The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 11, 1935
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Served by the United Press lll**j VOL. XXXI—NO. 280 jrin^MINANTJNEWSI'APEfl OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANN SOUTHEAST MISSOURI 19315 NEWS -:;.'•*/vArfirvillc Courier niyt'hcvillo Daily News „. .,_„,„,„, , ,, •'iV.v^ . ~~ .-•'^•'v cllevl "° Herfll(l Mississippi valley Loader BL\T IIKVILLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, KRRRUARY (I. 103 •-• — — HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIRS FIVE CENTS ' Economic and Political Factors Contribute '-'to Inter-Racial Tension BY MAX STURM '. ';'•• Special Correspondent ' HAYTI, Mo., Feb. 11.— While Eastern Arkansas is having its troubles arising from disagreements between landowners and tenants. Pemiscot county, in which the plantation system of cotton .farming has in recent years grown rapidly, is awaiting :i .similar dts- n • ' tiirhaiice when (he negro-white KequCSl by Flltrcll for r.lUiatlon reaches a climax. - This county for several years has been a boiling pot of color distinction and discrimination, and oil all sides one hjjrs persistent whispers of the not-far-distant day when the show-down will come. . . The yearly influx of negroes from the South, who replace whito families on farms, and their apparent prosperity have created unrest among a part of the white population. • » Homo I-ando-ivners Favor Negroes Many landownci-s believe that negro sharecroppers and renters make them more money than whiles; thus yearly, 'more landowners are replacing their white lehnnls with negroes. The laud- lord's reason for such a change Is revealed in the production records' of certain farms. This writer examined records of one large farm in this county; which ijses both while nnd negro sh are tenants, and found, for example, "that" a white family sharecropping eleven i' acres • ' "cotton "lyhile a negro, cultivating similar land, -produced six bales on live acres. .Another Important reason for replacement of whites lies in the fuel that on,» Inege. tom 'of ne- groes,-a landowner can keep fair, polilical control:-.of-..•his- men/- and thus have/a power which".-gains' him favors in -. many channels which would not 'feme;, to 1 'him otherwise. With independent white families, n landowner cannot secure such , complete' control.' This does, not.(signify ..that -all' large landowners ; in , Pemiscol county demand, polilicap "allegiance ' of their tenants, biit each year more- are finding the yahie of- it and with each election:new/names are being added 7 to tlie^lis't' of land- mmcrs controlling lifgbV blocks of voles. . ' ..'• •'•;;-.' :5> v : -'\'i Tlie fnct that on n ' large farm of-; negroes a landowner.!'tan sell I fie'cotton- they v produce/' while .white Icnnats,being cliarac'terisUc-" ally Independent, 'often'>dosire U< handle their own business—selling their cotton when and where they choose and in plheri ways'relying oh their own business ami farming Judgment "rather "than .thntVpr their landowner—is another factor in the sHuntlon. Land Ts Scarce v With Pcmiscot farm land value., speedily rising and with rent and ' sharecrop locations becoming more difficult to find each year, land not willing to relinquish it. So BRANDS KIDNAPING INSIDE JOB" Negro Murder Suspect Arrested Near Osceola Kdtlie Johnson, negro, wanted In ineelioh with-..the hold-up slay- of Roy Branson, Memphis store prletor, was taken Inlo custody Hnle Jackson, chief d/>puly .slier- »t the. Qsccolii district and deputes iic'ar O.sceoia over the. wr-ek- :nd. • ; Joliii.son offered no resistance vheu jii-re.sted. Another negro,- alleged to have >cen involved jn llio, shooting, was old to have been captured at steele Mo. i - j - ..... u .. iw» i,j in i Adoption of Measures Sd Kepoiled at Capito Officers Act lo Avcrl Threatened Trouble Saturday The first serious threat of trou- )lc In Mississippi county of the :ind that has marked efforts to unionize tcimnt farmers in nenr- iy Crlllomtoi, Cross ,nml poliucU counties developed Saturday af- Lcrnoon at Uirdsong, in the extreme southwest, corner of the :oujity, when officers escorted four mion organizers out of the county after (lie latter had Ix-cn LITTLE ROCK, Feb. II, (UP)— Word wns passed down ctipllol cor- idors today [hat Ciov. J. M. Pu- rcll hnd asked passage of the aclng and liquor hills. A vote on the Hall sales tax bill i the senate would be delayed nn- il the other two measures have cen passed upon. Senator Ed Dillon of Little Rock noted the governor as saying the ales tax would be needed to augment the stale's revenue from horse acing and liquor bills'if they were nacted. A vote was expected on (he Rampon racing bill In the senate this rtcrnoon. The last of two liquor bills submitted in the senate will be d!s- i-ssed in" commute.etonlght. The first bill, submitted by Senator Charles Evans of; Booneville last veek. was reported'.unfavorably out of: committee.., Senator .pllloiv au- hfir. Ql.,y!e.,5ecpnd;b!ll providing for Icensuig of dealers and^'To'cai -op- ion, expected a favorable report on ils measure. "'• - ; V $ll'jf)loi Permit Subrriis- ,-sfoiv of His Name to '.'Arkansas Senate LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 11 (UP)— 2hairmau P. A. Lasley of tlie Fact -Finding; Tribunal will r6- ire ralhev than let his name be ;,iJb^nH(etl, ! for senate approval under: =a 5 compromise provision sug- •jestejf; In ..-the •• fight to oust him, ic. (old the United Press today. Senator, .A.. J. .Johnson, of star Cit.('," administration leader, is writing ian amendment to his bill giving .the tribunal new powers. The • amendment, making senate loriflrmnttoh ot commission mem- :ers necessary, would be a com- promise'with the forces that passed a bill in the senate to abol- IsJv'.'tlic:'. tribunal. .Senator Ed Dillon. . of Little Rock, leader of the tribunal op- ---... j....,, ,„..„- position, has indicated that he owners have a tremendous. power wl " support''Lasley's connrmation over their tenants with the Mis- "i return for certain concessions souri law in the landlord's favor in the Johnson bill. Lasley docs in securing possession of'his land not care to jeopardize his" name UTTLE ROCK,-,Feb. 11 (UP)— each year from tenants who are with the .uncertainty of confirm.!- ,V' . M ' • Plltre " wil1 'n't* '«> iml. u-tiHn^ 1^ rnM., n ..i-i. :i f*_ iirtM TjAtr. A ,. n » • -.r _ . .. cclion in east-, Arkflnsn*; shnrn- lion. However,'if a round robin far, no organized efforts of ten- Promises •confirmation he may let C1 '°l > l> ers1 disci'dors until requestc. ants have been made to 'fiaht suci his name bs-submlited a - y authorities, he -. advise ants have been made to 'fight sucl suits for possession, though eaci year county justice courts record greater numbers of such cases. In past yenrs. with Pemisco comity in the process of develop men!,, there wns plenty of cm ployment tor all white people ii other branches besides farmine In recent yerns, with development work only occasional, Inborino while families have turned to farming and now arc flndln» ' •"'""• '"'"" replaced ' with What such a rural social change will lead -to is only conjecture, bill each year more white families are becoming dissatisfied. his name bs-submlited and con- head of St. Francis Levee Board Must Sellle for Le'Vee Damage Hale Jackson, chief deputy sher- ff at Osceola. and three other of- Icers were at tlie scene. There was no violence, Mr. Jackson reported, "but we could sec by the crowd gathering that there was a possibility of trouble and we derided to slop the meeting nnd .ake the leaders out of the county in order to prevent trouble." . This morning Sheriff Clarence Wilson and Deputy Jackson went o Marked Tree to attend a ineet- ng of northeast Arkansas : sh'er- ffs, called to discuss measures for he prevention of possible future' ,'iolence In the current, tenant - andlord controversy. Alley Delnny, Roy CluiDlin and Bob Reed, students at Commonwealth college, Mcna, Ark,, and Jene Hayes, a sharecropper, .were, 'he men escorted out of Hie couri- .y Saturday afternoon. They had come lo Bh'dsong" from Tyronza to address a rally, of sharecroppers. Their story of the incident was Jtpl they were met at Birdsong .by ed us, demanded .lo sec out- union charier, then kicked us- and told us to gel along." "The officers,"-Delaney was re- nocU;d to have sold, "courteously escorfcd us from the scene." One. result, of the affair was Ihe; dispatch to . Governor - J. M.- Fufrcll ^of.,telegrams from H.-L, Mitchell;;; TyrofiTa/-" secretary •' of tho-Southern'Tenant Farmers Un-. Ion. Pov/crs . ,Hangood.; Socialist leader, and Noiimui Thomas, head of,the Socialist'party, all of whom demanded protection for union organizers against acts of violence. Officers Meet MARKED TREE, Ark., Feb. II. (UP)—Law. officers' of Northeast Arkansas met here this afternoon lo formulate n general policy regarding activities of Ihe Soul-hern Tenant Farmers Union and alleged evictions of tenants by landlords In violation of AAA contracts. District Prosecuting Attorney Denver L. Dudley and sheriffs from four counties most affected by recent, activities of sharecropper union workers and alleged evictions consolidated data they had collected and discussed It before adopting a general policy. , Those attending were Sheriffs J. D. DuBard. Poinselt county, Clarence H. Wilson, Mississippi county. Howard Curlin. Crittcnden county, and Charles Searcjv Cross county. The meeting was to .begin at 2:30. Fulrcll. Will Not Intervene LITTLE ROCK,',Feb. 11 (UP) — LITTLE HOCK. Pel). 11. <UW— vce districts are obligated to pay audowuci's for damage caused by cvee construction, the supjremc' -curt held In an opinion ending a ong legal battle that combined hree suits, [ The opinion, affirming lower court !ecls!ons, settled the Mississippi •onnty cases or j. n. Crnln againM. he St. Francis levee district board )f directors and James Baker against the same board, and a, Lee. county caw of the Icvcc district board against. Joe WatnwrighL '. Pecan Point landowners of Mis- iissiiipi county will receive $133,000 "or damage lo their land under, the opinion. • |Authority of the board to piiy the noney, promised under an i'lgr'eei. nent between the board aiidjfhe and owners, had been challenged n the suits. Tlie damage claims resulted from building of a cii^-ofT c-vee which left the Pecan Point ands without levee protection'.'.:. Heirs of tho Sarah Agnes Maxfield estate are not entitled to- recover $1.835 from Ihe lax commission for alleged over payment of nheritnnce taxes, the supreme- cOliH icld In reversing a circuit coiirt. cclion .in .east-, Arkansas croppers disorders until requested , . Thomas, ; Socialist party themselves being negroes. Porter Pours Gasoline Into Barbershop Stove A engro porter poured gasoline into a stove at the City Barber shop on Second street Saturday afternoon and caused a bigger fire than he onticlpalcd. His gasoline bottle was ignited and he tawed It across the barbershop, the flaming fluid .setting fiie to walls and articles as well as to the clothes of one or two occupants of the shop. All got out in B hurry and the fire department stopped the blaze with chemicals. Will Help Taxpayers Prepare Income Returns E. Dallon. deputy collector of internal revenue, will be In Osceola February 27 and 28 and in Blythe- vlllc March 4 to 8 to assist tax- Payers in the preparation of their federal Income tax returns for 1934, •which must be filed not later than March 15. A federal income tax return Is rcmtired from every citizen or resident of the United States whose single (or married and not living with husband or wife) or $2.500 or more if married nnd living with husband or wife. Roosevelt Will Meet With Labor Leaders The White House anounced today that President Roosevelt will confer at 3 p. m. with the nation's labor leaders in what was believed to be on effort to heal the widening breach between the A p of L. and. the administration, Thomas has twice i asked inter vention by the governor to hall alleged injustices. The governor also refused t< loan national guard tenls to ten ant farmers allegedly ejected bj plantation owners. Army regula lions prohibit it. he said. If a man is in lawful possession of land he cannot be ejected the governor assured Thomas, Dr. Tipton Undergoes Emergency Operation Dr. Paul L. Tipton, wlio was stricken suddenly 111 Saturday night was taken to the Memphis Methodist hospital yesterday In a Cobb ambulance. He underwent an operation for acute appendicitis am' today ts resting very well. Mrs. Tiplon, and his slsler, Mrs Arthur McDaniel, of Scrmlb, Mo. will "return home this 'afternoon or tonight, probably returning to Memphis tomorrow. It was first feared that Dr. Tipton's condition was critical but physicians now believe ho will racovci rapidly. The United states Is the only country that produces cornstarch In appreciable quontllles. I Private Ship Builders "Consulted " On Bids WASHINGTON. Pol). II (UP)- Spimte munitions limutlgnlors brought out evidence Hint private Slip biiIMm had consulted lo- gMhoi- on mivy bids nnd tlmL llu> navy had encouraged them to iln so; today. Senator Ucmiolt Clmmp Clark (Di'iii.. MO.) declared 'the "cvl- deuce would Incliciito llu> navy wax n part to collusion i>y tlie .ship builders." Renewal of African Border Troubles Brings Threat of War •ong Demands Probe Of Farley's "Conduct" WASHINGTON. Pel). II (UP)— dirilo'r ll'uey P. I/jug (Ucm., I.nj ntrodiicccl. n resolution loilay to hvcsllsitle "Hie conduct" of Posl- iinslor Clcnural Jnuuvi A. Parley, Ixmg's resotullon re-quested nil nvc.sdgallon by three senators lo bo liy the vice president. nvasion of. Private Rights Onlv Temporary Roper Declares v-"-' . ATLANTA. Ga... Feb.; 11,'(UP)— ? air profits. p'riVnte property, in- lividual Initiative and -'opportunity "hust be recognised' and maiutain- d ns a, part of it democracy, Se'c- ctary of 'Commerce Daniel Roper vild today ; .in explaining the., llb- iralism of tlie New Deal. "The.program of President Roose- •elt represents in the truest sense he application of the fundamen- al principles .of liberalism," he •aid as, he spoke pii "Liberalism iml 'Discipline" before (he Ea\ory University Institute, of Clllzeu- lllp. ' - - v . "There Is a vast difference In eliminating abuses hi Ihe profit lystem and In - eliminating that :ystcm, Itself," he said in spcak- ng of New Deal policies. "Widespread government participation and aid during an emergency must lot be interpreted as a drift toward stale socialism. "The needed correction ot holrt- ng company evils cannot be construed as an indictment of sound and conservative corporate f*siic- ng or beneficial trustccshtptr Temporary measures lo reduce sur- iluses and prevent an accumulation of. foruther surplses that would disrupt prices -and purchasing power In agricultural commodities cannot be interpreted ns a continuing or long range policy, the secretary said. Condilion of ..., Long Jll, Became Critical Yesterday Leslie Hooper, f>i, died at his home on Chicknsaivba avenue early Insl evening following five month's illness. Funeral services were held at the First Presbyterian church Hits nfternooii. The body W as taken lo Rives, Tenn.. where burial will be made tomorrow, The Rev. Stuart II. Salmon officiated and Miss -'Leone calllcott was In charge of the music. The pallbearers were: C. M. Gray, Prank Wilson, a. B. crenslmw, of Joiics- boro, Prank Isaacs, B. J. Allen, and Marvin M. Nuiin.'' . '•• >-. The Rev. J. H. Neal, of Rives,'will .read the service tomorrow at tho. home of Mrs. j. A. Hlght. ; Although Mr. Hooper first became III last September Ills'condition did hot seem critical until early yesterday. He a|M'nl a month last fall In- Hot Springs and later received treatment at llio Memphis B'apllsb hospital. • • > . Mr. Hooper, who was 'horn,.al iWavcrley.. Teiin., on 'July 33. 1863, wfcii.the soirofX-lie'late lilr/and Mrs. B. C. Hooper."He and his family came here 13 years ago from Rives for Mr. Hooper to be salesman for Ihe Arkansas Grbcev Co.. For Ihe past-three years lie has been salesman for Ihe Mille'r-Crcnshaw Company and had Income widely known in:the -territory-'over ivlilch lie jtrayeled: : ..; • ', ;| • He is .survived' by his'-\vlfe, Mrs. Eva Pyles Hooper, one -daughter, Miss Lois Hooper, one slsler, Mrs. J. A..Hifhl, of nlves, who arrived last night. - and two -brothers. Bt"-> Hopper, of Podueah, Ky., who will meet the family at Rives this even- Ing, and Bruce Cooper, of Toledo, O Mrs. Hooper. Miss Hooper, and Mrs. Hight will be accompanied to Rives by Mrs. j. p. i^ntl, Mrs, A. C. Haley and Mrs. chnrles Crowder. Cobb Undertaking company Is in charge of arrangements.' ROME. Italy, Peb. 11 (Up) _ laly mobilized two divisions of loops on a war basis today as the esnlt of an attack by Abyssinian rlliesmen on Ilallnn nnllvn tWo|>s n dlspule<l territory between \bysslnln and Ilallnn Somnllland. It was said authorllatlvely thnl Oca! Man a " " 1Um!ltl "» would be sent to the ' Emperor Halle Selassie I., Abys- Inln's "king of kings." miles.', Italy icelved complole sntlsfacllon. , Premier Bcnllo Mussolini's ac- ,lon today came as a portentous climax to the announcement last light, lie sent n forceful protest against the alleged atlnck anil called some 75.000 picked men of ucclmnlzcd military units to tho Colors. No doubt was left that he Is letcrmlned to end by war, If necessary, tho raids by frontier tribes Abyssinia Will Fight LONDON,. Feb. 11 (UP)— Abys- inla, Africa's Inland empire, prc- mrcd today for n stubborn license of Ms mountain fastnesses In the event of war with Italy. • Between 50,000 and 80,000. courageous nnd at home lip on the ilgh plateaus, were sported ready —armed with modern rifles • anc 1 naehlne gency. - , Their main line of defense, i dispatches from Adrils Ababn indl en ted, was being jaiii out! : - .'.' ulllllIO Major Shepard Freed • TOPEKA, ICans., Feb. 11 (UP) —Maj. Charles A. Shepnrd's flve- ycnr fight against murder charges growing out of the death of his wife, Zenana, ended successfully today in acquittal. Caruthersville Merchants Fight Sales Tax Boost CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.— In a meeting here last week merchants of CniiiOiensrlllc went on record ns opposed to the proposed sales lax Increase now under discussion by Ihe general assembly. Gordon S. Wright, president of the Retail Merchants Association stated that a committee has been appointed to go to Jefferson City to lend their influence In havln» the proposal defeated. The Caruthersville will send 10 or 15 men the local association ts mak- mltlees from other Pemlsco county towns accompany the loco one. Mr. Wright said the merchants the ultimate consumer. He sa the increase would mean rais the prices and Ihe wage ear..^. would be hit hardest, since It is this i>erson who buys most In small quantities. s— to face an emer- PLINIED 1 H recited a serlos of allogntlons c. i ' Tl t r> • mil ri'|X)its relating to pronts from -Stale S IhPOlV Ol 1 LnillC contrncl nrningcincnU nnd ii'imienl purchases wlilch I»ng [it- rlbulod to Farley. iunclay Night Song Service Covers Sound of Perm! Farm Break The break" In Hie lite- Patenf'Pools Prevent Aeronautical ' P.i'og've's s,Mitchell. Declares WASHINGTON, Feb.'11 (UP)— ' .ory of Mississippi county's prison 'uim occurred early Sunday night when eight," whlto men escaped from the farm, near Luxora. One has been recaptured. Using a 'mock Sunday evening service as a ruse, to drown the noise of, their successful attempt the farm convicts used a large pipe wrench to simp bars on a bull|)ch window and escape. : A guard nnd 'trustees In a room adjoining the bnllpch said Hint the "loudest" singing- and praying In the bullpen In many weeks was carried on while' the burs wer being broken.-. Why more did not :scape l s not known, ihoi'igli prison officials said they apparent!} did not desire to go. The large wrench, 'It was discovered, had been stolen froin ' a . triick used by Ihi bridge .crew ;nnrl all the convicts who escaped we're, members of the crew. The " break.--' occurred abou 5:30, o'clock,- nity; was : tllKcnvefe \ : lllili) n , feir , 'minings. Prbohcn; 'who .escnjicd' were Fred Smith. ' Kcbei;; Wlllard Cmb tree, Lcnchvlllo; Archie' Craig, Hal MCOJI; .Babel" Lambert, BlyUievllle Roy BWewell, Tonmto; Duel Scnr- adnle, Kslser'] Oils' Pearson and Andy ' Pearson, Kelser: : liimberi )|-ec.nptnred .-' ;-•':.'• •' - - : _ . . Milk Ordinance Again to Come Before Counci The' problem of milk ordinance enforcement, ivlilch has vexed Ihe Brig. Gen. William' B. Mitchell, c " f °J'«»>cnt, ivlilch has vexed (lie charged before a house committee c ">' council over a period of years today" that patent pool agreement wl " bol) U P again at tomorrow between air manufacturers had so "'Bin's session. retarded American, aeronautical retarded American, aeronautical '" u imun.iiuoa iii» ( , cinirymei development that the mlliUiry rer- nie to ^ °" llnn(l to llc i»r Just- wliat vice Is wlthoul planes suitable to f lle J' " re eKpsclcd to do under the engage In a major war. Mllchpll, former army, air chief, appeared before the house patents committee In support of a bill to record patent pooling agremenls in order lo dtsciosc the extent to which such agreements have affected aviation development. Mitchell asserted that the Mln- ufacturers Aircraft association, "with Its ramification!!, Us influence and practices, Is n serious menace to the future of the coun- tiy." He asserted that the pool group opposed competitive bidding on army nnd nnvy airplane contracts. Negro Held to Grand Jury latest attempt lo enforce the ordinance. Auliiority. to carry out provisions of the.ordinance has now been shunted back onto the county health unit .by the city duds after more or less half-hearted efforts on the party of city-employed officials, to enforce the measure with- ojit proper equipment 'and lit Ha funds. 'Hie state health department n a recent letter to city omcials asked that the standard milk ordlnand Ing that dairies here were uxin? "Grade A" milk bottle caps wlthou regard for the requirement for sue) milk. ,. „„. ing an effort to have similar com- on I : mmr C-K mltlees from other Pemlsco " L1( l uor , ^316 Dick Crews, negro, wns ordered - , t ...^.tniL.uc, l!o!ti to tllc e r!ui <i J"r>' on a charge were opposed to the tax for sev- of se" ln S Intoxicating liquor by oral reasons, the chief one'being Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham the added lax burden placed on Saturday. raising dolph Green, 17-year-old Hu earner b°}' w "° died In a Highway Gl Courier Sleuth Hot On Trail Ol 1 House Breaking Motorist Publication in the Courier News Saturday of the Information that a Blythevlllc automobile dealer had agreed to pay for damage done a house at Chickasawbn and sixth streels In the wee hours of Saturday morning by a motorist who drove, through n iwrch. carrying part of it away, had resulted today | n demands by at least two local dealers that this paper investigate further and thus free them of the cloud of suspicion which they say | m been hanging over them. The Courier sleuth wns therefore put on the Job nnd in a very short time was able to report that neither o. w. Ooppedge nor W. ,,, , rnett had miythlng to do with the affair. They have perfect ; alibis and any suspicion that may have fallen upon them Is unwarranted. That narrowed down the field of inquiry considerably but still did not dispose of the matter. Police remained reticent as to the Idcn- |tlty of the house breaking auto driver, but In an unguarded moment one officer diet admit that it was n Ford car to which n piece of the - wrecked porcji was found dinging. At that point, Just as the .trail seemed to be getting hot, the j sleuth was called from the job by the press, of other duties, so readers will have to form their own conclusions. Carpenters were at work today lot Ohlckasawba ami Sixth, building a new porch, A youthful companion of Ran- Huffman dent recently, testified that lie was wlth-areen when he bought a pint or liquor from the negro and secured an additional half pint "on credit" several hours before the accident occurred. Crews' counsel, Gene E. Bradley, offered no evidence at the hearing. Roosevelt West, negro, was bound over to await action of the grand Jury on a robbery charge. A charge of receiving stolen property against Carey Martin, negro, wns docketed. James Clay, negro, was bound over on a robbery charge. Taken to Hospital After Eva Llnd, 25, of 110 East Sycn- It Is understood that dalrymei either be enforced or repealed, add- develop Cotton Samples Burn at 0. 0. Hardaway Offic Fire of unknown origin caused considerable damage In the offici of O. o. Hnrdaway and company cotton buyers, on South Sccom street, early Saturday night. About 500 cotton samples wcr equipment was damaged. ton buyers and ginners. City firemen were forced to use water to bring tlie fire under control. Slight damage was suffered to Me.vers Brothers property. The building is owned by J. if. Anderson. Called "Scenaiio"- by ', Defense Counsel |, FI-.EMINGTON, N. J, Feb. .li, • UP) — in an Impassioned plea foi , lie life of Bruno Richard Haugb- i. iidiih hh chief counsel, Edward Jf, t tidily, lo(lny declared that dlsloy- i illy within the Lindbergh house- * mid" was icspomlble foi the kli- i Taping and nnudei of Charles A 1 -ilnclboigh ji -* „ In his address to the jury Rellly j- Hrcclly charged duplicity among , he soi-vanls In Ihe Hope-well manor f and accused, among others, Butler >, Oliver Whatloy, Nuiscmald Betty 3ow, nnd Mis.? Qow's sallo) svveet- leart, Heiny 'Red" Johnson, with i complicity in the plot , Among hi-, sensational chaises > was that the now famous kidnap | ladder," found on the estate after t the ktdnap'ng, \\as a "state plant,' j and that it had never been ussd lii Ihe crime , J- He ridiculed with all the saicosm v at Ills command tho stile's "sec- | nnrlo" and Lhc "fiction" that a man ' coiikl have climbed the laddoi in(o I the nurseiy, committed the abduc- j (ton and descended— after the ladder broke unilor hit uclghl— «ith- out 'arousing the whole household,'' Reilly pointed to the silence 01 the Undbsighs' little fox terrier J" during (lie kidnaping as progf that "no stiangers weic about "r ^ ' ( — - . — Shane and Hughes Only City Candidates Thus Far -, Mayor Cecil Shane and Alder- •mAn -Ross D Hughes or -ihe first , ward are the only two candidates '• who have places on the ^pill mil- ' nlclpal ballot as yet. * Petit'ona asking- that Mayor ; Sliane'5 name b» placed on th6 bal- i lot as n candidate foi ic-clectlon ' and that Hughes likewise ba listed as a candidate foi le-olectloh lo his aldermanlc post have been filed with county election comm'ssloners It Is generally understood that O H. <3reai East Main street grocei, Is to be a candidate for major but no petition in his behalf has \et been filed r One Man Arrested for Caruthersville Assault CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo — FMs , Cockcrell, 28, Is held In the coun- ' ty jail here on a charge of felon.- ! ions assault Officeis charged thai he was one of tivo men who attacked and severely knifed' Sam Bynum at the Sllici Dollar road- ' house near here Sunday night. , J. P Giaham is sought as the other principal in the knifing i One of the paii is alleged to have i held Bynum while the other blash- cd at his throat. Bynum, : severely cut, will live unless complications \ rievolnn / So fai no arrests have been I" made on any charges of interfer- ;- ing with an o/flcer despite n state'- '' mcnt by D. L. Sha\v, an officer, ! that he was pres«nf when the knifing occurred nnd was held by others mid prevented from mak-h in? an effort to stop the affair 'm * follow Bjnum's assailants ' , Virgil Pettie Injured in Automobile Accident L LITTLE ROOK, Ark.—Virgil .'.C. destroyed or mined and office Petti?, united States marshal 'for the Eastern District of Arkansas, • — .-....- D ,_M, ..... t>Lun,i ii i_>*an i\.\f ui t\i MtUba3i The fire biolcc out in Ihe sample was injured early yesterday n-hcn room in the rear of the stucco an automobile he vvas drivlno- col- . building, one part of which Is oc- lided with a car driven by Bernard - cupied by Meyers Brothers, cot- Oarrctt, 5034 We't Markham street, " Two Suits for Divorce Mrs. Belle Meyers has filed suit' In chancery court here asking a dl— -- VV |,.iv4» ...»~i vprce from Adolph Meyers on the Swallowing Disinfectant ^t WTJSSj* for Mr, Meyers. Mrs. Edna Burl Wells has entered , vu| „, !,„ tjaal . ujy u - ivua. r.uiia uun wens nas entered more was mshed to the BlythcvlHe suit ugtilnst Sam A. Wells, also hospital In a Cobb ambulance yes- seeking a dissolution of marriaje terday afternoon after she had She charges desertion swallowed a quantity of disinfect- Geue E. Bradley Is attorney for nnt - Mrs. Wells. Miss Lind had been In ill health for some time, it is understood -- • •- — -"-"V.^^JWM. The normal hair-covered scalp After emergency treatment at the contains approximately 80000 hospilai she was rcsling better was believed out of danger. at Capitol avenue and Broadwav,' police reported. ' Mr. Fettle was taken to his home, ' 1SIO Oal« street, physicians said 1 he may have suffered several broS- cn rlb- Mr. oarrett was docketed on a charge of reckless drivine at herid- ouarters and was released on boirt. Mf. Fettle wns accompanied by Pete Raney, United States marshal for the Northern District of Mississlopt, ! and the latter's son, pete Jr. -Neith- < er Mr. Raney nor his son was ln> i Jured. WEATHER v t Arkansas—Paith cloudy, proba- I bly rain tonight, Tuesday cloudy. ' Memphis nnd vicinity—Cloui'y, • occasional rains tonight and Tues- {day. The maximum .temperature hero yesterday was 40, minimum 34, —ffiu«.i>4it>vi,tj .ufi'J v v i j<^v-<-iua f Wa3 iv, Mil III ID UITl i, while the rest of the body cloudy, according to Samuel p ' contains 20,000. Iris, official \mthcr observer,

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