The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE -FOURTEEN BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 17, 1947 Lack of Steel /dies 1 80,000 In Auto Plants DETROIT, JuJ> 17. (UP)— All; oir production ni .Oen-j Corporation plants, High-Stepper IWtcd fot one week .idling! ivojksrs. because of a steel the company announced shutdown will cost .the na- lio)\ about 25,030 passenger cars. CM President C. E. Wilson said the shutdown would affect all Chevrolet. Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buipk and Cadillac assembly lines in Michigan, and all ratjrlcuti:);; mid assembly plants of the Fisher .(Body the state. Pa.<*engei 0*11 and body ns- seTibly plan's in other states will not close until "materials on hand nnd en rou'e are used up," Wilson said. General Potion's War Manuscript To Be Published BOSTON, July 17. (UP) -- Mrs. Gcqrge S. Pattern, Jr., has grartcd Houston Mlfflin Co. permission lo publish her late husband's pcrsnnn; war story titled ''War as I Knew It," It was announced today. Tiie 10.000-word manuscript, :>ii informal and outspoken document, will fee ;published in the late F.\li with .an introduction by biographer Dougias Soulhall Freeman. The .former kaiser became emperor' of Germany at the age of 20. I Joy (I Cifarharl of (he Giants makes nn unsuccessful iillcnipl to slide safi-ly itUu second lj;isi- during Cii;tnt-l)£)d^i'r j;ame in Iho l*olo CJjtnmds. IjodjiiTS 1 IVu-V/i'i 1, leaping hif;h over Clear- huii's lii'ji!, llri 1 :; from mid-air lo ('ct Johnny Mine at ( for neat iluiibio play. The ti-auw split :i cluublohcndcr. Workers, Bosses Hold Picnic, Gripe Session KALAMAZOO, Mich. (UP) — Management and labor long have lad their "gripe and growl" sessions but employes and officials ul .he Kalamaxoo Label Company lave added a new twist. Once a month, the 43 employes of Hie company sit down 'With their employers at a picnic dinner In the plant and llircsli out their problems. President James .1. Murray originated the plan. Informality nnj equality feature Ihts experiment in \ Industrial democracy. The picnic' table Is .set up in the main production room. The management foots the bills, but details of the dinner arc nrrnngcd by a committee of workers. Executives, foremen ami workers -sit down in shirtsleeves and work clothes just ' after quilting "lime on the .second Friday of each month. Wlien file dinner Is over, no punches ave pulled in the discussion. Management gets in us many .suygt'-slions as does labor and complaints arc .settled then und there, if possible, Stenographic records are kept and later posietl on plant bulletin hoards lor unable to attend. 15,000-Milc Trip in 7927 Model T Ford Planned SEATTLE. <UP^ — Mr. and Mrs. J. F. IlielsclH 1 ! 1 , both fJO, are t>!an- nini; a 15,000-mile trip to Minnesota and the east In tholr still- reliable 1921 Model T Ford. Hielsc.hcr \v;is confident, the vohi- may drop us down to 20," he said. Tlic Hiclschcis have driven the car 135.071 mites. To celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in 1911 they drove to St. Paul, Minn;, where they were married, and then returned home by way of Michigan, Florida and California. They made a detour so they could hit Oklahoma, which was the only cle could mnhr the trio without • state in the Onion the model T any trouble even though its top had never driven through, speed is 25 miles an hour. "If we have a favorable wind, we can make 'IT, though a head wind Garlic rui<l_ onions of the lily family. arc members DERTH o? O by Hilda Lawrence; Distributed by NFA SERVICE, INC. I He'.isc p.ur.VKir to the driver, and ' leaned hack. "That was cjutck thinking, that one. ahoitt the doe- Spur of the moment, or did use it in the store to jjct TIU1 STOUYi It u Hi .11 till-r, :i clul rlflrx in-xl Si-nr<-«l Tctnriis Shi-. flr tbe Oou IK In <»• rr. Slie ilfcldc* to leu y, mil luvvl djiy win»i :iIll-till Itic wci'klj* Si •rinnm ti-Ji, lliiK-iloll d rv illslrilMiti'il rur n i-ur KlltC liy mm. «lu> rinsi to IIIT r.n.m, iKii-Ls I , Unities <i> <>>tt>aju- ln*lilr:ititiri iiinki-s IIIT ] U-i'li.Mu- rnll lo 11 111:111 ^U,, ulll ri-ulUt- Iliv .1: IK En. IU-fi>rf iTn- call rd on tin- hull plnnif. •C Of II Ntt-IlUK) H|1|1MKI lit-r riitini mill In r. and Poke sauntered to the section manager's desk and checked in. Kuth was behind her ' counter, dusting slock and making requisitions. "Good - morning, Mrs. Blackman," Moke said. "I see you spcnl Hie night in the store." • "Oh I felt like getting up early,' Ruth said. The day moveri as slowly as tht night, Sho scanned the faces o the shopping crowds and thej were all strange. That was good Bui at 4 o'clock she began to worry. Suppose Moks and Voki waited for her at the employes door? What excuse could she ftiv- for not walking home? Suppos someone else; was wailing loo? Slie closed her aching eyes. 1*1 t/y ilif! uoc-or again, she dccidcc I'd pin i:,y pride in my pocke I'll ask Mr. Ben?, for an early pas •and i-A\ him :ibo*it seeing the doc tor. Mr. Benz wa3 synip:*'ihelic. told he* ht! wss c'ad she \vn.s ing something about her c "Yon run right a)oitf," hn SaUl [ Down in tht; loiter room sh collected her coat, ha*, and goo .imibrcilii. Better Isavu MIL- work shoes ami old jjr.V./rv^a. II -,voi.M look more ivitural if Make ami '•'-• ! :ft came, to uiici lier. S:ie not or suitense from thr. parcel room, H'ckcd out with the? clcarman, nd climbL'd the stairs lo tlie tveet. * * * PTIERE was only one pedestrian on the street, a \vonuni mull}! 1 n .irge umbreltn. walking to>vard ,er. She studcd oul, slrnygling vith tlie suik'ai;i- and fi/;lititu; HIL- vind :ttwl vain. The woman ran nlo her and stopped to npulojji "I'm 20 sorry—wliy, Uullil" It wiis Mii-s Brndy. "What are you (Jniiiit out •arly? 11 Miss Brady asked. "I'm going (o the doctor's, ub< my eyes. It's very important, hey let me oiT." She tried lo nove on. "I'll go v,-ith you, 1 ' Miss Rrady "Silly lo iio alone when yoi can luive company. Where iii tic lector? Near )u?re?" "Yes, Miss Brady, he's quit leap. I can go aluno, I clou 1 iimd." "I mind." 1\Tiss Brady looked .he suilcase, ''What's lhat for?" "I took my suit [o the elcancr'i she said evenly. "My blue. I up ;L-t my tea, everybody saw me: rt it." A cab cruised by and sh raised her hand. It wouldn't co. c much for a block or two, needn't go all the \v;ty. "Tax I'll sec you Into Bristly." She opened the door an pushed her .suitcase in. "Over to Sixth," she said. Miss Brady got in with her. for Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Gtcncoc Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. I don't know 'Well, i:it now i he vs. what you mean, j \\ r c won't bother with Siiu locked Ruth's arm "I think we'll skip Hie doctor," ( ' Mis.-: Brady said. "This doesn't ! * strike ir.e as the r;:;ht lime for H, ] t You didn't have did yoii?" She- didn't jinsv.'or. lie careful, she told hcvself; lei her think any- tlnnt-' .sfie v/anls I*;. Uon't give his pi IE cell hi the ceiling rang for '• (iinuer. This time she would at. She used the stairs ugain, ,'alking slowly t rearranging tlio • lurs tibead, dividing the night iHo minutes. Miss Small said the dining room vould L-lnse curly because of the nrty. She could be out of. there •y 0:30, she figured. Talk lo April, f April was around. Her wool hcss under the costume. , . The hnpcloss costume that was going o save her life, Tt was her only nlly. Dozens oE Mii'ls, nil alike, all with identical 'wes; while .sacks to cover telltale lair, thick white gloves to hide 1'amiliar hands. Kag dolls crowding and pishing, disguising their own voices, iuv.laUug each other. Out the front door, down the street, money pinned in her dress packet. She wns the firsl girl in the dining room, and for some minutes she was alone. When her food came she ale quickly. The room was lillini* vapidly when she left. She walked upstairs nnd found April having milk toast on a tray, "Mis. Fislcr brought it up herself," April said. "She thinks I'm well enough U> come back here. I \\\is awfully sick but she says I cat! go to the parly »£ I %leep first. £0 1'ai i;oing to -ii^'i-p." She put .ho tv;:y on the door got un- .-r I!:o covers. ''Wnkc me up hrn Jt's time lo Ure,is, will you, Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba *^CJ.c^4_ COPR. 1T.7 TY T ', ' "fi'.rCf;. INC. T. M. RED, U. S. TAT. Off. Super rockets will ti-avci'. ftisler nnrt more accurately when equipped willi a new ball-aml-nec'Jlc L'l'urlii^ device which generates a swirling flow of discharge gases. Production of glycerine .Uigro- diont ot ccimelics and explosives, reached an ull-Slme high ol CO,000,00:) pounds In the first four months of )947. Club 61 Blytheville, Arkansas Highway fil North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owiied By A. (Red) Bickeistaff and George For Reservations Telephone 944 Ford "No, young lady 1 ..I can't guess who this is, and my name's not'Dogface'1" ^HECKLES & HIS FRIENDS Yes, They Can By MERRILL HLOSSER RECKON IT MISHT BE CNE OF THOSE LIONS WE HEAR. *" ^••\T 7-17 GATEWOOD GROCERY ! Phone 9751 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch Vi ft. ft. 5th • 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 ! Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 I Schenley 1.35 2.65 4.15 ; Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4.15 • Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 • Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 ! Old Taylor 4.35 6.90 : Four Roses 2.85 4.50 I 5% Beer : per Cose $3.35 ; GAS, reg 17.9c; Ethyl 19.9c { ASI Brands Cigarets/ctn. $1.35J be 1 traced ;itl:lros:- ( you tlivcush (hat. "No appointmo;t(," Miss Brady | a^,r(-rd. l 'Sn if lii.- (uro^i'l laiov; ! yuu |jUui:iC'.l !••' cojni.', you wtm' 1 . ) b; lllisso.'l." Sho jjiva Lho Il-.ipt I .....; n^isy \vl\\\ excitement, clown- I in:j ii!:c :i "iiilJe ino:i::i'\ ; :'Jio tried j on I\ut:. : s vr k .:. l .-L ;nvr! .',i:r o-.vti, I "r\ T (;-,v [ li>;>l; lii\rt cv;:i H ,vrr.Jy olsc," .!: :»cur otl'.fcr k-iit;y Mi Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CFIAS. RITTNEH KILT. WILSON THAT CIRCUS is IN KINGSTON , BUT .TWE ROARING IS COMING FROM . THE; OPPOSITE DIRECTION/ // L WOMDER IF THEY CAN HEAR US DOWM- TOWN ? Chamblin Sales Company Sales — Sludcbaker — Service You've licnn hearing a lot aboul Htudebaker Postwar cars . . have you nuliced what Studebak er trucks are doing? Buy With Confidence From Chambiin Guaranteed Used Cars & Trucks r.ut 1917 Chevrolet 54 ton pickup I94G Sludcbiiker \^ ton pickup 1915 Dodnc J4 ton pickup 1041 Chevrolet : }.'i ton 1940 Forrl Super l-'loor Sedan 1941 Stlldcbakcr Champion 4 dour 1S41 Ponliac 8— 4 Donr Sedan 1941 Plymouth Deluxe * iloor LOTS OF OTHERS TO SELECT FROM . . . Complete lAne of SHulebaker Farts and Accessories CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Sludebaker Dealer "First by Far WHh a Postwar Car" Bill Cliamblin —Kit & Ash St., Phone 2J9S— Lex Charabrn WASH TUBB8 Ntip, Not KcmtiramH TUKNK* f so SOI) THINK YOU P05ED FOZ. THE KElNS PlCTUKc, UMMM! WHAT PSOOF PO NOU HWE OH, I REMEMBER IT— KINpft VftfiUEW OF COUiJSE! THEN POOR. WCHHER HtWQlM. THE W5 WP.S LESS THftN A MEfiR OLD. 3'W SURE SOU'Ll l\LSO RECALL THE i\Rnsrs H , ft.ND CITY ? Er*!E SOE.TA iSLIPPEO WV MIND iFORTHE WOMENT. Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople VOLJ CAM TELL VOUR EDITOR I AMD BISON IN THE RESIGN OF THE OLTD MOSTA A PRETTY I SAvd TH "ACO.WNS OL3T 01 ' ~~ CAR'S S!^" v PDNW PlAOTO S DOST UPST=,. Out Our Way By J. R. WiUiarns THEIR AHMTV piP FfOT OMM'T \ TMAT 60'TMEV GO PA-5-T I I C'VM'T RUMTH' IM KOCKS. < HOC^GS ~\O 1 >i=Al M- AN' BanLE \\ IT'S ALL '-'AMP FCOT CAIW'T ] \ OR ROCKS 1CKE.. GO FAST / ( AMP THEV IVXVE IW SAMP.' I \ TO WAIT KK / I EACH OTHER.' I V.OVSC'EK HOW IT CfMP.r- THAT KW IIOCSE II-V5 F-GET LIKE PUTCH HIS \KE LIKE? POP VIC FLINT IS'nl i\Iy Kind of BY MICHAKL O'MALLRY nnd HAU'H LAN YOU'VE BE EM TO TOO ~\ MftNV A'.OV!E5 MR.MOoUL. I'VE HAD YOU INVESTIGATED, FLINT. T6VL MF. CAN YOU TAIL A MAN AIL DAY WITHOUr HIS KNOWING YOU'RE IKKt? _/ • J ' VERY WELL, f LINT, THERE'S A MAN I WANT YOU TO--TO TAKE CARE OF. I NEXT TIME YOU '.'.'ANT A PRIVATE r>ETECTlVE r 3EM> OUT TO HOLlnVOOO. I SEE. YOU WAHTSOME DIRTY WORK DONE:-SOMETHING A LEETLE 8IT OUTSIDE THE LAW. rve DONE IT BEFORE, MR. MOSUL. RED RYDER Nicli e.s . !);ini;tr ?=D A^D TH SHERIFF; ARE. LOOKIN3' OVER • HEr\ HOLES IT3133 \I,1,EY OOI" Cosy By V. T. IIAMLTN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Meet FRKI) IIARMAN

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