The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1933
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6. m.YTlLEVILUi, (ARK.) COUK1KU NEWS PAGF, THREE ,-J Chicks Play Piggott In First Night Game PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE Holds Giants Scoreless Blythcvillr: Meets Conqueror of Lasl Seuson; Game S'.arts at 7:45. The IhtN.-y Mold floodlights will t,- uiiT.ed on for the first night luolball game of the season Ir/ie v.hi-n Ihe Blythevilli- high school M-l-.QOl ll'.ti-l a: 7:45 </clo;lc llii:. Tin.' Maroon and Whilt nsuchinv »:' Blytiu-ulh:- will be going into i-.ctiui) an ugv.rcxution thai (ii-K'.ui-d ih<- oy •• '»"' luiu-lulC'.vn m:irsi:i year asm :. hard fouyhl struggle M'.« PO-*-. !-:bly liule scoring Ls lorcc-ast lor j umighl. ! Doth learns scored victories lav. \ v.gek. Ihc C!n'ik.s MDOliic-iins Os- 11 o!a W lo 1 and Higgo'.l push- in;; its ',iay lo a two touchiUnvn triumph over New Madrid. Mo., high school. Not unly is th" Kramer and l-uckelt toac-hc-!'. Hlylhevilli; eleven anxious lo continue i'i v. inning Mridr but also to avenge las; i ttiii-on'i iro-.mcins ut tus hands 01 ir.e P:gBOU Karri at. PigKOU. ! The PiKijoll altac-k is reputedly | built, around a bit? ai:n iMwrful, luckli 1 , who si-c-in DUMA 'jf lasi year's game in Ihe Blyihevillc bartlieid. and a heavy luilback. .li.-it v.hai dsleiLiL liv. inexpcrienc- r li Elilheville line will offi.-i- lo a jjower attack is a o; i or. j etui re. During pan of Ihe i.ui ia;er seemed lo recover from! I'.s first shock anil lorgt:! n aaa?. ci-firme. He-poll^ ihu'. Piggoll Is t'tpenning mainly on powi'r L'.rc not being taken too seriously here however by many wh:> remember PiL.SOl! as an exponent ol r.ix-uo txith on the etidiron and track. •ilic Chicks' pass defense looked v.Otfully weak a°iun:il 111? sharp- shccling of Lapidcs, siar Osceola back, last week an.d the locals may have their troubles should Piggot i pen up wilh an aerial attack lo night. On . the oilier hand the (.'hicks .seen) lo-ha\e a pre'-ly fail l.assing offense themselves which nay go places against ilic Claj ccunly griiiders. Head Coach Cliarlcy Kramer announced today thai his Martin; eleven will line-lip as follows: Tip ion. riyhl end: FenoT-r, ri<M tackle; Alley, right guard; Pnrtle crriter: t.unslord. lefl ^uard; Luid tey, left tackle; Wilson, left end Mosley, quarterback. Blackwell arh Morse, halfbacks: Beck, fullbick. 'f'hc Chicks will go into the gum :u fair shape with most of th injmbcrs of tile squad re?.dy fo nwA service. Chnrley Brogdon (.iruinutive qiiurieib'ick. had r-..'- uverod from in early ser.r.on ail- rrunl and v,ill see action tonrght. Others certain lo get into the foms are Biackard. tackle. Hoed end Moore, guards. Fisher, end anil Locke and Saliba, backs. Bill Mcriwclhcr ol Paragould, v.-ell known grid oiTicial. will referee Ihe game and Fnuil: Whil- vionh will umpire. Dick Potlcr and J. P. Friend will aho act as officials. Karl Wbilehill lloldin; the N»w Yor-: Gianis to ftvj hiii ami no nnvs Earl While- hill. Mar tou'.lipaw of Hie Washiny'.a:i Senators, revived hopes ol Washington backers when he ctopped Ihe Giants' ir.arch yesterday. The win Ihe first of the series for the Senefjrs and ir.akos the •:cr:es siar.d two Barnes for the OiniHs and one for the Nats as they ^o into the fourth ^ame torloy. FOLLOW IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES veiops into a lateral and an did rim. Following Ls the play, as lir x[Jlaiucd it to in.-' "inn hall is uawil lo No. 4. who r;in£ as if c cin» off tackl,-. T.istead '- a • ccmpletr turn Grand Rapids Boy Can't See Tliat Barney's Any Tougher lliuti Before. BY JIMMY nON.UIl'K " M'A Scmcr S|i<irU SVrlli'r Sam Pian and Art Winch, uiaii- rixers of Bai'tii-y Russ, lightweight champion, wore announcing iK^si- blc fnturi! liouts lor their chat no after he defeated Tony Canwuurl the other night. Ki;l Chocolule or Kid BcrK foi-emost in tl»! minds of Harney's two .SKJ-J-JC.,. j Thi.-si- lv. o figMt-rs. '.In- manag- ! i-r-i <->:p!.iini'd, M-ouid Bel top ton- | .sidcruion for a lillu fig-'.t «r an , I ovci-vvciglu conlcsi In December because they looked like Hit be./, drawing cards. ]', by l>ccml;-:-r. it | Rp;H'arcd as if they di:Ui t !tnd I enough color lo a tanyl'J w:lh 111: 1 ! champ, th'/n Hi^s ".'oulii nv-i-t f.e j winner of a bout he ween Hilly Pelrolle and JjCp Van Khivcrn. tlie Diiich windmill. Nov. 1 thni's nil very nice an:l yen- j c-roiis of Uarney's two manaitrs | lor.dcsccndhig lo allow ihcir light-1 n lo get, back into the ring so saor. : —except for lisp fact trial'they havi ' conipletciy ignored probably the i rrost logical contender for tho i lisriiweighl crown—Wcslry Kanvcy. 1 . Tills s'ancl, rapid pimcher fro;:! Ciraml Rapids, Mich., broke in'.:, pro pugilism the same ; t'at Itoss did—1923—and bDai'.:; of 5:1: '.hing Uarney can't—a dr : ci- , sion over Tony Canioneri whi'.C' 11 1 'was kingpin, in which the old' • nmr.tro aclmillcd lu^ was <lcf?^t',-d: ' in b=ln ol "hLs bouts with R; Tony has walked oil tnutlcring his beard ilii-.l he go', a ra\v <i Up to the lime of tho Canzrmen Drawl, ilamey had an imp.-^r.siv ist of TG victories. inrlir.liiiR thn:st- nn( l over Johnny Jadick, B.itllin-j Oiz- diools a lateral pass lo No. 3. who W- s "" l , i:1KO 5 crilb ' 1! -'"" y B ;' Si has come around from the left. n «J' M1II(vr nnd a lot °' °--' K '" ^ ihen continues on in front toys. Only Ihrcc defeats we:: KtKK'S FAVORITE I'l.AY IS FKEAK LATERAL BY ART K.KENZ XKA Sen'icc Sports Writer Andy Kcrr had a lot of success a 1 . Colgate lost season with a li<?ht team due to the wide use of deception in his attack. Lacking No. -1 ihen continues on in j of the ball carrier as Interference. "If No. 2 takes care of Ihe opposing end. and thf Iwo guards I pull out and execute lliolr pa«t in | tKe play prouerly. the p!ay is a good gi-ouncl gainer.'-' s (lliicks To Play Le|)atilo AI furllt> Derby Papooses Are Off To Jonesboro chalked up against him. Raincy inet Tony lasL May. At Iho end of 10 rounds, hr was d- • t-lared Ihe winner in a rjcul at (rr.ind Kapids. In return for thai showing, (jciiercus Tony promised We.s a j-eturn go 1:1 \v.'.:ch hi- v.-;nil:i jjut his litlc- ai stake. Tn the meantime, hc-.vcvcr.. Tcny had signed to meet P.Ofi in a ;:tl' ; lilt. And Ross ijroceeJed to lifi .bis ciown! ! So Rnmey finds himself ivlth just : the promise of a flffhi \vlL-. Canzoneri—who is no longer chain- nov.e.- in the line and backfield,, he mixed up his plays and forma-1 t:o:is and turned out a lot of spin- ,_ ners and reverses that had them guessing. Gni. 1 of Kcrr's i»t plays starts r.ff a s a smash at tackle, and de- i I.EPANTO. Aik.—As an added attiaciion lo tile American Legion 'lirr.i]",3n Derby, scheduled here lor Wiil!)e':diiy. October 11. the Meni- ]/iiis Chicks of [hi- Southern l.all association will meet the Lei milo baseball leant. Tli= gome is scheduled for 3 c'clock. immediately following the icirayin races, which ore .slated for two o'clock. The Lepanto team hns made an iiiviiiblv record this y.-a:. having iu-.l unly six game' onl of twsnty- tiiht. v/liavno Esson. .soulhiniv,-. ttill pilch for tl-.c home-folks. Ens- 011 aid-acted mnle a bit of atten-1 lion lait year when he hurled lor [ Hit Osceola Indians In the y.anic «Itli the St. Louis Cardinals al Jcnesboro. Hxson is a south Mis- r'joippi county rcbideiil who seems ."^cclifster. Minn.) 11» health of- 'n have matlo good in the base- I n-< r. Kr. D. C. l.oc'Khcad. recently 1 nil circles of northeast Arkansas' -,v t i in a Etnlement through the i:i a big way. |u;e?s. "We in the health depnrt- inint are concerned about milk f'l.m two aivlc;-. Because il is hr best food obtainable, we want to src it consumed in great quan- and because of the posslbll- Tho Michijan hauler found him- Tho Blylhevillc junior high ' W ]f ,„ the same hole cue; briorc : srhool Pnpocscs will play their first : He beat Jofnny Ja-jick ii i'. h;- i of the season ioday wiinn [ orc j, ic lick won hip juniV;- .v.-Uer I thev tac'.;!c Ihe highly vaunted i ogn .and was matched with J?lin- '. Joneswro Whirlwinds at Jones- , ly f 0r , ne crou - n . u»fo r; , th-; li^hi bo:o. Tlie game will start at three ; TOUl(1 takc p i ac0] |, olv , ver ;|,, ki , u , o'clock this afternoon. tooj . 0!1 „ vv ariii-tip mute.'- will The Whirlwinds will enter the | Batt]ili S h^w-nnri lest his he^- unmc favored to defeat the Bly- CT cir Seville aggrpgnlion. The Jones- ° : rhm , s |U[Ue doubl thal „.,,„,, boro juniors have nrndnccd out- wou|{1 ])avc ,.„,,„ . - Kr w .,,,, nandine teams lor a number of • c | lal ,, p i n ,|.n a ,| 1f ^ lw f -,. n , : years and always rank al or_ near fu ,, g i u j^^ n , lci . he ', ,' ,,, | Hie lop in slate junior high circles. I £ insr,;r «t" c ^x< ^« «^-^^ -^ *•>* morning with a ,sqt:ad of 1C players. The prohaKc opening line-up for the Papooses is as follows: - Johnron. left end: Brownbc. left •tackle: Boonc. center: Wiitc. ings, right tackip; Uorier. right end; Fisher, quarterback: Hiuch- hasn't absorbed too much punh mcnt. He is a s^^ft fiT-irr r \ has a left hand thal's ii.ird to b?a in the business. Whether Ross' inansgpTS tc. 1 left "iiard- Burns Rtuncy. and prefer iwo has-beei right" "iiard: Rid- '*' Ki(1 Brr S 3: "l ni 'lv I'-'-ml lo him. or wrelber they tost rii: in the shuffle of winning the ti'l ins. halfback. Rogers. halfback, is hard to say. Saliba fullback Others makins the B »i this p:oce is lo call \VP: trip are Brigham. Crai7. McLean, ttwir aitontlon. McHaney and Wilson. Rc-ad Courier The slate of Ohio uses nboi 1.800,000 aulomobtle license plale SPECIAL PRICES FOR FRIDAY and SATURDAY No Shanks Guaranteed Not Salty 15c Lamb Iliiul (luiirtvr, Pound lU'/j<: ri! (juarUM-, Pound K. C\ IJci'l 1 . Khonliti'i-, lain-: Thick Hih, Mi-: ilrisket, M). C A I FRANKS and The Best -191 31* I tfm WF1NFIK oound JL&9V Hams (.'uri'd. Swift's Umpire Ci-nlcr (.'uls. Hi. 17','it lliilf or \Vhole round lOc Bacon in the Piece pound ll!c lacon Sliced, No Fnds, ib. 12Jc|PureUrdZ61c 5c alt Meat Z" 7cj Sausage Fresh Mixed, pound Kraut 1= 7k I Mackerel Ulc At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic Scotch University Honors Swedish Doctor UPSALAf Sweden (UP) — The Uni-.rrfily of Edinburgh has hon-j orcil 3. piominciiL Swrdc with :mi 1; ' honorary Dcctor of mieolnsv de-1 ii:,f:nrnls gree. He is the Very Rev. Erling Bid- cm. Archbishop of the Swedish Lutheran state Church, wilh seal in the ancient university city of llp^lri. He succeeded the late Dr. Nathan Soderblom. 111-? award will be made in Ed , inbiirgh. Oct. 28 in connection' with the 350th anniversary of the; 1 Scottish University. i i (Kcad Court?, ^cws Waul Ads) wan I lo know thai our local sup- pro'liicpd under all the rc- i'i.s of vrodiiclion connncr- •>:.llv ixwsiblf and that il be pas- i-crizcd so thai we can smranlcc it safe." Telephone No. 7t l!c limit's milk is snfr — it's nropi'rly Bennett's Dairy APPLES V(irk or <; ii!!: ci: PEARS l.;in;o Stulk 'jjjt Sft'il- DC C ''I'tiomiison S«'il-O ,J3 le-s. i.l). 0 !.;.;o. r.ittk- I? V r rD A f*T Vimilln Ol I.' M IK All S-07. B,,HU-6I M OTOR Oil, S-(jl. fan 51-15 ; ^-(!t. Can PINE Am ' KJ Ec-«12!f : CGCOATO MELONS Fresh ICrich £•' J """" SOB A WATER air AntjlL'foo:! or I'inc- OCC [ iitiplc H;ir. K:ich uJ BRAN FLAKES Vi 10" . I7--0/. Hye - - 10c 17-oz. Whole Wheat Our nlothers Carton Each 22c 'ranges {'jilif. Sivi-i-L ^(Ill's. Do/. 2.") 2:'S's, Dn/on C. C., 1,1). 2-lc Spring I'ronU I'ountl Wyoming liesl Triumphs I'onncl Peaches Country Cluli l.iif. 2'/> Cim 15c j Sweet and .awed Mixed, Qtv: 1'Jt Sour or Dill Quart 12c SPAGHKl'll Macaroni or Noodles 2 Pkiss. lie Mil IT c - ( '' } # c - <<;m (ic V' MILR Small '••'" i.iiuon's 101: ', l-b. fai':.H.O (iunrantcvd i)o p .i'n MUSTARD "trur TOMATO S011P6 <-™ B 24 c SOAP''•""•'•"'nt 25 liAKINO POWDKIl 25-07.. Ci:i KC WESCOTEA Kilt more If) -°^ Seedless - Sc Seeded. I'kjr. - - -"• SAUSAGB Can APPLE " L1 ™£«*ri5 u I ASH Coined Ifeci'. Armour No. 2 Can. 2 for 'NflTC C ' C ' 1Q^ '' _ ±_.._ 2!/i <:a " - i DEANS Ii'/ 2 Can CC 9c; IG-oz Can 'J POTTED MEAT f".::;' • SOUTHWEST MDTfcLS " .MAJESTIC- Mot Sf HOTEL «»l»0- HOTEL li F»V E TT6 . /lit**. «otk »rt,« ^littk «Kl..Arh ipY MANNIN(> Crackers Salmon Olympi Plain or Salt ilising, 24-lb. Sack PPIE n*^ 2 Each 12JC

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