The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. J}LYTjQj!VILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OOTQBKK (j, 1033 hot aunt, Mrs. Cora Bryant,- om\! lied in'" th' 1 roast contributes I slush*'-'! ar.d mushroom sauce. Jimmy Tens, of raragould, left' gteaily to i 1 .-! richness and flavor. >!I-;HIH'<! wuHflwcr. cucumber and Saturday foi 1 Chicago to attend All drL.^;ii3s c: 1 ?>^'.ice!> con'-sinim; i lettuce :/.ilad, blueberry ; Hie Century ut Progress'if m on ju.u- or vim-gar roquii-i' ainu'k. cofl'te. I Hon. i little iiii-jr to einpluiilze the uciii. I : ] Chester Simiikins spent Sunday. Bull: ii.-jar and salt arc helpful 1 /i't'1'mj l\'pir<t I D I Oil nilr.l.lrl ...111* Lli. l.Vrt-l>~.. I • . . ~. .-..-....I .1,..I...- I .. . ~ .. I 2 J l\ i \ftt- I . Ct*/O Chester Simiikins spent. Sunday t Paiaeould with liis lire Floyd, who was brought home Pai.ieould will) liis brother.'j n Uendnv.i several flavors into a | Ciuli ittsumcs Farlle.s ( Kr. L's:ey a'.leinlni the Frisco ":iiMlv:>l of the Tiivivzday Liineli-! ••-rdieiil convontiiui anil the Miil- csn d:jb paitjos lor ill:- winti-r-West clinic. :-.-<:n ms ;iiven tills wu\: »:•' Ga.-r.ird Caiiclil), son of Mi 1 , and Mn. C. W. Alflie:-: when si'." alrt>. Myc o o ciiiidill, Is ill lit his ;-::;:itsliicd :ii-=. M A. 1-i.ic.; ;.|id West Walnut strict. .<!:?. \V. D. Chaiublin jr. „ , w , W|n . Hie rei;uvp.o=i.' lor liu- ;-J.'.clwon Osccola Society — Personal IMM m M ••^••a I Hoyd, who was brought home lliatU-inosth ;;i-r!ecl combination. High-, 7" . .I day from the BaniM hospital m> \(. f. n \-<Ci -aiccs ail'! baked-Mnlls I ' lhf liev - '• Q ' Ronc «'» ''" -Memphis where lie underwent a'.,,..•.If rencW on <klllful fusim- his mciulily aypomlnwm iu Ekron limns/iiml W. H. 1 major operation. .'„" ',V. „,], ' an( | sVar : Kmic(ay adeir.rxm. ,-cd by a round, M r. and Mrt HoVr: Killian. Mr.'. The 'treiiah of !|)i«.-:-3 and viits «'• "'»' Mrs ; Martin Dravketl when 1 the Hcall Hotel formerly ton. Silence Wlllii &!JHH^'S£^*---!^J!^asJSi™£- 1 !»-J!r ta , r of Mrs. L. S. Mlldioll, under "• . ;Mr. and ^Us Vcrmc Hiit^er drov^ox^scri to U'e ;,ir loss much ol wlu?c .iupcrvislon the lo'. hns been The Chiislian Workers will hold'}? ij^'o "n r;oric'- ! ...,,.-. n. -i :x-.i suininy. -ci!ilr-cl and planted with blooming their annunl election of officers at Ml . ' an{ i''M,' s G M Wells i-idicrs* '""^ "^'^ ' ll=i J ' Mr. und' Mis. Jim Davi-nporl n mectins to be held Monday al- d^,,,;.^,., Pauiei aml " T . B . K in- 'p cruft j, 0 » c O j Ule spict-s most il ' ;<1 -°" ° r Indiana left for ih-ir solving* little Bi-iiiirlrtiiiiBliirr, bom ,., :mll ', m ,i,. ,,,,.<[ hi ills :ivcVi..w.licnic htm(1 ^is week after spending moiinn to'Lone Oak. 1!l(1 " CVl Ml '' Co ' vVC " llllcri ' ^ " ""' llOR-JlS. Nolicc wiis Illcd that a motion terncon iu. the home"of Mrs" 'j. C. M'-'I-v""reither^lo"'i""'V "H H:iy.ii.V, claiishter. Sam Lo". and Mis. Eel- which. uiyjiii/Ml in the Ladies Aid ti L.^Kicn. E. M. TvTi j- r.n-l l-'o•v .1 r."'oUi:oii vc:e iU'*j'- s ':i Mrs. V,'. T. Obeist !::v. cvcrJn.; win n l!i-.' al-a had w.-mbers of •Iiiur.i(lay Reak-ciiib as ').•.• i;ii'':l-'i. ' . and the first mcellns Memphis Thurwlav with her sister. - B"!uin lefl today for Uochca- Ko^lety cany in tile history of the Wlls ^moiiiiccil for Wednesday of Mrs. Ncely Boweii and her mother.', U-r. -Viim . where they will con- loan. h:.-. vrmtlniicil under ow U)|( . ,, ccki lo bc )1C | (1 , n Mcmph | s Mrs L L vandcrraorl. Mr.s. Bow-! "'H physicliins at Mayo nrav, mmo or m;o:hor til! the present .,, ,„,. lu . mo of Mre .-L. n. Rose- UH returned liauie uficr u few day's i clinic. They expect, to be a way a -i:iy when it luiictlons as the-Os- 1]r)rn ,, .„ al MrSi Hoscboronsh's in- viMl here wlieic she joined Mis.' week. .cola Womem ProgvcsMvu club. ' vluail:u . '. Vandervoort. After a short visit. , . . . (jonrrr-.!iii:in Hrivci's talk. In M, .dames Ueo. AUiey. 11. A. m Memphis Mrs. Vandcrvonrt will ' jl . h ,„. . u .., (i co-Bp-jriiUon of the Biircli. R. C. Uryan and H. II. return to he home In Chicago. ! iur.i(ay e- a .. '-. . . . . . . . Uorts'ef rinhiLis. vo=es .-nd /,n-' i''"!il v:lth his .-Ister Mrs. Henry . (hjl . h ,„. . u .., (i co-Bp-jriiUon of the Biircli. R. C. Uryan and H. II. ::ias d;-ecnuecl tilo t!::v.» livir.u! Gr - c ' 1!ci '- of H 1 ' 1 '' 11 "- w » u lf> '" "' d'ib v.-r;ir,> n in th.- MR A piogram. liruufe were lioi'.csses for the at- :c u-_i urea to.- t'ae ro:; 1 : *.KM I > i :x h<- s !''tul. S!ic_l. : betlcr today. - v . is n,,, | t . :1 ii iri . I( f Hie ntlcrnoon's tcrixion and server! a delicious .""lad cot'r- uas E A "i'i".l with; Mrs. Donald Tlttchcr. of Joiner. p : c»ram. vhich included also :i falnii coiirfc lollowiny tlii; pro................. """""" ............ i i.-i i-pcncitiis a >'.-(-!-h with her mo- v ,.., ;11 ,„;,, hv Mr ,. spence Wil- S r;ini. Mr?. I. O. Wcslbrooh. n llinSi : , r[ .,(!iii? by MLss MurKiirot 1:::::;:U> Conlr.ii-'. r;uh a 1'arty M:=. R. L. U:.irti ; !:. % Tr.i::5day Cfii ,. . . . , j Mrs. \V. \V. Bandy and Mrs. Bill y^nm ,,| i.nxora and n charminij Mi.. L. U. Massey entertaine • M". ill 1 vat!i.v. o: Parauoukl. shop- i] 3nre and snm; number by little flxlecn friends at contract bridg i-nlrrt liin li i ciiib iliis ^U \vhc-a oi;:y the n:-:ml;i-i-.s v.'ti-i 1 iivir-n rc?:u p.itc: 1 *n ir.-,:: 1 .?." a rnlaci ca'ir^e v,::-; A double d?£k nf T.:J r . .•I in; l.rii!-^ '"-'' • lc ' :v yesterday. d idge Mi.-!'; Dornthy Jean Snell of l.uxora. ;i[ her home Tuesday evening com- .1-0e Hi'iniilnll. nf KcniH'U, ,-.],„ lv; ,.. ;:rroiiipaiiletl by Mrs; II. pllinnilins Mrs. L. I,. Viindlvooit attendvd lo business here Q. Will:!ns nf that plncu. . nf clilnifin mill Mrs. Neely llowen Society-Persona MARY'S KITCHE .sauces and disl:t-s that arc not [highly colored. A.i a st-jsonliv.; Jor ' meats and dark s:ur:es, biack pe;>- ; per is inure elective, because tiie al .strength o! the jjijipcr beiry foi;i!:i in t^'.e outer shells of hich black j^.-pper is made. Cay- IIV SISTICit JI.-MIY NKA Service \Vritcr -— —-_ ; Alllioiigh it's far better tj err Mrj. O. E. licet "tor the hls^ sco;(> ''""" «ack Irani,--;.', o: Sioele. is in:ik-. n t Ihn home o! Mis. R. C. Bryan. ::i^ his lioair here with l:i.> sist'ir. 1 Mrs. Mitclu-:!, v.-ho Is chn!rmnn : -V M-T G S Brown' Mr" W E «' dish Hat and nnliucrrsting. .-->. llli.v li. 0. »!Unil. .MIO. II. ^- N-itilrnllir lotPns <litTor «•!• Bits of Netis MoMlv Personal Dixie Criiwfni-d. .inti Mr. o; odiiciilun lor Hie county fed- lei Cia«!oul. v>uilf he h euuncctod erntlon rt v.-cincn:- club:;, also told Arkansas IVesbytcial. coiv Mss. Burnett of Uaibtt. Hayes. Mrs. O. J. Cope. Mrs. W. ::rtr.-ii juisnoiv .secretary ot the R. Scwcil. Mrs. G. A. Quinn :md '•"' other ladies of the Naturally, tastes difier widely .it the essential point lo keep i: mind Is the ne-jessily 3f cl:o:s:n<- M:,5. L;ithtr Williams, of St. " ••-'.-. v.-V.:; h-ir Le^.-ii ciitically 111, •:. n'.t'.c'r. tetter. Mr. and Mrs. Vlctc: Stilwsll nnd Mrs. Garland ::crpr,n. v.-ho wentii;i-ln be with I,-:.- hive returned home. Before •[..;• iccnit marriage Mrs. Williams -. i; M:*s -Lc-uiso V. : ii:den. of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Burnett •.:' nri!:-£cn. niut Mrs. ABi .••:.-.Voiih Srn:nin. of Memphis; were cnests of relntives and friends here ics; night and today. Jr.. L:. I. HaH-y is .s'Jenblnt,' a utc-h in McKen/ie an:l Dresden Ttiin., with relatives. Dr. and Mrs. M. O. Usrcy, have icturned-from Kansas City \vhcr v.l:li llir- Trm'.ly faun Cunblrnc- il;e duo ol the nlncL-incul of Miss l.-^nii in -Thp Mlssiniiary's Alices- Mcl'.iodi-l uiuivch went to Poplar a seasoning Hint wil. brin^ oui '.ji'.n citiupany. '• l,.>v;ie Durr.e:;. v:iuncr of tlie :cliol- ny." ihr Hrtt rhiiptcr Ironi the or- nhiff Thurilay to atleiul the Dis- a "d enhance tr.c llavu:- 01 ma.- Min L'.iclli- Johnson.-and ir.otii- mship ofdM'-d by tlic rodcriitlon i;-iiii.'.-..iU>n'. : nc«- fo:-eiun -niission trict Woman's Missionary confer- nals uscil - Sill, ='.:gar. ij:-pp:r ar.. r. el llaytl, shn^icil h•!:..• yw- i : , Sl.uo Ti-atlH-i--. Coik-iri 1 at Con- niuly buok. •'Amba.s.saclor's Sup- race. .various spia'.= are alr.iy- at nina terday. v...y. .:mi aJv:;,-d Hint it would bs'rf-:>-" ul the meeting ot the' Mrs Wanicr li!shoi> and tlaiigh- • ; " ld ll)c « tvc r l>s c u'. them is uv cooking. necessary in nearly ever; !ii s Baptist linsplliil. Is crllii'al to--rl-.i'fl (iollars to dofvny Mi»s H-.iriics' 'tlie meeting was ' hold at" tiie Liciilcnanl Bishop, wlio is assign-. dijil1 prepared, Dej.;rls, c.iivJi: Mr. Atkins, and Mrs. Atkins' expends. A hundi-rcl dollars \vnschuich with fourteen mcmbcia'ctMo the C.C.C. camp at Mt. Nebo. and sweet of :ill kinds sm" >" lavo W. R. Scwell left Tuesday in the >f cleverly salted. Any combinatio ' • . ccmpnny o! J. F. Taylor of Ken- containing milk or cream require Eighteen members of the" Melh-- net! nntl A. C. Moon 'of Maiden to salt. A few grains of salt added t Friday & Saturda) MAT. and N'lTR—lOc - . p syt. so])iic v;:..- w- i :i Sl.uo 'ri-athcv-. Coleire nt Con- niuly buok. "Amlia.ssador's Sup- race. , rday. v...y. .:m| nJv:;.,-d liiiit it would bs" rf-::>- " al the meeting of the' Mrs. Warner lilshop and tlaugh- • ; " ld lllc e 'iiii! Ci.ndjtinn of Mis. Thmmnn iv«.''-ao' i"ur ihr- rnunly orsnnl-ia-! Prcsbvlrrian Ladies Aiixiliary ; hcre tcr, Nell Audcr-:oii, lefl Wcdncs- art o[ ,co •.•;iiif. vho is ill at the Mem-' HHI to rui'i- an addlMonnl him- Monday afternoon. . day for Daracncllc. Ark., to join : SaU ls ' ,sicr, Miss Marie Hiirnlr-h, weiH originally pledged lor the. scholar- piesent. own ycslcrduy alou;;, ivith John ihlp. Mrs. .!. W. Gdrlngton clmir-j \ndrevvs. for blocd tesls but none ninii o'. the county federation,! . . . f the Wood typed and Ulc same |::opc\wtl the sale of McCall's mas- cr: ; st Wonions Missionary Society at'.cndinp an ediicalional meeting coifec improves the tevera^e. In . .Icmphls fireman, who nas isiven. a/.inc on a coinmlssian basis to attended Hie Monday afternoon ai the state teachers collCfiC at adequate salting is the cause ilood twice already, had another ' raise thr necessary nddltlonnl business and Bible study .mcciiiiu Cape Girardeau. | many tasteless disbes. rnnsfuslon. Piiysiclans today held funds, and a committee composed- L-I the church when a "lesson on Hairy Shepherd of the Bone' Supir Improves Meats 10 hope for Mrs. Atkins, who'of Mrs. C. L. Drake. Mrs. A. S.. "Christian Principals of Making school district is suffering from a Sugtir is anoll-er everyday tricken with typhoid fever nml Itogers and Mrs. Gco. Abrey was r.r.d Uslni; Money" wns lead by nervous shock as the result of a soninc that works wonders whe complications six weeks aijij. 'named to solicit subscriptions In Mrs. E!l Myers.' f:>!! irom a ladder in his barn last judiciously used. Unless -- , i Osccola. Topics were dlscvnsaed by Mrs- v;eek. His condition 'is reported are fresh from the pard?n a lit! Fattest clcvalors in tallesl build-. CD Mis. Sdrlmjton's motion the dames C..-B. Segraves, U. M. liar- improving. ' sugar is needed to restore the:;- m igs travel about 10 miles an our. • club voted to nnmc the corner lot. well, W. L. Scf'nra, J. W.'Edrins- Miss Cora Bryant of Hopiersville, ural sweetness. A bit of sugar rub- I'a'.i-.'iits admitted to the Biythe- ville hosiiital: M:s. M. Baxter, Majjness, Ark.; Flclcher R::iley, Holland. Mo.; Ople As!iabrann?r, Manila. Dismissed: Waller So'v- ell. Kennctl. Mo. me p-.'ppjr must I;;. 1 employed "ry 5i;.n'in'jly, bu'- a dell use oi ji-iiCo ;L'I; lo n:any u di.sii. Paprika is a pleasing .spice- ::i 5lh (Uvcr .11:1! t^;:: 1 auct (Ic-.H-rve.; i)r5mnii.-iU plac.- alo:i s with i.ilt 1 ^ Iimc in tt]C hlsl f nd i>5p;;er. In soups, sauc ; s ;uui I Ksnsas City Fair Has Its First Beer Garden, I'CPEKA. Kan. (UP)—For ll:e' ilads or -Aitii fisii, meai-5 uiui egi-tables its mild s-.veet flavor is esirable. Us delicate flavor anil ivid color make it an excellent ' arnish Ken'.cm'oor there are kiiicis— t::o Hungarian, v.-hich liiingeni and decidedly Giimulal- ng. and the SpanUh, which is very iiild. 'I'omci row's ."Mcn-.i BREAKFAST: Sliced iicic::cs. cu- eal, crciiu. saulcd green tomatoes vith creani ;Miee, iocs!, mill;, co'- ee. LUNCHEON: Squash and bacon icallop. .vh'CL'd lo'.naices, nu-. 'oriraii and butior sii:J« ich.'=. bitcd iwai-.i. nilfc, tea. Fillets of fish with ?n Fair here, a real licer 5-jnlcn was operated this year. And the establishment was right r.exi to W.C.T.U. headquarters. B'.-cr civinkers who thronged the garden seemed to get along well with W.C.T.U. members. Bar maids even visited the dry organization's bccih. but so far as could be learned, no W.C.T.U. members returnee! the compliment. 1Y THROATS i(|i!ki. Tablets, t-alve, Nose Dropj Checks ?,Iu!aria in 1 days, Coins irst flay. Ile-id/iclics. or Neuralgi.i in 39 niiniitcs. l r itic Luxitlivv and Tonii."\lost Spcrdy llpmtilics Knnv.-n 11KMOKRHOIDS (Piles) cur- i-il witliuut the krife. Skin eanccr, laricoscd \eins, lun- sils rcuoveil non-sursically. DKS. NIES and NIES Office 511 Main Phone 1)8 SERIAL - - CARTOON Sunday - Monday MAT. t u><--;- \.\.f:- • \ u T r r-idio VC .: . -Ml ^^°; \v:$p \ 0 IV-wi''/^^-,?;^ ,, " \ •• .••W \i '^••m^ -^B/:- :: « .•\-¥-Jt-.- : --;vS-.,..:;;:*7*^a R KO- RAO-.O PicJue GINGER ROGERS flOnSMH FOSTER ZASU PITTS FRANK HcHUGH Allen Jenkins Cregcrj Ritofl Edtar Kennedy Lnclta Littlelitli NOVEI.TV REEL 1 • - • i Ccnicdv ''Flirting -in."-the i'ark 1 !." >|v' : '. - * - i Blend ami Red Head - Series; rfields are Mild Last Time Today •^- F MAT. 10c-25c N1TK 10c-35c l!)AY MAT. iintl NITi:—iflc -JACK IIOXiK in $£% SERIAL - CAHTOOis HELEN HAYES ;tnd ROBERT MONTGOMERY Mil-key Mouse Cartoon Clark & McCullough Comedy AiATINEK and N[GHT — lac - JOe Double Attraction ler tONTHKSTAGG IN PERSON MITZI LOttACCO lo groic, lo rincn and become incllmv, has to f«/>c in or absorb something ... nol Vitamin D, of course, but something thai it gets from the right amount of Sunshinu It's llic Soulhrrn niin-liinn you read iiliunl, combined willi lliu ri»hl stirl of clinuiU: and;ilni;ikrs tin- Ciirolinas.Gi'iirjiia, Kentucky, Maryland, and Virgiuici thclx-'st tubucco fouulry i" lli<; wurld. You can tland down then- in ilia! Son lit- crn ittiisliinc anil aliuo.-l fi-u il jirow. '] hib rijic, iiirllow loliai'cd is .skillfully cured hv lii<^ fanner. Tlieu, lor 30 muulbs, il't a»i-tl— ju-l liki: lini: wini;. U lake? the right ([nanlily of each kind of thcte lobaucos, blutnli d and crors-lil«inli:d — then seasoned willi Turkish, to make a milder ci^arelle. buucLiue lieljis. Just try il! 14 _ People — 14 SINGING AND DANCING SPECIALTIES — OH the Screen — WHICH OF THESE TWO MEN WAS HER HUSBAND? They looked alike!They folk- cd alike! They acted aliks! How could she tell that the one who made love !o her was cnly a masquerader? • ©I!J) Irr^.rrvMlur.i ':; r-.'-TO Oi. (tie, cijasette t/tath > MILDER rette /^/TASTES BETTER x TlliASQUQRADK IELISSA L'ANDI &SP" A SAMUEL GOLDWYN Production K/i Akl COMEDY Chiirlie Chase in 'MR. BRIDE' Paramount News

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