The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1940
Page 6
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Goodyear Has Six Airships Building, Big Zeps Are Out By WILLIS THORNTON NLA S«rrice Start Correspondent AKRON, p., Nov. 16.—A chain of 48 small airships cruising above the long coasts of the United States, alert for mines or submarines, and protecting harbors, convoys or fleets by long-range observation, Is the newest defense arm. - The" first six ships are under construction by the Goodyear Aircraft Corp., which, despite the ill-luck that has dogged lighter- than-air 'ships, never has disbanded its airship staff or allowed its construction facilities to deteriorate. No^ big Zeppelins of the Akron or Macon type are planned at present/ The "$1,324,000 worth of * "blimps"- now being built are .small and non-rigid, four patro' ships 246 feet long and two training ships 147 feel long. They have toJKspeeds of around 75 miles an Udttr and, carry six men. They car cruise" 40 hours without refueling U. S. COAST PATROL PROBLEM UNIQUE No foreign power' has a lighter- 'thari-air fleet comparable to this But* naval authorities still believe .the "blimp" is useful to the United , States. .First," because helium gas, of which we liave a monopoly, ir non-inflammable and safer than the" hydrogen which foreign countries 'must-use, and second because our ,long coasMine gives us t ha'rd naval patrol problem ir which' the navy thinks airshipr are"especially useful. Nobody thinks an airship car put up a fight" against planes, bu 4 for" patrol and reconnaissance work the navy still sees high value in them.* r .'The navy; has two ships in service at Lakehurst,ofJ,he kind that are being built. It has kept a corps of officers^ training in airship work and' has', assigned Capt. Charles E Rosendahl,' "senior surviving officer oFthe '-ill-fated Shenandoah, to the office .of, the assistant secretary of the navy to develop the program Goodyear has continually '| amec* young men in .lighter-than-air work and now has 17 undergoing courser in operating the big ships. Dr. Kar' Arnstein, .veteran designer, and JaclLBoeltner/pilot* who has beer flying jriinips ever since World War / days,-"£are-- : itill ( iriycharge .of ".the • worthwhile ..Chief ?Naval Inspector x Scoit^E. Peck is keening an eye or plans I*and construction. ' REFUELING 'AT SEA , PROVED ( PRACTICAL ^'Tfieiriew airships with their 400,000 icubic-foofc gas" capacity are F marked advance over airships of Worldr^ War" days " which carriec 5 threef men" in an airplane fuselasr .slung- beneath a bag of 84,000 cubic feeti;of hydrogen. This contraptior 1 cruised at 35 miles an hour and wa* good Jpr not'quite 1000 careful mile/without- refueling. About 70 such ships were-built during the Worlr War: '--' The' new ships, with improver fabrics, and metals; better engine- and' maneuverability, can also V moored to masts and serviced b' mobile units carrying extra fue 1 gas, and even portable moorin r masts.-Tests have shown that thr ships can be successfully fueled a' sea, and may therefore be used in almost continual patrol duty. The crew of pilot, navigator, radir . operator and three others hav sleeping- space and a galley, anc* thus could maintain long" Bights. / r.hain of'such ships, the navy feels would be a big help in keepin- watch off the coast for intruder? The Druids regarded mistletor as an antidote for all diseases. Queen Elizabeth Inspects Shelter Blimps Come Into Own (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER'.m. mo.. AND Buildings Must Conform HfTTFH To Variable Price Demand 1 " Home construction must be carried out according to programs whicli recognize requirements' In different price ranges-and localities if the ills which - were prevalent during the twenties are to be avoid.*. . : r> • r ens are o e avo* Minimum Require m eil t S ed > according to officials of the \\\ i T A r Federal Housing- Administration. Made I.O Assure EcoriO- •• Stability } iMiolo shows ;i Llimj) refueling at sfcu. Lines have been lowered to' hi: small craft h«ilou and tJi<- fuel is about to be hauled up. Builders must recognise that the '- si/ - e of tlie pocketbooks of poten- jtial home buyers varies and =resi- - denllal bCl ' A rtoseun of another refi.-elhig operation. -Two cylinders—one filled uh. gas for fuel, one with water for buoyancy—have been put over- oanl from the contact craft. These cylinders have been located by hook fr«m the blmtp ami will he hauled up into the car of the ship. Declaring the minimum prop- - d . enllal b ^! Clng ™st conform to "ercy.: standards required for ' dweS- I Uiese eondltlons< »t. : was w explained.. trigs., irisurable under the Federal ' According- to a report of the Fed- Housing Administration program ^ ej ' al Kousin £ Administration; one are. designed . to provide assurance ! of Lhe . Jar ^st : factors contributing that the property on which' the i to lhe severity -of the recent de- mortgage is executed is economl- i pressiori in the ^ ome real estate caliy .sound, Federal Housing Ad- j inarltc t i wa $ overproduction of homes minlsirator Stewart' McDonald re- ' ljl Ule hi ^ ner 'Price- ranges which cently explained improvement in'!?""?, their ' ay inLh tatfds of housing standards and conditions "' was encouraged by such a method. In dealing with long-term, mort-, families unable to afford them. A large volume of 1 residential building is still needed, it is said, gages, he said, it is necessary to | to provide enough homes to .supply take a far-sighted view, of the security and of. the factors which influence its preservation. The property must be the ultimate .basis of security, and its. physical-.'characteristics must be such as to. presume desirability arid durability far into the future. Aim of Standards The standards set up by the Federal JSoiising Administration," Mr. McD*ohald said, "must provide for dwellings which are substantial and durable in structure, convenir ent and efficient in arrangement, atttractive in. appearance, and ap- | that in general" overbuilding . oi the growing demand occasioned by industrial expansion, obsolescence of old homes, and lack of residential building during the depression. One of the dangers of an accelerated real estate movement, however, is overbuilding in unit areas. Ad justed Balance Needed Meticulous care is required to regulate and maintain a carefully adjusted balance in order that the supply or homes built fits requirements, officials of the Federal Housing Administration say. , While it is properly contended propriate in neighborhood setting, j residences is unlikely for some time "They must be carefully, consid- ] to come, yet it is entirely possible ! ^- L ---- ' •'-— '••-••- - •- overbuilding to occur in .spe- Music Expert Climbs Out On A Very Lone Limli BY ROBERT MTJSEL Jnitcd Press- Staff Correspondent NEW YORK . <UP)—There are \ny%number' of strange phases- to he business of making popular cngs, and not the least of ..them s the fact that two of the people who have a lot to do with ushihg a song into the hit class •m'tvr'ead a note of music. One of thes is Ted Collins, a •"mal Irishman, who was a song picker for a recording- company un- '1 13 years ago when he saw a f oung girl being used as the butt of the gags in a musical comedy pcause of her bulk. The other is 'he buxom girl—now 30—\vhose name is Kate Smith. Collins has played Svengali to <1ss Smith's Trilby almost since the day he sat out in front at the •nusical. "Flying High," and it has -een one % of the longest and most •nofitable associations in show busi- icss. Collins, for instance, can af- 'ord to. and does, drop S40.000 in •srofessional basketball in which owns the franchise of the Orig- nal Celtics. And *a great deal of this profit las come about because of his knack of picking the right songs "or his protege. Every song she ias ever sung under his tutelage has been selected with the utmost :are and he estimates that his judgment has been accurate virtually all o'f the time. Risks His Reputation So sure- is he of his instinct that he offered to pick the songs that will be among the ten most popular in the country soon and to name the one that will head the list. He said: "If I Feel the Same Way Tomorrow, Then It's Love" would "sweep the country."' It'has not yet been published.'He also named "Somewhere." "The Last Time I Saw Paris." by Jerome Kern, and "A Nightingale San» in Berkeley Square." "If i Feel the Same Way Tomorrow, Then It's Love" is the first song written by Lew Brown and: Ray Henderson since they split the/most, fabulous partnership in Tin Pan Alley history a decade ago. The other member of their trio was Buddy De Sylva, now the first producer in many years to have three hit musicals on Broadwav at one time. Collins said he had no qualms about risking his reputation as a prophet because he had missed so infrequently in the past. Outside of Bing Crosby a song sung by Miss Smith is said in music business parlance to have received the best "plug" possible. The success of a song usually is due to the number and quality of the "plugs" receives. Collins took the occasion to deny frequent rumors of a romance with Miss Smith. In the first place, he said, he is married and has a 19-year-old daughter. In the second place, he is of average height and weight and Miss Smith is about 250 pounds. He attributes the reports to his "intense loyalty" to her. As a radio producer Collins feels his best achievement his been convincing film producers that the use of film stars does not harm box office grosses. His technique is to use the stars in a special play- let- akin to but not an exact, replica of the film, and in all cases, he said, .there has been a salutary effect on theater attendance. ered in relation to visible trends in j foi housing development so as to offer } protection not omy against undue physical deterioration but also against- the obsolescence which may be threatened by prospective changes in habits of living. V "It is also important that they require that these dwellings shall be ! located only in neighborhoods which ; possess, in considerable degree; security from those, disintegrating .influences which are more certain than defects in the Buildings themselves to - destroy property values.':: Designed for Small Hoines-;:^'^. Mr/ McDonald explained this did not mean that only high-priced dwellings in high-priced neighborhoods will be eligible for insurance! The-.;•• minimum requirements ";of PHA, he said, have been drawn : up) with;the modest home and the modest ^neighborhood in ; view. • There; is nothing ^fri ; the- requirements? tcV make the building expensive but rather to make the building low- pirced and expensive homes sound and honest. . - . "The mortgage insurance facilities of the Federal Housing Ad-ministration," he continued, "are made available only, to ; properties whose prospects of continued utilf ity are sufficiently^good.;::to .give assurance of their -enduring as sound investments throughout the life of the mortgage. ' Future Conditions Considered "In, order to accomplish the objectives of the National Housing Act. the FHA must guard against the. creation of conditions tending to aggravate future housing. problems. Mortgage insurance may be available.-only when a property is of a character which will not induce neighborhood blight or threaten to influence adversely mortgage security in neighboring properties. "There are many factors which mav helD to promote a high volume of building-but among these, none is more important in a well ordered market than -the confidence of the public in the product which it buys. Such confidence cannot be produced through investment in dwellings which raoidly deteriorate and which are otherwise found to be lacking in the qualities which can make the investment one of permanent satisfaction." cific price ranges and in specific j localities. The overbuilding of a community or even a neighborhood! ft A ^ ; J ^ J I should, be'avoided to the end that,jr C * P e d Improvement Claimed In Building ;Ma~ • 1 ••»"'••', ^: • • ~ it may not upset the value .structure.' ..•','."•••': One of the greatest sources of grief that could .result would be disproportionate, building riot only in the quantitative sense but also in regard to the distribution of dwellings ' in various price ranges. Studies and surveys are favored bj ! the terials And Supplies Cumulative effect of the Federal Housing- Administration's program and other factors- favorable to building have resulted in a decided _ . , , rf improvement in the building mate- to indicate the number j rials and supplies outlook for the of .houses in various price ranges.'final quarter. needed by any locality. Among .indications of this accel- ,.,.,,. ,, i , i o.-"A«»va t iu JW .. U4 U11-S a^cei- witn such data*io guide them,! eration of the bu'Udin* industry are appraisers .and mortgage lenders 1 : the continued high volume or single- would be able" to determine when family home'production under ihe the-supply- of dwelling units will \ FHA program and striking gains in nave overtaken Uie demand in *nt:h ' the nnmhpv ™H ,..—^, , ' -. ' Federal have qvertaxen Uie demand in each''the numbei u,«uun«, u- irn- price group'and when they would i provement loans insured durina the be warranted in putting on the' —•-' <•-••• °brakes against overbuilding Shun Freak Designs The Federal Housing AdminLs- 0 __ tration holds to the belief that I by five large amount the'past few months by the Housing ' Administration. A eontra-.sea.sona! demand, for per cent In amount over loans' re- ported'in'October 1939. Dr. Brewer's Office Repaired, Redecorated The dental office suite of Dr W. F. Brewer has been repaired', and redecorated' with light shades used on the walls and woodwork These offices are located at 20.9':, West Main street. Unsightly Roof Cuts Home Value A dilapidated roof can quickly lo>ver the value of a home. II is unsightly' and detracts from the beauty of the neighborhood, and many times it is ulso a dangerous fire hazard.. • An attractive, protective, tuui fire-resistant roof may replace tin: old one with funds obtained from qualified lending institutions under the 'Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing ' " lion. ';, : . , "T »•»»*. «*\.»iti LJ.JO.U uy live large manui 1 houses should conform to the type t fleeting the advance most acceptable in the immediate building environs and that those erected i should be typical, . well designed and durable,'and should- have func- .tional excellence.-, Freak designs should be shunned because they are less marketable and more hazardous investments. , The same principle of balance, it is thought, should be applied to individual transactions. The finan- manufacturers. rein private Check Efficiency Of Wiling, FHA Warns T<-1,00 v, £ ' ,- FHA officials advise prospective K has been estimated by Federal home builders not to take it for Housing. Administration officials granted that their new homes will thatthe production of single-family j have -proper electric lighting and homes in the United States in 1940 will be the highest in 12, years and will be close to the average number built annually during the 1P30-29 decade. Modernization and property, im- - 2 ' 2 pcr "' ??nt Pm-chng beyond ones. ability to . pay eventually leads to j nuftlber and 43 ' 5 conveniehce outlets for the. use of appliances. « Careful checking of the plans will assure correct installation of a wiring system that should serve for the life .of the house. Additions^ and changes after the house is completed are far more ft pensive than a good ' job fin the beginning. . ' • Questions arid Q. In .building a house, couldn't I save money by supporting the chimney oh a- ; - wood . bracket ; attached to a wall rather than building the ground? _'.._ A. Construction masonry . clear to the ' ' of this . ; kind Watch, Stolen 26 Years Ago, Returned to Owner SOUTH ST. PAUL. Minn. (UP) — Returned to Frank A. Vogel a watch stolen 26 years ago. Vogel reported theft of a new gold watch from his locker at a stockyards packing plant in 19H. The watch, no longer gold, turned up in a Duluth pawnshop recently. The hunting case had been replaced with a cheap nickel plated open-face case, but police were able to check the \vatch number. Efforts to trace the watch revealed it had been pawned by a man who had borrowed it from a friend, who had purchased it from i Wisconsin jeweler, who had bought it from a South Dakota dealer, who had gone out of business five years ago. Good Housing. Stability, FHA Aim Through the exercise of its authority to insure home mortgages, the Federal Housing Administration seeks good housing in stable surroundings. In a recent statement. Administrator Stewart McDonald said that the FHA wishes to produce housing which is reasonable security for long-term mortgages, and which; security gen- ( accommodate flat. large books laying can you of metal would be unwise and would constitute a severe fire hazard. ~Any sag-- ;ging -of i the. supporting: bracket would open the joints in the brick> ;workjand might cause the chimney; Tio .fallj; Chimneys should be self-" : 'supporting, having •their own^fOan-r dations on solid ground and so ;con-~ structed fts; to be independent 'of,-trie house framing. . . , ; I want^ ceiling height, book, "shelves.. in. "my, new .houseXCan - you;: help -me 'in .the planning,of' these! Shelves? .'• ;^ : v:.. -'-.. : . ;;: \ ^.\:-".:•';•-:;" '" ' [: :A., : Adjustabie; t bo'6k shelvesi sup--ported by : pins: .at'.theVerid.JQr thei shelf: are desirabie.! These -pins dre Usually spaced : one inch: apart Ver-: tically so .that/'avvariety^fv shelf ^heights^ is,,possible. /'Shervesy;n^ed npt ^be vmorie^.than. ;eight,; i pr : ;:nine ;,lnches .deep unless, large -bboks are 'to; f be;housed.-;shelyevs af^usually, •niade : of three-quarf(»rrinch j-mate- rial and "should not exceed .tivo feet six- mches in" uristipported 'length; •Since shelves below a two-"foot-six- mch height are not verY; convenient, the space below this., height might be made deeper ifl; desired to Q. What information give me about the use lath? -" ' ."A. Metal 'lath provides a durable •base for plaster and is especially desirable under stucco and waterproof surf acing in bathrooms. Metal lath is available In different types and weights for various purposes. For use under stucco, metal lath may be either zinc-coated or gal- | vanized and for interior work either painted .or galvanized. Ceilings and ' exterior work call for a heavier weight lath than side walls. .-'.1 When applying the lath, sheets should lap at least one inch on the i ;sides and ends and be fastened on six- or eight-inch centers/ If self- 'furring lath is not used,'do not fasten the lath tight against the face of the' framework to which it"is') attached. Instead, use a type of nail which will hold" the lath one- quarter to three-eights -inch away sO that'the; lath can be completely •embedded in/the -plaster arid afford ^good.rtihfbrcemeht::: '•'.'. •" Jones Sees Building Afceaid Of 103S Figures j Secretary of Commerce Jesse H. Jones ,has. announced that private building•" is well ahead \of '1939 'in botii' residential and non-residential fields!; -...,." -' ••:-..'.'. • •; '-Coiriciding.-with Secretary Jones', announcement , is a report of the j Federal ' : Housing f Administration which indicates private building, of homes in 1940 will be the greatest in twelve years. HAD YOUR HOUSE CHECKED FOR WINTER? There are so man y things that need attention about a house before winter, most property owners neglect them until the last minute. If your house needs minor repairs or .-•.-».- j., , : r other work to make it ready forf wintry weather call us and we'll send workman to promptly. a vou FHA LOANS FOR REPAIRS AND REMODELING THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Barmen Scan Draft Cards SACRAMENTO, Cal. (UP)—Bartenders are rejoicing in the existence of the new national defense registration cards. When in doubt of the age of prospective drinkers, tney can require youths to prove they are 21 by producing their registration card. Design Closets To Fit The Demand The Federal Housing Administration .suggests that closets be measured to suit the demands of the home owner and that sufficient storing needs dictate the sizes of A good rule to keep in mind when planning a closet, according to PHA officials, is: a closet should be compact and efficient rather than large and space consuming. Drain Pipes If House Is Not Kept Heated Owners of unhcated and vacant heating authorities to drain the water from, plumbing fixtures, A new roof makes your home worth more to others—increases its value , as property. Worth more to you, too ... a better place to live in! "•••.' Certain-teed Asphalt Shingles assure you of a long-wearing, re-resisting roof. Let us show you attractive colors, blends, patterns . . . tell you how you may arrange to re-roof now and .pay later. E. G. ROBINSON 2RCO. \ Phone 100 PROTECT EXPOSED WATER PIPES FROM FREEZING Many BIytheville homes have exposed water pipes, subject to freezing when the temperature drops. We urge owners of such property to avoid future inconvenience this winter by wrapping or otherwise protecting pipes now while the weather is mild. Such precautions will sometimes mean a saving in costly repair bills as well as sparing occupants of the house the inconvenience of an interrupted water supply. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard ABto, Mft. "Water U Tow Cbcape*

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