Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 29, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1891
Page 5
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10,OpC) Niekleby Cigars! ,j; Best Gigar in the City. » n ^i- **$a':mp EVID1 vyTfWHSW V' ATff i -v V| -Tf'f ("->* -«. fOE THE STATE Tlie Shaft'er Murder Trial JPr ln:i Rapidly— Evidence for !Stute Nearly all In the SOMETHING NEW! THE COUNTER SALE. Wow Being Held at The Grand Bazaar, 307, 4tli St. Sotp in, if Only to Look. MONEY TO LOAN, n any min m the LOWEST rates. Private tnndi only. Honey alwoye ID hand. No red tape or deter- Interest and principal payable in LORUI/S- port. Special arrangements us to payment oi principal and Internet, made to salt the wishes ot borrower." Jor further particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays. Fridays of Saturdays. 214 Fourth street, opposite Court House. 6 N E Y , Qenenil Inenranot and Loins. All kinds ot In- larfmce placod In nz-st class companies. Endowment policies porcfciped. Bonds of surety*!.. written -or purtUe holding poBltlens of trnn when » bond Is required. 319 PEAKi ST. S. M. Gloss on , MONEY TO LOAN! ind Notes Boughtln any sum over $25 at lowest - rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GBO. B. FORGY. declSiUwfim Daily Journal. THURSDAY MORNING, JAN. 29. George Henke, the printer, went to Chicago this morning. . Mrs. D. A. Hauk and children are visiting at Indianapolis. Mrs. Harry Thompson has returned from a visit at Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. James O'Donnell entertained .a party of friends Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Sewell en tertained a party of, friends in a pleasant manner Tuesday evening. Judge Frazer is busily engaged preparing his verdict in the Turpie-Lowe case; / It is not known when the ver- dictSvill be returned. A'.three-story building crammed full to the top indicates a' readiness for the spring,trade. Such a store is the one presided over by Henry Wiler & Co. Call in and'See the spring styles in wall paper and carpets. r The.old, -.'Centennial" dancing club will hold'a'reunion dance at the G. A. K. hall Monday night. . J. M. Culp Trill furnish the' music and Byron Wilson: will act as prompter. . This is j a club which gave a series of dances in 1876.; : ; ' ;' ' QThe funeral of Mrs. Minnie Griffith was very largely attended yesterday afternoon.. Services were.con- ducted at the residence of J A. Cbap- pelow, 1007 North street-.^.S^SO o'cloek,conducted by Rev. Dr. Putnam. Interment at Mt. Hope. The coroner of Wayne county has returned a .verdict that the killing of Louis Darnell, at Richmond, was due to a .defective car brake, -and- the Pat- Handle Company had knowledge thereof. A suit for $10,000 damages will be filed against the company. Dr. J. D. McCann, of Monticello, was in the .city yesterday assisting Dr. J. B. Shultz in a delicate ophration on the arm' of a Monticello boy who had his wrist broken sometime ago and which left the boy's fingers stiff. The tendons were,, cut, thus giving the fingers freedom of action. It is confidently asserted that the projectors of the Chicago natural gas pipe-line scheme have abandoned the undertaking, assigning as a < reason that the company finds itself too greatly embarrassed and harassed by the farmers over the right • of way. Fifty-miles of eight-inch mains were bought from one Indianapolis house, and quita a quantity.has been resold at figures'several.thousand dollars less than was originally paid. The Awful CJinrcli Choir again. Lafayette Call: Cupid has Qbeen playing sad havoc with the choir of the Ninth Street Church, which promises to reorganize itself as soon as the capers are over with. We have it on good authority that the following weddings will take place in the near future: The leader of the choir and the organist; the tenor and the alto; and; the cornetist and one of the sopranos. That choir will hereafter be a focal point for the eyes of ambitious match-making, mammas. Of course, as fast as members "hook on" to some one and wed, they will have consideration enough to step aside and let other wailing expectants drop into their places. • Miss Zoe Quaintance, the pretty little court reporter whose nimble fingers are taking down the evidence in the Shaffer murder case has been the hardest worked young lady in town for the past few days. Witnesses have been introduced rapidly and plied with questions innumerable and it is indeed~a clear brained and quick fingered reporter who can follow Dykeman's incessant flood of queries, at times incoherently jumbled, -without faltering or loosing ground. Miss Quaintance was observed to heave a deep sigh of relief when '-Hear ye, tiear ye, hear ye" was sounded in the court room last evening. An Accomplished Hen. Lafayette Courier: A well known resident of the Fourth ward has a chicken which is evidently endeavoring to effect a reform in the shape, of •gs. This particular hen lays eggs flattened for the purpose of giving .to the public an egg that will not roll about but will remain firm where it is jlaced. If she is only able to teach other hens her remarkable discovery ind invention it will prove a great blessing to mankind, and save much loss and expense iiy the "prevention of the breakage of tens of thousands of eggs. ^ Tlie tireys. The Logan Greys held their regular monthly inspection last night. The honors for being the neatest non-commissioned officer were awarded to corporal Bringhurst, and to Joe Taylor for being the neatest private. Emil F. Keller was elected Secretary for the ensuing year to fill the Office-made vacant by the resignation of Alfred Bringhurst. , The interest the members are taking promises, in a short time, to make this already'.well-established military company the best organization of its kind in the State. Ask Your Fricndw Who have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla what they think of it, and the replies will be positive in its fav^or. One has been.cured of indigestion and dyspep- tia, and another finds it indispensable for sick hea.dache, others report remarkable cures of scrofula, salt rheum, etc. Truly, thebestadvertising-which Hood's Sarsaparilla receives is the hearty endorsement of its array of friends. 6 J>eath of Mat Karde*. Mat Kardes, the well-known engineer of the Pan Handle, died at 11:25 last night _at, his home Con George street.' He was a member of B. L. E. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his loss. Time of funeral will be announced . hereafter. .This sad intelligence will be received with sincere regret by_ the many warm friends of the deceased in thi& city and along the line. Conrad Fisher, the. night watchman in the Wabash yards at Lafayette, found Charles "Adams, a nicely dressed stranger, in a car' of merchandise Monday night. The car seal' had been broken. ' Adams could not give a satisfactory explanation of his presence there and Mr. Fisher took him to jail. 'Several pairs of kid'gloves were found on his person. With one Cass county man recently sentenced for murder at Richmond; another Cass county man being tried here for murder; the late excitement in the Klein murder case, and Willard Harvey's trial for murder being postponed from term'to term, there is no lack of subjects of ' conversation among our citizens on- the question of murder. Miss Anna 'Ubelheiser was • very agreeably and completely surprised by a large yarty of her lady friends Tuesday evening. The surprise party was a very pleasant affair. The State is almost thrrougb. .with its side of the evidence in the Shaffer ; murder trial, having' but one more witness to introduce, Henry Wittie, of^ Walton, .who will be put on the stand this morning, thus concluding- half the evidence. The defense has a cloud of witnesses to introduce and it is questionable if the case will be concluded this week. The court room was throng-ed all day yesterday, being even more crowded than on the day before, and quite a "sprinkling" of ladies was noted in the audience, all paying- close attention to the details of the case as presented by the various witnesses. There is no use .attempting- to disguise the fact a murder trial contains elements of attraction that no mere dry as dust, though ever so deep, • closely drawn legal battle fought on technical grounds, contains for thegeneral public. In'the Turpie- Lowe case, than which there was never a more interesting legal fight in this court, a half dozen spectators at one time was looked upon as an amazing crowd, yet the. murder case on hands at present, an affair resulting from a quarrel between two drunken bums, the prisoner a low browed, sluggish looking man who appears to scarcely realize the enormity of the crime with which he is charged, packs the court room day after day and the commonest bit of evidence utterly devoid of sensational features is listened to with a rapt , attention clearly demonstrating certain, morbid characteristics of the human race. The State; introduced a dozen or more witnesses yesterday and a chain of evidence was presented exceedingly damaging to the prisoner who sat through the entire day with a stolid look of indifference, occasionally waking up as his attorney whispered, in his ear or when his eye caught at times' the glance of one of his old neighbors, a great crowd of whom were present in the court room. The evidence of David McDaniels as to the threat uttered by Shaffer against Lowry a short time previous to the killing of the latter was received by the State with every evidence of satisfaction. Witness said that he met Shaffer on the evening of the fatal affray and noticing • blood on his hands questionei him con- cernirig the matter. Shaffer replied "Lowry did it." Witness was going to pass on but was held . by; Shaffer who said, "Hold on, that's not all of it. I had trouble with Lowry in Ice's saloon and blacked his eye d— good," at same time pulling out a big pocket knife with the remark,. "Old Mart's got this yet; I wasn't born in the woods to be scared out by an owl and I'll cut him all to h—1 before T go home to-night. You'll hear of it." The evidence of Wm. Bumgarner was similar to that of Mrs. Bell and Little Gertie Doran introduced the day before. He saw the striking but in the dusk could Sot recognize the parties nor any evidence of-'a deadly weapon in the-hands of the assailant. Mr. Bumgarner was sitting on a box in front of the saloon with Mart Shaffer just before the thing occurred; was talking with Shaffer and noticing' blood .on his face asked about it^nd was told that he had had a fuss with Lowry, but would get even with him. Witness- advised Shaffer to avoid further trouble and getting up started to walk away. When about.fifteen feet away he heard the sound' of a blow and turning saw some one kicking and striking a prostrate form;, it was too dark to recognize either .partyj. heard Frank Phillips, who just stepped.out of tho saloon.say, "Don't •strike him—you will kill him." Wit-, ness did cot ' think the 1 affray was dangerous, for he considered both men to be ordinarily peaceable. Frank Phillips' testimony was the most direct link of-the whole chain. He emerged from the saloon immediately following Ed. Lowery and saw the latter struck to the ground, then saw Shaffer fall upon the prostrate man . and kick and strike him; called to him not to strike the man, he might kill him. Bob Phillips testified that he .was in the saloon when Shaffer came 1 in;.heard him say "I gave it to him d— "- —d good 'case the introducttbiraf such evidence was not pei missable The court sustained the objection: Deputy Sheriff. Gallagher was the last witness to take the stand before court adjourned for the day: He -narrated the story of- • Shaffers capture in a sufficiently graphic manner to catch the close al- tention of the audience, and concluded with the desire'd' point that Shaffer told him and the other two officers as they were bringing him to the city that he (prisoner) had heard from his brother in Ohio, and had been making arrangements to come into town on the following Sunday and give himself up to- justice. Court then adjourned till 9 o'clock this morning, Serve & Liver l»ill». An important discovery. They act on the liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new principle, They speedily cure biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles and constipa tion. Splendid for men, women and children. Smallest, mildest, surest. 30 doses for - 25 cents. Samples free at B. F. Keesling's. . sepSSwtf Confirmed. ' The favorable impression produced on the first appearance of the agreea ble liquid fruil remedy Syrup of Figs a few years ago has been more than confirmed by the pleasant experience of all who have used, it, and the success of the proprietors and manufacturers, the California Fig Syrup Company. A Boon tx> Wives. 'Having useu ''.-Mother's Friend" I would not be without it. It is a boon to wives who know they must pass through the painful ordeal of childbirth. MRS. C. MELBOURNE, Iowa. Write The Bradfield Regulator Co., for further particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. toSl A TAX ON TITLES. LEAVE YOUR ORDER. Suits made to order, $15 lit). All-wool Pants $3. S-oring Overcoats to order, { Melton and black Thibet, $15. j , Black Cheviot suits $10 to $20. . No extra charge for long and slim men. Short and stout men. all can be Fitted. No advance upon ready Made garments. Custom made < Or ready made, ALL ONE PRICE. Spring styles now on exhibition. No advance x>ayment required and If eroods ordered are not perfectly Satisfactory you are not required to Take them. OTTO KR AUS, Of Course. thistinfe." A number of other witnesses were introduced but their evidence in the main was simply corroborative. Mr. A. S. Thornton, the'foreman of the.grand jury which brought the indictment against Shaffer was put on the stand and asked by the State to testify concerning the character of the' evidence adduced at the grand jury investigation concerning the nature of the Stone, bludgeon or other, weapon which caused! the fatal wound oh Lowry's head. To this the defense objected on the ground that in such a What Aspirlnc Young American Heircssen Pay Fur Their Tufts. The purchase of European titles by rich and ambitious young women has become of late years an American industry But no one wants to pay for any thing twice. We may bo certain, therefore, that the ladies who have invested in these commodities will see nothing to laugh at in the proposal made the other day by Jlr.-Moreau, a member of the French Chamber of Deputies, that all wearers of titles of nobility in France shall pay an annual tax to the State. He recommends a sliding scale, by which titles should be subject, according: to their grade, to taxes rang-ing-from one hundred dollars to fifty thousand dollars a year. An additional twenty-five per cent, is to be paid for a wife and for every child that shares the title. There is really no' reason \vliy people who want to separate themselves from the rest of tke community by titular distinctions should not be made to pay roundly for the gratification of their vanity. What is overlooked, however, by most of the -newspapers that have commented on Jf r. Moreau's proposal is the fact that it is no new thing-. The attempt to derive a revenue from the fondness for titles was made more than once under the ancien regime. In 1702, Louis XIV. agreed to ennoble two Ivun- dred persons on condition that each of thera should' pay him three thousand francs, a sum the purchasing value of •which was much greater then than it is now. In 1700, five hundred new nobles were created, but the price was raised fc> sis thousand francs. In 1780 Louis XV. undertook to enact a law by which all who possessed armorial bearings were to pay thirty francs a year, in addition to which a' lump sum of two hundred and twenty francs was exacted of those who had not registered their right to coat of arms before 1700. This scheme had to be given up,' because the court nobility would not, and the provincial nobility could not, pay the tax imposed, Asa matter of fact, in England at this verj' time pretension to gentility and nobility are taxed by the Government. One has to pay, a guinea a year for the privilege of /possessing armorial bearings, and two guineas for painting them upon a coach. The letiwrs-patent to a baronetcy cost five hundred dollars, and the letters-patent to a dukedom, one thousand seven, hundred and fifty dollars, besides other fees and expenses that bring up the- aggregate outlay re-. quired for the assumption of ducal rank to,, five thmisand dollars. la Spain a grandee has 'to make a separate. "payment for every. title that he bears, and his successor has to make the same payments over again. Thus the heir of the Duke of Ossuna, or of the Duke of Medina Coeli, has to pay about twenty- thousand dollars before he can assume the titles borne by his father. We lee, therefore, that Mr. -Moreau can find plenty of precedents for his proposal, 'which, however, is scarcely likely to be adopted by republican legislators; for, by taxing -titles, they would seem to recognize them. — N. Y, -Ledger. SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will be found Select Goods;. Slaughtered and Cured by W. C. ROUTH, Logansport For Sale bv Leading Dealers. Merit WInx, We desire to say to our citizens, that for years we liave been selling Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Bucklen's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters, and have never handled remedies that sell as well, or that have given sucn universal, satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the purchase price, if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These -remedies have won. their great popularity purely on their merits. B. F. Keesling Druggist. toSl Sleeplessness, nervous prostration nervous dyspepsia, dullness, blues cured by Dr. Miles' ( Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling's. ."" (2) If YOU WISH Advertise Anything Any time Call on the Journal. TO AT. fv Convicted for Libeling His Wife. WASHINGTON-, Ind., Jan. 39. — Lewis M. Stanley was.. tried in the circuit court here Tuesday on an indictment for criminal libel on his wife, convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for sixty.-*3ays. Mrs. Stanley had refused to live with him lonerr. Both the method and results •when Syrip of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acfa gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tin only remedy of its kind ever pra duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action-and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities, commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known, byrup of Figs is fo for sale in 50c Oeorjce 'W. Dema^K. Dead. , Ind., Jan. 29.—George W. Demarll, "ex-county recorder and postmaster of this, city under President Grant, died Tuesday morning 1 . He was a highly-honored citizen and a prominent mc'inber • of the Presbyterian churcn. His age was .19 vciirs and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it .on hand 'will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA T?H SYRUP 'C& SAN FKAKCiSCO, QAL. LOUISVILLE, KY. ' NF.W YORK. K.I For sale by B. F. Kcesll. mid Oil druggists, F E BE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street Welcome "to All. COUGHS AND COLDS. 850. and SI. at all drnggleti. E, MOEGM & SOUS, - - Projrietors, ,.!. GORDON* Without adjustment and regulation the ship wil] drift arid probably finally be wrecked. An army is made np of a multitude of minds under discipline and command- In time Jtoen -shotild~ come a common; and so marvelous in their wisdom. These were a revelation to all, from the small to the great. To most minds the Northern revulsion of sentiment after the Snmpter affair was a direct .work ofiErovidence.,*- It- was so con.- In paper boxas, enoufh fortwo largo pies. .. " Always ready; easily prepared. That Cures CATARRH, HAY-FEVER, COlD in the HEAD, SQRE THROAT, CANKER; 1 For Sale by leading Druggists. vlKOr decreased and who arc troubled with terrlb'., dralnnand losses, you.can bepcrmanentlj rertorw) t»., PJBKFBCT MLAJTHOOD, ot home, wl«fc«""^ exposure, »t lowe«t «o«t, by Dr. Clarke unproved «nethodvte»te<) «fld proven In nuelr ««'» practice (KMabllnliod 1851), To Cbrml Jitrvou* Mid Special Dlsemes. ,i< ' „ , If In ueod of' moelleal *ld, ; Mi

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