The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1950
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MAY 16, 1950 Democratic Party Hits Opponents 7 'Smear' Tactics Hiring of Communists By Government Also Rapped in Statement - By MARION BURSOX liJOHICAGO, May IS. </?>/—The Democratic Party said today it is a- Bainst government employment or Communists but it. is also against "smears." A policy statement adopted by the party's national committee declared: "We condemn efforts to gain partisan advantage of smears and I innuendoes which hamper our government and blacken the characters or innocent citizens." No specific mention ^as made of charges by Senator McCarthy '-K-Wis> of Communist infiltration in the Slate Department. However, the statement, voted at a midnight session of the committee following President Truman's Chicago staduim speech, said: "It Is the duly of every citizen who has evidence of disloyally to furnish any such evidence to the government. "We reaffirm our belief in fair play and honest factual investigation. "We believe that development of facts better serves the interesl of our people than development of headlines based on rumor and distortion." The statement continued: "The Democratic Party will never advocate fighting communism with the police state terrorism which Communism imposes upon its own victims." Generally, the policy statement WrL* renewal of pledges made in w^.yDemocrat's 1948 platform and a pledge of support for Mr. Truman's fair Deal program. It said: "We are proud of an administration under which the national income has more than tripled In 17 years and we offer it as proof that wise, liberal government contribotes greatly to the growth and prosperity of our free enterprise economy." BMTHEVTI.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS NTKB IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS H. R. AIKEN and WILLIE MAE AIKEN. Pitt. v*. No. 11,225 RUBEN DUKES, IRMA LEE DUKES, R. T. JAMES MARY JAMES and M. FREEMAN, Dft.s. NOTICE OK SAI,E Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned, commissioner in Chancery, will, pursuant to the order of the. Chancery Court For the ^jfcfLnsaivba District of Mississippi C^wTity, Arkansas, rendered on the 19th day of April, 1950, in a cause therein pending wherein H. R. Alton and Willie Mae Aiken are plaintiffs and Ruben Dujes, Irnia Lee Dukes, R. T. James, Mary James «nd M. Freeman are defendants on the 10 day of June, 1950 offer !or sale at public auction, at the South Door of the Mississippi County Courthouse at Blythevllle Arkansas, to the highest and best bidder, the following lands and property in the Chicknsawba District of Mississippi County, state of Arkansas, to-wit: All of Lot 4, in Block 1 of the K. R. Aikcn Subdivision of the South Half of the Southeast Quarter, of Section 15. Township 15 North, Range 11 East. Said sale will be held between the hours of nine o'clock in the forenoon and three o'clock In the afternoon of the date aforesaid, upon the following terms: The sale shall be on a credit of three months to secure the payment of judgment for S208.33, together with interest at 8 per cent per annum from November 17, 1848 and for all costs herein expended by plaintiffs and costs of this action. The purchaser at said sale £M be required to give bond, with Mwrovcd security, to secure the Reds hove 44 oil bales and 1200 fighter planes in Siberia, intelligence reports soy. Nova! and air bases at PETROPAVLOV5K and in the KOMANDORSKIE IS. aie being strengthened SIBERIA- based Russian war planes often "buzi" American airliners on Great Circle route to Japan. Hard core ol ALASKA'S defense consists of about 90 fighter planes in ANCHORAGE-FAIRBANKS area, fewer than 1000 ccmbarground troops xcept for ALASKA HIGH WAY, oil militorysupplies ""ill go north by **o or ofr. Most go from SEATTLE. UNITED STATES Appointments Open in Army Reserve Corps Appointments as reserve officers i Ihe Army Organized Reserve Jorps are still available nnrl will're- tain so until July 15. Lt. col. H. V. •og.sdon. Northeast Arkansas OKC mil instructor, announced today. All ex-scrvlce personnel Interested 11 appointments as a second lieu- enant may contact Col. Logsdon Hi lie niythevllle Air Base (Building r-800) between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. on the first three Tuesday evenings of each month until July 15. he also f, also said that persons with Attuy or Air Force service between ~>K. 1. 1941. and June 30. 1947, as a warrant officer or non-commls- sior.ed officer (of Ihe first throe grades) and holding a high school diploma may apply Tile rank also s open to persons formerly holding a rower rating who now possess a college degree. Those net qualifying under Ihe above conditions must pnss an Army general classification test before, np"- >licatlon ean be maile, Col. Logsdon said. "WEAKEST LINK" IN OUR DEFENSE SYSTEM?—Alaska's appeal for statehood and her neei for more adequate military defenses—including a "tighter" radar screen—.ire being considered by Congress at this lime. Meanwhile, Soviet Russia's ever-growing military might in far eastern Siberia becomes more and more a threat to this strategic U. S. territory.' The Newsmap above shows how growing mass of Soviet air bases confronts the Alaskan frontier, which General Eisenhower recently called the "weakest link in our entire security system." Confesses Drowning Wife NEWARK, N.J.. May IB. (/PI — Joseph Olohan Is to be arraigned on a murder charge here today, while funeral services go on in Daii- »iry. Conn., for the wife he is accused of drowning in a bathtub. The drowning happened Sunday morning, on their first wedding an- ilversnry. Then Olohan walked into police headquarters and told police about It. The desk sergeant emoted m as saying he went out for some heavy drinking Saturday night, came home at 2 a.m., drank some jeer, and then "all I remember Is that I shoved her with both hands vhile she was in the bathtub and said. 'Drown, you .' " Police found the nude body of I/juisc. a 38-year-old-blonde, still in the tub. Olohan, 37. Is a shipping clerk. Police on the night desk doubted that he would be allowed to attend he funeral. payment of the purchase price and a lien will be retained on said lands [urther to -secure such purchase money. Witness my hand this 15 day of May, 1050. Harvey Morris, Commissioner In Chancery 5:16-23-30 Turkey's New Leader Pledges Friendship to Western Allies By EDWIN B. GREENWAI.D ISTANBUL, Turkey, May 16. OP) —Turkey's new strong man. Celal Baynr, said today his nation's newly-elected government stands loyal to its alliances and friendships with the Western world. He gave his pledge In an interview after disclosing his five-year- old Democratic Party had already taken 375 of the 481 Grand National Assembly seats In Sunday's general election. The Democrats' triumph left in ruins President Ismet Inonu's People's Party, which has ruled Turkey for 27 years. With returns still awaited from some provinces, some observers said Tnonu's group might have no more than 80 seats when the assembly meets next Monday to elect a new president. Turkey receives American military aid under the Truman doctrine and economic assistance under the Marshall Plan. Though not a signer o( the Atlantic Pact, Turkey also has been frequently mentioned unofficially as seeking membership in the alliance. To Re 'Most Loyal' Bayar said his party "shall definitely be most loyal to our alliances resented In the OKEO— organization for European Economic Cooperation—which handles Marshall Plan allocations. The Germans have been invited to send consular officers to the U.S. and OEEC countries, but have taken no action for somewhat mysterious reasons. They may be holding out for dill diplomatic recognition. Itic BIB Three are agreed on no re-armament for western Germany, though it Is being promoted by military leaders, It may come eventually, but no new decision on it may be expected in London. There Is now no thought of withdrawing Allied armies ol occupation. A new policy statement on unl- (IcrtLlosi of eastern and western Germany Is likewise unlikely. Thl» U now largely a propaganda Ulklnf point for the Communists. The we«t German proposal for a free election on unification will not be accepted by the cast Germans because It will not give the Russians the kind of German unity they want—n*m«lj i Communist - controlled Germany i which would he a satellite. Korean Vessels Fire on Red Craft- SEOUL. Korea. May 16. </T) — South Korea naval authorities said today patrol craft o( the tiny republic fired Sunday on two Russian ships. They said their craft drove the Russian ships, of 4,000 tons each, out of South Korean territorial waters. Two other Russian vessels were sighted off the Eastern Korea coast early Sunday but disappeared without Incident, a spokesman said. and friendships." "I hope that in our dealings wit. our allies and friends, we shall b more attentive and progressive s that the outcome of our relation may be satisfactory to all pnrlie concerned," 'he continued. Turkey's political and econom: relations with the West "will b stronger and will be conducted in a more understanding manner," the 67-year-old party leader declared. The Democrats 1 sweeping victory, which astounded foreign observers, was attributed to widespread dissatisfaction with high living costs, which have threatened Turkey with economic collapse. The sweeping defeat of the In- onu's party included the loss of assembly seats by 12 cabinet ministers. They included Premier Shem- settin Gunattay. Foreign Minister Necmeddin Sadak and Cemll Sail Barlas, minister for coordination of the Marshall Plan in Turkey. Horses were first Introduced In the Southwest in 1540 by the Spanish explorer, Coronado. Cattle and sheep were brought by Spanish colonists in 1598. EDSON Continued from PAJH g ivith the east-west Oermnn unification demands. U.S. High Commissioner John Jay McCloy and his British and French co-commissioners have been having their troubles In recent month.'! with the west German government at Bonn. The High Commission announced when the Bonn government was set up. that on purely local German matters there would be minimum Interference. Yet when this Bonn government passed Income tax and civil service laws which were not considered sound, the-High Commission vetoed them. The Germans complained bitterly that this was interference In Iheir domestic affairs. The High Commission made the veto stick, however, and 'the German government promptly came up with new laws more to Ihe western Allies' liking. There Is one view that this Is the right way to deal with the Germans—to be lough with them. Berlin Politics Tan|r> Issues The matter of bringing western Berlin into the Bonn government is now snarled by Internal German politics. German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer apparently does not favor too close an alliance with Berlin because its Socialist vole might upset his government. But closer Integration of west Berlin with western Germany is one subject to which Allied Foreign Ministers may have to pay attention. Admission of west Germany to the Council ol Europe is assured though the Council does not have much power. Germany is now rep- . . . m*4 Hi A-lTtr*! 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