The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1937
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 10, 1937 prn pniimn UL U UlHl \\\ | ULU dfiliilb 111 IF. Lmilrip Urges Farmers Pro led Selves Ai'rsin re Next Year BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUNTER NEWS Foreign Statesman HORIZONTAL Answer to Vrcvi.os PuwJc Rumors v, - ho nre partLrIpaliM£ In Ihr' Ai'ticullurcil Conservation pio- gram arc urge:! by D. S- l/in'.i'Sj), county Ug?nt. to plum Mimmri- h'*- i'S, .such rts soybean > ami co.\'s as early us inv.iWe fas- thK | .S','cUon, in order to tii:atil'y for In'! AAA payiiU'iUs umi i'i have nn :ul;v fjU^lc supply of seed for 1938. Fanners last ymr plnntv;) n to- lal of approximately 44.0CQ a:i':-s to siimnu'r lesoitiK's ii\ Chicku^av, iu District of this county. To rjuiilify for Hilt AAA payments it is necessary tlmt, iti addition to ucrcano normally planted to -ronsei vin^ crops, ouch fsimitr plant EIS iiumy acres lo sml-:jrm- lujf ciops a:; he divrrls rnni soil (Icplrth)^ crops. For example, n f armor with n lOO-airc col Inn base (.Swells 35 at-res to sml-i'on- iug wops. If Ibis fiii'iipr n;>r- mully plants lf» acit 1 ; to sriil-;-.;ii- 1 rervinij crops lie must have u lo- I tal of 50 acres of .soil-consi'rvirv: crops in order lo taultfy for fuit I diversion payments. Many fiirmijrs have tiatl cliflk'nl- y in procuring sufficient Itrjinue j wed this season because ol the I scarcity of some varieties an;! La? I lack oi" cash at planting One I of the inciliuicJs of avoiding I these difHeuKies in 193B is to gi'O'.v | and F.ave enom*li s?e:l t his yr-ar I to take cai'L v of nsst year's phint- nps, , Farmers can harvest the sees! land cut tlio hay from If^unuvi \vith- 1 out alToctinj; their divi'rstoii (viy- linents. If M:oy choose to plow f u mler the l^um? oroos in onh'r I to qualifv for a soil-buikUn? piv- \ men.t, (hey still may hiuvest the l. c ceit before- turning th? from r'i- Ider. This applies ID ssytoans. ami I they may nM> b? u<=f>;l for oil pnr- Iposes ns \v?U as st i cd. Thus. i-rgnnllt?=s nf \vhnl a funnier may decide to do '.viin his l • nines, hr can get seed from those I crojj;; without in any way inler- ins with his full prulicipn • in the 'program. This homp-'zro'.vn l will then bb aviiilp.blc fo 1 ." I planting next. year. 15 He is called C/cclii}- slovuliia. 10 Tiny sUin^. 17 Ik-fore. -e \vbcre :! |)d loon lived in exile 20 N*ut covering. 21 .Measure of ' 18 Silkworm. 19 Hard dark v.'urxl. 22 Glass "bubble. ?.•', Reputable. ay \Vriiiii. 27 Sim (;od, 23 Inlet. :'.!) Doc-lor. SO Klcclriiied {"MOTH -l-UL-ARS-i-URAY—ba:~ Mother's Day • ——i canes enaus. ' nl ~" 25 Streetcar. tramp. 20 Stories. 3y I-'rccr from l>o!kili>jn. •10 Sailor. lone (p!.). 150 Toward. VERTICAL 1 Noto in scale. 2 To deem. •i3 PertLi: p:u!icle. lo pound. 31 Morindin dye. 44 Happened. :>2 Miisiriil null 1 . Mllis country ^Grafted. Ka\'f him S-nVillii-ism. 1-nr.y for 25 Drink ol the life (pi.). i:wlB. «Year. 37 ProVensionnl •!!) Sameness ot 41 KeiruinerMion il Sundry. " "'" ' ' " -1 Work of sl:ill. . r > 11 Caustic. 7 Koratjlio. SOnafier. 9 liililit. 10 Fellow. 11 He retired HJ - in 19?o meantime. 32I.iltlel«be. S3 Spk-iutor. :M Etliical. :1C One \vlio cat 37 Pursues gain; 3'JT« attitudinize. 41 \Vritiiii! tool. 42Siir. 'l.iLiiiht brown. -14 Per. 45 To iiccoinpUsI '1G Company. 47 Therefore. . Demonstration Club News Notes tin; boys a talk on varieties of soy- | other beans and a demonstration, on ju<lg- ing livestock. Miss Cora Lea Colcman. home dcmonstratiou agent, tjave n poultry judging (lemonslration. Lost Cans l-H Club. At a recent mectiiii; of (lie Lost ICnne 4-11 club (he followina cap- llnins were instructed in the'ir ilii- i«: Oardeiiiiw. Edith Towlns; song, urtrey ^f(•Cn^.n; pcullrv. Doris hi- 1 gram; riathinj. Nellie Barnes; I cookery. Mnrllin Joan • Davis; cot- jton. Roy Lorren; corn. \v. D. Vast- 1 binder; pi^. Donald Vench. Miss Cblemnn savs instructions I on making 4-H club unifonns. Mr. Lnntrip took the boys under the trees on the campus and in| slrnclcd them in livestock judging. The next, meeting will bs held | the night of June 4. t * t: llroivn 4-II.CIiili. The 4-II club of Brown held its I regular business meeting Friday morning. May 7, with the prcsi- I dent. Virda Crews, presiding. The sons captain. Ronuneth Blackwood. led in group singing. The following captains gave re- I ports: song, Romancth Blackwood; I poultry. Oma Fisher; gardening. j Omn Fisher; clothing. Margaret | West; cookery, Margaret West; home improvement, Beatrice Pice-1 man; cotton. Mclba Threlkcld; pigs, RDmancth Blackwood. A committee was appiulud to decide whether or not Brown would bs repreoDntcJ in the Comity 4-H [Tournament at Manila on May 22. D. S. Lantrip. coimty agent, gave Miss Rowena Campbell Cooler Valedictorian members of the class n: Ruby 'nicker. Vera and Glaclj Weingfield. Vclma and Wllbm Jones. David Thomas. June Cric Edward T,. Blessing, Christli Bai-netl, Wayne Copeland, Mab Barnes, Dorothy Blankenship, A ice Cooper and Adrian Alcxandt Graduating exercises will be he May 20 at the high school aud toriuni. P'ATiB THREE! 'bscrvanco Declared Mosl Successful Mere Ever Hel The observnnee of Nntioiml Mil e week in Ulyllicvlllr this week iclinlod a larger number of pco- Damage Alo Cisco o llititi in tiny observance, needing to sponsors of the d. The Music Department or IP Woman's club and the schools lonsnred the programs presented. The hist of these was (he pubis school program at (he cili uditoriuin Friday nkdit when stu- enls, parents, i\ml friends mice 'ie Inrge niiditorhnn to overflow- ii{ (o hear more tliiui :100 .sln- enl-s liavtlelpnte. The feature of the program was ie volt'p solo by Minnie Ruth V'ood, who Is being widely i\c- hiiiued for her singing ability, ler solo was sniijildiientrd wllli roil]) work, a danee lunnber by J ara I.on McCutchen nnd I3II1 'liainbUn. who danced "The Merry Vldnw Wall?.," n iiioup dance, and lie finale of n wedding scene. Minnie riulh. whose i r oice proin- ses wonilerful de\'elopinent. clmnn- •d her audience with her solo, the :eeonil she has sung in public Ills week. She is the daughter or Mr. and Mrs. P. I). Wood, of .uxora, but ntlends school here rtiile making her-home wilh her innidparenlK. Mr. and Mr.s. J. E. .Vhitworlh. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, county examiner nnd supervisor of elementary schools or niytlicville, has taken Minnie liuth is a prodigy, r« far ns her- voice •i concerned, and plans to as- Ist in uiiikiiiK amingeinenls for laviiii; i( (ruined. 'ii<; o;in rran- Walcrfronl l ; .sli- al $200,000 SAN Fli.ANCISCO, Calif., May 10 lUI'i-.-i.-jve burned tlirouijh Iwo piers mi tin- waior front today cniislni: S200.CCO d:imrn;i' nnd menacing canjo values nt $1.000.000. Hnrins Hie three hours tlmt tlu> lire rni;i'd In the creosote soaked wooden plliii,;s under Hie nsphalt iioois of tin- piers. .17 firemen were- overcome by sm'oke or (rented for burns. The bay was jimmied vvilli fire ll[ihlln!r craft summoned by 4 iilarms nnd dense Miioke m:ide wntcr trallic Stcelc-Cooieu Society — Personal A ft'elj;hler was llames blistered the hiritnrdnus. arii'ift after hull. Tlie fin' .still was biirnliii; at mtd-mouiini; bill llremen sniii Tlie iirosldeut. Mis, Clio Oar- lell, bus hiUHiiiui'nl tbat there will be a nun in;: of the 1 Stccle I'.-T. A. HI Ihe hisH sclluol alldi- lorliuii •llmr.sdiiy niiernouii. Tills will be ilm lasl mceilnc tills f \n\iiK. Ktudcnts of ih,. Sleclc nm M'hool prc'cnted ,i play, "Jnck nnd the lleaiiMLilk," rrlduy nlnlil In Ihe auilitnriuin Those who had (lai-ls were Murrlon Wiilflier. I'hll mid lldivani liaiiiru, Jack Hc'iUon, llobert l.ovc'LuT. Mnxlne Orau Kemietli Mi'admvs. Onlia I'dteh- ard, C'nil Slii'eley Jr., Jame.s Vlck- i i ry. Clloi'a Yiubroui;!i, l/'roy Nienls. ,iiiy Vii'k, Doloies Youm;, Ilobbie .Ine Clravlit Coinella Turner, ,1. II. Wallllee, llol)l)le Me- IXinlcl, DomliiM WhlltieUI. .lark llroi.ks. Moyd llrmvn, Julinnie Mc- tlmt It fmll'.er likely lo tin any They said that ' neilher of Die nlVeclcd'-plcrs would Four hundred tlremcn and fire «i|;iiH>s— vhliially finhthiK lone of summoned. lelit, Pnullne Wells, Frances Kelley, Cnrlliu 1 Pi'llclmrd nnd Dor- Is Xnbher. Mny 11 nnd 12 ha\ r e been pi'O- elulmed elcan up days In Hie city of Steel'.'. Citl/ens uro asked to Have all of Ilielr nilibisli In piles. A ci:y Imnk will collect 'It on Hire dnys. Democratic Party's Mule May Go Back to Plow CLAHKSI1ALK. Miss. <UP) — QiienUe, I lie donkey owned by Iho Niitionai Dejuoerullc party, muy i»i hack (0 lilowinp. Hob Hurvey, McComb. Miss., fnruu'r, wrote Ihe following re- (Utesl In tlov, lliii;li White: "I nerd n mul:! bad lo farm wllh Ihl.s yenr, and I undrrstaiiil QiK'enle Is in Wellington and the UtJuoetaUc purly does not need I her miy more. If you will jhnve her ;-enl lo JitckMin, I will IC'Une loi' iu'i". It would be nil honor lo plow Qui'enie." (!(»'. White forwunicd (be let tcr lo Lieut,-Oov., J, B. Snider, whose bet with the lleuteimnt- govemor of South Carolina was Ihe cause of Quccnle's being" In politics. Soviet Arl Hcvlvcd MOSCOW IUP) —The first "art S'aloii'' opened here hns marked Its llrst nnnlvcrsnry. During, this year the salon has held four art exhibitions ami sold •I.OOO modem paintings, besides sculptures ana other works. fb will bo so »iisy with Internal development (or Ihe next 50 to IDU years (hut it will eonstlliile no nienaee In Kiiropeau pence. oM r Book Explains All About Piles Verlon Green Winner of Cotton Classing Contest STEELE, Mo. — Verlon Oreen, senior nt Steelc high school, won first place in the recent Southeast Missouri cotton classing contest. Hubert Porter ol Carutliers- ville vras second; Robert Lovelnce, Stcele. third; Rosco Curry, Stecle, fourth; Phil Talerlon. Cnrnthcvs- ville, fifth; Joe Azblll, Cooler, sixth. nn<l Blnn II. Williamson] Cooler seventh. -Tlie llrst four will compose a ten in which will compote at the Mid-South fair at Memphis in the fall. A new lllustrntecl book has jusL been published by the Thornton & Minor Clinic I he world's oldest Institution specializing in the treatment of pllos and other rectal uf- nictlons. This book explains why rcclal disorders cnnsi:, such common ailments as heiulaches. np oiisui'.'is. stonmeh and liver troubles, nnd loss of vigor. It ixiints out (he extreme danycr of neglect- Ins even a minor case of piles.., shows how cancer nnd other In- cnrnlile conditions frequently result The mild Thornton & Minor treatment, by which more Minn 48.000 men ami women hnve been restored lo health elm-Ing the past 00 years, and which requires no hospltalizntlon or Ihe use of dntij;- crous anaesthetics. Is fully explained. If you are nffllcted, Rend foi n copy of (his frank nnd Informative book which will be sent yol In plain wrapper absolutely free. Address Thornton Si Minor Clinic, COOTEft, Mo.—Roivcnn Campbell, (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Campbell, hri.s been nam- .•-- cd valedictorian nnd Archie Bos-1 twi ton scilutntorian high school graduating class. The llaoiin Cured Selcntlfleally LONDON. (UP)—More than GOO new liritlsh bacon factories nre adopting new stnmlards of liyRicne upplyine not only to buildings, i'(|uipinent nml workers, but also lo the methods of curing. Drs. Wert & Wcrt OI'TOMKTRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SKK" Phone 610 IN BLYTHEVILLE FOR .GUARANTEED MOTH PROOFING fci'l Tlic st-lectinii of ilnnil iMO'NITK licunsrc is lioii l'n r which we pniuil. This ' insured moth cmild not he liccnsoil In any inr rk'iininp; estiihlishmciUs. linx Cleaners ;is a niiirk i)T dislinc- jinnlonnlily process-. hut super- KxcCllenl cleanini; scrvine niul MONITF, ftlotH. I 'nulling Process KO luinil in hiinil. A cli>;inin)r comiiany thai warnuils a RIONITH license 'also warrants your Rlny we. i-lean ntiil iMONI'1'10 your <;tir- inenls nt fho price of (lit; cleaning nl'>"C? ConlrAty t» general opinion, motlit lie rq-jally <Itltiuctho winter anil lurnmtrl MONITE MOTH PROOFING IS FREE YOU ONLY PAY FOR CLEANING Owned and Operated liy W. T. Alorrisun and Raymond Essary '111 \\ r . Main IMiohc 171 HAD ANY HEADACHES LATELY? C J A nurse writes that-she sufTercJ from frequent headaches. Nothing slopped them until a friend recommended DR. MILES NERVINE. She says Nerv- ine slops headaches before they get a good sUirt. Three generations have found DR. MILES NERV- INE effective for Nervousness, Stoepless- 'icss due to Nervous Ir- TifabililTf, lYeri/otis Iit- dificstion, Headache, Travel Sickness. Get DR. MILES NERV- INE at your drug slore in liquid or effervescent tablet form. Small linlllc or package 23 crnk Large bottle or packngc 51.03 Soviet Pence WOOSTER, o. Efil Seen (UP) —O. D. Cieri", -n member of the league of Suite 2719, 92G McCloe St.. Kansas Nations .secrcturiat, ROCHESTER, N. Y. (UP)—Two yers ago Martin Rebholz; Archie Bos-j two "raccoons for pets. Now he has the Cootcrl ncnrly 100 coons and n soarin" •&**• ,V1 New 1937 G-E models offer die greatest dollar for dollar value among all refrigerators — ihe biggest ljuy in 10 years. See for yoursclfi You save three ways: on price, on eptritting fost f oit upkeep! More Ice Cubes More Cold Capacity More Usable Space More Conveniences AT LESS COST Powered with the famous aucomaticTh rift Unitt hat lias an unparalleled 10- r record for dependa- Ie service at low cost. fttJ lubrualioa and e:J reeling that assure less currcrl consump- lioa und longer life. Compare GK prices with any standard l)ox. You will find (liem as rhcap or cheaper fhan any of Ihe leading refrigerators and remember you gel (lie GK guarantee and finality. , Full 4 font box .. 9I30.">0 | Full S foot box .. S150.30 i Full (j foot box . . 5179.75 Full 7 fool box .. §209.7. r ) (Prices delivered in your borne, plus sales fax) FURNITURE CO. IHythoville, Ark. Cof>nigbc 19)7. IICGITT t, Co, Taste that says "Come again" ness that says "Come often" . for the full measure of the good things you want in a cigarette we invite you to enjoy CHESTERFIELDS

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