Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 29, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1891
Page 4
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the introduct'lo was not pei missable. evidence The court sut- tpr. T"-?tPP9- 'V,"- *< Highest of all in Leavening Power.—'ar. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889, A Summary of the Legislature's Session-Other State News. Bradlaugh Set Eight in the Housa .of Commons. "CORNER" ON NEW GOODS. While everyone is blowing, striking and trying to push off old unsalable goods; on' their customers; John Gray, iiis gone and filled up his store chuck .lull of new goods and is selling ..them lower than some of the old chesnuts that are being offered elsewhere as great bargains, reason why, -ho, has no old goods to lose on.' '.: Good Goods, good selections careful buying-and close prices is what has given him' the cleanest 'stock in the Stale. ••; .:' • . FINE PERFUMES rally at Indianapolis, but the one likely to meet with Democratic approval is the old hill re-enacted and trimmed up to resemble a TRUSTS are unhealthy sores upon industries. "Any thing that promotes and encourages industries encourages trusts, therefore kill the industries i. e. remove the tariff" says the demagogue. Common sense says encourage the industries and remove the sores. A Resolution Practically Expelling Him Because of His Unbelief in Re-: lisrion 'Is Rescinded. j IN a matter affecting the financial interests of the people THE FEW MILLIONAIRE REPUBLICAN SENATORS VOTED VflTH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, the party of Scott of the coal trust, Brice of the standard oil trust, and others of the great trusts. Reflect on- that you anti-trust men. ' • :-: AT Parvin's r: 12tlr-st Drug Store. :-: THE defeat of Ingalls and the election of PeiTei- yesterday in Kansas is one of the singular accidents of politics.. The man of fame is defeated by former political allies amid expressions of sympathy. There is little consolation to the Democracy in Ing-all's defeat, His successor is an ex- soldier, aa ardent protective tariff man and a Republican. Daily Journal. FnbUshed every day In the week (except Monday) by W. D. PRATT. JPrfce per Annum, - - - - SG OO Price per Momli. ----- 5O THURSDAY MORNING, JAN. 29. SUPPOSE that the farmers of Cass county sold their wheat in Logansport. Suppose that a train load of it was sent to Xew York and there was loaded into a ship and taken to England, one of the Democratic "markets of the world," which buys heavily of United States wheat. Suppose it found its way to one of the tin factory villiages where it was anade into flour and consumed. Suppose that a ship load of tin was Z, sent from this villia^e to the United States. •-- : --.- : - : , .-^ Suppose it found its way to Logans- port where in the course of time it was ~ manufactured into different articles | which were sold to the farmers of ® Cass county.. Who pays the cost of transportation, insurance, various comrnissions and , expenses in this simple exchange of | "wheat for tin ? *" wrL - would be benefited THERE has been rather a rude awakening but it will not be without benefit. The people of the county have felt secure in their social and business relations behind what was considered an impenetrable -wall, a Republican United States Senate. A seriuus attack has disclosed the fact that there are weak spots in it that need repairs. They will be repaired. Tariff Plctnres, The' American Iron and Steel Association's weekly "Bulletin" gives complete returns of the pig iron production of tae United States in 1390. It was 10,307,028 net tons of 2,000 pounds, or 9,202.703 gross tons, as against 7,603,642 gross tons in 1S89. "How Is th-.it lor America's growth -n producing and consuming power under protec tlnn f —New York Press. V'fKK MAXY YKAKS. j Jan. -28.—In the House'of Commons Tuesday, Mr. William Alexander Hunter, M. P. for Aberdeen, Scotland, moved that the resolution passed in the House, in June, , 18SO, forbidding- * Charles Bnul- laun-h, M. P. for Northampton, to take the oath or to affirm, be expunged from CHABLES BKADLAUQH. the records of Parliament, as subversive of the rig-hts of electors." Mr. Gladstone arose amid cheers to support the motion. The resolution forbidding: 2\Ir, Bradlaugh. to swear or affirm was, he said, in excess of the jurisdiction of the fiouse, and it was one of the highest and most sacred of duties to see that a trespass of such a character on the rights of a constituency should be recalled and the wrong- undone. (Cheers.) He would sug-g-est, as acceptable to everybody, that the motion be adopted, with the omission of the words: "subversive of the rig-hts of the electors. •' oSir Stafford Northcote said that the motion, as amended, in accord with Mr. Gladstone's sug-gestion, had his cordial support. He desired also to express his regret for Mr. Bradlaug-h's serious illness. Mr. Hunter accepted the amendment, arid the motion was adopted amid hearty cheers. The motion to revoke the expulsion had been ' under consideration for some time,-ever since it was learned that the veteran radical was in danger of death, and perhaps on his death-bed, where he is suffering from inflammation of the lungs and a complication of other disorders. Bradlaugh was informed of the action taken by friends who hurried to his bedside. Legislation In Imlhum, IXIHANAPOUS, Ind., : Jan. 20.—The Senate Tuesday evening after a long debate on the merits of the force bill adopted the I-Ionse resolution not to make an appropriation for the world's fair if the force bill became a law. .The adverse report of the committee on the , bill requiring the American Hag- to be' floated over all school houses was concurred in. The bill prohibiting the burning of natural g-as in flambeaux was passed. There \v»,s a favorable report on Senator Shank's bill providing- for the removal of the ledfre in the Kankakee river and to make certain changes in the channel. Mr. Harrell asked that the bill might be sent to the judiciary committee for amendment. This was done. In the House -a memorial from the Vigo County F. M. B. A. was read pro-' testing against any appropriation for the world's fair. A resolution to investigate charges at the Indianapolis stock yards, after a hot discussion, was withdrawn. A bill providing- that coal as mined be •weighed before it was screened was ordered to be engrossed. This is what is know as the Cassatt law of Iowa. The bill establishing- a whipping-post for wife-beaters was practically killed. The bill aimed at the dressed-beef trust by providing- for a system of inspection of all beef shipped into the State was returned from committee with an adverse report, which was concurred in. without a division. ABSOLUTE1Y PURE IN CONGRESS. That the Hones Senate Are Ko- The Washington post exclaims with horror that the vulgar word "chestnuts" has found its way into the Congressional Record, but has nothing to say about the "chestnuts" that get into Congress. by having>the wheat producing tin consumer and Kthe tin producing wheat consumer -i f *f closer together? Clearly the home market is the best f; market. * Sfe. Now take the home market idea out Pof politics and put it on the ground of |business policy and you find Demo- f cratic papers advocating the protect- j-rfng of the home merchant from itiner- »|ant vendors. You will find the following- in the Marion Leader, the "^Democratic;; organ, in Grant county: * If the 'farmer element of Grant ^county is really:desirous, of obtaining- ktheir full'share ;0f the prosperity 'ac- is'cruing' to us from the discovery of gas,, they shouldicpme right to ^the front and -take an active part by ^contributing liberally toward secur- _ the location in our midst of such ^enterprises as canning factories, and 'all such establishments as will give |them a home inarket for^ their pro- plncts, at good prices, right at their $own doors. •• ;.-_• :- = The protective tariff builds up and ^protects the home market. This is freely admitted. Be a protectionist. •f. -LB.& Farmers Alliances are passing Resolutions. These organizations are [non-political though capable of yield- Ing- immense political influence. The yournal suggests a, resolution entirely pon-political which it might be wise jfc> pass, It is as follows.- We believe in the right of majority |o rule and we favcr such an appor- Jionment of the State of Indiana for congressional and legislative .purposes sballgive to the people the rights guaranteed them by the Constitution. A Tiresome Talker. The inaugural address of Governor Hogg, of Texas, contained seventeen thousand words. There's considerable in a. name after all.—New York .Press. TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES. 1 At Liinu, O.. .Mrs. Robert Jliller -was fatally burned by her clothing catching' fire from an open grate. The New York Evening Post says that "there is a prospect of lower rates of interest in 1 SOI than for several years past.'' • John H. Estop, treasurer of Ancaster township, Ont., was shot dead by burglars, who afterward ransacked the house. Dr. Sullivan Whitney, the first man to manufacture homeopathic medicines .in America, died at Newton, Mass., aged S3 years. George TV. Ludlow & Co., shoe manufacturers of Chicago, will remove to Elgin in the spring. They are given, a bonus equal to §50,000. At Fort Morgan, Cal., Tuesday Mrs. Thomas Bennett hanged himself. Her mind -was unbalanced through the loss, of her husband's savings by the failure of a bank at Greeley. At the bricklayers' and masons' international convention. Tuesday at Toronto John. Heartz, ,of Denver, Col., was re-elected president. Rich & Robinson, ..wholesale boot and shoe dealersj wipiibsconded from Bradford, ' Pa., have offered to settle with their creditors for §18,000, but the .creditors refuse the offer and ask §50,000. In grand ."committee Tuesday the Rhode Island. Legislature declared Oscar Lapham: (Dem.) elected to Congress, from the First, district. There was no election in the Second district, and a new election -will be ordered. CHILI'S TROUBLES. The Hesitation of President Balmaceda Very Probable. . LONDON, Jan. 28.—Advices from Chili make Balmaceda's resignation probable. The Government is said to be secretly end eavoring- to obtain more favorable terms from the rebel leaders, but the latter are inexorable in insisting on the immediate convening-of the Cortes,., pea-feet freedom at the coming BALMACEDA. elections and the resignation of the Supreme Chief, as Balmaeeda is legally called. The insurgent leaders profess to be aeting in behalf of and by authority of the Cortes. SOLD FOR $3,500,000. ^ Syndicate .Buys tlio 1 Crane Iron Works Property In Pennsylvania. ALLBNTOWN, Pa., Jan. 28.— One of the most 'important real-estate transfers ever made in the Lehigh valley was consummated here Tuesday when the Crane iron works at Catasuqua, next to the largest pig-iron producing establish-, ment in Eastern Pennsylvania, was sold to an English syndicate for 53,500,000. Besides the five furnaces of the- company atCatasuquathe purchase includes the Warwick Iron Works at Pottstown, Pa., the valuable ore mines of the company at Seisholtzville, Pa., and leases on furnaces a* Edge Hill and Macugis, together with all the raw material, rolling stock and the Cata- suqua water works, which are owned by the company. The negotiations have been pending for a year. ; No im- mediat3 changes in the management will be made. Expenses of the Monument Commission. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Jan. 29.—In response to a resolution adopted. by the Senate, President Langsdale, of the Soldiers' Monument Commission, has submitted an itemized statement of the expenses of the commission since its appointment in June. 1SS7. The 1 otal incidental expenses aggreg-ate $28,670, and of this sum Langsdale has received $5,20!) as salary and expenses. The law provided that the members of the commission should receive $5 per day when actually in session, and continuous exercise of duty on the part of the president was not contemplated Li the bill. Instead of conforming to this intent, Langsdale lias been on duty at the office ever since his appointment and has drawn salary for the whole time. The matter is to be inquired into, and Langsdale will be asked to explain the duties that have required continued service upon his' part. Assailed by Two Women. - OSGOOD, Ind., Jan. 20.—While Miss Ida Ewing was leaving church the other evening she was accosted by Mrs. Andrew Davis, who accused her of writing letters and speaking rudely to Mrs. Davis' daughter. Miss Ewing denied the charge and endeavored to leave the building, but was^stopped by the Davis woman. Wit .out a moment's warning' a woman named Meyers ran forward and, grasping Miss Ewing- .around the neck, choked -her ancl threw her over a-seat. She then knelt with her knees on the chest of Miss Ewing and beat her until she became unconscious. It is thought Miss Ewing can not recover. The two •women are under arrest. Business Proceeds, Now of Contention in the moved. WASHINGTON, Jan. 27.—In the Senate Monday the apportionment bill was discussed, and the army appropriation bill ($24,578,029). was reported; also the House bills to pension General Nathaniel P. Banks aud General Franz Sigel. The credentials of Senator Vest (Mo.) for his third term,- comrnencing- March 4 next, were presented. A resolution was agreed to calling on Hie Secretary, of the Treasury for information as to amounts, of coin and paper money in existence in the United States. WASHINGTON, Jan. 27.—The Senate met at noon and the journal of Thursday (covering the proceedings of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday) was read and approved. The credentials of Mr. Stanford and of Mr. Irby as Senators-elect from California and South Carolina for the term begin- nig March 4. 1S91,. were presented, read and placed on file. The Republican Senatorial caucus committee on order of business have agreed to recommend to, their colleagues that after the apportionment bill is acted upon, the eight hour bills and the copyright bill be taken up in order. THE IR'ISH"S"PLIT. FOUND IN THE RIVER. <%• THE Fort Wayne Democratic Journal is alarmed at an /imaginary bankruptcy in the national treasury. If (he Journal will cast its eyes on the State treasury it. will see a) condition Mad not' a theory confront it. for the demagogical democ- (jacy! The seven Republican Senators who voted with the Democrats irtaetKe seven Republican millionaire "iators. A B'jy Murderer to HUDR- • CHEYESSTE; "VVyo., Jan. 28.—Charles Miller, who murdered two boys named Fishbaugh and Emerson in a freight-car within the borders of this State while they were en route from their home in St. Joseph to Denver, has been sentenced to be hanged Friday, March 20. Miller is 19 years old, but did not exhibit the slightest trace of emotion when the sentence was passwd upon him. A Political Straw. SrniNOFiELD, Mass., Jan. 28.—The canvass of farmers' opinions conducted by the New England Homestead of this city and by Farm and Field, published at Chicago, and also from Springfield, shows that-Cleveland is the choice of Democratic farmers by a vote of 71,787 to 17,118 for .Hill. Republicans are for Elaine by 39,30!) to 81,013 for Harrison. A BlaoksniiHi's Fiital Blow. CimAK 'RAPIDS, la., Jan. .38.—At "Williamsburg "James Kelly, a; black-! smith, and a man named Dulick, engaged in a quarrel, during which Kelly struck him with a-blacksmith hammer., fracturing his skull and fatally injuring him. Kelly surrendered.himself and is under bonds. •" . •'• > Recovery of tho Body, of 11 Prominent Chicftfroan. Wlio Has !Becn Missing: Since November 28. CHICAGO, Jan. 28.—The body of Benjamin H. Campbell, the millionaire, and president of the Chicago Safe and Lock Company, who mysteriously disappeared from his home November 28 has 'been fonnd in the Chicag'o river near the Rush street bridge. Mr, Campbell was sorely troubled over his business affairs at the time of his disappearance, and a few days afterward the Safe & Lock Company, of which he was the principal owner, was placed in the hands of a receiver. The finding- oi Mr. Campbell's body, bears out the belief, entertained ever since he left his home, that be committed suicide, Mr. Campbell was United States Marshal for two terms. under Grant's administration. Proposed New Railway In Michigan. . DECATUP., Mich,, Jan, 28.—A project is on foot to build a railway from Lake Michigan through Berrien, Van Buren and Kalamazoo counties,, intersecting the Grand.. Trunk at some point in tke latter county yet to be determined upon. This route, it is claimed by the promoters, will afford a much better outlet for the agricultural products of Southwestern Michigan than the proposed line of the Columbus, Lima & Milwaukee. PITJBBE, S. D.,- Jan, 23. — Senator Moody has released the Eepublican caucus from further allegiance .to him in view'of the utter hopelessness of his case. IVUito Cap Trials. ANDERSON, Ind., Jan. 29. — The famous White Cap trials have begun in the circuit court. Heron Richardson, George Stinson, Pete Rector, Jake Rector and Georg-e Kirby are defendants. Richardson' will be placed on trial first. The defendants are charged with mutilating stock, cutting off the tails and manes of horses, and breaking up farm machinery. The origin of the "capper" depredations was over the impounding of stock. Supervisor Cox received a notice, delivered by the cappers at midnight, tlfat he must cease impounding, stock under penalty of death. ' Indiana Train-Wreckers. .BLUFF-TON, Ind., Jan. 29.—A great; frcig-ht wreck occurred Monday night at 12 o'clock on the "Cloverleaf rail way, two miles west of this city. Wreckers had bound a heavy tie upon the track, and ten cars, loaded with wheat, poultry and merchandise, were ditched. The track is terribly torn up and business will be suspended on the road for thirty-six hours. The damages are heavy. Fortunately no one was seriously injured. :' Bitten by a Hog. • ' TEBBE HAUTE, Ind., Jan. 39.—While killing, hogs which had shown -unmistakable signs of hydrophobia, after be- • ing bitten by a mad dog, "Dick" Loren, of this county, was bitten on the hand. He is here trying the efficacy of the Terre Haute madstone. Besides the- hogs a horse was bitten and died in terrible agony. . .. . . Indiana Millers Bay Wheat. MooP.EVILLE, Ind., Jan. 29.—A firm; of Millers in this city has bought, 13,000 bushels of wheat in the State of Washington/for milling- purposes, it being- impossible to get wheat onough here to fill orders. It required a train of twenty-seven cars to transport the grain. Deatli of a .Minnesota Judge. GLKSCOE, Minn., Jan. 28. — Judgo James C. Edson, : of the Eighth Judicial district, died at his home in this place Tuesday morning of Bright's disease.. He was a native of Otsego County, If. Y., locating in-Minnesota .in 18(50; He served through the war, holding a Colonel's commission at the close, and was an ex-member of the Legislature. A Parncllitc Committee Enters a, JTornial Protest Against McCarthy's Leadership. MANCHESTER, Jan. 28.—The Parnell- ite leadership'Committee has presented to Mr. McCarthy an address in which, while expressing- admiration for him personally, they strongly protested against his assuming the leadership and thus dividing the Irish party. Mr. McCarthy; in a respectful reply, reminded the committee that the majority of the party Supported him and urged him to accept the leadership. Jfobody more than himself deplored the unfortunate dissension in the party. He fully believed that his hearers were, actuated by patriotism alone. That being so, he' had no doubt that the difficulties would vanish, and that the party would ajjfain become xinited. In. the meantime he. hoped that each section would remain independent of all external influence. He was confident, he added, that the controversy would eventuate in their securing all they had striven for in the past generation. Embezzled Comity Funds. NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan, 2S.—A dispatch from Manchester, Coffee County, announces the arrest at that place of B. F. Leon, ex-trustee of that county, on the charge of having embezzled 80,000 of the county funds. Leon had filled the office of trustee fog forty years. He was released on S2.000 bail. HE CONFESSED."-' The Murderer of Conductor O'Xeill Jfear JLonf- Poult, la.. Acknowledges Hi*. Crime—AJI. Accomplice Arrested. MAESHALLTOWN, .la., Jan.,.38.—James, Horton, a tramp an-estecLa£.Tama, has confessed to the murder of Conductor J. E. 0 : JS"eill of the Chicago & Northwestern railroad. Horton has been in custody at Tama since Sundav. He had been hiding in a straw-stack" since the- deed was committed. The traSnp has implicated two others. One of them, H. P. Gardner, was arrested here Tuesday evening. The murderer is strongly gnarded at Tama to prevent violence. Kobbed a Blind Woman. EAST BP.ABV, Pa., Jan. 28.—Robbers entered the residence of Mrs. P. Norton, a blind widow, and stole 51,000 in. bank notes. The woman liad the money hidden in -hei- clothes and,the- thieves cut the pockets and made their escape. 1O3W3H BEECH AM'SPILLS A.C1: LIKE 3VTA.G-IC ON A WEAK STOMACH. 25 Cents a Box. OF ALL DRUGGISTS. ' Condensed R. R. Time-Tables, Pitts-bury, Cincinnati, Chicago A St. louis RJ-, ( CENTRAL-Tax.) . -. utBTVK Bradford DivitUen. LK1V& 2:358ni*......East*J]Expreg» IflOAic* . -1:15 p m*.... ..-.•.-.•J'*jtLin6-...;..... 1£S p m* 1:20 p mt.....Accommodation....... 8:00 8 mf ' , 9.-46amt.HarionAeeommodaa'on. -4:30 pmf; Bichmond Ol-vlKlon. 3.-OOam*....Klght Express....... IKB'ilm*- lldO a mf.....Accommodation. 5.5>amt-' l:30p m* J>ayExpr«S8 .... l:25pm* 11M p mt.....AccomQj.odatlon.....; 2aopmt- IndJanapoIl* Division. THE MARKETS. Grain, P-rovinionK, Etc. CHICAGO, Jan. &a. : LOUR—Quiet and lower. Spring Wbeat •...Mnis, S4.50@4.75; Bakers', $3.25@3.';0; Winter VFTicat Flour, $4.60@5.00 for Patents, S4.40@i50 lor Clears. WHEAT—Kuled active and prices higher. No. 2 cash, 90^®91!4c; May, 953®96, 7 sC. Cons—Moderate trading and market steady. No. 34S. 7 B@4JC. February, 49Jj|@5Qc; May, 5Ut® OATS—Steady. No. 2 cash,, 43J£@44c; May, 45?4®46c. Samples in fair dsmand and steady. No. 3, 43®45c; No. 3 White, 44y,<cl,45%.c; No. 2, 4-l@44«c; No. 2 White, 45>4@«y 5 c, KYE—Was firm and higher. No. 2 casli, 71®' 71i^c; February, 72c, and May, 75o, Samples: 7iy t @72y,c for No. 2, and 67i»89c for No. 3. BABJGEY—Slow and quiet. Poor, 58@00c; common to fair, e2®03c; good, 65i2i08c, and choice, 70®72c. MESS PORK—Market quite active and prices ruledlowor. Quotations ranged at $9.50@9.6s!!i for cash; $9.60@9.83 for February, and I9.95IS 10.07K for May. LARD—Kather active and prices ruled lower. Prices ranged at $5.65®5.70 for cash; $5.67J4© '5.70 for February, and 85.77K@5.80 for March, and 5«,02M@0.05 for May. ...'-.-: •' . BUTTEH—Creamery, 18@27c; Dairy, 12(2)20c; Packing stocli, 6®9c. PODI.TRY—Live Chickens, 7!4@Sc per Ib; Live Turkeys, !5@8&cper Ib; Live Ducks, 7!4® 9c per Ib; Live Geess, $3.00(35.50 per doz. OrtS—Wisconsin Prlmo White; So; "Water White, 8^c;. Michigan Prime White,:: 9Hc; TVater White. 10^0; Indiana Prime White, 9!i'c; Water White, lOc; Headlight, 175 test, 9^c; Gasoline, S7 deg's, He; 74 deg's, 93ic: Naphtha, G3 deg's, So. LIQUORS—Distilled ^Spirits ruled arm at $1.14 per gal. for finished goods. 130 ..... ...... p m*....DayExpresB... ..... 1^5 p m*- Chicago IMvlwton. U:40 a m*.... Night Express..—..'.. 1.05 pm» ....... .FastLme.. ...;..». . 1:47 pm» ............ Fast Line.... ........ 1:47 p m«" . 11 30 a mf..-.. .Accommodation.,. . "4-30 p rrvt 7:16 prat ..... Accommodation ...... 6:16 a art*. State JLlnc Division . . l:30pint....Jl»UandExpress.:.._ 830amfv 7.-45amf ......... Express ......... 735pm+ 11:15 a mf- ..... ..Local Freight ...... IldOa'mr-i Trains marked * run dally. TralDsmarked f run dally except Stirjdaj, Vandalta Ltne. SOOTH BOTND. Local Freight ............. _ A 6-00 a IE Terre Ham* Express ..... 7 J6 a nv Mall Train ............. .'. ...... „ J^o p m NOBTB BOUND, 1 Local Freight; ................ 5-00 «m\ Mall Train ................. _ ...... _ ............ .10^6 a tn. South Bend Express.. ..... ....... ....... •. _____ 8:46 p no Through Freight ....................... ...„._ 8:58p m Close connections for Indianapolis' via- Oolftm now made by an our passenger, trains. —J. C^ Edgworth, agent. ", V ' Rnl'Toad. • Supcr»edca»-for a Murderer. HL, Jan. 28.—Justice Willdn, of the Supreme .Court, has granted a supersedeas in the case of Daniel.,North, sentenced to hang- at Pontiac Friday, for the murder of.City Marshal Hodge in that place last July. The ease will come before the Supreme Court. • '•."'• NEW YORK, Jan. 28. WHEAT—Strong, ?B@;ic up, .most marked, on, early months on manipulation, moderately active, February, $1.07@1.07M; March, SliOOaf®- 1.07^; May, $1.04^@1.04Ji; June, K.02iJ@, 1.025S; J-ily, 9SM@93 15-lOc; August, 95H@05?60; December, 97%®9Sc. COBN—Strong, 5i®?$c up; No. 3, 6l;»@63c; steamer mixed, 61^@823iC. OATS—Firmer, quiet. State, 51>i@K>!4c; Western, 5p@GO'/Sc. PnovisiONS^-Beef—Firm and quiet; Plate, $7.00@7.50; Family, J9.00@9.50. Pork—Dull and steady; New Moss, $]1.50®ll.7S; Old Mess, 89.75@10.75; Extra Prime, $9.50®8.10. Lard- Dull and easy; Steam-rendered, S6.05, CLEVELAND, '0., Jan, 28. PETROLEUM—Quiet. Standard white, 110 deg. test, GJio; 74 gasoline, 9o; 88 gasoline, 12c; 63 naphtha, 7c. New York Expres, dally ........ . ..... ;..,. 255 am" Ft Wayne(Pas.)Accm.,except Sunday 8:18 a mi Kan Clty& Toledo Ex.,exceptSundayll:16 am- Atlantic Express, dally...:............. :• -.; 4:06 p ra> Accommodation Frt.. excentSunday. 9:26 p m WEST BODOT. Pacific Express, dally..;.: ............... ... 151 a m v Accommodation Frt,, except Sunday-I2J5 p m Kan City Ex., except Sunday. ........... . s-.45y m. t J.afaye.tie(Pa5)Accm., except Sunday'fiXB'p m' *• St. Louis Ex., dally ................... m ...10;32 p^: Eel River DIv,, LoganKport, West Side- BetvrceuXosaiiKport and Clilli. " . . - , EAST BOUND. Accommodation, ex. Sunday, LeaTe'.,10.-00 a.m.; -.Accommodation, ex. Sunday, leaved. '4':W,p m. . J.': WEST BOOND. ' Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Arrive- 8-10 a m 1 Accommodation 1 , ex. Sunday. Arrive. 4iO p.m. „ WANTED. TIT ANTED—25. Carpenters VV ."Works. Whiting, Ind. at Standard OK M EN WANTED;Good salaries; arms. Stat» your Qualifications to EMPLOY-, EES ASSOCIATION, CHICAGO. decl7dlm ' ' Uve Stock. i CHICAGO, Jan. 28. ' CATTLE — Market moderately active and prices fairly wo!l maintained. Quotations ranged at US.10@5.60 for choice to fancy, shipping Steers; $4.40@6.00 for good to choice do.; S3.25igi4.25 for common to fair do.; S2.75© 3.60 for butchers'Steers; $2.25@2.50 for Stock- era; ?3.10@2.70 for Texans; 5B70'(3.S5 for Feeders; S3.25@3,75 for Cows; $].50@3.00 for Bulls, and $3,0035.00 for Veal Calves. HOGS—Market moderately active. Prices 3@ lOc lower. Sales ranged at $2.50g]3.25 for Pigs; I3.2r,@.",50 for light: J8.35@3.45 for rough packIng: S3.3oji3.55 for mixed, and 5S.33S3.60, for, heavy packing and snipping, lots. • W ANTED a few persons in each place to writing at home. Enclose lOc. for """ . .do. ._ 400 page book with particulars to J. H. Woodburr, Station D, New York Ciiy. oct21dly CJALESMAN.—An energetlcman wanted to push- Oour manufactures on this ground. One of.,our: agents earned $5,200 last year Address,. P. 0. Box 1371, New York. - Jan28d8t k prilTQ Uf IIIYCHby« btN IS WAN! bu^k opportunity. Goo. A!. 8c r*.- :ahre profits.'' f»EE. A r»o wa}-, JX. ,Y. . W ANTED—An active, reliable man-salary S70 to S8O monthly, Tilth Increase, to represent in his OWH section a responsible New.' York House. References, ilanofacturer,,. Lock. w Box 1585, New York. in <COKn A MOSfTH can be made IU $£ JU working for us. Person* preferred who can furnish a- horse and give their. whole time to the business. Spare moments'may be profitably employed also. A lew vacancies ID towns and cities. B. F. JOHNSON A CO., 2000 Sfaln St. »rL amend. Ta marldly W ANTED—An Active Man for each section ' Salary S>75 to S1OO, to locally represent-a , > successfulU. Y. Company Incowted to supply Dry Goads, CletbJng, Shoes, Jewelry, etc., to con,""» sumers at cost, Alsoatady of tact Salarv. *4O, to enroll members (8O.OOO' now 1 enrolled 1 '- J ' 810O.OOW paid in), References excban ged*.«. Empire Co-operatlie-AssorUtion (credit » ,, djLock Box 610. K. Y. -^\

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