The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1933
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.:£m •;:':-x-«S' Served by the United Press BHTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER. OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 17.1 QlyihesUle" Dally. News. BlyttieTllM CourMc. Valley Leader. BlytbevllH Herald. m,YTUBVlM,R, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, OCTOIiKR 6. 1(1,1:! SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS. NEW YORK WINS IN ELEVENTH, 2 TO SUM 1 Tamer Prettily Tamed Hubbell Pitches Great Ball hut His Error Lets Senators Score. WASHINGTON' - /. single i>>' i:> mi sent Jitrkion !:«.:)]•: fr-im .•'eiunu ill the crlcvci; 1 !: inni!!.' " ic<!iiv'!. \\urld sent.s gumt lo %K". lliir Nov.- York Giants a 5 lo 1 victory and (heir third l'-v on me wCirUl'a championship Terry's h<:me nm in tin: !<iin;li inning yavt Ntv. York wiial sec"i- sd to be margin enough until an t-iror by Hubbell In tii? eit'h'h paved the way lor a Wa^inn',-;. :-.cre Una lli:?u:^n'(i i'j set •;'°hl J.'iibb;!!'!, rrcul work -n> inc. mound. The winning score came allf Jackson had reached fhsl on u Hint, and ad\unci-d lo :.i-coml -m :: .sacrifice by Munuuso. !''• "<•••''• ht.ine on a single by Rya:i. Washington threatened in its hall of th; clt-.'ernh but. with one •>.-iil and tin? bases filled Bolloi". Ijineli hitler. 1m into :i dou'o:? i'-Hy. Fir.-l Inning Gicnu—.v:oorc walked. Crit/ hi: :: ;D a double play. Teny singlet 1 i.h" Niyuv's slovu. Oil flowed out to Bluese. No runs, one hit, no irrors. Senator;—Mytr flitd to Moore in li.fl cenltr. Goslin flied out to Oil. Manush grounded out to Crir/.. Ko inns, no hits, no cr- Second Inning Giants—Davis \vas oul, Myer lo Kuhel. Jackson t truck out. MH::Lf.^o Hied out lo Goslin, who ra.. r>aek lo the wall lo m-.ike Ihe t:ilch. No runs, no hlls, m or- icrs. Senators—Croniu popixd lo TVr- iy^SchulUj'flic-d oi:{ lo Ctt. Kiilr:: Hied out to Davis. No runs, .no !;.'.,. no errors. j Ttiird lnnin s | Giants—Hyan flied oul lo Man-: vili. Hubbell grounded on! 10; Wiii-ge.. Moore 0111. Cronin lo! Kiih^l. No runs, no hits, no er-; rors. '• Senators—Bluegp- sent up a hign ^ :•; to MUC.JC. Seweli flied out to: < :'(•/.. \Veavt-r out, Crilz lo Terry.| : t- rims, no hils, no eirors. Tcurth Irninj Giants—Critx, out. Cronin Kuhel. Ttrry hit a home run into ;he centcr field bleachers. It was a tremendous smash. Ott walked. Davis beal out. a hit along the ihird base line. Ott stopping at i'econd. Jackson fouled out lo "riiuese back of third base. Mopes (or Freedom, If He Assumes All Blmnc Urschel Case. n Oliservalions =5. In C. II. B.= 1 luive no .strong prejudice .it'ainst xi'inbiinij. My etnotlmial iTaclion, wlien I encounter u i;iime l-i'gion Chid' of eluince. is one nellher ol ah-1 QU O| .| V M PV pvs FormCl'lv imi.vnee no:- of ilghieous indiwia-1 onou ) ''"•> ,' i>1 ' "' " 1L1 >. j OKLAHOMA CITY. Ofl. (i 'U\>< i - Kaihi'iir.L' Kelly :iu|>L.i!i.d lixijy j lo I-..;- hn.sbaiul. Cn'Orge "Mocliine j Gun" Kelly, to ;issutnr ul] llic- I Ijiani- I'oi lir- KUD.Wm Uis''hi'l kl'l- j.:i|:iiiH at thi'ir U'ial in'.\l v.'i:(-k, . io .sin- iniiht go f!i'ir. I Julius Miillitft, altorney di'iencl- 1 i!'ii; Ihe gunman, i-evcalcd the au• turn liaiictt uumiin':. pica and salt! i lhat v.'lu'lh-r Kelly would (.urrie to i the le.-.ciie ol his wile probably : would lx> di'fidtil today. Tlu' Iwo will ;jo on trial In ISii' i oiiliiii-y. I jnust ctJli- fc-ss, I am incliiH'd to take a ! liliiv .llii'li-M 111 Mich HCIIk'llll'K | Tliei«'ffj]-i-, \itnl,' some youn^sler. 1 ., I way chap';i>ni,|» «-,.,-,: rldini; u.L- uiris wheel a:id Hie merry-Bo- loiincl :il llu- i-nrniviil last nlglit, oi-Wilson. Badly Btirnec! Near Tyi'On/a. in» WILSON, ,\rk.—I.illle hope wus It-Id tin.-, iiiornini for Ihe recovery ol Kh-srlv Meyers. Arkansas Ll'-ni :nt maM of my time wnteh-jand I'nwcr Co. employe al Markro the v,liceb, .spin. I was iun|'i!(i. ^Jin was ijnrm:d by u hUh villa::" Hi.-vlrlfiil current wln!i- tran.ilormer Iwo miles Kn I have no hmd luck .slory to li-ll. :ilt!ioii|jli 1 did hear :t lew Iiom persons who-^e sjieculalivc in- stincU are apparently .stronger tlnm mine. What I um Belling to Ls lhat Mather.-; indicated thai Kelly 1 vould ir-niuin sileni and lhat he | wonk! licit oifer ev?n one wltiu-ss ' .1. defense. templed u> try my luck. If tlirsoi wen: uiim,'« of rhanuc it seemed to j U'.-I;IIM • me- Unit llu- eiisloinei-.s took a-dl.s-|;li ol TJrun/a iiboul nooii yi-.s- iio|Mrlli)noli' share of the risk. l-rday. Mryt-if. v. ho Ls innrrlrd :uicl llu (if one i-hlld, w:i-, nisllvd IJ.ipllst hospital ul Mem- U'le he was placed In un tent, lie wus manager ul for Ihe Arkansas L.!t:lit und company for year; v ::•; ir.insfern-d to 'In-i- Ci-loUir 1. lluyh Ituilson ol Wilson wilne.'is- r(3 Meyei;, aueidem. He had hei-n ;-f-nt. from Ijere W'llh .supplies In the. lints. heavily guaided federal courtroom It Mem.s strange to me that a com- lu-xl Monday as Iht- luM, of MJniunity which peimlt.s its local pcn.oiLj indicted us conspirators to j business men to oix'rule not even violaf: the LiiKitergli kidnapingl Hie liiildest of ijambliin! devicss law by laking inlllioiiatre Charles i and which even makes .some mild R Uriehel Irom one Male to an- ] effort lo restrain Ihe purely pri- ! Dllicr ni a kidnap vluliiii. I vate Barnes of Its rltl/i-ns, .should WJ!>oii I'nwer ;.nd TH ILL EP IF loleraie'in its midst the public operaiion ol tames lhal give the j IMC,,^ ' m ,niiilin« liie |X>!e Meyers i;i.lion little cliiincc lo save His.; tlll ol , lhl . nliren i. Hudson .said ,s!ii,-t and thai arc a lolal low loin,. Mllv |, :1 , 11( , s | L , n|) 10 f( ,,. : lv | lt ,,, | the community economically. ; ^^ ( . rs catm . ,„ n .ninet will) the ! arn not deeply concerned auoul j y,,.',. j [i; fl ,u |,.,,.j; 4 nlo ],| s Sll [ c .' l-:ov,ard A lonicy, who ye.slerdny ua.s elotleil comm'.MUli'i" of Uie Ann-f- L::iil: Li'Hion. fate of the customers, who j : Civil Service Tests, Not i. Will Pick . merely give unnecessary udditlonal j r ,, al - r , v j proof of Hie verily ol the ancient | K ,J. i( .'. Proverb about the fool and hisi^ lu ^ (money. Hut I do Ihlnk that if'regro'es tliul tori of Ihlui; is lo be permit-j |o lt ^ .^cious. ExiELei:ce of the live wire, after •leyers had sujiposetlly shut oft' the led Ihe local merchant should be -(lowed 10 share Ihe easy money.. In that case it would at least're-j. mtin in circulation here, where it,' ly l>elt :UK! lluitson rated to a house for l»:l]). With n lilucttt on the call of 'u Ilndsan, Li.ssislccl by two WHS :ib!? lo bring Meyers xround, He wjis uncon- v , workc rs. Ls much needed, and the victims' would have some chance of win-| nini; il back by hard work, If not! ihe way lliey lost. I 11 - llfls " ol explained. Happy as the irclicscuie "killens" ihsy're luiKgii'c are the Uealiys. iicsing here *'ith llieir b^st honeymoon look. The fameC. tciday. animal trainer and .his britle. the former Harriett Evans. Busdon neiir.!ist. slipped away iron; Ihe Bristol. Tvnn.. circus lol ihe ceremony and then nrhrd bock'to work. They've known e.ich oilier 1 two years. WASHINGTON. Oct. 6 (UP) — Even common laborers on the goy- einment's huge Tennessee valley development, will be setecled by Clyde, cjv j| spfyjpg i es is it w-as revealed ^''jwell singled lo center, scoring Kuhel. iviiiyj the score. Weaver flied to Crim in short right. One inn. one hit, one error. Kighih Innlngr Gianls—Ott singled off Cronin's sieve. Davis fanned. Jackson out. i ilyer lo Kulisl. Oil went lo sec. o jond. Mancuso wa.s oul, Weaver 13 Kuhel. No runs, one hit, no er- roiii. ' j Senators—Myer walked. Goslin | Dr.-Arthur E. .Morgan..chairman-. for' of the T: v - A - ^ that Pp'iUcnl pressure' from senators and -cong , CKmen llmt thelr frlell(Is ^ put to work on the project had reached, such proportions that it Imer- lered with the work of the authority and necessitated appeal to the civil service commission, He declared that "even a common laborer" for the development will be selected from, the civil ser- forced Myer. Harris forced Gos- Confident of Power, Grau San Martin Offers Peace to Opponents. L Mencken Will | Quit American Merciiry! I Plinois Man Elected Com! mantler as National Convention Closes. IS III TO;; LDGiL l[«JF National ."Buy Now" Program Will Gel Under Way Monday. Ann-lira is icady lo swing into pother nii-iii movement lo LOIII- iiM tin! luii.iv, of unemployment and lor the ii'jxl twelve weeks- si .ulionwide program will l>e under \vuy to sjx:cd up the niOTm-ntum liiLsini'.ss machine. Just how. lar-llung pious will l« .earned out was described today "by ;Yn.x M. Reid, elialrmun of the NBA committee In lllytlievlllc. "This project quite naturally-fol- !ov.-s llu! Hli;c E-.ixle campaign." he >aiil. "Tin 1 nine Eagle drive,..including the codification activities of the N'RA has resulted in plac- inc more than H'.' per cent ot the ta.',!nesr, of llw cnuntry under, llv.' I'reKld'inl'fi AKieemcnl. More than 2,lMi0.l!(lO workers have l:cen rc- mployeil and mUlions of dollars l:a\ e b':en added to Ihe weekly l>:iy envelopes of llWbe who loll.:, " Undines j must be .^p^ecled up In order lo make it ixxsslblc for 'the loyal employers who- arc operating under His Blue Bugle lo continue Ui maintain their added labor trets. Then there are still ninny mllh'uns of men still out of v.ork and jobs iniiht be found for. them. Something .like 3.500,000 far.ilVic.s -re now receiving public relief, and, v. Ith \vintei' coming on, this number will be greatly increased un- Weary of lambasting the figures ot the American scene, Henry* L; Mencken, Baltimore IconoclasO aii: rtounced todny that • soon retire as editor ei.'rnn M(-rcury. . he ' woiild of the Am- Mencken's decision brought near WiH Offer $10.000.000 a ^ close one of ihe most, remark- , CHICAGO, Oct. C iUP)-Wlth NEW YORK. Ocl. G (UP) -| Euwaul'A. Hnycs of Dccalur, 111., •„*„, «r i 0 .,,i,,«Hn,, »,» n n ,., n . „, aj . „.. new cominai a lcr] nlm W || h 'policies of 1934 dcflnllely outlined, .tile , American.., Leglorv .^inyRntJoi.v •fit-re disbanded today. OfficiuLs said it was the largest lln- crgnnbatlo:! ever held. A four-point program for care i cf disabled veterans, Americanism, and national defense, are (he leg- Ion policies for llu coining year. business Ls stepi>ed up to a .•vucli I'nsicr clip than Is the .cnsu ai pt'c-.sonl." . B "_T~^J."'" Mr. Reid Ihcn oxpTnirieU"^hc nielliccls by which it is lipped lliesc '-will be'attaitifd.-v •'.--'';•;";: nblc rlmoter.s in American crlti- .. ^ , — c A A A fin f\ c I'nauier.s in rtincruiui Lriu- Year Ol' $T/ J UUU.UUlr cism. The Mercury was founded in lnmn Pavmrnf i by , ,? !! rC<1 a i"™ 1 "' Menck ™'^ ^^^100^1' 'wUh'oiliy sliehi in IJ.imn raymeni. ] publisher, largely as an organ rorj rib ' tiw'nmi s»«inn L011DOM. Oct. G British ' (government vice lists after an examinaiion. t definitely against resuming nay- than retired from the That examination will DC along mcn i of fl ,n lvnr n el)i institllmenl.s several years ago. the same lines as given prospcc- to , hc u u n c[ | stales regardless of publisher, largely as an organ for the opinions of Mencken ami his, . ronvriillim one time bosom friend, George!,., „',,„,' . ™ n C " R. I.-. Gordon nl Cermoll (UP) -The , has decided Jenn Nathan, dramatic critic. Nn-| Mercury: be held Ark.. Cronin singled lo short right, field. Harris going :o thiid. Sennit *j popped oul. No runs, one hit. noy HAVANA. Cuba. Oct. 6 live navy department employes. Machine Gun Toter Gets 18 Months on Highways lUP)- 1 CHARLOTTE. N. C.. Ocl. 0 rl). I ' Mancuso walked, filling tiie bases.i erlors ' Russell began wanning up for Washinglon. Ryan struck out. One iifii. two hits, no errors. Senators—Myir out. Hubbell to Terry. Goslin singled off Terry's glove. Manush walked. Cronin rut to Ott. Goslin racing to third | after the catch. Manush holding! first. Schulte forced Manush, RyanJ lo Crib.. No runs, one hit. no er-j •rrs. | Fifth Tnnlnj ; Gianls—Hubbell lined to Cronin.j Moore singled to left. Crit/, pop-1 ped out to Mver. Terry flied out. to Schulte in deep center. No runs, i cne hit. oo errors. ; Senators—Kuhel fanned. Blucge; flied out to Moore who made a the outcome of present negotiations at Washington, it was lesrn- c( r here tcMlnv. Two alternatives will be offered the United Suites: 1.— A lump settlement in ^old of' not more than $475.000.000. . i 2.— Token payments of $5,000.- 1 Its prestige mounting rapidly, the -H. P. MacDonald. former Nash- Grau Sail Martin government | ville, Tenn., airplane mechanic, lo- 000 each eierj si\ months h. piao , made a Besture of peace today to- ! day was sentenced lo 18 months Ninth Inning Giants — Ryan singled over, ^ „ 0 .. „. , , .... Kuhel's head. Hubbell sacrificed. 1 wnrd the old Hire politicians. I en the roads for possession of a Moore grounded out. Weaver to I It wa.s expected to bid anew for, machine gun. while Hart Austin. Kuh?l. Ryan moving to third. Critz I their support. [ ioimer colleague of George "Ma- out to Harris. No runs, one i The politicians, who went, intojrhine Gun" Kelly, was released .it. no errors. - i hiding at the time of the' National I Ucause authorities of other states Senators—Kuhel fanned. Blueg?! holel battle, when troops loyal to'ilic nol care to ntlempl his extra- Hied out to Ott. Seweli out. Ryan | the government routed hundreds of riition. v.:i" •'Icctert en? of the five vice- to Terry. ( irovs. No runs, no hits, no' Al D 1 t ASKS ISOOKS lOF MacDonald aim Austin were ar- here last week. Officers machine sun. several piE- rebel officers, were informed officially thai they had nothing to', rested fear.' I tcunri It was announced also that a: ;<jis. and several hundred rounds search made'by soldiers and stu- ,-| anuntmilion in Cieir possession. 5<-Vir>ol ir,A f;»., I iKraricc dents of the liome of former Prcs-l ,\ ciHiipanlou. identified by pno- nCfiOfti and Uty LlDraneS Mml Mnloca1i a power f u i politi-, t c s rapi-.£ as Charles Clmpman unnnthorized. 'v anted for bank robbery al Cniu- Mn. J. W. Badrr. chnirm.111 of . Tnes< , aric i ot her developments :<,,,„ e "library week" being sponsor- i nm - ca ted that the goverament.' ^:, lhe . 1 , 0 . c ? 1 , U :, D '£':_ D " 1 : 0l ] nc _- ""ins !tself dominant, would bid «{) ea( Jl y ^ eapon " ProVCS Auxiliary Elects unanimous election of Mrs. William II. Belster Jr.. of Philadelphia, us president and ratiflca- reuorl urging increases fn the strength of the army ami closed the annual nailonal convention of the American Legion Ancillary. Other officers Installed Included Mrs. Charles Miller of Little Rock, Ark., vice president, representing i*" 'nil installments ol about, $95,000,000. j Johnson and Richber0 1s- The present capital value of the J „. . , n ,. „ ,. - .. , , British war debt Is about $3,600.-! SUC ConfllClmo InterprC- tllc Southern ilivlsion ooo.coo. I • ( r J Under the original war dcbli tallOns Ol t-Oae. xi- • r il_ Ml agreeiMcnt payments of about SO.-1 MlSSUlg LaruttierSVllle OCO.OOO.COO would have been made! Ily I ; ult«l Press up to 1984. Shift in Storm Saves . Two interpretations from the Na- jlional Recovery Adminislration i.-ray imperil government efforls to Clerk is $4,052 Short CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — Tile ] of violence 've:e fearrrt. __ One nun wa.s kllleil and M !n- M1AMI, Pla.. Oct. 0 .UPJ-The, „, ,„ „ ,, t , - M ^ m (lepmv erratic sh.fts indirection of a hur-|. h( . ri(T , .,,,„ s[c[>| sMkcr!i in Am . fast running catch. Seweli singled j "I t«iay that Looks donated dur- (or snpp ort of political parties to lo right center. Weaver fanned.!'"'! tnls (lrivi - w "' bc 8 iver - la ll ' c gain American recognition as Ho runs, one hit. no errors. j school and public libraries. I'so-lc provisional government pendns Sixth Inninr | :nakin- donations may spccily forran i elecllons. f> l,,l, 0 ,-« ,'nn,- ,,^n( tllCil' l)30k-S • has not been captured, i ricane had saved Florida today i,..|^- e 1>u yes'erday from a severe storm, and only;" • ,;• '50,000'coal miners minor damage was done to the! Florida keys and coast. settle the Pennsylvania coal and audil of the book" and records oi ••ii-iii strive, wlifi-e new outbreaks Thos. B. Ward, former city clerk. who disappear?! from this cily the latlcr pail of Augusl or Ihe lirsl fart of September, reveals lint there Is a shoita?c of $1.052.12 in rails for a logical systematic program to bei carried on between novi' [ i.nd liie holidays 'with Ihe sole i bjeri of stlmulalhis n s\ell-brder- cl hrsincii; accoleralion. The ete- ncnl of sell-interest will enter', into It. For it is just about as'» Hire as tomorrow's sunrise that nice levels are going lo.risj. Every'. i-lfort Is now being made to put - . vp commodity prices ai]d every in- • t ex shows the upis-ard trend has r.i rived. II b simply n mailer, of tell-hilciest for people to buy what they can at this time. "li: the homes, furniture anrt carpels and rues have been used liial should have been discarded lony ago. Repapering, remodeling end refurnishing have been put off from month to month. Members c,f the household have allowed (heir wardrobes to become deplet-, rri. In the case of factories and business houses, equipment has Ueen allowed to run down, ami. a general program of replenishment and rehabilitation is Ions cverdue. Hence, we fsel that we arc v:ell wilhin the bounds of good business judgment when we say "NOW IS TI1E> TIME TO BUY." "Ar, to our plans here in uly- ihcvilie, we are keeping our old*. Eagle organization inUct. 1 ' v.ill be n lot ot work foY" Toy; $10 Fine Anywaj ; uliere Giants — Ott singled between Hchulte and Goslin. Davis sacri-( l "" l ' tu- need. Jackson popped out lo Myer.j .^ ni% v -'" p ' 1 " ror nn - v Man^uso was walked inlenlionnlly. | Siven. Ryan grounded oul. No runs, one' lllt - »°. m °JJ- . , . , j Lawyers and Dean Triplets Senators-Myer singled through' BOSTON iUP>-Altoninys Frank books'Helps Mob-Menaced The gun he was cairyin? state tiiw him was nothing but 3 toy pistol. bPlonjiii'j 10 Tlio disturbance came from Cuba, when ' vvnerc heavy damage was reported . .. .iS'ill are on strike, demanding that along Ihe cost j .. olptivc .. ,„,,„. 0|X , ra[ors cxtc nd union rec'isnlllon. I Gales had lashed al Key west Administrator Hugh S. Johnson issued one inleipreiation of ihe ucrceinent operators signed with singled through the pitcher's box Goslin sacrificed.; B ."FrVdeVick' and Paul R. Freder- Manush was out Critz to Hubbell.; ick> of Boslon nnd Mrs _ Vir inin who covered first. Manush touched. , 01]lw Fr( , rtcrick McOllli dcnil of Hc]lder ," on „, mi d,ii s hi' after aj r Umpire Moran in Ihe face as lic, womcn al ^^ CcllcgCi Ncwnrk _ ""b had fl?«l "hots «nd hurled ran past first. The crowd booed! N ' j Moran lustily. A pop bottle wasj NegrO Lawyers Escape [',J S ^"drawing a'deacily weapon ! testified in municipal court yes- HENDKRSON. N. C.. Oct. G' IU j f.rday. exhibiting Ihe alleged I 1 :—R. O, Everett. Diiiham Bltor- ^-weapon." rey and slate legislator, spirited The charge was reduced by the iv.o negro attorneys away from! CO urt to public drunkenness suit $10 fine assessed. mob had fired shots and hurled i wininin While, negro, was fined in his accounts. The report of ihe audit, ordered nt Ihe regular meeting in Septenilier, wa.s presented by W. J. Peck of the W. J. Peek Auditing conipiny. who prepaml ihe audit. Of this sum. $3.000 Is covered by .\ surety bond. While there were runiois of a i-liortage following Mr. Ward's di.s- appcarance. the amounl was ra- Blue •there all of us to do as the program .oiher. Johnson said the aijree- iir.enl called for the check-off sys-j' 1 " 1 'orie dvnnces. -We want Ihe business men of, Ihe ciiy who have signed up under Ihe Blue Kagle lo know that \ve intend to do everything we can lo .stimulate Irade for them. We U'.-lleve lhat with an effort of !liis kind goimt on in every com- I miniity of the United Stales, bus- I ineps can really be lifted out of , , , .1 Ihe ml and the happy days ol a^r^^ES"' 1 '* "«*"' ^ lo ™ r WASIIINOTON, Ocl ,I_. ; UIH. Richberg wiid it did not. The tropical stouu which yesier- aay menaced ihe Florida nml may | reach' Bermuda, accompanied by Pc:icc nl "'- I'cobody mine near H.irrLsbnrg. 111., «ns eiiforced hy S'W soldiei-s of the Illinois national No runs, one hit, no errors. Seventh Inning Giants—The crowd continued to boo umpire Moran. He came down [Relief Monc.v Approved are triplets. They were . Atones at the negroes. ] 510 and .wnlc-nrprt to ' 10 days ihrna'n «7"iif™nn {mm Vh7" ",,mwr i bom tc Mf ' 31ldMrs - Wnl ter p. j Tni , tioubie had its origin in jail for petit larceny. «M n,M o^frt, r,™t, fn,E !Fr " l<lrlck - of Boston - 28 J' Mra as °- the cases of two negroes aecusedl' B oL- Uncberry was fined Jivel ri? h 1..1 Pl '?.. Sl i 1 . 1 . dS '.. Cl . C ^'_ 1 . f " imC "'iTlie father is clerk of the Mas=a-, tf allnckitlg , llld kidnaping Mi^icollars for disturbing the pr.Kr chuselts Supreme Court. | Mary t.en!! Van Dyke. 1C. Hender-! .-,„(! BronrJc McUermott nr.ea 1 , J or Four County i.-=on girl. j $10 lor assault, and bntlery. * Einvtt sait) he heard 10 shots EvcrUl McDowell was fined five ! nr,;l thr.l rocks wore hurled. dollars for failure !o work ihe -slrecls but three dollars of the fine was suspended after paymrif. and Instructed Chief Umpire Orms by to remove Manusli from lefl Held. Ormsby waved Manush to the dugout but Manusli just waved right back at him. The Senators gathered around the umpires at first base. Manush stood, like a statue in his left field position.! Manager Cronin ordered Dave Harris to play. Manush was wild with anger as he walked from the Held. Cronin and Myer and Bluegc escorted him to the dugout. Hubbell was out, Cronin to Kuhel. Moore! doubled to left center. Critz was out. Cronin to Kuhel. Terry grounded out. No runs, one lilt, no errors. Senators—Schnltc popped to Terry'. Ktihel bunted to Hubbell. who Juggled the ball and the bailer was Mfe al first. Bliifg* Mrrlflced. Closing Stock Prices] A. T. anrt T 120 Anaconda Copper 153-4 Bethlehem Steel 33'3-1 Chrysler « 7-8 Cllies Service '-! 3-8 Cora Cola 02 General American 31 l-'i General Electric 193-4 General Motors 301-3 Lutheran Minister Will Answer Bible Questions i v.ounded by buckshot. Strikes in Ihe Ford Motor Com', iiany's plants at Edge-water, N. J. ?i'.d Chester. Pa .'continued. Strik- had gathered at the'meeting. The "I'dil covers a period from March, 1931. through August. 1933. Ihe latter being the month Mr. Warn v:as connected with the oflice. All cf Ihe shortage was in the water- I v.orkr, department. "We want ihe co-operation of evei-ylwly— the pies*, pulnit. Federal aid for teachers in two rural school districts in Misslsslp- ^ nl county was approve;! yesler- crs planned a march on hoping to induce Ford there to join them. . Demit. workers of delinquent street MX. |j. E. Marchbrand, 83, International H,irvest:r Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Slfl Louis-San Francisco 38 20 3-fi j 38 l-l 1C i 5-a The Rev. H. J. Kli'indienst. id r,f til- Pilgrim Lutheran I (hrreh. will give an Informal lec-| tare this cvcim*. T.30 o'clock. iii| Dyess, state relief director! accord-1 n* . -t ftatlphter't HomC ,ln? to n dispatch from Little Rock.' U!eS al fa«8 n i er » nulllc i Two teachers In the Tomato dis-: ~ . trlct. No, 30, and two teachers Inj J- E. Marchbrand 83 died at Ink PiiMl, WnrU«! lho R «« c district. No. 33. were 1 llr13 oc.ock last nl?ht at he Jobs OH TUbllC WOrkS incmded In a ||sl ot 78 dutrlcu .- home of a daughter, Mrs. Mattle in the slate to benefit by federal 1 Hording, with whom he lived, near 1 Sees Over Half Million the foim of a (]«iistioniialre. , NEW YORK. Ocl. G lUPi -jalrt to teachers ss a result of the! Oosnell. Such questions •he Uiblc". "Why 1 . "Who wrole 1 "When", and "How it Ls known it Is God's Word" will be answered. While these lectures nre espec Standard of N. J. Texas Co t). S- Sleel 3 1-) tally for people preparing to unite 21 1-a: \\itii the chur:h they should b^ 42 1-8 cf interest to rvl! and the public 27 k cordially invllctl. says Ihe hou pastor. Between 500,000 and 1.000.003 men will be employed on iwiblic works jirojecls before winter Is underway, the Engineering News Record said today. announcement. Mr. Dycss said that approval of an additions! list, almost equally long, would probably be given today. I The grants, which are for keep- The publication's prediction, made! ing schools open In districts which after a nation-wide survey, report-j otherwise would have limited tcnns to that real and, serious delay-or no schools at nil, arc made dl- uo lo three weeks ago has been rectly to the needy tcachcis, who f-pplanled since by rapid pro-1 will be paid from emergency rr- Bi-e.'-s, I llcf funds, Death followed a month's ill- r-ess and was ihe direct result ol a heart attack. Funeval services will be held tomorrow morning at Maple Grove cemetery at H o'clock. Moss' Mor May Ask Hoover to Aid Exiled German Jews GENEVA. Oct. 6 (UP)—Herbert I Hoover may be asked to act as league of Nations high commissioner to aid exiled German Jews, It was disclosed today. League members and Jews alike hoped to persuade some outstanding American to serve. They would prefer Hoover. Theodore Roosevelt Jr., has been mentioned should the former president be unable or unwilling to accept. EchooLs. I lie radio, the motion picture houses and the various clubs and civic organizations, and, ol course, the general public. We ore no!, going lo ask anyone to make any great .sacrifices. We me going to conduct this effort nloi'.s sound, practical lines.and we are not going lo urge anyone to spend money that (hey really c&n'l WEATHER t.cians are In arrangements. LoRoy will ofllclale. charge of The funeral i ARKANSAS — Fair tonight and The deceased Is survived by two daughters au* tlirec sons, J. Saturday. Memphis and Vicinity — and warmer tonight and Saturday. Suwltiy fulr w.d cwler, way. But. al the same lime. \u know Ilia I there Is n vast amount of deferred buying in this community. "The government has organized this program in order to give the people of the country a chance to pul! themselves oul of the depression. Washington will co-operate \vlth us in many ways but H is up to i's (o dD our part. If we do our part, and every otter community in the Uniled States does lls part, the depression that has hung on now like a plague for the last four years will a thing of the pasl." :.; ,. The program. It was staled. «lll bight officially, Monday, October

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