The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1935
Page 3
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™ n, 1935 Ford Pick-Up Speeds Delivery ilow.s, new wheels with liirger llres, new centrifugal clutch and Introduced. H M SlltS Has 33,634" Car Margin Despite Bad Start for the Year nV WII.I.tAM 0'. CAU.AHAN DETROIT. — Recent predictions in Automotive Daily News' that Chevrolet would be returned the lender In 1934 passenger car registrations ns well as commercial car tilling were confirmed when linnl returns from tlie .sliitc of Missis sippl completed the round-up for tlie year. These returns, compiled by R. L. Poll; & Co., show new passenger cur registrations in tlie United States during 1934 reached ft total of 1,888.551 ns compared with 1.493,734 in 1933, and truck registrations to the total of 403,941 as compared with 245,869 in 1933. In ibe case of passenger cais tills is the highest yearly ,tolal reached since 1930, while truck registrations are UK? highest since 1929 and the third highest, in the history of tlie industry. I» tlie passenger car field (he 1934 sales took a definite trend toward the -lower price brackets, with Chevrolet, Ford and Plymouth registering 1,387,991 units out of the 1,888,557 by all makes combined. Of this total, Chevrolet got 534,900 passenger cars against Ford's 530.528, while in tlie commercial ear leld Chevrolet registered 157,534 against Ford's 128,278. In view of the late start which Chevrolet suffered in 1934 due to labor troubles and other delay,, the company. was tumble to over-1 come the Ford lead in the passenger car field until the last mouth of the year, although Mio combined car and truck sales by Chevrolet had exceeded the Ford combined total some inontiis earlier. It has been one of Ihe most interesting races In the lower price field developed to elate, due to the fact" that, Chevrolet was placed in (he position of having to .sell (lie bulk of its ears during the second half of the year in order to overtake Its adversary. Under normal conditions the automobile sales' graph .shows that - ~= ... approximately C5 per cent of sales 43 ' OM "!>' n| nst Ford's 41,929, ciit- nre 'made during the first sixj tin f\ FoRl ' s lc!ul by 1.074 and rc- Jiionths of'the year'and the rc-i* 1 ' 10 ' 1 * Ihe gap between the t«'o Ford dealers have Introduced a new Ford v-8 pick-up. This new pick-up brings lo the truck driver the new comfort engineering features ot the passenger car. New full floating spring base new noslllon of DIG oigljie over (he front ,'ixlp, timy weight distribution, new coupe type- cub, new safety glass | U nil win- (IniVM MfU" U»)lr*nT<! »|i|(l\ In t-frni' ttt-f,,- ii A... .,.,... i _rr.:_ . i .. i..i -i. ., . _ . _ .1 ,.. _. . • adjustable seat with tilting buck are Coypcs Entphasixc 1935 Slrcanilinc Stylos Cou]i2 model? of ihe new 1935 automobiles emphasize (lie marked Ircnd toward further streamlining this year. The Airflow De Solo Coupe (afcovc) represents (he ultimate in aerodynamic design and HID Airstream coupe, (below) places De Solo rtRnin in (lie popular price fiield. with the exception of October when Ford broke 'into the lead by a margin of 565 unite. In September Chevrolet lint] registered mainder during the closing sir months. Chevrolet this year has turned in a record which shows lines for the year to 20,244. In October the Ford margin of 565 was gained by registering 38.G41 against that approximately 53.2 per cent Chevrolet's 38.07G. and brought (he of Its sales werc-'niade during the'Sap for the year back to 20.809. first half of tlie year and 48.8 tier In'- 1 November' Chevrolet nmdc cent during" the second "half. This sna 'P inroads in the Ford lead by registering 36,857 against Ford's 23,295. culling the eap by 13,512 and reducing Ford's lend for (lie io 7,291, and _ making 4 .the may be due 1 tither lo the fact that the automobile popular ' ns a iriodlty, or it is growing more ycnr-around coni- is a revelation . of what can be done by a group of dealers and field men in the face of: a discouraging start. . - '.; In January in the passenger car field; Ford got away to a lead ; of 18,605 units by registering 25.828 against Chevrolet's 7,223. In Fcb- ruaiy .Ford increased this lead lo 22,564 by registering 28,810 against Chevrolet's 24,851. In March Chevrolet was in top hole with registrations totaling 50,793 against Ford's 46,200, which cut the margin between to the two by 45D6 • - ' •' Local Dealers to Give Free Auto Show Tickets I/ical people who plan to visit Hie automobile show nt (he p.iir- grainds Casino in Memphis this week may secure free tickets thru the courtesy of local dealers. Otherwise they will be charged an admission foe ot 55c. The free lick- els may he .secured by applyin" at the offices of dealers here. .' ' The exposition is said to be the greatest .ever hcW in Memphis. Sixteen inak'es-or cars are being shown in a large variety of bixly types and co!or?. Approximately:!!)!) cars from the slock of the Memphis Au tom °Wle Dealers associalion, which truck ''sales Chevrolet piled up a total of-692,440 against Ford's l>58.- 8C6 giving a .margin in favor of Chevrolet of 33,634 cars and trucks. This has been a magnificent noon and three hours each night. Airplanes Transport lake Fish PORT CLINTON, O. (UP)— Two airplanes h carrying em uv^-'Veen io inc two by 4596 -•>." -•'-' "<-v.. .* jii.t5umk.t.-m ---K-""^ uuri; .ueuu carrying )x> units; but still left "the Dearborn racc ' "'•'"' " le 1>VO •oreaiiiz3tioiis| t «'cen one and-two tons of freshly company leadin" by 1196R units !' ih(wi " g tt!nacil y nnd . grit when caught fish daily to llic Lake Eric In April again, Chevrolet forged " !P tirte Swlm 8 with (hem or nwny j mainland • here- from ' Piit-ln-sny into the lend,"• registering G3458 f""" ll?em II is this tcin< ' of fieht ~ ' Isl;<n<1 ' according to MiUou llersh- againsf,'Ford's "ei!95fl. '-This "sally m S ;'that- has made our industry..bcrger, who operates nn. airline. . iinsf," Ford's ' ei|95fl. 'Tin's "saliy reduced .the Ford lead' by 1,508 units, putting the margin at 16,460. ;; Hard pressed to hold their dwindling lead, 'Ford .dealers in May came back with registrations totaling 67,993 against Chevrolet's .: An English soldier could be hanged for begging without the total of 57,793, which brought their margin of lead back .by 10200 to 26.G60. Then the battle was on in earnest, with both companies running nccli and neck during June Chevrolet got a small edge for Jlie month of 192 units by registering 64,525 against Ford's 64,333. In July the. tide'shifted in favor or Chevrolet to the tune of '3,834 cars. This was the result 6(- Ford registering 63,126 against Chevrolet's 66,960. . August also found Chevrolet leading for the month, but the margin was reduced by 1,310 unite, with Ford registering 54.357 against Chevrolet's 55,673. This Wind the two companies going MI? , lhe las| - <nmr 'o< - «'"h Ford sllll lending for the year by n margin of 2(.318 units, with the .i, i 4 ™" 11 "* 4I2 ' 5D7 . f01 ' F <i«i! ngainst Chevrolet's 391 279 J 3 ^ ,'ij? , 1as i Wrtor'chcvra- tnc 'cad In each month permission of his superior, as late .., . Iook foiwilnl tc> '»" Forty-three hundred pounds equally'clean and exciting battle in 1935. as 18!2. pickerel and perch were, trans- iwrled in one day nlonc, Hershberger said. Ten million women were employed in the United States at (he time of the 1930 census. FIRE CHIEF GAS Starts 47$ Fast -Of than (lie u. S. Government requires for Its emergency equipment. JOYNER & BONIFIELD Texico Distributors See the New PONTIAC AND UP Priced as .$£•* C* low as OJLO and offering the following fine-car features 1. Solid- Steel "Turret- Top" R o d i e s by Fisher 2. Hydraulic II r n k c s Triple-Sealed :). Spccdlincd Styling 4. Silver-A lloy Bearings a. 10 Second Starting at Zero 0. Completely Seal e d Chassis 7. Bnclos-e-d Knee-Action Plus Balanced Weight S. Fisher No Draft Ventilation !). Luggage and Spare Tire Compartment 10. Double K-Y Frame n. Smoothest of Six and Eight-Cylinder Motors 12. Cross-Plow Radiator and Giisher Valve Cooling- 13. Full- Pressure Met- cred Lubrication M. Product of General Motors CO. Blytheville, Ark. opy More Than Double January Sales Over ~. Year Ago DETROIT, Feb. 1 (.-Reports received from Dsdge dealers, of an additional 4,389 passenger car nnd truck retail deliveries made during the week ending January 26. brings the lolal or new vehicles delivered by the Dodge dealer organization since the first of the year up to 16,764; as ngainst 7,458 deliveries made during- the corresponding pe- rlod of 1934. The figures, given out by the office of A vaiiDwZee, general sales manager of Dodge Brothers corporallon, indicate a gain of 124.8%. The Increase of 124.8% represents nn overall gain distributed in varying proportions over deliveries of Dodge ' passenger and (nicks and Plymouth passenger cars. Dealers so far .delivered 7.5S9 Dodge passenger cars ns ngninst 3,301 in (he like period of last year—a gain of 4,288 cars or 130.8%. Deliveries or Plymouth cars by Dodge dealers amounted to 0,24(1 as ngninst 2,092, a gain ot 4,154 cars or 198.0%. Deliveries or Dodge (rucks from January I to January 26 were 2,929 as against 2,005—nil increase of 864 Vlanii ( a c I ti r e r s Co Watchmakers HI 1'ro- tccling Moving Parts PONTIAC, Mlfh.-Altlmiu;h Hie aibnti industry in lh,. country :lurlii s (he last decade (us been Die motor cnr business, its leaders have nt-vcr lyon so engrossed with thoir mvn Imiwrtnuco that (hey were not ready to make use of the experience galuwl by older lines of '•usliipss. To wit,: watchmaking. The routine Motor company Is laying grcnl stress this year on Its scaled chassis nnd according lo A. W. U Ollplti, vice president nnd Keiicral sales mniini'c-r. the company's engineers hnvo used Ihe same care [u protectlm,. every moving part of the chassis ngainst dust, wntei and dirt, that tlie maker of the finest watch would use. "The sealing of any piece Of machinery Is very Important," said Mr. Cillplu. "No immulacliire.r of precision machinery of any kind woulc 1 think of lonvliij; Its [juris ex|x)sc(i to tlie action of waler nnd dirt Likewise, the Ihlni; that any gooi judge of fine watches considers of utmost Importance, next to its nc- llon. is how well Us maker has protected that action. "So, Poutlac engineers ))ave used great care In sealing all vlinl parts of our 1935 chassis. And by doing Hint they have added lo the riding comfort of the car and contributed to its durability, because, by careful scaling they have retained oil and. grease where they arc needed and they have kept out dust, grit and moisture. "A car thus properly .wiled will go farther anil ,give a better ride than one ill which less c nro has been given lo this vital necessity. Inly Oct' Ian Sjiol.'i , units or 41.8%. The figures cited, it is pointed Markets Nru> York Cotton NKW YORK, ]\>b. I) (UP) — otton clasi'd steady. opt'll hli;ll liiw close TYVAN, fin*. (UP) - A five- iatH 12-11 1211? 12:i!) I ^IJl li^It'i l*'li? 1'^'ifl' I*i7 uim ia:>:! laiiu ia:IS mi! ism 12^11 clased at 1255, olf 5, New Orleans Cotton NRW ont.HANH, [-Yb. II (UP)- Oolton closed steady. upon lilRli low close March |'J31 12115 !'j;(2 1232 Muy 1241 12-12 1MB 1239 July 12-12 124:) r2;io 1241 Ol'l I2II-I 12:14 12L>B 1230 -: 123'/ I2M 1235 I2:l. r ,l) S]K)ls closed sternly nt I2S2, of!' Cloxinff Stock Price* A. T. and T. Aiincondn C'o'pppr ncthlehem Siccl Cluy.slcr Cities Service Cncn Coin Cicuoral American 'rank call wns born lo n cow «\nrd li.v U. Klnucj', Tyvun rnnn- or. Tlig "f.pnre log" l s only a'foot', • ji niul projects fiom (he right ',' -'" ' 10-1 hisli of sealing in tlie Pontlae elmssls Is - ) » 1 >' ffl 3-B 8!) 1-2 One of the mast, Important points . tile etic-ted knee-action units Thus, operating in UHr wntcr and grit light cylinder!! that are filled with oil, the same uniform free m:- tiou gives assurance riile tit nil tlmej; "Hydraulic brnkes of Ihe lies! May guarded J||| V , out, do not deal with factory .shipments, but will] retail deliveries so far reported to -company hcndquar- lers. The observation is nlso marie lhat the deliveries, marked as they nrs by Jilgh increases,- would have been still greater. him the volume not, been kept at thc'reporled level by unfavorabl weather' conditions, including ' severe show storms in Eastern, states. , ' , WARNINO ORD'Elt IM :'raE "CHANCKEiy COUflT, . CHICKASAWBA' D I STRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. " Chester L, Terry, Plaintiir No. 5903 vs. ' Katharine Terry. The. defendant, Katharine Terry, is warned lo appear within thirty days in (he court, named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Chester L. Te'rrj'. ' .'Dated thLs 26lh dny of Jan., 1935. , . H. ,M. CRAIG, Clerk, By Elizabeth Roddy, D. C. Claude P. Cooper, Atty. Ad Litcm. 2B-M1-1B nnd (jrolectcd by triple-scaled drums so that It is physically Impossible for moisture, dust or dirt to. get Inside and interfere with the brake action. The snmr proicctlon np- plie.s (o (he emergency brakes. "The propeller .slmll and universal Joint arc encased nnd protected with n strong lube. Rear springs are enclosed In metal coverings to retain the graphite' lubricant ami keep out the mud and grll, Ihti.s making sure of the continued flexibility of the springs at nil limes, "Spring shackles-are. protected by fibre composll ion washers on liolh sides. .The steering mccliitnbm has a social tj'iw of seal developed by Pontmc engineers on Ihc draj link, tlie pitman nun nnd the l|e roil, which is one reason for the easy steering over .long ' periods.' "The total number or points on a'Pontlac chassis that-tire -scaled nrc too numerous even In list hi such a mulled space, nnd in addition ihcre are Ihc many vital points of the motor such ns the-carburetor, crankcase, distributor, water pump, starting; motor, generator etc., thnt nre jir'sl as carefully scnl- cd as the chassis parts mentioned above.' 1 Beat Mule Sentenced BOONVILLU, Mo. (UP)-Jamcs Sterling VC-ycar-oId deaf mute .was sentenced lo 10 years in the penitentiary when he pleaded guilty lo murdering Robert Armstrong in a retrial ordered by the 3tate Supreme Court, He already hurt served Ihrcc years of a previous •'S- Vear sentence. ales of Smiles^ with HUBBAHO TIRE 6- BATTERY GO. Kate Father: "Young man, this hurts me worse thnn it does you." Suitor: "Yes sir, hut not in the same place!" '( won't hurt you to get acquainted with Hubbard hervice..' You'll Jind our Seiberling Tires longer \v«anng nnd safer. If .von wan t real tire economy let us equip your car with a full set of Scibcrlings. HUBBARD %RE &MTERYCO. ^Ift uj ACLJ r>r«n . ASH AUTOMOTIVE DEP7. REAR HU88A&0 HOWE. CO. ........ . Cracrnl Motors ' ;n (-.( liilpriinllonnl llurvpsier W I- 1 ! McKes.son-KnljljiiK T 3-1 Montgomery Waul iO a-B New York Central «; ;M Piicknrcl PlilllllK Petroleum ...... nndlo Corn 5 PHILLIPS USED CARS Ail umiMial opportunity lo I my a jfnoil used-car. lYiood us we liavfl priced them—they won't last long. DemoiiNl rat ions cost nothing. Your present car "will IK; taken in trmlo or coiivoniotil (onus ran |jo ar- St, Louis-Ran Francisco Simmon?, ucd Standard ot N. j. Texas Co U. S. Smelling U. S Qleel "" Zoulle 1 (-4 8 7-H •10 :t-ll 19 5-8 112 1-lS Tliis is it l!l:!2 l''on! Victoria Coupe. New V-H Motor — Real Rubber, l.oolts (iooil. A RIOAU - $2!ir> This Hoautilul Iflll.'i l''flrd Tvulor, driven only i:!,000 miles. Motor A-l, Tiros liltc new—Original Paint. PlUCEn RUiHT AT !5:iS r ) Others 't'o (,'hons^ I'Vom PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT (.'oi-nor \\ r ii!nn( & l-'irsl .Sis. 'I'Honc 813 Chicago Wheat open 119 3- low close 95 3-1 80 II!) IM l-ll Chicago Corn o|»n high 114 1-4 B4 1-2 II! 3-8 79 1-2 low close B3 !t-4 83 1-8 18 3-4 78 1-8 STOPPED/UP , ^NOSTRILS] — -^^^^^^-~ • VseMenlholaliinx ' to lirlp oneti ihe •ostrils and pcrmU fretr brealhini MENTHOLATUM _ COMFPUT Daily Foi- Our BIG USEDCAR SALE • Sai.« Money i t Shouse -Little Chevrolet Co. Good Products at Low Price - No need |.o use questionable (fiis when you c;m j;'ct Stuud- invl :it Tilissoun prices . . . And Arkansas -pots DID tax! Standard Gas - per gal .•COODVKAK AND MANSI'MELl) TIRES North Highway 01 :i( the Stato Line This Week's Outstanding USED €AR VALUES 19,'!.'i Chevrolet S6d:m li wheels ; 1931 Foni Cii;ich Chevioler' Coach $361? Chrysler Sedan 19.'!;! Chevt-nlet 19;!:! Chevrolet Sedan .$365 .$350 W. T. BARNETT-. AUTO SALES CO. Phone 711 has no price-mark Yon can't buy it no matter, how badly you need it. But you can buy time-saving service. Wlieu you are out. of gas or have a flat tire we Will give you instant service. Practically no waiting. BILL WUJVDERLiCH v MAIN SERVICE STATION

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