The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1935
Page 2
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COURIER NEWS „ - BV, Mr?, Ma^ B IteU havjt Matrons Bridge club »trc W D Cfiarnblin Tuesday Cpntfpct, club Ridge as guests of Mr, parents. ' Mff r VV(t!l«| Crondei Slid Young «r, Ml^ Uor|f, apu son, are now I msklnj tiielr home in Booncvillc having Ark, Njtere they can be wi[fi'it|eir Bl()lc study Qriurch of Christ meeting ulth Mrs B s Shellon, 2 30 p m Joint meeting of all p -T A 'i at clly high school auditorium, 3 p.m. ^i-s. W. >f. ritjnyard cnleilain- ing Wednesday Bridge cl(lb' Mrs H If. - son ens brotnei who is i|i. Misses Angle Hood and'Eva Nel- fon have rctiu-ncd homo after i Executive BOWI senior high P -T A: |n Miss Hardy's room, ssnior ftlsli ,, -..,, „,._, . school bu.ldlng;. 2 ptji weed's visit with Mrs. name- Love ~ •'" of Jonefuoro and Misses anci waoml Palton of Bono ," " .>Ir. and Mrs. Berry B, Brooks of ,Memphis, came over ycslerdaj for incir daughter, Virginia, wno las bcoii visiting IKY grandmother Mrs. AJmn Waiton, loj' len flays, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klmbroiigh and Mrs J jf Biihcr returned ycs- ..-- .. , r . Tr -,.-.. ; — _..., T . ... 0 tvrdoy to IneJr hor/ib In Nashville Ihe p E O at a. luncheon Wed- "Tenn, after a few dajs stay here' nc-day at the home of Mrs Ha>i5 Mr ,ind Mrs Klmbrough were the Kjrt>y, euwis of Mr and Mrs Harry Kirby and MIS Baker spent her time - - „ Mb Mr. 'and Mrs Hiisscll Phil- witli. Mrs. L. H. Moore. lip Sin, George K Cainoun wild Mrs, Everett 8.- Ocp having accompanied (htpi icmuincd for Thursday Luncheon club, | s " cral »eeb> stay Mith her daiieh- Mrs, B. A. Lynch entertaining ter, Mrs RiiMell Phillips, mid tam- Haiold Stcrnbcrg has recovered from a weeks lllncis Mrs O q .Jones v,h,o vvn.s for-, ilicpy Mis* Agnef Ballpj, riicco o'l Mr mid Mrs j w Badcr, is )li at Ihc BarilW hospital in St. Louis where she underwent nn operation for._a]ii>end!cltls. ,™, m . m \. v .in;it Turner rc- scvcrbl days EVENTS Ihursday Bridgo club nicetinj; Mi'd-Week Biidso cltlb. Mrs. Carrol Blakemore havins Thursday Contract club U D 0 meeting wrth Mr? Joo Yarbro missionary \society meeting with Mrs B H Hood, 2 pm. i Vaunt)- Methodist League Will M«i. Trie MssiS5ipj>i couiih ^,,,^ ,,, „.„.,. ,., leagues at- Metrtodist churches wlll'l^tt at NoVvbeni, 'lenn meet at Osceola, in the ch|0 room | Mlllon Alleiibcig, of Memphis is of the courthouse Tuesday evening:, spending (oda> in the cllv will (J rt'nlrtnl **.. At. L "... J n.n, 8 o'clock » « • » revisit (Ltd H3.\ing Benefit Bridge Parlj The Je'wlsl^ Ladle's, 410, wl|)oh is made up of mcmberi> in 4l5tp«llk Manila, Liuora ai^d 6sceola, nlll have a benefit bildge pjrly at the Osceoh coromunlty house Tuesday oycnlng A ijiinibcr from tills cits ))lap;io qfjcnd " V *. » M«ny U» Atttnd I-omidcrs Day Prajrajn A large number of mothers in the cltys public school syslcni arc cxpectei) to affeud Ifc pjiWts ?W progfam Tuesday afternoon, i o'clock, 'at the hgh. school »udi- torjum Such a prograrmis held at this lime each'jeaj Jn memory of the oi {J K orga,nlzgfjon Bofi). *' '• Mr arj<( itrs. O B Marshall an- - « ^ ... ...v VI1.J, *>IU. Mis Allpnbcrgs father, U. 11. Levy Dudley Dcnton s|>cnt the WCCK- cnrt in Memphis King Liternej, of \urbro hn- JJ1? to Wdshlngton, D C,;-'tp"bt ilh h,ij, pister, Mrs Louip Cara'svaj an-1 ^i cnrnway Mr and Mis a t; Martin ant Mrs Cnrric Nlcholi, s] x;nt ycslerda hi Meinphls -\ltli Mft> Moi'tlh'L •oufjy. Miss }ja?el Ifancy. W M Burns; agent fpr Ihc Jef- ici'son Standard Life Insurnriix comnnny, has been imnrdeil n' trli to Uhe general convention" In Mn' at Greensboro, rj o, because' o. Mjnnlnj 8 oftiMsl jwrilcirwiccl in b, ugent* He <*8t one of'tric'tci 1 won the trip because' of Iju ,— iV «»*^ w*. » u BlylheviUe -hospJla] "- The baby t nork don c 1534 nrp g Miss paiillrjc Lee spent (ho week thcr Q Te ""' * h ' l ^ 1 "° : Ml» Ma-dlip Croofe is In \Vcs, Memphis for several d»ji Half Moon ?J»M V. j The palf Moon J?en,oili!ration club met Wednesday, ftbruary c, al the canning Hitchon There vicjc M JJ?^ BrojvnlctUj)[| Jack Henderson vflio arc attending Drairglv ans Buslnesi college at Li[tlft chfs 1 -lie , Miss Jeanim Harriso PWty Rq- veral mem- . „' by J, \f i ,_"T --ft-T-TVH 14ying Rooms I B«Jroom 9 ," by Mrs H H Kod',' Canning-," by f^rs B T Hani Wd » report on new recelpes, * ,*, H 5 Aie^andtr and Mrs "ij^ Alexander _T«o new members. Mrs w H who Bttpnd at .-, — , — . ™^ V6U ofc nu ,iy sprngt Miss, yrcijt thp weekend ui l\ome Baker Weds Herman Annoiinccmpnt \\as ma _ Marlon, Ark., '' wlti. Rev E K bcncU performlni, the ceremony •••'• The bride, nliu n Utc datiRli- tcr of Mrs J w BaKci of Sw* 1 ! 1 !' y,' 5 *' te n Graduate of'iho BlylljpvllJo Hospital School 01 "Tsin? Since her graduation slic s en . dollJ S White duty work 1s of H»r>ey Morris and children spent I? jeskrday \r\ Memphis vith Mrs ^orrls whj> \i undsrgotpg treat' «r r . .. - — v - ti - -^>i wi Ktn\ at Dr Campbell's clinic she W f<s ' Charles Oravcs, is will probablj be able to return home a « ra *«te of the cltv high s," ' tl-e last of the vieek an<l ls now connected with Mtss Mar}' Arden Gallonay. ofj Mc ,f r Gr ? bcr storc Memphis, spent llie ueeketid with' " Mr£ Graves arc r M * •"••. Mr? 0?irbl Bla\erpore ^, "f wc w " h M r "nd Mrs. E, - J "- Jones J Dunftam olame > the Mr ^ " -"- ——- w«"to v JL/ulJltrtJJI ol Memphis, were guesls, of Mr nnd Mrs J. Ernest Hasson (or the week Stas mthtr VfiUla^B U, quite ill at the Barnes hospllal in Memphis Her condition i$ npf critical Mrs WiUlams i»as before her marriage '*ji»s Louise YfaWpn, of this city city, A Dow ell jr, and Cpurier Wsnt Ao> _ Itcl^ Qfirms . 7°i !ctri l 1 of itcli.rasli, Idler.foot 'Wl'/iM^ormoreczcma.cuvcrvviJli soolliinj Blue 5(lr Oinlinvn( ^jikh ""Jams Icslcd medicine tliairndts, '"' " dl ' SEE IT - -. YOU Will BUY ffi New triplicate Cooker all natural Juices flavors vitamins In llic food Uses 0|ily 33 t-3% its much fuel, Cooks entirp rneal oycr otic name in 'one' Utcilill •' . 1'risc 'THIS ^r THEM AT «>f" ^V W '5*- 10'.'-' ?5c-_STOpE Two End Plays and Safety Help Declarer-Make Bid Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY mi. i;. McKliNNKY Secretary, American Ilrlil^e League The end play is poi-hapa tlic niost Kiicccsaful of Uic fine plays In contract. The cojniuon uicDiod is to sirlp Ihc hand, throw the op- (loiienl in nnd force him lo make, i lead thai will give you an rauii trick. Today's hand combines Iwo emi Plays in iuMllloi) to a incrlte: ui- infufy pluy. 'Hip luind wii!-; plr.yc.l •y Snm Nalimm of New York :'.i i recent dupllcnlo utiinc. Mr, Nalimi t,«i \,< the Sou?; position .mil. when he opened will! 'ho diniiiond, West jumped to 'our chib£ ' NiUuriilly, North kncv. that tills hid wiis made with ilia mention of sliwltlDis him out of he bldrtliig, so lie went to four Jltfmojjrji. Eiibt, not being vui- Wiab|p, safely shewed Ulc loin; icurt suit. Without these Inlerfcr- iice b|ds, II is doubtful whether , and South v.culd nr- Ived tit the lii'o-diamoiid con- ract. '•'lie I'luy t'ii opiiiiine lead was tlio of chite. East failed (o 4 (i 1 :i ¥ A 5 : « K J A C5 V II 7 Q J 10 l TO S Dealer 4 K J 9 S » K Q J 1 (i I) I :i k A in' t A Q i n >i i + A 5 3 Uilliljeatc N :<iid S viil. (!! 'WvM Nurih K,vsi. 0|icnjr|8 load—* K u 's Contract Problom Sliirjy lite M'esl Jnnd Yoa'A ' ar . iil >- | . 1 ..... k H.«J South coul,! n.ilip Jivp S1 | U( | CS imaliist llni' -'.t us l,l,l,H,,g \cst. Mow W()U |,| you bid it? <ji J 7 0 1 •• •* .1 S J 2 ^ J § ij :; $ 'None 10 V A K I .VK ill ', ,?. A K 5 S A !» .1 V 5 « Q r> 1 2 * Q i) 8 7 * A K Q S 5 ¥ Q 1 0 U 7 (i > None + .1 ! D J! . oii i»: u.jxi iesii MQNUAY, FEBRUARY jj, 1935 Similar Doom Threatens Blytheville Says Rev. V. E. BuUenvorth Declaring (hat It (s lime for preachers who late- Uielr eomniis- 1 ' declarer will take the lines/* and n the benetll of the moral nv v*,- 0f n ^ C •wmi'iunlly, ' the ii'-v. V. L. Bi|lU:n','qrlli warned Ills hearers Sunday at the Firat Chris- .Iton Church (hat disaster for tills comniiinlly ilmt n(lUon was , [ pending unless tC vitHn . lUiUu jc S and action were changed, .Drawing analogies from history .ic Rev. Mr. Biittcnvorth dwbml thai doom has Invariably come to j such nations ns ancient Babylon, jlsincl and Homo because they refused |q heed the . warning word . M 1U 1 S ™ SSCIJ Bcrs. Me pointed mil Ilmt Je-sus condemned (He ua- tioml Israel of Hisday as being worse than wicked Sodom and in unc for f!oo:n a« Sodom ' received except • it should repent The preacher declared that . American life. , (.ml life in Blytheville in paitlcular, is very similar (o th.- r.ii °r * IC , UlUt >MKE( * fhc d °« ! « : •HI ol Socioin iinri ooinornih and omo and the cities of iMIretlue tliiu Jesus warned so sorerclv aker Christian Paul '"" >S »££?§ :: *£*-** ' "" two clulie, one diamond and oiia tpado Thp lesl spade us led unti, tiicm in dummy, the cm- jcomc," but that of Home and reason with abotil '•, sell- tract will not bo made as h c will have to lose a club. So one of llie losing clubs must be discarded c'Vld"" 1 " 15 '' " lrowi " B E " sl "' All Best can do b to return a heart, on which ilccliirei-' plays the queen of (liauionds, discardin" the dub from dummy, B v deliberately sacrificing the spade trick lo take the extra trick, the rte. ' »i"V Hi- New Liberty News for »••«« I-AI.!.-^^ iui inn minor groups thut heeded Ihe nd- vicc, iho n,,tlp.- ivcnt on in its iragaiiisin, its drunkenness, its open licciitlousnesii until the iiirt'.. ition lost its soul. Bringing the lesson closer home er a Mr. Butleworth declared Hat op™ dellance of the lows of decency „„ tnora , s -„ h lo be the better cl J'»ni|),. cljsi-iirdjiig; n small licart. • Ills ts Ihp, piily play, where tlio •ftdprlcodfiip oj toticiiing honors ni> advantngf. ' East did not i^ft. 11 " 0 ^<^»w Mr and Mrs. E . H. Crook mui tail illy were Sunday guests of Mr "" . " rs ' J - R - T "™«r on ineh- anri >r Aymk - rfutlglilcr of.Mr. •>»d Mrs. J. M, Aycock, 'who h'as •^...v-.^v.. vjaoi i| in IIUL ;::T .-».u. w. m.. AyCOCK, U'llO n'A\ rump lhe.,,tiick. because lie did h .«e»JH from scarlet fever, is no* jpl Jciipw til:, pi|i-(cier held i llic "np,rm'iii%.. ... ... ,', ,.« ;itig-i)iieen unil not iji c ace-king, i lllss Lois Hil'l spent ih c we-k'^ ' f do not believe in under- en( ' vvilh h cf aunt MI-« Wail IT -aiflng touching honors, it would «'"• and Mr. Hill, a 't Ba«s'ctl -vc' been, an ^advantage in this However, the development of (ho baud, from here was very iilciesUiiB_ South won Ihc trick •(«H. 111? nee and then led a Email noarl, whHijng Ui dummy ''\vlln !'e ape. A hear! was returned and nm.r.ed ,ln dcclarc'i-a hand .vvlih nc four of diamonds. Now llic iico of diamonds was caslifri and llicn 'the tix of dla- nonds played, l|, c trjck ntsing wj.i n.-.dninmy with Ihe Jack. Tlie eight of hearts was pinyed lext and trumped with Ihe len o: ilamotids by South. Declarer hart i perfect count on' the West linrui oy this time—ho had fol/owd wiin wo (rumps and had shown out o» the third heart. East nad ohown out of clii'ra—(tiuvioro West nad only two-spailcs. So declarer led a small Epuclc, '«l Plu.vcd low, tl, e V, u .-!fn vv« a i»jed from cliimniy nnd liast won vlth (he king. NOW. if East re- Hi'Jif a heart, declarer can ruli nut tltcard, a club from dunuiiy, vlilic it h 0 returns'a small spade, ' •• *•• *""!, du O4tlC[l. Mr. and Mrs. j, B . Aycock an- nounca the birth of a daughter who nas oeen named Martha Jeanc Miss Alberta, Walker, Lu\ora, ."!• ^.'L.^: L ' ^ Bcarden,' ol> "(! JVlrs. Logan Perkins Sunday. «ycral from here' attcmle-l tlio- county B. Y. P. u. mcc(ill . ;: .mqicj Thursday night, Mrs. u r . J. Fiiught returned Sai- urday fro,,, Grenada. ,Mi M w h e ,. 0 she has been at the bedside of her brother who is seriously ill ' Vrtm " teI: bewis, Holland, \i ft .,, . ^->via, jiuuana, Mo., Wade Kimbrell, Marie Mrs O. B. Marehall, c ily. Mrs. 'o. B' Opus, city, Mrs. C. W. bind, Dismissed: - Poisoned Kidneys Stop. Getting Up Nights To harmlessly nush poisons nnd -eld from kidneys iind correct ir- •itflllon of bladder so thai, you can 'OJ> "Getting up nlglits" get u 35 mt package of Gold "Medal Hnar- om oil Capsules and take as di- octed. Qtlier symptoms of kidney nd bladder weaknesses arc scant, airnlng or smartlrig passage—back- •che—leg cramps—puffy eyes. -idv. 3 nc conunon knowledge and ...... unless srime sliwig voices jirc raised ugninst it, (he"town is -o- !UB to awake to the' fact that our JOIIDB pcopfc, iwking (| lcil . cuc lorn (heir elders, will eventually bruis shame nnd sorrow npo,i us all. Declaring that nations have souls and., that judgment and doom are certain lo conic lo these 'hat refuse lo heed Ihc voice of eternal God, MY. Biittcrworth upon ihc -citizen? of this , ,! lil i' to awoken and to repent of present moral attitude bc- ./orc u: is loo latc^,- , rt . -"rrfei'e -arc- sti-ong words,"' declared the speaker as hi: ainclndcd iiB scnuon, "and unpleasant to speak- and to hear, but 1 would not fed lhat I had (lone my. duty to-Clod and my fellow townsmen if I should refrain from spcakm" them." " Silver Teapot Over 271 Years Old Exhibited JOHNSTOWN,' Pa. (UI'l-A tcit- not 271 years old was exhibited here at the annual mcetuis; of the Re bora h Bible clasp. • iTISV"""' rclic has l!se » a c' 1 "- ishcd heirloom of the Conray Hoylc family since 1604. It was brought to this country over 100 years a»o ..During the Civil,War the Boyle aiully kept the teapot burled for two years to save it from confisra- E. Bingcnh Mo., Nancy DuClose, One giiannay will produce nvc oullces of Burke Hardware Co. ;!la W - Mam Wyllicvillc, Ark. LARKWO Introduces "BLUE FOX" Cfysial Clear Sheer Chiffon Stockings $1 « .wear with navy. A bcautilur 6 Hndc and a luvclv I .I ™,-h <4eB C , W '?* lvo L «^°o"-realtire S ,of Vau,p 'rJ' match mend thread." Also comes In other sprh •' ' ^dusk, cayaleado.. sundust, sunprown, suntai.l'' Exclusive in Hlylftcvillc al JOE AI'I'LKHAUM GflORGE SCARBO lilNEOP MADG5, EVAHS MOST HVSHCi- TReAsuKen POSSESSIONS ISA COPY OF THE VtAC-TIMB SONG-,"BfiiKJ BACK, MY D.ADDV TO ^E'.'. HER PICTURE, AS A CHILD FILM STAR, WAS US£D OJS THE CCWEfi,' In Memory * t In memory of our darlhij, bov T J. Huey, who passed away one w;r lisa, I'jbruaiy 10, 19JH;. ., ic ' u T.' j., now' j . ., w irji, Since from us you passed away And our hearts are sad and ibn'cly As we think of you each day. When we saw you in your casket Ueinj so still and quiet, YOU seemed to be an angpl, With snowy wings of white. We loved you, Oh, so dearly; You were KO sweet and good'. ! Why you had to leave us j We have not understood, ] The family circle has been broken, And time can never mend. But we can put our trust in Jesus And on liim we can depend. • TJie flowers we placed upon your grave, Will wither mid decay, Bill our love for you who sk.">ns beneath Never will fade away. Mr. and Mrs. J. o. Hiiey nnd family. 1 HEEifA TONIGt FULli t-WIE i3 COUNT TULLIO -GARMINATI Dl BgAMSl l_l_A, BUT HE USES THAT ' NAMECf^t-YOMWS CHRISTMAS. CAQOS 1 . 0LA1RE TBE/OB WEAK? AN Ase€STOs:'cOffr(jME FORTHE PIPE SCENE ITS Doug Fairbanks 1 Niece to Mar 1*3! Romance conie.s a^ain lu liic Fairbanks! Mary Maraarcl Fairbanks, above, nice" of (ho famous 'film player, soon will bo a bride in Hclly\vooil. Her choice is Henry Ctajiiiollci, youii!! bacteriologist. The brido to-ba's father, tile lalo John Fairhciilis. for years vau busi- uecs manager for ihu noted Doug. State Law May Save Autos of Debtors SACRAMBNTO, Cal. (UP) —Hs- 'vorllng'to a- custom of the horse and buggy days; a"California bg- Islalfve bill \fouid prevent creditors from seizing automobiles valued al less than S250. Ill the old days, a person's horss and buggy could not rx; seized foi npiiTnaymeiH- of debt, but this Jaw does not apply to motor vehicles. you're rundown, ancuiic and ui need of a goor) (oj • • • weight below normal auilygu.fccl lirc.'J- oiil ami weak", follow Hie advice of Mrs. NjU Hill p[ 7320 Avenue L, Houston, fcxas, who a a y Who's Who at Ebon In Ihc whit's Who contest- held recently at ih'e Ekron school Iz Walirip was elected best sport among the girls and R. c. Higgs best sport among the boys; prettiest girl,' IJOUIEC. Afesandsr; uio^t handsome boy, Harold uce Locke; most popular girl, Harriet Payne; most pdpiijar'bOiVR. C. Eiggs; prct- ticsl hair,' Iiola Waltvip and .Byron Doss; neatest,'Mary,.Mne/El- lis and Wayne Payne; niosl. : polite girl, Louise Alexander; most polite boy, W. T. Nortqn;'- m ost quiet girl, Nell Dean -Davis; most quiet-boy, Clarence Reed. To-Night's Milk delioered while il's FRESH in time for your •..'•• Breast ast CRAIG'S DAIRY Phon^74 M ^" IK - ipe^ c ' til alifco {lie H DillY7 VTVf A It K1V L D! 'HITS MODEL AR-2 FEATURING: Non : ruiting, tcrolch-propl. shoe, lelf-adjimlng to «ny i hicknc&s of material.' 'uily open-end roll. Quick-action knee control. Emergency release. Tn^tarU ro)I-slop for longer pretsing. Locking callers lo keep ironer »tationary.' Quiet G-E motor. I'itot light heal indicator. Table extension. Li'l-ofT lablo lo|) «( »li£h< cxlra cost. PROVE IT IN YOUROWNHOME Get a demonstration today* of the easiest 'operating ironer you ever tried. You'll be delighted to find how comfortably, effortlessly and beautifully Small l)o\vti 1'ii.vmcnl Kiisy" Terms Uu,v I'Voin Voiii- I)v;ilci- pi; Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Youi-•'Service" •rl'saw «»" nn^ 1 * - . ft n S»V"»» ,-*?'' I^S nioiiir IJie May lag arc tlic square, siMinlcsj, ca t l-a)ij|)ii,,i,,,| l»li, the Holler Wairr Ivi-inovcr find the Gyra, later washing aclio'n. • ' llfjc .iii'l a SCT.TC of oihcr IfJlHfrj make MayiJy u, ? I'rtfcrzcd waslicr cvcryWhrrr. (-onsidcr Ihc an'iaziiij;'valiic ' rcprciriiic'I iii ' '" ' TODAY'S "UNUSUALLY LQW PRICE, Sec your Mu'jtag deafer. He 'wj aij ca»>- payijicut \i\iii to inccl your Wuvcuicucc. ..•'.. . H-J-V. B. J5. UEK 'SALES CO., .' 'INC. '.'.•' • tn.r 'M^lw iu,\ ( *cJ.-C«>

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