The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY. JULY 17, I9'7 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION :iily rale I)LT Itne lor consecutive tni.ioiy: Micilmani Charge Me 1 linif per liiif 15c ^ tlnu-jf JUT lino per day i:>» i tlnii-s IHT Jiiie pi3r day .. «^ ti times |K«f ijtiL- JJIT tlay ... 12 Mini's IHT line i>cr Uay ,. .Muiuli pec line 7t- .. 5c .. PUC Count five avc-raci' words lu (he lino. Ail urik-icci Jor three or six tlm'.'S LIU (opiK-ti Ijclure vxpiraliuii will Lu cluri t-(L (o/ (hi; nuinbur uf times Ihu atl u] l'i-:ircil J:H! ;uljiiscnii-nt of bill made. All ciiissitivil Advertising icpy sul 11 ill I'd liy [UTS oils rt-sldliiK out side of tin- rliy tuusl l>e acconipanii'tl by t-asii, •s niny Ijy easily i-omputtd from rhc kiAilYc'rtlsJiLv: order for trregular insor- ll.'ns takt's Hie une lime rate. .\n ii'h|ronsllttliiy uill he taken for i mi iv lhan OHO jncoircL'l insertion :iny cLissiricd ail. For Sa/e or si'll It ill I'honu H59. ; yo'.i [k-n't LU'L'd? Tr, iwi'i* --;!»•->. 4!>i K. wn 4iao-ck-tr condition. UlythL-vllle Coach 103 N. nritukllti. 6l3-ck-U l-Vir rout or wood c:o. 1'hoiie 240!, • l.urihr>r nnd worxl. 1-.2 inllo North. 2 illcii Wi'Kl of Gosiu'll. G. O. Flow- TS. 7:2-pk-H|2 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUUIRK NEWS For Rent Nlre bedroom, Attlo (an. Men only 310 I W. Walnut. e!24-|]K-7M[ Ucdioom. UH N. Oth. Ph. 233s. Furnished bedroom, Kitchen 218 E. Davis. 0'23-pk-1|23 ! Snmll nimrtmcnt. Neat 817 Clilckn- H-]ik-2l Ktce from bctlvootn. Men only Nortl rranklln St. I'hcme aaas. Two-room furnlshctl njmr linen i con- jik 1 only. IMionu 2929. IG-pk-1'J con von lent lo baih. Gil W Phone 3325. VjC-pk-K 10 Wonted to Rent 3 or 4 room furnished or imfiirnlsht'd nimrtment. Hest of references. Wrllo W.L.D.. n!o of Courier News. 5-20-lt Unf'.irtilslied niiarlmciil or huvisc. For Insurance Representative iiml xvlfe. lYnnunently lociuetl. no chlMren nr pels. Wrlie. Bos 2(iO. Hli'lh.-v'ile Wanted To Buy f>0 laic model used cars. Don't sell until you sec us, 'for (he liighcst prices in HlyUtcville. l.ce iMolor Sales, .Kast end of .Main St. 7 Hi ck 11' Top i»rlcrs paid for wrecketl junk uu- lomohllen. ] loco It's Aulo Purls. Air Ilusi; Road. Plume 732. 7llC-i>k-21! ^t in-lC4's paid for furniture, t's. o!d ctothUic;. If you havo lhlivj; to 5.fll. K<r<! or call ns. West Auutlon Co, I'lxonu E>!>1. G!l8-ck-';|18 IMKKCHANTS o^d nifiit pur,es. wrilk-hi coalers, re- frlrfraton'.. uiitl he venire coolers :tre nv:kU'.»l)k- tor lininr-illiitt' (JellvRi-y. Also loo c-rrain ciiWrieis umJ coin ur rs. H*'i- U«ll Scott. )2H \V. Main or nliono 22CO. G!2L-ck-7123 Cash for wrecked or junk aulomohiles. \Va(K x Auto Salvage, Norih liiu-ay (Jl, phone 3785. 7 :i pk S 3 Ve l:nv(! sevpral cash UXIYLTS fur sirn.iH honn'.s or Initter cla-srf homo :iml •, u- cnni lots. If you have imvt!»l!M i'f this itescrl[)tlon, list IL with Ri-\ii'F; l.uiul Co. Phone 3322. OtH'-c In Jlule Imtldliiji ncross from City ItnU. ll-'ann irallrrs unil trailer kltul. Wrtdc- Auto Sfilv:i Jliwuy 01. phone 37B5. 7!l-pV:-8|l canning peaches. TCP roltl wrxter- lonK. Poultry. BaDy Chlck.i. Lewis poultry. 4!0 K;ist Muln St. Ph. 949. 7|fI-ck--8!9 | IT'S A CINCH to foam clean np- holstcrv iiTicl niT?s In n Jiffy with Flna 1'oain. Otiil's Paint Store. 6130-ck-7|30 L or li btilc trnltcr bnls nml waxon Invh, also truck beds imy Kliif. Jl'Miry \Vf.stbrook Shop. 225 North First. Phone 3942. 7ill-py-8"il room house Jind two lots. Possession today. Terms. H. C. Campbell; Realtor, 120 South Second St. 7 11 <:k ti iiioiii house 41.700 terms" on $1,000. 5 yt'ur.s. 2 s;lx room houses. S^iOOO Jim! 53700. 2 new 5 room houses S3*>n^. .S and 4 room house. Stinic lot S^SOO. rhoiic Field 2304. Ijl2-pk-"n • 4' hard cypress motor boat. Newly- n;\!ntcd. SCO. Call 320'2, G. C. Hawks 15-ch-lB llnlldlni for sale. Size 12' x 32'. Could con-.t-ilccl to coinfortafolr home. in 21:10. 7:is-pk-i8 [•'RYKP.S. Scientifically raised In broo- ttiT. N'-vei- been on the urouiuK .45c jiLM- Ib. on foot. Abraham's chicken Trimi >=t>ut'n Mi-way 01. Next to old Lt-!;l'n\ Airport. 7 15-ck-BllS • lire 5 rnom ho us ft and bath Cm- cretr drive. Gsirnge autl out lioiiac j :m I.Uly. Price SITSO.W). See Jlei Mai-uuor with Rinler, Land TO. P'aone b;LihfjT»s. 10 or 15 refrigerators. IM Ib. <rn>arlty. $37.SO — SS42.50. 1 elec- trJr rrfrlypi-fitor. 1(06 S. Division. 10-15 2-ton fc OarLor 'J'railcr. Ashcral'l Co-, Truck am See T>. K "A Block Koufh of call -I!!.'!. Frisco Depot, o 7 ly ck 18 Services nil Bill Davis for painting and decorating. Service phone 469. fi 20 i>k 7 20 'iUntinji, Ilotne uuU Com/ncrrlal. Noat \voj-k." fair prlce.s. All work Klvou oxut'rt nttentloii. Hce Harn- Hollow. 5?5 N. lOtll St. 7!l1-!>k-24 J owor l«iwn Mowers VUeii ihR mowing fiets touch, Jti't caH for us iuul K'^t ft frup doitionstr.i' tlon of n power Inwii mower. No «h- ll[;»tlons. Wo mow when; others fall. You dccltlo for yourself. YPS, v:e trade In your old buiitl mowors. Blytlievllle MaehUie KhO[i, 211 S. Second, phone 2828. 7!l7-ck-lf ^MONKY TO LOAN Do -yon need » Joai. to repair or remo-del? No' d»>wn payment,, no ,red tape. FflA mpproTed .rate 5V Ask tor details, Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034, Lynch Bid*., BlytbeTUfe LADIES! Washday ilrutlgcry slops hero! Up to 9 liis., (lr> weight, pre-snukfld, wash ed, rinsed three times am damp dried for only .'iac Open 8 a.m. Close G i».m lyionday, Tuesday and Friday nights Open till !) ]>.m THE WASHERETTE 1'h. !>()() Main at Division licndix Equipped Automatic Self Service Laundry. 27 ck-7-27 ';t* slyo v.'li;<[o\v [titi. Capacity 4 or 'riionis. W. II. Haker. I'h. 261C. 7115-nk-m )no new \\',_ ton GMC 2 spued axle (ruck. )IH new 1 1/2 ton GMC trut-k willi 12' bwl. no new GiSIC .IS passenger school livery. Ine used 1(! Ford pickup. iMotor S:Ues, East. End of Main SI.. IJlylhcville, Ark. 7 Hi ck If Inis, ready for <lc- iHinifr, tiililt- top New 1'er fed ion oil stove. Phone :{52.|. Kntli S. Holder, llth and Willow SI. 7 K', ck 19 liiri'-brri] collie inipplrs. Also 2 rccls- 1 - .'.I mi.)- cockvrs. Mrs N G Jc"'•• ''"'• 3I<". 17-pk-24 Kiln I 3X7. rouch, •, slightly . Phone !17-pk-21 I>IK|»V Scliool Hall ami Old Cluircli HnlMirn; of Cliri.stljin Church. Call 1 2l::3 ask for Mr. Moore Notice Watch for hit; RiiiRO Party Thursday, July 17, at Legion Hut. Sponsored li> Ladies of Catholic Church 9 ck 18 Wonted to Buy Late model AC combines. T^rur.t be Ir.l mo'Jels nml priced rli;lit. WrHu KO Uox 280. Illyllicvllle. 7:»-ck-2 1 Model A. 13M model. Jolm Di trnrtor. 1 two row CO AC combine 1944 model. Equipment lor trnclor IB47 Docile ton truck, .lohii Pi\u Ttin:er 5 mile. 1 ; West of Stcele. Mo 711C-p>:-2 PACE Plum.';. ?2.00 bilsliel. Hnrvc r.ewls. nort! race tracks. 7!lG-pk-2 Choice vficnnt lot on East Mnln S Jtipt r.nlskle city limits. Oscar Alpx antler. 107 W. Mnin. Kesklence iilion C470 7H6-ck-I Tlic bones of iliic oltlest, MPX I can yet discovcrcO. Tepcxpan fo:- fil man, were found in Febriiar. 1947. MEN WANTED Who ran furnisli A-l roferrncra, to Irnin for managcrinl posi- tions In Noiihcasl Arknixsns, for I largo snips orgnnization jvKt cjuinrr jn Arkansas, Arisstisippi land Trnn^ssoc. You will go llhrotiirli a training period, cUir- B which linio you will bo I paid while inxlcr consUnt super- I vision. Apply Monday, Tuesday lor Wednesday, between the Incurs of 10 a. m. and 2 |>. ni., I to Mr. J. n. Rales, Hotel Noble. OWNERS STOP GO EXCESSIVE OIL CONSUMPTION FOR INCREASED GAS MILEAGE We Will Install New Piston Rings Install New .Connecting Rod Bearing Inserts Install New Motor Gaskets —Change Oil-— During July & August All for 46.55 1939 thru 1946 Models P H -1 .L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—.Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453-3716 For Sci/o of Trade F]CH>r Imniis ralor $'^ ».', iiniL muny. lur olSii'r Item- ii Hiifriimn'ii . lllKJIU' H.'iU, 7il7-i'lt-20 LlH-X'I-ll .' ly«:i UOI '' LEXINCVJ-GN, Mo. ail>) — Tho school i>!«'lion in ||,c l.tmU'n ills- irlot wiis .strictly ii onc-iiinn sliow. OllC- VOlC WHS >•:,.;!. Tllllt \VIIS dOIlP by Hurry Miidu-ll, clerk of the school biiiird. Mliclicll iiso ron- llllCtl'd (])<• lo'i'llon. Ilimll' lip (III' returns uml iMivfivd (linn lo the county clerk. SLIUK- al Any Ayv OHKENHlU.'Hi;. i>n.. iui'1 —Min-l- Inl Ironhle knows no uuc. Tin 1 county iirobiitinn orriic jailed u IG- .vi'ur-olil husliiiiul for fiilllnp. lo suppovl his wife. ir,. A few duyy curlier, a V;Vvi-n'-old kiusbund wii.^ connnlttcd lo: fniiinH ( O .supi>or( M:; wife, 71 l.o JLUtl Ml A cly MUc Hen fc Long DUtanc* Jmuircil Contract HCI VlCOB, « Service & Stor»t« I'liout i-BOl Oo. Notice •'allow the crowds lo 1'luiit- ei-K Harchvjire Co. One cent sale. You will be glad you .wtnt. 7 8 ck If Position Wanted 'osltlcm hi tlry i;oods slorc. Prefer shoe dflpurtmcnt. Have 1 luul |i!enty cxiiiTlciice. 130 Enst DAVls. Blytln- Tllle^ 7|H -|>k-l8 About 20 per cenl of the nation's passenger curs belong to fanners. * Notice to the Public: -\\ have moved my office l \ Rolhrock Drugstore ' Dr. C. E. >/ilson RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE? ON ANY MAKli OR MOHLL. RK- LIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIKAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola K;ulin Sales and Service 10G South First St. LADIES---Come to U-DO-ST LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close 5:30 P. M. Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 323 North 2nd Street Concrete Culvert-Hie Kl/i-i 10" lo Hi;" (Krlnforccil or Noii-lirhifinri-il) <.'lic:i|ll-i- I ].mii;n- l.iisllnir Hum an.v ndiri llri(| K v IMali-ilnl. Con.-iHi- nulls I,,,. S:iiiltiiry I'rlvy—<'IIIK ri-lr SopHc T»liks. A. H. Webb llwy. r,l \. ;i| siiiln Line 1'linin. lil.vlliovlllr 7M . \V<- can rrlmUil n shin; from • lii'^l Ui too -— Mlik'li iircuiuils Ji'or the t^xiH'l-tiii'ss of our repair • »nrk. U'llh new Mines custlnt; Jso IIHII-II, lalic on n- «I all your • shoes — rxli'jnl thi-li- \vi'ar — liavo HALTER'S Quality Slice Shop Just in Little Boy Aprons Infant Batiste Gowns TOT SHOP 110 So. 2nd St. Phmio Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Slzo T. L MARRY 3 MIKSOUIII ST. Pll. 3 City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Uxpcrl Rcpnlra K4 Hast Muln SL Felix A. Carney |Cab Company! J Courteous Service £ i Hardware Mutual » Insurance Company { of Minnesota u J Large Dividend fijwiugs J Low Nct"Cost Prolectlon J For Bcrvl-:e j W.L.TAMKE ' 408 E. Davis St., P. O. Box 431 Phone 2437 BMhcvJHe, Ark. i The Call of the Open Road Drive with a carefree mind and a trouble-free car tlii.s sunnner! Our mo- chaniics will service your far—Une]i it in tip-lop condition for safe and ploas- ui'cfiil driving. Tune-up for Pleasure Driving LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Repairing, Screen Worl., Painting, Replacing Windows ps, and other work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone If blue Monday plagues you on Sunday, call 474-475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS IET US REPAIR CAR ORTKMCK.ON OUR Pcnder and Body Work-M°1°r Over- °ul-Eleelrleg» Woik-Complolo- Pain, Job-Cl,a»U and Transm.».on -New Rings-MolorTunoUp--^^^ . Br okc Rolimng . . - WosU'mg-,PolUh- inO-Wax'mg rnet ESTIMATE LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. I Wrcckem Tcxnro I'rniliifU Phono 578 llr. Tlren Hra<l coin-lor News Wiuil Ads PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guarantied Host Pi-leva Kirby Drug Stores A steady hiind; ii well rrlino mind; :i df-cp nciiiio of icfp .^ibillty (owiuxl 11 ie pracl ii;.- Jjilinrmat-y in it.s liff-s:av ijinificnn(Mv, Ihn fresh t',.1 fKh potency (JniK- 1 ?: . f »J-l n rn »'([Hlpjnt'nt Jtinki* oil" j "rif>» filling jjirrvini; y ROTH?IOCK DRUG STORE : fi \V. Alain IMiono .lf>li DON EDWARDS The Typewriter IVUn" KOVAL, BMIT1I, CORONA and REMINGTON PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND BT. ' ' ' PHONE 13H3 IKvcry Transnctlon UUST BE 8ATIBPAC3TORT) CAN \VATIC1J All) IN ARTHRITIS- RHEUMATISM? VI'.S—if Il's Mnnnlnlii V'lllny Mlnoriil WalT, (he rnmriiis health wutrr from II n I K|> Al'kliliR:i.s. niOIlN'I'AIN VAl.t.l'.V hi-liK fi!iinii]:ilc: k Id ii (• y nc- lif)ii. cliininidr.'; (he w;i:;tt-s -- ^o ortrn U)fr illtdr-rlyini; .cullsc of Arlhrili.s niul R)mi]ii:ilisin. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main Bnd Division lc, Ark. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AH Fypcs Kxcrpl Cancer) 0RS. NIES & N1ES Clinic 514 Main, ISlyllH vlllr, Ark., riionc 7.S21 "I ciui'l ki.'cp thai Chrysler olT my mind'" ICE COLD! Watermelon Red Ripe and Delicious Whole or Half Blytheville CURB MARKET (30 1C. Main " Phone 973 We Guarantee RECAPPING with . Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO. lit RIMlin Phone ttn « Versa Gy AL VERMEEI fhey lao!< very X-.'f^r^ much like the I/' socks you worei' are. I changed the /eft' mi one to the right foot and the right one to the left

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