The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1947
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BLYT VOL. XLIV—tfO. 98 Blythevllto D»Uj New •yttmllta CourMr TPDOUIilAKT NXWWAKR OP NOATVU Blythefllle Rcnld AND BOOTOU8T MISSOURI NEWS Refugees Battle British Seamen Using Tear Gas 4,500 Jews Seeking , Illegal Entry to . . Palestine Foiled : 'JERUSALEM, ,July 18. (up> _ British warships pounced on an illegal immigrant ship dirryiiig a record num'acr of about 4,500 J«w- isji refugees off Palestine today an<j seized at alter a bloody hst- tle with tear gas, steam arid fu«l oil. The linmlgirmt ship said a British vessel deliberately rammed It punching a hole in the hull. In Tel Aviv, a .two-hour Rcn«ral strike was called, with thousands of workers gathering into the two halls to protest ".Die brutal interception." •A Jewish radio report from the refueee ship said cue Jew wns killett and 25 were injured An officin. 1 British statement said •three British sailors were injured, but neither side sustained fatalities. . The Khin, renamed "Exodus 1MT.' by the refugees and formerly the Prince .Warfield. were being .'taken •to Haifli.. the port from which uncertified refugees castcmarily are trans-shipped to Cyprus. The boarding party of the Royal Navy ran into perhaps the most desperate, resistance yet put up by a shiploid of refugees trying •to run the Britisli blockade. Both sides resorted to tear gas, and the refucees were reported by the [British to have turned live steam and fuel oil on the sailors. Damage to both the refuges ship and the British warships Was acknowledged officially. Hadlo reports from the shin 'said one -British Naval vessel deliberately rammed It, smashing a hole in the hull. • A British Naval eomtmniqiuc a nounrtng the seizure said "dam- ace was sustained by his majesty's ships and also by *he 'President Warfie'd, owing to evasivn , action taken bjvihe refugee ship." • S Succession Bill ' - • V {'• ' ' • • . - - - . , - Speaker 6f House ' Becomes Third in '"•*'-. Line for Presidency WASHINGTON, July 18. (UP.) —President Truman sighed a bill which make's •' Republicaii Speaker Joseph W. Martin Jr.. his heir presumptive 'to the Presidency.'" ' '' V1 " The new law specifically pntl the House speaker next to the vice president in the line of succession to the White House post wheti the President becomes Unable to serve. After the speaker comes the president^ the senate. Since there is now no vice president. Mr. Truman h»ying left that post when h e succeeded to the presidency on the death of the late Franklin • B. Roos»vcit Martin Is the !iext in line. The Massachusetts Republican will continue in that role until the term .Mr. Truman is Serving expires on Jan. 20, 1949. At that time, an election having inter vened. the country will have . vice president again. The House speaker will then be No. 2 in the line of succession Thus far In u. S. Hlstorv. the vice president is the only officer in the line of succession wh-> ever actually moved up to the presi- timeT ThiS " aS ha PP cnBd seven The new | aw was President Truman s own iclM . Hc !irst posed it to congress in 19« wh cn a- Democrat, Rcp . Sam Ravbu Tex., was speaker Under the old succession law. the secretary O f state was next in line after the vice president But Mr Truman argued that the e ° to a " elcctcd " Atissourion's y Nomination Is Under Fire BLYTHEVILLE,''ARKANSAS. FRIDAY, JULY is, 19-17 .WASHINGTON, July 18. (U.I'.) -A Senate Judiciary Subcommittee today ordered a complete Investigation of. charges lhat .1 presidential nominee for thc federal bench sanctioned "nefarious" election lotteries '•> lust year's general election In ' -url. Chairman st c. Donnell, of Missouri, distil, od that the FBI WAmiiMr-Tnu T i ,„ , ecfly ' "cl" 0 "* 11 "Ml the shh.1. the sjaraiK-jra £S?»^™ J^jsysx.«s the lotteries wen; legal and whether the nomine^— Roy W. Harper, Democratic Stnte chairman in Missouri— connection with them. The charges camo out of a subcommittee hearing on Hnrpcr'.n nomination to Iw a federal j'lrtge for Missouri. succeeding John Caskie Collett. recently confirmed for a higher judgeshlp. Donnell read n letter from Geno Powell, public relations director of the Missouri StJite Republican Committee. Powell charged thnt Democrats, "desperate" over 10- thargy among Democratic voters in Missouri's ^southern -'hootheel." offered lottery prizes ranging from nylons to a J1.500 automobile to all those voting in the Nov. 5 general election. Powell said the Democrats sr.t out some 5,000 more votes than they would have otherwise bemuse of the lottery. He said Harper 'definitely knew about it and did nothing to stop it.." fn" C ,h aV M C " thc HtnL1;c s M»"cr for the No. 2 ro i e , rather , the Senate pre.,ident, because rep" rescntativcs serve two-year terms and presumably reflect more recent public political trei ° Cn " Wh The speaker. Mr. Truman and other proponents of the measure people than any elective ol- N. Y. Stocks CLOSING STOCK AT&T Amcr Tobacco ' Anaconda Copper .... Beth Steel Chrysler . Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward ... N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation .. Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studcbnker Standard of N J Texas Corp PRICES ... 157 76 37 87 3-4 60 3-1 •'••.. 37 3-8 593-4 61 5-1 157-8 89 g 273-8 9 16 5r8 22 1-1 77 1-2 .... 66 1-8 IS. Within Sight OfShootingWar, Lawmaker Says Soviet Mask, is Off And America Must Hold Fort in Greece any , o Secretary of Stale Genrgc C. Mar' "" . all's "plan" for the rehablllhi- lon of Europe, "has taken off n- nsk. " "Either America will stand nn;l hold the fort in Greece or Russia will take over." Eaton «a!d. "If Russia takes over Greece the destiny of mankind Is at stake " Eaton's warning prefaced a ic- qiicsl that the Rules. Commltuie approve a resolution authorhtlrj the Foreign Affairs Committee U> travel abroad during the Summer congre*slor<8l recess. State Takes Over Cut-off Highway Senator Bearden Informed of Action by Commission Members State Senator Lee Bearden. nf Leachvllle. was Informed today by State Highway Director J. c. Boker that the cut-off r? id bet wren Manila and Mouette has berr. taken into the State highwav system and work on jjrnveling the rone; would begin immediately. Thc highway will he" xiiown ns Highway 18. South, and-'the piescnt hard -surface road running from Blytne»llje to Jonesboro via Leachville r-frill 'he known ai^iighway 18, . ri S e 'i.neWi highway? which' will shorten-the. route from Blytheville Jo. Jonesboro by eight miles, has oeen a matter of great interest to citizens of Manila and vicinity who have been active in getting the four and one-half mile strip included In the state highway system'. .'The Manila Lions Club has sponsored much activity in the same area in an effort to pursuade the State Highway Department to take charae of the project. Butane Dealer To Move to New Quarters -The Wcls Biitnnc Gas Company will move lo their new quarters on Highway 61, South, tomorrow The new building, which is slightly more than twice as large as' their present quarters, will feature a larger gas storage space in the renr as well as a more adequate display room, according to J. w. Osborne manager. . ' Mr. Osborne pointed out that al though^ the building is not nuit . He said plans call for the gradin and Inndscnpine of grounds nnd n electric sign facing the highway " ig in - - a —r. the highv— "Gas supplies now on hand are far above those of this time Inst year," he declared, "and I've had definite promises from thc refineries that more will be available in the Fall." Mr. Osbnrnc emphasized thnl he anticipated no gas shortage this Fall as was prevalent last ycnr. Flood Control Hearing To Be Held in Marion MARION. Ark.. July 18. (UP) — United States Engineers will hold a hearing here July 30 to discuss Hood control and drainage with officials of seven Eastern Arkansas counties. The mcetlne is for prclimlnarv examination of flood conditions ,vi the St. Francis River and Its tributaries. Counties represented will be Poinsett, Mississippi. Lee, St. Francis Cross, Craighcad and Crlttcnden Dairy Industry in State Making Rapid Progress July in ' LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP)—-The director of H^ilth Department's milk, control division credits the resourccfit.'ness —Samuel G. Blythe m»rt^° nSaS H p [ odllccrs P:US 1)eW « r know " newspaperman! friend markets and longer pasture -..,.. -— —..., .....^^. p<».Muie sci- sons for the rapid growth In r n S?"L,. ycars of Arka "5as dairy in- Woodwarri declares "the dustry H. L. g outside source.? for milk Icorned *».** AA ..."iv IU-MH<;U »•• MiuiimLt: ui every president f that they were -cut off during Grover Cleveland to Franklin !£,, ™,^«^«'™ e ^ m! «- «««vcll. but his ioally hito the business 'of ducing milk lor themselves." pro- BOMBAY, July 18. (U.P.)-A liravily-loadwl McamBhip in Homba.v litirbor tnkiiiK tlio lives of 66<) peiHnns ssssy s. woman aud cliiltl " l>cm ' <1 ' siiii> " hiK ° f rictai - Seventy-two iwrsons—all men—survived. The ship went down In n sudden tropical storm. Commniulcr H. J. Mills, openin fonnnl iuvestlgntlm Into the tr.i- sedy. reported the shH>. the . e House Foreign Affairs Committee said today the united States Is within sight of a shooting war this minute In Greece." The New Jersey Republican toll House Rules Committee that Soviet Union, » s a result of round Bombay n.ii-i;or. it was the scene of India's ivorst previous m.i- rltime accident — a 1927 collision which took 259 lives. Usman Adam. n >hlp fireman, rc- l>oiU?d that he .sl.utcd scrambling to the deck wh.-n th« vessel wns ockcri by the (Irtt cf two Blijnnl!c fftves. "Everybody win R,-rc.i"iin.7, he related. "Then n tfniUlc wave iinnshed down. Tin ship lun'iail >vcr and sunk In nbout two iiilnutus. "I grabbed a iife oft. Five oti'.ur people got aboa.-d, hut I in"*- many others go down. < "We were on I.H. rafi jUj horrs before n motor boil tipnrotichcd I took off my pants jnd -.vnved them until they came and gel in." The Ship went down yester J v morning, but Ihe dlsnsler ,v..\s not .rSSUS? * ,r "° < = " " »~ u^hS pShroSi^irsrffi 1 .- -' iie ' n - R tbhi . nit b °'- 1 iiiii>ii(>r ' c(i uf> - that "if we could send 100 thiii " 1Cre ' l W ™' d • b * a ' gr ' 2ilt Many Gnerrilas "Wiped Out" ATHENS, July 18. (UP) —Dls patches from Northwest Greece today said that more than a thh-d of the 2,000 to 2.500 guerrillas involved In the fighting which began last Sunday with ft n Invasion from Albania had been "wiped out " Military authorities 6»ld they believed a considerable guerrilla force still was In the Zagorl Hills south of Konitsa. focal point of the fighting, and was attempting to escape through the hills to thc Pln- dus Mountains. Greek War Minister George Stratos said the new guerrilla force las sighted behind Lake Presba, at the Juncture of the > Albanian, Yugoslav and Greek, frontier* Stratos said measures, were being taken to meet a possible. new a t- Grcek aircraft. : :me«nwhllo,> shot up the guerrillas which the Greek covemmerit cbiuned invaded Greece from Albania on Sunday. 'The ,) r ministry announced that rillas. juer- turned back from' trie gates "of lo- annlna (Yanlna). were spotted near Zagona, -. ';,-;,; -.-;• .9™*.fighter planes, the air ministry said, raked the wooded are, with machinegiin fire. .Pilots bcllve- ed they inflicted'."heavy casualties." ; , c,. , Thc .Greek Arnjy reported that guerrillas - from the Kalpaki area were splitting into smaller and smaller groups, .some "tleelnp' Northeastward toward Mt. Gram- rnos. and some "fleeing" Southwestward toward Metsovo. The group headed for Mctsovo appeared to be "fleeing" deeper Into Greece. Metsovo Is 12 miles from thn Albanian border. The Greek Army, did rot cstimat* the number of. Sfetsovo-bound gii'-r lillas, but announced that it had sent two Greek, Infantry divisions to meet them. The strtngth of the defense force indicated the army considered the ,guerrtHas dangerous. - Final Rites Conducted In Ddl for Mr$ tl Gordon Funeral services, were held at II a.m. today nt the Baptist Church i ready for occupancy, circumstances ^"n '° day nt thc Ba P tij t Church ir make it necessary for the compaiiv i J? 1 ' Mrs- Dora Gortlon of Dell, to move Saturday. w "° *ed yesterday morning nt Walls Hospital. Burial was Rt Memorial Park. The Rev. M. R. Griffin officiated. Pallbearers were Don Brown. Cecil, James and Charles Metcalf. Curtis Downs Jr., and Marlon Downs. Holl Funeral Home was in charge. Shower Brings Cooler Weather to Blythevillc The official thermometer of terday amounting to .69 of an Inch he said. Unemployment Benefits LITTLE ROCK, July 18. (UP) Reconversion unemployment bene- flls may be received, by unemployed seamen who worked on vessels of the War Shipping Administration according to Purifoy Gill, admlnis- tralor of thc Employment Security Division of thc SUitc Labor Dcpat- mcnt. Noted Newsman Dies MONTEREY, Cnl., July 18. (UP) nationally SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS on four survivors I'llnelng to a HTo buoy. Rescue launches rushed to the. scene, but found only an oil drum bobbing In a vnst oil' slick. Unless moro persons are found "live. It would he the worst peacetime shipping disaster since 1921, when n schooner went down In Chinese walcrs with 1.000 drowned. History s KicMest maritime dlsnsler, Ihe I!H2 sinking of the Titanic by an Iceberg In the Norlh Atlantic took |.sn live.. . ^ The Rnmdas. operated by Ihe wns lirliiK used as a ferry betaren Dombny StcamshlD Navlgnlion Co nonibny and iwwiut. which is II miles ncro.w the mouth of Bombay harbor. On Its fi.tnl rm i, ,,1, lls piissnngcrs nnd crew wore rcijorted to !>e Indlara. The ship WHS believed to have been wllhln one mile of lt s desll- lintton when the glgmitlc wnves struck. They wore stirred up by » m !•soon, which hnd given no w»riiln K before the ship sailed dipt, she- wn Bulemnn, one of the survivors had mnde the Bombay-Rewiis nm 500 limes, and believed tho sheltered roule snfc even during the monsoon season. Ship ropcrntors reported that u trcitiPiKlous wave sweeping In Irom the Anililnii Bea smashed the Unmans broadside and nearly cnpslncd It. Before the shuddering vessel could right Itself, another mountain of_ water sent it t o the bottom. The ferry run -was supposed Lo have required only 45 mlmitu.s. House Overrides Truman Veto of Income Tax Bill With Margin of 27 Votes ~" ' '•' • - - j. — Foreign Relief Funds Approved Motor Sales Firm Plans New Home Construction Starts At Chickasawba and Broadway Streets Work hiis started on a building at [he corner of Chlcka now sawba, nnd -Brmdwny which of the future home of the thevt'Ic Motor Company, It wlll B'y- was ompany, was announced by Tom Ultle,;one of the owners or the company; The building, which will! be one of the largest l n this area. • Is to' 07 of brick and tile and will in clud British Proposal Rejected by U.S. More Funds Sought From Americans to Finance Germany WASHINGTON. July IR. (UP)- Thc United States hns fHil.'y rejected a British proposal that this country consider -ptiylnir a largci share of tlio extwnscs of the m^rg- ed Anplo-Amcrican zones In Cicr- .rcony. It was learned tocSiy. !_Thls disclosure came ns the United •• States rcjooted another Brit OH a i,, i ""» /,"~ ""' '!"' ' sh propo-aii that the AUKIO- a service .stUUon .,on jihe/Ameriean conference on Cto-mnt in-• i f^™1 a '', -J." 1 AH,-coal: produoWon — scheduled to ule'^iek^wbT^^^nf ^Mii! 1 " 1 *'* .^?° *f>" ," ' .The ; new lcvei-of-lnthistrv i>iii or Germany also | s still s 'na«ceti In.'iBerlin Dy ..H.S Vet - midlscldscc differences between thc two col in _.„ wmv.nii.iiinijxi O1UC UI lillV building- which will,have a 22Bifoot froi>t. ,. .. . .', ,,.- , . /The,: new structure: will- tnens- iiro ,122 feet on the side;-facing Brdidwny and will have a floor feet. , .The work foi fo spape of .more ithan 25,000: square o/i. pouring, .concrete rtny foiinrialioii.-, h.-schediivd ..„,.,„„.„ me A.ncncniK artd Tir bcqm Mondi-y. ,and, the' fcul'd- ! Ish. -who, arc trying ^ p" ,?„• n inz. ,., ™pertcd,.<o .he completed .hold ; front on how - B 'uoce«-sfiil tlic; and rcadv for nr^nmnr-,, w, iii.i «~. i« iu. . ! >»>":-.-ii»i mej tries. 'Amcrimn- officials expect all • o these difficulties to be -iroiicd on soon.i But iHioy nrc tirr'lnri'nvliiu •to both the Aincricniis and Bril- The 'Blvtlieville Motor Comjwny now occupies n. building compleL- Lns Street. No sStoT.rt n? r No^;r cy bi ^^r" 1 " *'"^" m ™^"™^ ^3^ 25%. „ .e j^T&r.'ffiESf irr, contmcu>is. I rfoini; poor.'y. 'J'lie Americans and British hnvi countless differences — come o thrrn bn^ln ones—over the hand line of Germany. But at the mo merit one which plngues the Brit Ish more M'hn nny other Is tin ITRC amount of Amcrici'n dollar ""•v -have to pour into Ocrnrnn.v. when thc .two zonr>s worn men; ed last December, the two eoun tries asrerd -to shnre thc ex nenscs^-sp-sp. .The JJrltish fiUl»i then to (ict'the 'u.' S. to accept i larger, perccnl.ijje. . - ycnr nt 215 South Second aminiinccmcnl hnj; been made rennrdini; wtint use will be made of this building. State Police Add New Patrolman For Missco Area Patrolman Tom E.'S'mnllcy of the Arknnsns Stnte Police, has been assigned to the State Police here, It wns announced today. Patrolman Smnlley; who recently completed induing school in Little Flock, will work with Pn.trlomcii C. E. Montgomery and A. E. Chronls- ter, who Imve been stationed here for several months. Hc is a native of Corning, Ark. mi: oinciai tncrmomcler of ^- wngm. Manila, when his cnr weather observer R. E. Blaylock a "d a truck collided today nl Iho registered a high of 94 degrees bit,rrsrrimn nf -u/^i..,,! ~...i <?~~ yesterday and a low of 72 degrees, Mr. Blaylock reported today. Truck, Auto Collide Considerable damage wis i!nnc lo a inn Chevrolet driven by ,1. C. Wright. Manila, when his cnr a truck collided today nl Iho intersection of Walnut and Second street.';. . Thc truck, owned- by tho Cily _. - •-" ...v...j. - -.—, *,...,*..,- uy ^u-j »jii\ Miowcrs anti not nullr- rn v:u-i Blytheville received rainfall yes- I<* Company, was driven hy Max day. Pnrtly cloudv toni^ t Trfav nmrtiinHn^ r« tin ^r „ .. . i. Oralinm l^_. . mnjr LlVUtiy I/JIII^.IU "f Ptete t ' |,i m e James P. Tlyines toli •••-—"•' V-UIJILO I , 'I) J'l UC.> Kill British , Forclcn MfnlsLcr Ernest Kind to ] K , • i.iuiu.m^ rrc r-nl!,^ X,~ J ,^ "" lcl] MK " pnr ' '""".OOO, lo Initiate r mapc of the rx-wnscs of run " ning the combiner! Brine. 1 ;—nrovid cd thc British wrc wi':in« swap zones. Tiic U. S. I roorrst. ? .-, no i n rfrnnanv «.,.,„., the British have the most, valuable since H includes the rich imhis- •"1 Hiihr vallev. American officials snlrl the n 3 answer today to sitRcer.tinns thitl this country pav ii'.orc nf the 'ests wiis ithn same ns whnn HiTiir., wns secrelnry—ofcnv if the British want lo swap zones. Committee, However, Slashes Items to "Certain Countries" * Senators to Act Late Today And Decision is to Be Close By SANIJOK H. KI.K1N United I'fcss Stuff Correspondent * .WASHINGTON, Jt ,ly 18. (U.P.)_P,osident Trumarl i-ojccted Iho HOOO.000,000 Republican income 1)1)1, hut tins time tho House promptly over-, WASHlKCiTON, .UVy IB. (Ul')~- l'h« House iipprcprlMlons Coin- mllce 'today voted the mlmlnls- rullon nn additional $13VI.CM.OOa — foi'«h!ii relief .Incluillni; i.iu> full S-lno 030.000 Greek-Turkish n Tim cominilci- [or tla' Tho voices 2««) lo override (he veto and 108 .. -, .0 Iwi-UN'HHA relief rrupram >v Poland. Italy, Chlnn. Ilnnsirv. Austria. Cireeco nml ri'i'lcr,tc, H left lltlo doubt thnt the notion wns ' at beneflls ennmirked for Communist dominated conn- tries of Polniul niul Ilunniirv. The relief funds were Included In 11. bl'l cnrryliiK n >lc.lnl of Sl.- !'>l in siinplctncnlnl iipnro- pilntlons for the currant flscnl vivir. The will debut" Iho bill llrtx afternoon nnd probibly shoot it to the Seiiito by nl(jlit- Tlie bill wns £112.173,081 loss a bin wns *:ii2.m,ri8i Iho lulministvnllon Had UN Balkan Team Gets Few Facts \ Security Council Waits for Details on Guerrillas in Greece I.AKE SUCCESS. N. Y,, July 18, —-••• ••• * i| ULIIV jo, '—A UnS'cd Niilloiis leatiif of W1 fn vctolint the revived bill XHh iw Jan. 1 effective date, Mr. Tru- iiiiin repented hli previous oblec- tlon—thnt It wns Inflationary, un- IIKI nnd unfair lo the low Income K foil p. And he Injected a brand new argument—thn international 'crhlj MitKcd hy tho recent>»harper division brtwcrn the Rmnlan bloc and In* Weil. " AlthoUBh the' House oVerre'di h'fi (Icclslon, n veto sticks unless bolh House and Senate override by twff- thlrcls majorities Tlio Seimte was expected to fall Uvo-tK, Sl '° rl °' th ° """W of STJ1.ro3,con for relief | n it,., (xj. •unlrd nrn-s r>f Geriimny, Ja]):ui. Aur.lriu nml Keren. llorvcr lines Hi-tore <lrum> ver nr.nrorr-d before the eiimrnll- le<> prraoiinllv in uri-o iipprnvnl of I hi: full War Otpirlmenl. roqiipslj In mililnu Hit! llfllOO.non cut, In the HhcriMcd countrii's ps-niirinn !hc i-n-ritilt.lcc sivid lt-,nt "thi K nnvmnl iTpresenled 'the mim Intended to i;o to corbin coimtrlra of an iiniBcnnlo to net at lhat time. team reported .... ., flmlliipK to Ihn tcmporiVrv 'u'l'iiiea rfiitions Inve.iticntiiiK subcoinnils- Klon nl Silnnlkii, In Northern areecc. the IUN press office announced. 'A UN press officer w|Hi the po- which liavo" not shown •ll'.m -to comply with (he rcqiilro- l«a mento of the act imlhoi'Miig the The .commlUcn (lid not n,i'ne tho countries It hud lii mind" hut nrcsu-nmbly referred lo I'rtlhnd ,«nd pnrt' ^ " ]" i-«>r» ill I r, SttlnnlkiL commission lenm : of American; Mr. Trurnnn with abil5 prcnldcnllnl 'veto power Illlcnl purposes. ' Nnllonnl (Jhiilrnmn Carroll Reecc f.nld In n statement that "appar- »- onlly Mr. Truman Is detenuIncd hat his thrce-and-a-httlf year <i'0|leniir c In Iho Whlto KoasB shall Hdv scd UN K(1 (lowll ,,, ,, Kt M0 ^ B sha » Russlnn and;n(imlnIstriUI(in" Rusnlnn .«nd' "it will bo relief' the United stiitcs niicl Vth'iit iH'.'o' lit l^c"Kl'vcn''lo ll j>crs i nns 'ttillr\- those liiteniletj:' :' riiiniilnlnn Item" hi "the' fouf- foi-tlRri 'To'icf prOBi-niil '— n sled nni)rrp:-|nllon of J7H- ,-- fon'U, S. I'lrticlji'itlon' In I'liO'lnlcninUhnil rnf«(jrfc oi-giiillzii- tlcm—WKS -trhiMiwl -hy thft cotn- mlttcc .to $71,C24,C03.' ~ GOP Senators Discuss Policy Group to Decide If Truman to Get Flood Control Funds secrelary Thc " terl'-i' . Julv JJ1..(VI,') ,— Repuh'lcnn Tolicy ,,. -, , v,111 decldo Irnlliy.wheth- lo press for nctlnn on 'Pro:;l- dent Truman's rrquest for $250.- • .. r.wyu , 117 rlllLlillC J| IO]H£-lall^O '>- flood in the Mis- Weather AHKANSAS-Scntlcrnd Ihnnil.-r- showcrs and not quite so .vnrni to- - --, to Prosprcls did not appear too ins U'C, l.'i-iqht fc;- sfiii-c^inp! the President's wn?rr,>s prcposril into an nh-rrdy r-.iil 'gcndii for tho remaliilni! cluht '•orklng days of this session, niil them wore ImlicnllniiK Hint evon If Mr. TnniMn's special ]il:m were plCT-onhnlcd. hts mlRhl prompt the ,'eirislnlors lo Inrrri'so funds In the rejrnbr flood control Chnirmnn C'han Guniov u K IX. nf " Saturday. and S^pCS BonSSr Offers-Again Warn Scooter Operators License is Needed In compliance with the warning issued motor scooter operators last week by Slntc Patrolmen C. E, Montgomery nnd A. E. Chronlstcr, city and state police todny announced open warfare ngalnst unlicensed scooter drivers. The state policemen wnrned owners and operators of motor scooters in Blylheville that Ihey must cers each Monday. Licenses for thc operation r>f scooters wil. be issued to applicants 14 years of age and older, they snid., Thc parents ol children under 11 years of age who arc apprehended will Ire held responsible. Chief of Police Chharles Short stated today thnt members of thc Blylheville Police Department have «i-"Vj" • •"••"•• ••••", .utuu of i may operate motor scooters In Ar- prcswcnts, and a widely-known knnsns on their regular drivers' 11- commcnlator on the events of his censes but youths between thc ages dav. died last =i ^,. h , of u and , 8 when apply , nBCfo f Bs license to operate a motor scooter, that licenses wlh be restricted to the operation of thc scooters only. In order to receive a driver's license for either motor scooters or automobiles, the applicants must -. — .....v mvj *nu3i, my LUCVIiic I'uncc ijcj>anmcni nave hold a state drivers license to use been ordered lo co-operate with the tint lync of vehicle. | state officers In any way In order tint type of vehicle. The officers slalcd that ndults day, died last ntght at his home af tsr n long Illness. He was 19. As one of the outstanding polltl- ... ——•^...n_,j viit; "••», VL t>»ib v/UUOl-illlOlIlK DOIlll- which were dcpendlnf? on cal writers of his «'ra, Blythe was Rrt\irr-t>z tf\* v.,4n. i^ .j ».. t..» t. ... ' . r ^ ' rta , e was an Intimale of every president from D career embraced . host of other subjccl* Ilian national affairs. , pass n drivers lest, lliey said. These being laken for •tests arc given by thc stale' om-'lhe operators of to enforce this law. Hc further stated that the carry- Ing of two or more passengers on one motor scooter Is a violation of Blylheville Iraffic safety laws nnd that violators would he prosecuted. Chief Shorl polnlcd oul that thc Increased number of motor scooters In Blythcvlltc has made n major traffic problem and these slops arc -* — £ n 'J!*«j£ IK ML 1 "' nf ~t»°^ V"»££ Ihe scoolcrs. of i; j '••• :r i ' ' •"• ,. by .«.!) , abrupt. fl the Security' . ; councl) 'ri " ,-,,, ,,.j _ .^../nnvij iiOiliIA'.! !!.•> < ChhtO ' Ulllll |,,((l" TltCStlOy . JlO ,KlVC delCfrntcs nn etevciitlj-lic'ur chcini'c lo' close the orttliv,' irAn between Russia nlul •the" i 'Weslcrh" 1 nowr!H over the mounting •'tension' In O-ccce. _ iWlt.hout nb.fcr.hnn from the dol- . ct»-ilrs of the United Shies Great 'Britain, Oonncfl O.':mr LTIIKC of Polsml the session. At lenst five full mnet- IHKK next week will be devoted to the linlknns cnse. Kirllcr n Bulgarhn offlclnl prc- " •v -if- •.•i#W»'vn raided .t^ie mtef- ifationnl .question without mentioning Russia by name He «ud this country now was exposed to PrMlrion.* "S rcatc '' risk" by the recent <rei cut short fllsil|ct Klissla unrt hcr Eurrpeaii M. meet ! ^^..^J^L '» «»" ***** Join ._ 1'lnn" for Europe's economl's -recovery. "our resiwnsibilltles rchnbllitiitlon - . . lnrl«y" thnl 6ovlnt Deputy f 1 " 11 "™! rchnbllitntlon li^vo:. mi MlnL-tcr Andrei Oroinvkn lln l»rliinl bearing on our, efforts " lor . Imtr* li^vo:. Foielcn Minister Andrei tlromvkoi n)K>rtl " U bc»«»e on our, efforts Ihe United Slatrv-i p'an, ° sctl "'c lusting pence," he said, for <\ long-tcnn United Nations! " • • • u 'i [il wp "« hnltm- .,hi» (Vnii i — w * ' "— •***•«• ... Until we arc better able to estimate thc cost 'of .our, lu- .the n'ordrr Commission to police .e . ., nniknns. | vcslinenl in, world peace and»coi- Tlio. .Bulgarian oflld'\l n-'.kcd Icctive security, it /Is r: lujw«i: .to Ihn I. hl.i nnmc not IK -used. • I nMilcc so.^ jiirgc^t. In our ' ' .t' inni. 111.1 name not 1«-used. • ] nWilcc so. (nrgc,l. In our gpvi Tho rorecnni. of Rufsia's decisionU'rni'nciit'sV.liuurc . income .ti'inl', ,pijr In the frist-Wcsl dispute over the ability lo meet pur needs wqiild l}9 Greet: (|UC3lion rnme n» Ihe UN! ""'Paired.", ,. .'_'.';.. '-".:"'.'" t '"•-.;-.?- xrrurii.v rnnn^ii ,.,,.in. i..„.. ,^i.,i I lii', Lhe^.snp'.o"brcath, 1 j^!r'. TTi^t. man ;iald'.the ,IJ. s. '','natloiial Defense' establishment .still''requires large sums. 1 " ... ''." '?.'.'.; ,, \' :V. f|UC3Uon rnme ns Ihe UNj seenrlt.v council •. undertook polnl- by-noh»l argumcirt .'on the -ma-- Joril.y-bacfccd American iirrpomSs' vlslns oirt of the UN Dnlknn In'. The proivrsnls are n lined at .(..;..>. uiu |jmpH.-s:ns are nimeci au bxcsp), lor tlio effective dnl Kovlcl-sunnorted. BulBarin, Yugo-! Jun; i, .1348, Instead ' of July SlilVin, nn<l AiUilTllll. . • . lo.n_ iii n ''U n ... u.t. ii._ • _ . . .,, 't:<csp|, lor tho> effective date— ' " 1847,—tlio" new bill was 'the '.-ama as tije.gjd one. . '.;.,. , , It. would reduce' income . taxea 10.5 to 30 per cent and save eoiiia 48,5C<j<),OjO taxpayers an' estlmatui Vt.Uj^Xl. 1 -^ 1 ''^ annually begiiinlng next yunr. .' • • f •I'lie House began voting on ths motion to oveiride the moment thc clerk completed reading Mi. 'i runmn's HOO-word message. As soon ns the reading.was completed, Speaker Joseph w. Martin, jr., ol Massachusetts, asked: ' of the i'onllnc Motors plant' iierel Wi " tnG Housc o| i rccoiisidera- al noon tnriav , , tlon. agree to pass the bill;' lha Three Men Killed In Flash Fire in | Ponriac Factory .- Son:'.tc Anprnprintions Siih-.CommlUee wr.rklns oil tin' I'ONTIAC, Mich.. July i-j. (up> flood conlrnl mcnsura. snid he --Two men were killed and n third Ihoiiehl Mine wns n qood chnnna <vns burned critically when a flnrh of t.h^ Sen-te's innre.i.sln^ thr. 1 f're swc|)t tJirough one •'•*"--'-'-••» Sirooro.o-o already voted bv thn'of the I'onllnc Motors , _...,., House. Another sub - ccmmitlee nl noon today ,1.1011. agree to pass the »»>, i,^ mnn'icr predicted thn Ssnnte 'Hie dcnd, burned beyond rc'-'ia- i ob J cctlo " s "^ the President to Uys itlnn hiii iri.niHri.ui T,,^_ i country . notwithstanding?". Chnirinan Harold Knlitson of th« wouM set aside al lefis'l S20o"coO.- Thc iPrc-sidcn! at his news conference yeaierdny de-,rribed the initial appropriation he had asked ns p, "down-pa^ncnt" on flood irrc'ccUon. To tho charge of Chairman Jolr.i Trtcr. R.. N. Y., o'f thc Hr-usc An- propriations Comm.'ttce, Ihnt .his rropram was motivated bv "polities." Mr. Trirtmn rent led that Te.bcr criticized everything nnd Ihpi', his objections were lo be ex- The President's p'an did not in- o'ud-! provision for "Valley Au- tt-^rltles" along the Hues of the TVA. 8cn. Jame, 1 ; E. Murrav, D., Mont., puthcr of the Mismuri Vnl- lev Authorltv bill who addrc-iscs thn varny develonnicnt conference ., didn't endcrso the valley plans on the department's nftcntoon shift pending repairs and un investigation. Police Seeking'bwncit.^ Of Fire-Damaged Auto the old one^-as incoiisistcht; wltli sound fiscal, policy. -- ••"This Is still the wrong kind of tax reduction and. ttitt Is 'still thi wrong timel"ftie' ttaldr ' •' ^^* , Mr. Truman In a messiigc lo the Hbustf-'repcaVed wh'af, he described ns his firm commitment to "the right kind of tax reductio-i The Blythevjllc Fire Department at the right time." But hj saM answered n call last night at 10:00 the revised Republican plan fcr to extinguish a nrc In the motor of a cut. on Jan. 1 was "premature n 1939 Ford parked In the 400 block and faulty." • on East Davis. I- -•"- .•.'•..:. M Fire Chief Roy Head said damage! M ' V -'^*'-«- - ;;':-. : ••• thc car was slight. . j IN. T, WOtTOn '• ; City police took custody of the! ; automobile when they were unablr.:.NEW YORK, July 1< ^UPl— to locate the owner. I close firm. ••••-. r ' Police Chief Charles Short said] open high low -clos* 3250 M7t 4432 W75 XW M75 MS5 3471 Dec. ...... 3380 3*27* 3378* 3423 I Spots close SSJ1; down l«, It was believed that the car was July stolen from Poplar Bluff, Mo.; but Oct.- ns yet he had learned nothing defl nilc regarding the car's owner,

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