Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 18, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1896
Page 3
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When Company Conies unexpectedly the housewife jis often puzzled as to what w to get for dinner. Then time is doubly precious. If when, so caught she only has package.of. . . NONE SUCH MINCE MEAT In her pnntry nhe can, in • few ilniitc5, prepare tho best of all desserts—KOOd mluco pie. Tlitnk ^of It. Xo peeling,chopiUns, seeding, i; picking iincl mixing. A pncka^e oft" NonoS'ncli, cosUnsonly 10 ots., will™ mftkotwo tur^o plus. Mtikex perfect Jr'iuUCuko und Fruit PuddlUK ulso. Get a piicknprti to-duy from, your ^^^ proccr. Tiiko no substitute. [^^V Sondyoiiraililro**, lllimlllK till* ;tx- p*v J. per, tuiil wo N'ili none! you frk r ''* *" -,ook.".Mni. I'npkiim'Tli»nk»( 'jhmll-Sonle Co., Syracuse, K. V/ THE Typewriter Is a Good Machine. k hli;b stniuliiHl uC eicellence. Miini 'istrs ot the ••Miin.'ion" coasWor U THE BEST. Yon will Had It u viiluablons-ilstautlii jour of- lice. Address for parUonUir.s THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO 240-3-M %Vcst Lilkc St.. ClilcilK", III. Natiire always zuas_ man's friend. When it takes tltc for7>z of PIIRES Rootbecr, ifs his best friend, onlT by Tho ChnrlM F. Hire* Cft., Phl'.ndclpM*. &ckoge u&kei & glillOQ). bo[tl cvor^wliuru. L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and aollclts a share or tlio public patronage. None but First Class Companies Kopre- «ontc<l. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY. -TUNE IS, 1S9G, Tan sho« at cost at WaJdeu's. Best snsar cured liains 9c.— Tnuit. New potatoos, -loc per bushel.— -Both- -ennd. Money to loan ou ei.ty property— Ben Flshcj-. Saturday closes Otto's free watch dis t.rlbuitio-n. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. „ Save money on jilwoa at Stevenson & Kltasick's. 0"!A cenits far Laumlrlwl shirts .-ft O'tto's. Others ask 72 to '/o conf, You can find tin- latest styJcs iu straw hats and coloa-ed slilits at Deweutor, tho hiftteraud furn,is^fr. C. H. Steveo^a gallery at 414 Market Competent workmen. Work guaranteed. Clio-ice of ;miy shoes lu Otto's main- tnoth stock, ladies' or Rentlemcn's. ?2.08, except patent leather. Beautiful bonnets and hats sold for half price for two weeks tit Mas. W. .T. Potter's. Broadway near Sixth. Purify your blood with Hood's Sar- saparllla, wlilc-h will give you an appetite, tone your stomach nud slrenstlwu your nerves. Landreth Seed Company of Philadelphia, hare beeu seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrison I* their agent in Cass county. Word's carunot express the praise tlio Tirade Talaeo received yesterday on their tatrmluctoiT sale. It. proved a complete destroyer o,f h,if;h prices. A sons sontk-e will be held-, n-t the G. A. R. hall SiiTOlny evenitiR by t-he Enjcltslh L-utlK-.nvn Y. P. S. C. E., coin- mcnctoK at 0:30. Everybody Invited. 'JMie ladies o'f the First Prosbyterlan cbitrch are requested -to attend a busi- nces mcet.Lns to he liel'd Immiediatcly .followiinjr pfayor meotins tliis evening. Tlio depariimcat oOlcers of tho Ladle? o! the C. A. R. will serve c.ikc, eoffoo nmil Ice creatm (each ~> ccui'ts) Thursday afternoon and overall's nt -the home of Mrs. ,T. W*. Falirman, 1-100 Higli street. The Good .Oitili'^ns' T>eapue of tlVe State of-In'diParw lias au official organ. The new publicait-lon nvide its appcai 1 ' since 't.Ws week. It Is published nt Ko- konro nmd'eiie ITon. S. Edgar Nicliolson te editor. Tlie "Good CJitUsen" is a roiir- pagc'pain-r»hlet. qiw-i'tet'-shcot slxe ami tlvc price otf subscrip't'leu -is twenty-five cents per year. • THE ROABS W. 5. Lincoln is Still With th Wabash. VANDALIA SHAKING UP General News of Railroads am Railroad Employes. The many friends of W, S. ohi'ot engineer' Of lite Wsil'wsli. lta.ru wi'tih pL>e«sui«M'hai ho is still holtl Lug Ills posffitai from tilic following;: ••Gomira I 'Manager Ramsey of \Valxiish says tihait tlie.iv its no trail whaitevnr Jin -the reix>iit recently pnl lished that Vi'. S. Uncolii luis r us Chtef Engineer of tJia.t road. Ilimiscy ways the dei>art:ine-nt has IM.U.M managed as woiiomiicailly as poxsHili ami Mr. Lincoln gives nhoruiigh satis fac't.ioii." Mr SHARK UP ON THE YAND.VLI.V Wiir.li 'the fiiwt ol' .Tu>y Uiere will be : ivlocatiom of- ollices of riic Vandali: syytem w.i'ih. somv cluinges in tlie hi^hei places. ~\"k-i' I'ri'sidi.in-r, and Genera' Msuiiigor 'J'urnor. \v'Hl move to SI Louis. Harry Miller, now superiuti:n- diMlt of -I'lM' mii'ii" line, mill move from Sr. Louis 10 Ti-nv HanH' and will lie- mo goiK'i-al supc-rkiitdiidcuit The train ^pa-tl'lKirs' dcpa.i'tm.c'.i-t was to liavi en niowV, che-ro at the same time, but it was nwmii-y -takou over in a hnrrv to get i'U.t of Aie way of the St. Louis convention. The law de.partmont wil! lie moved from thai 1 city to St. Louis, as well as the purchasing agent's oftici 1 RAILROAD COMBINES. The St.. Louis & Sa.u Francisco cam- pa uy has aceoptcd tiie proposition 01 bond holder* of the St. Louis. Salom & Arl;aaisa,s railroad, a-:id (lie will lie given r.O per cent, in cou- bounls—10 per ceirt. in second l»i-iM'i>rred a-nd 00 per cent, in common stock. NogoiiUiihions bot.weei'i raic 'Frisco :id Atlaaitic & racitic iiiiterojts for the l)urcli!isi! of l.lio foranor of tlie central illvLsiou of tli-e Atilaaitic & Pacific are iirogressftig favorably. RAILROAD NOTES, The Panluindli! pay car arrived yes- .•.rday. The Wabash, mecJiiuiiical department is rebuilding a aimnbe.r of its heavier passougirr locomotives, placing under lihi'in six-root diriv.img whet-Is aud at- tar.-h'ing modem devices. Tare Louisville, New Albany & Chicago is still reucluing into new fields for bUKHicss, nai'Uv and south. E. M. Lawrence IKIS boon appointed freight agent oif Hie company wltli lieadiiuar- tors at MctapJiJs. Term. The several hundred employes In the .shops of tihe rViiDS.V'lva-ufa company a.t Fort Wayne will oil Saturday picnic at Rome Ci't.y, Iml., and If the weather Is favorable It. is cxpwicd liliat. 0,000 people will! Uc MI oho grounds. A. J. Riiclitcr, formerly with, the passenger departuiont of the Pi:un*ylvn.nia company, Jias been appointed special passenger agent «f tihe Columbus & Hockt'iig Valley, subject to orders from W. H. Fisher, g,ouoniJ passenper agcut. S. P. Budh, suiioiil-Jtondent of . the motive iwwor cl«p;iTtmcut of Hie Pcnn- ^yivjui'lia crauiiaoiy west, has ^'ouc to Spring-field, Mass., for a short visit, and from there wJill .^o to Uiic convention of master car biuldori iin Siiratoga, N. V, Will-tarn K. Bol'Bs, jreiieral matuiger of tlio Ramway Offlohilis and Employes' Association reifcU'imcd yesterday from New England, wJiei'e he succeeded In getting tihe officials and employes of (several roiKlS Interested i:u tlie Association. T. P. Swecley. master Tnechanoc of tins Pennsylvtuilfl company's shops nit CmstiL'me, had His jurisdiction estenilod .to fodliHle tho Toledo shop.?. Tlwi shops wore in charge of M. W. Lowe, roccmtly deceased. II. Ewliig has gone ito the Toledo division as road foreman of enghios. Tiie toaK.-lv» of tilic Lake Erie & West- oiiu iHlatniffli Kokouio are several feet higher iiliati' the snide erf tJie streets, amd tJie uiity counoilhas asked the company 'to cli-aiuge tJie grade to conform with the sitrcdts. The ccnuf>;vuy offers to do so for $SOO, about what it will cost to do nlic work. General maiigor Charles M, Hays, formciily of the Wabash. now of the Girand Tnuilc, contiuos to attract old Wabash man to that Itae. His .taiponbirtiiwi Js William Cotiter, inaster of tihe Decatur-St. Louis dlvl- s'l'ou of tlto Waibash. who becomes su- perltttenden't of the Montreal division of 't.he Grand Trnink. X. W. Kostlor, a veteran engineer on tihe Walxish hias bceji appointed "engine •t-wncr" to succeed .T. C, Hunt This fa au old title on some roads, but a new one Jn this section. Am englue tamer. !s rtn cxpciit'ong'iaieer wilio tests aJl new locoinoitilves a^nd"those whiMi have just IXMMHI repaii'rccl before tlioy are put Into nciiiivo sorvjice aiul the duty requtocs a very couiTit*emt medianic aud engineer. .KrcydoKic E'11iisoi>, tiuveling freight agent of tho Voudalra, says that the List 'two or three weeks 'he Iras noticed rin.:tniproveanent;lDi business especially east-bouud om tlic VandaUa. The crops ou tihfc whiolie system, except wheat, arc unusually promiijAimg, he suiys. .Still the most uncoMitlplng feature is that -tin: traveling .salesmen with whom he hai coaveiisetl report 'trade linprovldig some, wliait wWHi «idi wwk. Wabash PlalndetUur:'While inspecting west-bound Wa.basih tmln No. 3, "yesterday, ai t Ft. AYayne, Uie ioepectors •Iveiml flu? pliiilinillvc mew of a cat lu dis- firosB. An iuveis'tiga.tjou resulted in lin/dtag a ruM-g.rown pussy perched upon om.- of Tihe -trucks. Where the ca-t ca.me from Js ;r uiystery, but she was covered w.W.h dust and cinders, Indicating 'thsit she lisid ridden some miles. Onu of tJie «ir .Inspectors rook Hie animal home. The B-ig Four for rlic llrst tiniu is giving'lilie Viuidalla some war,m corn- pet itiion for bnsiint-ss. The new morning tnti.u from Tarro Hau'tt: to ludJa- iiapolls pi'cun-isiv! to IK; a popular o-ne as dons tlw) even-ing train from IndiaMpo- l\» -to Tewo Haute. Tliesc trains are put an for -tilie loeai business be'ween the i:\vo eiittlf'S :i.nd the way stations. A. M. Cia,rner. a ve-l.csran Big I'oiiii- eugi- nt.-L'r. !na.s been given t.lie n-aJm, and T. J. Uniy is condiK'tor. A STORY OF CRIME. Remarkable Developments in Indiana Murder Mystery. Two Men Tried and ImprlitonRd for th* . IMurdor of the Same 3Iu.il-The Innocent nittu uccklni; a Pardon, WHO THREW THE STONE. Information Wanted of a Train Stoning Affair Way Back in 1876. W. AY. Maii-sh. of Winston Place, HanniHii™ cOTTiiiiy. Ohio, wants iufonna- tfon. He si>.nds flue fullowln^ to this oily: •lu the inonir.li ol' .Time. 187(!, a lady hoai-cled the Cliiicago express i,u tho C. II. & D. for GliicMinina-ti. Whili! tlie i'ii was passing Spring G-'.'nvo, OWo, some m-iiscreamt i'hiv\\' a stone t.lu'ougli the coticii wiiralow siu-ilciiiig a lady In the tt?m.plo, iintWoiiiiLig an ugly Avonud. The lady bojti-deil the train a-t a station somewlicrc beifwee.n Richmond and Lo- nsport. a.itd claimed to live lu the State of Imlfaiiia. Anyone knowing of this awide.M a-t Itlia.t time, and will fur- i-i?li me tlie la.dy's na-me a-nd the place •Jin; resWed, waill be lltowaJly rewarded. 1 ' BX;TI .K R—JJx-DO WEI. L. The wedding of Mr. Wanx'n ,T. Enter wiith Miss Meiiiiie McDowell oc- •-m'reil ye^te-rdjij' a.t noon at ihe bride's lome i-u Xoble toft-nsliiiji. The Rev. C. B. Wellborn, of tlio Curalwrlaud Tres- jyteriiin ehuix-li pronounced the cure- nouy, a.ntl an elabontiite dinnea' was eu- oyed by a ira:mbe.r of rohiitivcs- and 'I'louds. 'Jlhu prasmt.s weix- luimero-ns tnd haadsome. M.r. and Mrs. Butler Mill reside at Toledo, Ohio. The bride s one of tlie.fiii.rest and most respected f Cass comity s young ladies. Mr, Butler is iu business at Toledo a.ud lias na.n,y triends liere. They have the best wishes of niamy friends. ; THE MODERN BEAUT1'. Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air Her form glows -with health and her 'ace blooms tvlth its beauty. If her ystein needs the cleansing action of a ixatlve remedy, she uses the gsntle .and ileasant Syrup of Figs. Made by the Jallfornla Fig Syrup Company. A CLEVER INVENTION. Torre Haute TrlbwDo: Joseph Maudel f Lognnspoit, is to the city introducing he National Metallic Pocket Fastener, £ which lie is patentee and part pro- urifotor. Tihe invention is meeting with rear su'ceoss. One Oif our leading clo-tli- ng xnauarfartuireis is negotiating for ts exclusive use in this territory. UFFERERS WITH RHEUMATISM We have obtained the agency for .a emedy for rheumatism which 1 has had emarka-ble success. Sold on positive uarantce. You run no risk of losing our money. We invite you to call at nr store and let us tell yoti about It. v B. P. KEESLING, Dragglat MANIA FOR MURDER. John -Col-em-an of Kokomo, aged 23 ean-s, was adjudgis! .Insane, amd will be diuovcd -to 'tlie Hiosiiiitnil 'for treatment ridn.t. Last Suud-ay be attempted to 111 his sister ami family. He thinks is cntaiics want to kill 1ii;m and that t Is his duty to slay them. HOW'S THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Re- •ard for any case of Catarrh that can ot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! . T, Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. Wo, the undersigned, have known F. , Cheney for the last 15 years, and be- eve him perfectly honorable In all bus- ness transactions and financially able carry out any obligation made by the- in. ' , VEST & TRUAX, Wholesale- Druggists, Toledo, O. VALDING, KINNAN & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken intcrnal- -,. acting directly upon the blood ond -.«cous surfaces of the system. Price 5c per bottle. Sold by all druggists estimonials free. Best of shoes for $l.—Stevenson & An effort is being made to secure a pardon for John Sexson, a prisoner serving- a Sl-ye^r sentence in the Jeffer- souville (Ind.) penitentiary for murder. The crime for which Sexson was convicted was committed in Thorn.town, Boone county, and the peculiarity of the developments of the case attracted widespread attention throughout the country. At 11 o'clock on the night of August 17, 1S04, Hira.ni McDonald was found lying- in a pool of blood on Vine street in Tliorntown. He was sufEcriaig from a wound.on t-hc back of tlie head, aud u'fivar regained consciousness. A few moments after McDonald's body was found, John Scxscn, in company with Charles Patterson, of Tliorntown, and John Got/t, a young man of Lebanon, called ut the home of Justice, Cant. Sexson complained that he had been assaulted und struck with rt rock by McDonald, and swore to an affidavit, charging the lattnr with assault find battery. A warrant was issued for-McDonald's arrest, b'.it tin; officer in whose hands it had been placed for service found him dying at the residence of William Sutton, to which he had been rimiovcd. Sexson admitted having sM-nck McDonald with a cane, but cki.imecJ to have acted in self-defense:. lie \vas a.rrested. and held or. n cbavgr of murder. At the preliminary hearing both Patterson o,:id Cott testified in Sexson'sbc- lial-f, nncl corrobonit-ed his story. Scx- son's trial began February 4. ISO"). l'at~ tarson, who had bwn arre-s'tetl n short time after the jui'mlur on a charge of burghiry. testified for ll-.e dt-fi-nsc. but Gott had tior] ti'.ie country to evnde arrest, it havir.g been 'onrnrd that he perjured himself wl-iik- tcstifying-atthe jn-fMniinary trial. Sex-son was -found guilty nnrl given a 81-yca.r sentence. A r.iotion asking fora new trial was overruled by t.hc court. A few rlnys after he was sr-ntcrccd he told Prosecuting Attorney Gnlley that, he wr.s not th" mnn \vho killed l\lc- Bonalr.l. According to his story, Patterson and McDonald-engaged in « quarrel, which res-jltwl in Pa.!ter.vm'sstrik- ing McDonald with a piece of mis pipe, which he had token from a. silicon with the'avowed intention of killing some one. FindiugMcDonnlcl had bcc^i seriously injured, Patterson prevailed on Sexson to take the blame for tho IdDingon himself, urging thnt his good reputation, together with evidence which Patterson would secure, would acquit him. Patterson insisted that Sexson would ba convicted a,s an accomplice, unless he did as he suggested. Soxson filially agreed, and the theory of tho defense was outlined by Patterson. During t.ha trial eig*ht witnesses tostifiod for the defense, who, Scxsou declared, were hired by Patterson to g-ive false testimony. Sexson was returni'.d to Lebanon, where he went before the lioonc county grand jury and retold his story. As a result, an indictment was re turned against Patterson, charging him with the murder. Patterson was convicted, and received a six-year sentence. At the time sentence was passed on him, Patterson made an eloquent address to the court. He reiterated his original "story of the crime, and said that Sexson hod been promised assistance by the saloon element of Tliorntown. For this reason, Patterson claimed, Sexson told his remarkable story. Patterson was sent to the Michigan City prison, where he is reported n-s dying of consumption. Since Patterson's conviction Sexson'.? friends have been untiring in their efforts to secure his release, his wife taking a leading part in. ihe movement. The main obstacle met with is the. fact that Sex-sou committed perjury in liis attempt to shield Patterson', knowing 1 , as he has admitted, that the latter was guilty of murder. For this reason the friends of the prosecution are not signing tlie petition for apardoo very freely. In the meantime two men are confinc<i behind prison walls, each convicted of having murdered the same man. Sexson still claims that Patterson "is guilty of murder, while Patterson insists that Sexson killed Hiram McDonald in self-defense. Read This. SUMHER 5UITINOS. To tliose who are looking for something light a.nd airy, something to keep cool in, wo would say, try our $5 line of skelton serge coats and vests. They are of excelont (Duality, and' price is right. We also have thorn in any grade and price desired. We also have full line of Alpa.c-as, Drntatas and light woolen K.inneuts, from $1.25 up-. Get an outfit, it will make you feel good. BICYCLE GOODS Latest out in bicycle suits, with caps to mau-h, ranging ia price- from S5 to ?7.">0 per suit. We carry bos! grades of bicycle sweaters, belts, hose, racing suits and caps, Golf pattern if preferred. We- keep a fill! line of those goods, and caw supply anything' 1 ' not in stock. •" . • ' • . SPECIAL SALE KNEE PANTS. This week we are making a. special sale of certa-in lines of children's knee paints in wa-=h goods, and medium summer weights, at from 9 cents to 10 cents per pair. Full nssorlment we make the price that w.iM close them, out, simply to reduce stock. Those who are looking for bartraims in this lino should call at once, and make their selections, before t.he lots are broken up. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J, D. FEROUSOX. A. P JENK8 Inventors and Business Men. THE SUPERLATIVE NEW WOMAN. RofuNCB to Take tlio Name of Her New IlQflbaml. Miss Polly A. Duncan and Charles H. Lamb, of Bement, III., xveremarried tho other evening- in St. Louis, the ceremony being per£orme.d by a -.voman preacher, Mrs. Jlnttie Hart Youukm. Tho bride retains her maiden, name nnd will be known, as Mrs. Polly A. Duncan, ivif« of Charles H. Ltnnb. The husband at first objected to this part of the proceeding 1 , butfi.nally submitted. The bride.has been for a number of years identified _,with the temperance cause and is a strong advocate of woman's . rig-hts The 'bridegroom 'is a wealthy -farmer. FOR A WOMAN. Designs for li*ror head*, bill hMds prepared for business purposes. Drawings of all kinds .prepared for newspapers, eic. Ctiims for letters of patent prosecuted. BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport. Loganspoft <£ Natural and Artificial Gas Bills da 2 t!i3 Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. COAT OF TAR Four Cnnndl.ina Shamefully Maltreat » Eiwollcr In Shlnf^lotoxru* Four disguised men went to the house; of Mrs. Mary Koehlcr in Shingletown, Ont. They tore her giiitncnts from her person iind then covered-her body -with tar, and wound up their brutality by carrying 1 her about on a fence rail. Amos Hamachcr und Charles Katzenmeir were arrested. Haniacher confessed und implicated J. H. Harn- acher ntid H. Habel,'warrants for the arrest of whom have been issued. Tho assault grew, so it is said, out of a report that Mrs. Koehlcr did not give her stepda'jghtcr.,enoug'b to eat. Bj Kail to the Crater. A cable lino railroad has been planned to the center of Popocatepetl. ONE THOUSAND FARMERS WANTED To settle on one thousand choice farms on the line of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ratlwiy in- Dakota. These lands nre located iii twenty different counties, and are to be had now at prices raufriirfc from ?7 to .?15 per acre; a -few months hence their value will be doubled. For a home or for investment no luckier chance in the West has ever before beeu offered. Now is the time to invest. No better farming land exists anywhere. No greater results can be obtained anywhere. Schools and churches abound everywhere. Nearby markers for all farm products. North and South Dakota are the banner diversified fanning aud stock raising- States of the West. Everything prows in Dakota, except Ignorance and intemperance. A new STILL GOING DEMOCRATIC. Failures for the first week of June- showed liabilities of V *2,21S,71T against ?10,S10,40S last year, including ?9,160,000 of the Cordage Co., and ?2,o07,22S iu 1SO-L Manufacturing were ?9C9,540 against .?4C2,4<j7 exclusive of the Cord- ago Co., last year, nud ?17C,13S in .1804. Trading were $1,206.145, agaiust?l,129,- 030 last year, nud ?1,S72,361 iu ISO*. Failures for the week luive been 240 in- the United States against 24-1 last year, aud 27 in Canada aguiust 24 last year. NOTICE Is hereby given that the annual meeting of stockholders of the Logansport and Burlington Tunipike Co., will be held at the Council Chamber, Logansport, Ind,, at 2 o'clock p. m.. on Saturday, July 4, 1SOO, for the election of a Board of Directors for the ensuing year. S. L. TANGUY, Secy. boom is on. Take advantage of. tlie tide which loads to Dakota and to fortune. I HORSES WANTED FOR THE NEW- For further information address or call upon W. E. To-well, General Immigration Agent, 410 Old Colony Building, Chicago, 111. A RISING REPUBLICAN. Wnlii-or T. Hardy, nephew of Capt. A. Hardy of ititois city was ivomin.iled for prosocultms attorney by the Repnbli- ca;ns of Caii-i-biM :unl White counties. Mr. Hardy is a pleasing gffliitlcniaji ami :i promising young- J-awyer and has r warm friends iii the city. YORK MAKKET. At Dykcmaoi's Feed yard Friday, Saturday and Monday, June 19th, 20th and 22d. Drivers, eoachors, drafters and business chunks ioj good flesh from ." to 10 years old. Will pay highest market price. .T. A. BRIDGE. Subscribe for tlie Journal, 40 cents per month. ' Platity home cucumbers.—Rotherniel. Children Cry Tor Etcher's Castor la,

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