The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor II. W. HAINES. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Heiirescntallves: Arkansas Dailies, inc- New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Clly. Llltle Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except, Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the |>ost office at Hlylheville, Ai- kmisas. under act of Congress Oc'."— tober 0. 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in me Ultv of Blyihcvllle, 15c per week or 50.50 per year in nd'/ance. l!y mull within a iadlus of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 lor s!\ months. 65e for three months; by mall In postal 701105 two to six, Inclusive, SG 50 j:cr ycHr. in ?oiu\-: .seven and eight, 110.00 per yew, payable In advance. Insurance Rales Going Up From l.iltlc' Uotk conio-. \vonl tluit iiU'rcHscK raitirin^ from 5 to 25 per cuiil in Arkansas lire iimiraiicu rules iin 1 in prospect. The explanation is llial heavy losses .suffered in recent months make (lie hit'ller ink's neccssiiry. Thus the earc'lcsiness—in some ciisi's the criniiiiiilily—of n minoi'ity of property owners hits home to the pocketbooks of all properly owners. There could be no clearer demonstration that every fire* loss is a loss not alone to the owner of Ihe properly destroyed mid lo his insurance company, bill to Hie entire community, which in (lie end nitisl foot the bill. The first obligation of each owner of property i? to use every reasonable precaution to protect his own premises against fire. Nut that is not enough. To protect himself against prohibitive insurance costs he must also make himself responsible fur coirccting tlie negligence of the careless property owner and for the apprehension and punishment of the, man who resorts to arson to stll out to the insurance company. We f.iiK.c strengthen our lire risk iii-peetion service and ;five our state lire marshal money ami personnel with iihich lo follow up with vigor every ciisi; of suspected arson. At -.the same time insurance companies might properly "exercise {.'renter ,<e!ccliv'ity in the acceptance of risks. Publicity h Needed II is reported in New York thai Wall Street believes that the renewal of the Senate's investigation into banking and spot-illation abuses H K<>m K |y |> K killed off. It is an open secret thai Wall Street lias ex'.-rlcd all the pressure il can muster In prevent any further disclosures like those of Ihe Morgan in- vt-tigalion a fe-.v months ;ij;i>. This altitude is a familiar one, btil one would l-.avj th'iught I hat the events of the last feu years would have made even the die-liards see lit absurdity of il. Trouble isn't caused by those sensational disclosures: it is caused by the abuxes which li<> henealh the disclosures, and we can't K ,.-\ ! m -k to full health until llv.'.<e abtis,:.< have been given the bright light ..f pnblidty in which we nn correct and prevent them from b;ippenn>»- again. We re Still Helpless on auluinohilc accidents for 1033 arc, UK usual, pretty discouraging. To be .sine, dealhs in (rall'ic during the first nine months of Ihe year are nearly -L per cent below the total for last year. Hut the iuimlx>r of fatalities Her accident has gone up by 7 per cent, mid the number of persons non- fa I ally injured per accidcnl has gone ii]) 2 1-2 per conl. Reduction in Die total number of deaths can he attributed to the fact that fewer people have been driving cars this year Ihan last — the registrations for the first half year were C> per cenl below the I!):i2 ligures. The fact lhal the. accidents Ihemsi-Ka-s are gelling deadlier only can mean lhal we are driving more dangerously, more carelessly, more sellishly, Ihan before. The situation, as a mallei- of fuel, is a national scandal, anil so far we have shown no sign that we know how- to do anything about it. Society Is Boss That (lock of convkiions obtained by the government in Ihe Ursehel kidnup- ing case at Oklahoma City is a development full of encouragemenl for those who still hope that organized society can show the underworld who is boss. Here was a case in which the underworld was at ils most delimit. To begin with, it proved uncommonly difficult even to keep the accused men under arrest. On lop of thai, the state's witnesses wese subjected to a ban-Hue of threats willuml parallel in modern history. The leading defendants, by (heir altitude in court, showed an insolent contempt for the officials who dared try to make them account for their crimes. Well, the underworld look a licking. The big; shots stayed arrested, Ihe thrents didn't work, and liu; verdict of "jniilly" neatly punctured (he air of indolent contempt. It was proved thai a big crook can be sent up just as easily as a liltlu ciook, if the officials responsible do their jobs. All in all, the challenge to society was handled pretly well. Mr. Scmiih' wns .six fc two and a halt inchi-i: tail—what a preacher! — Alim-R Bcuiplc Mcrhcison Hutlon. * +. - -* Outlines the pc v .v is more velU'ionu thru the pulpit. — Uev. Doualas Biichiniiin. Yonkcrs, N. Y. • * * i huve been accused ol IKIPR a silk stocklni; caiulidatc. Did you ever hear or a Couzcns In public lift who was that? —I'rank Cmia.-ns. former uclini; mayor of Detroit. Il is a jiocU plan not to make more ol a damn fcoi of jourscll than Gud AlintslHy intended you shoulii. —Former Secretary ol the Navy, Charles Francis Adams. FRIDAY, OCTOBER c, 1933 I fii'M knew this hor.-.e show. \\e {.•:ime ln-r? as liciulfmcn. not as crnshing cads. --Thu Duke of U:voiibhirc. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Athlete's Heart Action Is Key to Physical Condition This Is UK thinj ,,r * stries <:f .illicit* lij- l)r. Fishucln o" i "lion- t« Slay in the Game" by • jirevrMiiiii of allik-lir injuries. 1-ard his condition BV ni(. MOKItlS K1SHBKIN Editor, Juuriul of Ilic America: Medii'iil Association, and of HyiteJa, the Health Mafizlne Improved Phy-fekal educators place u Bical {l(-:il of uilue on lire-season training to p'Ji (he nihlote in KO«I slmpc before he undertakes :i dilTl- icult »ix>rl, irarlicularly one such ins football. A good condition is developed by getting •' mrxlcrnle The chief intention In the oxam-, r.mcunt of physical exercise each, liiatlon for athletics always must | day and enough rest and sleep center on ihc physical condition! ni"ht j of (he heart. Various tests have j Tho oUMlm| , t . alistlu , lllcs WC1V i been developed, for determining cla| , ,„.,„,,, fo] . s(mlgtli;ll . I v.lut is known as cardiac reserve, jn V11 ,. io ' u;> Ls ol tl M ° w , ]k . h lost weight for many days and constantly Is dropping away from his "lest weight", he should have a special physical examination to determtrj 1 the reason, u the wcltht reduction is too rapid or too gresit in exleiH. it. throws a ljurdcn oh the heart, kidneys and other tissues which is not safely lx>rar. Il is recognized that tlie diicf <igns of overtraining- are Mule- ness, inability to sleep, law 61 vvciuln. general nervous irritublllty and sometimes excessive changes 'i: the heart. NKXT: Iii![wriaiu-e of liltt. 01 the ability of the heart to rc- ;iK>ml to increased strain. Sonic of these tests are exceedingly simple, involving, (or exam- ' |)li:. the rate of lli!> heart when lying down, when standing, and then after some exercise again : Uktng the rate lying doMii ami : itaiidiiig. ir.lght not be parilctilnrly call«l on! in the sport to be undertaken Football requires more pic-season (raining Ihan do other sports. i;x- cepl for lonx distance running.' v.hjch may require an exceedingly long training period. Wind and enduranc? are developed only by 1 j -—"• ! repeated exercises day after day,' ! Normally, Hip rait wl'."n lylne j gradually inereasin:; leiwjlh nml. : down Is about CO; when standing, intensity of work, fiom 66 to 77. Alter exercise, the! « i • me for the first quarter minute I The athlete can determine his should be 9u. and Ihe second quar- | physical condition very simply by ter nilmitc about 88. : v.atchii>5 his weight and hy tinr-.'- BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO ftittt the file* of Ihe BljthciUle Daily Courirr S:i(urd:iy, Orl. fi. 1923. A girl t-coul has recently been oryanlwd In Blytheville aiid they are planning to affiliate themselves with the National Scouts and make their group as flue as hat of (he boys. Tlic foltownlg of- in other.words. ,he heart must, ^ M Vh«hir"ta do« h* work! j^y^ pXnt^Vst^'^ liavc the ability to return to nor-iwitl '•n-nl rate rather promptly after : exercise, in thn of some per: fens the heart rate may Ijc 72 when «reclining and 92 when standing, i with the rale utter exercise 132. I and 15 seconds I 136. later still 132 or more case and with incrcas- ' endurance. The weight chart is the simplest m ens: vice-president. Ervestln John- it H r ton: secretnry, Margaret Cross 1 dotermlnin, how any -.n^uM co^nd^ MainS" !^he ^= readme to Ihe (™, mus program.. gl . ollp '| s m!(icr thc 5U p ervi5ioll of There always is some Inss o!! Miss " ch!lrlic Nclson Pa[](| "'^^ weight, during any active physical! Hester Stone. Such an after The Morgan billiard room will have preaching services Sunday "I hope you're satisfied! inirmil life." Killing off all of America's wild CHURCH EXCUSES exercise. Mast men lose from one! and a half to tlnce pounds during increase in HID heart; a game of golf, and football play- exercise find the de-!ers may lose from tcvcn to len bv radio throuch the"comnVrrla'l lay ,n returning (o - normal rate pounds during « ,, mc of feot- Appeal broadc^Un^slationS hall A. man in good condition fen-ice :j-at the rceular II o'clock, lends to regain his weight in lets j hour and is tree Ihan 24 hours. 1 1 any player fails to regain hisj Read Courier News Want Ads. ,are finite certain indications that indulge in vigorous exercise or By Get). W. The chairman of Ihe church • board of my church wrote me a; leller the other day wanting me I 1.1 cither conw to church or say why I was stnyin? away and. o: ' toursc. wound up the letter by. nil-Jiig me lo dlher 'bring or send! Ihc amount I pledged last year! and as much as i could spare on j what I had pledged this year. I I'.ad a great mind to write and i 3(4: him whul he or (hey did with | all the money they collected but; Ii 1 did this, he would probably j f::iy komelhini! (hal would him :«y Irelinjis and (lien, mnylx- I : never would (;o inside of tlinli church agiiin nhd 1 don't e:<pca! lo until they change ihins;.-> up d • whole lot. One thins I can't. tlancl lo hear an organ withoi:! : burslini: into tears. Then rvi-ry-' cm- begins tu look and 1 suppcv-e iliey think I am silly. I did uvi-ry- Ihlng within reaton lo keep them [rom buyinp thai organ nml so long as Ihey have it. they n.-rd rot uxiier-i, me back and anuliur IhiiiK, 1 think tlu-y .should give an J account of the money they ciil-J lect. ;i.\ JII:EU: 'roiiAY BOll WLSin.S, .r.i, „( ^ ,||||. llpn.llrp, !• drrrly nllrnctcd to JOA.V \VARI\U. a prclly gltl. ke HrM *nvr nn llir rtain i'n run(* lo .^li'iiilihU. Uo>>-ka« riimc tu 21rin- pliiji la vnanccliuii ulili hl» falK- f r'» nfiv icjiiire iilanl. J^.nn U .1 iMcmlicr of on Jiuiior- fri.shrJ fntiifly tihh an ariiilo- ctnllr hni'l^rDiinil. Her tnnllicr lonj;* fnr her daii^klrr^ to rnjoy llu' uncial [«jnlllf>H lhal I* rlglil- ifhc I'AT. two rt.1" iktisuri: atlll Iir«l7 ^ inrnnmled Mlih Hans "liuriert Alive" (iirl I POKILAN'D. Ore. CUT)— Livin;; ; a month hurled cli;lit fcci iiiidsr-! ground in a healed ami lighUxi! o.iskcl is no way for n healthy. I a-l-year-old girl to spend her lime.! hnilth otliciuls decided. They oi-i tiercel Marlha Olson, who previous-! ly had SIKIII. K days nndcrgroimd in Seattle, "exhumed." .October 6^ , American iiwenior,born. J. , senator and autftor.wi 1935=TlLmpkin pie oa^ets under as MffiGUESSK rinjiNijcr. Jnon LrlU'Vl-Ji Jvrr.r i iiii-irlr an:tii,ln< hlniM-lf aril (rlc to iiarn fcrr slvicr. itAitiiAiti CIIUIIT.M:V. a imiui l.'ir »ocrrly Itlrl i>h(.m Hob hu k"o«n In .Vnr Vnrk. Ii I" "In lilm. »"li lakvs .lofm I.: ace the textile lilnnl. Tlifjr h:..c n triKnllic nixnk-i'iiicnt fci c.cnlnp: hut he i< v.ii,.|. t llr,l I., hrn.k II wlirn hi- iftirrt^ llarh^rn bif. Inclntlctf htm in n Uinnirr |inrty. Tat TfnilM "' Hit l.nrly in Ilic neniimiier "'"1 nlso IvariK Itnti It lilt >nn of "»• rnati win, „„,.,' the futile |.ln,,r. -•vo\v co ox WITH Tiirj STOUT CIIAPTBR VIII 70.\>.".s b'jn-llilcrcd. increclnloua t'.H-j IIKI. "So you didn't liiiuw:" IV. ^ ;u sayinf,-. "aomc- boih's been ,-atting thiuss over on our liulc J 7 a a . |.i s(c[ , to Illi3 ,.. rushig tlriiinatically. Tat lead: " 'Con&truclian of the first unit of the new We^ton Tc.-Mtlc Mill plant to lie erected Memphis at an initial co:U ot Iittueen ?3,000.000 ;.::d S^.iOO.OOO will begin as soon as |irclitni:iary work on the -.vater- fiont site purchased by the company is completed, it W is an- mnitim! Imlny by Kobcrt Woslon. U|irc.i?ir.i!nj his falhtr. James Westoii of \en- York City, owner of lho cnEn]t;iuy.' " "I'ai." said Joan, "you're Joan pauscJ, slanti* at the Jorums* outside. tbunipcd ami pumiuclcil." 6h« lifteil p. pillow nud shook it IxU'rt sliprlug it under ber brollier'i head. "Joan, Mr. Wesloti lilces you a lot, doesn't lie?" "Benny," Joan hrokc in urealh- leasly. "You romancer! I barely know liiuj." She aai dowu beside the bed and began reading. Tlic liuok related the adventures ot Iticharil. a mo:l- eni lion-heart, whose deeds furnished n thrilliiit !?t r a. Once when dangers weie piling up for ibe vaMant Ilichard sli" btuuibleil over the words. "Why Joan," Benny exclairaeil. "i'ou'ro crying. Richard won't die. You don't think they would drop a hero right in tho beginning, do ' you?" Ves, you would ilrop a licro rijlit in. the bc-sinnlug unless you wanted to suffer terribly. "You look tired," Rcmw said. "Tlitro arc I/lack smudges uuder your ey«s." * » » r rHE lilack smuilse; v:cr» still there in the morning. But llier were not there an hour after break- fiisc. It is wonderful what n-.agic Iberu Cin l» in a telephone call. "I'm afraid 1 called yo'j loo early," Bob's deep voice caroe over the wire. "But 1 couldn't wait." : Ti= couldn't wait. Happlnew came flooilins back. "1 was wonderiny it yuu couUn'l arranjs lo have lunch with re» today. Ami, Joan. 1 want to CM&IQ about last iiisht." "U doesn't mnller." "All riglil. ;ij on btins a s-jri- boiled eg|!" tania 1'at'a vohemsut <i i ai. Saul Joan, "you're- maliing "1 sec '.vherc Barbara Courlnov , .... , . «« «f lh,,t ,„, uive n,e thai , a j» havin^anoth^party/l Ku W j ...^ CV 1^"^- if™",™": you didn't read the society "Tliore's myre." =aid Put. "Just li-tcn to tliis:- !j|i c rej ,i oli: "'Tiie West™ Jlillb has a nominal j every liltlo thins Barbara docs ^ men! Guess ha thought Jo;in! Oucss lie flian't knoi',' that :§'"'• w - ll ''.'- 1| l lu lie alone. c-apiializiitiun of ?55.00C'.000. will, 1.000.OOi) aliaren r,t coninioti slock <|U«tiMl at 5ii) on today's innrkct esii! 500U In ^referred stock. H is iu- teudcil to it-sue tjd.CCO jijures of . common stock for expansion pur- IMV:I: n, (.oancction with Hie ca:n- Is in the paror!" ii ItiC liallv.-.iy there w;i3 a win. .dow. Joan luurcd there, staring at "What are you talking n'jcut • tll ° ll: "'kness ontsiilc. U Dob had .'at?" Joan asked. ;' lccn " Sllnl or indifferent it Pat 1 "About your friend, IW). Elnml- Ing you up for a tliinci- date with Ua wouldn't have occurred to her to •believe he was besinnins to care. ! Hut he hadn't been casual. He had lo her. He "Well, maybe I can't May iMiss Wilson made a mistake wti, wrote this. If you want to read b;nl bcc:i tender aud 1:01 insscssivc. Tlic way ha lookt :<l her. tho xvay hja deep vole atiiiid." He lineiv :0,o would under'Uand! Slic had been silly. ' ' "About hiucli?" "You're absolutely a sap il you don't show soius spirit." froirt I'.H. "I'm terribly sorry. Bob, but I'll be leaching until noon and I'll ha busy this arterncoii, too." "Well, all right. It's soing lo bq a long day for me. Dut I gucjs I'll find plculy lo <h at the plant." His voice sounded cheerful. He idea t'.ia'. ho was being finished, Joan decided. "S^all i diop around iliout seven?'' "r'inc," said.Joan. boily iikc tliat:' Mrs. Wariugi with a glance at j Joan's whito face, saiil i;cnlly: i Joan 3 CK-S «trc wide, licr face ' "Pat. how you go on! Maybe the "I won't be like ilii.-:," Joan tie. a lilllc pale. Stic met her mother's youus man can oiplaln." cjes. "llo will," 1'^t' said scornfully. jterniincrl bravely. "I've always despised suspicion:, catty people. I'll "My dear, you didn't dream—?" i" But I hopt'Joiin won't listen to "N". c; course not." Joan Er" '' just forget him!" li'il there no i mi||S Q( Kho ' Tat ' >' 0 "''' 0 a "What rtiflcrcncc docs !t nakc? "What illBTbi-eiicc?" l'«t «••,.,,,'••.; claimed. "Oii, none In Ihe world! itlch men go around every day fall- Joan said slowly. iinh,.iipilj-. : ( )| 0 (loor to Benny's "room. "Ucnny, Ins for poor Klrls, llko Kins and lho licg^ar maid, don't marry lucm llicso =, isusiwciouo, ymi'vc hardly touched your din: ncrl" she cxclalmci}. "I'd hate to have you lose your : -Didn't bavc miicli appclile lo- head over him wlicu il won't do Inislit." any good." Joan ?tood looking r^own at him. i I am." "You don't know in* first tlijng almit bandlins nicu," Pit siild. "Mot tbo first tliinj! lma;his let- tins him oH as easily as that." "I'm never soine to bi so silly a;aiii," «aid Joan. "Yo*j bad me luiagiuinj all sorts ot tbi:i;s. Ari-1 taoro was no reason for U." Sha might havo (e!t Icsi lighthearted 1C she had known that Boh haii just put down HIB t-lepion* when it rang a^ain. "Hello," said Barbara. "Wasn't ouiiii ^luuu iuurvi(i A iiuiiti i\t. mill, i .. - , Joan smiled. H Vas a (juccr llcr lu.-ml adied. How tliiu he was. I ll c "' el «.« '»» lo sot S.VJ up llllllo Biuilo Ihat dtdin

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