The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1952
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MAT 1, 1952 (AUK.) COURIER New Democrat Move to Draft Stevenson Seen Kcfauver Opponents May Again Seek Illinois Governor By JACK BELL WASHINGTON W>-A new move to "draft" Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois for a presidential nomination is under way among Democrats opposed to Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee. The move has the backing of some national party lieutenants who have shown their ability in maneuvering for candidates of their choice in recent Democratic conventions, particularly in the selection of vice presidenlial nominees. ' Stevenson has said emphatically he "could not accept" a presidential nomination since he is running for governor of Illinois. But Washington' friends believe the governor tempered (hat refusal by saying .recently he would be "flattered" if the party decided he could be of more service in the White House. Their belief that Stevenson might be available—under some circumstances—is bolstered by reports that calls from party leaders here to the governor have not brought any flat refusal to accept a draft. They think that, if the Repub- ^licans nominate Sen. Robert A. ~Taft of Ohio, Stevenson would become a willing candidate. As the situation stands. Sen. Kefauver seems likely to go into the .Chicago convention with the largest number of delegates committed outside the South. Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia may top him—with strictly Southern delegates—if Russell wins in a popularity test in Florida's primary next Tuesday. The same day. however, Kefauver may be collecting a large chunk of Ohio delegates, He has a 32-vote slate running in the 54- vote Democratic delegation. Former Sen. Robert Bulkley has a 54-vote slate In the field, so even If Kefauver elects all of his delegates, there will be 22 national convention votes left over. Bulkley's backers have tried in vain to get Stevenson to let them link their slate to him. They also have failed to interest Gov. Frank Lausche of Ohio. Some democrats here believe that Kefauver's delegate total at convention time will not match the tf total of those who are opposed to having him as the nominee. Sen. Robert E. Kerr of Oklahoma, who Ihinks he will have PAGE ELEVETf THEY'RE OUT ON A "TEWT"-"B^ss hats" of H nations nil a in Pans, as their owners, 69 oHlcors of at least general rank go on of the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers in Europe, are pape "tactical exercises without troops," cloakroom shelf al Hold lena a "lewl." First slafT exercises r maneuvers, officially called Revenue Bureau Stands Pot On Party Loan Deductions WASHINGTON (/Pj—The Internal Revenue Bureau is standing pat on its rulings that loans to political parties, if they cannot be collected, tnov be deducted on tax returns as bad debts. The bureau is rejecting a suggestion by Sen. William's (R-D?1I that its rulings in four such cases Too Much Fluoride Reported in Japan TOKYO l.fl — Japan Is one country where they don't have to add fluoride to the water to stop tooth decay. The welfare ministry says Japanese in 42 of Japan's 46 prefectures are drinking water with loo much fluoride 'With the result that many hayc mottled teeth. Japanese scientists did not find this out, however, until the government actually began a project in Kyoto Prefecture to add fluoride to drinking water. Scientists blame the fluoride condition of -the water on Japanese volcanoes. Queen Asks a Question DETROIT, Mich. <fi — Queen Juliana got an idea while watching the cars roll by on the Ford production line recently. "Why," she was reported to have asked Henry Ford II, "can't they paint all cars finished the same day In the same color — and a different color the next?" Said Ford. "I never thought of that." more than 100 delegates by the convention in July, apparently 1: working on that theory. be reversed. A bureau spokesman mcu!? 'his clear today, altiiovsh Revenue Commissioner John 8. Dunlap declined cfucinl c-onmi?nt pencliri; u;i im-esU-ulion by Hon<? tax =ca: r l 'I prcbirs headed by Rep Ki'jg ,D- C3lif). The tax bureau said, however, that to be legally deductible, 'uans to political parties must be vrvH \oans and every effort .must De made to collect them. The pookii-i- nian said "certainly" the bureau xould examine such ca-es closely to make certain thev are not actually political contributions which cannot be deducted. Square Dancing Revival Experienced in West ALBUQUERQUE ,l.fl — Cowboys from Minnesota and cowgirls from the Bronx are taking up the old Southwestern practice of do-si-do and promenade. Square dancing Is enjoying a new boom with a strictly Western flavor, Dt^ens of square dance clubs with hundreds of members have started in Albuquerque since the government imported thousands of workers and service men to t h c Sandia Atomic Weapons Base and Kirlland Air Force Base. Square dancing as formerly done in the East was a slow dance with a set pattern and grace to burn. The man ramrodding a fast Western square dance is as — on his own as a jazz musician. Keeping up a continuous line of patter, the Western caller fills in the music with a commentary in riiyme, only a few words of which have anything to do with directing the dancing. Had Virus X? It's Really 30 Diseases r : !! "D W, T'-,\TU^Lr : S AP Science Ktlitor BOSTON ifl>i — The melsyrious virus X is realty 30 new diseases. T':e r'octors are not yet at- qun,!::ted with most of thnm and EO thpy c:tll th«£e troubles X. How th? wonHcr-rirug nnMbt- otics b'-ou^hl. this to pa^s vas i*?=cT! v -sd to the Society of American Bacteriologists today, in a syr^'orEutn nn viruses. When antibiotic':, such as pcnl- cilHn. strept^nvvrin, aureomvcin ard all t h e others, save our lives, or cure rmn>j<; illness, they kiJl a lot of o"r mrrt. dsrgerous cp'-m enemies That leaves otir bodies o^cn to attnck from a less dfxn- PTOUS but lnr?e ho c t. of virnres. Became of the antibiotics, the b=>ct"rio5o?i c 's havr been dSscov- erl-ie them In ranid .succession. We always had thftn, but they wrre lumped t^e;eLber under Va<nie names like congestion, cata r rh. suimier fl»i ami a number of bowel troubles. Now that they fire out in the open they number at least 30. Methodists Aim At Circuit Unit Committee Wants Word 'Methodist' Dropped from Title SAN FRANCISCO Wj—The unofficial MetnodLM, Federation for Social Action, charged by opponents with causing a breach In the church by following leftwing policies, will be asked during the Methodist General Conference to vacate offices in the Methodist Building. New York. The Committee on the state of the Church adopted a report yesterday linking this request ivlth « demand thai the federation drop the word "Methodist" frr.m Us title. It was the opening gun in a campaign against the federation led by a group known as the 'Circuit Riders." They contend the federation, originally formed to promote the social creed of the church, now follows policies far beyond the church's mcst liberal views. t/.S. Wilt Never fi~ s f Until Oatis Is Frcs, Dean /.c/reson States WASHINGTON <ir, _ Secretary of Slate Achefon said yesterday ine American government, will never rest until Associated Press Correspondent William Calls is released from prison in Communist Czechoslovakia. Oatis u-as ariestfd on April 21 a year' ago and later tried and convicted on Red charges of espionage. He was given a 10-year entcnce with a possibility of re- " in five years. Achescn was asked at a news conference what the United States vas doing about Oatis. He replied hat he could not disclose any pecific steps which have been tak- Tars Land in Pretty Kettle of Flesh After Trip from Deep Seas to Devil By LEONARD LKDDINGTON* MIDDLESBROUGH, England W -British tars who've been going! from the deep blue sea to the devil were In the middle of R pretty kettle of flesh toctny~&0 churchgoing "beauties against the painted dolls of the waterfront. The Rev. Cyril Kettle organized the church girls, ready for the cull to swarm over the tioekside area and flaunt their charms against ladies of til repute who Iry to entice lonely sailors on leave. Ketlte snid the temptations of the I a is have been a lotiyimii; problem niul a losing fight up to now—until he thought of fighting fire with fire and women with .'/omen. When the next .ship conies in, he'H turn his beauties loose. He's chosen 50 fresh-laced lassies—"all full-blooded and good Chrlsllnns"— and is certain thai the sailors wilt walk disdainfully past the heavily painted Rills. "My girls make them look, ns flat ns last night's beer," lie boasted. "They arc the sort of girls a sailor's mother would like, but they're not hot gospellers who will try to ram religion down the chaps' throats." Kettle says he understands the sailor's problem — "any normal mnn likes women, and a sailor who has been at sea for months desperately needs a girl's company. I mean to see he meets the right type of girl," After the enticing h done, the Ex-POW Re-Enlists SAN DIEGO. Calif. <*) — Seven months of imprisonment by Communists in Korea failed to chill Leonard J. Maffioli's enthusiasm about being a U. S. Marine. He enlisted here for another three- year hitch after his first enlistment expired recently. Maffioli, a sergeant, was captured in November, I960. He escaped when brought, near the front lines to 4 88 $ O07 $156 nF ™ ^P "NT •'/iPT. COSTS NO MORE THAN MANY A vours' * ? ren . ce a >'" r makes! Now that extra age and extra quality are been navinTfL'" ! ->' e3r -°' d / lve Brothers —at the same price you have t>een pa>ing for many good 4-yeir-old straight whiskies. that"/'" 'R^K" >OU - r favo . ritc P» cka g= store. The odds are< (years!) Kentucky St"»ig"t '" '^ W ' nner ' s circlc " ftcr you've tried this top « KINTUCKY STRAIG «T BOURBON WHISKEY . SOUR MASH • 90 DISTILLING COMPANY, OWENSBORO, KV., O.W ,„. 0 ^, e , ^^ t , Read Courier News Classified Ads help handle other American prisoners. SPECIAL sailors will be steered V> a mission (or seamen that Kettle runs "In the mission they'll be able Irj danco with them, play table tennis, talk and have meals with Ihem." One of the 50 beauties, red-haired 23-year-oIct Joan Tweed, said Koma ol tlie girls had given the plan a trial run and il worked. "The sailors smile happily when they see us," she said. "It makes me foel like some sort of guardian angel," An iron blade, probably 5,000 year« old. has been found In one of th» Egyptian pyramids. No matter what kind ol car or truck you own, T. T. Stay Motor Co. can offer you the spccinkueil service of speedornrtfr repair. To be safe — to get better service from your car . . he sure your speed nmeter Is correc-l. l-l>aj Service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chry.slrr-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone HURRY! COME IH HOW! WIN A SET OF FAMOUS FREE! Nothing to Boy! • BALLOONS FOR THE KIDDIES FREE PRIZES Grand Prize Given 6 «-"l-> *• SPECIAL DOOR PRIZES EVERY HALF HOUR! McCaul Tire Store So. Highway 61 Blytheville, Ark. Good for oil cars, ears will run all year round Esso Extra motorists believe that all good gasolines are l-gericrally pretty much alike. Hut licre are the fads «s proved by industry-accepted road and laboratory tests 1 Esso Extra gives you a remarkable combination of qualities that will improve the all-year, all-around performance of 9 out of 10 cars on the road. We believe a trial will prove to you Esso Extra delivers results no other gasoline can. Its formula is changed season by season, and area by area to f<ivc you the right combination of qualities for your engine at all times tinder all driving conditions - all year 'round! This insures full power, long mileage, high anti-knock, quick starting, fast engine warm-up and protection against vapor-lock stalling. Try it today ...we're sure you'll find Esso Extra your best buy for all-year, all-around engine performance I * Eswj Exlr» Gtsolinc in flood 'or ALL can, but in 9 out of 10 h will ||lve betler all-around performance all year 'round than nny fither ftitolinc. Only • <*r with in engine that's priori}- adjusted, htdty worn, or on* with unusual compression characteristics may he. unable tr> ui« fully the many extra qualities of this ]{reit gasoline. See your nearby Esso Detler today! "You get something EXTRA at the Sign of Happy Motoring!" PI I A SI DRIVI CARtrUlir,..THI II Fl YOU SAVt MAY BE YOUR OWN ESSO STANDARD OIL ANY LEONARD'S ESSO SERVICE Main & Division Open Day & Night Ph. 9961 JOHNSON'S ESSO STATION Ark-Mo. State Line Phone 9929

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