWN $1.75 WEEKLY Your Old Washer May Be ALL or Port of Down Payment We Carry Our Own Paper Tire Service Headquarters AL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES GOOD ^ YEAR - Tints GOO 407 W. Main SERVICE STORES Phone 2492

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