The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1949
Page 13
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'WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER M, 19W OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople / JESS, VOU'RE HIS ' FAVORITE UKJCUE AND He BIWGS TO THE KIPS ABOUT KXJ--EVEN TRIES TO IMITATE VDUR WALK AMP TALK-BUT THIS I MUST TAKE A HANP =•/ CASJ'T SLEEP AFTER FIVE IN TH' NETTIE-LONG HABIT- A LITTLE AFRAIP O' THAT COFFEE GADGET SO I fcVVPE COFFEE IN A PAKJ--GUESS BILLY HEARP ME DOWN HEAH/ ; MBS. HOOPLE.' 1Ue MA3OR IrJVITfiD <-I'M 6OINX3 fO POSE FOR A STAW& CARV/IUGJ ARE VXS6TOO EftRl-V /rJCYCLOsSe SMlFF-SrJlFF-—r-S SIGMAL. IP "Wf: rllSH ALTITUD6 OP A STOOL Doe.<=*i'T BOTHER. YOU . i SDeeesT VOD FOR HIN\ At/CUtU Joe's/-— I'LL. seNio HIM. OVIER THE MllJOTg POKES HIS Nose IN -rue DOOR/ , 1U6 REAR, MARCH HEROES ARE VH.PE, NOT BORN FOR SALE Concrete culverts VA Inch to 48 Inch, plain or reenfurced Ats« Con rr elt Building Blocks cheaper than lumLet (or bams chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses. Lou) sljeds Wr deliver Call us for free estimate Phone 69J OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. ' yaw i You Can Tell the Difference in Good ' Shoe Repair H-flLT€RS 'nt'TY SHOE SHOP ! • w M a I sj ST. WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store Someone By IRENE IONKEN ERNHART Co P ,n fl s,. \w, NCA strict, INC TMK STOHYi Jrnmy'. mnrrl:. B * 10 T.m Ouncit* kn,» aearljr buy Red 4n*v» vrlih iijtHcijlile«. «or ih« !«••! **•!•£ the «rr(*ol at t»vtn *<>»•. HHd Tod'i iu.-tliilltj to for• ri MB Conovtr. *vhi> IllirJ Mm. After Tod'* Krnilunrton <-ol- I***, ihrjr II?* In ibc srtir»l c«>t- inKt* Of an old ohum Illok Horrl«. vrJtllf Pod commute* Tod «UB- peel* (km Klvk IB ID JOT* viifk Jenny )lejin\*bJie. Pot! 1 - mother, vrbu dliltLt-ft Jrnnjr. • u^e"""'* ih»l Tod -liny IK tb* rliy all week. r«- tarnlni; ho Mr •! vrffk-eottm. Then Tod «ta<r* •«r»y oar wrr«k~rnd. Jrnnj borrow* RlrL'» eur nnd t»d» a frqnnlld ba»*»eni apartment !• (kr cliy—•« «h* CAM live wtlh Ti»d. To4 tklnk» I|V oil riekr —for •ometklnc "temporary," • • • XXI TENm^had thought Tod's rest'" tessness and discontent Uirough the summer had resulted from commuting back and forth, and the strain of acclimating himselJ to his >ob. She had even wondered If jealousy of Rick had something to do with it. And now that they were settled In the basement apartment on Randolph street, she looked for a change in him. But there was none. His irritability and moodiness increased 'instead of lessened. "Tod, are you worried about something?" "No. Of course not." He picked .up a book and opened it at random. "You seem to be worrying over something. 1 thought maybe it was something I could help with. Is it money?" "Does anybody ever have enough money?" he said, almost too promptly. - - — A short silence, then Jenny said, '*! know this apartment costs more than it's worth, but it we 1 re together, you and 1 and the babies, it's a great deal." Tod snapped the book shut impatiently and rose. "Are you worried about your mother?/ Jenny asked. He went over to the closet rmd look out his hat "Yes, I'm worried about her." A thin hint of irritation threaded his voice- Jenny watched ID silence as he put on his coal and went out. mut- ering something aboui cigarels. Tomorrow, she decided, she would see Mrs. Duncan She could ask the landlady to sit with the twins for an hour. FOD walked briskly down, the shabby street, guilt washing through him hi sickening waves. He couldn't stand to Have Jenny turn those brown eyes of hers on him so sympathetically, asking what wag troubling him. For months now, ever since he had gone to work for the firm, ne bad been seeing Liz Conover She was working, for her father's advertising Grm, which handled Tod's company's business- He saw Liz nearly every week. She brought over Ihe advertising copy personally. in?tend of sending it by messenger. He had thought he would tell Jenny casually of having seen Liz.. But there had never seemed to be an opportune moment ID the beginning. And now seeing her had come to be something different, something he looked forward to wilh trembling hands and a thudding heart, and a feeling of contempt for himself. He couldn't mention Liz casually to Jenny now. He was stirred up. And that was what Liz wanted. He was sure of it the day his boss, Mr. Freytag, said, "Duncan, Miss Conover from the advertising agency says you ought to be handling our advertising 'layouts! She'' told me you were good at thai sort of thing that her father had tried to gel you into their.arm." He admitted he had been interested in advertising, and from then on it was settled. He had conferred with Liz over the copy Each meeting had been r more tense and filled with undercurrents than the one .before. Liz knew her power over him. As he walked along now ihrougti the, night be wondered it it wouldn't be best to make a clean breasi of it Why. not say "You see now h is. Jenny—having oern .n love with her o'nee I feel upset over the contact But I'll gel over it She doesn't mean anything to me really Just be paticnl wilh me. Jenny/' No, thai wouldn't make sense. llc'd been married to Jenny tor a year and a halJ no\y. arid il Liz still had ihe power tq tear' him to pieres inside- there wasn't any use trying to explain ft to Jenny. . No wonder Jenny knew something was tormenting him. 'THE next day Jenny put the babies to bed wilh bottles for their naps at 2 o'clock and asked Mrs. Slattery. the landlady, to sit in the apartment while she took a taxi to the Madison street apartment where Tod's mother Lived. Mrs. Duncan didn't seem to be home. One of the neighbor women in the building talked to Jenny about her. "She's always.takin' nerve medicine. Miz Duncan is, She goes around to different drug stores gettin' that prescription filled." "She does?" Jenny was shocked. "Yeah. She's always doped up with it. I said to her the other day, I srud r 'Miz Duncan, why do you take so much of that there nerve medicine. You know it ain't good for you. What if the doctor found out?' And she said,. 'Nobody's gonna tell him! 1 And I says. 'But why do you trke so much of it?" .and she says, 'Because it makes me feel tike I'm fioatin 1 on a cloud. I ferget my troubles. I fcrgot I don't feel good and. none of my kids come to see me no more/ " Jenny escaped utter a while. Alter she had told Tod. he ( -went that night .to sec his mother. Bui there was'little he could do. Three weeks later, in December, she fell down a J.flight of stairs and was taken to trie hospital and then to a nursing nome. Tod was relieved'in a way, because he knew the medicine habit would t>e broken, but on the other hand with money being paid out each week to tne nursing home his fi n a ncial si tu n tlon became more and more desperate. 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Phone 888 •S T U D E B A K E R (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSE* Stampede I» On , \ THEM IT . - I Musr Be, DID BRING- /INVISIBLE/ WPL/RSE/ SEE? rrs ENOOF M/ Twiftp TASSEL; ArJOTiiER CARRYING YOUR DOU6H OM YOUC IXIMF—YOUR. HANDS ARE FREE FOR SCRIMMAGING/ COPS. WJ B« M* SERVICE. INC. I. M. R [c . U. s. PAT. OFf. |'l read that children should be taught home-making in an interesting way, but al! Dorothy seams to be able to learn is how to make fudge!" J'RLSCn.I.A'S I>OI> BY AL VERMEBR O... I MEAN NEVER CAUGHT! THAJ'5 TWICE I CAUGHT HIM SNEAKING OUT AFTER I OENT ROOM! I JUST CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT! BOYS WERE SURE DIFFERENT IN MY DAV! YOU MEAN YOU NEVER SNEAKED OUT ? Muck's on the Spot ISY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RAU'H LANE T'lL PUT THIS ON THE TEU7YPE TO SEC MAYBE STAUCUP WILL H/WE DIFFICULTY EXPIAIN- ING A1ANTHORP TO THE POIICE.VEBA CAPTAIN EAS Searcher Is Searched HY LESLIE TURNER'<;••• HOLY SMOKE! IT'S TWO GUYS,AMD TKEVKE- APPfcREWTLV NOTHING ISGOME Sill THEY MADE A RE*L SEM?CHTHRU MiV PAPERS L HUSm WMJT6D TO KNOW WHY I* ID SMJ , GETTING AWAV! I'LL HEVEC. BE ABLE TO WASH >A&.RKEt> >j SAW DIABLO ON HIS J AP? HEV, THERE'S ' A LIGHT MOVIUG ABOUT IM MY BOOM HIS STEPS TO H150WNROOW VJHEW.... B-BUT WE'RE GOIN' FISHW/ W6 WOM'T I YVHY S-STAKT TH K-RECORP PLAYER? STOP THAT RACKET/ IT'S THREE O'CLOCK (N THE MORNING/ , UNLAX/I'LL HANPLE IT/ BY V. T. HAMI.IN . HIGHNESS. OOP'S/ S*,Y. THATS V-.BLJT V/HY PAST TH- CRISIS/ HE'LL GRFAT.' YOU 1 rl^TX Oh, Tell Us Morel BY BDGAR MARTIN IT vttow WHICH Cff WY \WWM\OWS TO SO-00 CHOOSE \ WORRS ,V.f\» 'e aoowo TO we.

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